The New York Clipper (July 1903)

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JtfLY 4. BUSSACIUI9KTT8. . .mn —"A Midnight Bell," ut the Cas- ,»?:?" mid "Toll Onto l.nrt," at Music ,lc ,r1,U f• irrout cbnrtges, nnd only new curds "^ of l.o wwkiy vB«««evlllc shifts. Tho tfggJ i i. something phenomenal, und SnSSSlrt *n uriicsB the mercury takes a, uS ami This statement docs not refer , WB .h" ii Id'inr shown. Thoso rcsortB need 10 'hoi weather to thaw out. h "ZX NT Tiikathb (Jno. B. Schocffol, 25. i-Might weeks of full houses, wllh Kisffis WwEfift Is the record of "Peggy ! m i-iirls " It IB far nheiul In box office "a!™* of'nny Summer show ever playing RMu* wid win run into the regiUsr UBS Sm without any trouble, (Jcorge ?Alonw. Plummer, nud Is a worthy ml- imL in the M* . I'"'"! Nicholson Is study- ne1 .1 Connelly s purt and will succeed !i.i toiler next week. %msU Tiikatrh (Rich, Harris & Chns. * ' ' w _ ..... «.. ihi i-4i 1 * 'A ( * Ii 1II n tilt KnniMr. THE M¥ YORK CLIPPER. 437 itii ? I I'onnclly's purt and will succeed ■ iRllcr next week. ■WUHtML TllHATIIB . i-rnbrnan, managers).—"A Chinese Honey- monn" (InSed Its long ongngcihont Saturday Xt after the best week, flnanc ally, of ftS run.This bouse Is iiow dark until %*mo TluUtM (Stnlr & Wilbur, ninn- -„„. _u looks llku n Sunirifor slny for "vftrk Stale Folks," now piny ng Its sixth t«pflt Hi big audiences. Orchestra under iV kIhcc Is unusual this tlmo of the yenr, |8 II \U» occurred several times With this "iftwaWft (State & Wilbur, managers). —The Aubrey Stock Co. mndo a good lin- nrpmlon lust week with a production of "Devil's Island." The stock Is n well lialanred ono mill quite worthy of a generous natroiuigr. "Toll Onto Inn" Is put on this ■Ml with "The l'*lre Petrol" to follow. Casti.h Sqiiaiih Tiihatrb (J. II., Kjmcry, manager).—lloyt's farces arc very iioptilur ifllh local playgoers, n "d always sure of a «nd reccpllon. "A Contented Woumn" was arrenlcd Ibis treatment Inst week, nnd the revlvnl of these farces Is a wise move on the imrl of Itic management. "A Midnight Bell" i- lining done tills, week, with "A Texas Steer" underlined for week of July «. Keith's Thkatrk (B. P. Keith, mnnn- »r).—Mrlnlyre nnd llcnlh, and Mdslriil Pule were ouslly Hie stars of lost week's Mil, which, from i>" all around point of view, w«s a good one. The business wns of the S. II. 0. type, nnd abend of lust Hum mer's record. Snlllc Slemhlcr. Alfred Ar- nrsiicn, 'Mr. anil JLrs, Wllllnni Ilobyns, Wood and Ray, Collins and North, 'Myers and Itosu, 1'IHToril and Dixon, the Crulgs, and tho Watermelon Trust me new failures this in'rk. Mclnlyre and Ilealb, and the Fu- dettrs Woman a Orchestra continue. Howard AniRKABi m (Win. McAvoy, uinn- nscr).—This house Is keeping up In bhapc with (be fust pace set by the oilier Indoor ilicutrrs In the inutler of Htli'iidiince. Thin week's hill Includes: Kdmiiinl Hayes und Co., Iicw Bloom, Jdlllan Shaw, Hugh McVey, Alex. Wilson, Vera iiroy, Harry tic Bnr, Wlnstiinky und Sullivan, Frederick, and (he burlesijucrs, lu "A Bed Ji'lro festi- val." Pauck TlOUTIiH (Charles II. Wnldron, manager).—A burlesque, entitled "Muldoon's I'irnlc," gives Thomas and Wutson ami others of [lie house stock plenty of chances to make merry this week, f.iiiklns and l'at- ii'iKoii. Iiernl and Bcrol, iMnx Bitter, Mlnnlo llliii'liarl, and I'itkiisoii and Watson furnish 'in Yiinilevlllc end of Hie bill. IiVckijm 'I'iii:atiik Hi. II. Biitchcller, uinn- »Ecr).—'"J'ho Sultan's WIvch" nnd a vaude- ville bill, consisting of the Ahdiuniu Comedy Four, Joe Ilaymiin, the Brennans, Bonny I'-lsa, Wills and Collins, und Murloa Suutcllo Is (Ills week's offering. Austin & HTONini Mphkum (8tone *i Shaw, manngers).—"Kasblon. I'lalo Meiiul- le« of lite Past und Present" Is leading feat- ure uf current bill. The uiigregallon cou- slut* uf a dozen fair ones. Mile. Ola, mugl- i-lan, Is also a carlo hull card. Hinge: Mlko Sioll, Kluiliall and Donovan, Blurkford and JVesI, KrnnelH lloyl, Murray and Kllvn, VVillhiin Biggins, Beatrice Karle, Hynii und iJoiiRiiiNM. iiuit Mnrlow and I'liinkelt. NicKKi/ii.r.oN ffj, B. Walker, innnnger).— nook of .hinc U(l, curlo ball: Sailors' Con- tention, llnrry Burns, bag puncher: Keone, lotnoily Juggler;. Anger Brnlbers, (lying ring arllslH, and nlbers, Sluge show: Uoff uud Imiic's Variety und Specially Co. Noui.sibkim I'aiik, Aiihurmlaln.—Week of Jimo 2I>: Quaker CKy Quniicl, Herbert l»c- Sgg> Kllli>en and Murphy, Morrlsey and inch, and D'Almal'it dogs and monkeys. tui;scBNr flAiitiKNs (Wm. II. ONell, man »wr).