The New York Clipper (April 1906)

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Apeil.7. . THE NEW YORK CLIPPER. 101 , Sweetheart, 1' Girl Now An old fashioned love song, by DAVE MARION. This song will sweep the ooufhtry. Read the words of the chorus; FOH FOUTY IK MIS WE'VE 8TOOD .VM. KINDS OP WEATIIKH: JUST LIKE JACK AND JILL, WK CI.IM1IK.II THE HILL TOOETillCIt. AFTER ALL THOME VK.1BS WW llliOKK YOlll VOW: 1 1V1I1I.I1VT C1IAM1E vol . HWBKTIIKAHT, Kill A MEW GIIH. Professional Copies Free to Performers Sending Up-to-date Programs. Orchestrations 10c. :TCHELL. No. 633 WASHINGTON STREET, BOSTON, MASS. YVVNTKD, For Glmilvan'ii lYrainatlv Co. Itep. People In all Hues; Uiosc/loublUig brats or spcciaUlos preferred. Also piano Pin jcr f doub- ling cornet. Salary sure. Hank reference. Cutler canvas. Air. Bruce, write. J- gg« OISSIVAN. Sow C urllsle, Ohio. ' " MiOV t UB MB OCTOHOOKS" wants colored lady performers. Tiiorie competent to double i>iimle Drum Corps given preference. Wire at once. JACK nOONB.PatncoTlienlre.SjTiieusc.S. Y. P. S.—Also othe r performern lo double brass. "ELGIN 8TERKOPT1COW," for song Mas- imtora. lecturers: foil size, S12.50; scud for cut. ELGIN 8TEU. MFO.CO. f a28Klmhangt.,Elgln,IH. ""WA*TBD"Mu«icni Comedy Sketch Team; ehunsc for week; man do II. F.; both work nets. We never close. Other people, write. All Ural letter. Cure of IMlloiTs Musical Comedy Co., Jos. Dillon, Mgr., lie Urcckcnrldgu St.. Ft.Wayne, lud . FOR SAM5—Klglit Band Coats, Punts and Caps. (Jass and snare Drums, York Alio Mcto- nhone, with good leather case; oue Gas I'lpe, IpricUt Rlg^lug Tor Double Traps oruoy •Mode work; two good Snake Suits, No. i hizc; one Pedestal, nickel plated, with stair steps: one ML Middle Piece for OOfl. Round Tup. in excellent romltllon. fluve aijont *200 worth of But Lj tine Paper lltat I-wlil sell cheap. Address W. F. Lewis, firafum.ycb, P- 1 L -WANTED, MUSICIANS—First Class Ornties- tra Hanlet, Cornet. Trombone uud Drums for White OS, Fort Worih, Tex.; 7 nights. 1 matinee; * dot week; Winter engagement to follow; no bnuz- era. Chas. Gardner. Ooa W. 1st 31., Fort Wortli,Te.\. CHILE COST CARSE.sniHll 16, largo iV. De Itclous Spoggetti, Pigs' Knuckles and Sourkrout. peimlueinip. Llinburger Ohceno, Gefuellte r'inh, r> grades beer; reasonable; niusle, singing. Bring wife and daughter. Always crowded. JOF.'S, am West list St., near Broadway. Headquarters New York Cheese Club. IMITATION 18 FLATTERY— We are picuscd<to note tliuta proinilieut publishing house nu ' eeciilit to getoutan linituliou ufourseiio- Couilc Song, "TIIK TRAVELING MAN.' 1 copying, us near us llic law will permit, oiir TITLE, WORDS uud Ml'SIC. we wish to Inform Hit protessiou thatourels the OWGINAL "Drum- mer' song, "with the numc blown In the bottle.