New York Clipper (Nov 1905)

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962 THE NEW YORK CLIPPER. November i Anecdotes, Personalities and Comments, COKCERNINO STAGE FOLK and Sometimes OTHERS BI JOSEPHINE OHO. Charles London Carter, the successful writer of thirty or more sketches and several plnye, recently received the following letter, which shows the confidence the writer, a young man, bad In his own ability: "Mr. Charles London Carter, deer sir. i was lookln' at a paper an aecn your add an 1 thot 1 would rite you a few lines. I am not an experience man but 1 am a comedln an I am a good one. I have never been on the stage only at the halls, But If my name was to aper on a Bill bord it would Draw a crowed, as I am well known In som places an 1 can eslly Be Broke In. I have a new Stile walk an dance in Cornicle work an if I am give a Chance I would do my best I can think up lota of apecbul neks. If you are pleased to be Intereated In this pleas anser soon as i Might get an ingagment soon with sumbodyelts. good by yours truly." (Signed) 9 O. Ed. Naftzger sends the following two or three bits from the West. This experienced actor, now with the Maud Henderson Stock Company, was at one time traveling through that part of the country with tie Felix Vincent Repertory Company. Among the plays on the list was "The Iron King." This was a play used only In an emergency, and the members of the troupe were not all letter perfect In the lines. By some mistake the advance man bad booked that bill for the first night of a week stand, and the company bad arrived in town too late for a rehearsal, so were obliged to go on and do their best—or their worst, as It proved to be. In vain did the manager, Mr. Vincent, walk the stage from entrance to entrance, "throwing" the actors their lines. The performance was bad, and they all knew it. Naftzger, who was tbe Colonel Retchel of for walking the distance waa a dangerous proceeding to blm, especially as he was known to carry money for the pay rolls c( the corporation he was working for, and that locality was Infested by negro roustabouts, This fact was a potent persuader to Cantwell that his best resort In the emergency was to use tbe pass. Accordingly he seated him- self In tbe smoker of the train and awaited, with some trepidation, the approach of the conductor. That official of tbe railroad soon came through, and the suspense of tbe future 1 honorable" was ended by a nod of approval, together with a word or two of pleasantly from that Important Individual. However, a few minutes later the conductor returned to tbe car, followed by a young man who wore a worried look. Then Cantwell, anticipating some complication regarding his use of tbe pass, began to be worried too. Hla anxiety greatly Increased wben the conductor said: "Mr. Editor, of course you know all the members of your staff?" "Naturally," replied tbe supposed editor, wondering what was coming next "Well, then," said the conductor, "this young man haa no money to pay bis fare, but says he's a reporter on your paper. If be is, why It's all right, and settlement can be made later." "Oh, yes," quickly replied Cantwell, with a breath of relief, "he's on the staff," then turning to the young man, who looked bis surprise at tbe turn things had taken, he sad: "How are you, Hammond?" This greeting was In the hearing of the conductor, who then passed on. When out of hearing the young man, with an accent that proclaimed the part of tbe country In which he had been raised, exclaimed: "By gad, Suh I you've done me a great service, Suh. My name Isn't'Hammond—It's FInckney, and I'm happy to make your ac- quaintance, Suh. ,1 happened to be out of money back here, and I just had to go to Mobile. I thought I'd risk saying I was on your paper. Now, why were you good enough to soy you recognized me?" "Well," laughingly confessed Cantwell, "I'm not tbe editor. I'm just traveling