The New York Clipper (December 1907)

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*» „-" : tV.- : -' DB€BMB£R 7. THE NEW T'lV. fi j^j^nii ..Urn OTlIPJr ffifct. 1159 Bo»lo«.—tllwiWnw *» changes at tho dawn. Wim boluses the .current-Week. the cotv Unolloiio *WS$i, Itattlc .William*, in "tile imiToiCTw," weSio nnd Anal weC*, lit the HolIM . Stropt; "The iBose of the Itanchn," n bouses the.currortt-Week, tin *lpi»:, nsiUe>villi!im». W ttub-," ceitoad nnit flnai wee*,» „.rooi; "Thn Bose of the Ban. {Juttai and last week. -at the Matcetier**™s IKno?rltci,".nt thenar*; "The- t«d>jllltV vftfi Montgomery nnd Stone, at the Cdlohtat: nielivBcll, 111 "Shore Acres." at the Ulolio, and ''Bob Hqy." at the Castle Sjiuarc.- "Kid- napped for ucvengo" .la the, ottering at the Crand Opera House, and-there-la flic usual «Kk)/ an! ft at the stock, vaudeville and iiUrlCMOC nouses. B na la aaa was reported ex- reliant all along the llho dining Thankeglv- lag week. . - . itoM.ts STunr.-r (Isaac IS. Rich, manager). —Battle Williams Is In her second and final week df "TUo Little Cherub," with a record of flic buslbeeq for the titat week of the re- turn engagement. She, will he followed by Lillian .Russell, in "Wildfire." ' MuBHTic (A. I* Wilbur, manager).—"the I! one of Hie I lane ho," with, francos Starr, i-etualna the attrnctlou here, the fourth and final week starting Dee. .3. , The engagement nan bei'ri highly successful. The Sun Carlo Urand Opera Co. will open a fortnight's stay I). I'atir; (Chas. Frobniaii,. Bick & Uairls, iuiltlajgers).-'-"Thc Hypocrites" continues In popular favor,-the third week of good busi- ness being now under way. Jessie Mlllwnrrt nud Blcliard Beuneijt nro the principals. The etuniffemcnt will 'end Dec. 28, CotbxrAt, (Chas. rrohninn. Rich & Ttarris, liinmrgcrsV.—Montgomery nud Stone, In "The Red'fill!." <iffl .round out the-fifth week-of ijiclr 1 Indefinite stay 7.' Business has been at the capacity mark. _ (H-obs (Stair, Wilbur & Nlcotal. .tnaua- cers).-r^Opehttlit ", for a second and last week, Dlguy Boll continues "Shore Acres." Houses, ot excellent size enjoyed tun per- fonnances last .week. . The next, attraction will;In "Strougueurl.". un.Mii) OeEBA Hoisf. (Geo. W. Mngoo, manager). —"Kidnupped Tor Revenge/'- In which-Mil H. Vcdder Is the star, is the cur- rent nttraetldn. During iho past week Lll- llnli Mortimer, In "Bunco In Arizona." kept the largo audiences enthused front the rise to tho tall of the curtain. "The Candy Kid" uext week.' - Kq3ion t (Lindsay Mbrlson. manager).— 'Blue .Jeans Is-tho offering of the capable stock company this week. 'Trilby"-Was pre- dated In a creditable manner last week. Kleonor (jordon won much praloe In the title tele, add the Work of Wilson Melrose. Theo- dore'ICrelbus and the other principals was well received by. tho lut'ge houses. CahtU) SqtjAjtK (Boston Stage' Society. •vajiageTaL—"Rob Boy" plcaaedjfreatly last week, and will remain the offering until Thursday evening. 0, when "Alda" will bo put on, with Helene Xgldl and Sift. Albertl In Hie principal roles. Hereafter the Weekly eltaugc- of hill Will be, made on Thursday cveiriugs, lustend .of Monday. • 'Bowpoifi .SQuattr, (.0. ,Ei Lothrop.. inahh- geM.—"The Hangers of Bafts" Is the stock offering this week, with Charlotte Hunt and Olaj'tun Legge playing, the lead?. '.'D»nle| BOOhe" was enjoyed by a succession of big houies: last week. • ' ■ Ifevrft's:'(B. F. Keith, manager).