The New York Clipper (June 1904)

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Mo tfHE ISTJSW YORK CiLIPiPEB. June 4. THE NEW YOEK CLIPPER .- ,„- ", i «'» I 1 :-!' - ' . '1. THE FRANK QUEEN PUBLISHING CO. (LlntlM.) I'UUPUIKTOUS. ALBE11T J. BOBJfE, E-MTohial and Buhinkss Manaobr, SATURDAY, JUNE 4, 19C4. RATES. ^idveitlsements—12.80 per Inch, single col- nmp., , • ", : .jydverflsenumlj *«t with border, 10 per cetii. rxtin. luii si iisciupthin. :One year in advance, J-i; Mix months, $2; ibreo miiutiiK, >l. Foreign postage extra. Single copies will,be Kent, postpaid, on re- ceipt oil 10 cents. I. • Our Terms are Cimh. ,,TJJ,B.CLIPPER. In Issued every Wednesday morning. Tphc last four' (advertising) pngw UO TO PlifCSS on .SAturdny at 11 X. U„ nnd the other pflgyP on MONDAY and tfOKSDAY, •The J>'«ilW» Cloning Promptly, Tttea- .... day. '•< J'» otclook A. M. Please MbM by cxprafis, Pioney order, check, ' p ; ,0. order or registered ilr-trer. All cash eu- tlotWl wjlh teller l*M the risk pf, pppfler, Addeops AH <:i>oiiiiunieMi.iaa to IMF, SkiW VnitIC CMI'PHB, 47 West 2Slh Street, New York. • p'jJUUrrtl.OitbUl Jpilrts*, "AimioiitTt." THE WE8TERN BUREAU Of ..Tub euut'nn Is located at Uooni M)2, Ashland Block, Obleago, Walter K. IMH, manager and -correspondent, where idvur- tiHepitnts oprt, Hi)li»«li>li<m» uto received Ht ' onr .regular rateW : Noiks.— llraudywlpc Springs Turk (N. Hiishune Clowurd, manager) opened Slay 30. Shellpot 1'nrk (Ferris Giles, mana- ger) opened Mar 30. j . . ■ ' 'f". TV* "T ulll LONDON LBTTF.h. (FIlMI OUR OWN COBHEsTONDKMT). 48 t ranlMiurno strcrt. Lflifiti-r Squnre. J.nniloll. W. C MayM,., Lost Saturday nljttit VTlie Prince a( Pllscn" Co, opened ut <In- Shnflcsburv Theatre, and gave fo Londoners, a revelation of what Btiiarr uud brllllnnt chorus work venlly means. 'J'lie qlwrus made "Thd Prince,pf Pllncn"va supers*, nnd will ki'ip It. n Mt('i*esH for suma-tlroc to come, 'this Illicit.Instalment of the Amerlcna I Invasion- was well booimil /or weeks In advance, and the English newspniicrs vied with one nnother la printing ton lite word of tbepresa ngenl) glowing ncconnis of the lievy of lienntles That were nbont to" descend upon in from American, nnd the press agent was right. It Is the smartest and brlghleiit rborua J have Been .since. 1 llrat London. Thin niuy seen unkind to the flriu- <i|uils In dwell an ruti.-U upon the cjjoriM, hut 1 mn giving not only my o.wn hut the Impression seems to prevail generally among ,those who. have seen the piece. The principals ore without exception excellent players, but the'fact remain* that it Is to the work of the chorus Hint the Initial success of "The Prince of Pllsen" ta due, 1 apeak,-of tha.snectM of "The Prince of Pllsen. yet It Is anything but a success In the estimation ef, the critics The Americanisms in the pleeo seem to hava irritated the wise men of tin- press, hut us I have seen the appreciation of two audiences tills week, the ordlihiry. plur- golog members of the public seem to'-have a hetter unilerstii inline; of oun American. Ideas nnd uuinnoTH. The theatre has been crowded in all parts this week, and lis the directors of lue,piece will npdoubteilly mnkc It uioi'o; oiid more suit ell to the tastes of their audiences, 1 thing "The Prince of I'llsen" will mnkc the Shaft I'siuirv his .iikiIi. for ninny mnnlhs to come. THE LONDON BUREAU b^WU^t^'SrSffiW^ nteil nt 4» Crnubournu SI.,London, \V. C, hum's, Tbentre, under the direction pf (Jhns. LOL'Ptcil nt 48 Cfnpbpurno SI.,Lond,ifn,\y. C . J, p. rniighlsn,. manager and icorreapopdout, wheiv advertlnetiK'tUs nnd pubscrlptloni are tscelvi'tl nt our regular rates. Tub CtAVn i'an hk oiitainrd, wholv- hAt.K and ultail, at our ogents, Itreiilano'M news depot, 37 Avenue dn 1'Opern, l'arls, Kiuuce^M., LllleittUnl, Fxeiterlvk Rtrasse 10l' (TermlnuM Hotel), Berlin, N. .«'•. «er- 'ninny : lilnuioiid News <"'o-,, W Prsilo, fin- vitnn : Manila JIook. and Httttoneiy Co., ttt I'.scoltn, Mmilla, P. I.; Albort & Bon, HIT- ■ JW.Klug Sl„-Sydney,-Au»lf)ilUi. ,-. ,-.., ,- Illll M.W \llltll < l.ll'l'l It liul.ltiUrs un l y un« ♦duiim. and Ibnt is iiiur.i (ium »«w York 8 ' L >ijr U QUKU1US ANHWfiBED. Kn lt.