The New York Clipper (July 1903)

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442 ■V ■" THE: 1STKW YORK -CLIPPER-. JULr4. SF.W YORK CITY. ...^ . p. m ii»" ifnran and Wilson, placed In-the 8talr-a Havlln M r2K2tt "a Vn'Gof re bStlUo. circuit. The Empire will be redecorate . i.skafweston and Luxes,'Slack,Sls- other Improvements made during the Summer Review •»* • CaBnsaeat.—Tba rootlnu- lit Inn of Inclement weather taut week kept nmusement seekers away from tbe open air resort*, whlle'lndoor attraction* continued vacation.— Kiudoy concerts, as usual, were largely at tended 28. Proctor's Twenty-third Street The- atre (J. Adstltl Fybes.'-general manager)'— TUe cnrrenr bill Include* a Hat of well known h<>r*er Glrr ar the Herald Square, the last entertainers, and good attendance ruled SuUan of Hulu" in the opening attraction at three named cloalnc on that'date Draraaa afternoon and eten/ng of ■June 29. Bllda this seaside resort. U waa welcomed by a rpree named closing, on mat oaie. uraroi. Thomas, assisted by Lou Hall, heads the crowded bouse 27, and will continue for a by the F. K. Proctor atock companlea, with bill, and the success, won by thl rflf*—' SQiMJta . flA*PR», Snmmer opera at ; Twaicic GabDrx, Creator* and • hi* hand at St. Nicholas Garden, Henry ,B. Dliey at the Oabrjck, and "The Kolcker pea ranee In comic opera, scenery are from I' Prosperous business of the operas this season. n Bbaih.— At the Pavilion "The lavishly billed. hi orlifna! nrod™tfon Boyce and Rogers. On Friday of next week. t0 Rock ftian*d July; 7...'.. .:The Osaka? h^ marked tne running July 10, Pawnee Bills Wild West .will, be M unday Merchanta 8treet Carnival. 22.», fl ^>r, here for the day, and the town la already | nclaa | Te , have been favored , with One Ma Ml ATT A > ♦ »»- MASSACHUSETTS—(See Page «7). weather, and is doing good business. a Cedar MaVHAuditorium .(Barry Hu- bert, manager). — Rose Mattir, Bohemian . his clever pair fortnight, "The same cast will be seen as Worcester—Worcester Theatre (Fell* ■-•:-• added vaudeville featnres. were presented at warrants the Position- of honor. Their pleax- was In .N>w Yort Dockstader'a Minstrel* R . Wendelscbaefer, ^ager)-The New ffln, violinist»« ^ BohumJanaa. c<r Proctor'* Fifth Avknub Fiftt-eighth lag "ketch, ''Tto tone Star "met with a will follow. Pain, the pyrotechnist, baa had York Players will produce •'Haael Klrke jmun, viomj >j ^ Green's Opera Iboctoim ^kifto avrndi *W H_ „»,«] f , Tor . The ^Meeker-Baker Trio. .In 0 hard time with nls "Destruction j>f week of June 29. Last, week "Christopher netthrt, j 80 **^ ■" ne g^^y ~£™.■\"^ Htbeet and Osis HnKoakn.Axn. Twbstt- their comedy actottatlc act, were aa popular Vouuell." "it bas rained nearly every night J r /t wa i pUtved" to excellent attendance, vifth StbitetJ Variety entertainment aa of yore. HoMea and Florence. In their «| DC e the opening. was furnished at Crystal Oahdkxs, Pboo- ijib'b Tv/KNTr-Tni»n 8tb««t,' Tost Par- TIIB'R, KKITII'R I'nIOS BQUABE, PARADISE Hi hit. vs. the DRWKt, Hi HTKs 'A SbamoN'h, und I.ion Palace. At H user's the operatic sklrj The Fairy of Klllarney.' were well liked. Others who lent good aid were: Matthew* and Ashley, sidewalk con* veraatlonaliRta; Eddie Hayes and Mona Wynne, singing and dancing act: Owley and Randall, comedy Jugglers: Dlamlnant Trio, acrobatic dancers: Kennedy and Jamea, In Bkiohton Ukaoh —tx the- Moric Haix (Win. T. Grover. manager).