on h's pass. You can Imagine my anxiety wben IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. The publishers of Tim NEW YORK CLIP- PER announce that beginning Jan. 1, 1906, they will issue a new publication entitled Nona noil Da Sua Bbos.' Ideal Min- strels. — This Is our sixteenth week, and business la up to the standard. We broke nil previous records at Delhi, Stamford and Walton, N. Y., In rainy weather, and many were turned away who came late. Our elaborate first part, entitled "The Garden of Flowers," continues to be town talk, and our costumes are the finest money can buy. CLIPPER CARTOONS. No. 24. Features on our cartoon page this «.- are: Scenes and characters from "The v on the Box," which is meeting with npunced success at the Madison Square . ■Her J' : ' atre; scenes and characters from Match," In which Maxlne Elliott PI IPPPR PARTflllMQ At Weedsport, N. Y.. we tad the nlcasuro atre; Marie Cablll, starring In "Moon" ULlI LIT UAnlUUIlO of lenvln « * reputation of—"The finest in at the Liberty Theatre; Maude Adams v " *"'* vr-mzwwii-» ycart „ o\ir olio comprises seven high class peering Jn her new play, "Peter pf n •■ , acts. Walter J. Gosseng, "Tbe Alabama the Empire Theatre, and Kitty Gordori «■■ Wizard." continues to deliver the real South- plays a leading role In "Veronlque "at • '1 era darkey dancing in all Its grotesque, ec- Broadway Theatre. The vaudeville'list ' Size 8%xl2U, BCpp., with Illuminated paper cover. It will contain 20 full page Theatrical tres destroyed by fire, and all Important hap- penings In the Theatrical World. There will also be Interesting literary articles relating to Theatrical matters, making a valuable and entertaining record of the show business, EVERY PERFORMER AND MANAGER OF A THEATRE OR SHOW WILL WANT IT. A limited space will be devoted to adver- tisements which will be Inserted at the fol- lowing rates: Full Pave .... 1100.00 Half Pace .... 60.00 Quarter race ... 80.00 Column 40.00 Per Inch (Single Column) 4.20 Per Inch (Double Column) 8.40 Copy for advertlsementi must be In hand by Dec 1. CLIPPER CARTOONS Will be for sale by all newsdealers, Price, 20 Cents per copy. Or will be sent by mall, postpaid, on receipt of price by tbe publishers, TBE FBABK QDEEI PDBLI8HII0 00. (Limited), 47 West 28th St., New York City. Albert J. Boric, Editorial and Business Mgr. Saurln De Roe cauBe hearty laughter with Staley and Blrbeck's transformation ■ their mirth and melody; the Kartellos, the at Keith's Theatre; Mysterious De K'. '-'. Great Phllllpps, and Hill and Adams, comedy and the Rossow Midgets, at the Colonial 'I '" acrobats, complete our Incomparable olio, atre ; Joseph Hart, of Hart and De Mar r'i»i Return dates are asked for, and the show is Kama's London Pantomime comnanv ."> booked solid for the entire season. Proctor's FIfty-elgbth Street Theatre': ■•« A change! has been made in Chas. Bay lanta, In her disrobing act, at the lin',': « and Bessie May Hackett's "Big Moonshiner'' Theatre, and Llnd, at the Sunday concert « Show, now playing Its twenty-third success- the New York Theatre. " " l ful week through the South. Wm. Delle- ' — Sort has replaced Tom Wilson, on the front, lanager Ray reports playing to packed houses dally. Miss Hackett's Illustrated socks and serpentine dance are the feature of the chow. The show Is booked solid until March 16, 1006 Pbiss Agent Atkinson, of the Al. G V ,>m Greater Minstrels, arrived In New o'rli Al Oct. 18, In advance of his show, which my m a week's engagement In that city last day night, Oct. 22. Mr. Atkinson reports u,?t the Field show Is the first road attraction «« Frank Macket, formerly of Mackcy and visit tbe Crescent Theatre tbls season i. Clark, is working alone, doing his comedy mu- says: "The fact that struck me most ta'ie.Si sical act and playing parts with the W. H. upon my arrival In New Orleans was the t'e-i • Bailey amusement enterprises. less attitude the