-pilcn liy Mull or 'f«.'l« arapb. •* i ,,n. i , ■ f ' Aiiphcbhsh on WltlHOW ^')T oivjin. All in Ot'PST tif auflit -flMoui* wm*r;«; TIKlSK WHOM TIIHt HKflK, IN CAPS UV «I10 CLIPPrilt I'iiht oppioh. ALLLB-i-rniB will •»«H - PllVPRTIltKH <INH' WK*K - ONI.T. ' >t* 'WIM PuliTB 0* »l»r ' TUHA'rRH'At. tOMPANlf IS aurunr.itRKi.'PK' -to oiib . laitr <ik lliiti'rrs «1N ANOrilHU PA0K. WW «:ANNO'l' PPNO. SUUCU8 UY MAIL lljt TCWmiJll'U. . , , nilAMATIt:. , , ,, it. H„ Bai'UmtUft'''Wb nave no knuwl- cdKeiof the piiwent whereSboulR of the Party. Aifdress a letter,lu our cure nnd we will ud- veitlse It In TUB l.'l.iprisit loiter list. Mimn I'. rt., Snn Antonio, ■ P. ()., iiionklyn. K. % H„ liotilsvllle, It. II., Sedllll, ' K. K. It., lV?l!nnce. 1'. Dh Mm Itioolilyu, J. V. Oh PrnYhlence, d, 1,. ('., I'cnrln, I.. T„ JtickMnnJ I ' K II. I'.. I.«using, nttd ' . U.'T.. Phllndelphla.—Sen answer to II. IT., • .Mihs Hi A. »., Providence—Wo lisvc M record of his (leolh. • ' '■ , ,, i'. JJtL Newark.—'Adi-ess Mnrtlnka * Co, h!i:I Hlxlli Avenue, Nov.- York'City. ■ . - I'l.iiil., ilVorln.—Addresa Hie secretsry of the JliiHlctil IJnloii, New Vork I'll}', i.'tl. C llilrlh'lav—We hnvo HP record of the dniih ot the pnriy.; ,1. J., Albsny.—Tlu'v did not. .1 II., MuskiMtou.—I'he,party la,alive. •; 0. li.,'ltrnill.— 1. It does nnlesa olherwl*' hllpiilntcd. i',, Vuu will lliivo to lutiiilru of ■tkiiiie imii In Hint particular lino of work. lit? W. C. Wi, New York.—Watch our route Hi.i fiii-hweek. ; •_ ; • ■ . .Mpm.H. C. H., Ilostnu.—We have no record ol ilic-imrly's dohlb. ..■ ... „ ,. J. W. W., t'ednr llnplds.—Cabn's (Jtilde, I'mplre Thenlre llulldlnK. New York Cll.v, A. I. tt.. New York.—W« refer you to our vaudeville route list, puldltdicd In our volumns each week. . • . ,1>. J. iD., »tur«ls.—K. Vnn Wye*., Ul*> ', II. Mel!,, l.nulHvllle.—1, Tberp has heeii n -hIkiwi. of thnt title jm the- tonil. 2. Ad- Sre*.H the lOnieipiise.Music Supply <>. jU West TwelU.v-elBlilh fltveel. New York City, In regard to Hie Honp, Mihm l(. I)., Heading.—Wo eun give yon uo Itifiiiuiutloii reguidllig the ciiiupnny's liileii- tlniis.' Address' the uinilngcr. In care of tills "Mien, unit wo will iiilverilse the letter In Till! t'l.ll'I'EB.letter Hal. 1. A. ll„ Iluntliigton,—Wo have iiu such'id, nor dn wo think It Is I" he found ituj where. t All IIS. W. II I)., New Orleans.—Address Dick & PlUgeruld, IS Aim Street. Now York Clly. II, K. ki„ llesmfort.—1. Th« lint* can never itrceed the limit agreed upon. S> Aa tne uge was nut culled upon to nute more tlinn live cents hefute the ib'iiw.he was privileged in draw hack live of Ihe ten cents put In. P. 1>„ New Y«rk.—A Is CMTOft, t!. I\ II.. W'lUlhmn.—11 wins with his hlan. A t'oNsiANT lti:.\i(i:u. Worcester.—A wins with hlisli. • U. W. P., lown City.—Yon fall to state (lie niniihei- of piiluls llniL constitute the game. Write ngnlu, , . _, in-i:n\t,i,. \'\ K., Macon.—Bee. 15. of your eimsUlti- tlon. covers the case. T'lie concluding sen- tence soys: "The umpire shall ho thu sole judge of the time." .. DBIiAWAIlK. \\ llinlnuloii. - -The (iriintl Opera House ('Jesse K. llnylls, uiniiflpei'i eloses Its eeit- .May ;il, with l.yiunn 11. Howe's.moving picture* exhibit Ion. lweuHT.Mii:n'N TliKATltn tW. I,. Hocksta- rtvr a owner nud inaiingerl.—'nils bouse closed Its first season 2t». ..... I.vert'M t Hun 'A Nlenlul, tnanagvral.—- "The Slmw Oltl," In a .hlnre of iglurr.-cUiaed litis, house for the setisun !U. JiattPRec Daniel Humphries reports thai the senaou lilts been n velV successful one, nnd the gTiiwhik ptilroimge of the Lyceum Justifies the tulinniH'tiioiit In'Ptnkllig nolue'very elabo- rate Improvements for next season. Prolimnn. "Cynthia" Is a.comedy, in three nets, by Hubnrt Henry On vies, nod bits nl- I'pudy been seen by American Audiences, I nm glad in be able to report thnt-Miss Bar- ryinore bus achieved n prnnnunced personal success. In spite of the fart Ibat the piny lacks strength. Hhe Is as real as It Is pos- sible to lie ns Cy nt bin ; she has all the beauty and grace mid pretty manners tlmt make hm *Tcusn Ignoiniiee of the wnvs of Ibe world In a woman, nnd It Is not her fnull that tbe character Ik not plausible. Max Vrccinaji. Hie Jew money lender, with the Hcotch : Auine, Is given a very suidll pint by the n'uihnr, hut be tnnkeB of It the niost.sU'lklng hit lit the play. His Is tbe most excellent elm meter Study I linvc seen for some time. T'lie qnlet uuoil hiiiuvr and niodesty with .which Joseph Wheelo11. Jr. plays T'eddy IUni|itoii. ImS cs- nihlisheii blui a favorite, aud should be bare to remain In England he cnu look forward In a ptensnut popnlnrlty. (lernld du Mnnrter, us (ivritblu's PUHhand, wti-i ns nffectlve am could, be, and the fesl of iho cast was e<|unl to the deinnmls made upon it II Is my hnpn to sec Ml;.-- Itarrymore In sumetblug inurn worthy of'hei'ltefoi'o she J«ave*' I»pdon,'.