New York Clipper (Nov 1905)

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90G THE NEW YOEK CLIPPER. November h. ^ THE NEW YORK CLIPPER «i » THE FRANK QUEEN PUBLISHING CO. (Limited.) rnoraiRTona. ALBERT .1. BOBIE, Kpitomau a«d BCMXan MAJtAom. LPIII'l. >. , UI 11 I'll " Canny ISloll; >lA. J. D., lliisli:.— 'Ili>' points rouul 1" iWi order of nreeMleiiee: High, low, Jitck mul Kiinip. The player holding low and |nrii there- fore wins. K;', II.; ('hriton.—ilblh.wMchrs.enii not I'tt.lhn Savoy, IIIfrnut <>r ".Wlilir ijHt .IhlHcr now ph.y by It. Vernon linn iJhosilon •>< Age," hi which will ploy I lie i-iil'-r ohm-nclcr. ' Ocrnld Lawrence, who was llcnry IrTlUgs loading nmn I'l'iin tin' first "lulu "' .•"•■M down lo llio great actor's death, bus boon cu- bist week m* 4o dniid depositions It wns evlcli'iil, o ankr 111- prisoner personally mHrnnnB*! lor tin' failure ..f llio company ut of tin- firms, Mr. Kemvlofc again iiio .prisoner, remarking m ._■ ■ .. —l.,..i, l.ii!l ivriu _ ills- the buck remanded mm of tHo ground* oil which Doll n'« s ,K l ' M, " e ,l r w , n 1 ?, ,ll - nt iliero might he r""nn delay In gelling in uduiirulilt'. Iiis dancing mul knockabout i„ hnvtor being iinltc I bit hroi thing <>i' li. kind seen In Johannesburg." iin lauding hi Johnti'iesburg Jlr. Marlon was overcomo la thf lightness or lln* »U', which niTi-i'tcil Id's hc'ii't, nml h looked Cor a lime ns If lu> «.,, "n dead line," litil lie rerlred lu » few hour. The nan iNi|iei', In npetikln;: of Whiihrl mul West's South Afrleau dehut: "Whnlo], end Went, eccentric comedy artists nml dime era, met wllli n very gratifying reception lui step dancing of the gent loinuu perform,.,' SATURDAY, NOVEMBEB 11. 1905. RATES: Art T erll«m«its-52.R0 per Inch, single col- ■ B.I1. per Advertisements ,et with bordtr. 10 acnt. extra. subscription. One year In advnnro, $4; six montha, jH| three months, 11. Foreign *«%»«*£ BloKle copies will be sent, postpaid, on te- atlpi of 10 cent*. Our Terma are Cnali. Tiir, CtlPPBtt Is iMued every Wednesday Su : ro 'RKSS <"> Saturday at 11 *.«••■"* » a otler pages on MONDAY and TUESDAY. ,0 ,"„n. Cl».tn* Promptly Toe.- dny, at 10 o'clock A. SI. Ol.'R LONDON LRTTEn. H'fc* W rem.thyexp ; e S? . i rooneyO A rder,eheck ; to v o on! t or reslswrea letter. All casti - • All Commmilcatlono ' ,,B „ west 28th Street, New York. ' ntoMtr* Cable Address. «'" TME WESTERN BUREAU •igiilnr raits. — THE LONDON BUREAU ot 48 Crnnboiirne St.. London. W.< Carney, manager -«•-~'«W~** FROM OUB OWN COnnB8P0Nn«ST. (,'llpprr Ilopcnn, •is Crnnlionrnc direct, l.ili-.-»l«-r Hrinitrr. London, IV. < '■ Ort. UH. Two now prodni'ilniiM, namely "f'nptnlii lirew on Leave,"' nl lln* New Thcntre, iinil "l/ulili Out, nl. Ihe Waldorf, linyn lieen Hie lmpnn.inl hnpprnlnes of the London theal- I'lenl world for current, week. 1 Jot h innile verv favorable Imprwrnlonn, nnd miiy lio put down nx niiceeHBe.i. New nels nt mii.-.c of Hie vnmlevllle houses Imve mnde tin week one of Interest lo lovers of Hint hrnneli of 'inviHomonl. Weather hits been Rood, ex- ••ejit durlas llio mornhiRs, when, a tendency to foif has been apparent. "diptnln Drew on Lenvo" was written by llenrv lliiliert Davis, nnd prodvieeil nt the New Theatre, on Tuesday, by t'barles Wynd- lniin uml rompnny. Story: t'niiiulii Drew, II, X,, Is home nfler some yenrs of forrlpi ser- ■vlce. lie Is out for n pood time, the ranln " leli Is II liolK'i't Art Imr, who Is iuiuiii«Iiij; ilircrloj.- i.f live provliielnl llienttes, and who nlso eon- irols live in llie Mibiirbiin house.,, has lust urqulred tile recently ereeleil linind Opern House, jllddle»iioriui«;lt. Weedon lirossiiillb eonelnded bis present wns.m ut Terry's last Sntiirdny, In order to l'nlfill cncnstcnieiits entered Into for miI Im- portant provincial tour of "The Dnffer, .