*' "All others are Imltalions," uud SOT "Just us gih>d.'' Professional copy, with extra verses, nMoroheatratlou sent to ''troupers, 1 ' absolutely free. Cordially yours, TUN MKTHOPOLlTAS 3IP8IC Co., Council Blum,; to. FOR hALE—Compleic Med. Show OUtiit. flood ad now. Two Tents, l'-*xl4,1 Coil's Picture Mm:t|iueVl Stage uud Scenery, till complete, and " lirnta.'SCOTI. of u-fi. Side Wall, roped top uml St., Monroe. Mich Lights,, bottom- Answer quick, ropei John Rudolph, 150 (Hi AT LIBERTY APRIL », ZAKTOLA, Htpuotlal, Mlud Ki-uder, Magician, Mooolog'sf, featuring the greRt Street Tcstulid Zartoln Dux MyHtfc. Change for week. Snmrt drasoT oir apdon. -Work in acts. Sober uml reliable. Must have ticket. It's up to you. Address New Albany, Bradford Co., Pa. . WANTED. FOR ? ws siwiei; PROPERTY MAN who can .play a small part, must bet a large man and uulon man; also TWO YOUNG LADIES FOR IXGEM'KS. Other useful people ^ rib:. , All Summer engagement. C'au use a good hustling. AGENT. Season opens April 12, Address, with photos. 1'tiOYl) I.'. UK1GGS, Mgr., ItoaE. Jersey St., Elizabeth, N.J. OPEN TIME BMDDOCK, N. Waut good ullructton for manager's Henetlt. Oue night of'week May 7. Weeks of April 10 and 30 open. iHtiug bis business. AvcrageWoUa iilghl. HAiiuv J. bird. Maflmwr. Pusilioii willi (food Traveling Show Circus or theatrical. Would like silent part, ttrki'i Inker, ossi., advance agent, or ui|y good position you may liuve to offer. Age about lil. don't uw booze, wIlHiig lo luurti. Address* LOUIS K. KINO*, Sprlnirlicld, Mm^acbusetlw, euro Klbbc.Itroa. Co. AT LIBERTY, Trap Drummer With fujl Hue of Trapa, ineludlug BttU and Tym- pauiL'B, for Summer season, or will locale.. Sober a ml.reliable. Member of A. F. of M. Address GKp.W. W H ITE ,IUDlkemuuS l., Walcrb iiry.CoiiM l CITY OPERA HOUSE riNIIER, ILL. Sttatlug eupucltv, 350. Popululloo,'J,OW. Good surrounding couutry. Small towns to draw from. Open time lor good shows In ItHio and i«07. Would li&O'to hear from some goud coinpuuy for Decora Hop .pay. GEO. N. SM11II. Wjft ACROBAT WANTED 'IV:do ground tunibllug. lu a comedy uct. Au upportunUy for «ood inimtour. Ad booked. AdiircBM-Hl'ln'.- licit. 1*1.. Columbus. Ohio. WIGS ft. 8II1N1>IIKLM. 11S W 2Glli SI.■ X. V. The up-to- dale THEATUH'AL WIC MAKKH. Send t'tump for new Price List, Ju*t our. tViyiTfL.REAL MED. PERFORMERS "III! I 1J17 Hijt^m Join u BOOd nliow Willi- "ii ustiug nam*, uuuiiiik-ii I'uguei'iui'iiu ^ WOODS A- FI1YK, I'lincv F ra lrlf, III 00IWTHY COLLINS, AT lIBinri volt i.kuis, irnio-1. . ,.', TASNIilt 4 CO., m w. m St., Oil)'. EflB'CMI C !