New York Clipper (Nov 1905)

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November 4. THE NEW YORK CLIPPER. 057 W^%%3^TO%%W# v e%%OTW%%SWi v %V The Whole World Is Singing In Dear Old orgia (9 The Greatest Artists Sing It, The Newsboys Whistle It, The Best Orchestras Play It, The Darkles Dance It, The Millionaires Hum It, The Phonographs Reproduce It, The Talking Machines Talk It, The Street Organs Grind It, The Small Boy Recites It, The Politicians Shout It, The Bootblack Yells It, The Newspapers Praise It, Everybody Loves It, Millions Are Buying It and ^WILtL/IARIS and VAN A.I*STYPm "Wrote It. WHAT IS MORE THE SLIDES ARE READY FOR YOU AT $5.00 A SET. And Now Comes tlie "Different" Song, 9) We Say "Different Song," Because it Is Different from all Other Coon Songs. Still, the Same Multitude Is 8inglng "SYMPATHY" that We Have Mentioned Above. SYMPATHY Will Make You Laugh, It Will Make Your Audlenoe Laugh, It Will Make the Leader Laugh, It Will Make the Manager Laugh. Oh, Sizzles, It's Making Everybody Laugh, and KmCDIS oiaci PAI^BY, ttx& Boys Who 'Wrote It, A*© Tickled to Deatli. "AIN'T IT FUNNY WHEN YOU LOOK FOR MONEY, ALL YOU GET IS SYMPATHY. »> Js| THE OHORUS " All I got was sympathy, but It ain't a bit of use, you see; rWhin I was brokt and hungry my friends all said to ma: "Don't worry. Bill, There's lots of fish down In the brook, Ml you nead Is a rod and a Una and a hook." ain't It fanny, whan you look for money, all you get Is sympathy. a iikimuii uv uviiii mi i ; MOSE CUMBLE, Gen. Mgr. Prof. Dept. 48 W. 28th St, NKW YORK. HOMER HOWARD. Her. Chicago Office, ht and 80 Clark St. EXECUTIVE OPFUR, 10 Wltherell St., Detroit, Mich. fle-Addre«» all Professional Mall to New York Office. P. 8.--Don't forget that the greatest composition ever published is now ready for orchestra leaders and dumb acts. You know the one we mean— SILVER HEELS. 4 4/*%%£^€*%^^S/V%^SS^£^ CLASS A. IS CENTS PER FT. CLASS B. 13 CENTS PER FT. EDISON Films and Projecting Kinetoscopes Kiblbttlon Model, $115.00. Universal Model, 075.00. CLA88 A-LATEST FEATURE 8UBJECT8. THE WATERMELON PATCH No. 0,311. Code, VASTWOELES. Length, 723ft. A 9108.75. ANOTHER WEEKLY HIT: A GENUINE COMEDY ILLUSTRATED CIRCULAR, NO. 208, P»or AlarrJ 31BM. The "Whltecapa" 835ft. • lie Boarding- School Olrla... 005ft. The Little Train Robbery..,. 72BM. Stolen by Gypsies 845ft. MAILED FREE ON APPLICATION. J line'. Birthday Party 700ft. "Rafflea"—The Dob 035ft. The Whole Daram Family and the Damm Dob 80OU. The Burglar's Slide for Life.. 205ft. MAGICAL Apparatus. Beat Quality. TOST a COMPANY, 48 N. Kloth 81.. (KBiawished 1670.) Philadelphia. n- Large Catalogue for Stamp. SEND FOB LATEST CATALOGS AND ILLUSTRATED CIRCULARS. EDISON MANUFACTURING CO., MAIN OFFICE and FACTORY, ORANGE, N. J. Chicago Office, 304 Wabsah Avenue. New York Office, 31 Union Square. Gable Address, Kurlllan, New Tork. OFFICE FOR UNITED KINGDOM: 26 OLERKENWELI, ROAD, LONDON, E. 0., ENGLAND. SELLING AflriTH- THE KINETOGRAPH CO., - - - - «1 E. 8Ut St., New York MmiHlH aWana ID. petER BAOIOALUPI, - 788-78S Mission St., Ban FranoUco, Cat ma mm mm GOOD STOCK AND REPERTOIRE PEOPLE IN EVERT LINE. WOCLD like to hear immediately from a good heavy man AND FIRST CLA88 PIANO PLAYER. „ . Permanent address, OPERA DOUSE, Las Vegas, New Mexico. Houte: Donglaa, Arizona, 81, Nov. 1; El Paso, Teias, Not. 11. 