•oiiiinenelnK hist. Monday nt the Court, Liver- pool. It Is slated that Mr. Orossralili will resume the London run of "Th" Duffer" on Ills return fvom the provinces hi December next. Mr. ilriiastnlth hns written for Mrs. Clement Scot I a sketch, enlled "Cnritaln .inck, the l.ndy Illuhwnymnu," whlcli Is to shortly be produced In the West llnd. Alfred Suite's jilny, "The Walls of .lerl- clm," <elehrali's Its fonrlb miidversnry lit the Hhn(lesb»ry nexl Tuesday, when It will be performed for the four hundredth time. Arrangement* have been completed, inenn- whlle, for Its presentntlon next January, by the Knallxu < ipnny oritunlzed by Sylvnnus IMUncJty uud M. V, Leveniix, at the Htnte tbenlres lit Amslerdam, Itotterdnni nnd The Illume. This ruiistltnlcs the llrst occasion on which n serious Kngllsh play has been ires, mid the nmnuKcr luforme i er 1«' last show Uml «W 0.»K» paWfM wIVoVmM Ibe perf..nnaue,'s tlml »«*»*!*"«*■» l» bellevltiB. so 1 did not eontrndlct Wm. (liiirae Mnrtlne, of the Mar tine llrothcis. writes irom Rle Jniilero, uuiWr Sept. ..>. ••We Viro just HnlnUlnit with, thlB town, Ion - U»« toniorrow for Kan 1'iiuhi, he las | ov.u wo mtke down here. We wont be sorry to ■rt awiv, -Ither. iiIIIiiiukIi we have no kick e, a, !ik as regards i real men! by I he WW* men I. They live up to their agreement W the fetter, but It Is I poor place tor one brought up in civilization, from K business point of view we have been quite saeeeaaM ■ ...I.I l,..n ..rnlmmXll mil- SlIIV. If It UCIl Illlb Tin Souih Africa, mid during his idle nmirni ■ the eomedhii) pliuilsi occupies the ilme In looking up select post cards for his frioncK in I his country uml Ainci'lni. ,l<din Itnrluu liinsi iii'conipiiuy Mi', [''ox In Ids rosonivlu s us I bave recctvcil some htiighnhle eaiils front liutli. Chan. Sinley's Novelty Transformation l'o has been drnwInK enpacltv houses to i|„'. Itojml Theatre. Oldhiiiii, this week, llo L billed as the ••hlggest act. ever engaged in thin house." Nov. 1 tiniis them r.t LehWb's INtabllsbment, llrcslau. »»» ,, ., nd'Xmeat. and Uulm II. are •rectved at our regular rates. icrnnre; aL t.uieniiiui, . •>- (Terminus Hotel), BwH«b * W, 0 Diamond News Co. 101 many; 117 Trndo, Ha- only one cilltion, nn«l thnt Is o«teu groin New YorU. _^__^_^—— mm ^^ '" LjUEM EB AgJB WBBBP. 1 no itciiiio. io M »m»» •» , e^*B»•*»■• ■rpL sooner or later, cnplinlntes. White has taken him lo see the .Moxons, an ordinary well-to-do middle rhiss coupte. A Miss .Mills Is si living with I hem, but White Is In lore wllli her, and so Drew nnuounres his Inten- tion of malting Mrs. UAXOn love lilm. Moxnn neglects his wife, lie Is u large, heavy mini, and his patronage Is a llllle gnlllug even |o n dntirnl wife, nnd she Is Immensely Hal- tered when ihe sailor pays his compliments, pretends lo be Imcreidvd In her boys, anil Is eager for her soe'ety. Drew falls.ltcnd over id'i'N lu love with Hie womiin, who was to mi vi' boon Ids victim, lie Is badly hit for Ihe drst time In his life, ami, being told by his cousin thai Ida Intentions are becoui'ug him Icenble nnd compromising, he decides to go iiwiiv. Drew goes t«> I lie* sludlo, whore lie Is sleeping, in park up, and Mrs. Hoson, In agnnv at. his leaving her, goes nfler him. Their meeting Is, us always, that of door friends. They do not eveu kiss. Hut I hey lire Interrupted by u blackmailing scoundrel, who, being refused >?."i,iliill, Mrs. Mogon de- vllnlug to allow Drew to illlike mil. the check, goes olf to tell Moxoii where his wife Is lo lie found. The blackmailer Is an old fu- mlllnr friend, mul the slituition he lulcrrupis III Incomprehensible. Mrs, Mnxon Is a hlgh- inliuli'd, conventlonnI woianti, who, however iiiucli she Is aliracted by Drew, only hires her Imsbund mid Iter llllle hovs, uud she tells Drew so. Mmcoil fools ilinl lie Is himself to IiIiiiiic for Ills wife's tolly. They forgive each other, nnd Drew goes away with only nii-iii. wv ntul :i speculation ns to whin inIjiht sketch, anil the seen ve boeii. tin Hie opening night the p!ny eoiinlrv nl' I fii: ADV JIOIITII "''' HOtllllt. PWW TO UN ANOIllKH M0» " T,, ^« IC ua T or I CO.MPANI _t or Uoc Wit OAK NOT ■•>«> »0UTS1S BX MAlL'oi TBL KOkAl'lt. im.VM.VTIt'. K Svracuse.—We have L«mI ..In-I ill III ill! nnd we w i:. . nt the pi'csonl no knowledge wlieioiiliouis of JJ» P RPrtJ' Vddreis a lei tor In »'«•''"«' ' «' ,V" Is- It In Till) I'l.ll'iT" K't' 1 ' 1 ' "'' , ' * ('., XewJIork, Mas. .M. I'i Now sorki it A. IL, ''anion, |1 \. S., Woodsboro, ^M^wVstrlinmJelph.n w'ti/lTiSlc. Mas. J- «• N.. Vork, W. W. W„ Kiiston. n, 'r V New York.