The New York Clipper (July 1903)

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jtjir4. THE NETW YOBK CLIPPER. 441 Deavcs, n. Dcwltr, Bllllc Dercndn, Kly, Geo. S. Kvorett, Wm. Klllott, J. II. Eddy, mil Kdgcrton, Jll Edmunds c upper Pom Office. i. order to afrotrt mii«take» and to ,'JJurc the prompt delivery of the •liters odvejttaed tm tul» n»t. an !™,1<>]«' plainly addressed m<nt J. Jen! for «nch .letter. *««.» written mmnMa JfXr for th«"letter, .Ift.icd with the atoc . k Co , ?,, I name nn.l address and the line Evans, Art. Jl ,,,.iiie»a followed by the sender, E iu 0tt * j. u . miipt o'»o be enclosed. ■ •. ■ • ■ » I'lease mention the date (or nam. •rfrt of THB OMMMfiH, In which the letters sent for were nilvertlied. . I,ADlES' LIST. Acklnson.Ruby Allien, Sadie Adams, Anna Atmtlo. A. irkwfB ^ar.o ArDOldson.Adtt Allen, Phllya Arlington, (Ml Bancroft Maude W. Buatiec, Puosy Branlgiin, Sadie Bowen, Olga Brown, ljuura Black, J. Brewer, Nellie Plgger, Laura Broadway Girls, » Biiekhart, Lll. Barrlnfftop, I lone Bills, Mrs.F.U. Burg. Clara Baker, Ircuo Boston, .loscphlnc Brandon, Nell Burn, Bnhcttc Blaok, Olga Babcock, , „ Saveltc Barbe, O. Bland, Lcona Cross, Lulu Coleman, Men. Courtney, Phyllis Carlton,- Birdie Colfely, Km. Colton, Mabel Cfoas, Lulu Clare, Helen Cnenell. Soph. Cameron, Irene Clayton, Josephine CongcrB.MrB.J, Carlton, Zellu Curtis, Heta Clifford, Marie Colay, Mrs. Bert Cljmer, Mra.C.A. Carpenter, ■ h rankle, Co. Chapman, Kit Cllnc, Mnggle . Cot, Mamie Chrlsllhc, Mile Crelgbton, IiOrn Clrmer, Mrs. C. A. Crawford Hint Clair, Helen- Carroll, Sadie Derlngcr, Mabel Desmond, May Dale, Virginia nrffngc, lienor Dovnlc, Mrs. DcVcre, I'linllnr Piipreo, Mnude Dorian, HerlliB Dimes, Mm. 0 DeSlion, Kutb iniviii. Ant. Helnnc, Mile. Dork man, Mrs. Chns. Dlble. Mm. Th ok. Davis, James Doneonn, Nell DeMeivllle, Bmlly lie Wolf, Drlnn DoTourncy, HI) Bllooro Slaters Emerson, Belle Edgara, 1 [clone KngHtrom Sis. Elliott, May KllmorcSlsters K variH. May Btbarab, Naomi Emerson. Noll Emery, L. II. Ktacrsoh, Bell Edwards, Jen. Bills, Laura Fielding, Pauline Fowler, Km. Fox, 'Mndgo Frcdo, Sudle Francis, Frankle Floyd, May Fortune, Ccc FonchouOttl, Amy Floyd, May Ford, Maud L, Qrctc, Grace GroBlcan, Klla Oturnblc, Beat. Gale, Mrs. Fran. Gordon, Alice Grant, Ccssy Oypr.cne, ■— Glcnmorc, Lot. Goodwin, Mrs. Howard, May IlarblBh. „ Mrs. M. Hazclton. Mabel Hoyt, Eva Rill, Ada (lull. Lottlo Harrison. KlUlo Howard, Mrs. Bllllc LaBraby, Mor.'o Moore, Nellie Mitchell, Kit. Meredith Wist. Morcaschnnl, Mile, Marguerite, Little Montrose, Bea Mason, Helen McC'lurc, Evans ft St. .Tohn Kllct Bros. Exposition 4 Flynn, Joe Flnley, T. 8. Forbes, M. Frey & Fields Ferguson & Watson Fordhom, Art Frye & Allen Foster, Artb. Frawley, J. F. Fleming, W. C Freeman, B. V Fielding, I. B. Fenuola, Two ■i r onueis, a wo Mnmlo Fcrttlock, J no. Milton, Belle Ferguson, J.M Mack, Flor. Knlk, Chns. Maxarn, Ml I Ho Fell, Geo. S. Mullen, Josep. Bckhart. O. J. Melbourne, 1,11 Faust, Victor Neville, Doro. Fnust, Jack Navctao Slat. Eox, Fred E. Newton, Mario Forbes & Newell, Forbes Maude L. Fox, Edward Nichols, Mabel Fonberg, Palmer, C'alh. Geo. M Pierce, Mnsle Falkc, C. II, Plticus, Lonlo FranclB. L&D P&yton, Kuth Fields, W. C. Price, Lillian Forber, Mohs, Prdtt, lima Frit/., E. M. Pantzcr, II. Ferguson, Dick Price, Muud It Flynn, J. J Plcliard, Julia Fcnbcrg, BJclianls.HHua Geo. M. Roth, Loudlo Fcnnandcz ft Raymond, May Eeona Flslier, Chos, Richmond, Goodfrlend, Lizzie Oscar Radcllffe, Good, H. II. Lylcne Grimes, .loo Reed, 'Mrs. Gntb, Karl Randall, Vctra Gallaber, Jan. Rlnlto, Miss Gregory, F. L. Rose, Marg*. Gamble, Tbco. Roberts. Gilford inn. May Hyera. May Hatclton, Mnbel Holm. Anna V Hansen, Marie lllllmuu, Louise