The New York Clipper (April 1906)

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..;-y ;: 190B THE * WG&fi yGBK ^CLIKPEE. I in UiuflevHleafldmiWtrel. NOTBS MMM llA/lJCNKHrt £ ' F«X*H" ST'S- Mnn.s,— Wo opi-iiert the VnwMiih art. 1ft. Ill ronnxrlvimln. nnd linvo toured yblo, West Virgil In. Kentucky, Tenuciwee, 311**- stppl. Arhtttr-'iiH nlnl Jllwoitrt, tt»(] linvo only played fo two losing <di*mln-mn» ut Kenton, Tfeufi:. nnd Uv ..flier at llrliikb-y. Ark. We iiave mnnd big lilii* everywhere, and 11 re lio'ikcd over Hw» wmie riiitfe Wtt'MtwiK Onlv.iwo .-bungeM wn made amontr tin) per- Mim and HlHtmiKt. At Newport. Ark., on. Kelt. I. Arflnir Jemme 11 ml \enifl I-al- words. Ibc (cum orncrobnlw (Jernim- mill I'd- wards). Eiti/1 Hi.' leader of .Mir -Kf.-.'ii piece ituiHl, 1'ilwlu Slow. iron lufliU 1 "-'uglc*. At prewmt iwexv iiifinlii-r «f llu- i-oinpitny Ih h.i Knitle. »> will duna mr irtraMi Winter /citton ut Wl.kiilffe. Ky.. April U. Thetym- pany win th"ii icuvu fwr winter mutton nt Grout. Vo.. where we will open, udder wmriw, May.?,. Our Mfl. private sleeping und dining ear la,now- being JaUered nml ilewjrnleA nud grained In linni <>nk ohlnr Inside. Tbo fn> tifHlilnj? will be nil new, uinl we will bnvc a palace oil wheels (fib season, ami accommo- dations will be nbove the average Oar toil Is n 70ft. round lop, with two :iOft. middle jIcccs. Our stage In :t4x2n, mid weencry Brand now, now tiuder construction by Hoh- mau A Landfs. We nre Nti-ulnlug everyuervo lu- make UjIh organization tbc must uiuni' uioih and newt minstrel *bow uuder ranvun. Our bind will coualut of twenty, and dttt or- cltestnt of twelve pieces. Our electrician Is busy .trepurlug the electrical appliance* for tile HUmlnatlon of the mammoth canvas. We wit: play our usual route through the inlnlug towns of Pennsylvania. IHOVfb the Western part. If the mlnerw strike we will plat MUmlgan. Hosier (which will bo Tn- ■•fcased before May H): Hey U. Fox. proprie- tor and manager; Mrs. Hoy B. Fox. Baby irebe Vox, Frank Hnrknewt. Jerotue nud Ed- wards, equilibrists. In advanced leswus oil phvuleal culture: tlie Conkllog faulty of ac- robats, (.even In number: Bret Blinnhlln. con- tortionist: Francis Ooble. wire and juggling; Jerry Crnwthcr. Chtft Hudson. Jacobus Ley- ten}. Frank Marvin. C. H. Burnett, Howard lletr. Jiimex Hunter. Lincoln McCorkell, and Itdwln It. Moore, with Ms band and orcbes- tra."flie advance will be under the uuper- tIaIoh of Willis Monroe, with three asslut* tuitc, Tub cumi! 1b always a wulcomo J. A. Noucaoss writes: "Tlie Red Uayen Cadet tilrls liave made u Sunday nlgbl con- cert record In Boston, Mnt^.. Hy ulnylng hIx tlicatreH on three consecutlvo Sundays. Tlila is the first time n tllg act ltus been repeated lu consecutive 1 order, and speaks well for the Hcd Huven Cadet net. Sunday, March D, for W. J. Tucker, tpo cadets pUy.-d tin- tlloho and Maicstlc thenlies: Sunday. Mhrcli XV, Boston apd Colnmhlu tltentriw: Suudnv, nrni 18, repeated nt Boston and Coiumblu tboalreF. Tlie nrt Is new hi line shape uud Is Looked up solid." Notuh most At.. KWVGI^ Bin Bb.*c;ty Snow. —We nre on our return to the Ki'.Ht, after tUe-most succtwful Western fugageinent tills fobpanv nns ever tnude. Drofie all records ibta B«usop ; nt ererj- theatre w.- played, und rwufwl mort press notices lhan any bur- lesmio slldW ever But. Mr. Beeves OT» <■'"■ pH a stroug nllo for next season* and will present a mtvelly In Ijiirlesout' tbut wit) b»- it M'Ufca-tlou In tlilH class of suowk: It will bo anaounced shortly. Hiiuic of flit* ucIm eiwAgod for'next seuflon are: The Mix Kwhpmti Stars, ■Uily,acrobats; Hilton nnd Zvpb, sULcr net; Miss Almedu Fowler. U10 Soutjiern beauly; porn Itonco. tally violinist: Marlon \bse, j-hilbreUo: Carroll Tetrcy, bnllndlst. nnd. J. Twjf. Miirphr. p-'lnuipnl eomrtlluu. 'Jlie ttrst Pfirt and burfonw are all reody to produre, ftnU.wlll be AtHged by Al. Iteevus and J. Then, Murphy. Wi> will close tbls seusou .lune 'J, ntid open early In August, t.u Hie Lustern Uurlcuntic AVheel clirnlf. Xo'JKfi fHNSr UK ItVK B«0«.' lOKAL MtN- STHKI.S.—Wo are now In onr Uilrty-seventh week of eontbniiiUK prosiierlty. and In « -.-ouutry where. Wlnler Is In full blast. But neither Ihe weather nor T.ent seem to linrt ua at alt. as w« hi 111 keep up our record breaking business. Wi> pluycd Butlnnd, Vt., reiebtly. In i-dpiu-lly business, with u ter- rible blizzard, ayulnst us. but Monuj 9 'cr Boyle had o^surcil bis pnlrous u Hue eutertain- ineut. and Ihcy turned nut as they did In all of tho lowuri 011 Mr. Boyle's clreiilt. The gboet walks regtiliirly every week, and. of <*oiirse. Is n welcome visitor, ns Is also Tun , Oil' Bkliau-k, w'hleh conies every Friday. ' Mn. .