—Another strong UKtWpr. Consol. St.-Hr. Co.. mapn- aaasasai » ger»).-J. W. Gorman's Imperlala, including -«•• •■• " 1D flarfy Smlrl and Itose Ressner. In '-Tto Beil July «• ••• Animal Show, No. 2, pleased two big crowds Rlngllng Bros.' Circus Is billed for : .Advertising Car No.-1, a. G. usual vaudeville and curios were seen their acfi ?Dr. PalTr;" Cra'lg and ArdelY, In .Siiinmer vaudeville waa also presented at a musical act; Louise Satour, ballad singer: BaiiillTOX'BKAeH, HbNkisbmox'R Mimic Ham.. White and Bancroft, la a singing and talking „ ventrllo.|tilal act; Vlra Real, the singing leased by tbe managers of the Park and CDa P" „„j„ At . and Park Coney Island. Bet. ■ and GeorBeYeoroan. German comedian, girl; Charies Krnst. black. face comedian, i/jtbrops. Fort D of«*«—^' i^a iabk, t.onry i.iona. >rile imlutecbnoscdpe continues. £ a(i t he trained animals. given 29. when Yeager and Yeagera ag- (Beth Meservey, mam ' " ' Kelth'a Theatre (E. jr. Albee. general (.'oney Island.—Hbndirsox's Mcsic Haj.l |regatlon of colored comedians will make season In vaudeville w Froctor'a Fifth Aveaue Theatre (J. manager).—It would be difficult io engage ( r '~ Kaber. manager).—The bill given this AiiKtlnPvnes, general manager)'.—The stock a list of stronger or more entertaining vaude- wee i |, B V erv good one. Those who appear i.Bering far the current week Is "Pink Domlu- vllle features than Is to be found In the pro- are; Melawe Trio, nawthore and Burt, Mc- oea,-" and thecrnwda liiat attended the opening gramme offered here this week, and the c'une Miles. Weston, Beaaley and Collins, performances, atrernoon and evening or June Opedlrig performances June 29 were largely >| ea( | an il Bennett, Laura Comstock and Co., ml. Thurston, the magician. J'alfrey and Hilton, Orvllle and Frank, Yal Soutbbrldge the Midland Theatre nager).—The Summer j^— k will open June 30 In- tlief? appearance. Two performances will stead of Julv, aa announced^ . Busby i" glvwMcb day of the week. Sunday ex- Bros. 1 One Ring Circus did good business cented at two performances June 22 The Vore- ^ T £ H ._WJIIIam Beach waa a guest of pangb-FjRh Wild Weat Is billed to appear Fran* Lamb, of the New York Players Co.. July 12 Rlngllng Bros.' Clrcua has this week. Charlea Bowser, of last yearns made «[ a _ D g, e , n ]f n, _ i j_J 0 . B Ef*3l. „„t re D J . u .'J li' ■0. gave every evidence of approval. j*si- «tteL«^ lacy Mraklne, Wul McAlllatar, Vlorencf Reed card expert r and Illusionist, heads the Hat )0 luio, Lvtton and Mttlefield, Blsonette Summer atock, also stopped over, to renew The Hfty-alith Regiment Band re- aud Mrs. Bva Vincent came In for a big for'the (bird successive week, and tbia fact and Newman, Klein, Ott Brothers and Nick- old acquaintances, while on his way from turned from Indianapolis June 20, where Boston to New York The new theatre ihey furnished the music for the Modern being erected by R. C Taylor Is about ready Woodman Convention. In the band contest for "be roof, which la good assurance that' they secured Urst prize of sJOB. this new house will open on time the coming Burlington.