*> leugllia UDIV ; Hfl •HLC«ai.iil", so \xr leoifili: in IRSf Ml, &a\ Mt. miner and side potu nod stuke.. Bur. PEARL TAK, yortlirllle. N. Y. i S1FTHHP<; Plr toorilor. »lam|>Iorrrlcni. ,' f^V*V nt «i Cltoisauiplu Parudy •- verses.'J eljonilei) uod i, Quks.iOc.i 4 Hurodles end -jo Ou/r. W. HUM K..T. THATEKun Hue »!.. Pro... It. I. UlfiNMiVQ' ntxiks fur wile, 81.;:. a thou*in<iJ. nimiuulSO somlKtu,ni]»auilile. ANUK1CWS, M»«l>t)iilj', 2il|4 K. llaiHTon KI-. rilllwlvll'lllw. P'«- ■ KMIIl' VOVI.I. st ni.i.i SMILE I ME WANTED, For Summer Htock or It.-liable Repertoire, ROY KING HEAVIES AND JUVENILES. E MRS. ROY KINO Juveniles, leads and Ingenues. Address ROY KINO, KATHRYN PURNELL CO., Pltuburg. I 1 *., Empire Theatre, April «-H. After that per route. GOOD MUSICIANS AT ONCE FOIt TUE . STATE HOSPITAL BAND, SIT. PLKA6ANT, IOWA. Clarionet. Cornet, fttxuptmuc, Ti'ombone and Tmp Drum. Must be *f;rlil readers. Light work us at' leuduuts. iioublliigstrlu? preferred. JULIUS WINTER, Mtiskitl Director.- GOWNS % R ASr SLIIHITLY VJSEII. Ahu BTIIEET OOW'XS. We have on hund n lurge n.^ertment or sllirlitlv worn Kvt:iilni,'Co\viih,lllni]er. Itucepllouuiidfi'iifioivns. Tlii-se rvtiv* ure uiTfeel In every resueel, uml ure MpniUlry MlMMerorneu'lii iliun class dha- MATIC I'KODUCTIONS. We liuve a full line or Seal Hkln C'uuLsuiid Kursuf all kinds. - MKS. II. ST.VIMt, ::ai SeuMi Stole SI.,CH1C'ACU. WATCB SVXI 1VH1JK Foil . SMILE 8 ME WANTED, FOR LEWIS' STOCK COMPANY. Under CoavaH TUrrti Don uud Week Wtunds. People tli ell lines. Leading; Man with scripts, ti« direct staye: Leading Lady. Mull for lii'uvtcs, nlMO Mau mid Womuii with child, woinuu lor soubretie« and man for i-linriie- lers. Prefer people dolus Hm-elult)<:?<. AH people miiHL bi noLvr itud rcliuble and have good wardrobe. Bourd and nleep ut holds, I pay all. Tickers JC 1 know you. Also wain Good Piano Player. Address • \\\ R I.liWIS. tfrnftoii. Nebr. ACROBAT AT LIBERTY Dotug Routines of Fllp-Flups, Twlstlmr Fllp-Klups and Full Twister Bucks. Cun Ilo Uuder»(and for Hand to Hand, untl cuu Throw MM. Address JOHN B. ROCHETTE, So. SW Moody Slreel. Luwell, >lus». WANTED, Sinking and Dancing SOUBRETTE Ami AH MU'iind Vaudeville People. Ctmngo for week: uork In uets. I'leasniil engaj*eiiicnt. Mouei sure. Stale nil in llrsl. WILL KIBUISKII. IVtllllllirfonl, Iowa. WILL BUY TKNT ' »'■ •'• MACIIlSS mid Sfimlenl WANTED, FOR SWALLOW I MIL'S "NEW SUNNY I'lauo to double Cornet, or Trombone, Alio to double Second Violin, Cornet and Tioiubitue. Join at once. AddjTMH JACK HOFFMAN, Care of "Sew Sunny South.