The New York Clipper (November 1907)

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1010 THE NEW YORK CLIPPER. November 2. Ki<$ Clipper^ Motes, Personalities and Comments, COMCIBNINO STAGE FOLK aid Sometimes OTHERS to the little Western prlmt donna, Paulina EVA TANGUAY, New Show at the Hippodrome. Perry- Whose picture appears on the front page of Shubert * Anderton, managers of the New Thli ■mall, breezy personage, recently of tol( '**<>*• '» well known on the. dramatic, York Hippodrome, have announced their the Van rlpn turv nwn rv. Zh* i. ■ _hi»i *■ we " ** on tne vaudeville stsge. A few sea- plana for the new production to be made at ■ *I ?,. * *i. 7 " T. ' * W '?" ""H" a *° » D « abandoned the former for the the house. "NeptnnVs Daughter- and "Flo- wind of horaewomansblp, Is waking up all the latter and has been equally successful In ncer Days" will be given for the last time on prim park equestrians and making envious lK " h fields. Miss Tangusy hss been her Saturday evening, Nov. 23. The Hippodrome **rer since she began her pro- will be closed Monday and Tuesdav, 25 and some fifteen years ago. 8be 20, and will reonen Wednesdsy night, 27. with BY JOSEPHINE GEO. menso Bros., an* the Bljoudrome. Crowded houses. u< -" Nicmxomon (H. W. Ellis, manager) r porta excellent business right along. S i Alton.—At the Temple Theatre (W ■• Sanvage. manager) "Lena Rivers" oa i i "Zeke, the Country Boy," 20: "Just Out ■■! College" had capacity 21. "Faust" 24 "Ti sombrero, red neckerchief and. divided skirt, ma its a specialty of singing songs written the first presentation of the new spectacle, as Heart of Chicago" 26, 'The Show Girl" ••' the pretty singer sits astride her lively mm- tor ner > 8n d few of tbem find their way to yet unnamed. The book and lyrics are by "The Girl Over There" Nor. 3. tan it aril «eti mwi for «m,M s* ,u, n tna music publishers. The title "Cyclonic Edward P. Temple and Manuel Klein. The. Lyric (W M. Bauvage, manager) i' . uuiB arm mi paces lor wouia-De riaers. jj Tt Tanguay," given to her some time ago •"«-•» <■ »■- «—-•» n't»i» ud »«» —-.w «» .«» oi i * i..j— On the occasion above referred to, the aptly flu her, as her whirlwind actions on the younger riders from Dorland's. In saucy EUSSTEmF— e . c l°? rt jfl)nd « r .« nd . Tue ! d »r'.?.B J5-« ■»«> New Rostand PlarOonapleted. . The elder Coquelln announced. In Paris last Besides being a busy play writer, Will A Page Is the all-Important connecting link be- cni ** ""d been kept up for a couple of miles, the stage suggest more than anything else tween the big Hippodrome and the papers when suddenly Mis, Perry wheeled about and ^Ss^ylng* KeMh * r^rt^tooffi exploiting It waited for the panting horses under the two A few days ago he was Illustrating the polling policemen to come up to her. When difference between the call-boys of the Hip- ' n «7 « ot within earshot, she shouted cheerily: podrome and those of other theatres, In that ""'■ "<> runaway, boy*—It's all right 1 the young person of the Augustln Daly school only wanted to See what your critter, wer. Sfm^nd Ko.t% .waited for"^ pa* two rlaMaOs occupying that post at an ordinary theatre made of. Good-day 1" and off the little Perry years. Is now completea>»snd Js soon to be In "The Met usually knocks at the dressing-room doofand- .dew upon her wiry mount, heedless of the politely Informs the player when he Is need- ■ h « u l 8 ot the uniformed Centaurs to keep ed for a scene. within speed limits. The Hippodrome call-boy Is obliged to - 9 ' One of the well praised confreres of David music Is by Manuel Klein. Chas. A. Blfelow for Vaudeville. Charles A. Blgelow has signed with the Klaw k Erlanger Vaudeville circuit being booked for the season by Louis Werba. He will make his first appearance week of Nov. •*. a ■a. ILLINOIS. Peoria.