—Rlngllngs' Clrcua appears season. July 13. Car No. .1. with A. 8. Rlngllng a and twenty-seven aRslatanta, was in the city Lyaa.—Shays Summer Snow Houae. June 22 At Ebners Summer Garden Twentv TboiiHond Leagues L'nder the Sea, BaBg p 0 i„ t \ a hant (J. J. Shay, manager).. (B. J. Ebner, manager) the following.people was opened to the public last Satnrday even- owing to the severe weather all laBt week are amusing the crowda: Cbas. Carter. Ls Ing. It ls the most vivid Imagination ever tL | 8 nouge waa e \ oa ^a. x-lg week's attrac- dreamed of, and tbe most daring piece of stage mechanism that has ever been at- i lempted. The passengers In all reality board i-nmed.v. Clilueee' acrobats: Al. Lawrence, parody- singer; Pglk and Kolllns, talented „ submarine boat, and those left behind see lulmlo; PorapejL In a musical act ; I^o Mlera, batilolirta t who are Jost back from Europe; ,he monster steel craft sink beneath thn (Mrifone Ringer: Eddie Hqrau, dancer; Mary Gallagher end Barrett, Irish dialect com- waters of the tank, which holds eight him tired thousand gallons of .water. Under the Iloufynhn: • 'Kopuln Graylhorne, Florem-e In Mr. Bond's support being excellent. Mr. lived: Lady Maggie Wagstaf, Margaret Bond, as the debonair man of the world, jtrew: Mr*. TiibbK, Mrs. Lvu Vincent : Rebec- guvc a grace and charm to tbe cbaracter. in. .Margaret Klrkar-. .Miss Barron, Loretta The Three Hickman Bros., In a novel com- Jlealyv I Tlie.-vaiHlevllle hill given between edy: Silvern and Rmerle, expert gymnasts: the acta- Included: Marline and BaJmo, Howe anil. Scott, Hebrew act: Joe Flynn. Madden, mbnologlsl, and Rose Jrannetie. edlans: tbe Reese Bros., in clever gun and singer,.all of whom aided In the make up spear Juggling; Tommy Baker, in an enter- of a pieasurable entertainment. The kala- lalning mohologue; Joale and Willie Bar- teclmoncope, with new views, waa a continued rows, In songs and dances: Howard and utti'Dctinu. i- Burke, eesentrk-comedians) Bean and Ham- , Huher's Museum (John H. Anderson, ilton. barrel Jumpers; Hatauma, Japanese when the passenegers again disembark tbev manager).—As tlie propltloua weather for equilibrist aud juggler, and the motion pic- see a T |||gge of real F.sklmos with the dog's amusement "inkers continues, this resort ls tures conjpJ«t.e.Uie i blll tor .this week, iiirrexpondlngly favored with a regular mid- Pastor's Theatre (Tony Pastor, mena- thla bouse was _ tlons Include: David and Carrie Brlnkley, Master I.orlng Grimes, L'afferty and Graut, Solora, and Frank Mill ou. ' ■ Gobuan's Summer Theatre, Salem Wil- lows, Mass. (M. J. Doyle, manager).—Al- though tbe weather laat week was not favor- able for open air snow business, perform- sea It continues with changes of temperature an0M wer e presented nearly every day, and In the different climes as well as wonders lbeTe wag fa. attendance. Gorman's Ala- Mott and Beatrice, Major O'Loughlin, potts and Harte. Wheeler and Wilson, and Jean nette Carew At Madison . Ave. Park IP. W. Bobleu, manager), Burden and Re- linn, the Rays, and Beverly. and Danvera are drawing well. . w«» RHODE ISLAND. of tbe deep In their respective spheres. Finally the boat grounds on an Iceberg, and and Polar bears. A walking trip Is tben made around tbe Ice froaen village and n wees urr; \T-iii|nui - -aiiriii inFiijfr, iu u auu umutb ui iiiuiuiuk, uau