\ni> Miw. J. Sm'ou, while on their way KaNr, ^topped over In KonVer. Colo., to visit iluHr friends, Mr. and Mrs. I>ou MeOrecvy, who ure ou Hwlr chicken farm, eight miles west of lK'nvvr. Mr. Swor nnd wife will slop over In Chicago, to visit there." Ani.iKGTps ani> IIei.stos write: "We have Inst closed a very successful eiiL'upMUL'Ut ou the interstate circuit, nt Ft; Worth, Tex., uud were last week the guests of our sister and brother-in-law, Sir. und Mrs. John. B. Wills, who wow ptuylng that city. It proved 'liillu a reunion fur the Sisters llelston, It iH-lng their titttt meetliig In four years. We are coming Ktist n> 1111 some very line offers. tiussle Hclstou 1ms the distinction of being the llrst ludy who ever received a bouguct over the fisftllghts at tho Majestic Theatre, San Antonio. 1VV Pop Fniin. of the Ford Family. Is now umpnylng the new Hotel Davis, In I'bllu- .Iclphta. ClHtUM ami Fona, contortionists and cunlllbristt, played Wheeling, W. Vn., and tllehtuund. Va„ recently, on the Sun circuit, and the*-report great success wllli their act. Thi'v buve other good work booked to follow. Tin: Cvci.ixu, Mii,i.Aun Biiotiikiis, who buve been featured with the Fenberg Stock Co.. close their engagement April T. and re- nder vaudeville, opening at KetiuoyV, Brook- lyn. N. V.. April !». it.mioNi), duticlng pianist Jolucd tlie Ken- nedy Comedy Co., nt tJlons Fulls, N. Y., and repurts iiutklug a blgldt. AkviR ixm KvSKcy report meeting with big success with the Wm. H. West Minstrels. Tun Downy both 1 wood. Fox. Faulkner and ttilrly-secoud week with Clark's Uiinuway (Kber- filrla Co., und report making their usual big bit. They will play the Orpheuui circuit of parks Ihe conilng* Summer, after whtuh they rejoin Mr. Clark, for Ihe wjunon of 10tkJ-t>7. Ciiah. K. Rnouti. of Itcded und Huriley. was rcoeuHy mudc u nivmlx'r uf the Fraternal Urder of Eagles. Oniuhu Aerle. No. 38. Tliu team report lilg succcbs with Its act, entitled "Lit Forle," the ineclmnlcal soldier. ami iittAci: KimiY are tnkluc n short vucuilou nt Ivlnoni. Ind. Alvlu Itar. just rlusi'd ■ successful twelve weeks' enguiremeni with the Wood Fnmlly of Entertiilncrs, und tlntcc hits Just completed a thorough course la vocal and pluuo tnnslc. They nre getting rtudv for their Summer engagement, begin- ning nbout ilie middle 'if April. HuLHt.iN and Hotm joined Hie Cfillforula tilrls Kxlruvogttnzn Co.. <«eo. Turuer, niuuu- *rf, lu Boston. Mass.. Feb. .*.. for tho rest of tbc >cuhoi). They arc but It pluylng inv>)nluent parts and I'loHing Ihe olio with tbclr sue- daily, wlib'li Is reported to bo going big. .Ikmsiii I.aku wrlt.'ri: "I am not deuil. nv n-|sjrUHi. but am filling an cu;nitccui-nil ihln st'iiijon us mnslcul director nl the Vuudcltv 1 hcutre. CMeugo, III." Al. BmtKt:. roller Nkntcr. writes: "My new M-t is meeting wlib itw best of suueess In Conudii. After the first iierfunaaute I wus signed to pluy trkibuu-r I'tirk. Montreu), Snu- ■luy 'jf'ri-li'joii nml lllcbt. and lield u» there for nuotber weak. umUlug three weeks In nil." MankviW'U anp llAiMcv write: "We are In our third week 011, tlie Consolidated Mnu- igora' circuit, und our Irlt-b ucr Is going r.rcut. Wr an* bowed colld uutll June 1, rrb*u we expect lo play ysrks." Bern u& itKii-iirA llriiir. of the Dainty Faree Co.. write: "Wo COratntUd WW first wddlut< untiiv.jt'sai-y nt rinind itapfdd, MMi.. Miu-clt H2i and jfnve it- ban.piet to tbc fiiein- Men of the pMBly Fnj'fe'cb. CovnM^mM Ittlil for ihlrty-OVttr, arid a grntiij tlwc ft'fla had. Mirl-Hf«M Vj.t ■ Hirer -fdotnt^rH frotil iMnldflopar it. -tin* Amir. Iwh 9tt0u& RwV#.' ir. Ritmcli, out worthy 'watingnti nitd his dniijjRter, MaM BnmosT ■■Frank Mltcheir, ftnr Tiratfc tsa&keri Alice Wltlntd (Mti?. Frank MltctnMlh WvlUe nuil Frank. Mr*. Clins. OrVlfli% Billy c»"Mk, Fowlcv nlui Dunn, Mlb) lliigg 1 ' and wife, Wesf and Mughes, t».H>r(t»- Mai-Ui-v. l.awreiicit Knrle, Tnmfr liynn, Illiriy Y.uuVw, SIrtrlrtW HUlitrn, [tall Hlslefs. ih>n!i;H Hlsierx, Kmllv. ODlMni, Itosit MiO. Mnyiiie Moor". Atlco H.m:ird, Minnie Wlt?«n, Kmi l^lwanU. and otcli^ittra of SmlHiV Ofsu'ii n.ncc. The il.vr>rntl.>iis wl'' 1 b' ii'ii't'iil, and we had musk, songs ;nd tiostH by Fnuk Mltehull. • Frank Fowley, llllly -Cook and Frank Orvllle. Mauag.T llotucH pr.;po?t*d n toast to rts standing, which was responded to brlelly by Bob Hyde. All vote*) It a grand success, and departed wltli well WNbta 'to Mr. and Sirs.- Hyde, Many benutlfiil preronls were given by mem* bern of the company," fI'lt.'.n.An anp JXiuuLAs. comedy ocrobats, recently llnlslied fourteen weeks for the Western Vaudeville Managers' Association, nnd their act has been u great success, and was featured r.n nil bills where tnev worked. Kliner K. Uutiglas Joined iv-orJa Xodgc bf T. M. A., while playing the Mala street Theatre In that city. They have some good work booked lu the Summer parks for the Amuvement Hooking Association, of Chicago, under tin* inauoguinent of ,T. F. McQt'all. cui-'j-'jiiij .1M1 Km>Y announce that their new let, entitled "An Old Maid's Wish," Is meeting wltli sttrcL'SK, nnd thev arc'booked solid until June, when they expect to ar- rive lit New York, This in their second sen- sou ont w.