Hawkcs, Car. Howard, Mrs. Mont. Howard, Kva H4nn, Mrs.Ben HeuBhaw, Vln llnnson, Marie ITomcr, Ada .fcihiiNon, Rose Jones, Ada Jones, Mamie Johnson, nose Klngsley, Julia Kurt, JobIo lie well, Mrs. Victor ICIrnlfy. Nell. King, Rose Lorraine, Rlie Lincoln, Jjll'tt LCWlk, Isabcllc Pitt Lclnln, Leln I^nne, Alice' V. Llpmnn, Km. rjnvlilo. Violet IjubOrde, Flor. Lnvarnle Slat. LaVntt, Marie LeHlle, Mild. Lilcllntla Linden, Daisy LaiPct'tre. Lor. Lcoeh, Eaver Lnwion, Eug. I/ottJe, Mrs. resile, Nclllo r<aurnlne, Dclp. B. lice, Minerva I/awrenee. ■Mimic a I,n tie, Ada I/cCoy, Josle Moi'ton, Jane Lcnora Goldalnc, M. S Robinson Golden. Bleb. Sisters Guy, Geo. R. Ryan,Mrs.T.W Gagnlcr, J. B. Seward, Pearl Golden, Geo. Ii Smith, Mnmlo Stanley, Mario Swal'td, Bosc Stick ney, Rose Stanton, Vesta Stevens, Mln. Sellde, Znrnh Stlckney, .Rosaline Salisbury, Dorothy Saxon, Pauline K ii ii tee, Alf. Kronnn, I«o Kotllns, Stir Knowlcs, How Kclcey, J. N. Kelly, C. J. Kempton, Ev. (wire perl.) Kylcr Kuehlc, Cbas. Koplln, J. W. Ledn, Burt Lend, Don Lyric & Kennedy Lord, S. J. Lnssett. Dan Luce, Grunt Loon & Adeline Lcdegnr Trio TiOwery Bros. Levy, Phil Llllford, Har. LaNole, Ed. Lyne, James I jil'I ace, Mons Ij«e, Henry Lnhann, .1. 1/amimt, Mar, Luclers, >Mgr. Lemont Bros. ImPolc, Geo. LoatT, Chns. Lllltc, G. W. Lofyctf, J. H, Lundle, Frank Lee, Harry liOltoy, J. A. Lester, 8. M, Lyle, II. J. LcVcne, Snin Lucler, Bea Lund, Bert Lukens, Geo. LaMont W. Lurns Bros. I>oCI«re, John Lucler, Chns. Lawrence & Barrett Lee, Jack McKec, Harry Marks, II. H. Martcllc & Lancaster Mason Bros. Morris, L. II. McDonougb, John Morbnch, Ed. Murray, Tom Mnckey, Geo D Milton,Chns.AV| Stewart. Cnpt Bio, Adolnb Itlckeby, Mr. ltlggB, Chnx. n.viui, ii. h. Rogers & Lit w vine Itlcc, M. K. Itnnr. Claude Redmond, Frank Rosalro, Bob Ueynnrd, Ed K Relit Bros. Rellly, Dick Roz7.ini, Jihi Ruby, Burt Roberts, Four Rosclclgh, Jack Rider, Dick Rubins, II, II. Raven, B. Ii, Robinson, Thomns Rogers, Mr. Rozcll. W. G. Itonaldo, E. Rowman, Frank Ross & Lewis Rankin, McK. Rose, II. C. Reynnrd, E. If Reeves, Cliff. Reeves, Henry Remington, Joe Reynolds, V G Rogers & Lavlno Rice & Cub Relyen, C R, Rosalre, Rob Reno, Eupetio Rlgby, Art. Rio, llnd Rowland, Ed. Reno, Geo. It, Itcndc, Hall Rnymond. Slcgrlst, ' Sedley, Hurry Winter. J. J. Watcrbury.Goo Welch, l«m Watson, C. P. Wilson, F. II. WMtetaw, An Voung, OUic Yost, D. M. Yeiigcr, W. J. SHU NOTICU fttrnma, El It. Zat '/Mm k Mowra SSelflc, Jew o. the Wilson Trio, Chas. and Kva l"«rrnr. RoHSle B&us, Don Gordon, and Harris and Walters. RlNllt.INn BROH.' Cinnitx exhibited hero S3, sod although It rained the ontlro day mm\u m mmtni at HDAD of list. they packed thn tent Mh and n °w '».•>« JflWMnaMKl"*"* j» m. "!'■■' »»«■ »j»j». ,-MiinS >i>hh ,-iuiw wit* hv fur thn best neon «*» llieatrc, t hlcngo. -•*♦ ■ hr« ?fi» ^Son * Annm HbnaoN has Just llnlsheil a sue ,„ bs-j. - ncre " * s won. ecssful engndoment of four works nt (ieorgo DBATHS I N TUB 1 'ItOFKSSION. ^M.~.wn«h,« ru««. Kiclu'H WMlport ftttk. U.Utlmorc, and opens Akron.—At I'likosido IMrk Casino (Httrry »t 'frlmnpr's ravlllon Oceiin L'llv. Md.. I«C Frank' ZiMMBaMAN, the boy who tried to "awn, managerl-Tho M.t.lcnl Thar, n >d $tmP8 the mSSt '' ' "loop tho loop" on roller skates, ut Indian- a fair bill, dcgplto Inclement weather, drew Ax})A Holm hnB imt r]tMU , { \ „ |,| K i,i y mm. npolls, Ind., on Juno IK, arid fell headlong, »'{}*<** "LP"? 0 «' P iS X&hSLxSJ OTW>> engagement at llio.tlcm Mimic lull, fracturing his skull, died on Jnne 2L-, la that Kol^y ao<l V' 0 , 1 . 0110 ,'.. 1 * Gotte ' tho "cWtolis, | ta | t l muro> , m ,i opens at Trlmper's Pavilion, cllv. ^ 1,>otl Bros., Mile. Alltw. . Ocean City, Mil., for (ho rest of the. season. Dasikl P. Finn, at one time business man- sprlriKtleld.