New York Clipper (Nov 1905)

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November 11. THE NEW YORK CLIPPER; 977 PATHE FILMS • Nl ONE QUALITY. Many thought when we produced the "MOON-LOVER" wen, $52.12 That we had reached the climax in comedy films. WE KNEW BETTER. Our motto has always been "BETTER STILXi," and we certainly have now a film that BEATS ANYTHING yet manufactured for comedy. The Pastrycook's Jokes 262 Feet--$3I.44 A continuous roar from beginning to end, culminating in-a chase where the hero turns the hose on his pursuers, and finally locks them up in the hencoop. 42 East 23d Street, NEW TORE. PATHE CINEMATOGRAPH GO. 37 llandoipli Street, CHICAGO. THE CHAS. K. HARRIS SONGSTER, Absolutely the Best. Always Contains the Latest Hits. $1.00 PER HCNOIIKD. SMALL SIZE, \n.xl* LARGE SIZE, IO'.xIII'j, si..ill PER 1IUNURKU, WRITE FOR SPECIAL PRICKS FOR SPKCIAL HKSIONS. 31 West 31st St., New York. MEYER COHEN, Manager. (Tin' Largest Rallail House in (be World.) WIGS TOUPEES, GREASE PAINTS, ETC. And thi Litest and Most Popular Styles In Ladles Hair Oroulo|. A. M. BUCH A: CO., 119 N. Ninth Street, Philadelphia. OSTON'S EATRIC STORE GIIEE.VM IMIAllMAi i. 2:« TKEMONT ST.. Cor. ELIOT ST. (Formerly Parker's Pharmacy). PROPRIETORS OV ELITE COLD CREAM. Ess. m.—aoc. '/ 3 ib. (Sample Sent on Request). Performers, Brine Your Chooks Or telephone &W9 SSth Street, to LOWANDE'B TRANSFER CO., N. K. Corner 41st ana 8th Ave., Hew York. I em an ex-performer and know bow to bundle your baggage. Dand- ling exclusively for Tony Pastor'a Theatre. Storage also. Open Sundays. WRITE OR TELKGRAPH WHEN AKI> WHERE TO MEET YOU. ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, PLANTS, BUSHES, VINES AND NATURAL PREPARED PALMS, SAGOS, ETC., FOR STAGE USE. Anything and everything In this line tor mage purposes, for special sceneries and occasion*, Ore- proof or otherwise. Writo for my large Catalog 0, which will lie of great value to yon. CARL NETSCHKRT, 110 Wabaah Ave., Chicago. SHOES FOR STAGE, STREET AND EVENING. EXCLUSIVE STYLES ABU WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED. Short Vamp and stage Lasts Mall Orders Filled. Kit guaranteed. .ERNBTEI always on band. . WILLIAM BKBlfSTBM, TiL MS Madison Square. 609 Sixth Ave., near lift Street, N. T. OUR HOSIERY DEPARTMENT AN IN8TANT 8CCCE«« WIGS WILLIAM HEPNEK WIG CO. LEADING WIG MAKERS. Largest stock In America. Wigs made to order. Full line of paints, powders and cold cream. Bend for catalogue "C" to either place, 124 WEST 3«th St., N. Y.; Chicago Opera House Block, Chicago. RUBBER COLLARS, GUFFS, BOSOMS, •2.00 A DOZEN. MjPO A DOZEN. «6.00 X DOZEN. In All Sites auiTsiylea. AgenuWanted. JAMES GOLDSMITH, a Aator Place, New fork. ■; c o H R T N LY Stag e i Street Gowns Tel. im—One