The New York Clipper (April 1906)

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THE NEW YORK CLIPPER. Aprii, 7. WHAT YOU GOINTO DO.WtftN Y0'CLOTHES WEAR OUT! s* THE NEW "TERRIFIC" COON SONC SUCCESS !! SOW BEING FEATURED BY MARY PBOMTWEST COON SIIOHTKRS IS VACDEVILE. ACKJOW LKDGKP TO BE THE GREATEST HIT OP 100*. CD EC Professional Copies and Orchestrations B> H jSS ■■ (Any Kay) Sent to Recognized Performin, or thou Sending I 11 fafa Recent Programs. NO CARDS, PLEASE This is the Bong Ton Need to Strengthen Your Act. ALWAYS SURE OF ENCORE8. 509-511-513 S. Broadway, BALTIMORE, IB. HETtE 19 THE CHORUS l Wtint j'o' goln' to do when 70' clothes wenr out? lie on yo* way now you roustabout, Don't come 'round starting trouble to brew, Cause I'm liable to forget I'm related to you. Who dressed you up when you looked like a bum. (lave you the money dat you spent fo' rum? You better get busy a-tblnklng about What you gola' to do when yo' clothes wear out. ARTHUR H. MILLER MUSIC PUB. CO., £ 'S BARGAINS. FILMS THE WEDDINU, 47J lent 180 FIRE AND FUMES, 300 feet 120 THE DESERTER, 465 (cot Ill EDISON'S BULL FIGHT, 7M fCCt ISO MELIUS' FAUST AND MAIlUUKKlTE.SoOfeet..ISO IMPOH9IIILE JOURNEY,060 feel 1*0 TRAIN ROBBERtiJMfSti. $« THE SDBUKRANITE. 726 feet. ISO AND MANY OTHER FILMS AT LOW PRICES. MOTION PICTURE MACHINES, ETC. nniSON UNIVERSAL KINETOSCOrB, ELECTItlC — LAMP, RHEOSTAT, jftCE SWITCH AND JET *"« DDISON EXHIBITION KINETOSCOPK, KLECTIIIC LAMP. RHEOSTAT AND OXX-HYD. JET (Ae New) J0O.O0 MOTION PICTUnEMACIIINESTEREOITI-l ... CON, with ELECTRIC LaiiinandHlieostat) »** MOTION PICTURE MACHINE STEREOP-1 ,„. „ TICON, OXY. HYD. JET and TUBINO.... | *"•"' ACETYLENE JET AND GENERATOR, AS NEW 0.00 ELECTRIC LAMP AND RHEOSTAT. $7.60 CINEOORAI'H (Tjalrereal), 1906, ELEC- TRIC LAMP, RHEOSTAT and JET. 840.00 MODEL B OAS OUTFIT *20.30 EDISON ELECTRIC LAMP *8.75 .... $4.25 DARLOT MAO. LENSES. SPECIALTIES: EDISON KINETOSGOPES, $75 AND ALL THE LATEST AND MOST IM- PROVED MOVIVO PICTURE MA- CHINES AND NEW FILMS. 60 Rex*Star Stereopticon, $21 ■In 0 WITH ELECTRIC LAMP, HO. L. RHEOSTAT AND SWITCH. Model B Gas Outfits. OXY LITHE and OXONE •10 ADJUSTABLE M. P. TABLE, $7.00. KEELS, LIMES, CARBONS. GELATINE SHEETS, FILM BOXES, CONDENSER PROTECTORS, 60c. Moil * I Ilv 4Xtn. JI. Mall NEW AND LATEST CONDENSERS •J) |'each SONG SLIDES, $5 Per Set. S. H. SONG SLIDES $2 ?" Up POSE AND SERPENTINE SLIDES}50e. MOST UNIQUE, RICHLY COLORED, I Eaoh. rr New & Second Hand LANTERNS FILMS & SLIDES BOUGHT & SOLD WROBBSt m FILMS FILMS Here's what a few of our customers think of us: You are all right; man than you tell hi: you do better with a jm you are going to do. B. F. CHAIN, Canastota, N. Y. United HtutcM Tent nml Awning Co. Randolph and Union Streets, CHICAGO, III. CIRCUS CANVASE8. BLACK TENTS Oar SpcolnKr. SIDE SHOW PAINTING S. HI8H CLASS MAGICAL APPARATUS At moderate prices. Largo stock. Immense variety. Muni rated Oltrtlogiie Free. New Muni- moth Cntatugtio Just Issued, yoe. New llBt of 400 liHrgfilnn In tine npiuiri.tuH for 2c, stamp. A. ItOTKHUtiKU, no Ontario St., Chicago. SCENERY The Tiffin Scenic Company, TIFFIN OHIO. Your square dealing and promptness have always deeply Impressed me with a confidence that my orders will be strictly carried out— CAFT. CHAS. H. STANLEY, Baltimore, aid. Although I have dealt with Mr. Swaab for over one year, and received the best treat- ment and prompt consideration, we have never been within 1,000 miles of each other at any time.