■ I-'orties IlnberlsAii has concluded arrange- ments w'hlch Insure the niijiea-rnnco of him- self and.wife (Gertrude .EIHntt) even if only for h i-oiiipiii-iiiiveiv brief, space, on thc.l/ou- don' stnge dnvlng- (lie present renr. The wllb- drnwul ni'xi Friday, of "The lllelf .Mi-h, Reg- ion" at the Duke of York's, bus ennblcd Mr. KoherIsou-In ohtiiln thnt honse, where lie will start oiatrntipiis on 3d with n now play, entitled "The Kd(te of ,ihn Htorm." hy Mnr- ?nt'el V.. YottPg, n rlriinin, III a rt'ologtie unit hfee nets, the scenes lielng liild )n Ilini- gnrv. mid later In India, nt the period of the. Indian mutiny. After Mr. Itobertsou's departure, that Is about the beginning of Hepifinber, t'linrb-s Krolipiaii will again take up the i-clns ot inntingement at this theatre. Kill, ns Irene Vanlirugb and U. R, Irving nre In visit the provinces thin Autumn with "i.ettv." Mr. Probninu will present Israel Ziingwlit's eoioedy, "Merely Mary Ann." ('. W. Hoini'i-Ki i Is to ue flic next tenant of the Savoy, which ho bones to reopen mi Hnluwlny. 28, with n new three pet farm, mimed -'Who's Who?" minuted by Sydney Dark, from Tristan Ucrnard's piece, "l/.u- fnlre .MiUlllmi." Tiie long run of "A Chinese Honeymoon" at the siriiiid, which commenced oii Oct. 4, ttldl, will hn tci'inliinted on Monday evening, when' the piece will reach Its l,tl7Mh per- formnnee. The next production at the house will im Owen Unit's muslenl cmnedv, "Nit- geinil llruc," with mimic by Lisa I.ehmniiu. .Nihil Drew Is paying us Ills iiniitiiil visit, HioiikH only as a PlayJtncr. He wants to ».'o "The Duke of KlllWmrtkle," which Is .to he his Aiitiiinu novelty for the United Mlarrn. "Joseph Knlmigled" is ueniiug Ibe end of Its career at the llaymnrkel -nnd the Inst performance Is fixed for tonight, tin Wed- nesday, 2[i. lis Micecssor will be pii'seiiled. This 'Is not the play In which it is hoped popular Winifred Finery will innke her re- turn to tbe stnge, from which, nnfortiinn.le- ly, she bus been too long absent, but i comedy, In .three, nets, ddnpteil from Hie I'Teiieli nf Paul (iAvnult and tteorges llerr. If Is to lie ended "l.lidv l-'llrl." The tw? bundredtb porformnnce of "The Orchid" look uIhihi nt the Oalety Tbenira litst Mnndnv iilRbi. There seems io Is- n great rwu upon 'iTho Cnrdinnl" for Hie fonllnebr. as .Mr. Par- ker's ilrnmn, alreadv presented In Home-mid Venice, Is io be played shortly In llcrlln— bv llerr l'ossnrt—and III St, Petersburg, nnd Is being translated for l'arls by M. 'Never Hn. littsv uinn though tleorl'e Rdwnrden la. he la.further adding to his Iblairs by accept lug the clinlriiuinshlp of the Kiuplrc. mnda vn- canl hy the death of;the lain Hector Ten- mint I'ver since the Vhiiplre lieenaic n vni-iei v tlieuire Mr. Udwnrdes lias been as- sociated with the board of .directum, but pivsimmliiy In his new role be will take n more iicilve part In the uiniuigciiiciil. 1 have received the followllie comntunlen- tliiu from Kil. Itonclt (with W. C. bTeldo. Local No. S. also T. M. A., No. ,1, which should Interest many of our renders: "Dur- ing my stay at the -Hippodrome I had the pleasure of bearing how Ibe Union of Tue- plrlcnl'Hlngo Ittnployes Is progressing. Obos. A. Kecbte (Tiny) who Is employed In the '(lies.' nnil who Is a member ot the commit- tee, of No. 1 branch of ihe union, •• In- forms tuc thnt they nre getting stronger every day. And that a better state., ot feeling exists between employer and em- ploye.' 1 'Alley have flve brunches. Including n bends of departments, association. ■ The sections ; -Knt vanes fee, „2s. (Id. Contrlbittlnus, SN per week. Uepd'olePt Fund. Ill per month. Open-j (o ipmlllled theatrical singe employes, carpen- ters, electrlclnns, property men. stage men. tlbie light,men nnd gas men, over eighteen yearn of age, who have bad not lots (bnn six months' experience, llcticili s; 'I'rpde in-o leetlon nnd improvement, dispute, nbd locic opt pnv. legal nsslstniice to recover wnges nnd ciinipi'iisiilloii for Hijiirlc.i. omuls are made from the tiilid ns per bye-laws In spe- cial etri'itmarnnebs, ■ Clnas-Il: Trade nnd Funeral l^nnd flee- -Hon—Kntrnnne fee,. 