—New York Comedy Kour, Kciineynnil uulmne. Howard Brothers, and Bun nnd ■ ml" , f,l, '"lsh Ibis, ivook's show. Sunday i.ll Inriuiimi iiio uliovo, and. or hcudllncrs, Morion Mnnoln and Anna Caldwell. PoiNr w Pinkh (Wm, II. O'Nell. mnn- pgeri.— I his week Inaugurates a season of '{Mr antra lo be given by the Pines Musical iSSSS f n - I'rlncliiiilH Include: Irving rooks, Kimiic Kclley, Krnnk M. Itnlnger, IloiiRlns Kllni, .|„|„ PH Kcvlln. Wllllnm 10. ■•MP. Hose l.c llnrle. Virginia Alnsworlb. MPlHMa t'.irnmlngs, Kiln Obey, Annie Moyd «nd hrmlnln Mlslor. "The Telephone Clrl" ',* '"« nnenlng piece. Marshnll P. Wilder, !ffl*Jnldwcll, Proctor nnd Lewis. Keuney "«d l Inhnne, W. V. and Master Williams, n ' »''" Cadot Band supplied tho Hiinday toleruinmcnt. n I*xiniitiim Paiik.— MUinrdo, Udell ami JJKS (hTln nnd Plait, and Cook nnd Hull •re hern 1,1, WO ek. MKIiroil|>,Boui,KVAKP TilKAritn (.1. W. (ior-, inunoger).—The cyclovelodromn muilo « ecldisl lilt Inst week, nnd Is held over. SI. « "" lho ''"I nre: .lessle Coiilhoul, fill- li«~i ,,n >i»"H. unci Monlgrmiory, Jlowurd and Harris, und Beed und Shaw. . f» n . .'"T''"" l,n Lawrence Is spending n I™n ekH , v "onllon wllb trlnnils (n Swamp- th„ ;.'•;.• -""well llnnsol will roll™ from »iii i" Mll ° *PW™ t'o. early in July. Ho "... sinr next season under the mnniigemcnt ?hi. M ' S7 .''• "lohards Allen Em » of "A? n !i ,y ' '""* l,cc " i-cengnged for. Our Hill's Ho ,1m'"i c nn,, G«aton" Co. William nSfi'L •"'» disposed of his new play, "A w«.i ? n X": I t0 ,,,rcrt VoK, ' ,, . ot tl'o (lr «" of ftS™ 9 Vokes. loslc Sadler, of "Peggy tm\ J ! ,rlH . ■ ( "•• *M signed a three years' liM l w ." u " Pn, 'y W. anvage •Ilonu-n sSXL Hi »""• n<v "t season In '"Jlio •j'wdiemnii. under thc management of V ''•..'.'ttvlln & chns. A. Moore Lew .!„''• who |H summering In Boston, goes \ Ih^' 1 " " t,xt B9r«W with John W. Vogcl's ">l r 'ls Wllllnm V, llortgp, late of tiiffi f|, ,°. ln 1 ' ,lr1 ''" <-' 0 - "is hcoti cngnged WIpEL y . lll 9 niatrlmnnlnl agput In "Mrs. £SFV°I Cnblinge Patch," fo bo produced „'■-"• h.v I.lebler & Co,..... Will i. Block, nlJ™ R r 1 .. of '' hc Defender" Co., suys lho iir,,l. v" ,?l w " it* regulur season at tho WWII Norllicrn Theatre. Chicago, July Ii. nUJ.'-jownh Wnbor nnd Bobcrt W. .Mc Kn n. i Vl ' 1 ' 1 ' ln t<,w « -'"no BC Joseph 22!',™. »M returned bona from n must sue I.-.T sonson Willi (he Knur Cohans, lie fur riiii'' °. f "•? 'ending rides hi "Banning with ii • ! "" 1 Boob out again ne\t sen«»a shall i. ,',fl nin «ny Mr. and Mrs. Mar- "•<">" Iri noii, 1 ,; 1 ; mat p " 1 ' 1 of thclt boiici '- lfNK'"^"'~T ,le week opened up with ceosc- «( n,? 1 ^ i 1 "" 1 huslnesB was at a standstill nnrt i . p t ,r ""' but • ,,mc 2 « brought sunshine r,''?„"''»"'of snttsfnclory business for tho l'*' of the week. gor! 'w Kw , Tiikatiib (.1. I. Klynn, mnnn- inix inT 5" rrt| onlnl Comic Opera On, won Un- JWNJIatfl favor. In "Pro DUtoIo:" each mem- and nL 'ompany wns In excellent voice, eoce? i m, "' n il'Phuisc from good slued nudl- Kmn M r a B l Q "taHIl, Oeorge Mnctfnrlane. licli k 'r "" 1, " ,r ""d M «rle Tyler wore es- •««nj favored. Bon Lod 8 o' kept the audi- w« ^ 8 n a l | n K„« n .!eMp^' n T. , ' 1^,cn, ■ Tac <•"<>«'» ^v«s also excellent. For current week tho same company, In "The Mascot." ' < ANOBIK I,AKB PARK TllKATM) (J. W. Oor- nrnn, manngcr).--Thls house had a su"cssfiil Ttff fS2l\\ tbc ^l""'?" 1 Trouimumirs " H ,. ,h0 /"ractlon, and busuess was verv satisfactory, of the specJaltlcs, the cuke & W T T$ ■PP"««ae- for the pnrtl.d? irn'.fi™,' ) V - (itrrra «n» Novolty Co. Is.lhl) iitlrnctlon for current week. The hill In- cludes: Knvor uud Sinclair, In "Tho Ma- gulres;" Karl nnd Wilson, Holarct, the Pow- leys, und iteuo and Smith. Hampton Beach Casino (J. H. Steinberg, manager).—Business has been verv satis- factory thc past week, with an cxcelfent bill, lor current week the manngement offers the following artists; Tlir 8 Marionettes, Bros. I-anolc, Prank Mitchell and James Marrow, he Ureal Lorella, and Honey and Cook, In the playlet. "Laugh Uiuder." MiiimiiN.-c. W. Phillips Is stage man- nger at Hie I.akevlcw Theatre Joseph Smith, tenor soloist of the Colonial Comic Opart Co., met with a very painful acci- dent Ji,, during a rehearsal of a. future pro- duction, when a bar which ho wbr leaning ugalnst broke, causing him to fall buck- ward lo (be singe, a distance of about ten feet. A physician was summoned, uud upon examination found tho right arm to be broken, and oilier minor Injuries about Ihe body, although not serious; It will bo some time before Mr. Smith will bo nblo to appear with the company The I.owoll Orchestral Society held Its twelfth annual meeting 'M. The season, from a musical standpoint, lias been a most successful one. Mons. rami J. Borjcs was again reelected conductor, for Ihe thirteenth seuson. A. com- mittee was also appointed to nrrungn for Ihe usual Summer outings. The society uow numbers llflv members. S|irinKiicid. — At lho Brand Open IlonsX; (Chns. W. Km..In, manager).