uv ucitiuug Hour, diving contest: Olga, queen of anake effect upon tbe alr.e of the audience, nor the trained animals have already taken a arm ibartners; Geo. Fraueea, who thrives on> a spirits "of those who bad assembled to par- hold on the audiences of the park.. Tbev diet »f stoueB, and George Warden, musical lake of the capital programme placed before are quartered In a hippodrome covering a juuvelty. Lutertalulog vaudeville perform- them. While Jupiter Pluvlus reigned with- space of ground 180x160 feet, with the most uuiT*. combined with picture displays, serve nut, brightness aud merry laughter held full ■ to crowd the tiljoit theatre at different lK-rlodn of the day. and night.. Majestic Theatre (Geo. general nu»nnger).-fTbe Wliard opened It* twenty-fourth week Jul eicollcnt business still prevailing. H. Nlcolal Oz Crystal Gardens (Klaw 29, with ~k Erlanger, sway within, nnd the following excellent bill, admirably .'well arranged, accounts for this pleasant Condition of things. Callaban and Mack, In a bit of Irish characterization and musical as well, which waa heartily en- joyed and, liberally applauded; Annie Hart, who received n warm welcome from her old Improved equipments. The performance Is by Carl Hagenbeck, and presents an Inter- esting entertainment. <)•♦ NEW JERSEY. bama Troubadours are the attraction this No'tkh. —Prof. Williams, Gem Theatre since Its opcnl ter Williams on the Summer . now presenting a musical act, and Is meet Ing with much success Major Bishop, manager of Bishop's concert ball, who has been confined to bis home by Illness for a number of weeks, la rapidly improving. ■ » Fall River.—At Sheedv's Theatre <M. F. O'Brien, manager).—Bufflogton's Stock Co. presented "Lady Audley's Secret" laat week, to large business. Week of June 29, "Miit- clooh's Picnic." Specialties will be given by Nellie Burgers and Jamea E. MeKlroy. Providence.—Two or three days of sun- shine during .the past week have effected nisnlst at the a sudden opening of the belated Summer asm! is with Mas- »e*»on, but..In spTte of the exodus from city •aavaaaS ■aavS 'o seashore and mountain, Summer am.ise- "' ' ments here are drawing well. Keith s , (Charles -Lovauberg, resident manager).—"The Lost Paradise" was-played. to crowded houses, during tbe week of June 22 by the Albee Stock Company. "I.or.1 and Lady Algy" bqilda the boards during the week of 29, and "All the Comforts of Home" Is down for July 6. "..''_ _, ' l'ii„vi[,t>TK Opera Hodrb (Felix H. wen- delschaefer, manager)i-^-The H. L.- Williams Opera Company gave "The Chimes of-•Nor- mnndv" and "Carmen" week of 22. tuauagers).—Tbia resort presents tbe same time friends, and .who made them scream hill as was offered laat week, and packed with old time songs and dances: Cook and houses have riled since :tne opening. The Sylvia, singers and dancers; the Folly Trio, current la tbe second week. In Knickerbocker Theatre (Al. Bayman Newark.—At Proctor'a Theatre (J. Aus- tin Fynea, general manager).