2s. (hi. i>ntrlbiitlon, 4d.'per vrfek. ltenevulrtit l-'nhd. Id. .pec -monlli. Open rn singe enlploves as nho\-e, uuilsr forty vencu of Aire and In good Ueallh. alsive—F "" member's wife, firnnt front the Ilcncvolctit Kit ml la sptclnl circumstances. .Class C—Trade Kuneral and Sick Fund Section—Entrance fee, 3t. Od. Contribu- tion; ikl. per week. Benevolent Fund, Id. per month. Open to theatrical stage employes ns'Above, uuder forty years of age and In good hen I th. Benellla: All tbe benneflta of tbe Trade and Funeral Sections.and sick pay as fol- lows—10s. per week for six weeks, and 5s. per week for tbe next six weeks. Grants from Benevolent Funds In special circum- stances. , ,..,,.. . QuAlinentlons for benefits: Twelve montbx' membership nnd not seven weeks In arrears wltli contributions. They have also had a series of concerts on behnlf of the Benevolent Fund, nhjb the an- nual sports. At tbe present time > a, repre- sentative committee, consisting, of members of Ihe No. 1 Branch (Mr. Keehje being one), the bends ot departments, pud tbe Musicians' Union ace arranging the Annual Theatrical Stage-Employes' Sports, on behalf of Hie 'Benevolent Funds, which will be'under dls- (Ingiilsbed pntronnge. Several well known mnnagcrs arc cordially assisting us, and that well known and . popular actor,. Herbert Klcntb,'litis generously devoted a lot of time on our bi'iiiilf ; also Xtalpli Kimpfon. nsslst- init stage mn linger of St. .lumes Theatre, is working very hard. W. .Johnson, the general secretary of the union, is the honorable secretary of tbe ■ sports, which will take pla<!o At Heme Hill on Tuesday, June 21. No doubt It wi|l be a red letter slay for the employes, ns such gatherings ns these (apart frgm pecuniary- gainsl tend to "promote a greater bond of friendship among nil con- cerned. I'liuiluetti and Pimio nre at the Illpnn- dromo, where they will remain for eight weeks, then going to America to Join the .Thuilicr & Nasber Co, They arc on a very good place In the bill and their act Is one always calculated to please. Johnnie Qulgley, the newsboy tenor, baa arrived in London lind will appear ut tho Oxford today. , W.jC Fields continues to be n feature at the Hippodrome. The Panrxer Trio are also nr thU house, ns are the Kiiuliinnun Troupe. Sum lOdwnrds will, probably present bis skeich At n West Knd house In the Immedi- ate- future., John Ford Is In London nnd opens nt the Tlvpll, np Monday. He should be a nuccesn In Ivuglnnd, ns;English audiences are highly iipprsclatlve of dancing. I nm glad to bear of the recovery of HUT.- aril Ward. He has now niaio.Ht regained his old time robust health, nnd in conjunc- tion with his piit'ini'i'. Will Newbnuse, will resume, work next Monday. (link nnd Hamilton town again after a most successful season.In Australia. Thcv bnvo been away'Since, October lant- .Ctuirles Morton, the Palace manager, 's Inking u short holiday at Hath. Alfred Butt. In ihe in,-nmline. Is capably conducting Ibe bouse. Unpens, Hayes and Kobertn open on the Muss tour Monday next nt lite Empire, Boi'dshty. Lowell nod Lowell return Io Pnrln next month for a month nt the Albnmbra. • Horace (ioldln. who Is now slairing nt the Pulnce,, has A number of new Illusions, all ot tbcm excellent and displayed In the most, workn>Pnl|ke manner: bo cnnslnntly dors .(ioldln change und Improve his art thnt H. wonder bow It rnn be a source of prolit In him in the.present time,.though of course for Cut are results he Is pursuing the right policy. < Frank'-l'nrker'a engagement pi stage and equestrian director nt The Hippodsome baa Just been extended for another three years. Nelson's Newsboy Quintette arc topplug the hill at Hie Lyric, Liverpool, this ,wn»k. tout ciiiuauo i.i;'I'Ticit. Wwitern Barean, ,: Of the Nexr Yorlf Clipper, Hoiun Mix, Apblanil Block, CbleagV. .la glancing -over Chicago's theatrical at- tractions for Hie week of May 30. one finds the promised production of "The Mnbl and the Mummy," nt the ttarrlck Theatre. Sunday evening, 20, to be the one novelty the week affords. The Aliening of the Summer season at Sans Soucl and Water Chutea Parks, on 28, brings n new factor into the distribution of our amueetsent money, and the past popular- it v of these resorts given every promise of being duplicated this season. During the week ending 28 Mrs. Fluke terminates A fortnight -fistic nnd financial {NML- ■Ick. and nt ihe Great Xortlierp,,David llig of nrt Tbe (Tinmherlalas «re renin red Cuinburwi'll bill for next week. «*» " 'i" ; 'j* ' In tho OUR At Mil ALIAN LET TIOIl. (I'ROII OtTt OWN CORRRSrONUKNT). svn.NKV. Anh-mAiiiA, 'April 3d The Pormans, well and fnvoiahly known In Sydney, staged at the Pnlni-o Theatre, on Sin urdny fast, the "Lltth. Red Killing Hood," piiuioiiiiiue, to n big house. Hurry Kleldii'dB, at the Opera House, Mel- bournii, has liilrodncetl two wonderful boy ncrnbtifr.