*' SieiibenvHle, O- WANTED, REPERTOIRE COMEDIAN WITH STK0SG SPECIAbTIES POK 8UMMKK SEASON". W. C. HcKAT, Park Tlieline.tliniCTi» , lfr,X.II. \ l I.IHKUI1 , Jes.-le THE SOURS Uenlrlee Por Street and Coiiuly fair:'. Kellalile oln-ns M«i>.. -vrlle. lll^'li ilii--. seii-uHomi DiniMi- Trape/,1- Arll^ils and Novelty CoutorllolilM^. Plasliy HkitIiib, good wnrdro!.e and uppeamuee, with V years' esnerlenee. Addrecs BK.V. I>KI... I.AI'KKIt. MICH. SIEGMAN ROLLER RINK & WEIL. LOCATION. 77-81 W80STER ST. (Bit. Spring ind B room .), W.w Tork. Theatrical Supplies, Tights, Wigs, & firnse Paints, la C ATAI UUPU Xo, t, - Bold fc Silver Trimmings, Spaogles, Stagi Jawilry of Enry Disoription, I n C.vt'AI.OHUB Xo. c (BSD I OK CATALOOUU 'JO-DAI. W. i.nd good. C. 0. D„ mb|.cl to Inipictlon tut nq ulr. i M ill onion , When lu BOSTON and Yon Wiih to Replonisli Your Stock of MAKE-UP KLEIN'S PHARMACY, Cor. TREMONT and BOYLSTON STS„ <OppodIio Hotel Toniulne). PIlOPniKTOnMOKTIITKC'KtKUllATKO YLANG YLAN6 COM CBEAM. Guaranteed Nol lo Iteeoiiie' 'Ytanefd and Con- lalna Nelllier Lard or.AnA'tlne. 1 -21b. Jar 35 Cents. lib. lor 60 Cents. S t lll'l.l-.s I'llKK. Mention CI.II'PKK When Wrllliu. UiKSl RIITiU-SS-l M'tl 111 TV BARGAINS IN SLOT MACHINES Adapted lo Sutooiu, Gales, Theatre Lobbies, Summer Parks, etc. To close out our stock and make room for now goods, wc will #ull our latest novelty. Km Automatic Oil or Plate Mttuhiue, AT LF8H THAN COST, la a big earner every where. Free Illustrated booklet. martin A canllr cu.. Times Bldj[., Mew York. Mrs. L. Scheuer, Sl'WlUK fiowns a wpwlully, Kle(innt Hiliiiiir, tiartleuiiud lierepilou tidwtiriiil nioderute prices. In ibe ("eiitlemeirs liepartuieilt wc curry Full UMMMpfl Tuxedo HilltMf Iiiveniess(.'upesi!l*lhiee Albertit.lii t.'oatM and Yen is, Sprlni; dults and Ovcrcoab*, llnlii Oiatis etc. Iletuember our Stores, fJ-lKO South St., Phila- delphia. I'a. Our Hraiieh Store for Udlci* (Jooils onl> at am W. JlulJbcrrv Si.. Hultlnipre, Md. Wo have an excellent location for a BOLLSB KINK (ground only) TO ruEASE ROCKAWAY BEACH. Transi<orUtIon fHcillllcs wuuirpassed. *o,0ou per- 1 niaiiuut popululloi), fio.two Summer season viei- | tors and blp crowds of dally visitors from New York to draw from. No opposition. It Inter- estod, write ns for maps and full particulars. Apply Tin; L A. THOMSON SCKNIU RY. CO., url Broudwai\JJcw York. GRAND CHANGE Fun sHCVBIsa LOCATIONS — OS— ROCKAWAY BEACH PARKWAY lumieticc -iuuis biivr been spent this Wlntor In