12. I MAHLER BROS 6th Are. and 81st Street, New York. PROFESSIONAL UNDERWEAR HOUSE OF AMERICA. season oos-'oa. Complete Assortment of nil THEATRICAL GOODS. Notably HOSIERY, TIGHTS. WAISTS, MILLINERY, ETC. SEND FOR OCR THEATRICAL CATALOGUE. OBACIE MARKS, the charming Comedienne wltb Marks Bros.' No. 1 Dramatic On., who la win- ning additional fame Hinging "Walt Love," "Turn Out the Gas" and "I'd l.lku to Have Someone to Love Me," published by Lydlck, Turner A Co., Pittsburg. Pa. Wanted, for Mystic Shriners, ONE NIGHT, NOV. 7, FIRST CLASS VAUDEVILLE ACTS. R. D. MORGAN, 2232 Wilson Ave., Cleveland, 0. iJDSToiiT,. .»TI3DDY KILLED TI1K 1IKAII." A Boner of the Day. Free copies to the profession. CORA SITZLER, 426 W. ML Ave., ft. OoUins, Colo. AT LIBERTY AFTER NOV. IS, THE GBEAT PAUL BBAGHaRD, Address care of Patterson A Bralnard Carnival Co., WlnBeld, K»h., Oct. 30 Nov. 4. E N T Large Stock 80ft and Under New and Second Hand. Write THE CHAUI.ES P. SIEDER TENT AND AWNINO CO., Successors to the T. W. Noble Co., Tent Dept., ■stroll Bag and Mfg. Co., Detroit, Mich. Originators of our Pamons Short Vamp Shoes for Stage and Street ■ wear. Estimates freely given on (Quantity orders. ' Complete stocks. Up to Date Styles. Lowwt Cash Price* for Desirable Footwear. Shoe Dept. OCJM MAKC'UI IOXI Made from the very best tin, are black enameled. Espe- cially made for professional use, saving a tray with com. imrtmontH for ilreaso Paints, Powders, c% K»j _. Comb and Ilruith, Wigs, Etc, Kto, Has 77(1 double action look, Willi two keys, at.... ew ■ *"* • Our COLD CIIEAH, expressly prepared for the The- atrical Profession, guaranteed to be absolutely pure and never become rancid in any climate. Put np In lib Borew Top Tin Cans at 45e.| Xlb at USo. SAMPLES OF OHBAH SENT FREE. All mall orders must be accompanied by money order. None sent 0. O. l). THE GREAT AND OHLY Colonel Gaston Bordeverry THE INVENTOR AND ORIGINATOR OP Playing the Piano with Real Winchester Repeating Rifles. The first man who bad that Ingenious Idea, no chance for Imitators, success oannot be copied, not successfully. Every man will be a failure In proportion as be gets away from himself, and a man who originate* something (not a copy of some one else) quickly gel* recognition. "Imita- tors aro llko snow Bakes on the river, a moment white, then gone forever."—IIIJKNH. Imitators might come, Imitators may go, bnt COLONEL GASTON HOKDKVKHRY GOBS ON FOREVER. There is ONLY ONE UORDEVKRR Y, creating a big Herniation, now on the Orphoum circuit. No sot In the world has oreated a greater sensation, or caused such unbounded enthusiasm. Absolutely Us greatest DRAW In the world. People turn out at every performance. Communications CHA8. BORNHAUPT, Business Manager, or care of CLIPPEB. Paoiflo Coast Amusement Co., SULLIVAN and CONSIDINE, Owning and operating so First Class Vaudeville Asetrss East, Northwest and West, ■ it A TavrATA-grAT-n at aU times, fIRST CLASS ACTS OP ALL KINDS W A^t 1 M>1J» that can deliver the geoas. BOLH BOOKING A0ENT8: AL. ONKEN, Family Theatre, 116th St, near Park Ave., New York City) OHAfl. WHAT, lit Denny Bldg., SeatUe, Wash.; 8T8RNAD a BROWN, 8J B. Clark St., Cblcag»| AR0I1IB LETT, 111 Eddy St., San Francisco, Oal. HENRY BROWN, VAUDEVILLE AOBNT, B» DEARBORN STREET, Cnleage, 111.