- tbe Ucsscins. The daring and dex- terity of these two youths—the eldest is said to hi- only dfteen years of age—are something tin- oni of the common. They will open at T'voll; Sidney, Inter uu. "The Uirhi Thnt Fulled," an adaptation of Kiidynrd Kipling's novel of that name, by O'lia Netbersolo, was also produced Inst Saturday night, ut Her Majesty's Theatre, by J. t'. .Williamson. - - The cast Included Cuyler Hastings nnd May Chevalier. ..The play was a great success, and a big season Is assured. ,, t'lalrn Cnnlleld, female baritone, who came lo Australia with the American Comedy Co., has sailed for 'Frisco. Some tew weeks since, c. J. Stlne; of the same company, now anocnrlng In Melbourne, was taken ill, and bis role was undertaken, at abort notice, by Win Douglas. Mr. Stlne, writing from Mel- bourne, says that he bus signed for another bIx months with Mi'. StcptieiiHon'H company, nnd is very busy gelling, ready to nroduco n new . play,. tbe Australian rights for which he has Just purchased, called "Other People's Money. They made n great success with the songi "I've (lot My Eye on You," which (Hive Evans featured, boy singing Ibe chorus the aisle. Mr. .Stlne writes .. bourne success Is The liesi they have achieved since they left America. ' John V. Sheridan's "Mrs. Dooley's Lilt Id Joke" Is staged, lo crowdetl houses, nt Ade- laide Mny Dnprei, a new comedian at the Tlvoll, Is original, piquant and clever. assisted by n small while walking down itUcn that (heir Mel- Bland Holt Is still .going-ns strong ns an avalanche m ihe Sydney Itoyiil, wiiii Omit Millionaire." - ■ •The »«» London branch, No. 1. litis three CUM A: Trade FNiid Sectlon- uHcbeiltH: Trade benefits ns above—Funeral benellts ns per rules, tin In tbe eveht of death of a member; £3 un the death ot a VIRGINIA. . Norfolk.—At tbe Academy nf Music (T. G. I.eath, iiutuuger).—A wrestling iiialcb be- tween Prof. W. J. Dwyre and Joe Carroll is scheduled for Mny 27. Ciuniiv Tiidatur (Jnke Wells,.manager). —Tho Walter Edwards Uo. presented "Jane Kvre" 211-28, lo very satisfactory i returns. This ciimpiiiiy idnses the ivguhii' season at this House. Mr: Wells expects to open the Casino nt Ocean View June II, but ns yet the attrac- tion ban not been decided upon. Amis TitRA-rnii tChns. M. West, mnnager). —New people for week of 30 arc: Hill nnd Johnson Itully Malthmd, Jennie Allen Ixni Fullman and Marie Murtell. nuslness Is good. Rtjnit Tiikatiik (J. M. Crlnnlnn, niatm- feri.—People for week of 30 nre: Ada Dally, 'nnsy Weir. Ilnyuiond nnd Dunlinr. Ilnrry Sbnfler, Foley nnd Itenlz, nud Florence Ed- wards. Business Is good. ^— " 4«» AlAINK. I'ortioiui. — At the • JefTersiin Thentro H'nlin -A; liiiint. liinunget'Ki. - Aiiiokl Only, in "(.'nudldii.'' Mny 2,4, drew .a select Audi- ence of fair iii'oiinrtlons. tieb. w. Ilnll, In ."A Bagged. I Into, closed.the horine.30 1 PnllTLANO THI:aiIik (James E. Afoore, nuinsgel'),—Jtyton Douglas nhd Frohtnnn's coinpauv. In "For l.lxelle." with a strong vaudeville hill, closed the regular vaudeville sensnn,-2S. to n lilg Week's husltless. The house opens. 30 nnil week, with the Hvron Dditglns Stm'k Co.. presenting "The First Aloin" and "Confusion." ind financial prostujrity at theiinr- .. it ibe Great N'ortlieri),,David llig gins ended three weeks of packed houses hit "His Last Dollar.'! the Olympic Theatre ends Us sebson with Sunday night's performance, 20. The rcop'jnlhg of the newly constructed Orand'Opera House, on 23, was an Important event In last week's hnpenings, and Ibe local Initiation of ''Main'selle Napoleon," at the Illinois, brought Anna Held lain renewed pop- ularity with our vbentregoers. Continued at- tractions for the week opening Memorial Day (special holiday matinees ruling at all thea- tres) Includes: Miss,Held, at the Illinois; 'ITlie Furl of Pnwtiicket," at Powers'; "The flilver Slipper,'' at llcVTeker'a; "The Wizard of Ox." nt the (irnnd Opera,House: "The Sho- tiuii." at the Stiidebaker, and "Tbe isle ot Spice," at the La Salle. Within a fori night most of the outlying theatres will liave fin- ished their season, and the work of recon- struction, to fit them to meet the various re- quirements of the new building laws, will Im- mediately begin. Illinois Tnratpk (Will J. Davis, mnnn- gen.—Anna Held, continuing "Main'selle Nii- IKileou," enters upon her second week Sunday evening, CO. The audiences during the first week of her, at present, indefinite stay, were large nnd enthusiastic. - Powpns' TnjUTAR (Harry 3. Powers, mnn- ager).