Improving uml beautifying this Krcut ocean aiuuacuirnt resort. Snuic splendid frontager* still open. No percent age to pay—only grv..ud real. It you have something g/iou, write us, niitl gel lu oti the ".'cnuud lluor. Mils coining HeitM.iiL will bent all mortis on m> count or the new steiiinboul and trolley lines. Write to us uml get all pnrtlnilurs. uud men- tion wlisl pilvlli'cc yon want. Till'! L. A. THOMI'SON SCKN1C KAIMVAY CO.. 80S llrundwuy. New York. BARGAIN. 100 Lilison Sl»l riiniiiiiini|ilis, Oak Cabinet, sllghtlv ined. In ilrnt claws comUlluu. 100 SPRING MOTOR SLOT PHONOGRAPHS (Iluud wind], .-llghtlv uacU, In tlr.»l rluni eomli- (Ion. No ijatierii-i remilred with tht-fc nme.hluer>. The above are Jti-l the ftilntr fur park* uud 811111- 'Jfjcr resorts. Saiiiplc-* at my fiilesrooin. F. S. ZIMMERMAN, 9 K \vr IITII NT., SHW TORK. JESSE R. BURDEN, Dancing Taught For the Stage. 309 THIRD AVENUE, N. Y. CITY . p MO TO O R A f»WiB, F.DKM (. \«1I0\ I KIMMI tttkk&nifwv- cc(*j. Oiiblneb-. Sl.'t.w per l.oou; Pest Vnvm, ffltM per 1,000, made from your own uegs. or-good plioio. Samples Tor dime. i fllTIIOC HL'SHANIt 01! WH-'K PHOTOS. ?i.W _yIa05.iiii"A-l!?i:i' t, . , . n ' l . J . N ] ;f1 ' 50 /.'- A Violin Plnjer who can IftnTMc Cornet 'intl Lead Small Hund. Cun use Cood It luck- Ka<f i:omedlan, and ffltefeh team. Prcfercuec elven to Ibowc who double In bnu-<. Lang snwon. AtMixws K. II. JOLUiVK, Munugcr .lolllfYITeV Itrlubtllghl^. liltw' Op"ia, Honfc. Itlneth'ld. W, V11. WANTED, EAST LVNHE AND REPERTOIRE PEOPLE. A CLEVLR CIIIul). TWO BUilLINC AOtMS TWO PIANO PLAYtRB. nn'ik- 1 P U J ""■ E.A.MASOS, Barlow Uotel, KEWAMJE, 11,1.. wiikv mc.inv. si;>» i ott SMILE 8 ME STfiT UIPUIIICC for Future I'liiiHmliifCTii LU I HlflvnlnCO I'.O.ASolivrull l-oft rards F.DKXA HTUPIOi 11.17 IV. wmard St„J1illn., I'a. FILMS, SOllllES. ILLUSIONS, m, Etc. Slumps for big Kargalu list. C. II. NIKMKYKU. 4'Jj Ja i-t.Min lihU.. f lilru o. 111. MUTdSCOPES FOR h ai.t,. I have twenty Wood CaMnei Miiloiteoprr. Jii«i the xUiu-4~f\iL .(iinilv.U-Mwu, fi)r-.ii.'.Hi st-Umeii. Guar- anteed Iti llrr-t rta>s I'oudllloii. (lei your pictures and e|iui)j.'e> direel fnnii I he Mntosrupj* luinpuiiv, inilck uettori h iieci">»ur,\' tf von wbui iho lumclu AodrnM "MrTosc'OMKH," iihvi kin* iimk.. K * Mlfc W^RewTer fc« At Liberty for Itsxt "Season, J. H. VVHALEY, Colored Mouologue mtd Comedian. Would like to hear truin any itrst elivsfl colored company. Jfy work b hullL of witty rcparlee, funny biifduo's and laughable sIluutloiiH. endliig wllh a noveltv tlnlfli. Any lompatiy forming, button me: I'll make good. AddrvsH TROOADEKO THKATRB, Plillu. iimvivuvutui i Agents, write for whole- fate catalog of the latest Pnxzleti. Novelties and Pockot nicks. UNIVERSAL HOrTtT CO,, itt La Sails St.. Chlwiro. 