—T. C. SHEA, Mgr. Elec, The- atre, Woodward, Oklo. I have dealt for some time with. Hr. Swaab, and always found him honest and square and prompt In every respect. He baa my entire confidence and patronage. B. B. LUSE, Wlmboro, S. C. The dim arrived 86 hours after wiring, at a distance of over 1,200 miles. Thanks for fair deal and quick service. LEVIS A SONS SHOWS, Mobile, Ala. I can safely say that your concern does business ON THE square. Use my name as reference.—JAY P. BEVILL, Mgr. Dude Faust Co., Hot Springs, Ark. In all my dealings with film houses I have never found one bo fair, square and upright ss L. M. Swaab'a "Different Kind" of a dim shop. 1 recommend his bouse to any one. W. HOPE TILLY, Texarcana, Texas. You will thank me for recommending L. M. Swaab, the leading Motion Picture Man of Philadelphia, once you deal with him. N. D. CLOWARD, Wilmington, Del. A word to the picture men: Deal exclusively with Lewis M. Swaab, 33S Hpruce Street, Philadelphia, Pa. His goods are the best, bis prices are right, and he Is on the square.—J. L. LUCAS, Abilene, Kan. I found Mr. Swaab to be the most prompt and reliable man to deal with. Be never mis represents. PBED R, WALCOTT, Syracuse, N. Y. Mr. Lewis M. Swaab. of Philadelphia, the leading Dealer In Moving Picture Machines and Films. Is, In my opinion, the only re- liable.—REV. J. ELBERT HAMPTON, Bond Town, Va. N. B.—We sire merely a partial list of the hundreds of Testimonials we have received. In order to show In what esteem we are held by all who deal with us. Unlike some dealers, we can show the originals of the aforegoing. We do not Issue a catalogue of so-called un- solicited testimonials, many of which were written for the occasion, and none are dated. Many Bo-callcd testimonials were written ten years ago, when a motion picture was a novelty. The majority of our testimonials are less than six months old. The house to deal with Is the one who quarantees absolute satisfaction, That's us. Edison Universal Machine, - $55 Lnbln's Exposition Machine, - 55 Enterprise Optlgraph Machine, - 45 Each with Calcium Lamp, Electric Lamp, Itbeostat, 10 Inch Reels and Takeap. In competition with others, we sold four Cnmcragraphs last week. Ask us the reason, FINE reels, each containing a head- liner, 1,000 feet, for $00. We have no Imitation fight Alms for sale, and the real oneB cannot be bought PATHB PASSION PLAY Is wonderful. BIOGHAPH'9 THE BLACK HAND la another sensation. MELIES CHIMNEY SWEEP Is out of sight. EDISON'S RAREBIT FIEND Is a Side splitter POWER'S CAHBRAORAPH Is perfect MACHINES AND FILMS WANTED PROVIDED THEY ARE GOOD. LEWIS M. SWAAB & CO., 338 Spruce Bt., PhlliilolpliU. KINC8TON KNITTING CO., 3T Klngaton Bt., BOSTON, MASS., V. g. A. Manufacturers of Silkolene Tights, $2.00 Worsted Tights, {2.00 Cotton Tights, 11.00 RqucBtrlan Shirts same price as tights. A special discount of 10 per cent, allowed on all goods. (ilv© us a trial, that Is all we ask, Write for prices on anything In Knit Goods line. Deposit re- quired on all orders. FOR BENT, Commencing April 15. l Car, Uncle Tom Outfit complete, Teuts, Seats, Stage, Scenery and car to accommodate so peo- Elo; entire outfit carried on 1 ear. Property will e at Springfield. O.. April 7, complete and ready for business. This show has been the last a years. Big business. It you have not got the money, don't write. Come and look It over. Address GU8 BUN, Springfield, O. THOUSANDS. JUST AT PRESENT, SMILE 8 ME PROCTOR'S ENTERPRISES. F. F. PROCTOR, Sole Proprietor end Manager. 