Oxford. BMTREMONT STREET, BURTON, Opposite Majestic Theatre. PLAYS For Stock Companies, for Repertoire Companies, for Amateurs LARGEST ASSORTMENT IN THE WORLD. T.ooks for home amusement, Negro Plays, Paper, Scenery, Mrs. Jarley'd Wux Works. Catalogue Free! Free I Free 1 SAMUEL FRENCH, 17 TIT. 22d St., Nvvr York. THE OLD RELIABLE HOUSE—EST. WOtt. U. SCHWARTZ TRUNK WORKS 20 E. 42d St. 412 SIXTH AVE., NEW YORK CITY, Cor. 25th ft. Send for Illustrated Catalogue. Our Professional Trunks arc Guaranteed for 10 Years. STAGE PROPERTIES Best. FIRST CLASS WORK AT LOWEST PRICES OFFICE AND SHOW ROOM8, 306 W. 43d ST. Manufactured by J. M. LBAVIT* bear the stamp of Artistic Workmansbln and Lasting qualities. The Largest and Best Equipped Plant In this line of boti- FACTORY, 313 W. 43d ST., N.; f. BAND INSTRUMENTS, «KS. WRITE FOR CATALOGUE. LOUIS VITAK, "Dept. F.," 1»5 Wabash Are., Chicago. IIAfll FHA CIIDDI ICC c,llbs ' Batons, Ouns, Rolling Globes, Hoops, JLlbhLtnN NUrrLIfcXBsaWlrewalkers'Apparatui.KomanAies. Stamp to wWMMsiUIW Ws ■ SalSaW Catalog and list. Edw. Van Wvck. ClnclnnetLO %4£ iWESSJONAL TRUNKS; Sat Trunk Yoi'il Beast Day Das, .. Now Located at 110 WEST 40 STREET, 8 DOOR.s BAST OF THE ACTORS' SOCIETY Won't Yen cam. to lee My Trunkal tme: CHICAGO Il_M EXCHANGE (.1 AltWI KIS atisfaction S AND uccessful ervice We furnish nil the latent nud beat l'll.MS and SOSti SMIll'S. Our rcum t «i'rvl<>c Is absolutely I lie beat. Chicago Film Exchange, 133 So. Clark Street CHICAGO, ILL. MOVING PICTURE PRINTING. HENNEGAN ft CO., Cincinnati MOVING PICTURE MACIIIXES, Films, Slides, Accessories. HEADQUARTERS FOR EDISON'S GOODS. CHAM. M. STK1IB1NW. 1088 Slain St., Kaniai City, Mo MUSICAL BELLS AND MUSICAL NOVELTIES as used by leading artists the world over. Send for new Illustrated catalogue. Our goods can be seen at Kohlei* A Chase, San Francisco, Calif.; Carl Fischer, Nov/ York; Oliver Dilson Co., Iloston, Mass.; waener A l,eveiii. Mexico City. Mexico; Seymour Dove A Co., Bombay, India, J. C. HE A (IAN, 2167 North Clark St., Chicago, III. FREE!! FREE!! FREE!! To Professionals Only. "REIVA," a walls ballad "MV U. S. LAl>v," popular song lilt; "AOII MJUIE," comic Dutch song; "TUN MAN FROM TiiE COUNTY CORK," curate Irish song. Mulling lc. each. Send at once to J. LOUIS VON UBR MEIIDEN JR., 26 O'Parrcil Street, San Francisco, Cal FOR SALE AT A BAB6AIR! Twenty Oak Cabinet MUTOSCOPES Guaranteed to lie In rlrst class Working Order. Jnst the thing for Fairs or Traveling Shows. Mutt sell at once. Address "SCOPES," care CLIPPER Office. HIGH CLASS MAGICAL APPARATUS At moderate prices. Large stock, immense variety. Illustrated Catalogue Free. New Mam- moth Catalogue Just Issued, 20c. New list of 400 bargains in One anparatus for 2c. stamp. A ROTKKBKKO, 17« Ontario