—An unceas- ing flow of novelty makes thla bouse, the Mecca of all lovers of good vaudeville. A new departure ls made tbia week in tbe ap- Perry Dally, Joe Ellis, Coogan and Baker, and Kittle Hoffman A Co., proprietors),—Blanche Ring began mi June 20 her fourth week In "Tbe Blonde in Black." Continued good houses have re- warded the performances thus far. German comedy; Edwin Maynara and a MacDouald, In "Our Millionaire pesrance of Walter Turner and I.lla Blow, ..Katle and Edward Lovltt. aero- In "At the Turf Inn," with all the scenery Cumin . hatli' novelty; Edward King nnd Abl Stange. in "Warned, an Actress ;" Chris. Meyer, and "atfcn, ' Viola Mad In "A Polite Kicker:" ,Ren- Manhattan Theatre (Harrison Grey nler and (Jaurdler, In songs snd dances llske. mauager)).'—"Tbe Karl of Paw- Edith W. - Richards. Instrumental music tucket" holds Ita ground well in the matter Steluert and Thomas, German comedy and accessories necessary. Tbe complete and It received a cordial endorsement by full programme names: James Richmond.Glen- houses dally at both presentations. J. Guff- roy. La Clel, Harry and Sadie Fields, Van ney and Lillian Held entertained tbe audi 1).,.-. . \S..w-. I^.w. .. n ,-l Tf,-,. ,.l Da—* UaI./m. l.*n.,(4 __— a_. V.-.. _. , .j. _ *. t. « _._•,_ MIL _ - - - .. —t • Katkerink Rober and her company played "Du Barry" week of June 22, at the l.mpire Theatre (Spitz * Nathansou, managersi. w _ n Tt W ,' Qk _, . „, u .„ "Uncle Tom's Cabin" waa tbe bill farm „ l**" Bedford.—At Bbeedy a Theatre (D. and -Romeo and Juliet" will be given.July.O. R. Bumngton, manager).— "Nniures Noble- At r 0 cki Point the Summer aeason of man" was the play presented tbe past week. va „deville opened June 28, with the follriw- 1 Ing attractions; Alice Shaw, Marie McNeil, Rlttv Wolf, Blanche Lattell and Alice Porter, •if business. This la the llfteenth week. Madlaon square Garden—The pres- ent In the fifth week nf John S. Duns and the Meirnpolltan 0|>era House Orchestra, coupled with "Venice In New York," which has scored a big success. Broadway Theatre (A. W. Dingwall. mannger).—This I* the tlxteanth crowded week uf "Tbe Prince ' of Pllsen" at - thla tlientre. Its run will easily extend through- nut the Summer. Patradi** Boot Gardens (0»car Ham- inerstein, manager).—Mat week's Mil la held over Intact. It names: Hlrcobono's hurses, Franca Piper, tbe -Hoosler Zouaves tlttl n - m -\ t i' uutu a i|n i i tup 'iiifviiri (imisivvi ua ui iuii|' w m 1 -*' a Galettra troupe of monkeys, Sherman and valuable professional Charles H. Duncan, vocalist and comedian: Julius Larvett. magician, and tbe vltagraph complete the bill. Thr bntkrtaismbxt to Bro. Geo. 8- Rohinnon und the Inmates of the Home for Incurables, at One Hundred and Eighty- third Street and Third Avenue, this city, ou June 20. was a praiseworthy snd like- wise-an enjoyable affair. t To Master Bro. Geo. K. Wallen, who gave earnest effort to promote success, much of Ihe credit la due. Wor. Bro. George Loesch, Bro. Fred. W linger, Bro. Arthur " Wm.' D. Lang were of arrangement!. Bros., Marlon and Pearl, Bert Baker, Fred Lauder and Marlon Stanley, In "Detained ou Business," and the kalatecbnoscope. Good business was tbe rule last week. Electric Park (C. A. Duulap, general manager).—Vaudeville bills of distinction are Judiciously arranged here each week, and. with the coming of good weather. . The current week •* tbe Sbaw Slaters, the Norrises. Ida Howell and Helen Austin, tbe Gordon Slaters. James and Maud Ryan, and Smith and Smith. The Crescent Park vaudeville bill for ,» ences between the acts bill la "Monte Crlsto." Ei.ciwos.' Theatre (Flowers & Shannon, managers).