7 BEAUTIFUL THEATRES 7 Devoted to Refined Entertainment. Proctor's Bth Ave, Theatre, Proctor's 23d St. Theatre. Proctor's 68th St. Theatre, Proctor's 125th St. Theatre, Proctor's Newark Theatre, Proctor's Albany Theatre, Prootor's Troy The- atre. PROCTOR'S STOCK CO. Best Plays and Best Vaudeville. INSTRUCTIONS TO ARTISTS BOOKED: 52J Riot of acta: complete "prop" Hat; correct got plot; If you open or close In one; EXACT time of acts, and of "close In;" bill- ing for newspapers and programmes: and CLEAN PHOTOGKAPH8 for LOBBIES TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE OF OPENING DATE AT EACH HOUSE, addressing RESIDENT MANAGER. FAILURE TO COMPLY with theBe INSTRUCTIONS WILL SUBJECT ARTISTS to lire RISE OF CANCELLATION. VAUDEVILLE REHEARSALS, 9 TO 11 A. M. MONDAYS. THESE RULES WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED. Playwrights, Authors, Play Agents, Address F.F.PKOCTOR, Proprietor and Manager. FIFTH AVI. THEATRE, N. T. CITY. Get the Habit. Go to «, LOTH I PBS UHIOH SQUABE, 14th Street,near Broadway, 279 Broadway, near Chtmhrt. 47 Cortlindt St., near QrwsnwlclL 125th St., corner Third Ave., raw YORK CITY. WATCH NEXT WEEK FOR SMILE 8 ME LADIES CAN WEAR SHOES one slie smaller alter using Allen's Foot- Ease, a powder to he shaken Into the shoes. It makes tight or new shoes feel easy; gives Instant relief to corns and bunions. It's the greatest comfort discovery of the age. Cures and prevents swollen feet, blisters, callous and sore spots. Allen's Foot-Ease Is a certain cure for sweating, tired, aching feet. At all druggists and shoe stores, 25c. Don't accept any substitute. Trial package FREE by null. Address Allen S. Olmstead, Le Boy, N. Y. I 10 DOT goods 1 or cent, reduction on our ~ ieea atlTen for the »eks to Istdaee new customers to try our superior production. This has been suc- cessful. Our old customers bare had prlvlledge of this advantage. In future not prices will prevail until further notice We can make tights and shirts in six qualities while you wait. If neces- sary. Only people In the business who can do this. SPICER BROS., 86 Woodbine Street, Brooklyn, N.T. BTALL.AEAJN'8 I1HESSEII TRUNK. Essy to get at everything with- t out dlBt&rblng anything. No fatigue in packing and unpack- ing. Light, strong, roomy drawers. Holds ss much and costs no more than a good box trunk. Uand rlvlted; strongest trunk made. In small roomservesas chiffonier. C. O. D. with privilege ot ex- amination. 2c. pump for cata- log. F.A. STALLMAN, 86 w. Bprlng 8U, Columbus, o. AT LIBERTY AFTER APRIL 7, Al SKETCH TEAM Change for 2 weeks, Best line of singing, dancing and novelty acts, silent specialties. Lady good piano player. Hard workers in actB, sober and reliable. Must have tickets. Add. The Gilberts, Box 171, Sunbnry, Pa. WATCH NEXT WICE.K FOR SMILE i ME RICHARD JOSE. Mr. Jose, the well known contra tenor, Is one of the most successful ballad singers In the world. Twenty-nine years ago. In Corn- wall, Eng., young Jose's voice was first heard. Even la his early childhood he was set down as one who. In the figurative language of that day, was "bom with a bird In bis throat" The wonderful quality of his vocal resources was an Inheritance from his father, Benor Blcardo Jose, a Spanish tenor, who was fa- mous all over Europe. At the age of six Ulchard was considered the most remarkable chorister In the boy choir in the village church, and his powers grew with his years, until by tbe time he reached the age of ten he became the wonder of the village In which be lived. When be was twelve years old bis father died, leaving a family of seven chil- dren, of which Richard was the oldest. The problem of existence was a hard one for the widow, and so, when Richard's uncle, a stock broker of Virginia City, Nev., suggested that If she would send tbe lad to America he might