—At Soring Oroya Cnslim -pim Mkrbmtii Tnio, aorlHllals, ore la nger for Julia Marlowe, died on June 25, nt <!«.,. J. Dnlle, mnuBser).—-In suite of bad (heir eighth week with (Uo Heck Gcuoral Iai* Angeles, Cal., from consumption, In his weather the crowds at this resort during Ilia Amusement Compnny. forty-third year. Recently he had been as- prist week have been large. Lew Wells, In DfuurrliY Fastaw, of llio Fantas, lias en- slstant manager of Thompson & Dundy's his humorous mlxup as tho merry tramp, Ma tlrcly recovered from her rccont Illness, and amusement enterprises. Hfs employers sent proven a great success. him to California a week ago. 4 ■ » Gbobuh Buiit died June ft, at his homo In ■■ - Terre Haute, lnd. His death Is ascribed to VIBQIfllA. heart failure, und was very sudden. Ho was ■ born In Pnrkmnri. Ohio, June 0, 1S43. His grandfather, Judge Pnrkznnn, was one of tho first settlers of the "Western Reserve." Prof. Burt was publisher of Hurl's Melo- dramatic Journal, also of ninny songs and the team opened tbelr Hummer season nt tlu> Casino, North Bench, N. v., with Midland Beach to follow. Last week they wero at Forest Park, W'nterhury, Conn., and are booked iiu to Sept. 1-i. . TUB iloi.iiSWiuvcllM, Charles and Leslie, wero last Week at the CnBlno. Wheeling, W. Va„ and this, week nio ut Olympic Park, McKccs|mrt, Po, .'Mastkii F. Ai,an l'ikiiian reports great Itieliiuniitl. — The Ulffcn Company dis- banded Julie '20. its cloning was unex- pected. "The Banker's Daughter" was an- nounced as Into as Saturday morning. acaukmy of Music (Thos. G. Lcntli, comiKisItlons for bands and orchestras. Ho manager).—Tho Dalton Stock Co. opened success on Hie Sheeily circuit with his chut- served In the eniinclty of chief musician of 05, fop remainder of week, "Bust Lynne" acter chungo and singing und dancing spo- the Twentieth Regiment In the regular army nH the attraction, und, If encouraged by good clulty. . • during 1871-70. Ho settled In Terro Hauto attendance, will continue IndollnJtcly. Tho Wh.maic J. IteQuuH writes Hint ho re- la' 18811, and for a number of years was a opening house w'us ipilto satisfactory, though slglieil on Juno 7 us iniiniiKer of the In- band leader and teacher of mnslc. Ho was ml i c h nffccteii by the street car strike. Ittmbla Roof Harden, at Corilnnd, N. V. nlso cngagwi in the mumifaeturc of musical "Oasto" Is Hie offering for tho week of I. S. Potts, agent of JohhW, Vngel s Big novelties of bis own Invention, und mndo «i). Minstrels, lias boon engaged for next siuihoii. many articles used by bands and orchestras. ni.iou (Chns. McKec, manager).—Isabello This Is his tenth season with Mr. >»g«'i t Ho leaves n wife (Flora A. Nowton) and two urquliart, In "Tho Turkish Texan." and 11 forces, and• titter a few weeks rest .nt Ml. diuiglitcrs. Lucy and Nellie. .lolix C. Wai.hh. 11 veteran Jdho 10. nt the Actors' Fund Statcn Island, after an Illness 01 scverni ojj proved one or tho strongest bills tnnt unsrs, aro siiii on inr ihwiii »•■'■.':'»■ •■ "' i ,, .V"rt years. Ho was born In this city In 18H8 strong aggregation over put on. Desplto and am making a decided hit with iliclr and began his professional career in 1807 the. street car strlko Uicy bad fair iiu- «i;l. Tbey ato tills woek at Now Brltuin, with W. ft Burton, nt Nlblo's Garden, dlehccs. Colin. . , . j„ l , Later ho was prompter nt the old Bowery Note.— Manager Jake Wella is so well I^itiiMR QAUnT, formerly of Clark and on) and two Urquliart, In "Tho Turkish Texan." and a forces, and 11 ftor a few weeks' rest at Ml. strong supiiortlng company opened '.!» for lllenwni, Mich., ho will report for duly ut actor, died WO ck. "Tho House tnnt Jack Built," In Culumbiis, O. : I Home, on t ho liands of the BIJ011 Musical Co.. week of 1'amiu.o and I-ona, ncrobals nnd eipi II- 1 of scverni o.