The New York Clipper (April 1906)

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APBIL7. the new. york: clipper. 190A I9 0 6 ODEL. R0L.Y30 0RE: NOW READY. CftSATLY IMPROVED AND SIMPLIFIED. It Has Stood the Test for Years and has come to stay. Silence and Steadiness are Its Strongest Features PRICE, OOrVlS=»L.ETE WITH ALL ATTACHMENTS, $IOO.OO. ■„• PONT'T FORGET OUK PIIjIWSi THE CAY DECEIVERS, length 776ft S93.00 I THE HOLDUP OF THE LEADVILLE STAGE, length 700ft. • 884.00 THE SERENADE, length 600ft. 60.00 I TRACKED BY BLOODHOUNDS, length 450ft. '• - 54.0O Theo» Film* Arm All Pmrfmo* In Detail and Steady. Ssnd for Oomplat* Oatalogua. CO., 43-45 PECK OT., CHICAGO, ILL. m M. BUOKWALTER, W.etorn Agont. Dorwor, Ool. ■ OaYepport,—At the Burtis Opera Hou»e, "At tie Ccv)3^Eoads 1 ' appeared March 26, .^gtiT* ^Kwctlou Cnas. BarkeU).—Buti- M^coaunuea'a'ood. Kor April l and week: Th>'Torre Hylands, Lltlle Tudor. J. W. Ur8»?.- Coot and Oakes, Lena Kline and moving pictures. ^iSir'(Direction H. F. Jarchow).—This layiile bouse Is located at 215 West d Street,- and In operated under a com* ■lany. of which H. T. Proestjer Is president, li.-F. Jarchpw rice president and manager, W.-'J. Noth-secretary nod treasurer. This bulidlnB has. been remodeled, and renovated. It hi) a depth of ISO feet and a' width of ,13'Jeer. Toe stage Is 22x33. The seatlnt* cipfccjty Is .800. Floor space, 100 feet tn •SjE Three perfonnancea dsily are slven, excfct Monday, on which day there 1b no jHBfc On- Sundays toere are four per- formances, 2.30 and 3.45 in the afternoon, «fd7T4o and 9.16 In the ■evening. Other Mysr tnatinee: at 3 o'clock. The prices are "Sh 20 cents. The * balcony will Beat %{ 300. The management baa fitted up j house with all modern conveniences, ■rfldjog-the latest opera chain. The the- •9 .opened March If*, qnd the attendance i;«s that the seating; capacity Is too small. y thcftre Is nn the International circuit ■vaudtTl-e theatres, and the prospects for i future are;verv brlghjt Indeed. " hold, Baader, Larells Trio, and the kino- drome. Bijou- (Beaj. M. Stalnback, manager).— "Bunning for Office," last week, did o thriv- ing business, the theatre being crowded every performance. The Flaming Arrow" April 2-7. GinfBT Bkothsss* Shows will exhibit here April 5, 3. KnoxVllle.—At Start's Theatre "(Frita SUub, manager) the Peyton Sisters opened a Ave nights' engagement March 28, to a capacity house. Business remained good. "The Isle of Spice" pleased a rood house 2". Alice Nellsou April 2, "The Old Homestead" S, local Elks' vaudeville 5, Lulu ataser 7. Note. —Barkout Carnival Co. April 2-7. «■ a ALABAMA, Ida Qyren, Illustrated songs and rnovlnf pic- pffef-", ; " • ■C*B«r1«ldi.—At Greene's Opera House {Wilt; S. .Coiner, business manager) Abigail Price,* -Match 26, flplrltnallstlc Illusions. eraai'and his Band. 2tt. pleased. "Checkers," STr" played, to'capacity. "Hooligan's Troubles" AJuBCl, '^The. Clansman" 2, "The lrukeof Do* lutn'' 3, .West's Minstrels-4, "Man's Enemy" i5,'7»I.'.x>'.