—-At the Orand (Chamberlln, Har- '., managers) Cbarels B. Hsnford, rchant of Venice" and "Antony put In. rehearsal. M. r.cstsnd completed the nnd Cleopatra," Oct. 10, pleased good houses, play Just before his recent operation for ap- "The itoyal Slave," 20. came to big business, pendlcltls. 'Our New Minister," 22, 23, had good busl- blll for week of ^ct. 21 Includes : Oro ott - company. Brown and Brown, the Indian r lege Boys: the Vagees, Major Bhunback. «.,'■! the blograph. ' ' Elictuic (Hallway Murry, manager) Business continues good. .-.' s Jackaonvlllr—At the Grand On--., Mouse (Geo. W. Cbstterton, manager) "ArV," Oct. 2, "The Clon and the Mouse" 3 ""1". Wlggs of the Cabbage Patch" 7, "The H» ••." of. Chtcago" ll» "The House of a Thousn-.-r Candles" 25, "Billy the Kid" 20, Mabau Minstrels Nov. 7, "Lena Rivers' ♦ is 9. summon so many people that he has no time to be either polite or elegant The casual visitor behind the scenes, where many of the big ballets are personifications of the rations denizens of the deep, will hear the boy's strident announcements emphasised by no gentle admonition such as "Please hurry, Miss So-and-so." On the contrary It la: "Hurry up, you lobsters, the stage la wait- ing." "Get a more on you, seaweed, the blue- nib have finished their turn." "Bring on the bucks, Big Turnip, the horse thieves hare escaped." "Beat up the waves faster, there, the ship a going on the rocki." And, Instead of calling "second act" an- nouncing that the tank 1* filled with water and that the mermaids are all In their places Warfleld In his new play, "A Grand Army Man," la Reuben Fax, whoae subtle character work Is the admiration of all. His present high salaried position, which calls for an amount In three figures, is a far cry from bis earlier one In his old home town, where a single figure Indicated the size of his weekly stipend. This fact was recalled one day recently, on Broadway, when the actor met an old boy- hood friend from the little Canadian city where he was born. After recalling the past when they were clerks in the same store at 18 per week, the fact was elicited that the old friend's wages had not been raised In ail these years above the $12 mark. Pax was asked the amount of his present salary, and fearing that a figure represent- beneath the surface, the boy's very expressive Jf« 8Ven half u>e "mount would not be be- lieved, named a sum a little above thirty dollars. The reply of his Scotch-Canadian - townsman showed what even that small figure In these days of big salaries meant to him when he exclaimed : "Why, mon, ye must be pllln' up riches at sn aufu' rate I" ♦ «» Ermrtie Novelll's Forthcoming Tour. call Is: "Everybody up—the tank Is down." • •<•' * -*# Souls Spencer made a quick .change, the other night, from his stage work to that of his own gallery policeman. He and Lee Baker, of Brown-Baker Stock fame In New Orleans, have taken a two years' lease of tue Third Avenue Theatre, New York, and b,ave restored It to lta former policy, when a genuine Innovation of Ermette NovellUs- It was widely known as "the home of melo- tour In this country will be his equipment of drama," where the gallery Is noted for Its if 8 " 811 l ' ap * r 8cenet7 ,. t0T &e different plays, uiaiu., wu C »« iue gaiicrjr » uvicu "»■■■■ T he same amount of canvas scenery would noisy demonstrations at all times, whether necessitate a special train. "This paper the play pleases or falls to suit tbem, scenery," says Slgnor Conplglt; Novelll's lm- During' the performance of "The Still P.T*"^'-.'''