be able to give him a start In tbe world, she sorrowlngly agreed, and the boy started alone on bis long journey. Tbe voy- age was made In a raging Winter sea, and culminated In a wreck off the Newfoundland coast, from which he, with others on board, escaped in boats. Upon reaching Virginia City, traveling part of the way by stage, his uncle met him, only to leave him three days later. Thus cast upon his own resources, he finally secured a position In a church choir, which brought him a couple of dollars n week. At tbe age of fourteen he was in- duced to go to Carson City, Nev., to slog, but after a snort time this position failed him. He then concluded be would like to be a blacksmith, and went to Reno, Nev., and se- cured a place as apprentice to a blacksmith of that place. In three years be learned the trade, and from that time be was able to make three dollars a day at the forge. He was six years at Reno, engaged In this heavy but healthful work, during which time he managed to go to night school the greater part jf tbe time. All this while, too, he was cultivating his voice. Finally a San Fran- cisco man heard him sing, and Induced him to go to San Francisco, where he had suc- cess from the start He was given an.en- gagement with Reed's Minstrels at $12 a week, and took so well at the opening that his salary was raised to $26 on the follow- ing week, and within a month he was en- gaged by Burch & Cotton to tour California with their minstrel company, at $50 per week. Four months later he waa sent for by Lew Dockstader, and engaged at a salary of $75 per week. Since that time the success of Mr. Jose 1b well known, and few, If any, of the ballad singers command a salary equal to bis. «.» VIRGINIA. Norfolk.—At the Academy of Music (Otto Wells, local manager) Henrietta Cros- man came March 24, to splendid business. "The Yankee Consul" April 2, "Ben of Broken Bow Ranch" 4. Oranbt (Otto Wells, local manager).— Business last week was very good. "Fight- ing Fate" week of 2. Ache (Wilkinson A Monzle, managers).— People week of 2: Oscar Brewer, RTna Du- Bhan, Frankfort, Lnurl and Frankfort, White and Johnson, and tbe Carew Sisters. Busi- ness Is good. Bijod (Ab. Smith, mansger).—New people week of 2: Calton and Johnson, May Leslie. BeBBle Clayton, Rose Martlne, and Carroll and Shearer. Business Is good. Manhattan (C. O. CrlonTan, manager).— People week of 2: May Roach, Bill Campbell, Llllle Lewis, May Lemuels, the Madderns, and Jack Stockton. Business Is good. Aoditohium (J. M. Barton, manager).— People for week of 2: Johnson and Grant, Cleodorns, Hoffman Slaters, Three Rents, Watson and Mack, and Patterson and Sul- livan and the burlesque, "The Mystic Pair," by Guy Johnson. Business la good. ■ ■ • - Richmond At the Academy of Music (Chas. I. McKee. manager) "Peggy from PariB" came March 26, 27. Franklin Wood- ruff, In "Ben of Broken Bow Ranch," April 2; "Tbe Yankee Consul" 4, "The Old Home- stead" 7, Grace George 11. Bijod (Chas, I. McKee, manager).—Last week Wilton Whltecar, In "The Mummy and tbe Humming Bird," played to well filled houses. Daniel Ryan Co. 2-7, "Fighting Fate" 8-14. Pcteribnrs;.—At the Academy of Music .Jake Wells, manr— Ranch" comes Ap; r^*^.^ 1 !* mant K w 2 ,Bea cf B f° ken Bow COLORADO. Denver.—At the Broadway (B. F. Mc- Court, manager) "A Message from Mars" April 2-7, "Plff 1 Paff! I PouflU" week of 9. Obphbuu (Martin Beck, general mana- ger).—BUI for week of 2: The Seldoms, Sydney Denoe and company, Dan Sherman, Mabel De Forest and company, Armstrong and Holly, Rosalre and Doretto, Murray K» Hilt, Edward Lavlne and Lillian Waltone, and klnodrome. TABpi Grand (B. F. McConrt manager). —Pauline Hall, In "Dorcas," pleased good houBes last week. Week of 2. the AIT G Field Greater Minstrels. b™ <J- B. Clifford, manager).