-10, "The Mayor of Toklo" 12, tufa?! moving pictures 14, 16. ■ ■ - PIOftE's. i t'VIc Hugo, manager)vOood btlgrneaa -continues. BUI week of 2: Fltz- b4gh ! and B*i9i; Lee, Knox Bros., Tulsa, Geo. SStra,'Raj^V'."Fay and the blogrnpb. .NbvaS —'X'b°. Russian drama, "Paul Ma- ioria.t'- was given Its first presentation March I'(r,wn. Bohemian language, by the C. S. P. 9. Dramatrc Society, In their hall, with Plrkel'j Oiefcutra.......A new amusement park will be opened this, season by a local company. -• ->.■:-■**.• '• 1 : *— . Dbbnqne.—At the Grand Opera House ■(Wltu-I. Bdebl, matured) Al. H. WUsoa TjIeiletV a 'top heavy bouse March 27. ■"Bgypta," 20-31, b; locals, In aid of the flKpiB '.(Jake Rosenthal, manager),—Week ofCjjJ. fall hoUses, with: Conley and Klein, the, Okarai, Charley Banks, Klppy, Kathrya Ccftm'the Marco Twins and the klnodrome. 'ifoTE3.—William T. Roefal, manager of the OtsTftd- Opera' House, has tendered bis reslz- aatlnn.i'to take effect Jaly l. He has made so-mass'for the future, and will spend the Suqrm'er reiiinjr on his farm near town. t.ari Dodge At the Midland (C F. Pt> fleritaiv ■ manfaer) "Cousin. - Kate" pleased SO. "The Little Outcast" 81. Ifrttty- f Louis A. Haavey, manager).—Bill Httiof April 1: The Parrotts, Prince -efcMrs. 1 t* Brant, Alblons, llluatrated id the;' ; jLyriCflcope. mfnivst; '(Albert C Smith, manager). •Fifty-sixta Regiment Band drew a big Mttfch 2.1 'A-tMaxch 25 the Lyric Theatre In- d Sunday concerts, which should public favor, Judging from the first Sejqkuk—At the La Salle (Reeves ft ...dR, managers) good business last week. »U! for week of April 2: The Weavers, Mae , Klppy, and Alton Robertson. „.^E.—The Casino Theatre will be under the,ma,nagement of Beeves ft Dodge for the comlpjr Summer season, and will open about tas -middle of May, playing vaudeville and repteiorj. ■i i i ♦ KENTUCKY. . ..oolivllle,—At Macauley's (J. T. Ma- catyey, manager) Thomas Jetferson was MfeNb March 26-28, in "Rip Van Winkle." ■Onatsounc of severe throat trouble, Mr. Jef- ferson' nfas unable to give a performance 26, 27 rf He recovered sufficiently to give two per- fgemiincea 28, at which the house was crowd- Mf- Mme. ManteLU followed 20-31. to ex- cellenX" patrouage. Henrietta Croaman April 6.-T/. - ■ ■ iUso-Nic (C. A. Shaw, manager).—"Me, Him-and 1," last-week, proved a popular at- triliron, ' This closes the regular season. iPorweek Of 2, the Holden Stock Co., In "The Charley. Ball.' 1 This will be the initial per- formance, of the Summer stock company, of *o,MrtMhare-are fourteen people, headed by Ja^rtonoe .0 rat tan and Eva Taylor, under the Irecllon of Lawrence Barber, stage manager. . Av?X(jfl- (C. A. Shaw, manager).—Senna Hertpap. In "The Queen of the Convlcis," last .week, attracted good attendance. "Uay Nt^Jiirk" 2-7. HCo^iKGHAM (Whallen Bros., manager*). —.Watsop'p Orientals, last week, drew big bouses, Miner'* Americans 2-7. *fo?iib;s' (Win. Belcbmnn, mannger).— For"week of l: Meilvllle and Stetson, Billy Van,' .llorsky Uergere aDd company, Lucy scdf*ucf?r. the Musical Simpsons. Mme, Ko- Qtoo, Stella Lee, and the klnodrome. Nrxts. —James M. Hathaway, formerly with, \Tfc:te city, Chicago, has opened a Erefunlapd theatre here, giving continudu'* Ptnomooces dally, and Is meeting; withigood Padncah—At the Kentucky (Thoa. W. ' eru, manager) the Rodney Stock Co., *o 26-21, bad fair business. Adelaide ""ton April 3, Jas. O'Neill 0, Henrietta suhoT ;■■ ■ i f . e 11 . roi- r. TENNESSEE, Vpbl«^-At the New Lyceum (Frank '• lfca«e} "Miss Dolly Dollars" packed lAuae March 28. 