^V 0B ! lly .. flrep ^?S d * a t be " ai«.»,» V.™i „« <h. .-.- M _... »,...«* k„ 0,her k,nd - T 08 o^ 1 artists oMtal* emp oy Alarm' some of the scenes were marred by tbe | r , k iu In tMt work< ne paper used in offensive remarks from a persistent gallery Italy Is the common manlla and Is'rolled up god, who paid no attention to the commanda when not In use. It la the only way in which Novcllt could tour America with his exceptionally large repertory." • 1 » of the man employed there to keep order. This hoodlum made specially annoying sal- lies at some of the women In the play. This was more than the young manager cared to put up with, ao, hastily dressing and putting on his grease paint for the next act In which hla costume was that of a New York fireman, Anno Marble Drops Oat at Manhattan Opera House. Anna Marble, well known for her work aa press representative of Oscar Hammersteln at the Manhattan Opera House, has resigned that position. Recently she accepted the post he rushed from the stage door to the front of chief book reviewer of one of the morning of the house. He ascended to the "darkey newspapers, and she_ will'devote herself ex- heaven" three stair-steps at a bound, sighted the offender, collared him, then kicked him from the place. That night the regular gallery policeman "closed," and a heavyweight pugilist was en- gaged In his place. • Robert Bdeson, who Is now In his third month presenting "Classmates," at the Hud- eon Theatre, remarks that the old saw which directs one always to "call a spade a spade," does not go in erudite Boston. Illustrating this, he relates a conversation overheard lu a Hub lunch room of the "quick" descrip- tion. "Coffee and sinkers I" laconically said the stranger to the waiter. "Beg pardon, air," remonstrated the waiter, "but I fall to grasp the intricacies of your nomenclature," "You know what coffee Is, don't you?" said the customer. "I do, air," was the polite reply. "Well, 'sinkers' are doughnuts." "Beg pardon, sir," frostily answered the serving man, "but In this establishment we always refer to tbem as 'submarines,' sir." Whene'er one takea his walk abroad In this great city, ha Is reminded that It is Just about the centre of tbe globe, especially In regard to tbe congregation of the different peoplea of tho earth. We find that many are brought here solely because of theatrical in- terests, and then one realises what a power- ful factor is the stage, both legitimate and vaudeville, and the circus ring, In the great cluslvely Jo her new labors. HARRY VON T1LZEII. Another subject In our gallery of music publishers Is Harry Von Ttlzer, tbe well known and popular writer, composer and performer, who has written several hundred musical compositions, most of them vocal. Among them are: "Mansion of Aching Hearts," "My Old New Hampshire Home," "A Bird In a Glided Cage," "When the Harvest Davs Are Over," "On a Sunday Afternoon,'' "I'd Leave My Happy Home for You," "Where the Sweet Macnollas Bloom," "Alexander," "Down on the Farm," "What You Goln' to Do When the Rent Comes 'Bound?" "Walt Till tbe Sun Shines, Nellie," "Movln' Day," "Help Yourself." "Are You Coming Out To-night, Mary Ann?" Abraham, Jefferson, Washing- ton Lee," "Coax Mel" "Ida-Ho!" "Uarlutch Down at Coney Isle," "Bye, Bye, Dearie," and "Take Me Back to New York Town." Mr. Von Tllzer la this week playing a special engagement at the Alhambra Theatre, New York, singing h)s own songs In his own style. Swcfly, Ship man Notes I.nurn Hurt and Henry Stanford are doing so well. In a financial as well as artistic'way, with "The Walla of Jericho," that' Ernest Shlpman, by arrangement with James K. Hackett, will launch a second company In December. I ess "Hypocrites'- '24, "Human _. Show Girl" 2fi. "The District Leader' The Girl.Over There" Nov. 1, 2, and "Wood land" S. MISSISSIPPI. -■WffSSrr At tne Qrana " op*™ Ham (L. Bothenberg, manager) the Four Mortoi- Oct 11, did good business. 