- K^»imftiJa^*w .^ir!'"':. ., i.—shortly after Iho ' Theatre, tour per- Ihe season of lly uppllca- iiml ., ,, —See niiswcr to K. M.i .•••I'lu. Ticket of Leave In America Nov. .10, I'orinaiiccs II day. IW" « 111 * 3 T"'l''l., Mllford.-1. No. l.ondrtirTiu'nli'o. gf« Vork CM "Hhst.'"— Advertise ''T W.' C- nuillnglon'.-Tlio ndverllsomcnt Hrtli'rwt j&Mi f^MuM ,,;. u. Htnet, ^Oliraoku'r1 feet. ll«rtf..r.l. foun.. or M.i>- SyPl idBlRe M erntelies > v.u.i,s.ngh.«,m.he v s,ag | r "'m'i'ss".^"'^ 1 :. Sngluaw.-Advertl-e lu Tm: '''ffNw Vork.-T'he theatre was hulH In •iwo'i m.iiI ou ricpl II. of that year, It was mot. nnd m » | • ,■ o wl|h „ , 1UI1U I alec It was enlled Ihe flly Then- -immod the Windsor. lire lifter a per y..ur wa'nls In Tim -Watch our rotile —Advertise pened a I'onipiiuy, ire, and llnnlly t was rei ii uin lolallv ilesti-oyed by .... .....-- . formanco of%y I'm'tucr," night of Nov. 20, 1S n''\ r L. Chicago.—Address any o£ our p ni ,to'mhne,"' desefihinR "how 4 fc^MBS. 111. KotorprM " Music Supply «'o.. -id West Tweiiiyelglith ^^'c^'Troy^-AdJorllse your wants lu '"a l/'AUUrnml ltaplds.--We do not know VVl W '' ,, .''.' ,, S?. U V»Vhori,.es.-Address parly In rare Of Allen Duone Co., as per iimlc lu ste .Til" eompmiy Is Playing 'Kerry How. M 1 ! . Laucasrci'.-'l'lie sci Is abroad. I 11, lllrniliighiun.--We never lilduhja In i ompiirlsoiii. J. W. T., Voilligslowit ,m T U ti"'ll- Oiiod "cello players arc always more or less In ileniand. We can not quote i.alary. T. W •-Address parly you M., Ilnrrlsbiirg.--1. A.ldtvss Clay ha._ was very warmly received, playwright and plovers being called ill the fall of Ihe curtain. William I'ellh.'l' lllld company close their sciiuiiii nl I he Comedy, hi "On the Oiilot." on Nov. 11. This will come as it surprise lo bis frleiiils III this country and Anierlou,.. who have supposed Iho play lo be a big lluillielul success. Iluslncs* lias liilleu below the inai'U exja'cted, and for thai reason Mr. I'ndiionu lias decided to close the London sea«iiii of "Un the Oulet" on lb" datii iitbli- tlouod. The circumstance loaves that. Hie- ali'O upon for ihe return to the West Kim stage of limit ley Wright, who lias not plnyitl since tin; llrst week of ••The Llliln Mlcluis." As hits already been Intimated, Mr. Wright, icmpornrllv, at-least, uhniidoiis musical com- edy for farce, and, on or about Nov. IS, will lie suen In a plecn of Hint description, eli- lltleii •"llifl Munnliilli Climber," adapted from the (lormiin of "Dor Iloeh Tourist." TbO now nrogniiiime nt Ihe Comedy will, how- ever, provide Mr. Wright wllli an opportunity, of wandering still further nlleld, for It Is also 1o contain n one acl play In which the comedian will appear as n .losull priest. "The Little father of Hie Wilderness,'.', as Ihe iioveltv Is called, Is the work of Austin Wrong and Llo.vd Oshuurar. The sloyy deals wllli an episode In Hie time of Louts XV. nnd the action Hikes place In a chiitenii nt Versailles. Whenever the playgoers tire of Arllitii' llourcliler's production of "The Merchant of Venice," ut ihe (inrrlck, he will produce mi Kagllsh version written by Idtuself, of Henri Liivi'ilnu's successful threo net comedy, ''Lo Duel." Mr. ■Ilnurrhler. will play 'the part, of mi nhlie. Mr. Houi'i'liler's next bill at. Iho Harrlck will also Include nuolher of Ids udnp- tiitlmis from the I'l'dich. namely. Anittolii France's oue net piny, ••Cruliiqueldlle." This piece Mr. lUnirrhlor has adiiiitcd to Kngllsli sitrrouudlngs, and he himself will play the poor costeiiiioiigor. . . . l-'or the Kngllsli version of "Lights Out," done nt the Waldorf ou Weduesday, by n company headed by If. V. Irving, Iho credit Is due Mr. Irving, us be rewrote the Lngllsh version before the play was put Into re- hearsal, it was bis first Alterant nt lids class of work. Tbo ploy, as staled aliove, met with unanimous praise from all, and at ihn close of ihe performance Mr. Irving. In response lo Hie popular niinenl, tutored u feiv sentences of, Ihnuks. "Lights Out" wus tiroiltiocd by what was called a ••mlmodrnnn'." n one net, entitled "I.e. Main." It Is u pantomime, describing how n fnshlotiBhlo actress Is confronted by n burglar on her re- turn-lo her rooms, and how she is llnnlly re.'