citizens have token ton irVi Tub Valdinos opened on the Keith ctr- the yellow fever. There has been beavv rrni cult Oct 16. Their act Is greeted with much estate transfers during the Summer, and the applause at every performance. They are theatres that have been in operation bun booked until Nov. 20. done a normal business, Tbe common exi>'o* Tan Russells have closed a successful • slon one hears Is: 'Well, I guess I've esAimi seven weeks with the Columbia Stock Co., the fever this year.' They look upon the u'vt ', playing through New York State. Their nov- as they would upon a mild case of nalarla elty musical act was featured with the show. There Is a general Inclination to disbelieve tile They are now playing vaudeville dates In the moaqulto theory. The yellow fever has tend. East, and are booked solid until Dec 10. ' ed to retard the theatrical season, but It Is be. J. C. Jenkins, manager of the Velma Quar- llevcd theatregoers wlli rush pell mell to iiie tette, writes that the quartette has been dls- playhouses when plays and players begin to . J-. „rtma nlAtlfp Thorn I. a na.nn-•1 .* . lu come along. There Is a sense of humor uinler the fever situation, and none realize tlili more than New Orleans. To know that there Is fever In the city one must be away from It One must be on the 'rail' to have tbe fact forced upon_hlm. It Is only through ibe the play, bad a scene with King Charles, where he shows bis bravery and devotion by you appeared on the scene and I thought you sticking to bis post, although wounded. He were about to give me away." Is ordered to bis quarters because of bis wounds, and bis lines In reply are as fol- lows: "Your Majesty, this Is an Important post, and as long as I have life I will not desert.' Misa "Jack" Boutwell, vocalist, is pre- Naftzger had the spirit, though not the E ar , ln B,?, now sketch, to be Introduced shortly. >.».. _# «,. ii.. .. hi. ...i. i_.ii..>.. oDe wl " UB0 a unr P In the act, upon which letter of the line, as his reply Indicates. she la said to be an expert. "Your Majesty," he exclaimed, "this Is an Oaudetiiie and minstrel Important post, and as long as there's breath In my body I'm going to allele." During a recent engagement at Cheboygan, Midi., of tbe company of which Nafteger 's an expert. Tommy Dim, comedy pianist, reports meet- ing with success with the Great Vurplliat Vaudeville Co., touring Pennsylvania. Owing to the Illness of Lottie Rutherford, of Jim and Lottie Rutherford, they have heen compelled to cancel ail tbelr vaudeville time for this season. Jim Rutherford has Joined hands with Blllle Howard, late of Howard a member, ho was Introduced one nlgbt, after and Cross, doing a singing,'dancing and talk ,l.n na.f.nnn.n.A >. . ..ul.l.i.) r\t >t.n> >..,. 1(10 nflt In ft_o Tl». „ tnfnvtn >>„ .Tin. I. In . the performance, to a resident of tbat town. In talking over tbe performance, the gentle- mnn remarked tbat one of tbe specialties of the evening, "The Whole Damm Family,' made a "bit" with blm, Inasmuch as It eo- 'nclded In some respects with bis own case. ' How Is that]" waa Nattsger'a question, to which the Cheboygan citizen replied by draw- ing nine reserved seat coupons from hla pocket, saying: "Tbls represents my whole dam family.'' t Nafttger relates an Incident happening during his early days In the business. Tbe company with which he was barnstorming was playing repertory. One of the plays had Ing act, In one. laughing hit. Tub three They Inform us that It la a Kodbrs have Just closed twenty-two weeks with tbe Arnolds' Big Show, traveling through Oregon, Washing- ton. British Columbia, Montana and Idaho. Blanche Edwards, female baritone, closed with Stevens and Linton's "My Wife's Family" Co., and opened at the Bijou The- atre, Lansing, Mich., week of Sept. 10, sing- ing Illustrated songs. Miss Edwards was character woman with Fred Uaymoud's "Missouri Girl" Co. last season. Prof. Woodward's