24. Lulu GLaser pro- , .. T F«cesslve merriment and the perform- S3» ttroughout pleased. Mme. Uantelll and Bras (J. Q. Appletoa, manager).—Bill for week of 2: Creo, Bud Parnum Trio, Bailey and Pickett, Meyer and Mason, Corrlgaa and Hayes, Leonhardt, Gordon SLUers, and the LJpplscotts, ■ — ■■a ■■■■■ ■!■ Wlnnip**.—at the Winnipeg (C. P. Walker, manager) 'The Isle of Solce," March '-ie-28. drew b'k business. "Vod'Ti 31 L Blanche Walsh April 2-4. Habile.—At the Mobile (J. Tannrabatrm, manager) "The Old Homestead," March 27, wis very well patronized. Mme. Modieska, In "Macbeth," came 28, to fair audience. "Boater Brown" 20, 30, Grace George 31, Lulu Qlaaer April 2. Notes.— Jake Weils and lila syndicate have paid the purchase price for the Rapier home- stead, and Mr. Wells is expected daily with plana and specifications for bis new Bijou- Theatre Manager Neuhrik, of. the Lyric Theatre, now building, has announced the appointment of M. A. (Mike) McDermott, of this city, as treasurer of bis bouse. Mr. Mc- Dermott was for many years connected with the Mobile Theatre, and enjoys a wide ac- quaintance among the theatrical profession. This position will In no way Interfere with Mr. McDermott's duties as manager of the Monroe Park Summer Theatre. The Monroe Summer Theatre opens with repertory, prob- ably the last of April. The opera season will begin about the first week In June. Selble Brothers* Dog and Pony Shows came March 23, 24, three performances, to capacity business each performance. On their closing night they were forced to turn away hun- dreds. It Is probable that they will return here for another engagement In the near future. - ■— " •' ■' ■■ Montgomery,—-At the Montgomery The- atre (Hlrscher Bros., managers) Dockstader's Minstrels, March 24, pleased two packed houses. Marie Cahlll, la "Molly Moonshine." bad good returns 26. Mme. Uodjeska, In "Macbeth," 27, drew fair returns. "Buster Brown," 28, had two good houses. "The Old homestead 29, Grace George April 3, "The Maid and the Mummy" 6. This practically closes the season In this city. Nora—Jake Wells is building an up-to- date Summer theatre, that will be under the management of O. A. Seal. — — »•♦ ARKANSAS. Hot Sprang;*.—At the Auditorium (Blag- bam ft Head, managers) the Frank Dudley Stock Co. opened the second and closing week of their engagement March 26, to big busi- ness. James O'Neill April 4, lew Dock- itader's Minstrels 9, Henrietta Crosman 13. Majestic (Cbas. Clear, manager).—The bill last week opened to fine business. Bill week of 2: Ashley Miller and company, Chester, Barton and Rsnktn, Clara lless, Miller, the Les Roses, new illustrated songa and Majestoscope pictures. Little Rock. —At the Capital Theatre (Cbas. T. Taylor, manager) Tolson Stock Co. did good business March 20-31. Bls- 8mm musical April 4, Marie Cahlll 3, James I'Nelll 6, Dockstader's Minstrels 10. Nora—The Majestic opens on April 2. — «»«. CANADA. Montreal.—At His Majesty's (B. Q. Brooks, manager) Ellis Jeffreys, la "The Fascinating Mr. Vanderveldt," played a suc- cessful week March 26-31. Ivette GnJttert April 2-7, "Woodland" fl-14. Academy of Music (Walter Greaves, man- s ager).