.cuoil. ■Ilimep Weleh, ns was stated some time ngn, starts bis tenancy of Terry's Tbealre In .lamiarv, wllli a new play, by llcury Arthur Jones, wh'i'h Ihe nulhor has now tuinied "The Heroic SlubW being Ihe comedy or a man wllli nil Ideal. Jlnl Mr. Welch does not mean lo eoiilinn himself wholly lo thai, class nr work. He bus decided to enter the Hold of eiiinlc opern. lie does not hope to shine ilk n singer, hat ho Intends to have "l.e* Cloches de Corncvllle" riu-efillly revised, so ns to bring II Into loiteli with modern re- iiiilremeills. . Hickory Wood la iirovldlng Iwenlyalx lniiitomlmes this year, namely, those of Ihe llrltiee's mid Itoynl Theatres, Manehesler: lie King's and ltoytil, liliisgow: the Shakes- The book of this yenr's Drury Lane pnu- tnmline, "I'lnderelln,' lias been written by Kir Krnncls Ilunioril, Ibe editor of I'mirft. The cant, so far ns It has been settled, Is as follows: Cinderella. May de Housn, un Amer- ican girl; The ITlnce, Qneenle Lcighton; I'nirv Queen, Onlay t.owell; i.'giy sister, l'nl'.l'c Kmcr.v; Daudaid, Harry Kragson; Itaron"ss, Waller l'nssmore; I'age Hoy, Harry Itnndnll, and llnron, Arthur Wlldams. Thniiks to Klhel Whllesldes for the little booklet setM mc of herself and pickaninnies. The souvenir Is well arranged and very In- terest lug. A novel oxperlineitt In connectlou wllli the cnicrtnlutneni nt the lllppodroinc Is Shortly to be tried. lusteiiil ol Individual turns'nppeailng, the whole loninany will lie put: ou In a kind of review, which will be run throughout lite performance. Theorelle- nlly the uiiuiiigemeiil considers the good folk who dw"ll mi .lupller to lie sadly lacking in knowledge of dally doing on our earlb. They ure to lie Informed day by day by the enter- tainers ut the Hippodrome, and u I bin plot embracing nils theme is being arranged to link the various Minis together. Kuril per- farmer, wlniicver the nature of his ot her performance^ will ha ntimcicd to contribute elllier by word or net Ion a topical chapter lo .luplicr'H diary of news. The second event of Hie f'lirlslinns elilertiillimeut will end lu the greatest mechanically worked sensation ever iilletuntcd'ill. the Hippodrome, "lly and Field" Is the title of the water Ihe scene Is laid lu the lake iinilierlatul. The stiii'lllng lucl l.'b eid M iins'iie American Urnmnlhita' l'h»b, ^< e «' iieare. I.ivcrihml; ihe Tyne, Newcnsllei Ihe Y.Vrt c v' B Address Hick .V: l-'llnsenild, \l yy „\. r :dliihurgll l Ihe Itoynl. Ilnulforil: is Vim sTreet, New Vork City. ., , lite I'rliice of Wales', lllriulughnin : the V \ i'hlc;u-o— -Winch our route list prince's. Ilrlstol: the Mnrlboronab, Hollo- ''"ll K^NeW York.-Address Daulel l'roh- tiiuu. Lveouni Thciilre. Now York Illy. Miss II. S.. Indluiiapolls.-We have uever iiuidlshed the denlb nollee.of the party. <-H Slewurl, Yankee cunedbin and inoii- nloglsl. Is alive. rA1||w< C. P. W., AVeslhoro.— As player Xo. I OX' tniKeil Ihe hick. No. .'I can dcuunid Ibul No. 1 Vihly It. "lie llrst lime he (No. II lends. If No. !l plav bis queen, he can demand that No. 1 put St iin Ibe trlelr. M J K-. Decatur.-—The Jnek eomtts tor ♦be dealer the moment It Is inrned, nnd he (herefore wins. way: ihe Ik-pifprd Theairo, nmi fourteen lioiHug pnatiimlines. , Messrs. Veilrenne and Haker. of Ittt) I'oni't Thciilre, hilvii accepted for product lou early lu-tt vein- a play by Muurlce llewlell, en ti- tled "I'nniiud' the Young Shepbetil." The piece, already published In lsmk form, Is re- written bit' the stage. As Us title Implies, music outers largely luto lis compoiutlou, which Is in hi' coiuposed by W. II. Hewlett, a brother of the dmmiulsi. These maiiaieis linve als'i acquired fur presentation at niatl- nwi«r n t rati sin I to n of ihe "Kleclra of Mutt. lilrtes," mul.a oao.nn piece treating of rosier life, by P. Ffttin,.cnired-"The Convict of Hie Hearth,"' to l»e acted In conjunction with ti dent, tor the working of whlcli special scenery Is lielug liulll, will Illustrate Iho bursting of a dam In sight or the audience, and ihe sink- ing of t lie houses In the llood. Ii'inbel and Huge are tit the 1'iilneo of