111. touabtlstisd isao. "THE PEERLESS QUARTETTE" Would like to hear from MauaKcr.i thai eati puv, Wc can fnnil>h the if4od»; double lu Hand. Cuu furut.ih the b«:"t of mcfcnoos. __Ad'lrew_ P. ih_ BOX, |U7, Oluey, 111. Great uiiicoverj, tsperta can not detect It from goo- _. uluu diamond, t'otoi hut one-tentb. lubrtllisncyaiid eat it has no«uual. Betting solid gold. Write for Illustrated catalogue. ROUT A CO., Dept. P., m Dearborn BL ZAMBEZI GEM FOB SALE. TENTS7 Wild WM ennpy CIrflD. ...II, pile., Miff, flV VMHm. rMBI. TAIi, rtirtb.111., iTt, 'i Tin* and WATCHES tslugcr Itros.' New Hook of Speciuliles em> talus the latest Huropeuii uitd Auierleiin .Novelties. Jewelry, Cutlery, Kimey lioodn, WnlclKS uud Active SpcehtltleM, siieelally adapted for umti-ordcr houses mid can vim*.-rn. Yoa cuuuot ft IT*'id to be wlllioul It. A'lilled free ou application to Dept. A. Wrllo for it to-duy. SINGER BROS.. 82 BOWERY. NEW YORK CITY. CONTRACTS I.BTi'l'.n HKAIta, ENVIII.OI'riS. TIC'KBl'r), I'^NitKS, CAIIDS. Klc. Writ, /or daraplei. wnib rt|. i;.... rtr.s UMrboraSI., Chlciio, In. P ATQ S FOB LKUE, BILE UAIV3 OB BIOBiOE, . . , K?p»!r« «nd AUor.tloni Mid., NEW JERSEY CAR WORKS. Passaic. N. J. AT i.iunnii. BLANCHE BOWERS, Al Cliaractcrs, den. this. HumHier stock. Olio piece or rep. KdlaMe maitagers or Hist class at- liwtlonB'tniir.&rhTO'juiirlimit. AihircnN oTKKt'o. men. WANTED At ONCE7 tine Holo Cornel, Two Slide Trombones mid iiwt.1 apply. (:(JN'CK!IT (tfit* HtM-Iii'ie i'luver TBXTII hanii. (lav No Li.o/.:rs iM'fd upuly, Mlf.iTAItV A.Vi I'. (Iran Md. Large Ltsl of New profi^Hlonut ami Atnuteiir Plays. Yamh-ville Hkclch* PI AYS ■ ■■•» ■ **" os, Mlnitrel Hooks, UpoTettfls, !i|ii- stcal rieess, Hpeclul Knturlalnmeiils. llccttulloiK HlatogiKe. iHHMkorii, ItrltiM, etc. catalogue l*lw. T. H. DKM80.V. PubJIfihers, Hept.17. iTMeuini. lit. POE SALE, CAMtlCM I.IIIHI'. MODKt. IIOAH 01. rflT,!«.»!. Ncai'lv new, Milllivi IlKATI'V BIIIIH- urali OiTliunl. Neli. uinn ic GafEae** Wiiut Rbh Hlngers, Sister Team and Al Plaiio Player for ■;i:i.ll \ audet Itlc en, Would HVe In li'ar from mau that can join tilth good to|ioutilt tor Mummer. WM. J. Mrtfb'INN.Ardaadaie.Ouiario.. AT LIBERTY•••tottist and Poulile Vuim violin. For renerlolre or nerinnio'iit. Mdna_ BHKI,"TjrOAKOil, Keiiuet. III. Wanted. Musical Comedy tiara, Man B. E, Also work hi acts. Organ rinyer sf Miinht. si d Kmtd. tioi Ueinrur. Oiieu April 9. Hath. Jis. !.'H4/>v, JI".Hr'"k^!rt<ijr.