'East Lvnw ' 18. Mabel Montgomery drew well 18 -/ewt'i Kelly Stock Co. opened a week's engagement except one night, to good business, 21 Tri" Murphy 25, 'King of the Cattle Hlnit" -s Hap Ward 20, Jefferson Brothers Nov ~ :, ~ "Under Southern Skies" 4, "Pemrv bm> Paris' 5, -Red Festher" 0. Blac? Fattl 7 Tim Murphy 8. and " 'Way Down East" 0 Notb. —Sun Brothers' Circus, two deserv- ing performances, to capacity of tent 17 1 Greenville—At the Grand Opera Houm- "Under Southern Skies," Oct>ll, plea,.,. Little Chip and Mary Marble, In "Dream' City," pleased a big house 16. Tim Murphy drew good business and pleased 19. MaVi Montgomery, in "Zira," 23; Clara Blood- good, In "The Truth," follows. Hatches.—At the bsker Grand (Sam .1 Myers, manaeer) "East Lynne," Oct 17' E leas ,; d - ;! A u Da J^? te . r °i ^dea," 18. scored S, eav 'L T - „A Th , e B8 ' 1 B °y- 10 - canceled. Tin" Murphy 22, Jane Corcoran 24. Raymond Toil Opera Co. 28-30, Hap Ward Nov. 1, Black Ulloxl.—At Dukate's (Geo. W. Wilkes manager) "Sis In New York," Oct. 21, dl.j large business. Charley Grapewln, in -fUe Awakening of Mr. Fipp," 26. < ■ » MAINE. Portland.—At the Jefferson (Julius Cahn. manager) At Yale' drew good attendance Oct ft, 19. Week of 21, "The Lion and the Mouse. This production proved a worthy drawing card, the aggregate attendance for • 5r e ™t? **!?* very large. James Kennedy POBTHNp (J. E. Moore, manager).—Master lianlon, Mildred Elsa and Jack Uurney con- tinue In Illustrated songs, and the movlm: pictures shown-In connection constitute a pleasing entertainment, which draws excellent Dbeamlind (J. W. Greeley, manager) — Moving pictures of late subjects continue and good business prevails. The soloist last week was E. Jos. Brown. , 8avox (J. E. McOulnness, manager) — Buslnes continues of the best at this popular moving picture theatre. KATZ8CHHA.N Hall. —Mme. Rosa Linde and Mna Fletcher are booked Nov. 1. « ■ ■ NEW HAMPSHIRE. Manchester—At the Park Theatre (Juhn htlles, manager) the stock company will give "Carmen" week of Oct. 28. Nickel (Manuel Lorenzen, manager).— PatronHge continues good. The Colonial Beauties week of 28. Mechanics Hall (Dan E. Gallagher. mauuger).—Moving pictures and songs, by Billy Lvnns, Uoldle Lemlre and Master Shee- ban week uf 28. Note.— Officers elected by the Incorporators for the new theatre to be built on Lowe.i Street, In this city, early in March, are: Dr. A. Gale Straw, president; Frank U. Mack, vice president and general manager; A. G. Campbell, treasurer. Board of trustees, be- sides the above, are: Walter H. Lewis oud Harry L. Cate. • ■> DELAWARE. Wilmington—At the Grand Opera House, !,.,.' P'eaaed audience greeted Carlotta Slave" 27 .^ Il80n ' fe I} 6 Thtet ot UB," on Oct. 24. eader" 2u ^. Geor ?, e o W » a *5, ln « ton Jr '" 28 / Crlmmlns and ulnvera of such pronounced personalities and merit, that It bids fnlr to even surpass the original performance of "Mrs. Warren's Pro- fession," when Commissioner McAdoo limited Its New York run to "one consecutive per- formance." The tour opens at Pittsburg, sourl," Nov. 2. Majestic (William Proctor, manager).— •mFfY'JT* ST*,?* £*%. * ***" W. A. Wh'tecar. In "An Old Sweetheart. of Sssatdasfflaf ^SStmSLS^3St Mine." 17-19. played to good houses. Joe SHa .'