> proved one of tho strongest bills that brlsts, aro st II on the Boom circuit of parks, id CR Thcntre, and he held the same position at pleased with "Tito House that Jack Built" Gaudy, undofwciit it serious operation nt 'i'oto Booth's. He had been under the care of j Uft t ho is considering splitting his present .lOllot, III., Juno lll, alia has boon very III j.'llnrry the Actors' Fund for tho last ten years. n|j 0 „ Musical Company Into two, heading for thn pust fourteen weeks, bill Is m fur Seiirode, Walt and was the second pcrsiih to enter tho 0 na with Otis Harlan In that play, mid thn ' Stone, Giles Actors' Homo when It was opened lost other section with Llttlo Chip and Mary Sun, Gus Starling, Geo.S Stuart & Carson year. , Marble. , Kbkdrrick Mrvbus, tho pioneer vaudc- tIIIc manager of Wlkesbarre, Pa., died Juno 17, In that clly. Improved in health Hint alio expects lo resume work early In July. #«» OH II KUHOPHAN I'HTIIUl. 1 Meyers, .Tiillus Smith, W. II Mount, Clark 8chiitt,_F. M Gordon's Mlns Great Two 'A Golden ante Quartet Gruot, Jock Gancll, Harry Garnel, Joe George, Harry Garvle, Chos. Goodman, Art Gclsdorf. Gus I. Sawyer, Mary Ollmore, Gus Snlldo, Mine. Grant, Alf. Shelton, Tllllo SamnyoB, Mrs. Clco Hall, Minnie Slim it, N limit. Shannon, Iior. Stuart, .May Stetson A Nlscon Oilman, B. B. Tyson, Grace Ooodc, Leon Elsie Dnrrpll, Madge DcsMonda. . Millie Del Monte, Maud I, Kdwards, Fan GlQN'l'iiMMKlV'N LIST. Guy Bros. Gordon, J. fl Gllmorc, R. 1> Gorman, Thos Gnno, Obas. Gross, P, II. Oordon, H. J. Olennnn, J. L. Thomas, Delia Tlieoford, Mnjolrn Trescott, V. D Tuson, Nelllo Victoria, Kttn Vonlctll, Kva Van, Ma. Wilson, (lortlo Wrttdo, G.vs Wndlelgli, KHa Wiley, Ruth Wliythe, Berth Watson. Kato Wood, Vivian Will in in", 'Miss Lou Waldorf. Janet Gruey, Dan lice Inch, CllOfl. Gnsinio, Fru'k GlInscrcMy, T, 11 races, 8 Hngiin, Bert Helscy.Mnrl M Hayes, Hdm'd lloffiiiiui, Art. Harris & DkLobb Henry, HI Hill, P. II. Hale, G. M. Hcndorson, Del Hobnrt. Will lindilt'lil, Ron Wiirlng.MlssK. HasHngs, liar Walcolt, Grlda Uulplno, B. L. Whytc, Bertha Honelltt, Joo West, Marie Holser, B..L. Wcbntcr, Dot wavron, Bin. Zolmcr, A mi in Znmora. Kv. Znra, Mile. Allisons, The Allmon, .loo S, Allen., Hick Austins, Toss, Arthur, Frunk Alvnni, Great Allien, Gall Ailnms k Jury Allen, Frank A hern, Wm. Archer k Garlow Arthur, Gus AullfTn, Jerry Armstrong & Holly Abai'hl, Geo. Anderson.W.C. Alierns, Tho Ashley, John Allen, L. k B. Ai'liernmn.C.F. Illaney, H. C. "mints, 4 Burpee, C. H. Barnel, ft A. "ennett, II. S. gelport, Claud garfett iirosr Bltley, Kdw. Rrnoks, Coru. Baldwin, „ Ihirney Belts, Geo. H. Buchblnder, ' „ , Julius Belmont,Ml Ci Baswii, Mort Brooks. Lawr. Broshous, „ , Jackson Baker, i,;,i w | n Helmnr, Harry Benthamfifc „, , Freeman "Islipn, Phlla "oydell, n Mr. & Mrs. ""wrnan, Then ""Hows, A. K, 5" nil's, Jos. B'li'ke. Tom Bnrlon, Al. II. Harlow k „ Wilson "»rr.v. John II {Jnrncll, d. A. „ , Iinwrence 5»rt. II. ""•ssey, Jack Brock, R. II. S"«oa. D. B. Buell, Henean Bloom, Kdw'd Browor, W. S. Brandon, Russ Barton, II. R. Bcntly, B«ri D Blcvlns, Clem Boyer, Will Brownc.Wm.W Bench, Bobby Booth, W. H Barnes, J. II. Byers, T. C. Bcaucimnip, A. J. Iliiteiiiiin, Tout Briiner, Roy Brooks, Cor. Blanchard, Jesse BaHeman, Tom Bclgardo, '■ Lawr. Berst, V. D. Barriiiglon & Martell Riirnlinm.H.M Brooke, Claud Blanchnrd.A.J. Bnrdick, II. ft Bennett, Clar. Bailey & Madison Boyle, liar. Belmont", Hnr. Blondcll. L. D. Cutty, W. Clark Bri>s. Clark, Geo. Cooper. L. H. Cole, W. S. Cronln, Mor. Cnwley, Jus. Curtlss, S. M. Carney, A. Connors, W. C Coburn,- J. "A. Cannon. C. ft Clark,' Geo. Couture, Dnv, Craig k Ardell Cnuiinan, Guy