-st, nnd hare lost only nine weeks In fhat time. Max Witt's Six Sophomores axd a FiifcijliUAX, with Eddie Hume und six cirls, oneiusl at Bockstader's, WHuluglda. Del;, March 'M. and are booked ut the Boric The- ntre, Yonkers. April 2, with Atlantic City to follow. Their booking agent in David II. KulLti. The inuBlchas ma written by Mar H. Witt, wlio Is also traveling with the net. nnd Is conducting the otchestra personally. This net la hblng featured wherever It in booked. It la said to contolu bright and catchy Hues, coiiK-dy, pretty music, uud the ytuclny bus bech done by Jui" " book tn by Chus. Hbrwlts. Hilln MAhioN XmitJi, "YeOlde Fashioned fflrl," after u three months' trip thrmiffb. Ohio, has Korii; to Chicago. III. Iter unique musical act hns been well received. aiit'ivu Mann, known ns the upside down plnuo player, rnporfs great sarcesn with ;Juf Miller & Mav Conicily Co. Business Is good and nil Is well. Mr. Miinn has it contract tor DrcQfnlnnd, Couey -Island, X, Y.,for*tbo cotnluj; Hutiitucr, to piny at "Midget City. 1 ' TIM ItoilKltTR l-'OL'R, who ruefully JluUued one hundred and nine weeks of cousecntlve work In the VHUdeviilc houses of the middle and Far West, are booked up solid 'till July 1. After a rucatlon on Long Island, during Ihe Summer, they open on the Keith circuit next season. nYIille making tbo Jutopfrotn Untie, Mbut.. to Denver, Colo., they narrowly escaped the terrible wreck on the lilo Urande It. It., In. which a OrarQ «f persons were ktlleil, their train being the one tliut should have met ilie in fati.-d one. but wasdelaycd. vc- .lAiipfj K. Hkniiv has resigned as huslaess rnuiingi'r of the Fatnllv Tlietttro. at Mllltlllc, X.J. Dorothy D. Yiftiug and Jumea.Contln nlso left, and tliey, with Mr. lieury, will re- turn 10 vaudeville with n new truvftty, comedy .nnd singing net.' and wilt bo known us lleury, Young and Coullu.. Hi:m!V ilKitntn, comedian, will close with "Tracked Around the World'* Co., week of April J, and wljl re-enter ■vaudeville Sunday, 8, ut the American Theatre; New York Oily. Mr. Frey Iihs been re-cucaged for next Sen- son, lo IV reatilr.<U bv AT. TI. Woods, in one of hh new uttniettoils. .• > ' -, Tun Piamonu com my Foun played tno Internutlonal Thonfre, Milwaukee, week of March -<i. They recently relurned from the coast, where tlicy had a very* good time, uud only luld off throe weeks fn- a year. The qnurletlo eonslHts of T. J. Finn, first tenor; B. C. I^oos. second tenor; Chris Hunustm, burltone: II. V. Hllglrt, buss. Hanev anu IIa.ncy, who receutly closed eight wvekts with tlie "Troubles of tilght Twins" Co., huve signed with fc>. U. Jolliirc's "Bright Lights" Co., for the coming Summer seasuu. . ,i - Dan Vesta, since his arrival In this coun- try, Jan. -L\ from Mexico and Cuba, where he spent thirteen mouths with the Garcluctfl fdmlly of acrobats. "lias joined hands with Jack AVentwortb. Vesta brought from Mexico a small UTck dog. which they aro how using la their act. This act will soon bo seen lu New York City. MAtmnt lictiLNK Adams, of the Alpha Trio, who has been 111. had an ouerutlou performed on his neck for uu ubscess, but Is Improving, and will soon be ready for work again. The team wus compelled to euueel two weeks' work ou account of his Uluess, aud Is laying off hi Iiowell. Thank ax» HowAitu, the Ocrmuu baron aud the cowboy, uud Lauru Crelghtou, have slgund with Chns. to. 'J'nylor. nittnagvi* of T, W. IHuklus' Alcnzur Beauties,Tor the rest of the M'dMUi. This gives the Alcuzuvs eight acts lu the olio. Clabk anu Franklin, after pluylng tho Gus tian circuit, will Join hands with Joseph Hearu, making u three high class com*-dy musical act, and will he known as the Three Accidentals (Hcaru, Clark and Franklin). They will play a number of parks next Hum- mer, uud contemplate going to Kurope. i,i//ij: B. n.wMDND, who has returned from a foreign tour, has leased Cameron cot- titgc. at Ml. Clemeus, Mich., mid will cater 10 the wauiu of actor folk. Miss llayiuond Is linvlug tlie cottage, which hus long Men the lioutu of theatrical people, thoroughly renovated. Dick Fukguhun and Ouacu F.hjsmoiik hare been relcai&d from eight weeks of I In;! r On>licum time, which Included Sou Francisco und Lus Augelcs. as limy huvo signed to «o with u combliuitron next season. Aua^is akd Mack recently mude their New York City opening ut the New York Tltrnlre »n'd Amevlcau Theutrc, ou .Sunday night, aud were very successful, having booked several weeks on the Keith circuit, and ulso seven aolld months on tbc 8ulltvau- Coiihldlno circuit. They aro now booked up till next November. Tin; Font Shannons, America's juvenile hurmouy singers uud dancers, appeared at Dock sin tier's Gurrtck llieairc, Wilmington, Del., March 1'.'