£-£ ■&--""■*. E S pre ? Hobb8r J- Hortts, In "Our Friend Fritz," 20-23, had Vov '•> fine business. Bussell Brothers 24-26, "Pan- Gabripk Tho . T «ii„,^ _..a_»i handle Pete" 27-30, "PUT! Paff 11 Pouflll" for »»k „r?i k .?™ M } 7 a v" li " llle I 31-Nov. 2, and "McFadden's Flats" 3-6 week of 28 ■ M I l"$JST£2 %%£.. B l" Main 8t ? «et (Davls-ChurcbUl Circuit man- ? 0 ur Nelsons^ndo^^ce^rlcTt^Vg.l Bonn hnnsea ]» „:: ..„'"» XT' »"" oipresg iioDoery MarrShaw has surrounded. herself with Hortis, In "Our "Friend FriS,''_°2q?3,_had ^°'„ From B«wlwmjr to the Bowery" 31- agers).—Bill for week of 28: Bellong Bros., Stoddard and^Wilson, Harvey and Haines. Pa., on Oct. 28, and if business is up to the Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hussey, Annie Morris, and standard of met season, under Brnest Ship- tn^klnodrome. Trio and the Three Heumans. 4 1 » Dempsby'8 (Edward H. Brasly. manager). —Bill for week of 21: The Woodwards, Eugene and Mar, tbe Websters, and Teuton and Teuton. JAMES 1\ McMAHON DEAD. James Francis McMahon, whose restaurant at 472 Sixth Avenue has been the rendezvous for theatrical folk for the last eighteen yeare, was found dead In his home in Corona, L. I., Oct. 22, by hla Bister, who went to visit blm. She had tried to get him on the telephone, man's management, a long and profitable sea- son Is assured. ■ .'. VfV .1 Lucia Moore has signed a nvscjears' con- tract with Ernest Shlpman, which' Virtually means two hundred and sixty weeks, aa at the end of each touring season arrange- ments will bo made for a Summer stock com- rlc J Mfe and Vassar College pany, ana Miss Moore will step, without loss 8n g "Jo^ng Pictures, of time, from her starring tour on the road ,,? AT l '?* Into her Summer atock engagements. Ernest 1 Shlpman controls the rights, production and printing to six of the best stock plays on the market, and will use them for the benefit of his new star during Summer seasons here- after. Miss Moore has demonstrated her MICHIGAN. , De**"";—At the Detroit Opera House .'. n i C T,?' llltne y' manager) Sam Bernard, In me HIch Mr. Hoggenbelmer," played to crowded houses Oct 21-23. Dark 24-20. TVeist's (Charles F. Bartson, manager).— Eleanor Robson, In "Salomy Jane." 28-30; Bill for week of 21: Stock burlesque, in "Mar- Hattle Williams 31-Nov. 2. " Roger Bros., Lyceum (E. D. Stair, manager).—"Texas" proved a good drawing card week of Oct. Star (Fred Fordham, manager) opened 27. 2u i Kellar and Thurston week of 27. (h B»nnl. T 1 1» • fr«~_ ■ /!>_ s-\ 1 ■■ _. . Qnlnoy—At the Empire (W. L. Busby, mnnnger) "Uncle Zeke," 10, and "Uncle Josh Spruceby," 20, both fared well. The Van progress of things. Each country and region and upon receiving no response, she had a talent and "reiTabTllty during ten years of 21 with big business Lyman Twlnl^^thi. send, representatives of It. best In these CL? 1 ^" 0 ' 3 B ," h &S n h ! a i^^ft <° Sr^KfalSBS S&SV rfiSJS^?^ Flljts 27-l?ov. 2. LArAiETTB (Dr. Campbell, manager).— "Anna Karenlna" was well received by good crowds 20-26. "Moths" 27 and week. Whit.nby (E D. Stair, manager).—The Four Huntings, in "The Fool House," played to capacity week of 20. "The Cowboy Girl" week of 27. . him. She hastened to Corona, and, with a different lines providing for the amusement policeman, forced open the door. Mr. Mc- of the public, all ready and willing to pay Malum waa found lying dead on the floor of well for being amused or otherwise edified. J h « *'"•« ."ft^.A^I?.!?'" „? h h °,"5™ lne .<! n.m«,.