Troutb No. 1 of dogs and monkeys, sailed, Oct. 19, for Berlin. Troupe No. 2. consisting of Woodward's bears, dogs and ant caters, remain here, un- der tho direction of Prof. Apdale. Dorrm Dimple (Mrs. Joseph Krcbs), of tho Merry Maidens Co., spent Sunday, Oct. IS, with Horace McLaln and wife, at their banded. Caul Gobdon, of Gordon and Crane, has been III for the past two weeks. They will resume work Oct 80. Tua Millership Sisters are playing In stock, Rt the Howard, Boston, and are also , doing nicely with their singing and dancing Quarantine officers that one realizes that there specialty • Is) yellow fever In New Orleans. Our show Hates and Haybs, comedy musical ex- P' 8 ?™ to capacity business at Mobile for pcrts, who have been the feature aot with f tr l e performances, being the first attraction tederman's Specialty Co., this season, are "fffig rS^ViJS fQ*--* ., now with Story's Vaudeville Show. They „„T?! Two „ £ KS / c .P° rt "peklng a success, have added new features to their act. In- f£* ha J£j£? u °™ red tlme J" ? a S h housl! tllc / eluding a bass saxophone, which Mrs. Hayes k a ™„ pla ,Ji. d- The ' * re DOoked "°" a untl " Is featuring March, iuuu. Acker and Collins, In their musical and « The musical BEnapRs write that theylmve expert shooting act, report success. They In- BftSgg iJBSSWffi 8eason . wltn . tu ,°, Cnrl troducc a variety of musical Instruments, SRSff^SSTiJK^VJK ""taking a also trick rifle and pistol shooting. f„ 8 V " tnelr home ■"» St. Louis. They report The Stab Thbathb, Utlca, N. V, will open I 0 ,?. , tb ?, .™ na /„! men . was very we " P lcosca Its regular season Nov. 6. The house las "%5ft? , ^. , % «,„ t. m been tbe scene of much activity lately, as , n ?,V™JKJfH? T '»«i i^i, La i„ Mont „ Sl8 ,'> el ? painters and decorators have been bus/get- AS? m< U and SB9h *"• wor *."'one after Oct. ting everything In readiness. Joseph Ball, tbe manager of last season, has been re- tained J win nui. uiujji; oily, goes home on account of Illness. Tbe former Is well booked up. Williams and Mater are touring Mis- souri, Iowa and Kansas, with tho J. Y. Lewis Comedy Co., and report meeting with success John C. Knapp, for many years business h!, n » n K gHLffil u L K u ? Dry Minstrel Co., playing the principal roleVTnd'p'rod'ucTng ha ?_ b8eo . "Jiferlng with hemorrhages of the their elnglng specialty, In a chnractcr comedy . ou at bis act. Miss Mayer Is also receiving excellent cose, and lies In a serious condltli home In Osslulng, N. Y. During his Illness, C. L. Mix Is tilling Mr. Knapp's position. Notes from the Glbney & Wagner's Big Sensation.—We opened our season Oct. 10, at Newark. N. Y., to a packed house. Tho show 1» considered ono of tbe best of Its kind. Roster: Sam Wagner, manager; W. Glbney, in advance; W. Brooks, treasurer; ayer is also receiving excellent press notices for her baritone solos. Frank L. Perry, "The Dancing Musician," and Carl W, Presslv. Swede comedian, In- form us that they are making a hit with Ibe "Nels Nelson" Co., with their Alagnztun march and drill. They will Introduce the act In parks next Summer. SSI. S_nES"laZ. "'""*"• ■■ sua. hi IlpsAiRB and Dorbto have been successfully in* ?'?.-*> d n Bur f * lorent * 1 9 ra ?, e ^ 0 l lm °re producing "The Captain and tbe Tar," In tbe and Crant, Blanch Drew, Dolly Walker, the vaudeville houses, since their return from hour Nelsons, and tbe Great Milton. The Europe, Ave weeks ago. show Is booked over the Relses circuit and through tbe New England States. Manager \VaRner was presented with a handsome diamond ring, aa a birthday gift, from hla parents. Teed and Laeell bave juccessful weeks at San Francisco and In the South, and are In their fourth week on the Conaldine circuit Tbey Intend to re- turn East In the Spring. Alicb Hanson and Mollis Williams have signed with A. H. Woods' "Tracked Around the World" Co., for the rest of tbe _ . __ „__ . „ season, to do their