—The melodrama," The Horrors of Klshlnefl," Juno 211, presented by a compnny of New York players, for the benellt of Ihe Klshlneff suf- ierers, wns greeted by n small audience, most of whom left before the show wns over. Hami'iikn Paiik (J. P. Burke, mnnuger) has enjoyed n fair patronage, considering lho Inclemency of Ihe weather. A bill bended by Yengcr and Yengcr gave genernl satisfaction last week In llie theatre. Tho innnngemenl: announces an excellent vaude- ville bill for this week. I''hiii:nt I.aki:, Palmer (P. J. Cnsey, imm- agcr).—As Ihe warmer nail pleasant wiiilher advances thc pleasure seekers have MM out In goodly numbers, nnd .is a result the at- tendance at thc Hustle Theatre bus shown it big Improvement. Tom Brown's Truubu- dours this week. Norm.—Kllccn Spcllnmn, of Mm Henry Savage (i.i.Ti.l Opera Company, will spend Ihe Bummer at her home la Hits city O. I,. Southland, of the Court Square Thea- tre orchestra, left on Monday for thc While Mountains, where he Is to play at one of thc hotels for lho season Mary llowo, soloist wllb Unas' Orches- tra, has returned to her homo In BriK- llehoro, Vt Curl Scbulvi, who has been spending the past six months In Unrmany, has returned to Westllcld. Mrs. Scbulx. who has been studying music: abroad, will return about Aug. 1 A stir has been made among the storekeepers of PKIslleld who have given window privileges to tlnrnum & Bailey's Circus, which exhibits here July :i, by u young man representing himself as agent fur the circus, and niithnrlxcd lo ex change the lithograph ticket for the admis- sion ticket. After explaining to them It would bo necessary to go to the advertising car to exchange Ihe ticket for a reserve scut coupon, be would lake tho ticket and disappear, und nothing moru be henrd of bun. Klsle Payne, of. this clly, u recent graduate of tho American Academy of Dra- matic Art, lu New York, now with lho Mortimer Snow Slock Company at llar- maniis Blecckcr Hall, Albany, N. Y„ Is re- ceiving kouio lino nollccs from Ihe press of that city Caroline A. Slock has been visiting old friends In Ihls clly (or the past two wc?ks. Miss Slock bus signed with "no of lho lurgc burlesque companies for uuolucr ycur. +++ — ' oiiin. , ..£ ARm "' "'• ''■ IJiMarche, manager).— 'I'he Beggar Student" Is being revived cur- rent week, flic many nnd Important- prin- cipal parts being well filled by tho (lardcn's popular players. "Boccaccio" was sung week of June Tl, to fair business. Tho attraction for week of July U will bo "Tho Koyal Middy. STAR (Drew & Campbell, mnnagrrs),— Tho second week of the Slur's Summer Burleinuu Mock Company offers an even moro ambi- tious hill than Inst week. Billy Van Is tho inn I ti attraction, being cast la Ihe last bur- lesque, "Bollviir's JuslIce." The opening burlcsqnc Is entitled "The Wrong Time. The vaudeville nets are: Agnes 11. Bchler, 1 he American chuntriisc; Charles nnd Hva 1'arcar, European mists and acro- bats ; Keegun and Klynn, In "The Klon- ilykers:" .1. C. Hart and company, Id tho original novelty, "Tho Pipe Hitter," and Itccd and Klynn, song Illustrators. Manhattan Brach. —Bostnck's grows In popularity In spite of thc rainy weather, nnd nn exceptional bill Is being prepared for tho holiday ihls week. Aglntln's Dlnrono, tho monkey that loops thc loop, will glvo lho exhibition several extra times on tho Court h. Nearly nil Ihe other nets to bo nut on are new to the public, and some of the season's favorites that nre Included In the programme will bava new nicks (or their animals to perform, and Ihclr acts entirely changed. Mr. drub, the baby gorilla, rcmuloB lho greatest attraction of tho zoo. + ■» N1SW VOIllv STATU]. Cincinnati—If present plans go through, und thorn la every renson lo believe they will, Ihls clly will havo another theatre on the list bidding for patronage next senson. M. C. Andcrsou, of the Columbia nnd Walnut Street Theatres, was in lho city early last week, and stilted I hut the uow burlesque circuit which Is being formed will Include, Cincinnati. Although It has not been slated where the new tlicalro will bo erected, Anderson