—The Four Mortons, In "Breaking,Into Society," ptaved to big houses last week. Lottie Williams. In "Mt Tom-Boy Girl," 2-7; "Mr. Blarney from Ireiaud" 9-14. , Tqeatub fraxcais (V. W. Le Clair, man- ager).—"The Curse of Drink" was played to fair houses last week. "Why Girls Leave Home" 2-7, "Her Only Sin" 9-14. Theatre Royal (h. C. Egerton, mana- ger).—Williams' Ideal* bad a succession of crowded houses last week. Sam Devere'a Own Co. 2-7. May Howard's Co. 9-14. Thkatbr National Fbancais (G. Gan- vreau, manager).—The permanent French, Block company, la "The Silver King'' (In French), drew big business 26-31. ,T Marle- Jeanne" 2-7. TnGATBB DCS NOtTVBATJTES (R. EaTBEX, mauagpr).—The permanent French stock compauv. In "I/Abbe Constantln," drew good bouses last week. "The Iron Master" (In French) 2-7. Gtmkasu (J. Bedard, manaxer). — Fair bouses were attracted In&l week, with the following bill: Roslnlu, May Josle Fox, Cor- rigitfl and Hayes, Al Burke, the Gordon Slav- ters. Miss Geolys, and Glanna Ganalla, Thkatre nit L'Odbon (Eden MnSee).— Prut. Staike- Hermann, Beene Louise and company continued to good business last wti'K, ml, and will continue, Notkh. —Mme. Albani and rompaoy were Seeted with a big- house March 26, at the onument National, and a return engage- ment has been arranged nt the Arena on April 4 The new Dominion Park will hare Its opening on May 19. Dominion (D, Douglas, manager).—Bill for week of 2: Mylei McCarthy and com- eiay, Ferguson and Passmore, Dick Lynch, Hon antT Fields, sheck Bros., Howley and Leslie, and the klnodrome. Buou (Nash ft Borrows, proprietors).— Following for week of 2: The Great Rapoll, Jeanette Lourelle, Lemont's dog, cat ana monkey show, Jennings and Jewell. Sautell, Qlanroy and Russell, and moving pictures. Uniqur (Nash ft Burrows, proprietors),— Oood attendance. Following for week of 2: Root. Wlnchem, Bingham and Thornton, Waldo Whipple, and moving pictures. St. John.—At the Opera House (A O. Skinner, manager) the Myrkle-Uerder Stock Co. opened the second week of Its enxage- ment March 26, presenting a repertory, to big business. The company closes its engage- ment here April 7. Vltagraph Co. 9-1*. York. (B. J. Armstrong, manager).—"The Marriage of Kitty," March 28, 29, pleased. 2he New York Opera Co. April 9-21. ■ London.—At the Grand (J. E. Turtoo, manager) Eleanor Bobson, In "Snsan Id Search of a Husband," Marcli 26, had a very large house. Dustln Farnum, In '"ITje Virginian," 28, was well received. Albani 30. Louis James April 2, "The Office Boy" A, "Fsblo Romanl" 6, Eills Jeffreys 7, Benithtt's (C. W. Bennett, manager).— Business continues satisfactory. Bill week of 2: Patrice and company, Petchiug Bros,, Werden and Gladdlsb, Gordon Eldrld, and Elisabeth MUler. <*» WISCONSIN. Milwmakee,—Cyril Scott, In 'Tire Prince Chap," at the Shubert, drew big. Manager Edwin Thauhouser announces "Fantana" for week of April S. Davidson (Sherman Brown, manager).— Herbert Kelcey ana Effle Shannon, In "The Lightning Conductor," March 26-28, and "The Little Gray Lady," 20-31, both drew clow to capacity. Sotbern and Marlowe April 6-7. a S. Wlllard week of 9. AxHAUBBA.