>»ii.. ... ■ .1. "■ . .. • 'lie body Bald death was probably due to Demonstrating this Is tho importation of apoplexy. Mr. McMahon was forty-eight years old. He waa an Elk, a Mystic Barlner. 01 not falling short In a characterization or missing a performance In all that time. — «ji » Roland Bnrke Hennesay Sails for Europe. Roland Burke Hennessy, formerly tbe per- Bijou (Patrick ft McConnell, managers). —Current bill: Brown and Wllmot. Mr. and Sirs. Geo. Hussey, Wm. H. Wlndom, Annie Toule Turatsb (J. H. Moore, mana- eer).—-Last week's bill was up to the usual nigh standard and packed houses wss the rule. Bill week of:28: JulluB 8teger and many foreign acts for vaudeville and hip- years old. He was an Elk, a Myatlc Bhrlner, Roland Burke Hennessy, formerly the per- Dupre. Ramsey Sisters. WashburnTn"f Ke£ podrome at prodigious prices. and In the Spanlsb-Amerlcan War he served sonal representative of Wright Lor mer.Jias | e «- Bert Wlggln, Harvey Newman and J n«f«„.„™ .„ " .r .v. . u « 8 lieutenant In the Seventy-flrst Regiment accepted by cable an offer from Blakely Hall w Mitchell »™i«»u ouu ■, Referrng to some of tho ocular evidences a e la survived by a sister, three brothers, to become tbe managing editor of a Sunday Morris. Frank Jo'nes and LlinYu Walton. J B ?«{£' M Ia f"« li!i ere i v Ave K n ?^„"2 n :, W Mitchell In llinatr«fp<t *nr<m nnS «v« 5" e * " e s i°Jors, Bert Levy, Fantwell ami BljoSgVaph! 1, Bill week at 28: 80 sl?mo a ur aSd th n e 1 ' r klne b to B r B , nn 0D8 • the HUmaD F " 88 ' ° Dli of all this on the New York streets, one may and a fourteen-year-old daughter. be reminded of the far Weat at many times during the day by straggling bunches of Western Indians, In native costume, feathers, paint and all, picking- their way through the crowded thoroughfares. At these times they Verdiet Against Henry 11. Sire. A Jury In the Supreme Court, on Oct 24, returned a verdict against Henry B. Sire, a theatrical manager, In a suit brought are not on parade, as might be supposed, against him by J, W. Jacobs, representing but Intent on their own personal pursuits— ! h ? Shubert Brothers, to recover *20,000 and ,..,„. ,,,,, „„. .. h .. .... °,, ' r . " ,: , Interest, amounting In ail to over |2B,00O, seeing the city sights, attending to individual being the amount paid by Jacobs for the rent needs as temporary cltlzenB, or going to and of the Casino for the season 1002-1003. In from their stsge work at the Hippodrome or , ,h8 complaint It was stated that the 8hu —— ... berts took over newspaper which the latter Is launching in London, Eng. «■» New Theatre nt "Edenton, N. C. Our correspondent states that the new theatre in Edeuton Is a beauty, with a seat- ing capacity of 900. There la a population of 26,000 within easy distance of the new house, «'» John Mason to Star. John Mason is soon to Join the stellar ranks . n ,J^ rt ?„ ^1". .jsMTe (II. N. Stone, manager).—Current bill: La Vardo and Howard, Victor Winters. II. C. Trnsscll. Chapman Sisters, Helen Ben- nett, and moving pictures. the klnetograph. Gayety (II. H. Hedges, manager).—The Loston Belles presented one of the best en- tertainments' of the season last week and patronage was good. Tbe Blue Ribbon Girls week of 27, the Lid Lifters week of Nov. 3 Avenue (Drew A Campbell, managers).- " houses IpSnEZa'slack wire nerformer, the S h ? ^^rJ^tnnFymJL^^o^l past season r.lth the Bucklln £ Gardner Co., Sfni.Xn™,..^?. ™w J.£ y will spend the Winter In this city. Rlnlto Rounders next week. ■e- Blooiiilnnrtnn. — At tbe Grand Opera House (Frank M. Raleigh, manager) Chas. Hanford, In "Antony and Cleopatra," to good business Oct. 18. "The Royal Slave" 10 to large business. The Imperial Stock Co. played to rnpaoJly week of 21. Robt. Em- was Btated that the BUU- i n V „»„ niav bv Aturustus Thomas under the >' m >< ;a lo ™pa>'iiy wees or Zl. KoDt. Km- Maclvn Arhnrkt.