Vn'rh'llos, Plymouth, ibis week, nnd are meeting with their usual i.uccess. Siindcr- iund Is Hide next stand. Ttii'iiiiis ItiM'riisfnrd. of the Lyceum, has had summonses served on him for threaieti- tng to luili'iler Alldre lialcu/.l, ihe agent, who pt'odinssl Ihe ballet "KgceWor" at tile I.vcenia. Tim trouble' nnise over the pny- lliciil of till- bnllel people, whose siilarles W. OuleiiKl wits responsible for, hut which ho lulled lo produce. The ense will he an Inter- esting one If II goes Into court. Dave Molor, of Meier nnd .Mora, Is respon- sible fur, lite following under dale of Oct. J.1, llnnsn Theatre, Hamburg: ".lust a Hue to let vou know Hint we receive Tin: Old Uhma- iit.K evcrv Saturday, nnd wlieu ihn nmu snyu 'Here's your Cl.iri'kii,' Is seems .lust like getting luotioy from liome. Well, they ocr. tnllily do it wonderful business here, hun- dreds of people being turned nwuv lilghllv. Tne house; Is sold old every night before Iho curtain goes tip. There tiro three American acts on the present bill nt the llansh, inanely Ihe l.'onr l.ukcus. Sain Kllou nnd ourselves. Upon arriving here we were asked by llio manager lo opeu n night earlier, which we did. and, owing to It being Iho last nlvslit uf the monlli, the audience was verv quiet, consequently wo didn't, do very well, so we left in I her down- hearted nt our opening. We were more lliiui surprised on the following night. II living the llrst of Ihe mouth, with n now pi'iigriuu.iiu nnd li packed house, our net going like a house afire. The iiiiiuuger came buck on ihe stage mid complimented us on our success. We have bud a tot ot utters for the continent, mid could have settled n bit of engagements If we had lie; open lime, but we are hooked up to IlkiT lu I'higlnnil mid South Allien. We go to Stockholm from here. Madame Cheater, wllli her si nt a.' dog act, was ou Hie bill ul this house Inst mouth." Herbert Lloyd writes me from Paris Hint till American acts lu ihe gay cliy are doing well. At iho Casino are Morris Cronln, Pal- ter nnd linn will, and lledlnl and Arthur, who are of Kngllsli hlrlh, 1 believe. Kelly uml Ashhy nro nt the Folios Horgere, and Mr. Lloyd, la at Ihe Alhnialira. Tbo latter nml Ids wife will lie lu London for n few days next week. They open at Ilrlghlon on Nov. II. Mr. Lloyd lias ndded a very pretty ' nuioinolille to the net for Mrs. Lloyd to make her entrance In, and Ihe auto Is cjulto uplu- (inte uud real. AlhlirlUR nnd Miller, who flnlsh tonight n sucesHfiil trees nt iho (icana Theatre, sioek- tnu-oii-'fcc*, have canceled some continental lime, ntld.wlll sail f« Ihe States next Wed- nesday, ou the Haltlo. They return early lu tile new year. I huvii been tutor mod Hint lu the future nil bookings connected with Ihe t.'aiiiherwell Palace ami the Hrnuvllle will be arranged with Moss & Stoll. Herbert Itnymond has resigned Ills position lis manager of King's Theatre, 8iltloli-ln-Ashlleld, to take up Ihe management of Hie Kegcnl Theatre of Varie- ties, Siilfni'd. J. Howard Shackelton, late musical director of the New Cross Kmplre, has heoti innile director of the orchestra nt Hie Hippodrome. Siiiilhumploii. "Lorn" Is the title of au Illusion lo lie seen ul the Ilneknev'Kuiplrc next week. The tlgure of a lingo parrot Is disclosed. It proceeds to give suinelhlug like n clnlrvoyuut enicriutu- iilclil, at IUe eud of which a pistol shot, eaUses ihe bird lo collapse and reveals a beautiful llldy. surrouiulisl by electric lights. Joseph T. McCr.ddon, of the elreils ot that miuic. jiiiwlii surri'iulered: In his hull til How Slrtiot vertlclilay to uliswcr the charge of eoinutlttlhft oiTeiices ngiilnst the bankruptcy lews lu t'ltilice. Mr. Asiatic, on behuir uf the Krench Tlinbiitsy, snld he bad that morn- ing rccelHil.ti lelegiam from the HI rector nf I'lPilU- I'tosmulIons • lu l.'i'iiiice, siutlng: "Tfiislee MeCuildoii's bankruptcy makes depo- sition lodny." He, Mr. Astour, Ihnocht thatjiinsl refer,to.furl her dertosliiniis. furjer ilia clrcuhisi.niicoslie rfuiai ask for 'another remand. Mr. llodkln, for the defense, rc- mul eoiibl have prolonged our slay. If II were possible, but other engag'-mems provcm dins, the "cvcllsl. Is on the bill Willi us. Poller 