—Nat M. Wills made things lively last week, la "The Duke of Duiutb." Manager James A. HIgter offern Grapcwln and Ghance week of 1, with "Rufus Rastus" week of 8. Buoo OrxRA Hotisa (John R. Pleree, resi- dent manager).—Blctel, Watson and Wrotbe, In "Tom, Dick and Harry," week of 1, and "David Harum" 8-14. Last week "Queen of the Hlghblodera" attracted numbers. Pabst (Leon Wacbsner, manager).—The Wacbsner Co. will put on "Der Fall Clemeu- cecu" Sunday, 1. Mme. Johanna Gadnkl will give a song recital Q. Stab (F. R. Trottman, manager).—The California GirJn pleased last week. Tne Dainty Pan?e Burlesquers week of 1, Kay Foster Co. week of 8. Cbtstal (F. B. Winter, manager).—Mile. Martha Florrlae and her educated wild beasts are top 1 liners week of 2. Others: Blossom Robinson, llaywnrd, Conroy and 'Haywtrd, Jack King, Gil Brown, and Gaines and Dailv. Grand. —Manager Walter W. Gregg offera for week of 2: Alice Alva, Qoeen and Koas, Lyster and Cooke, Ned West, Auer and De- onzo, and Tbelma De Vera. Notes.— The Shubert is catching on, and each engagement appears to swell the list of patrons Cyril Scott last week planted the Lawrence banner morn strongly at the top Hedwlg Berlnger, of the Waclisner Co., will celebrate her silver jubilee uh a member of the German players of Milwaukee. at the Pabst -Theatre, April 15. At the end of tbe season Miss Berlnger will lake a European trip with Mr*. Fred Pabst Edwin Thnnhouser will open his season of Btock productions, at the Sbubert, about April 16. p ■ ■ m i..! —■ La Crease,—At the La Crosse Theatre <W. F. Gage, manager) "The Two Orpbans" drew a small houae March 26, owing to rainy weather. Al. H. Wllaon 20, HuroM Nelson Co. week of April 2, "The Madcap Princess" A L "The :sle of Spice" IT Traces*- *, ™rue .me or spice" io. Bijou.— Bill week of April 2: The Fonr Bragdons, Cbas. Morrell, Coyne and Tin!en, Chas. Heclow, and Harry WIImoL rjdpera company, 26. 27, came to fair bual- " '"The Maid and the Mummy." 28. at- I a good house. Marie Cahlll April 2, Toronto.—At the Princess <0. B. Snep- pard, manager) "11. M. S. Pinafore," under the ausplcea of the Argonaut Rowing Club, proved a great success March 26-28, and will be repeated. Eleanor ltobson 29-31, "Wood- land" April 2-7. _ _."„'• Gea»d Opeiia Hocss (A J. Small, mana- !er).—"The Office Boy" drew well lost week. nomas B. Shea 2-7. Majestic (A. J. Small, manager).—"Why GlrU Leave Home" bad good business last week. "Big Hearted Jim" 2-7. Shea's (J. Shea, manager).—Card for week of 2: The Broomstick Witches, Salerno, Three Madcaps, O'Brien and Buckley, Eva Weatcott, Tom Brown, Qulgley Bros., and Stab (F.'W. Stair, manager),—Tbe Merry Makers did good business last week. Wil- liams' Ideals 2-7. TEXAS. Ft. Wertti,—At Greenwall's Opera nous* (Phil W. Greenwnll, manager) "What Women Will Do" March 28, James O'Neill 29, Jewell Kelly Stock Co. April 2-7. Majestic (Chas, It. Fischer, manager).— A pleasing bill was offered week opening March 2«. which Included : Arthur Rleby, Lizzie Wilson. Count De Burs and Brother, Melville and Conway, Mack anil Elliott, Sing- er's Monkeys, and the Majestograph. Busi- ness continues heavy, Standard (Frank De Beqae, mannter).