bus an option on it lot near lho heart of Ihe city, where It Is believed the bouse will bo built. Anderson states that the house can not be completed In time for (he opening of Ihe senson In lho 1'iUI, but will likely be ready to o|icn by Jan. 1. C'iikhtkii Park (I. M. Mart In. innnnger). —The opera senson will o|smi June JS, with "II Trovatore." Anna wcliler will bo Ihe lending soprano, wllh hlvla Crox Scabrooko alternating. Bernlct. Holmes will sing contralto purls, and l.loyd (lAiiblgnc will sing tenor, with Waller Whcnllev to nlternnic. Slnclalre (.ore will slug hnrllnnc, and Prancls Motley bass, with Wllllnm Schuster nltcrmitlnc. Mux Plchnndler Is tho musical director and Oeorge Kgner si ago director. In the ramie- vlilo theatre, Juno liK, are: Burkes musical dogs, Pongo and I,eo, Major Sisters, IiM Puliner, und Spalding. Conbv IsbA.Nii (W S. Clnrk, mnnnger).— Pain's "l-nsl Days of I'mnpell Will begin u twelve days' engagement June .10. Im vaudeville bill Juno 1.'8 Includes: WoM and Mark, I'rlor und Morris, Louts W. Bales, und Donovan and Morris. Tub Zno (Waller Draper, mnnuger).— John C. Weber's Military Bund has been re- tained for June L'8. Business B»od. I,uni...w IiAooon (J. J. Wciiver, manager). —Phlnney's U. S. Baad w|ll close Its en- gagement after week beginning Juno 28. lho vaudeville show begins July 4. Nbwh Notks.— University students pre- sented "As You Mke II," In Itii met \\ <;o< la, last week Ollle P. Notennnn, of thu I, id- low liiieooii. was mai'i-lcr .|uno Mlo IWHM - rue Anna Shussler... •Manager Mux Moscn- iN-rg, In charge of the vaudeville theatre nt the I.udlow 1-ugoon, returned fromit hlcngij last week • .J.J. Weaver, vice president and manager of tho Mullow fojWMt, h *2g™& to »»rs house, sulTerliig from the eff ts of havlnif a tnolh drawn. After thc loolb xvns pulled his Jaw began swelling, whb-h was followed by a hemorrhage. »"«"•• dlllon was serious, bill Is now m i h 1 n- proved Bundinnsler Sousn h is been eli- Laged lo give three concerts ut tho lull festival In September, a Cleveland—At the Colonial (A. F. Marsh, manager).— "WhlrllC,lg.'one o Wcls'i- & Plelds' big successes, Is being put on In a must" creditable manner, iwk June 1!». The new chorus and principals uro doing admirable work. The mirth pro- voking comedy. "Thc Con-curers," was ho hill week of 5BI. und Sam Bernard, Bobby Harris, and Sldmnn, as the "ermna com- e.llans, were Immense favorites, Burisirn I'l.lgety" will he given week of July tl. l,v..'Ki:M (J. K. Conksi.ii. in.iiuiger).— Vniiglm Olnser. late leading mnn of l-.iigc.le Itlulr's company. ojn;us n Slimmer season current week, with "The Prisoner of /<:'"">■ Mr. Ulaser has surrounded himself with a most excellent company, Includ ng Sujiiiiiu! Si.nlje, Virginia Kline. It. C llery. II. »■ Noi'lhriip, Chun. J. Wilson, 0. C, AudcI BDd V, & Duff. pltal. Bans' lintel win Hie scene of a lino spread for the profestlomili and ama- teurs aft cr ward. Casino and St'MUlT Park arc doing a fair bnslnpss, considering tho cool and rainy weather. 'it - Klmtf*.—At Korlck's (lien Park (Her- bert . Salinger, manager).-Tho Manhattan Oiiera Co. gave excellent Bfttlsfhcthm, In "The chillies of Normandy," hist week, tin Fri- day tho foot bridge across the Chemung Blver wns washed uwny 00 account Of hlRh water, and no show waa ttlvcn iiAHl Sat- urday evening, when the damage waa re- paired. This week "Fm Dlavolo" will bo presented. ' i lliAi.To Tiikmki: (It. W, McConncll. man- ager).— The bill uiinoiinced for John '20 and week Is: Martin Leury, Peurl Davis, May Mrlson. lOlsle llenes, Carrie Hill, tlTAcc Sol- llfcn, and Dc Hose. Business Is good. QUKKN Citv GARnilNS (M. 1.. Si.IIIvi.n. manager I.— Arrivals for this week : Olliney Sisters, Anna Bnynor, the Two, Cnldwclls, Hurry Burns, and the Musical Holmes. »»♦ MlIsODIII, people.. An cnllroly nr\v stage Jias.bccn c«n- struclea Mi the .northwcal corner- of .tho quarter bloclt, XsiWplefc lh every aefarl. The opening of ihe nnrk was set for 31. but bc- caiiRo of unpropltldus weather was continued urnII 32. Fritr'h Nkw Tiikathpi (A. Dollmsn, mana- ger).—Walters and llaann, Norwisld Bros.. Bragg and Ashton, John P. Brace, Penrl Weston, Klectra, lioulso Lister, Jennie Gui- chird, Alf. P. .lames. Kbickson'm Music Ham. (II. D. OrlfDn, inaimgei').—Mtio Trcscoll, Hlln Howard. HllAKIKR'B CONCHBT IIai.I, (I'lll II. Dnvls, manng.T).'—Pearl Weslon. Mao B. Stanley, 1/isinuro, Helen Bunhnell, Nellie Uuodwln. CKNTiur, Park (lienndor Bros., uiunagcrs). —Millard Bros., tanflo. <»» M1MHBHOTA. , BiiuTnlo.