1'nmlly passed ] through here n lew days ago, M Wife lo HuenoB A} res foi engagement wllli I'rnnk Hrown. San lb Hendmrdl opened the new Theatre l.rng'i an. In Mnulevhico. a few days afier wo left there The lowst: price of admission was six dol'ars In American money, and J under- stand the house was sold out. for the cm ro engngomont. . There Isn't much to write about- concerning Ihe show business here. Italian npern, at the loading limn Ire; drama. In Portuguese, in two others: n.circus per- formance. In another, nnd a few concert luills. besides (ho Casino, where we arc playing. The weather has been very pleasant Iho past four weeks, not ton warm, but In n few weeks It will b.i scorching. 'Hie govern- ment. Is trying hard to clean up the town, nnd In a few rears It ought: to be n pretty gooit town. There Is no fevor hero, nnd has not been for a long time. The sanitary condi- tions nro good nnd nro being constantly Im- proved The surrounding country Is hennll- fnl. and a ride on many of the electric su- hurhnn lines well worth the time. It costs like the dickens in lire here, nml they take rniir inonev about as unhhishlngly as nny iilnce 1 have neon. We leave Hrnv.ll Ool. 1 I for I.Mioii. Whore we will be November nad Heceiuher, then hack to Kngland." Mart In nnd Qulgg arrived In London on Thursday, mid the latter culled a' 11lls officii vestenlav. The pomilnr comedians were lu open on'Monday next at n suburban hall, but were Informed hv their agent on ilielr arrival tlml Ihe hull had been closed for the past threo mouths. However, Mils Is not much to worry about, :is M. nml (). begin pro- ceedings ou Ihe Moss « Stoll lour, nl Hack- ney, on Nov. il. They will play Ihe entire tour. As the lllrkenhond ferry steamer left Liver- pool, lust Sunday ufteiiinon, a uvclve horse power motor car, belonging to Punl Cinque- va111, the well known Juggler, went over- board, cnrrvlng villi ll ihe occupants. The cur was partly ou the gangway when It wns found tluil Hie canopy would not pass under Ihe steamer's upper deck. While mutters were In this position the steamer got under way. A scene of great excltetnenl ensiled. A dozen people shouted lo the cltaiid'eiir to back Hie motor up the gangway ou m tho landing singe. The gear was reversed, but ns the Ml earner moved away Hie gangway Inclined more and more, and llnnlly the twu hind wheels of the motor were hanging over ihe ship's side. Instantly the car plunged Into Ihe water, turning over In Its descent. In Hie cur, beslib's tho chniitl'eur, was a llldy, iiumeil Miss Morris, n relative ot (he owner. There was n wild rush of singe men mpl police to Ihe rescue. Holh were saved niter considerable trouble and excitement. Mr. i.'liiqiieviilll wns on die ferryboat at the time. The cur was raised the day following nnd founil in be In good shape, excepting tho canopy, the rear cub windows and llio lamps. All of Mr. Cliutuevalll's slagc apparatus was carried to the bottom of Iho river with the automobile, hut put In hIiuuo for use ut tin! Argyle Theatre, Hlrkenhend. ou Monday ulghl. Mr. Clnqnevalll has put lu n claim for (himages. i A week ago, last night, was "(Irmid Sou- venir Night" til the Palace, of Varieties, Iliiiimicrsmltti, Hie souvenir lining u photo graph of Kiln Shields, who Wiih lopping Ihe hill at Hint house, lly her clever rendition of nmu songs. Miss Shields hits endeared her. self to all the frequenters of lite halls she tins uppeiired In Loudon nml provinces. She Is playing the provinces now, hut returns to town very shortly. Frederick ,1. Titus Informs me Hint he and his clever wife, l.ydla Veaninns Titus, will be In Louden the llrst of the coining year, rn route to Austriillii, their third visit, hut this time with Ihelr own concert euntpniiy. Tliey are appending for tlw last times In the music halls of this country. Theirs Is surely mi uci ihat. will be missed. The Lnvnlls report meeting with much suc- cess nt the Palace, Manchester, where they are showing, this week, I heir novel iierhil net on the sliver arch ladders and breakaway bur. I saw the nine o'clock show nl the Coli- seum ou Monday last, and was disappointed In siiiue. One ut the big new features, .Mrs. Itemnnl lleere nml company, in "Tim Spy," was long mid tiresome. 