Claxton, Beaumont Collins, CaptB Collins, Kdw B Cnrman, Grt. Craig, Albert Corrlgno, Jas. Cornello. Pros (tele, Geo. 10. Cohan, Gus Coutia ft ■ Brown Herbert, T. L. 1HI1, Mur. K. Harcourt, Frank Hlggen- Imtham, G. K Hasting (lock Cuurlcsworth, A. U. Cook, C. A. Cook & Hull Corwcll, T. L. Ciiwtliorn, Joo Camp, Kliep. Crane, II. O. Cooper, II. L. Case, Chns. Carroll, Billy Crawford,Wm. Citrney, Gits Cogan A Bacon Colton & Iiurrow Carlton, Sam Crotty, Joo (Mnpmnii, Geo. Coy, Wm. Chandler. Geo. Conlon, Wm. J DcCoc, Harry DeL'sranK, Mnrsey Davis, Geo. C. Decker, Frank Drnne, Grunt Davenport. II. J Dunbar, II. C. Dillingham, Dnvldson.VV.L. Diamond, J. II Dillon ft . . Garland DcAlvii, 10.11. Drcxel, W. 11. Dllger, Fred Dawson ft Booth DoBue, Hobby Deonzo Bros. DcVon, Fred D'Arcy, Fred Dlgglnj, Prof. J. Dawsoa ft BOoth DcZamora. .7 nan Dnnte, Carl DeVrles, Sum Donohoe, Wm Dooiey. Larry Donazetta, Lewis Downey. Hiss. Dobbs. Wilbur Denton. Hal Drew, .7. ft. Iievlne. K. Ji Dale. ai. "uell, Benean Conroy & Mack DfeVaan^, Har B"ton. Chns. Chapln. CT C. |D>IWarnoAIvy Baker, H. K _ Campbell. W. Darragh, Jns. i, A1 ""■ger, J. B, I Chick, John iDoncette, Tbe« KJeln, bdUlo Stock Co Hale, John S. Harris ft Delano Hnydcn, Ralph Howlanil, CIllUS. II llouscn, J. J. Holmes, W. L. Hill, «co. A. Hughes, M. B llognn, It. A. lliirdy ft ml , Von Slot Hassan, 1' J. HorTmnn, .Tnck Hlckinnn Bros Hamilton, Wiley Hodge, J. II. Hlnze, Rokle Houlihan, Geo Herbert, T. I. Hall, U»U Hlckmnn Bros., 3 Haves, Tommy Holt, Alf. Hobbs, V ft H Herbert, Tlios lloffmnn, Jack Howard, A. G. Hnnvey. L. A. llaBboitrk, Geo. F, Harlngtnn.D.J Harrington, W Hatlleld, J. P. Hartsetl Trio Hantsell, Bug. Hill. Geo. A. Hart, John Hoosc, F. L, Irwin, June Imhoff, F. B. Irwin, Mr. Irwin, Win. J J eh kins, Tbo Johnson, Rose Johnson ft Dean Jordan, Fred Kelley, Tlios. Kcehlc, Frank Kershaw, Tom Kelly, A. P. Kaufman Troupe Koplln. J. W. Krltchneld.J.M. Knowlnnd. Frank Kellv. Ward Knight Bros. Keennrt'. John MoreyStockCo. Marlow, Dave Murphy ft Palmer Markliarn, liar Martin, Joo B Mnngenn, Jack Murphy, T. II. Mnrtynnc, II Mnysard, Frank Milton, Frunk Miners, The Mlchclson, Thos Moore, Frank Murray ft Macklc Moore, Lou W McGco, J. J. MoBvoy, Lnwr McVeigh, Jno. Meeker- Btlkcr Co, Murks, Thos. Mooro Marty McDowell, Ray Miller ft Jasper Martlnc, Joo McWade, Mdw Murtln, Nor. Mason, W. K. Madden. L. B. Mack, Chns. Mldgley, Snger Maxwell, G.W. Millar, Bert Mann, 11. Miingetic, Jack Maekln, ft Pierre Mnilden, T. J. Miiirliin, G. Ik Morrison, L F Mackliilosh, D Miller, Fred Myll, Louis Mack ft . union Melnall, Kdw. Mi'ieon, Hnr. Mcrrltt, Hal Madden, Louie Morris, lliii'. Mason, Wm. Miirtyn, A. J. Miilvy, ft L. Miirshnil, Leo Murray, Jlta Mack, nine MorrlBsey.Tom Ncvlns, ('has. Norrls, J. V. Nnsinyth, B, Norcross, J. Nichols, Klw. Norrls, Wes. Nelson, J. II. Noldcnt, Bug. Nau man, Aug. Nichols, T. P. Newton, Jos. Nygarri, Bd. Neff, R. <•'. Newton, Wm. Nlssen, Wall. Norman, Den Nnwn, T. J. Opponhclmer, Joo O'Shcn, Oscar Osborn. J. A. Ober, Geo. Oniegn. Bmerson O'Neill, Jim. Pelot, Mr. Patterson. Al Phccnlx, John Porter, Oscar Piatt, O. O. Plant, J. D. Pntet Fnmlly Paul, Oscar Price, Cnpt. Pnyron, It. V. Plerrlor. Capt Patcnaude, A. Powell ft Portello l'liikliimi. Ralph Parker, II.. M Pantzer Trio Parker, IT, M. Payton. R. 0. Parrott, —• 1'hlllps. .7. II. rtnciis.Fhirlan Powers. J. T. Prli*. II. M. Pnkall. Carl Paul, Oscar Post. Ralph Packard. T. C. Pntlersons. I ton mil rip prevost, How. BoZclle. Blllle Robinson. W C Reynolds. Mn» rthSReli: II. C. Upbblns, licit Norfolk.—At Ocean Vlow Casino (Jnko ,' 'iwi'n k" p wi, .«i 8 mT n 1*3&R We"", manager) business for week of Jilno Samoyou. of age. In 1870 he erected the Jrst vaude- .,., WRH vc ^ r Vaudovlllo will bo tho Manuel vlllo theatre In Wllkcsbarro and managed ntlraclloli for we*R of 20. Swan ft It for ten years. Buou TngATRK (Abb Smith, manniter).