—Elfe's High School Girls, with the Six Banvards, played to good business last week. The Bal- timore Beauties 2-7. Ccbtis (A. R. Pelton, manager).—"A De- serted Bride" proved a popular attraction Inst week. Week ot 2, "The King of Detec- tives," "Her Double Life" follows. Novu.Tr (Henry Lnbelskl, manager).—Big houses last week, the following proving a well balanced bill: Tbe Four Roberts, Ethel Vane, Eddie and Lottie Dwyer, Illustrated songs and pictures. Cbtstal <G. I. _. __nowin«r bill played to ._ week I Vlrden and Donlan, the Buses Family, Usui Tn TiMn *».» IlMJ.l J- aE _ •' -jtstal (G. I. Adams, manager).—The followina; bill played to fair Jkaasaass last Paul La Drew, the Hlldebranda, the Eeltners! pictures snd sonas. Nora—Tbe Selle-Floto Shows are doe to leave Winter quarters hers for the South, April 6. Three trains will carry tbe show on to Texas, where the first performance Is gives. "TwoMinute" Safety Razor The razor for the busy man. QKes fast, per- fect shaves at the rate of foor for one cent. No Stropping. No Honing. No fussing, unscrewing, nor taking apsrt. \'o inaccessible corners to gather dirt. Opens like a book; washes and wipes like a dinner plaie. Impossible to cut yonrself. Gives smooth, pleasant shave to people who are ready to give up trying to get a razor that wM salt them. With 24 Sheffield special tempered steel blades and neat leather case, sA.oo, Liberal exchange offer on blades. Soldi Only on Approval Teat Plan, If tbe razor don't give yon perfect shaves, we do'nt want you to pay for it. Our blades come direct to you from the hands of experienced workmen who grind, temper and finish them by hand. No matter what kind of a beard jou have,nor what kind of luck you have had with razors, try this one. We will make the razor sell Itself to yon, or take It back without fuss or quibble. Write for free booklet. THE UNITED STATES SAFETY RAZOR GO., Department 2fi, Adrian, Mich., V. 8. A. WASHBURNEtaV^u FASTENERS VM BULL-DOG GRIP h UTTU, BUT SEVH LET GO. Men swear b^ them, not at them. BEWARE OF IMHATWK Key GwiM, . . 25c ScaHHoUen, . . 10c CuffHoUen. ■ ■ 20c BachtU ButtoM . 10e Sold everywhere or sent postpaid. Catologue free. AMERICAN RING CI. Deal. Tiwaterturr.CssJ. EVERYTHING ' the way of Tsmbot. So 061 ' BL3Q FOR AMATEUR IHNSTRELSY in our catalog No. 2. llluotraud. .. apoM! Wflla lor It to-<lay. POSTPAID ] THE CREST TRADING CO,. .24 B Wla^ril Msjfe N.w Y..K Galolum Gas and loving Picture Outfit ■Vfeittrtyoa^urnlBblDKCompleteouttti with ilmple and explicit lnntrucUoDS. The field Is Large, ccmpnsir.g tM regolu-theatre andlecture circuit. "•" local fieMa In Cruircbca, Public SCSSS»j Lodges and General Public Osl|lllM> Nothing affords better opportunltlei f« ■Sa.*'.V Our Outfit Comprises Dm O. p. OO.'S model, PUM CALCIUM CAB OUTFIT. tM ■raateatennilloijowaMheMttai and most economical RBB-mn* ns outfit M Invented. SsWl—■ Sttnoptlcoar, stain drtiri Hicsm. niM ma. and eterr aiaraialll F1IW, SIJ8U act i,t lit emaaWJ entertainments. Ab.o!ntelr tbe !«eo film, and view, on the market, I- '"}" 8-— all subject, tor the pobllc'e eoJ< r^eai. ■.II enttrtnlnmont auppl, catalog-' "' PICIAL orFIK lullr explain, eierttblne. '■""rUJ!tII«Cll.,12J0l,n*sll..D.>l»I ■!-■» SONG "SUNNY SONS" HITS ProfeMlfiOUeopleaVBKS (or card or recent pro- |tw. Free catalog of 8Urf f mlnatrelJ>ik«flv.««e. 'ILL ROSSITtR, 225 *n h lirftan St., Cbkasa WILL ROSSITfi'$ 90°SS?I00 lAMMSIZIII.O'P'"" BOOK