St., Chloago. PERFORMERS AHTIST8 OF ALL KINHS WRITE FOR SUNDAY 1UTK. FOR SUNDAY. Sohmar Park MONTREAL. yi PISO'S CURE FOR ,, Films Films Tlii> ftreeKwl bargains ever, The "Different Kind" "f ■ Kllm Shop never recede"—It forges ahead. Head this! One "Professional Song Stereonllcon, hrnntl new., wllll llie tlrlglit While Light Otillll, > iiiicie, win-Hi $iHMM); our price, $I.Y<nj, I.uhln's Lnlest Model Clncogrnph, Willi Stercnpllcon combined. Calcium Lamp. Klcr- trli- l.:iiii|inml Adjiistnhle Rheostat, and 1,0t>0 feel of well selected Film, only ifliKUH). One Optlgrnpli motion Picture Machine, with double t'.'-story' Htcreopilcou, Ttlssnlvcr. t'arryliig Case ami 1,000 feet well selected I'llm, JIlNUHi. • Hie (ipilgrnpli, with single Rlercnptlenn, lilted with Tiikeiin, 1 .iuiiiim. etc.. anil I.imki it-el well selected I'llm, ?HM).IX); or, without IheTnkeup, fXiAW. One lot of Miscellaneous nml Comic Films, every one 111 perfect condition, mounted mi ilirer- 1'illson type. 10 Inch reels, ready fur ln*ttinl use -nhout 2.50O feel—?1 Hum. A snap for a ijt'li*K buyer. .M'P.CIAI.—One Victor Talking Machine, com j.-iii.tin. with Taper Arm mill large Hell H.iiu: ','."' 10 Inch Records, one l.ubln linVi I'lni'tigrnpli. with Sterenpl Icon nimhliuil: Lamp and Rrtoo,'itnr. I.iWhi feel well srieetnl l ilia and firiy nssorleil Sllil.';. In a case—a nio'*i roinplel>» evhlblllon milllt. real <itfr S.'tllO.ilO. Ini'liiillng the screen; mtr price fur nil. tldO.ftH, line M.nlel A Oilylhe .mllit. like new. .*','» «uit<'l It iixlyth.' tmiilt. like new.. SlUel Hue lt»i<t Aeetyleue i.iitili. brnnd new. •Hi'' ItrlL-h I AVIllte Light, like new ■ me Kill-uin Dlri'lrli- l.nni One Adjustable llhenstni line Viilt Meier, new. mst $l."..iai.... Slereiinttcnlis lis low .11 $10.1)11. I'.'..Ml l.'l.r.'l :i.r^» •LMI •.Ti.lH) Bioflraph and Patbs Film Selling Agents. FILMS AND MACHINES WANTED I'ROVIDED TUBY ARE 0000. LEWIS H.1WAAB & CO., :iH8 SPRUCE STREET, PIIII.AIMOLI'IIIA. PA. 'Phone Connection. GENTEEL HEAVY MAN Baal be tall, capable ol playing one or two leads and nave WAHDROBE, ibineiDneeou NO TALK IN(1 ACT. Fines Adviinced loKespnnsllile Parlies. Address "HFPKBTOIRK." Sistersville, W. Vs., week Nov. il; Weston, W, Vs.. week Nov. 1*1. NOTE -Will pay cash rni-newoi- secund hmnl dye scenery. Interiors. GOING OUT OF BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL SUPPLY CO. Have on luiiul alioiit 20,000 feel, of Plain and colored, Idlest riiIiJocI.h: nlso IS3 sei. lati-Mt Song Slides—N'KW: Uls.tolvers, Slide Carriers, lins Making nulllls, etc.. fir. Here is ydur t-blinee to kcI new k<hhIh lit si'i-uiiil hand prices, while ihey IiihI ; also Hie (ji-cnt Illusion, "Agil," cnlnlngiieil by Vnst & I'n. nl fXM. My price, llrsl. SW gets II. A line l»l nf Singe Costumes