—At Ihe Teck Theatre (Waller S. : Baldwin, m.iimger).—Tho Baldwin Me:- vlllc Stock t:o. offers for week of June 21) "Mnnto Crlslo." "In Mlzzoura" week of July ll. "Davy Crockett" malntalued tho good patronngc obtnlnlng here. l.vt'KUM Tiikatiik (J. i.niighlln, manager). —Walter 8. Baldwin's rompany Is presiuit- Ing "My Piirlner'' (his week. "Trlullv Chimes" next week. "Ten Nights In a Bar Boom" proved It good drawer. Acauhmv (Dr. Poler C. Cornell, innnn- ger).—Tho Whll IBker Stock Co. Is plnylnir Ihls wwk la "Dangers of a Ureal City. "Tho ltcd Cross Nnrso" week of 0. Business Is excellent. Siika'm Carokn Tiikatiib. —(lenrgc C. Bold- fnce und Bertha WulUlngcr, In "'nie Woman Who Hesitates Is Won; 1 ' Poolcy and Tcn- brookc, liilinonr nnd 1st Tour, Thor Trio, Doherly Poodles, Johnson nnd Wells, Sheiiu and Warren, the Montrose Troupe, nnd tho klnelogrnpli. Iliislness Is well mnlntnllied. l,ACAYl'.ri'K TIIKATIII'I (Chillies M. Bllgg, innnnger).—The slock company Ihls week Includes: Chiirrnlon, Churlcs Fnlke, Fields nnd Wooley, Tnscolt, Bessie Clifford, Klslo llnrvoy, Harry Hastings, Mmlly lleaupre, Joe Mullen. "Black Crook" |k being given, also "I'he Fly Widows at Itocknway." "In- nocent Benulles" Is the title for week of (I. Business gond. Notks. —Pnln's spectncle, "Ancient Home,' nl (be Athletic Field, this week, tins been extensively heralded Justus O. Miller, leader of lho Porly-sevenlh Iteglment Bund, tiled VO Baud concerts at the various public parks nre again In vogue and very popular Wllllnm P. Curl soils for H.i- rope 'I Mnnnger John ll. Stirling, of the Slur, Is busily nrriinglrig things for lho nmironchttig season of his pretty house and his various road coinpnnlcs. Ilmhcsli-r. —Lyceum Then I re (M. K. Wollf, manager),—The stock nt this bnuso grows steadily In favor. Last week's pro- iluciiou, "All the Comforts of Homo," de- lightfully entertained crowded houses nt every perforinunce. "June," with nn ac- companying curtain raiser, "Tho Old Uuard," Is the programme fur week beginning Juno 2U. National Tiihatiik (F. It. Liiem-lier, mnn- uger).—"A Teoi|icratiiti! Town" was well pre- sented Inst week. Koch member of this well balanced company scored n till. Very largo business ruled throughout lho week. "Har- vest, or Wetlded and Parted," Is lho ut- Iruillon 21) und week. BAKKIt TllKATRK I Warren P. Lay, mana- ger).—Owen Davis' verslun of "Under Two Kings'* was the inngnet which drew tho largest bouses of thc slock season lust week. Fllxiibclli Brever won success In thu rate of Cigarette. The supiiort was excel- lent, and Ihe production ly mounted. "l.Vtiysbuig" will bo thu bill (or the week commencing June 2D. Cook Opkiia Houhk (.!. II. Monro, mnn- nger).—"Woman Against Woman" enter- tained crowds that tested the capacity of Oils house Inst week. The play won popu- lar approval, and was well presented by the capable company, beaded by Jessie Bonstnlle. Tho appropriate offering fur weeko( June .".. Is enlltlcd "A Colonial lilrl." Ontario Bkacii Park (John J. Collins, mannger).—Melt's Military Band gives a coucerl: twice each day at this resort. A lino exhibition of ilreworks Is given twice each week. Tho a 'tendance Is on Ihe Increase since the weather bus been moro favorable. Noti'.h. —Will T. Hodge Is at his homo In this clly, after a successful season In "Peggy from Paris." Next Thursay he wll, sail for ICuropr, for it live weeks' stay. Mr. I lodge will, ('rente I la- principal male pi.rL lu ii production of I.lebler & Co. next seo>ou. * AI bun).—Tho Kmplre Theatre (11. II. Jacobs, muimgori.— Km Klngdon-Courtenny Slock Co. Increases In public favor as lho Summer season progresses, iih nili-slcd by the crowded houses that greet them. "Tim Wrong Mr. Wright" was repented June 22-21 by the request of many, uud "Tho lmporl- lllico of Being Karnes!." 2C-27, was very successful In every way. "Out of tho Storm," u one act piny, preceded It. "Wheels Wlllil.i Wheels" Is announced for Juno 2U- July J, and "I^ird and Uidy Algv" 2-4. IIaiimaniih Bl.KKCKKR 11 am. III 1 . It. Jacobs, mnnuger) has the Mortimer Snow Slock Co., In popular plnys, doing a good business. "The Fatal Mni'-rlnite," June 22-24, nnd "Sil- ver King." 20-27, divided the week, and both drew well. "IjiiIv of Lyons" 211 July 1, und "Hold By tho Knemy" 2-1. ' PiiocTiui's 'I'iikatiiij (Howard (Irnlinm, resident mnnnger) holds lis own with a lino slock company, which gave, all lho week. "Tho l^itlnry of l.ovo," lo largo nud well pleased audiences. The piny tor Juno 21) and week Is "A Gold Mine." Notch. —A very creditable circus perform- ance was given Juno 22-24, by local and pro- fessional talent, for a deserving charity, and was liberally puli-onlv.od Kleclrlc Park and l.uguiai Island had encouraging open- ings on Sunday, 21, notwithstanding tbo backward season. ■ i ■ 'i Ullcii.