. to big Buccestt. They write that tier opened ou the Monurt circuit March .10, muklug tbe biggest success of uuy act. On the opculug week, at Mabuuoy City, 1'j.. Mr. Moxart extended their time of three weeks to six weeks, llARitit: It. rtiincf. manager or MJsa New York .Ir, Biirlesuue Co.. Informs Ut* that lie Is lu bis twcnty-unith week of otic of tbe most Kucces.sfal Hcasoux (hut lie hus ever had.' ■ ■ BtwiB liouuwiN, the Tcunos^ee coou shout< er, Is iin".'iliiif wlib sutress with Clark's Unit- awny ulrls obow, Her net Is one of the olio lciiim-c*. M11. (Iiioitui*. the old .lime minstrel, who Js reftirulug lo sliuiv business again, after muuy years' abseucc t la now la purtueYsmp wltu vlug pictures and lllus- C, IT. i« fcu-merly Frank. C. Smltb, of Wcnpan attuVPrank, writes: "I have just MUM from nr/ .VIwet,.« Boer fame, the blah school nnd fiicdaac act Jiorse, Lpluttbus. T liavo seemed MUo. HomrnerTtlie, ftrCatl- (ofiflfti to rltle lillfl. aml-ffJU Isiok them-In Vfliii|eville and circus, Tts welt Aw wit rlftn-and other acts that 1 have under iiiy.lcgnrnfltne, C.'F. RiwyV**- ' V- -*•', * Itr..\i:rt .\su Bfivvnns wrlle: "Our busmesR is :i[ the top notclr/urs ushai. All well and. Jnfc* Wti.suN, advance neeot ..f 11. J. My- ers' 1 M'ovlug ;f'|ptrtrc und \ amlovlllo OK« writes i "Our eoiJf.auy Is doing tide, had \\ II- Iliird.H. Wfcber,ihe drtubte Voice vo.uilt»t ( U snrnrislng them nil In his new net nnd illus- trated songs. \fe are switching our rmite Into MnrylHUd. ns tile mtiuaKers fn.tlihl Rm hnve Iweu writing for our company, which la til' to the strtddnfd. All arc hitpuv when tXfmn dhy cotncF. We are making or- rnngenients for our tenting season. The coin- pahy (i wlll ho gifeUUy ontarged for the Sum- Thii ClCUJn Kanobas, knockabout comedy •cyclists, have dene away with tbc trntnp character, and hnvo substituted a dog far the comedy part of the act. which they claim In much funnier. The act Is at present In Ha thirty-fourth week as special vaudeville feat- ure with tbo Dot Karroll Co. Hooney and FonuKSTKit are In their fourth week on the HuUlvan-ConsIdlne circuit, apd report niaklug good. They are ou their way tt> tho coast. ,. Mas'itu Nkwton Sue. male soprano, with John W. Vogel's Minstrels, has been In New York, ou the sick Hat, for the past week, FoiTHn and Harms were compelled to cancel two weeks of the Bijou circuit to Jump to Chicago, In order to secure a re- lease from their contracts with the Western Vaudeville Malingers' Association, for the Kohl * Castle circuit. They did this 00 ac- count of the early opening of tlie Curt ITn- goaheck Circus, with which organization tho tentn go for tbe Summer soason. Wavni: La Mab wrltca: "I have Just re- turned from the West, where I had a run of fourteen months, and In that time lost only three weeks' time, thanks to Mr. Cousldlne. My net was a tremendous hit on every bill: I will stay East for the Summer." TilK Dk Vbau Twins have Joined "The Old Clothes Man" Co. for the rent of the season. They report making n tremendous hit and respond to many encores nightly. Tub Bijou Comhdy Foen, after playing thirty weeks with the Sam Devere Co., closed la'Bronklyn. March 24. as they have an offer to go In vaudeville. They will lay off for. one week to takea rest, and will then Blurt In to pluy dates, They ore booked up to Mav 27. aud ttieu open the Summer season with their minstrel show, opening' at Bnvonne. N. J.. May -t*. for two-weeks, with elKht weeks of park work tp follow. They :wlll carry ten people, and will have one of Hie.beet minstrel, companies In the parks this season. .. . Ciias. anu J.vr Aiicaun, cotnedy unlcycllsts ami bicyclists, have formed n-\ partnership with B«i .Beyer, bicyclist, w'jo has been In Hie Wlist for the lust-llvo years; Tbe act will ho known n« the Aheam-Beycr Trio. Jim GiuijQX and vfiru (Hlbson and NasJii have secured a penhauent. engagement nt the BIJ011 Theatre, imvenport, lu., to do their vaudeville acts and-put ou, comedies. Mr. Gibson will also hare the management of the tliRatre.. ', ; ■■ ■-. ,<P- .TMK'Hhi)p»r Trto write: "We nre to our eighth week for the Western Vaudeville As- t>-(iclut)on, -being, booked, solid .In- the: middle West lo Mav. 3V. We open ou' the I'llmmer park circuit,In the East enrly In.June.; Svw nave In preparation an ^original comedy sketch, written'by 0 well knowii' playwright, which we will produce In the leattlng-vunUe- vil'e hopses iiest season. , Youny Stanley wJl be featured In this act". .;, , t '-. ■ Joiix am" Alkt McDowull are back lu vajlttovlllc. They opened at the Bijou, Wheel- ing W. Va.. March 11), and met with success. Tlicy ,plfiy the- v Phillips Theatro,' Richmond, Intl., week of Murch m. TiikWit-mams Duo. asplsted by It. C. Day, presented their electric noA-clty musical net, lutroduclug their electric .fountain; twice ilnll.v at Keith's Theatre, Philadelphia, week of March 10. ' ' . • Tim T.