— Bnnibard , Jonn FaanKBicK fooK, on 1'tor, died N imjoiHo for Week of all art I Hello His- .lime 36, ut the Bmergency llospllnl,. Denver TOfii Markliarn, Hlclta Drew, Dowlcy Colo., from consumption. .Ho was 11 member , M( , nn | nR nnrt wilSoli mid West. . Of tho Jane Onkes Stock Company In that Manhattan Thhatiid (Fred V. Fleck, city. Ho leaves a widow. manager).—People for week of SB ur.r. hUKM Rkmmkiw,, a basso_ singer, for nnt(KtH ftllrt i,, lV eenc, Jim Wondvllle, thn many years well known In IIiIb ™"nlry. MaTihBttan Quartet, Baby Dbvciie, Mat C. died June 'J4, nt Znrlcli, Swlt».e land, lis t^kp, ami Copeland and Coitelantl. death following a opernlIon. lie AtimToiiii'M Tiihatrk (J. W. Burton, was bom In Uiisseldorf, on the Rhliic. sixty muni , a( ,r).—Forweekof'JOllie fnllowlni years ago, and came to New lork In his St.Cln'lr, IJIIIy early manhood. From 1870 to 1800 ho up- Stanley & penred In innny concerts given by tbo Ocr- Commctla man societies. Steele, S, B. Haiiiiv Tlimir 'MnanicK, a circus nttnrhe, Shooman, died June lo, at Providence, R. I. 1 lie Prlnco deceased was born Doc. 24, 1858, In1 New Hctprnhtirn—At tlib .AWdeiny of Music ^■S5mi7 , ~' '"" *" Snalllc, Percy York City, was thp son of "Hilly Boyd, once Kroncli, irtanagrir).—1,'lio llnrrlaoh- ti,, ili,iin-s have been very unlet over n well known clmis performer, and >i"d \ 0iun! , ,;„. p „.(.cnto(l "Caflllllc" ami "Tho bore fnr Ihe ims moiill At Ihe Winter- bam connected will, tho Bdrntun ft Bailey gj»™ 0 1rl,'; to s.hhll atlo.ldatlfe, w-ok )? f JJSmUiiSb *lJm*MIRW#lMni«i Circus. _ .... junp ai*. Tho pcrforjmncei1 were. wwmlly BtaS Johnson, tho likycllsts; Kintwir sot lkfyln»r........Co!*_ younger, and I'rank nrolhers, Sum Kllun, and Woodward's mil Shen 11 ft Warren Strauss, Thco. Swan, Mark Sherman, .1. J. Stanley, Jnck Bpyre, Bug. ng pco- pln are limikeil: Whiter Sfnhtoli and NOIibi llcrinan, lliinsun atod Plnrce, Walker Sis- ters, .Hie 'i'lirec Itenl/cB, Moll Grant, FloSslo Holdon. Irene Sullivan, John O'llara and Bonn Brvln. (Kllun Ollll OWN L'OUIinNfONIlHNT.) 111:111. is, Jlllin It. Onco again I nin hack on tbo coiilliieiil; of Biiropn and would liavo sent my inonihly letter a. low wooks ago, but news bus been so scare, especially 11 bout American itclu. Hint 1 postponed my writing. I romalu horn until July 1, when 1 go to Purls ami will give the renders nil I ho news of Unit gay city. 1 have had tho pletisuro of meeting Herman I'erlnl, the well known leader of tho Casino and llio Hrliuberc forces, who Is making Ills first Biiropemi lour and Is certainly having 11 linn Lime Ho In accompanied by Ills wife, who expect s to enter vaudeville over hero. I also re- ceived a telegram from Leo Harrison ami Max Rogers, who arrived today In Burope. and who expect mo to show lliein Purls Smith, Thco. Siouto. GeO, L Sun Bros. Swan, M. B, Sherry Bros. Slltion, E. Shea, Tlios. Shea, J. J. Sharp, Chns. s G1rl," to' srtlhll tiltnildiinre, wek of ~ .„ !l!f, Tho performances were generally foi Jamks IX .Mackin, a variety performer HQt mr.vlnir Col* Younger rind Frank Pff radr^SL* 1 He HSX r» ,y m 0 W "iSJ Is 'fiffi 'V".' 0 " 1 " 1 jjM 18 * 1 «■■ vek, Z "S." I ons "» "nil malifo Tretnondinis Ma'^ r 'la iwTaril1 linTbiSi In tho prafes: "°^" ut two perfoi'n.ances 24 , „„„. olllim rcn , Hl n.H ahother m.inth. hnv : sloii for several years. 