<; PL, n. rtsya*. Ind. UT t.usnlle St., rtffCAOQ, 1LF,. SCHOOL AMRHIf'.t'K nmnF UIlKVTKiT Knilorxeil l<> h f tw l anil I'nhlle. II. nrferetieeri from nil rmrl.ur lite worm. Tlio Onl)* Hrkttnl Kioto, .,.,1 In f'hleiinn. STAGE 116, Elli. rii-to-date Ituck, Jig, Hkln. TV .h'l.tll.. Sovi'l cake Walk, Khn-iithm, Hliigtnv ami ting Tlmi! Hong.'*, VaudRVltli- Arts, Sketches,llmmallc An. KXOAHKMKNTS HKL'tUKH. NO KAII.UIIRH. emir. r. J. itinukv. Miss Fmuues l^e ami others. Circulars Fro*.-. CKAMt OI'KltA MOUHK. I endorse I'ltUF. IIIlHii: us- tliemily Ai'lor sud l*rofet?*lo!iai Dancing Tcschur hi tmlcuipi. PKKUJ. wii.dman, Theatrlcsl Agnn. Hiiiallaiid Leading Paris Coached. -. .1*1 J* IWhi Hi., near Madl«on, lldcagn, Jll. ITOTICE. llenery Wni-d, Ummm and MnnngiT of lied- niont 0|mtii lli.iiHi', Is n*sdy to book jrood mm ulght sinmlH or iti>. shows. Can hook Th-d- ruoni, ft*, Ya • Midland. Md. Hluiwa Mm ure booUeil "ulenu-" renrw mnl rariM.*' Open lime In April or Mnv. ItllHt. , l*«r terms, write WALTKH (J. IHHH'IITHON. ItiMlne^ Milliai*er, riodmom. W. Ya.: or, JMINHHY WAKl^Mtdlnnd. Md. FOR SALE OR LEASE, A SOUTHERN MELODRAMA Whleli ban bi-en ulven a Ihrec montlis' try • ut, n hill line 01 neper, nml dye Keenery for eneli se.'tie mid ael. I'oiiMlvel.i a new phi*., si-eneey and \m\w\; AsMfWHi «'. l\ HAUK I'ltihMil, III. WANTED QUICK, L0N6 ENGAGEMENT, Avon Theatre Co., KUL'RUKTTr: n till .-.prelaity, and for goml llnu pans. Htate sahtrv. We pa* all. J. tl. iVMlKHStiV. Wiudiaere, V. It., April 7: Miliar in. Oak* 1*1. TiTS-.VrilSAIfK»IMU!}IS one :*o\i» Piinh Pole Teal, complcie. lop good, a nil fulr, |d»i oiiu gmid Htoreupileoti. s 1 *: brand tn.w lla-c and Sua re Dili tui and Tni pn for H.amlo.,xir>; hnind new KdfMiti Hurner, $7: one llllrken-ili-rft r TVpi'wrltcr. timirl* new, .-PL NO WIND: MoN'KY TAI.KH. JNO. HKXDLr'Y, Mohiillvltle, Ind. TIIKATItIG .11 V\ ,\<>l<:ilN, RUrTSfiT' I will clonus **n weeks'oiigHgcuieiil at New Yt-rl, April l*i. wlili my IMPERIAL VAUDEVILLE CO., iNcWlMXfl ROUNDS' IADTS' ORCHESTRA. Hart- Apt] to. it. in, in, a), an ami May liiud:>oi"'U. u i>u;i[ like lo hour rroui any imimiger between Louclt. Raf-tk, ami Fall llivi-r, i> uaniing any of ll|i;-e thileri. Iblliltli'e nf Mllie i:i»iiph'|e|v bnukn'l up to Jamuirv, l«iT, THANK Vol 1 . Addre r > lifi C.UII/IUN AVi:.. llmoVlyii. N. V. -A- BANKS IDEAS *r No.8 Jll-.I (l|f l||e lll'tr-W. imihI vaudeville mat wvi'itiriv, Mo IM-lillK". Kllll I. ,!„'-. I'lin i:, Mr. ideus Sou. i br(ghier<t ano iver put upai niH'-giic*,skott:iir;-. 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