—This house was opened one | n clud"erWnes''anV'itemrngto'n7 Zajalle and nleht. June 24, by be Mechanics Athletic Vernon. Rice and Family, Morris and Blalu, Club, for an athletic exhibition. A good aod Jiilia West sl«ed audience was present. ■ _ At Chf.rtnu't finova the vaudeville per Notes. —All business has been called off crowds will be the dally portion of this new at Marine Park, Lakeside Park and Pope resort. Will H. Hill's remarkable perform amv on the high wire attracted so much attention last week that he has been re- eugaged. Tbe popular vaudeville show en- lists this week tbe services of: The Gotham Comedy Four, Trask aud Gladden, Lem Beach, owing to the continuous Inclement weatber 28,000 paying patrons wit- nessed the performances of tbe Barnum A Bailey Circus, which exhibited here June 18. The newsdealers were cleaned out of Clippers early In the day by the Barnum formers for tbe week of 29 are' tbe Judge Family. Forbes and Forbes, Morrison and Berwick, Cora and Marguerite Rogers, Mamie Harnlsh, and La Rue and Dell. Notes. —Harold Kennedy, comedian, has Juat closed a Boston engagement, and has Joined the Rober Stock Company at the Em- pire Huxtable and stock are giving tbe actB at the Em- new.:' a' compos'- i, leading man' uf waa played by the lis Foreat, Edith Helena, the Four Nlghtons, Arthur Dunn, Bro. Billy Gould, Bro. Alex- gypsy camp, and pony track are Increasing Nellie Mason, with moving picture songa or ^hestra at Keith's durlnaT theT week of*.!, the Wlllou Brothers. Mr. and Mra. Chamber- ander Clark. Bro. Bl|ly Wolf, Bro. Y. C. InTfavor each week. and Nellie Miles, In xylophone aolos. • oronfMra at , ^"l" 8 during tne.weea liu. and the skit, "Punch, Judy a Co." Gouttro. Bro. Harry Itoe, Cnsmore and Klor- Notes. —Manager Stuart, of Proctor's, - ai J , . *** , T~~.'. Atlaatlr Garden (W. Kramer's Sons, ence, Wm. 1'iilne, James Raasone, Mrs. John took a vacation last week, and Mr. Qulnn. Tannton At xabhatla Pork (Jnoonh MICHIGAN. uiaiiflgers).—Charles Lawlor and daughters, K. Incc, Lucy Monroe, Howard and Adams In a character singing sketch; tlie Three and Emeaf Ball. The affair was given under Mitchells, colored comedy trio; the Zarues, The auspices of St. Ceclle I<odge, No. 5(18, trapexe artists; Dart;snd Bessie Kelly, char- F. and A. M inner and comedy sketch team ; Cerllla Early, vocal comedienne, and De l<ora, magician, are here this week. Casino (Sain 8. A I,ee Shubert, mans- Sets i.—Thla-la the eighth week of "Tbe luuuwuys." and good returns are reported, from tbe box oflkr. "it. Meholaa Garden (Hnshiui 4 Howe Pain's Wrewohks txiiikition at Man- hatlnn Beach whs opened, night of June Si. with "The. Last Days of I^nipdl." It was witnessed by a crowd thnt was remarkable, la view of vthe rather unfavorable weatber conditions. Every .feature of the show. In- cluding ihehallers, with .their brilliant light effect*, the acrobatic foats and tbe eruption Amusemeut Co., lessees).—Tbia house re- of Vesuvius, which forms the pyrotechnic turned to vaudeville June 29, and the mr rent programme names: The Marco Twlus, illlle Young ami brother, the Deliuore Hla- isrs. Xtily, Tafe and Ronan, James and Roii- ule Farley. Ihe lumbar Bisters, Klalto, and llerrlltl aud Link. Ilciier Theatre I Sullivan & Kraus. ninuaRerst.