—Majestic Thentrc (Wurren H. Day, mannger).—"Young Mrs. Wlnlhroii" nnd "Tho Itesurrectlon" were the attractions pre- seined by Hie Miijestlc Stork Co. lust week. Cool weather helped to draw ,blg houses. Ktrin.H Campls'll Is a new nddlt.lon to the stock company, nnd her might In Ihe csst Is fell. ''The l/lltle Minister" will be tbo ullrnctlon Ihls wepk, Htica Park. —The formal opening of tho vaudeville performances occurred 27, when the I Myden Mnle (.'horns gave an efficient concert, to two thousand people. The regu- lar Summer bill will be rendered evenings, with matinees Wednesdays ond Sal unlays, nnd n concert Sunday afternoons. TlilB week: Tiqwy Turvy Trio, Homdle, aerial net J Kedmonii ami ilnrdner. John Oram nud Ihe "Bniken Crndtp'' skelch will he the ut tin.Hon. Tho rrnrelliig circus, that picks up nmnleur society people to fill out the bill, met wllh excellent, Rtleccaa hero 22-27. Society people seemed Inspired tq be eliher clowns or side'show•Rli'scHon. and a"go''ilv gum was netted by tho Homeopathic Uoi- Ml. i.niiis. —Isist week wns, In gi'neril, a successful ono (or Ilia nl fresco offerings. Haiti on the Inst two days brought tho aver- age, down, hut ihe rest of tho week was (air west her, and attendance was heavy. J is.. ma it (John Jii.inopnulo, inli linger I.— "Barbara Pldgely" wns - offered here last week, nud gavo great satisfaction. Tim Criinin luul a specialty that aeeqicd to please. Misses Colin und Barbe did very well. This week, "Belle of New York." Kiiiikht Park Huito.ANns (Col. Ilnnklns, Tiiiinsger).- -IjisI week was u rcconl breaker here. H was the week of hcneiit for lho Police Belief Association, and played to ca- is.clly all lho week. Tho bill WBS clever. Kill" Fay waa tile strong favorite, eBpeclally with tho men. Madam tlerrmunn, Macarln a Animals, Howard oinl Hhind, Snyder nnd Bucklev, and the Oloasons were tho rest o( It. This wis'k wc havo: Kcrguson and Mark, Is'w Hawkins, Kllswnrili and Hurl, Kliinxii and Aran, 'i'nisk and lingers, nud Maurice Hpyer. Lump's Park (J. L. Wollraff, manager). —Allriidancu here wns very good. Tho Mllsworihs, In ll.elr sketch. "Tho Silk Slock- ing," were fculiiriMl, und tin. Burlnns, Mona 1>V Nncc, Queen Dora, Carter and Itynii, and ICm Scott were olhurs in a very acceptable hill. Mr. Wnllrnn.' bus for thu current week: J. Kdninnd Dc Noyce, (ho Jesses, Carter nnd Boss, l.uln l.i'liM.I.I, llurlou uud Burton, und Howard and Alton. H.VHtiAiiHN's (lliishngcn Bros., mnnnger). —Miss Kobct'ts and her ballet chorus, wllh electrical effnils, proved a drawing; card. The balloon ascension by Prof. Hcanlnn also pleased thu peopje. Tom nnd Mary Klnne- u.iii, Smith and Arndu woro nlso In lho bill. Tin, current week's bill Is proving very sulHfnciory, KlIKIINKR'S CARIiKN (II. K. Bice, lllllllltgcr I. — Tho IJaidey-Baleumn Combliiatluii. In "Pink Dumlliovs,' pluyisl to good business lust week. Both Mr. Iliuiley and Miss llule- laiin were well received, .and tbo support won ilcsi'ived This week "Borneo uud Jnllcl" Is offered. Wkkt Knii lli.uiirrs (Don J. Willlnms, inanuger).—John T. Piiwors was heiidllner hern last week. The Whitney Bros., Sisters Connelly. Vontollo And Nlnn.Kllroy and Brit- ten, Bulb Sella, and Cunnctlv and Klein were ihe other fun milkers. 'Ihls week uu entirely new vnudavlllc bill Is on. Mountain Park. — Lust week's vsudo- vine hero Included six la number, several of which were high grade. John A. West made good, nud Merlin's dogs were popu- lar. Deo. H. Austin.* Co. woro well in- cnlved In their .wire work, and Jack Nor- worth wns ono of lho most popular tin in. This week: Will Pox, Adele Purvis Onrl, Itydcr's monkeys, the Ullsworlh Sketch Club, and Tamil Kltchll.nre lho leudlng feat- ures of a very clever bill. Snui'iiiiAN (llainlii. aster I rules, umiiiignr). —The concerts of Junes' Band draw fairly well lust week. A special (milare was Ihe noses of Victor, the si rung mnn, In the cine- trie fountain;- Hnrrento's llamla-- Roma opened heir 2H, for an Indefinite slny. Walker's high diving horses are proving a drawing card. » Knnsna Oliy.—(At Forest Park (Moyd Brown, resident manager).