\ VAir.s write from England that Hn'v buve bf-cn topping Ihe hills for the past five months lu that country with their aerial act. ... MAirrYNR and Hardy have just finished five 'suoctMHful weeks on tho lVovelly circuit lu Colorado, nnd arc-now uu the Middle West circuit of Iowa and Kansas. They have added a few feature to .their act, a rapid chtwgc from 'black' face to straight: XOT'B8 "kllOM 'Ttt'lJ '• LYJIIC TlIEATBE, Fort Dodge, la.—This Is the Bcvehth week this house has been open, with business cotfd, uad the ■ shows-■ -giving satisfaction^ LoUls A, Hanveyls resident manager, and Benora Donne, muslcar dlrectr'css.- Thi; MuntCAi, Cojikoy Co. writes: "We open a special eight weelfs* Bprlhg season '»t Hartford City. lnd.. ou raster Monday,.play- ing return-dates, after u-hlch we upueur nt Fort Wuync for fotir weeks, beginning our Sumiiier season under, our beautiful cauvns theatre '* • ■ T,ih)na anp ISuna Wavnk have signed with Bob Manchester's Cracker Jacks Co. for next season, milking tbclr second tea- son wllh this company. W, O. (^nxytNQHAM. of New York Clty : Is to uninage Dream City, the new pleasure park uud amusement resort being built in ibc most picturesque residence portion.of Greater Pittsburg, und also the clednest part of that city, so noted for smoke and grime. The location and the quality of the attrac- tions prcsugc tbut the purk wilt tnko first pluce nmung tho anutsement resorts from the start, which will be Derorutlon Day, Mr. cunulughum hurriedly closed his tour of tbo West wlib "Yorke State Folks" three weeks ago. In order to prepare for tbe opening of Dream City. Tiik Mku;oy Trio Inform us that they aro meeltug with tbc greatest success ureseullug their prlgluul comedy duuclng oet all through tln< middle West, uud urc tbe feature of ull bills, Tiu-y aro booked solid Into the Sum* mcr mouths. Db Vm'o anp m VoTO write tbat they arc lu their eleventh week with the Coy & Hull Novelty Co., und are meeting with success. their double buck dancing being a decided W. 3£ Coy, ueglna Coy. Frank find Grace HalK D>' Voto ana De Voto. Baby lilt Roster: Air. Bobbins, lu wovL_ 1 nil nl riioigs. by well Known people. .They hurt; leu weeks boohed ut Humtner *i>nikv, und* three weeke for one, two uud three night Hluuds lu binul! towns on tbe Hudson, Jouk C. Caiul-h ftaa for tbo. punt three weeks been coutlued lu the Wluoua Hospllul, Wluonu, Minn., with pleiiro-pueuuioulH, out Id cb Ills way tu reuuTery, Marguerite Da Voto, uud elms. Plgg. musical director. Kverybqdy Is well uud happy. We have bud the H. K. 0. sign out lu every town we liuvc placed eIucc Cbrlrjtmas. Haul Fi.yns writes that his new act Is fjohig ww, with good^ttme booked. He wl|l be In New York City In July, und sail for Euitland lu August to ploy over tbeStotl tour. On account of tbc Illness of Mrs. Stuart Harrow, the Darrows wero compelled to eun* eel the cutlre Orpbemb circuit. Mr. nnd Mrs. Durrow- wilt remain lu Florida uutll Summer. May GoonwiN. of of Gooriwlu and fioodwlii. wan compelled to go to tbe Balti- more Hospital, ou account of Illness. Ted C Goodwin 1* tilling lu tho rest of the season with tbe :"Mup!e Leuf" Co. They have put some of their dates forward. llARutSANh lI-Min.M it write: "We.njude a hit In MUford, Mass., wllh our now act 'bit MUford piiuers staled It wus uuc ut tbu acta ever given -there. Wo buve,rc- celveu Coutmets since our engagenicut ut Mllford. April v tbo Huston Tuc- ntre. Full lllver, with all kinds of good work to fulluw. Tim 0u> Ubliaulu Is alwoys ou iinnd." . A. hbvn JUtUIKUf. .Qcjrman. couicJUe. closed bis regular ecu tun tcb.'Ji. at Urecu i'.n\. Wis., uud b playlog vaudeville dates until tbo uext tegular *oawn. Tlhc CtCtifta Miuikh^Itooa. close.a auc.' ceasful thirty, weeks' cbgkgemcut ftyjuwfcll.' Mam,.. Aprlfr, ui KpeclaT future-trJUrtte Fenberg fliock Co.. dnd return; to vatnScVll 0 April fCnnfinlng at Kocftey's, Bfooklyu. 'tltflf net wlille with Flmuorg' proved.rt bjg | draw!iiS iiotoHy through the gftw KngUw Hlalf';. While blavlug nt Mniieliestcr. XH., J Manocer (lob Miunrhestei- witnessed their act, and they nre ehoaged for one of IiIb shows next Heason, lt\Wl,;i AN'b Von Kaufman* write 1 "Wehavo ](Ut< finished five weeks over the Inlctslilto elteuit. t|ur net, 'M^ukIi,' was ah Immense fill. Mr. llnwls received llntterlngi pxm hi.tlcs fhr'lHV clever Impnrrtdtmtlotl nnd tlla* leet of the Hnutberh darkoy. We hre iKioked l»y the -Wvslern Vaudeville Association, nnd nre kept busy." Ti'tu, Mii.i.Ki:nJitr ' HiKtnKK Jiavc played' twenty-seven sijca'ssful weeks attbc ilo^im, Hostou, and are booked for the keltli circuit, coulDleiiclitir April »0. .- '■• . ' .. 