for boy about in yearn of ■■->, silk, smlii nml plush, a bar- gain. Si-uil stamp for list. I'. R. -If la UIIICAtlO, i'hII. IKI .TACK SON ni.VI). MINNELLI BROS. WANT, to Support Mina Gennell Hooked solid, Klttw A. Erlangcr Circuit, South, Al Comedian, Strung Specialty,Tall, lioml Look- ing leading Mau to play some licavlos; (looil All Arountl Actor. Feutnre Specialty Team, plav same nnrts; AI Character Woman with specialties. Ex- pcrlcncc, w'lrdrnoc, aobrloly ossvntlnl. Tickets to thuse we know. MINNELLI linos., Petersburg, Vs., week Nov. IS, pew'sITh&tre DRAMATIC PEOPLE In all Hues. Stock engngeiiieul. Open on wire. ,\o fniiey salaries, room nml tKuiril lu liiiaw. Siietliilly People lit nil times. Iterthii Mc.Miir- H.'uuil Will Allen, wrlie. JOHN I'ICItSICA, Pmp.. Memplils, 'J'emi. liKll. II. liAltli.NKII, Ariiiisemi'iit lilri'ilnr. A No. I (IIAUACTEIt MAN for "KINO OK TMAMPH" CO. Can use Juvenile Men capable of doing specialty. Join at once. Addross Empire Amusement Co., Ml. Jewell, Pa., Nov.S; Hal amines, N, V., 10; Oleau, N. V., 11, and Jainesiowu, N. Y., 13, Wanted forTheatre. etc, Price, t- night performance, and 11 mat. Wire at once, I'RUF. J. LEVIN, 111 West Ilargctt St., Rilelgh, N. C. p. H.—Engagement In Charlotte Theatre, Charlotte, N. C. SLEIGHT OF HAND TRICKS. 6 for One Dollar ALL KINDS. Sample, 10 cents. Address JOHN /.IMMI'lt. jjg N. Ilancroft St., Phllndelplila, Penna. uT" t rrfioa MPW Catalogue of nays and SiiW Mtke Up, for Profes. ■lousls and amateurs, seal oa '{■plication. KALU. so Aan SL.flew Tsrk. WIGS I. SIIINMHIILM, llh tt*. 01 II St., N. Y. Tin; Il|i lo- ll llle TliJJATfllC.sL firifl MAKCII. Seuii slump fur new fries List, Just mi l. BOSTON FILM EXCHANGE. Second Uand Films, Hong Slides and Wacblnes Bought, Sold and Exchanged. M4 WASHINGTON Bosteti, Ifase., epp. Adams House. SI. Several fine Hotel cars for rent; Id line rendition. Address MISS Hell AII ON, Wellington Uotel, Chicago. AT LIBERTY, A He. 1 PIANO (LE&DEB. ABBANOEB) and TUBA. OEV, DEb., - • .Minneapolis, Mlna, Can book good Vaudeville Acta with Hrst rlnaa Hap. Co. for weeks Dee. Il-'jn, Jan, H, IS, •'«., *IU, In New Knglaml. SRAHAI'S AfiENCT, 01't Washington Nt„ UIWTIil AT LIBERTY, Mae Dudley SQUBHETTE AND VERSATILE UAOS. New American llnlel, - WUragfas 111, OFKXKR WWIKIf ll.lke "lalMf") f ir Newly lleiaudeled Tltdieli's opera House. Hill nhoi uiiiiy and mil oveiir- sion trains. Iilgbaml in leature. Sems l.njn. SAI. irni'ilnua a monib lliereafter. Positive winner, Want Al Buml Instrueliir, Cornel, ibmlil.' 1st vmllu, locate, or small iMucn Orchestra, to loi-ute. I.iuly Violinist, doubles toriiel. leach bund: l.mly Harp- ist, tlanremuslo. Rlrh country. •.