-7-WUh favorable weather, aud rlltniix of ihe show, waa warmly applaudnl. MosTuoiiEiiv and 8tomk'h "Wlxard of 0«' bsselinll nine defeated a team of the B. P. '). E..' at Jasper Oval, on June 25, by a score of 8 Io «. PAt'i.i.Ng Hai.l has been engaged by Henry W. Savage to play the part of Mrs. Crocker, In "The Prince of Ptlsen," now taken by shows which (appeal -to- tbe 'tastes of their Helen Bertram, who Is tb go abroad for a Trlxle Frlgania will succeed Miss |iatcot|», business continues at tbe top notch here. The New Henry Hurlesqiiers have been selected <■> provide the amusement for this week. and. judging by tbe size of the audi- ences June 2ft, lUs-company will do all that Is. expected of It. - The performances open with an.eiueilnlnlng skll. entitled "Tbe Gay Deceiver," aud ls replete with bright sayings, music and action. In the olio which nil- liisrs aiv: The Three Madcaps, acrobatic dancer* ;. Jas. T. and'Isabel Murphy, singing nud talking skeli-h: Harry Mnuvel snd ('has. rest. Bertram ou July G, and Miss Hall will take the role later In the Summer. Mr. Savage IS organlxlng two companies to pre- sent the musical comedy next Fall, and Miss l-'rlfflnia will bead one and Mist Hall the. other. Quia . who has charge of Proctor'a One Hundred and Twenty-lifth Street house, was here, looking after the local Iheatre. ,«. , Atlantic City.—At Ocean Pier Theatre (Harry D'Eata, representative).—Tbe Miller & Kauffman Players. |n "Resurrection." drew good houses week of June 22. This , ssme organization presents "Private John strong vaudeville bill,. In spite of 'unsatlsfac- Kidder:" Le'Page, jumper : Johu and Bertha Allen" week of 29,-and "The Hunchback of tor.v went her. . Gleeson. and-ElUe Fay.- iJist weekla bill wjs Notre Dame" week of July 8. ocean Pier Music Hall (Harry D'Esta. representative).—"The Strollers" closed a most successful engagement of two weeks June 27. Coming: "A Chinese Honeymoon" week of 29. I*w Dockstader's Minstrels week of July u. Wllllard's Juvenile Opera Co., In "Pinafore," opens an engagement 29. to appear dally, except Wednesdays and Saturdays, at the mnlluecs. Ocean I'ieii Arena i Harry D'Esta. repre- sentative). —Bostock's Trained Wild Animals continue, aud to good business. Bijou Theatre (Huntley A Moore, man- agers).—The Huntley-Moore Stock Co. re- mains Indefinitely, and Is meeting with suc- cess. Steel Pier (J. Bothweii. manager).— Tannton—At. Sabbatla Park (Joseph J. Flynn, manager) the attendance was light —r - ^—;— > ' ' - to witness the entertainments of the Boston Detroit.—The Temple ■ Theatre (J. »• Specialty Co.; week of June 22, owing to Moore, manager).—The hill for,week of June continued wet weather. For week of 29 29 la: Mary atnmjiton and company, present- tbe New York Novelty Companv will be the Ing the: satirical conceit entitled ."The JW"- attraction. -. drama:" Mrs. Wynne" Wlnslow, soprano: Tai.aqleoa Park (R. M.' Bevlns, mans- Sidney Grant, munologlst; Wolf and■ Mil- ger).—Week of 22 did fairly well with-a ton..Cook and Don, In "The Captain and tw" -'rong vaudeville bill,. In spite of unsatlsfac- Kidder:" !«'Page, .jumper: Jobu and Bertha >rj wenther. .. Gleeson. and-Elue Fay.