New York Clipper (Nov 1905)

Record Details:

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984 THE NEW YORK CLIPPER. NOVEMBEB 11. ff[E ABE HOW PRE- PABED to give this Song to toe innumerable performers wfco have been anxiously waiting for its release. SET II EABLT AID AVOID THE BUSH. •>•>•>! ■MTIOIM I % % I RS % % EIMTIOIM!! LITTLE GIRL, YOULL DO FREKCOPY sent oiTreceiptofprogramJuV*f I lean known to us. Orchestration, 100. each. I IWWWV^^* THE WALTZ BONG EVERYBODY IS WHISTLING. I I ■ ■ E ORCHESTRA LEADERS! Send 10c great Dance Oichestretlon of this Bit. S— \ JOS. \A/. RIM & East IM- V. "Wttle Mri, Tom Do,"lBtiemuehtalke4. of Song Bit la ir. chai. Prohman's "School Girl', and "Catch of the s ea , son" Co's. Proioueed by Press and Public the OIE SOLID SOIG SCO. 0BS8 OP THE 8EAS0I. 12 OEIXTTTS SEND IN TOUR ORDER FOR THAT GREATEST OF ALL SENSATIONS, •a^-THE-^* ESCAPE FROM SING SING 775 >* o-f -Thrilling md Dramatii iituations. THE AMATEUR CRACKSMAN, 18 Wonderful Scenes, Length, 1050ft. K HOUMI nd WHITI 7 2 5ft, «70ft. SEWVAIMT LICKNSE I IRL PHOI ► . 13, or *- »deo Au-t< BOOft. - 7SOft. WHITE FOR. PAUTIClPLAITS OF THE ABOVE HEADLINER8. Belling Agent!I KLEINE OPTICAL CO., S3 State St., Chicago, III. 110 NASSAU ST. HEW YORK. k f Telepbone, 27M John. Cable address, "Vltngrapn." .MILKS BROS., UO Turk St., San Francisco, Cat. EDISON K1NET0SG0PES. $75, AND AMU THE LATEST A*D MOST 1M- PROVED MOTION PICTURE MACHINE*. FILMS 400 SUBJECTS, 4 S w UP Rei + Star Stereopticon $21.50 WITH BMaCTBIG LAMP. RHEOSTAT AND SWITCH. CONDENSERS & $..&$(&» MTKOSTATS. 2?0 Volt., $8.50. REELS, UMF.8, OAKIIONS, GELATINE SHEETS, FILM BOXES, CONDENSER PROTECTORS, 600. NEW AND LATEST MIS SLIDES, $5 Per Set. HE | SHI SLIDES }50c. MOST UNIQUE, RICHLY COLORED, I Each. MACHINES, FILMS. 8TERE01TICON, SONO SLIDES, etc., AT GREATLY REDUOED PRICES. wilSjFILMSli MOTION PICTURE MACHINES BEST PRICES PAID FOR FINE GOODS. 809 Filbert, PBILA, PA. I FILMS FOR RENT WE RENT NEW FILMS THE LARCEST ESTABLISHMENT OF ITS KIND IN THE WORLD EUGENE! CLINE & CO GLINE BLDG., 2 W. 14th ST., NEW YORK. DEARBORN AND RANDOLPH, CHICAGO. CTI) ft YD? HALF-TONE 9 1 KA 1 D-> PROCESS CO. I - PARKROW BUILDINO.N.Y. A_| ,„ t . '.Sets. SQUARE INCH- f» ' CUtS Personal Representatives IN THE OLD DATS Theatre Managers were put to a great disadvantage in being compelled to take for their moving picture turns whatever the makers sent them. NOWADAYS the wise manager books MILES SERVICE and secures, without extra charge, the benefit of a PERSONAL REPRESENTATION in New York City for the inspection and selection of new subjects. MILES SERVICE insures attractive programmes, latest pictures, prompt shipment and courteous treat- ment. MILES OS IO EAST 14th NEW YORK CITY. US TURK STREET, SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. •* A NEW BI0GRAPH HIT. MYSTERY OF THE MISSING JEWEL CASKET Showing the robbery of a sealed express ear while the train Is under headway*. Unquestionably the greatest film sensation of the season. .... I^eiagtlx, GSOft. Class A. AMERICAN MIITOSCOPE & BIOGRAPH CO., II E. I4th St., New York. KLEINE OPTICAL CO., Chlcaf MILES BROS., San Franclaco. SPECIAL SELLING AGENTS:- THE GREAT ENGLISH VAUDEVILLE PAPER. TNE AND I SEW, ►tirjaixcl., 401 FOREIGN SUBSCRIPTIONS, - . . . . 8a. ML ' .,, PROFESSIONAL ADVERTISEMENT!, - - JJ». ed., SlnaTe Colon."i '■« NHW YORK CORRESPONDENT AND BHP., IDA CARLE, OFFICE, 708 tfS. I*** SLDO., where •dTertlaemeoU will be recelred. Copies on ilia. .a. PBR TJIAB