specialty. The above cut Is a reproduction of the pos- Tub 'Cyclino Millaiid linos nmi «h«.i- tcr of Joseph La Fleur, originator of the act. performing dog report meetfng wl?h the r who Is being featured this season with the usual sucSess as a Vaudevlllk V n t ?a 2m* Adam Forepiugh ft Sells Bros/ ShowsT Hi GeaT'uffenbei*. a yaudevl,,e ' eatur » ""» has been re-engaged for next season. Mr. Jambs Rbtnolds, Chas. Wall Edna Far- a scene where the star and the king, who homes, Llnderauxau, at Columbus, 6. represented onlv a small Dart of the nlav „ UABai Bunnell, press agent, has closed at La Fleur will be in vaudeville this Winter, low and Bert Perry 'ara si «XnT!^i.r_Lli_^im-l-J. Greater Electric and Hllladale Pleasure Parks, commencing Nov. 20, at the Arcade, W at tbe Bungaloo, thalt'I died on the stngo In the same scene. Newark, N. J., and will put In the Winter on ledo.O. Kla. uu * n,00 < lat " ■ On this occnalon the actor playing tbe k'ng bad beon Indulging In stimulating bever- ages to such an extent that bis performance that evening was very much mixed. In fact, lie spoiled two or three points for the others In the play—one especially, for the star. In tbe scone referred to, Instead of "dying" In tbat part of the etogo allotted to hie char- acter, he approached the centre, where fie star was to go through tbe same business ft few minutes later. Seeing hla rlgbta thus nbout to bo encroached upon, the star, In a stngo whisper, said; "Oct away from tbe centre—die further up-stngo I" a few weeks inter home, Tampa, 1 staff of The New York Timet. R. Rbtnolds, of Muskegon, the ndvertlsin Manager V Mich writes Pork'Theatre basTeen v ti"e largTsUn^the'Els'. ^. Q 1 0V " B , A ^ D Bakbb wrlt< V " 0ur n 5, w MONTGOMERY AND STONE, tory of the park tho past season. I expect dBn * ln & a % LSLTTS. a &?' fl^S 2£ Whoae P"*nres appear on the front mn of to iav. a circuit 1 ,r toree week, next RS ^%$g?5^Jb%J& to°fo.Io^ E t^ll 3HH "StS S8& %\?l°« %? &%&F* We have been taktne encores on our senaa- .„„>■??.. rea . Bon t _ of .the'rodd and original J? Wayne County, Mich., "Business at Lake Michigan Els- Al. G. Bblford writes: "Having recovered from my recent accident (a fractured leg), I will resume work with my wife, Maile Del- ford, at the Howard. Boston, week of Nov. 0, our third return date there. We then work West to tbe coast." Notes noil ran High Flyers Co.— We are doing a record breaking business on tho Rela circuit, through Pennsylvania. 8ome of the memberse of the Windy City Co., who were left flat In Columbia, Pa., were taken case of by tbe manager and members of tbe High Flyers Co., and furnished with trans- portation to New York. All members are well and happy. Vihuinia Haydbn, female baritone sing- er, left tbe Jersey Lilies Burlesque Co., at Chicago, Sept 80, and will appear In vaude- ville, presenting her original operetta, "Don't Be Cross." This will be her last season In America for some time to come, as she sails for Europe In March. Sbabs, an Illusionist, Informs us tbat bis act Is different from all others, also that It Is the most lavishly staged act In America ot present. He appears In Europe In 1000. Texas Annib Osuoune, widow of Texas i~S iBI '" Flynn, the boy Blnger, dancer and tional llnlah at every show. Imitator, who toured Europe with Nelson'a Original Newsboya' Quintette, has Joined hands with Ross Wright, and will be seen next season In vaudeville In the East They are at present with Beach ft Bowers' Famous Minstrels, We have been taking encores on our sensa- creation. ■##_« aC tlnnnl lln'ah ot •»-* ahm*" S™"™ 8 ot the. Tin Mudqb and Morton sailed Oct Southampton, and leave there for South Africa, playing Sydney Hyman's tour, Johannesburg and C London for four 21 for ° carec row, respectively, la "T a trln tl ?*• and °. w ? their rise in t »*„•.£,.» 