— Bob Hewlette offered "A Phlllplno rrTncesn" as a forerunner for a good bill week of 20. The olio: Phil and Ttarlma Klntuley, the De LoyR, Elliott Slaters, Vera Miller. Hill nod IMmonds. Baby Florence, F 8 y Delmar, Little Dot, Lulu Lawton, Debby Rlckllng. Ethel Russell, Pearl Gllmore. Lettle Colton, and Li/cie Baser. Business Is booming, Hotxand's (Geo. B. Holland, manager),— People week of 20: Hoey and Holland/Evelyn Blancherd, Tessle Kmmons, Ed. Milter, Del Ray Sinters. Barlow, Clara Huntoon. Thos. Fay Jr., Nellie BIyr. Jake Rwartz and Lloyd Lamond. Business Is heavy. Sen Antonio. — At tbe Grand Opera Houae (Sid IT. Wels, manager) Jamea O'Neill. In "Monte Crlsto," Blarcb 23, 24, played to verv good buulness. "What Women Will Do" had a good huuae 25, Majbktic — Bill week _ Ameta. Lillian Chick, Pete Bai... and Backus, Warren and Broadway, Warner and Lakewood, and kluetograph. beglnnlug 25 Baker, Mclntyre lalsoa S, Lew' Dackstader's Minstrels .„ (A, B. Mondaon, manager).— tiMorrir-n's offering Isst week was of standard and excellent attendance re- v jfis efforts. Fanny Rice beaded the Others were: Jas- F. Macdonald, Dlonne (-3. Frances Dooley and bis dsnelng ' and Burke, BJiae and Gott- iiamllton.—At the Grand Opera Hoose (A. R. Loudon, manager) "Shadow* of a Great City," March W, with return 29, played to good sized houses. Eleanor Bobson, 27, 28, had large and appreciative audience*. "The Virginian* 80, 31, T, VlrginIua" April a. Mme. Albani 4, Ellis Jeffreys 0. 6, "The Grafter" 7, "The Offlce Boy" 9, "A Bunch of Keys" 10, "Feblo Romanl" 12, "Checkers" (return) U, Black Parti* Troaoadows 1*. BAtoTga aho LsviNA writ*: "We opened on the Sullivan ft Consldlne circuit for ten weeks, at Helena, Moo., March 26. Our act went well from start to finish, and tbe Kpers Books of the act aa being one of tbe at magic acts ever seen la Helena. All the work we do In the act is original, and was put together by ourselves. We also do parody singing and burlesque magic, with tbe accent on burlesque. We will be in the East, after Elaying our ten weeks, to go Into tbe best aeatres, belna booked there already by tta THE ANDREW COMEDY CO. WANTS Experienced Repertoire People, All Lines, First class Director, with playt. Musicians for band and orchestra; Leader for twin. Man with pic- ture Mochlse; preference given to people doubling l>ra<* and doing specialties. State age, height, weight, lowest talary tor summer and next «oa*un in lint letter. Adurcn* JOHN H. ANDREW*, .Mgi., Oeiieral Delivery, Chicago, 111. ROY E. REtLLY, Musical Director, Piano. Sight Reader, transpose and arrange. Sober and reliable. ■*Mako good" iinvwhero. Addre« t*AK\KKVlLLK, N, V. Wanted, Clever Artists, For Spring and Summer tour, opening in Philadelphia April 10. TALL ACTOR, capable* playing strong French Ui»lec[ Heavy Part. TALLJUVKSILR WOMAN, UUMKDIAN with Bpcpinlilc* (or tier man Dia- lect Port SIXGINO and DANCING SOl'URKTTK. Cau also use STRONG MUSIOALor SIHTBU FRAT- DR8 ACT. Salarlei coasliieot entire Summer neaRon. Address MiiR. Wll. l.HMLK, 1M4 Euclid Ave., Philadelphia, Pa, Dan RUSSELL, Blanche O'NEILL and Will GROSS, IRlsH, NWKET SIN41KR. DUTCH. In stock at HOWARD toeat r.i:, OUlCAGO. Wilt accept offers for burlesque naxt, acason. , LUflMUM 5 DMLEY MADISON SQUARE GARDEN Two Exhibition* Dally at 9 and s I*. M. Doom Opea at l and : P. M. Kxtravaanntly pndorned by tbe pres.