10s Ilrst partner ♦*♦ — TIOKNHnHHIl]. was a Mr. Murray, with whom he continued Stnnlcy, Kdw. until ho mot and married Hawl Plerco, nnil Him ft Homer tho team became Mnckln and Pierce. nH Hnowdcn. Curl wero great favorites In lliii far West, ami Bltinrt, II. M. wOrn playing nt tho O. K. Theatre, oklii hea- wns homn Clly. when Air. Maekln was taken III. Tlie remains wero Interred In that city. W. A. BAttKi;rt, ring master with the M. L. Clark Show, was shot and killed at North Little Rock, Juno 8. no was shot about tl o'clock at night, and carried to tho hosiil- Cnmnietta ml. w,hcio ho lived nboiit tbreo liohrs. His Tompkins, Win body was sent lo Alexnndrln, Ln., by remimt Thrclkcld ft of his wife, und was burled- at Pllicvl le, Wicko Ln. Mr. Barker lind boon connected with i'enny, lOrncst the Clark Show for six or night years. He Tiistln. Paul was forty-two years of age, and leaves u Tucker, Jack wife rtnd three children. Stilly. J, F. Snssc, C. L. Sclttndlcr.Pnui Htlirodo, Walt Seymour (Jug. Slanley & Mcmphln.—At tho Now Lyceum Tl in- (Frank :0ray, malinger).—''Faust" presented June 10-^1, by the Hiltltmer Opera Coinpatiy, t.t> goinr iitteijdniii'e. , Tom Greclio inndn Uls ilrst uppenrilticc of l ho season us Faust, unit was tendered a most cordial lit- ceptlon. Mr. Gtne'nn's voice has greatly Iiu ing M paid her linn so us shn could Uo relenseil from her Vienna contract. Shn stays over hero for a long llnio to comn. At llio Apollo Theatre, III Berlin, I wio thn well known Condo, who IniM been hern twnlvo yeais. Ho has )ust joined a colored show for tlm contlniint. KiiHsbl this yenr has all the American, talent bunked for tho Summer. Tlionn who me III Moscow aro: llinnlliil, at the Bstaii- sends evoryboily his proas nnllces, hut no .mores. Hho hus lovoirto a.decljfed favrtjlto „ lm ,. Alt „, U(1 ,„„,„ , m ln My fa in'llilsslaii. with tho Lyceum patrons. Claudia AllirtjiM, oihers thoro 1110 tho Mill 'Thorn e & us Kdwlngs, deserves mention. ; A nurapor Hkniiv Kouiti.Klt, a musician, died Jiihc , ,i nv v faeo's apiieilreil In llio clIoriiM, wlilcli , ■_ •. 1 1 1 . .1 1 . ■. 1.. .■ ..A>l ununn o.h irli vrnil r"U . . T. . .. a.a > . ,_ j. , 1 asT_„ .'...i7 .. a . aiihatlnn Comedy Four (Williams, Mack, King and Davlsi. Thesa Isiys luivn Iweome so fnmoils over lie™ Pessler, Wm. TiiintikliiH. Chas. kn^ in uotVnje draniatjc am. vriudevllV, ty^^A**®^' |!, i ;s[reB 1 ; n slnce , l. , ef .fflho^d.'^le?X.hi'r well^l. IhnOss and tJR, and worn |n Mt. Potiirshiirg I sen Ln Hells DKale, favorites of 1I11, clever llttlo dilncor, who shortly relllrts Van, Hilly V Vogel, Win. Vogcl, Geo. VlTllcl, Alfredo (10c. Vonlc, CHfC Vonlcllo ft Nina Vincent, Frank Van, Cbns, A. viiin.ii-. Allan Vice, Fred Wore, Sidney Brik'st Piintzer, :ot inni'i'lcd lu • I,,rtc ,^,', o^ Jte^-S^li"l«M^?S«»« his eloan comedy; 1# Vino nad Aftta proveil it tlclo Veforrlng to It Inloly. W«Jgg-g flgLqy JSJSfiFSJSS'X» tine team In their. Woi'k. Miss Alnm pi-ovrd of the PmSar Bi-olho's. „ irofcsalona debut Ht thn age >r 'wentjr. bbo v( , rw , H |, ty ,„ high kick, col.rorlloli, sand Um>\on lust week, WIlllO Wlnlilm. who miii- lmd continued In the iiiofesBlon cvir aincv. ||l|l|H| . Iln(l '| m iAnehl«. wlillo Mf. I* Vine, i-iuil prelty Lnllnh' Helhlnl alsiiit u yenr ago, • • * wllli his teeth iiiibiiiclng ikuion chairs, when she rntlred from the stnge, Is ngiilii iirescntcd n new feat Unit brought down tho shortly lo comn oul in it new ncl. Frlln house. Junn 2II (o July 4: Knlsoy Moore, HnutU, of tbo well known Rraalr, IIrot hers. OHIO—(Sen Pilgo 437). YoiiitKsi'own.—Idora Park (ft Stanley, manager).—Programme for week of Julio .....iiui The Mitchells. Mr and Mi's. ' y N ',^' KH ._ T |', ft Koul . t „ „f j„iy w lll twel arid Hiidley, an. rc) , oril brcoKcr for (rfK m wnl , , IM .,„ ImicsB rind Itynn, Perthi( Dorian, Bsher His- nlso' lias his young niece doing a Juggling tor's, John and Mnbel Moore, Walt/., the mil- act that Is really marvelous. . I saw lice per- •22 embraces: Danny .MitOn dist. MiixWe formauco tbo other day, mid shn will surely, bo a ho a sensation. ,v al- Johnson, the bicyclist, left in Join 11 clrrliH Dick "urtd Allic MeAvny. fjnfttrtffl^Mffw trncrbin's!"hTlsMeiV, flio orio'legged 'cyclist, iiiTranco^wi;iln'"w^ been mine for week of 2!) for: cook nnil mllk( . H h i K aTiJ. i.., 0 „ • tttik frr ' Clinton,; World's Comedy„9'iartctlc, Dan uild gf*J SStSSk of elglrty fe"t „ 1HCAVIIJ. i.ivf in.»