1' ... Has Hiih writes: "Am In .my thirty-fifth week wllh the Myrklc-Harder Stock Co. (Western!. A new uct has.been written for me. Special Hccnery uud on assistant carried for tbls act. I open toy Vaudeville' bonklugs at Pustof's, May 7. , ■THB rSTRllNATIONAL Ful'R, Consisting Of Wilkinson, Wenrlcb, Itenhlogci' and Ullck, report meeting with great success lu their new uct, r entitled "Blgn That Hook." They have signed for season of .10DO-U7, with tbe original I.:i Varrc Bros.' Minstrels, Ouenlng April lu, In Boston. ..-'■ * '■-.;' NOTES ntOJI TUB ItUDOLPH CdNCERr CO/— We arc In out- twelfth week, and are doing a big buslucss. Tbo H. H. o. sign Is out nightly, and we hud Southern Ohio n good,country to work In. Roster: John Itudolph, proprietor mid innuager ; Mrs Irene Itudolph, treasurer; Charles Foye, buslncsa manager.; Oeo. Barker, black face conledlau; the WlllBon.Trio, aud moving pictures. Tun or.n Krciaiilh iinds us every week, und It makes up happy. T'hi: following.people are the New Uljou .Theutrc. Virginia, MTun.. week of April 2: Clnru aud Jim Dnltom Felice ami -lA-ott Alexander, Ida and Joe Ukerbeck, Grace ami Frnuk Tbuinp^ou. Pearl Skcrueck mid Mrs, Perse. Business, our informant states, Is good all over (be Iron rabge this year. Tills town.has 7,000 inhabitants, and every- body has got the money. Tliu Ctiri-gn Is a weieomc visitor. llAitnY 8. Wfjun reports meeting, with suc- cess 111 vaudeville doing bis singing and monologue specialty. ' Xa Ci.-edc and Hay.mono are with Miner's Dreamland Co., Introducing their flet, VA Society CirtfiiH," during the action' of tbo burlesuue. They have six people lu tho net, Clara Itaymbnd Is the leading soubrcttc with tbc company, illow.YRh anp Ca n have closed with the Black Crook Burlcsquers, They Open ou the Pennsylvania circuit April it. " -UrnTy Fiticlt, Hebrew Impersonator and parodist, writes: "I nm now working back Hast, ou the sulllvan-Consiainw circuit. I Lnve vrorked Oftecu weeks for these people without a layoff." . ' ..i ■ .■ Hally. asl) Hartv write that they* opened at.tbe Odcoh Theatre, Dayton, O., Afocch'30, und their new act, "wjilie and Tlllle." went wltli a. screani. Thee - are booked solid through the middle West until June 10-, when they play Eastern parka. ■ :Joe Whitehead,' formerly of Frank Mc- Nlab and Joe Whitehead,- has Joined hands with the Grlcrsob listers. They are lu their ilfth week. aud-,tm?lr act, entljled "Joshing tbe Joshcr;" Is ■ meeting wltu. sue* cess. They buve good limp .''ahead. >;■■ r'*' IJnw.Miu S11 aynb.. longJdcutilled as one of tbc leading.- vaudeville ugeuts of tbc West, hus ussOcluted himself with (William Morris, as general rcprctieututlvc, und wilt lu future further.the Interests uf the Willluni Morris Agency, which laotv has onlceis iu both'^ew Tofk and Chicago.. .. . „.; . .;■ ■,- / • .-\. Feaiii, H. Da TtTJB, male .Impersonator," writer that although she bus several .offers foi 1 the anmhiei*,,both lu opera- and burlesijne, ns she Is making good In vaudeville, she will play .da teg. .< „-..• ." ■ ; . w-.-: Davk Dgkuiin*. musical comedlBD. cldsed IwCuty weekk wllh Cohen lb .UQUtberluud'B "King of Trumps," doing .the title role and a musical specialty, and opened on the Bijou circuit, lu vaudeville, at Oshkosk, Wis., with Aupleton to follow. < Tim llAnctt.MiCH (Louis and Bessie), acro- bats and upside down dancers, \yeek of March *JU were- at the Umpire Theatre, Ifrankford, Fa., with Kaston. Fu.: Gloversvllle.N. "Y., and Family Theatre, ,\en* York City, to fol- low. ..Owing to the illness of I'mma Bell, of the Acme 1Mb (Bell. Lhidlcy and Belt), Chas. Undley ttml Ida Bell will work as a team, doing 11 high class singing, talklttg uud clown- Impact. - ; •:- ■ ■■■ - THiipt'ou a typographical error ')n our -Issue of March Jf-W, John Ivors waB credit- ed- nrlth a reception, at Poll's, Bridgeport, CoHp., duriug that week. Credit should have been-.given to Jolm Net of J*eff and Miller. Mna, Wha-ia-mj. McQUinn aud children KSM-E^SSW , Ca »* 3I>*. McQulun writes that bis Fathilpdera Co. Is doing a bice DitRlncs's in Ontario. Tun GjtKAf 'Akso/., sensational one legged nerinlfst. was n feature .of the bill at the Ia ilc, Cleveland, o.. week of March 10. He will pirn- imrka in the ISuat next Summer with bis coutbluntlou aerial and slack wire act. HfUW and Ev.\>*s write from E'ugland, un- der date uf Murch 15, ua followa: "Hvery- tbiug.ib golug lovely with us. Last Saturday morning*there wus quite an American 1 demon- stration at .Waterloo Station, where ubout all of tlit' Amman acts Jn London were down to sec; Douglub and Ford off .for South Africa. Amid stuping, cheering and tbe waving of the American llug, it certaluly was a scene, BL-ldom jKM in a foreign country. We OulsU at tbc Oxford next week, und move down a block, to another tbentve. under the same Management, whore wc pluy another exclu- sive engagement. Musou and Keeler leave for; AuBtrnllu to-day. Ferguson and Mack, Belle JtKlnnint, Hooker nud Davis, uad Miir- tlu, of Martin aud tfulgg. wero umotig tboso from -America who wished Dotiglutj unci ford, uud Meier aud Mora God speed nud don con- ova to bouth Africa. Wc get Tub Curat* every Friday, consequently wc keep well posted on tilings at home." John .W. Wiuion sailed for Englnad on March '•.'