-i. Fntliuntaatically applauded by Hi» ficople. Crowded lo the very doors at every pt-r- ormance. lllppodi-oiuc, Mcnaiffrles, mu-^-mi;:-, jreaks, Trodigiett. TlUI'IiK (MKuL'M Willi :l clrmn conTpaidnM In S rlnt(M. All the .Alliaciioiin uu-! AfniaUouit un l.nnii north fXhlLlllnK- 'UN, LIMIT, autocar with l-'renoh ladv chafffur turn- ing a somei-Kantl In (.tin air. Tim fT.imou wpt-k pensatlon of (he world. THR IMP op oka ill, racing automoullo with American lady nc'Mipaut revolving and looping I'u' gnw. Tho *S,«w per week Mentation of tin* in PKACK, America'* Immortal Triumph. *r-0,uui) Alleirory with 40» Elegatitlv Cosiumr.'d People. :uio tlrcua l'prfonit- ersiindAreotc Aesabala, ltrgimcnta or Clowns, Sqimdroii- of Rider*, Troupes of Aerlulitu.Siic- oislt.-'t 1 ', Acrunaus AlhleiM, etc. Two uieiiugcrli-H of wild and tnUnud bessin. A veritable children'" Wondorland. The greatest *h»w on earth for Uu? smallest admission. Price SV'. to $l.W». Dux aests t^ to %2.t*>. Children half prlcA to oeai* from $1 upward. Buy at Uoi oalee only. Now open. PASTOR'S 14th ST., NKAR THIRD AVK. CONTINUOUS. EOET snd LEE. smirl and Keener, luuesn and Ityan, J. K. UiitcbinNon aud Co. BILLY LINK and GO., Special Feature. pongoand I.eo, Mr. and Mm. Nick Hiighen, Mr. snd Mr*. Jm'k, Texarkana and W'alby, Wlnan* sod Caller, Marry Le Vurdo, The Illttxlrator, Tlie Vllagraph. And an uri added attraction, Fred Hay and Company, DEWEY MATTOCK TU-DAT, HIGHKOLLEBS BUBLESQTJEBS MATINEK T(l DAV, fiiOIJiKX CUOOK CO. BIJ< Matlnu Saturday 2. (ath i B' Evening 8.IB. Dirla BeU,co preienu for tlie 'id jear IB N. T. WAnrltLU wwc master. THKATRE. I,.,. UU. Bat. atX luvni BKLAHOUprnaaia laa_,laiot'<l 17 DAVIO BELASOO. "TOK SIR!, Of TEB SOLDXN WKBT." V CcaSU Ct\5\JLVV»l Ot Hick CI«M V..apTill« T», U. UISTERKKI.D Jit., 1'ItUS.: IIABTIN I1KCK, (il'.NEItAI, MANAGER. All Affliction, fur Tine Mu«t be Addreuad t. C. B. IlItAY, DoaklQl Manager, Vajeatlc Tneatr. Bulldln, Eplcim, III. Wuber's "ff Museum lbjTUD, at all times LIV1NQ PKODIOIKo, TTalaad and rare anlmala, noveltiei of every de> acrtptteB for Ourto QaUs snd Theatre. Addreai J, Q. ANPERSOS, Xaaagsr, aa above. THE SIDONIAS, 0R1ATOBI OF HEARTY LAUGHS, Barouta with Hyde's Blue Ribtion Ulrla. HARRY HOLMAN I* VArDKVILI.K. 80SQB, HjjMj ASH HTORIKH. INTER MTIOML ARTISTES LODGE, UEETIN8S HELD EACH THURSDAY EVE- NING AFTER PERFORMANCES Al TEBIAOE OABDEB, law Tori, SSth Bt., nc.r rhlrd ATI. ALL FKKFOKllKiUt INVITED. THE GAGNOUX Ka route win. iiiss nhw viihk Jit. uo. BERTRAM MILLAR, it IV 'llfh MT WWW \l\UV * 47 W.'JSth ST., NEW YOKK. Cill Brown A Ml. Ilil. week. I1IKA THKATKK, nulikinh, Mh. Xlvl CH> ALVA "Till-: I.AI1V WITH Tilt; (.LAUIUNIX" NOVKI/I'V Ml -ill Al. AHTIBT. April'.', (iriuiil, Mllwitnlice, Wit. CLARK and GILMORE gelll WKBK WITH UIHKIl'B Am;itIOANfl._ THE SHREVVSBURYS (MARCIE and LILLIE). MASTER FRANKIE ORVILLE J.- ivurkliiK tin-i wi'ck Willi Dim lialutv-l'aree llur- Ir-'uni- Co., at Hie Slur I iii-iii r", Mllwiiuktti* Win., Aud koIhMIL and mhs. mn 11,1,1:, ADGIE % Lions. NOW DOOKINfl PAHKtt AND 1'AlKS. 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