—-Lawrence n'Orsny, In "The, Earl of Pnwtiicket," continues the attraction here, a special Memorial Day matinee beginning his fifth week. Sunday performances nre n pro- posed Summer season feu lure at this bouse. liAitmi'K TliPATlit: it Tins. A. Bird, business mnnager).—Klehnrd Carle returns on Sun- day night, 20, to the gtnge which started lilm upon his Inrter-dfiv fame. ' His newest 1'ffnrr, "The Mnld and the Mummy," will then be given Its first local hearing and euler upon, what It Is hoped will be. n Summer run. Al- ton, III., afternoon of 211. ,was tbe place aud tltne of TtS orlglnnl presentation, and two mure Illinois Tilght stands" were p> serve ns n "breaking In" for the new venture. Mrs. I'lske ended a noteworthy fortnight Sat- urday evening, 28, large audiences, having united in unstinted ndiiiiratlon for ber nrtls- tJe..achievements In an extensive and varied repertory of essentially notable presentations. MoVk'KRH'h Tiiimiii: (Ceo. i.'. Warren, business mannger). — The fourth and last week of "T'lie Silver Slipper" begins Sunday night, 20. Business has been very big thus far. and tbe enlcrlaliiiiieni lias proven a pleasing and popular diversion. On June .1 Jacob Llit will ninkc a production nf Lee Arthur's new melodrama. "A Business .Mini." with w'm. Norrls featured In Hie title role. The new piece will show life In the Fust side district nf New York, nnd In the production. nssocliued with Mi'. Norrls, will be: Hubert FlsUcr, tiny bates Post, Ilnrry Lndell, lOd- wni-.l J. Muck, Frank Hutch. Jessie Btisley, Ellen Mortimer, Annie Mack Berlcln nnd Marguerite lliquhmt. S-riTiKiiAKKn TitRATnn (it. E. Harmcyer, business mnnager). — "The Sho-lSiin" con- tinues the attraction here. Its ninth week starting with a Memorial Day matinee. The end ot lis tenancy of tills popular resort la not. yet announced, and business maintains u good average. HUM Opkua Hotisx (Fred It. Hamlin, business muntger).—This thoroughly' recon- structed theatre, now la nil particulars com- plying with the new lnws, reopened Monday I'vnnlng, 23, wltli "The Wizard of Ox." Flqe business has thus far resulted, and an ln- dellulte engagement, bright with financial promise, is assured this most popular of Chicago's earliest successful productions. (1ki:\t NiifiTimi.s Tukatiih I James II. Tlrnwne, Business manager).—"Yotk State Folks" logins its third Chicago engagement Sundny afternoon, 20. On Saturday even- ing, 28, iinvld Iilgglns ended three weeks nf capacity business for "His Last Hollar," and the company ended Its season, ,La S.m.i.i: TiiiiAiiii: (Mark O. Lewis, busi- ness mannger).—"The Itiiynl Chef" continues nlong Its prosperous way, Its hundredth per formnnce being due on June j. The pop'i- Inrlty of Dave Lewis and the other stock company favorites Increases as tbe run of the piece lengthens toward a record. Hopkins' Tngvrnt (John 10. Fennensy, business manager).—Billy Kcrsuuds' Min- strels open Hunduy afternoon for tbe conclud- ing week of the season far this resort. Dur- ing the week ending May 28. Lincoln J. Car- ter's "Ilemember the Maine" was on nt trac- tive and' forceful offering, maintaining the melodramatic trend of pieces most popular with these audiences. It i.i in TTiKvrm: (Win. Roche, business man- pger).—K. Lawrence Lee nud Elsie Crcscy are featured 'In "To Die at Dawn." which will hold forth here twice daily throughout the week ot 20. John M. Ward's production, "A Hidden Crime," will close the season next week. liast week Inez Foreman,' starring in "East Lynne," was n popular attraction. t'lii.iijiiins Thkatiik (Fred. C. Elierts. busi- ness malinger). —Anne Sutherland enters upon the fin It And Inst week of her "stock" engagement Sunday afternoon, "Tbe Two Or- phans" closing the bouse season. "Da Hurry" was last week's bill. Alterations nud' repairs will bold iitientioii of owners nnd lontract- ors throughout the Summer. •Pfcort.K'N Tiikatuh (Millie Wlllnrtl Nelson, manager).—The first production In Chicago of ('bus. Pi rich's Chinese play, "A Celestial Maiden," will engage the services of May IInsnier nnd her papular stock coinpnuv week beginning Monday iiftrriinoii. 80. During the past week "TTte Ticket of Leave Man was' presented In nil attractive manner. 'Hl.'flll TMtrr.A TltGATIIR IT. J. Keariinn, manager).—"The Mnn from Mexico," ou Sun- day afternoon, 20, follows n week of "Be- cause She Loved Him So," Grace Ileitis mid Joseph Sullivan lending the Players' Stock Co. In Its presentation. The season will Boon end here. Howard's Tiieatrb (Lorlu I, Howard, ntaungerj.