- Ijiat weekla hill w»s Bvrm .m A Bailey's Circcs came 22, and Urst class, and the attendance up to the gave two performances, to Immense audi- high Water mark. ences. . •• - ■ avenlk Theatre (H. H. I^mk'n,.mana- s ger).—'Business continues excellent, and the l*wre»ee.—Al Olen Foreat (J. J. FWnn. performances .ire- the talk' of the . towu. manager).-The Whirlwind i:nterttlne?s "}T r SS*S Hnrlo , w J n hU J?Jlih"nT came, to fair business, June 22. Booked of <Jue P° lobelia, supported by an eicelhnt for week of 29. the New York Novelty Co. ' company, and a well trained chorus. *™ r ™ Caxobie I^ike Park (J. W. Gorman, man- Dn ™?* n,e . *uwe*« week of 2 1. n« *' ager).—The Alabama Troubadours pleased ren t attraction is "Pnsae Cafe.,_ The p,«u_ large crowds daily week of 22. clpals of-the cast are: Bobhle Harris. Joke Bernard. Blllle Taylor, Sam Sldman, Ar Xorth \.t.n,. tr tho v.n». -«._.„ lD,,r Whltelaw. Fred Galllck, Ted Burns, • w^P^MMd"San"^r)^v!i-V M ^^ Josephine.: iwman. H.rr?'.T.. MacDonneJI. very <bangeable Orchestra Verdi, and tbe Royal Marin? Band E? a . ,n *I.'-- Comln *. , "'* ek ot - M I Kumlns ■JS M ZLSS5^ musical director, and Arnold Klralfy's a#> emi Thl JJP"""'"' lft - » no b- chorus of fifty voices. *^T«»»»J»hf Isa^aaas, The busfneas was Whitney Theathe (E. D.i- Stair, nana •Bohemia" opened good bi good considering -- the Mb'e « r) .__The Hlmmeleln Imperial Stock Co.. inn, r n "Knohs o' Tennessee," week of '-'' , ; =■»--■ o..^»»...» i... k«~. .^^.i.i^i "•»-««*tra veroi, ana me itoyai aianne nana Mbii* r>mnn ftt.ii««» n^.'v. S . ' "> Knobs o' Tennessee," weex m -■•■. - Jt.r«, ■ i^^»r «r .V. ^.M P, ?nSi« of Italy continue to erAtexUln big crowds. In f,.V*J Ca L m on r j, 1 H lenroy ' H «X tt~" - "Eagle's Nest" diew good houses week «f nsslstant treasurer of the Herald Square the caalno Murphy and Gibson, with Rlcton m ?5h?r it nS^i.W hi!J'.ir? i 8 * 0 *?^ % --■ nd Lore, and Payne continue. aaiaaaf satai! h^itv Y« SV 0r J ,h ' B 8 "' ' Doyle's Pavilion Theatre (Frank gygl THL ™.*f.*B W-t-P" Jaji aaw> oraarl Ranlds.—At Ramona Pntk The- Goldle..m.nager).-Bu«lne5a booming, An : KXZ^K^L K r -*l£ w £;3 c " "SH* atre ?Ort.!ttm? ianager?.-Week of Juw Tlieatre. Ilarlrm.—Hnrtlg A Seamon's Music Hall signed Willi Miue. Paul's mauager for her io give A Blagle concert at tbe West End Theatre on Friday. Nov. ST. • Marshall P. Wilder, the well known en- tHttaloer, was married ou June 24, In this cliv. to Sophie Cornell Hanks, Iter. Dr. Houghton uffiilatlng. Seneral manager).—This bouse continues tc n a great inislness. being paeJifd nightly. The offering for this week Is: Brauder Mat- thews' i-amedtr, "On Probation," with all the bouse 'favorites In the cast. Trie play niour .Sisters, Wm. McEvoy aud Jack Irwro,- Tlm Heaiy and Ella Karnum, Nick Glynn, house. '■•■^ 0,c *—At Mountain Park Casino (W; R. HIIL manager).—Tbe opera company'gave production of "Dororhy' week GardR«r*-and niovlug pHTirres.: James H. Cole and Marguerite Clement. Ma> Walsh, Gates and Nelson, Harry Courtland, and Goldle, 8t. Clair and Goldle. —7.-'—1.— .«-^~. uc»i was handsomely mounted and won applause JS^ k ^^^ t ^i^^tJS& ™* «" ^Tbe'x .h£&P$„>IV$£ ■*" from the Monday night audience. Tbe BSFfc. ^ff^M^ff-^JSTm S '* M «* P "»"•»> ot th « "SBa Theaire/bai a satisfactory r ._ J' J <"" > '--. 10 good sited audiences, despite (I Get the Habit i> ■ i.«i. <