..«..- sws ■ Kr\'.i ?!:.*!?». ,>cc " ""KSS l ?I. Vr 11 ii JELt&iJlSS, !!!!! makes "his dive li|tb a lank fr.ini'h)s ii'lcyclo ciniiH'ile'kotoirT lit Cirpeuliiigiui." Tho Iliig Williams. OMJ ciinion, World's Comedy Qunrtctlc, Don una ||t rjj p | fvn1[o „ of e |j,|„ y fflct . nallmm as- gsssens, .well known JiigglcrN, Urn resllng on K CBt , *-.i. Dolly Mnnn, and^Mlss^Blcc.^ t ^ ^ ,.,,„ H ion,'cycle whirl, sluck wlro Act, day and ii.olr Iswiitlful farm Irt Treuiburg. Soiisa and night fireworks out of doors, while tho Cm- his famous band urn-Just. Ilntslilng his (;nn Woodward. Geo. ft' May Welch, Lcou y Mnnn, and Miss BIcc. Avon Pauk (Jos. W. Wcss, lessen and manager).—Mnnnger Wess provided for week of T2: Tho Melvlllcs, Charles Hcclow, Ward, Bob Sophia Burnhnm, Tommy Hayes, Wheelnn White, John Hnr i i>i,elps, the HoldswOrtlis, and Cllmtot, Winter. Banks West " Walt Whiting, West, t.'f Western Waldron BroB j, 1 ,, w m m «n ititrTiilo. to assume the ninn Waldo. — ngement. of the Teck 'i'lieAiro Slock Co...;. Wlaemart. Geo \,y mmn nvne Rink, violinist and elociillonlst, Wolfe, Will 1,, } mm o W |th her parents for the Summer, WtncbcHter, „f( or „,, engagement with the Bock Dm- Kugcno mntl( . (jo .Wayne G. Christy Is spend- «.i uwih »."">■ mi. ^-1- llin JIIIIIIOOI Ollllll 1. slno offers acts, both luntlnco und Hnentsl lour. Fliiniicltilly ho hus Isieuit night Centennial Park Inaugurates a failure; artist lea [iy n tremeiidoiis silc'ccss. season of light opera July 4. Justin Thatch- Ho luls been badly advised, charging too high er selected uls corilpiuiy from New York, and ber. <«» coLon.vDo. tlm curt. She has boon In Vienna replen- ishing her wardrobe tn begin her ton months' tour, opening In Paris, nt tho Folk's Mnrlg- ny, July 1, for two weeks, when slm goes to Drasdnn In September, then to'Hie Winter- gnrten, Ilnrlln, October rind November, und $S-"o"# RersVaniey;'which proved "a hK with tho KB;',^,^ Jf || rds," played SSS, wii'i"' big audience. lo pnckeil houses 21-27. As llio weather Is 1 see Grildln, the magician: Wood and llnles. Wrtber. Wlll'd Wblttcmore, N. J. Wells, W. ft Wterti: ft />o Jutlgn (18c. Wbltcnuin -*- Toledo,—At Hie Form Theatre (Otto Y. Kllves. mnnnger).—BiislncsH continues big. The hill week of June '2'2 wns a strong one. The Bllnor Sisters nnd Kldpey Grant wero big fnvorlles. For "2H arid week: Hal gtf warmer big. business rules, Among thoso liooked next Winter over hero »eo Gofdln, the tnttglelnn; Wood und llnles, Bvnrhnrt and Chung Ling Sou. Bvcrhurt Manhaitan Bkacii (J. Bdgar Clifford, sails for America shortly. manager).—This Mummer resort. Is pulling i,» on strong vaudeville bills. Programme 'li- «•«■•*«■« ium. 1....... mi •2H: Jessie Hmlth Bronx. Clovor Tann, Ihe CAWAUA—(hrt Pngo 4.17). Florodora Six Pretty Girls, Mile. Bcnelln, Weaver. Col, Wills, N. M. Wolff, Har... Weaver; Ceo. WlltOfl, E. W, BBUTM Pabk (.T. W. McCormlck, man- Five trains a from New York to .Clo- the Daniel It. Hyun Co.. Is spending his n.p r ; —The bill SI nnd week gave general clnnatland St. Mills'by the N6w York Cen- vin-nllon here Ilertrnin Harrison, who ■sBtls-mctliin.-inid rtTurns were fairly good. I nil, Including "Tho Limited," leaving New wns with Henry Miller Inal yenr. Is spend- Bookcd for 28 and week : Tito Four llluoos, i'urk at 6,yo r. ».— 4Jv. . „ ipg Ula .vutallua HJtU Wa puuum Uw, „