—"Lights of Qotlmm" goes on Sun- day afternoon for presentation by the Unw- ind Stock Co. Lorin J. Howard returned to nnd cast In Inst week's presentation of "Master nnd Man." Here, too, the season will soon end, CltlCAOO a Hiicsk (Kohl & Castle, malingers).—Opening Monday afternoon, 30: l.ucv Bvron, Harney First, the Three Camp- bells, Fischer and Johnson. Lizzie Wilson, Hubert Carter nnd company. Pierce and Jluzle, Joseph J. Sullivan nnd compnnv, Har- riett A. Siriikoscli. Howard nntl Emerson, I'hll and Nettle Peters, (iurvey and Thomp- son, James J, Corbett, the ltussell Brothers, nnd Geo. K. Spoor's klnndrome. This bouse renin Ins the only representative-of Knhl & Castle's Chicago vauili'vllle Intensis. and, as usual. Hie house will keep open nil Sum- mer, as It-Is planned to make the alterations necessary under Hie new building regulations without Interrupting the schedule of per- formances. ■ CLKvrtANP'n Tiikatiid IIV'iu. 9. Cleveland, manngeri.—Opening Sunday nfteruonn, 20: Kil la Proctor Otis. Julian Jlose. Mr. nnd Mrs. W'm. Itohyns, Mine. Mnntelii, Alinle Dnttrriis, Cordnnn and Minnie. Mllo Yugge, nnd, ns n special feature, ibe Mar- ivelnlis 'Potter Fntnlly: scnsiulohs its wan his previous week. Lynch and Jewell wcte exceedingly popular mem- bers of the bill closing 28. Bam T. Jack's Theatrb (Sidney J. Euson, manageri.—Tbe season of combination bur- lesque Is approaching Its end at thin popu- lar resort, th* Bummer stock company tuk- ing up the entertainment after the current days. Last week the Transatlantic Bnr- lesquers enjoyed good patronage and gave a verv pleasing entertainment. TnocADF.RO TncATRE (Robert Fulton, man- ager).—Tbls will be the last week of com- bination burlesque at this bonse. Manager Fulton's Jolly Grass Widows ending tbelr own and tbe house season. The Summer stork company wilt inaugurate a season of weekly changed burlesque bext Sundny after- noon, June 5. During Ihe past week tin- nine HHilum Girls provided good entertain- ment for splendid inullences. WaTur Chums I'apk (Win. H. Strlckler, general mnnager).—Attractive advertising announces tbe opening ot .the Summer sea- son here oh Sntitrxlny night, 28. "Shoot- ing' the Chutes" remains the chief feature, but tbere will be a host nf other concessions to entertain the multllndes which arc ac- customed : to center here for tbelr Summer night's amusement. Sans: Sot'ci Park (Col. Alfred ltussell, man- agers).— Everything Is In, readiness for, the season to open here Saturday evening, "s. Edward Sbuyile will he munngcr of amuse- ments nnd the theatre has been reconstruct! ,1 lit full conformity with the new laws. The opening vaudeville will employ Chiyton. Jen- kids And Jasper, Snyder and Buckley, Hlnck- soln and Burns, the Hexns, nnd Ada Arnold son. The new concessions embrace the steel tower, air ship, lielter-skeller, Dante's in- ferno, "Trip to California." "The Hocky Rnnd to Dublin,'' coal mine in oiierntlou, llgure eight, toboggan slide, nnd circular swing. Attractions held over from last season are: The Japanese ten garden, bouse ot trouble. enveof the winds, merry-go-round, Turkish village, loon the loop, nnil the old mill. : LoxnoN DtMK MusM.'M fWm. J.'Sweeney, mnnager).—The usual itrrny of freaks nnd curios will hold n I tent Ion here, with vaude- ville to divert patrons nt the theatre. Busi- ness Is good. Ci.Aiifc SniKKT MUNRtnr (I.nuls M. Hedges, mnnager).—The fat mnn, the leau mnn, the giant nud the midget,.along wltb other .freaks of nature, will engage the attention of the curious, while an oft repealed vaudeville bill holds attention upon the stnge. Business Is good. At TcttMATii.— Heopeiilng of the Ironunts Theatre seems to he u certainty. Win. liar iIk. who recently purchased Ihe property for $o.~ilt,000, has retained an attorney lo compel,lo npprove of tlie plnns which huve been submit tea- for Ihe reconsl ruction oflhc interior of the house, nnd to grant n permit for the reopenlug of Hie house. Thus far the Building Commissioner ban neither up- proved or disapproved of Hie plans submitted, nltliougb admitting Hint they comprehend n full compliance with the new bluhlliig regu- lations Gentry's Pony nnd Dog Slmw will exhibit week of May 30-Jinic. 