4 ? y ear8 .9* industrious effort of vaudeville. - original Woodman and the The Wizard of the profession effort In the field *red Stone was born In Wei- writes that she Is at 1G8 Slate Fiiankih Golden bummers and wintbrs are at Denver, Widows standbys, fell on the stn.e tbo open- n. ._ "7ZLJL* DgB , ter ' fl e displayed prow Col., and will remain there until Oct. 20, ar- Ine day of the show this season and broke i s „ an . ac . roba t aa <l contortionist When I !_..!_ KTf.K ...I.I, T-„.„_.. .,_. .- ..." *. in destitute circumstances Street. Detroit, Mlcb. Tub Mblvbuns, Robert and Morris, writs that they have not dissolved partnership, but are still working together. Tbey are a feat- ure with the SEyer ft Emery Monarch Min- strels, as a mere youngster, he displayed" prowess Cliff 1 W. Grant writes from Minneapolis: ne "The London Oolety Girls are still doing a small great business at every point on the Umpire mining circuit, and we bave turned people nway. — encountering Tn8 'how Is a big bit, and everyone Is well vicissitudes with various small "nd happy. We are on our way West, and for once In the full glare of tho spot light, pnld no attention to tho order of the star, but proceeded with tbe stage business of dis- solution called for In his scene. Seeing this, tho star, In louder whisper, exclaimed: "Get up-Btngc, you tool, where you belong Tho intoxicated actor, who now had posses- KXtCT-S" WWV&£\ l tf& &&M&&&&&2&SS2 »&*%$"& "»«" •J'SWS LKSS ."-things Moldcn" Vest Ion ot the centre, where he Intended to die follow. tog with «!od success everv nlaee we kS& l*±i h , th » Sells-Renfrew Circus, thS fargest ^Ports from that sectFon are qufto encourag- -' ' Bod Morris writes that he Is meeting with p°?yed. \Vebove bookeduSma NcaS «ttS fSL?Hj*£3 'n Western territory at SS Ing. and burlesque Is now fully established smracftft-sr BDg " u " 1 IKK ^mSSiwSS&S ^ t &7oue ot g?o«h a e c j. w, 8 b uh^inti , y "•-» feJFJ»_slf ; is use songs written by themselves, and claim originality In their style of act. WooDrono and Marlboro, In their refined Sutton's the two Wm^Emerson/muslcaTdlrecorT^liry Ward ToSKS He also mSnJS'XHr v, pronertles; ii. B. Williams, press agent K ^SS^SL fSL9lB!^.M IW^BWBn mSSm and Mayer. W. F. 'Gone, and* Mr. repertors^ comnnnv. At^Bt"' "I guess I'm king of this play," said the comedy playlet, entitled "A Timely Lesson," nctor who had beon mado obstlnnto by drlnc, his reply being loud enough to bo heard by those In tho front rows, "I'm king, and I'm going to die Just where I darn please 1" And be kept the centre of the stage, greatly to the nnnoyanco of tho star, who had to do his "dicing" away from his accustomed spot. | Stories about tho Hon. "Jack" Cantweil, of Boston, who Is well known to tbe the- ntrlcal profession, nre always Interesting to those whom bo used to writo of when dra- matic editor of ono of tho Boston dallies. Hero's one, relative to the dnys of that time. After graduating from the university, "Jack" was sent South to take charge of (he construction of a road being made from nnd Mrs. J. Y. Lewis. good with this show. Everyone Is making Mr. Lewis, In hla repertory Joined foi with a small Joe, Mo., be trolt and St. Paul. We will not piny New York until March. I have made no changes In the show since opening," Jack Sutttbb, of Sutter and Fremont, writes that owing to the Illness of Miss forces with David Craig Montgoinerv Fremont, he has heen compelled to cancel Ilia thnn ilnliii, > -. » . J . * a tl inAnl>*il n — A -—,111 nAalr alanA nlfl V* all work booked, and will work alone, play- 'ng clubs and entertainments around New York until her recovery. Potter and Harris have closed tbelr sec- ond successful season with the Uollmnr Bros.' Shows, and have good work booked Walter W ffilS.,! of nd Morr!s' , a 8 n 0 d g0 D 0 a d .V ,. ffiBJSSU«3 ^former"" SPtS °t me f^m^t^JFS^lSSa* >S wortiDg J, wIth R Maurlce T^S\S&'t& l£Z&31&^&£. »?"?«.