•1. Bear- & Kunnuuy, black ("ace com*d1un, now laid up lu Philadelphta-wUb couaumo- UpD, will be tendered a beneOt by the Central Club, of that ijlty, ut the Grand Opera House, week of April ao. ... •, ' F.U'i.mta, the spectacular dancer, arrived iBVJunr .iork March S4, on tbe way to her ranch in California, aud sbe Bends Tim CliUVfnr u few nutcs of her recent tour of feoulh Africa..- "Wo arrived In London from boutli Africa March 10, after a most delight- ful engagement. I cannot flad words* in praise of my treatment bv the tnanuifera It JobauneBbitrg and Capo Town. Alt of the theatres.were, bnely equipped to present my act, regurdug the llgbta. etc. 1 Intended to.remain In London a month, then go to ttula,-but It becume Imperative that T re- turn to California. 1 will not be able to necept eogugenieiito around New York until Bttfcfcfe Btll> .Wild )\>*t. my, at veiji. the Italian ,Cuj»lomn' ami' other offlclalR 'J' l^hed their worft.of cxqnilflittlufi.aad certlflai. tlou..nhd iirRothcr.wUlr tlKi Mnvoj-.Anil S\ oflk-lals.plveHo the-Wild weut-a- beany S3 come Eu Ttaly. Ih isyu- Bhffnlo. Hifi"-vvii 1 West vlsltetlrltfkly. nnd being the only K Arnetlean epf.etnriHn over In. tbc cyua(rr, % m$m fffHhfilly kept In memofy.i/'nS IflKulmivntK. Tbc- nnnotiuceliiclltn ;tilouc tint" Col.Cttdv and bin troupe wotihl make another SkH^ffiK wwary.hnH Htlrml lhe ; pre^.a n( l» piibllc alike, ahd .the. uewspopetH Tor n-biaati pant all ptttU of-the country ntlnlM cotutuub of mutter eoncoi'nlnl- tbe 1lfo uhil t-i. reef-of Buffalo'Bill, oUT&rVSFnt tlie t& the Ulid West.und Ha rough ridorfi of nrani litlqnalltlew. All tide had worked ui ?K pwnlo ton blah pitch of etlrlosllt. and tfi* tAp Erom.Veutlmllle to'■ Genoa'. rabout ido miles albuc the beautiful Italian ItlvereruT was a .veritable triumphal oareb. At etenJ stntlonxrowdB ciithered, and amid the war. lag df flags (American uadliallain.and tbs cheering of the. populace, the four tfaluq traiiBjwrtlug.tbc troupe paused bu Its .wav At Savonua, u beautiful citv ; about'twc&tr- Ilve mliefl from ,Genoa, tbe Mayor and oit<- offlelaia boarded-Colonel Cody's \prlvutb cat- dad gBVo him a most Uiiurty welcome to Iiatv Thc.cfttlro trlnwlll I6dg be ■rflmembored Br the toetnbctH ortbe Wild Vest:.' AllSsSaYtia route Btretched tbe buutlfq] blbe Medlterra" neuu, while on the left toko -.the 'etiow-catjtiea Alps.' The plain along which the. rall^av runs was oue coutlnubus garden 'of DbivUrn and^ fruits,, only brokehiby nhmeliiue well built, clean:and (n-oisberous l&oklng comlntN clol, and manufacturing tbftua find eeternl elegant looking seaaide fcaort-tdwiw. afiSKk wriavrcttched nt Uoonbythn llrst train,, the other three following at lntertula.dfchalr\'aa hoar. Tbo yards of tbo railtfay, station were 1 MranmHuunr ijfd filled with hewutiaper meu clrll dfflcfals, all ub eagrri 1 to wclcduleusiaslo gratify curiosity. 'From the jlnUoif to the military lleid, on whk'h thcWIIU West was, to be encamped Isohly three blocks; uml v c t In- that, space it Hncmed thut half of Geiiua had assembled, and the expressions of won- der, and admiration for the great draught horses, tbe large American built wagons, the skill of tbedrivers, etc., etc., were general. Around the twenty acre field tbe public were preSBtd In compact musses, four and fire rows deep, and the police kept pro- per distance so ns not to Ibtcrfero with tho r'^M Of .' crce,lD «. tb0 tcnts and makJOg tlie Installation of - tlie camp complete. Ettm. tlona were, naturally made, and a number of military officers and .clrll officials were nU* milled within the likes. Ail were greatl? Impressed wllh the wonderful rapidity. Ibfl rate skill, thealmoat absolute lack -of noise and .'tbo fact that no loud shouting- eommana« were made, and yet every msti worked faith* fully and almost-without etottlon tbe great place was put In Bhapc. The pepple«eom to tblub almost any thing pofiBible to -.Ainef leans and^thlbb tbe wild vVest I? the blgifeat thing 01 the kind they.ever saw. and lis sUeoe;! In etcty • detourttoeut;. frobi the HnJCarihoUm-'e- incut to;tbe-llaie of-lhc flnal.performalice, i-j most Interesting,to tbci«,people, and tbey; mi thatvlt la oiily wbat,-ivns to^hc"'expecfea o'f Auicrlcauri, The. .Ilrat .pct-forthauce Iorll'ajy was. glveii lu Oenoa. a gK-ut fdwh for au-ta- dldh ■dhow; :nud rather, likely to, cause'.aeutl- uicntul cottimeut. • Tbe, ticket wagons' rtferc Opened ■• ttifo' hours" before ,tbc ■ pefWraJanoe. audaltliougb extra tacu we're'pat M to,aldJn seiltbg; jbo.'cro)vd. muV wlinply InRatlaliie,. Jn n'Veryj.BbortjHule'.moruTban WlttS ttckets bod...