1 agree with one crllli! who said lite Idea of the sketch wns capital, hut It would have boon a lilt had it lieen put to music. The Lurch Family did some grunt tumbling, and worn heartily np- iilnudcil. They repeated the lilt made at Iho Hippodrome n short time ago. Victoria Monks did well with her "Olvo My Itcgards to Leicester Square." The Coliseum choristers 'isslslcd Miss Monks lu the chorus. KllROiie St rati nn came In for iinirli applause, his offering being an old song, wiih which he has scored In this eoiin- lrv, Cnrl Hertz had sumo wonderful illusions, Most nnuisinn and enterinlnlug lo Hie nn- liKikera. A large round of applause wns his reward on Mnndny. A fair bar act wns done by tho Vnslleseu Troupe, their gymnastic work being much better thnu their comedy. Mntlge Losslng, "Military Tattoo," and Mn- ilanic B«Jy were holdovers, and they did very well. The iirritngenieiit of the hill wns. In a way, responsible for Its ilresumeuoss. I didn't get a chance to see the six o'clock bill, but I am given lo understand from those who hnve seen It. that Derendn nnd iliecn. and Hell and Henry are holding their own Willi the other numbers on Hie bill The directors ot the Umpire Theatre con- template producing, nt Cldslnins. a ballet which stin 11 be lu keeping with the season. The subject is "Cinderella,"' and In Miss ■tenor the uviungeiiieui has Ihe artist titled beyond all others to r ep rese n t the. chnrncler lu' -Ucli n singe, piece. The liallel will be given nt n series of ufteruoou perfoi'iniuici's, and will Hot In tiny way cvuilllcl with the present ballet, "The Hugh! Call." . . The Johannesburg papers, have .given Har- lot! mid Ashley, and W'hnleu and West some grout notices of their opening at Ihe Umpire ou Sept -o. Here. Is one of the former duo; "The hit i«r the evening was that soured by Hiirluu ami Ashley, In 'Canal ltonl Sal.' There was nothing of the<humor of the 'Suullghl Port variety atom the turn. Thft humor wns a good den I broader and the fun more of Hie kuocknhnut order. It wns IhO'Old ense of the trntnp (Bftrtivni necl- dontly.straying-Into n : smqrt dressing ■room. OCR CHICAliO T.BTTKtl. fhom ocn own coniiKsi'ONiir.Nr. Western Ilnrcnn of the New York Clipper, Room r>it—, lliock, Clitcnno. "Home b'olks, Hie Vinegar Huver," and one now farce comedy. "I. O. I - .," ure p.,,. changes for next week ul: the down town theatres, while the usunl shift of bills js nn tinunced at tho houses dedienied to melo- drama nnd vaudeville. The shows thai re- main nro popular, nnd Ihe managers nro helm. rewarded by overflowing box office tills, li.UMHH TiiK.vntt: tWill'J. Davis, mnnn- gen.—olga Nothersole. presenting llervleu's play. "Tlie Labyrinth," begins the Until wool; of iter engagement In Chicago Mumluv even Ing. Nov. 0. "The Holllckliig CId" 'follows i'owmts' Tiihathf. (Ilnrry .1. Powers, man- ager).—On'.Monday evening, ll. Itnhert. Kdesmt will be seen In "Strong-heart.' The nruriac- tion will remain for several weeks. Mi'Vh'KKlt's TllBATRfl (Ceo. C. Warren mniiiigeri. —lllancho Walsh, In "ihe Woman lu the (.'use." closed un engagement of loni- weeks nt. tills thcntre Sunihiv, .".. during which time capacity houses ruled at evcrv performance. Heglnnlng Mnnilnv, (I. "Home I'olks." wiih n ensi Inctiidlng Kdwln Anton Areola, llojd. Wtlllmn Hnrtoii, Arlhur Sand- ers. Newt in Joseph, Smiley Thonuis, I'hnrle- Lninh, Knitik Witndeiie. Juck Hvnii, Ham Newton, Mamie liynn, Kule Lester, Malil'e Hrowiiell. Mmtlo Kcrguson. Klhel (Tlfton Ada Xelllgnn, Hessie Nelllgnn mid ninny olhei'N. lUeniCR Tim:atiii: (Sam P. Corson, mana- ger).—The Perley Opern <'o„ pivsetulu" "The itlrl and the llandll." entered upon lt^ Ins! week Sunday, .">. "Italics lu Ihe Wood' follows L2. S'ti'iiKiiAKi'ii TilK.vriiii (It. K, Ilnrmover mflnager).—This house win reopen on \ir,n dny cvetilug. HI, presenting, tor the frsi lime here, a m-w musical comedy, etitltleil "The Whiiilntr illrl." Ciii.oxtAi.Tiin.uiii: (Ceo. \v. Loderer, man- iigori.