« a. sketch April 9, 1000, to do their ring act. ,_. _ |r _ A Mack is baritone singer and composer, working: with Maurice J Burns; under'thS SSP l SBP*£f\J^S. u . n ted as a "ketch * and plays his role In a falented manner. team name of Burns and Morris' Thlv nr. i. a „?-. W i' th P°i !S!*S "'nstrels, that or- I. ft. Harris, of Harris and Merlo, novelty thli season with the^Parisian Belief Co f5SSl za iM 0 -. J5 c , lu ^ ed > 8 D U u Ch "right'lights aa J sketch team, waa a recent Clippbu caller, ploying the Emnlre drcult ' SBPafiiS Hi B 5 r ^ Shepnrd. Montgomery J Girl." .The team 1. pia/to picffitoSS a.fthe'Ume^At °the S^WS^S^^^»» sxetcn team, wob a recent Clippbh caller, playing tho Empire circuit "The Yankee Doodle Q_. booked up until February, 1000. Beach and Beach, presenting "The „ and tho Midget," have opened on the Trans- Sprite! IsTaX' a b'Kh. $&'*'! ' ukrtina and Brockway rci Pittsburg, Pa., at tbe Grand They have Keith's Theatre, Cleveland Thb 'Great Marinellas are plnylnc sto teen weeks on the Stcrnad ft Brown circuit, red. billy tua and Bert Shepard. Montgomerv in the middle West, their act being featured, nnd Stone or glnatcd a singing and cfanclug They are booked up to March 20, l!>00. Nat Gill writes: "Am In the thirteenth suc- cessful week with the Myrkle-IIarder si'"-'* May's company, in "The GirT "from Up" There," report success In famous martsmen). fwUlUurn shortly to ™Xr%™\°» i or ? 8 , T ^ at re, LondSn. This wSji Jlpm W&SaLl&Z- New York?.wh"?^ win play aTtheTeaSln? Kmerv'^^^S-ffiaSM*}!* S5Sf act ' ' Harry Wbavbr, of'weaver and Jones, has "face kt'iJlt- featured wrth Gus Sun's Min- some oversight he had not money enough n his pocket for his fare, ho decided to use n jmsB belonging to a friend of his, tho editor of one of tho Mobile pnpers. The pnss, however, was not transferable, nnd a penalty was attached to (he using of It by nnyoue but the party to whom It was m, "«">'"" ■»»- w«n me oia nonz uircus, in uernn, when her man In "Thp wi»rf«fri.» The natives ccr- father did the principal leaping over twelve ' Wizard of Ox. icing very much, soldiers, who rfreil n Tnll-r no h. AtA hi. ■ • • cess of the entire bill. i a . M J. a ,S?™ cl ?^ d .„ 0U > r . danc,n « ver y, much, soldiers, who flred a "volley aa he'did'hla HJPJN& /? rced „,{° d0 e nc° r « dancing, double somersault over them. s n »ni.h .... ii;„» TI ' teW i £32 can . ""."V 1 TlIB Zancios celebrated tbe seventeenth (SSrSL'JR? th «£ m 8n 0 . xlll , blt '°n. •* triple anniversary of their wedding on Hallowe'en, tho Island ?J& .ii V0 JlE!. ^ Cd ' hr , ou 8 hou t «t their home In this cltv. There were about. rn M«i a ?nf^VLf,n W „e^ a i tc ^ hl ^ we P 5 fort ? P ucst8 P«scnt, and the affair lasted fn.K, . SS R ta « a ?, 1 " Ix njontbs. We wore until the wee smn' hours of the morning, lucky enough Iu_ Ondtng a. N«w York Clip- This is thb tenth wbbk of VIctorelll's Issued. The young man was In a quandary. ? 0 "get that, P as no Amerlca^hereha^any^' 1 p n n n 1 , n §. P,C,UrCS ' Bt " Wc TheatrC ' CIeVe gomery and Stone endeared themselves to the strels. Waltbb C Jones writes us that ho h»» separated from the team of Weaver ana s, and that he is again working nlone, S booked BOlId until May, 1000, lu the principal vaudeville bouses In the West. Lamount and Padlettb report much s u 1; ' i their new act, "The Escaped Ltmstir, -,ih the mlddlo West. At tbe Lll/, » Davenport, Ia„ they write, "we closc.i me show and mado tbe hit of the bill. Jl>" ;lrI Is booked solid until next April." o _ Will H. Rbno, of Reno and M"rray, writes that they are meeting with mtcea on the Bijou circuit, through Michigan. Mr- Reno's clever contortion nnd high Junii'ingj and Miss Murray's artistic dancing ninl. • llK act a hit. , .... Cajtehi and Grant Inform us thst -.nfi are busy playing clubs In Philadelphia. Answering your Inqalryi Yes, the best way to go to Buffalo and Niagara Foils Is by the New York Central. WhyT llecause over Ita mix tracks there nre 20 trains a. day) 2-ccnt nillcnsc tickets nre good.