-. »n n ,, n * s*.*^. ""» ">°« over the lease of the CaBlno on manasemSt of thl KrL Bhubert Sf"£ 8 ' "A Break & Xlberty" 20, "Faust" Mncljn Arbuckle s Round Up play at the the representations of Sire that he had ob- m Tho nltv will nrobaWv be readv for re- $°< "^ooOlnnd" Nov. I "Uncle Tom's Cabin" Broadway Theatre, or any of the other places talncd un oral lease of the theatre from hearsal eariv next month 2, and North Bros.' Cimedlnns week of 4. of amusement where the Indian Is required. » 8nr y "• Bl xby. riy next month, JBimaM (Guj fisfOsV Strings of horses from the plains, playing Il<n _ ™_ h ZZZ2?ZZZ „,„ * their respective part, on city stages, get their " <tle T, °V,I«».eT! airing on crowded metropolitan etreets. Ln t | e Tlch, the English comedian, a favor- Apropos of this ordinary sight Is an In- Ite in London, has signed with Klaw. & Er- Josef Hofmnnn In America. Josef Hofmann, the pianist, arrived last week from Bremen, accompanied by his wife, formerly Mrs. Eustls, and little- daughter, - Josefa. His first concert was given at Car- cldent where two mounted Central Tark po- l8l) Be r . and will probably bo seen In this neg | C KaU on Saturday, Oct 20. Hcomen were recently seen urging their city- Coun,ry ln lMmr r- , *** trained steeds to their limit ln nursuit of a m.. — "-" ' — Hbnby Alexander, who made a strong Im- flcpr HHio Li... IkL4 1 m pursuit 01 a Mrs. Carter's Plans. nrcsslon as the Indian chief, with "The Girl neet little mustang, which in the race was Mrs. I^slle Carter has placed in rehearsal from Vassar" Co., during the past 8ummer, leaving them far ln tbe distance. It was ' V Tl>8c8 i" *<" U!e 00 the road. This she closed with that organliatlon Sept. 1, and . evident that they thouiht the animal was *i" !.*• t0 ner repertory, In addition to opened 8ept 16 aa the Mexican, heavy, with Bijou (A. Slgfrled, manager).—Bill for Law Goxtz, Hebrew Impersonator, who is runnina awav with iii Jm„ »h„ nm.^ r» o Ca . m, le ' " ZaM . »P, d """ Barry." Mrs. "Girl ot Eagle Ranch" Co., supporting Mamie week Oct. 21: Arthur Demlng. Dixie Harris, playing vaudeville, says that he has some running away with Its rider, who proved to Carter's tour begina Nov. 11. Fleming-. ~ IMidd and Wayne, Calian and Smith, Cle^ good dates to come. __anager).—Bill week of 21: Prof. 0. Armaria. Two and One Half Cnsnds, A. R. Calde.a and company, Chris, Lane, Goodwin Bisters, Carl and Mora, and the Castlescope. ■ Deeatar.—At the Powers Grand (J. F. Given, manager) "A Contented Woman" Oct. 10. "Robert Emmet" 21. Frank Moulan, In "The Grand Mogul." plsycd to standing room 23. Porter J. White 26, Al. H. Wilson 20, "Billy, the Kid." 80. Stetson's "U. T. C." Nov. 1, and "My Wlfea Family" 2. Buob (A. Slgfrled, manager).—Bill for Port Huron.—At the Majestic (Jas. Kirkby, manager) "Texas" played to good business Oct 10. Allan Doone 25, American Stock Co. week beginning 28, except 30. "Brewster'B Millions" 30. ^-The Gingerbread Man" Nov. P, De Wolf Hopper 7, James K. Hnckett 8. City House (L. T. Bennett, mnnn- ger).—Oct. 21 and week, Tom Marks and compnny pleased capacity bouses. Arcade —Moving pictures to good business. < ■ * INDIAN TERRITORY. Muskogee.—At the Hlnton (W. M. Hln- ton, manager) "The Rollicking Girl," Oc. IB, gave a splendid production, to good bus • ness. "No Mother to Guide Her" 16, Rail" 8tuart, In "Stronghcart," 22, played to ca- pacity business. Splendid company and strong play. Rinolino Bros.' Cinccs 22. 4»»