-been ■■suljl bnd.tbe wugous-^tere ctoiea, WW to' the. -dlsapub'IntinShf of enoomAlls crowds, .who, however,^waHetl-about -until'tbe'. whgutiH opened, for-the sulo.of.tfokets for.the i'l*nt perToirmaneb, und. ugaiff. the '..kbpnly. fa led to. meet .the demand. , In fact, atbotlt ptrforbinncas, .tho receipts would have- beton doubled had the. seating «ap4<ftv..'perinlUeu; The tents.vcill ouly htfS I'J.OW, and at-both perforibnuctis ilt was capacity, aud^tlie eotliu- slasm of the ero**ds was the greatest ever known anywhere by the oldest mrniberof the nlld -wctjt compiiuy, Just imaglue ;m open air eutertaiument playlug all ihrougb. tbe Month of March, while ta America I be Winter quartern have pot beeu opened 10 udailt the Spring auoshjnc. Ah .tlrhi la being .written fat 10 ,o'clock, morulug of.. March .ID) - tbc ticket wagoob' arc. surrounded by crowds |i|0: ug for their .opeulpg at J .pVIock. . Wold baa been received from1 our down town ticket office tbat all; the reserved or high priced seats for tbe day have beau wold, and fhe .dis- appointed ones are buying for the perform- ances of tomorrow, our lust day lb Genoa. mmm sir .Cbarlea Bereerord, aud ofllccia of IIln MaJEBty;a Medltifrrauean lleet, will he present at the'afternoon performance to-day, while to-morrbw morning Colouei Cody will tuke breakfast on bourd the Uagsalp; Hiid-to- morrow night, after the performance, be will nttcud a bull of tbe British colony In honor of the lleet, The tour of Italy of tbe Wild Wast will ■ occupy nlue weeks, after which Austria..Hungary. Germauy. Hollaed and Bel- g 11m .will ba vlaited, aud In Xorember next nil.will sail for.New York for a farewell tour that will cover two-years, and nit reports other thuu this are certainly not accurate. ! ' ' ' «■■ > ' ." '■ our At/s-riuiiAtv lkttmk, fbom oun own coitngspoKMShT. hex] Kali, ns I expect to remain on tuy ruticb nun T begin my Summer season fn parks. legin raj 1 . • Sydnet. Feb. 20. At the Theatre Royal, Wm. Anderson 13 attracting crowds of neopte with "La Kllle dn Tambour aiojor." Maud Thornton, MIsh Campbell, Sfguor Rebotaro and liklwurd J arley are among tho principals who dis- tinguished themselves. K ■■ At the Tlvoll Theatre, Harry Rlckardd again presented a splendid programme to. bis putrotiB, several ne.ft* players muklng tbclr appearance. The most succcBSful of these were the Ret-ndrds, wltu Ibelr marvelous mariouettes, which turn, by the way,'Is oae of the tlnest of Its bind ever-seen in Sydney. Mademoiselle Ada Cerltb Introduced. sewa! new songs, and the ScoltUb Mclsters (vera accorded a hearty- receptlou. The marvelous Kick bicycle-riding-by Lotto, Lllo anil Otto cputlnuea to amaze tho audiences; while that ever popular fuvorlte. Fred Bluett, iride bis reappearunee with three new songs- '.Another new arrival was Ktbel Preston, who made a good Impression with a clever dunce. „ In Melbourne, Bland Holt Is Oolng flan busluesa wtth tbo dramatization of Hall Colne'a "Tho Prodigal t3on," while nt Hag ards" Opera House the principal feature of the bill la.the Two Bells and El?ht Eugllsb Primroses^ with their specialty, "Danse W .Tarobes en l'A|r." Harry RIckards lo al» sending a company to his Adela^e Theatre, which he has lust refurnished and redeco- rated, ulso a'natch of performers to tut Cremorne Gardens, rertb, untlo - ; 31r. D»vw management'..' -■."-. 1 , '■ "'. , »' »——* Mcrlaten TliOsttre Dcstroyrcl. The Merideu Tbeatrc; Mcrldcn, "Ct.; iu *lo say that-1 nm glad to get borne Is express i»K H uiljdly, ua (burs la uo place like home, uftor ull. ■ , 1 I'ltiMi' Jkwbtt, character comedian, known to the profession as Phil Conboy, fornierlv of the two.Conboy a, will return to VuudevlHc aeusuu of 10O7-O*. ufter j retirement of two $3£h S& 0D .,? u y r eir new act. \Ue his joined hunda with Louis l>n Forrest, "AVon- Uer'.Worker." who bos recently returned from lildla. The actJoclndea musk and■ mystery, luleriiperscd with comedy, and coosists of three people. They will assume the toam njime of Conboy nnd Da Potratt parks. Chilrcb Btreel, the largeat playhouse,la tbo city, nud ou« of the tlnest ft'tbe State, ff«a destroyed fn a lire on Murch 'J, which cauiC'l niore tnau Si:00,00t> loss. Two .nromeu tc- celved what are fettred to be fatal, injuries when tbo walls fell. TUe Wlioox Balldlog. nest the theatre:,: was ulso damaged sou»»j- erablyl Tbu flro started In a prlntery In tbo the- atre building, from what (MUM is.'not : Known, und soon broke through Into tlie uui|ltorIutt>- .i-.BJbo cbiofiloaers uStfMtfnftU Jloal^y Of' which owas tbc buljdtnge coaatuped, NWJ.'!' large lu«s is Ibe theatre management, worn am Inst uu of Me eijulpmeut. » ■