4 nt Thirty- tirst street nud Forest Avenue, and the eu- tire South side Is pictorial ly decorated wltb effective reminders of Ihe fact...... Louis iteniz, who has been stage manager nt the Hii.viniii'kei since Hint house reopened nfter the Iroiiiiiils lire, will he stnge manager of Ihe vaudeville hills at Sans Soucl Park this Sum- mer. .. .Henry W. Link, general agent of Al. W. Martin's nt tract Ions, will spend most of his Summer | n Chicago, with headquarters nt the Natioiiiil Show Printing Co. Manager Mnrtln Is also In town for n few weeks Ed. tllroux relumed home for the Summer, Inst week, "Yon Yonsou" having closed Us season in New York 28..... .Clins. L. Wal- ters, business manager of Hen Hendricks' Co., wns a culler at the Western Bureau of Tub Cliitkii last week. "Erich of Sweden." which was tried during the Spring tour, will not lie ret a Hied liv Mr. Hendricks next sea- son, but bin malinger, Sidney It. Ellis, will write him n new Swedish dialect piece Win. II. Sherwood, who has been re enguged for his third season In Advance of Rose Mel- ville. In "Sis Hopkins." In borne to spend the Summer with his fniully Buckskin Bill's Wild U'l-si pnssed into the hands of a re- ceiver, by order of one of the Incnl courts, Inst week, hut its tour Is not likely to be Interrupted Edward C. tlnymnn. secre- tary lo Mnrtln Beck, goes to New York Sun- dny, where lie will meet Mr. -Beck, who re- turns from Ills European tour next Thurs- day. Mr. iiiiymiiu and Broiidwny are strangers, hut he will spend the llrst duys oi uext week getting acquainted. MASSAC HI SKI IS. Kflnn 'Wallace Hop- iier proved a big ciinl Inst week, nnd i'unl ipadoni'B second week was as replete with Boston,—The Rlngllng Brothers' (TrciU broke nil records for circus nitetulniice lust week, and it will not Is? omlsa to add Hint lbs show was one of tbe best of Its- kind seen here In many yearn. . The theatre pntronnge wns Injured by tho tented slum' to a certain extent, but the list ot" slum- places being quite small the business was fnlr und evenly distributed. The rustic theatres will he nil In Tine Decoration Day, hut ihe majority of them do not open their regular seasons until about June Hi. Tho llostoiilnns. In "Tho Serenade," nt the Co- lonial, Is the only change ot hill noted in current theafrlcnls, aside from the.custoinnrv stocks, vaudeville and burlesques shins, ibe new Are law kill, which, If passed, would have put the local innnngers of thentres and hulls lo great expense, etc, pass the Senate, and Is now practically dead. The iiiiiiiiigers were prepared to mnke n great tight ago Inst its adopt Ion. CiiLtiNlAi. Tiir..wiii: (Charles Frulininn, Kich & litiriia, managers).—After a week at dnrk- ness Hie doors of thin bouse will be reopened Monday. May 80, for a supplementary sensnn of OtWA of The rOMle lype. the Interpreters hell);.- the Bostonliius. "The Serenade" Is tbe nil ruction, und In the cast are:, Henry Clay Hiirnaliee, William II. McDonald, George Frm blnglin in. Agues l.'aln Brown, Herlmil* Zlinmer. Allele Rnfter, Blnnclie Morrlsan, Laura Oaldev, Howard chambers, George Flske. Douglas Rut liven, Joseph M. itiiicllu'e uud Ilnrry Dale. Length nf sensou is not stated. A Sunuuer ncnle of prices bns hecu adopted. ''I'iirmont Tiikatrr (Jiio. B. SchoelTei. man- ager).—Monday. >fny 311, "Woodland" begins the sixth week or lis habitation of this house wlib everything pniiillng toward a prosperous Summer run. Tbe ftintnsv with a wealth of novelties in lite wny of music, costumes, scenery, nnd Inst, but not lenst, cast. Is lust the sort of cntcrtnlnuiont to please the Sum- mer plnygoer. Cnsi changes are still In order. the substitution of Nellie Folds for Olive Norlh In the rale of Turtle Dove, being the latest. The clinnge occurred Inst Saturday ■ilghl, nnd tbe new Dove seemed to please the I :,ii mi*. Summer prices nre now In vogue. Boston THRATIh ( Lawrence Mcf'iirty. man- ngerl.-^TIils Is the second nnd Inst xveek of "Girls Girls." nnd on Saturday nlglu next the house will he closed fur the season. Business was fair Inst week, the musical com- edy meeting with about snme success It lind early In the sensnn. Al. I^ech and bin old pals, the Three Rosebuds, continue to be the hit of the show. Gloiik 'iTiKArnn (Stnlr A Wilbur, mnnn- gcrs).—"The isle of Spice." now In lis third week at this house, Is having n satisfactory engagement. The dnlnty lithe girls nt the chorus arc the talk nf the town, their, work Itelng largely responsible for the success the cxtrnvoganxa seems to hnve won. Tobv Lvoits was oiit of-the cast Inst week, nursing an old baseball ailment, which he contracted during bis baseball days'. II Is expected Toby will lie In good shape hy Monday of thin week. Mrsic Mali. (Stnlr & WTIhiif, mnongers). —This Is the'second week of'Skv Fnrm" nt tills bouse, mid the rural drnmn of New England life promises lo enjoy n prosperous! engngenieut. Good plnya of country life al-