—Tbo new park continues to draw big crowds, although tho cisii weather Is a delrlment. Tho bill In Hopkins' Thentrc drew good houses all of the week. The acts were: Purcell and Brooks, eccentric comedians; Clotllde An- tonio, contortionist ; Kugnnn Kllswmlh and Madge Burt, In their comedlellu, "Doincsilc Pels;" Alice Itsyisoiul, cornel Usl, and P.VI1 Miidgn, In her churncier cluing™, who held over for the second Week, and Hlekey nnd Nelson, In ll.eir always funny net, "Twisted and Tangled." This week (lie new people will be: Jack Nor'worlh nnd I/oiilso Dresser, Howard und Bland, Hnlhnn, Pnrmaun Bros., Juggling Mathews, and the young American Quintette. Fi.hctrio Park (Slim Benjamin, maun- 3or).—The opening will tiiko place on Sun- ny, Jiiiiii 2K, wllh Inncs una bis band as the chief attraction. AiiiirioiiiiT.i. — l.esler I.nnei'giin's Players cuvu "lloiHlmnn Blind" last week, in good bouses, which thoroughly enjovisl tho pec- formuiice wjilcb was seiui for the llrst rlmo liera. This week Mr. iKincrgnn's now play, •'Klslo Vcnner," will have Its first produc- tion. ci.iitkiuniih. —Rat. Kd. Butler, proprietor of tho I'i'iitury Theatre, was In Ihe cty last week and announceil Unit Ihe theatre Would be reopened as u burlesque house next season. Carpenters und decorators are nt work finishing tho Willis Wood Theatre, mi Dm ■ 'is'iiing Ibsi season Inferfercd wllb some of the final touches. ♦ ■» ORKUON. Nt. Paul—At lho Meiroisilltnn opcr,\ House t V. N. Si'otl, niutiiigeri lho Ferris Stock Company played, to very good busi- ness, In ."Womnu Against Woman," all of week of Julio 21, scoring thu blgifesl succcs of the ciigiigeiiient (bus far. For week o( 28 "UnnluV' AWl hold the Isamls, KMi'iiiK (A. Welnboiaer, mnnuger).—Busi- ness wns very satlsfhclury week of 22. Tho usual variety bill will Im given. lit:M iii.ks. —The St.' Paul Horse Show, nt Lexington Park, 9MNt wllh niiUlneu 21, was nn lniiiieiise success' from an artistic. point of view, but probably not from ii ilnunrlnl, as Ihe uiuiiugciiipnl gave the saini. oil a most lavish settle, sparing no rxjieuse, and It will not be sliniigo If the recplpls do not reach expenditures. Thu very good, though Hot big. I'he exhibition was given under u huge .•auvns. Ilghled by oyer Iwo Ihoilsuiid electric lights, add (ho Immense uiupliltheiltro was us light us day In (he must reiunle pnrtk- I,. N. Hcull and W. U. CurllliK are chill led to great credit for their cnterprlslug liberality, and their efforts will certainly bear iiuihki.i1 frnliti In thu (ulnre, If not nt lho present ukhlblllon. tietilry Ilros.' Show tomes 21), Pore- puugh's July 3. i i ■ Do I nl h. —At lho Lyceum (C. A. Mar- shnll, ii.anageri (he Northwoslnm Opera Co. Is In lis .(bird week, and business Is very good, "the China's of Noriuiindy." Juno 22-21, and "Frn Dlnvolo" 2D-27, drew well. Por 211 and week "The Mascot" and "Tho Pirates of Ponminee" will. 1st sung. "Thu Charity Ball" was plnyed at lho matinee, In, and nl the Hrnnd Opern House, West Su- perior, Wis., for Ihe belielll of Ihe Children's Home. . . Metropolitan opkiia II'iphk (J. A. Con- don, mannger).—Tho Wilbur Opera Co. la In Us Inst week. .It was to bo for leu weeks, but only lusted (or four, as lho business did nut ciinm up lo exited.. I Ion. Mnnnger Condon has gone Knst (o ougngu a dra ma tic coiiipnny for-the house. I'Aiii.nii Tiii.Aiiui (W. J. Wells, manager). —Business for 22 and week wns fairly good. Thu bill for 21) nud week Includes: Km I and Itlchards, Lucia Doulhlll. I'Vnnk ,\1. JnhuKoti, Kidy Max, Tom dale, Mluule It., Sid Kdwurds, Flura Banks, nnd lho slock. The comedy (or tho week Is called "A Model Bushmill." Tun Moon Hiuin.' Tmhatiik, under canvas. Is In thu last week or Its slay In this purt o( ihe clly, and will go lo the West Kml of tho clly for Hiren or four weeks. ■ • Tin; liiu.P'.'ii July I'ulr mul Carnival, wllh the Peiiirl Show us lho big allriicllon, will opeii hero for one week July A. I'iiuki'aiiuii & Ski.i.m Buos.' will put up tbolr big tents Juno 211. ♦ »» WAMIIINfiTON. HlMikntie.—At Ihe Spokane The.lire (Dan I,. Weaver, manager).—Mary Wandering. In "Tho Stubbornness of ficrnlrtlW," cumo Jnn.' 22, 211, opening lo a big house. Auditorium (llnrry c. Hayward. | ger).—Por thn week of 22 lho rlhlrlry I'om .miiy will present "Dnvld Oarrlck" uud "Tho Neighbor's Wife." liood business continues the rule. . CiNKooiiAi'ii (C. II Peckhnin, manager). —For tho Week of 22 thn openings urn: Harry Hart, and ownii nnd Ln Mar. "fa paclty business Is lho rule. NATAToiiitt.M Paiik (Cnsh Bronson, mnnn- K er).—Tho new fiirea are: North nud South and Ihclr singing dog Dixie, nnd l/coiinrd und 'Miirlcll. Big business marked thn open- ing week of this new place of nni.iseiiieiil. i.'ogtm ii'Ai.knh (.lacoh ihmta, mnnngerl.