•■ small inwns in arrange dates and draw from; no miles West of iJlCrnsse, Wis. Sampson Nigger SlrUllig Miir'lilne (or sale or trade. II. II . Tlbliol ts. Pres ton. Minn. "AT LIBIKIsITY, Two Good Amateurs nil cnnitntiiiTciiiln'imin lAgc Id), for any lined First Class ComiuinrtOperit, Stock or Illnstrei). Slain all ursi letter. Atbtresi A. J. II. ('. Licseko and Frankobergcr, 528 Adams St.. Chloago, 111. "WANTED, FOR REPERTOIRE, Hood S. nnd I). Comedian, good s. and Ii. Son. brettn, Leading Han (to illree.ii, Heavy Man, Pri)]i- fin Man to play responsible parts, Male pmnlsr. tnplay parts. Stain ,oiir lowest tlrst inter If you expect an answer; I pay all. No tickets iinlest | know you. JACK MANLEY, lull,, M,Ml 1.1 IT HI'., St. I.ouls, Mn., Care of llolcl l.ange. MAKE MONEY. Roller Skates The iieii nnd clieapest sWute uiiule for rink use, I leinli-lti' or steel roller. Semi for prices. 110KT* I .ANH HOLLER BKATH CO., Oorilmid. N. V. AMATEURS WHO UKHIUK TO APPI-:All IN VAUDKVILLK, CAN Hi:ci'ltK AN OI'I'liIlTUNITy lo "How their .iet. hv addressing iiiattngnr ol Circle Theatre. Itroadway and Slxlletli Sireet, New York. (Ilvn full particulars of ant and send pho'os. If possibln. COOD GENERAL BUSINESS ACTOR For II,hi pans In "ur. Jckyll mid Mr. ilrdn." State loivest. I'av vonr own. li. It. 1,1 : Vis, Columbia, Pa., Nov. in; Mldd'elown, Pa,, Nov. II; I.IWlsl QWII, Ps., Xnv '-'I Ar LIBERTY, experVenceo GLASS BLOWER can do ell her Not or lllnw work. Always sober and reliable. Have Ulass F.ugiue If n. -ntsiiry, ItegnriU lo frlonilf. >»M l, SULLIVAN, iu-l HnopcrSt ., Ilruoklyn, N. v . LADY MUSICIANS For Winter season. Please state If yon are it vocalist. Statu experience. Address SCIINEIHEIt, Dir. Cook's rami (lardeu, Uuiutli, Minn. IM wiiiti: on wiiii:. J. W. \i:i»llllW. MILLKItSIII.'llfl. fllllO, \ASAIM FIRST CLA88 REPERTOIBE COS., At CLAUK'H Ol'BUA. IIOUKH, NORWICH, N. V., AHer flee. Hi. Week Nov. '.'7 nlso otien, l-'nr terms ml'lress L. II. II AH SiriT , -Mgr. NEW OPERA HOUSE WHS SUNDAY MIIIIEE m MIGHTS. TAMMS, ll_l_. Address S. W. MiiRTON, Miiuuger. WANT LEADING LADY KOll DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE Pay your ownjHistolowuM, with pnrtlculsra. Co. I tlliibla, Pa ., Nov. 101 tlldillotiii. 11 p. II LEVIS* THE SOUTH IS OPEN, One 'J)X '», l.'116'illX'Dl lllliek TcillS, ODD i'Oft. ltd. Top, ■: wit. Middles, ciinvus only; Inldln clt ..s anil Camp llockera, Crank I'lniios, Turning O .aus. Mllltnry organ, Megaplinnes, fog Horn,, nul t old riiintutloii lisniier, 2 loicto liniiner Fruiita. He tl rm Uargaln Lists. 1U II. AKMaitHHTBR,S|irlniineld, I llnols. AT LIBERTY, riltST CLASH, I'XPeJHII'Vf'L'H \.\:\1>\',K, Al VIOLINIST. ARHANOi:lt. AdibesN VBADRIt- enre of CLIPPKIt. Wanted, Position by Experienced ATTENDA*if FOR 110(1 AND HONKKY SHOW. Speak I'ronetj Uvnntiu mid rlniftlHti. Address . . . . , K. K,, cure of CLIPPER,