—"Knriy-llve Minnies from llrondwav" Is lilting tills theatre ut. every pcrfnrilliiueo I'uy i'enipletou and every meinliec of (bis ox- eellent roiiuwny is giving a line perform- iiliee. The ilflleth petfoiiiiaiice will he given next Wednesdav night, H. AliiiToitit M TriK.i'rui: (Mllwnrd Adams, ninnagei').—"Huinpty Dumply" eittoreil upon lis fourth week Sunday, fi, hiank Moulin. as Mi He Jtary, (he cook. Is n whole slmw In himself. .Maud Lillian Pen I, n* Prince Itll- dolpli. Is it pronoiineed favorite, 'ihe Klylng Hrlgollcllls share the honors. flUAMi Ociuu llorsi: iHarry Askln. nmu- ngi'n.—Itlchnrd Manslleld's presentation of "Don Carlos" drew capacity business. Kuril Kendall Is Hie attraction beginning Siuulnv, ft. The engagement will be devoted to tlie revival of "The Vinegar lluyei'."' Much new mni .-i-iii l has lawn liiifoiluccd since thu com- cdy's lust prosentntlou here. ili'.H.vr Niiin'imtx TunvritF; fpred c. i:ti- Otis, iiienngerl.—Kliircnce llludley, hi "i'ho Hello of the West," elosrd a week's engage inciil here 4. Hcglnnliig Sunday, fi, IHl lor one week. "I. O li„' n muslcnl comedy. Is the attraction, The piece den In with I rusts, nnd fifl'ir.'ds ihe leading couieillnns, Kolli mul Dill, maple opporluuiiv for the d'ypl.'iy uf their fun iruikillg uhllllles. Week el IB, "Skv r'liim." Cuu.'Aiio l)|'B«A ITiirsK (Lyman II, Oluver, luaiinger for Kohl «s CnxtlvJ.—"The Pink Hussiirs" coiiHntii'H popular. On Similar af- ttiitoim, Oct, :tO, Helen Case replncisl (loue- vlevo liuillay lu the role of Kalrluka Alex- met wlln pronounced success. Marino Alex- ander, who was il member of "The I,mid of Nod'" Co.. anil who has been engaged for this production, Is also doing hoiik; very clever ivork. Olympic Tiiimtiim fAbc. Jacobs, ninnngcr for Kohl & Cnslle).—A high cluss vaudeville progriuiinie for wiek of Nov. il will include - "Dldn," Itlee and Only, Ilnlcoinhc, Curtis and Webb, Wllloit Ilros., IHnes and Homing mn, Wcrden and Clntldlsh, Itiidl'ord nnd win I'ltesler. Harry Thomson, Kerry, Wlllinm.s end Melbourne, McKlniien uud lteed, Ressle I Inns uud Ityiiu mid Hoiighls. IUT1UMUR TmcAiiii! (W. W. Freeman, nimmger for Kohl & Chattel,—Valerie Her- goro and compnny, Oka bo Japanese Troupe, Sylvester, Jones uud I'rlnglo. Kour Kropenir-i ot Music, Ciiilahiiu and Mack, i'mn lllpley. Alice Lewis. YViuicnhcrg Ilros., Kslclllln ami Hull nil, hi. Mysterious Knnrelle, Mclsmtl nnd Melwllle, Hnnnlyn and Ward, nnd Doyle and lllgglns nro hilled for week of ll. I,.v Sai.i.h TiiRATitt: (M. II. Singer, man- ager).—"The Yankee Regent" entered on lis thirteenth week Sunday, h, mid stilt enjoys llhetnl pntroiinge. It will remain for only l wo weeks longer. IllJnu TllKATM? fWllllnm Roche, mnnngeri. —"More io He Pitied Than Scorned" was the offering last week, I-'or li and week. "King of the Opium It lag;" for 12 and week, "Uncle Daniel." ACADRHV (William Iloche."manager).—Lnst week "The Smart Hot" placed lo capacity business. Pur lo nnd week. Joo Weleh. In "The Poihller." Week of IL', Howard Hall, lu "The MlUloiinlro Detective." Cm. i'ai ill's Tiiti.iiitR (Weber Ilros.. mnu/i- gers), — "r.lnele Dnhlet" wns the hill Inst week. Per 0 and week, "A Wife's Secret." Week of 1". "Happy Hooligan." A:.ii.VMi::i.v T'iikati-k (James II. Itrownc. mmiager).—Jm Welch,. In "The Peddler.'' nppenrod hern last week, and played lo enor ntnUM hiislness. Week of ft, "More to lt.s litli'd than Scorned" will be olioicd. Week of 19. "After Midnight." Ilirsit TiMfl.f TlfRATRB (KlIzHhcth Scho- lar, innn.igei'l.—"The lrun Mnstel" proved :i prolllnble atliiietlou last week. 'I"he Play- ers' Stock Co. will present. "The Helmet of Xnvniiv" week of .". Por U unci week. "The House (hat. dock Unlit" Citmititox Thimtuk (John IS. nogan, ioou- naert.— "Vonng Littrulo, King ol llio Wild Wes 1 ," .vm: iiio at tract Ion Inst week. "Klug. of llie Opium Itlng" week or .*.. "A Wife's Secret" IS and week. TWCVrY-HtX'il.NP STi;i:iiT TlJUATItt: (ll'' ltloom, I'liinnger. 1 —"The IJusy Hee." a bur li'Hiiio, wiih u chorus of twenty-live girls', is the offering week of 5. TuocAPKRii TiiKATtii: (Nnrry II. Hodges. manager).—Ilnrry Itryntn's IltirlmquerR en- biyofl a week of «ood business. nnd week "Knlcbta of the f.'niior,". lu burlesniiv The irVmp," however, acquitted himself quite nnd vaudeville, will be the attraetlno