— The same (smple with an cnllro chnngo of hill. Is announced (or this week. CoMiuim (I. i>. Holland, manager).—Tha sumo bill prevails this week. NoilMiS & Uuwk'h Know Is billed for 211, 27. Nentlle.—At lho firnlld Opera Huuso (John Curt, mining. t). -Mary . Mniinnrlug iiupenred In "Tho Sliililioriilioss of Oernl- dlne," lo cllpiiclly of house. Juno ,1k 20, K. II. Sothorn, In "l( I Wern Klhg," llO-Jnly •Ml iHin Tiuitn AvKNUU Tiikatiik (Wui IIiiiihcII, iiiiuuiger). • Wuiii't' Hunford's players week of Juno 21, in "Tempest Tossed." Week of 2K, "Knst Lyiine." P.uihon Tiibatiik. —Olson Bros,, Kdwanl Canton, Madam Lloyd, Prof. Slu.miwerk, Morey Long, niovlug plclun-s. Ciivstai, Tiikatiik. —New isuiplu: Tliomp- son Sisters, Ihe Ureal McKlillloll, odell und Powers, Fred C. Uoburls, und moving pic- lures. I'Koi'i.n'H ami Park Tiikatiikh (J, K. Hinlih, mniiiigcri. —New neopln: The Prim- iclbis, Flood mid lliiyes, W. M. Bnllcy'u dog circus, McKlssIck and Jones, Biilferiy and I'ule, liny Curtis, DO Mora Hlsleru, nnd Zcllil l.ovell, Cn». i.jimi Tiikatiik. —Now peoplo: Bern- ney und Briidliiiiu, ' Jucksoii Hlslers, Lillian Aby, Jim Howe, Williams anil Ln Itose, Stella Clnlr, Buy Curtis, Murlu I.csslng, und llya- clnthe. Lkhi.'iii Park,— llrnlu nnd lloneggcr, Muun nnd Franks, Hurry Sawyer, Im llulz I'orilnnd. —At tho Marqiiam Oram! (Cal- vin llelllg. munuger).—Mnry Miiniicrlng pre- sented '."I'hn 8luliliorhuoss of Ooraldlne," to tllp capacity, June Hi, Id. Wm. Wallace crahatn gave an Invitation violin rocllnl 2(1, which wan attended by up extremely largo audience. lie was assisted by Mrs. Itoso IllOck Bauer, sonruno, and Kdgar IS. Cour- se n, pianist. Coming: K. II, Holliern 25- 27, In "If I Wern King:" Nat Hoodwlu July 2, ll, In "Tho Altar of Friendship." .C'lttniMV'H TllKA'rnH (Corrtrny & Itllssell. managers). — Kdward Shields' contlniiiuis vaudeville did good business week of 14. Mr. Shields expected to transfer the hill to Shields' Park 21. but because of In- clement weather performance that evening was given In the theatre. Thu nouso wus sold out. KAKKIi'H Tiikatiik lOcorge I,. linker, mull- nge.r).—Thn linker Thelitis CM began a two weeks' engagcini in on lis reiiirii from S«- uitlc. 21, ji;-i'seiiilng "A lllhlcd Fool," to two largo audiences. "The Arabian Nlgbls" will bo tint v" 28. Hood business marked Ihe closing Week of the Ralph Stuart Co.. ending 20. Tbo offering was "Tho Vir- ginian." I'.Hi'iin; TiiKATitn (ileorge L. linker, man- ager) did a big business the opening week, beginning 15. Following Is Ihe .bill for week of 22: World anil Kingston, Wells Brothers, Andrews and Thompson, Blossom Seeiey and iiiiiiiehn. Lester and Ciirlnln, iiatbiiwny nnd Wnlinn,. Ilnnk Whltcomb, Powers nnd Theoboid. Mie bioscope, Rn ifi us' r.niK (Pdwiird Shields, mana- ger).—This place of amusement has been iiirnplftely reonslriicleil (or Ihe present sea- son. Snd Is now liirnlshril with roniforluhlu i.i'lices. arcing 'd mi tiers, both on gfoiind and alcvatcd, which will ucwmiuodato 8,200 Urunvlllu, and Do Long Dainty Co. »«» ■■: CANADA. und Mnnlrrnl.—At Proclor's (II, ICdgerlon, manugori.—Tho W. S, Burkina Block Co., Dial wns honked (or July 1, bus canceled tho engagement. Tiikatrh Fiiancaih (F. iiuworth, mnnii- gnr).—Tbo Aubrey. Hlmk Co. had n good week's business, wllh ."Wc'uus of Tennes- see," June 22-27. 'J'ho stock, lu "The Plro Plilrol," HO-July 4. Tiikatiik IIovai, (P, W. 1/0 Clair, mima- gcr).—Tho llflh week of the (Irani Stock Burlesque Co., (o big business. Kxlni iiclrt were: Juckson and Douglas, Billy Andrews nnd his trick mule, Thlhcrt mid bin Vyclo whirl, Jack Marshull, Cushiuun und St. Clnlr. TllKATKH NATIOMAI, (IL (lllll- vreau, mainiarr). —The jh-i iiniiii-ii I slock colli- puny. In "Monte Cilnto," to hlg bualn-ns, June 22-27. Next production, "l,c« Pauvres of Paris," 20.1 uly 4. IlivKiisinr Paiik (Trembbiv & OTnrrell, managers).—The park had fair ntlmidaiieo week of June 22, lo we the slock cninpnnv In "Tho Mystery of Long Branch;" Ihe c.ilrn nets were: Krnnk I, Prnyne, M. II. Hnriniiul. Florence Corbln, T. Wilson Beniile, Bach- mnn's Ladles' Orchfistrn. "Tho Soldier's Honor" and new iu-Im wsok of 20, SnusiKii Paiik (Lnvlgnn * Lojole. mnnn- gcrsi.—Big receipts week nf 22. The bill I Join, Ui Clnlr, l.'ora Mlskel, Lnveni nnd (Tone, the printer Kniullr, the 'I'bree Bio Brothers, and Lnvlgun's Mllllnrv Blind. WiNiismi II a i,!,.—The Diving Canada, ani- mated pictures, drow good houses week of 22 ■ Walter L. Main'U Ciiicvu Ullcd (ho teuta n, . ...... ,