—The ofimtigs hero -this week ai'e of especial In- turtst, T)ic programme: .Marie 1/loyd, Jas. J. Morton, "Oat- Boys » blue,". Ed. F- Ucy- ultrd/Agilcs Scottdnd Horace Wright, Work :tild Ower, MaearlC Sisters, Bruno and Bus- t-ell., Meredith Sisters, Dixon Bros,, Ttnc-c JtliJge. Bros,, Bailey and Fletcher; Xowell.B. Drew, IliiooKs riiid Jeanettc. auj nciv klueto- S|Wnbtj viewi!. Tliroe perCormauees wev.o glVclt.TlianksBlvIngaiid (he :Bouse was packed. TftRuoiKT. (Jtto. 8. Sehoeifel, manager).- While. of-4ui.tln £ Sldnc'a. has planned an elaborate Christmas decoration for the front lobby. ."" ' ... , ■ « i i ■" > ■■ ■ • Lowell. — At tie, iaWell Opera House I Julius ,Cahn. mnnagefl last wee-k. I'rnnklo Carpenter - nbd company, Including .lore firfttly, nrorett an ptipniar as ever, drawing overflowing hous:a all Hie week. Willi the oxcepttnn of Nov. 2H, wlwn Mrs. Lestto (Mr- ter fcceltcd a eotdlal welcome, id "Drt Barry." This Week, the ccgo Slock Co., In repertory. .'ARtfiiiMr of Mi'kk: (M/Ciovern ft Xlcholo, mnnajtcrsl.-—Thr Aradetny of Music- Stock '.lo.'nlrcred "Big Hearted .lim" lest week, nml It-proved a hit from, the opening perform- ance, i), V. NtelioiB gave lh« play some elab- t^lila Frlgan?o, Henry and^ Alice. Taylor, nsdie KMrmatt. Maud Hall Macey ahd cqip- .M.lle. Mane d.'lSvc...Ciuo.uevalU, Jack m ■/acey abd cow- e. j.ianc u.t!ivc.. cmquevalll, Jack VVBntWOi'tb, Wln'stoit's seals, and now nlc- ;ur88- are -the .excellent, cards iiu-ludctl In 1Ut% it Rrliinger's . ".advanced vaudeville" Ior.we0k.of2, , "All sold out" Thanksgiving. OupHKur (-A.. J. Huffy, manager).—A.-PQr tent ^oiuhhiatIon- for. •tUo current days is headed by Hal and company,: In "A Itace' for.a Wife.'-' Others are: Elinore. Sls- tora, Joe Maxwell qud ■ company,. Raymond anil .llavei'ly, Biers and Herman', Shank Bros., Dixie ■ Sercnadera, Xetta Vesta, Gold- suiltl] and Hopue, and new- klactorapb views. Butfoess koeus. at top notch. IIa wa tin (Jay Hunt, business mannscr).— 'Hie High School U-lrls are listed to entertain here ihiKWeekl Matt Kennedy heads the bur- losaup forces, and.-the olio preseuts': Molda Dupfec,' Robt. Atl;on ; aud Jcan'ittc Young, Sutton and Sutton., the Bis Four.-.Three Wl- ufii'Sluters.and pictures;. Tho Howard's bill '. Di' ColUnsaiid Haw- ley. the'HhrleySi Henry.T. W«lte: Alcxunder 3nd'l''lnn. 'Luals Uttertiu'aud uuni|Niny, John ., Shei;liaaj.v and the^-Howardseope. Itoll'y A -Woods' Show did finely last week. Thd Utuatalittid UuricaquerH l'irturii next week.' ,1*aua<;B". (C. : H. Watdron^ inanuser).—The UvfWQI Burh?f.queri('. this week. . Concerned lu the burletta and vuiidevllle bill arc: Beii Jsnsen.-Mike Keilr. Two Uackctts. the Mll- hirs, Cnrinelitu d'Hlcldcro. Hairy Kohler, Hurry Hills. Mealy Linhach; Clara Dougtud sad Alms; Burma u. The house provides' a Kood Fjicclaltr bill also. During Tbahksglv- Ingwoek thn Vanity Fair Co. met well earned favor. .Xext-week, Blue.Blbbon fllrls. ; Kvckdh <r*. H. Batcheilfli 1 . manager*.-—' Munugcr Batcheller's owii'Dlg show, the Bos- ton BtUesiiii the attraction here oft Its second visit' of the season. In the compniiy are: Ulce and Walters, Chas. BAnKs," May Bryant, Bessie. Rosa, and others. Tho show given by I'red .Irwin's Majesties, last week, attracted big crowds,. Fpr weca of ». Parisian Widows. . AwttN..* Stoxb's MrskiM (A. B. White. WMftflv-yA long and novel bill in tho cUrio hulls presents: Lentlnl, with thrcc legs: Ln> heru,. with'one head and two-bodies: Peter Carr aud his wrestling bear, Monsulla and Russell, '-physical models: Rraddoh and (lib- son.', cowgirl experts .In shooting: De Bon' utlro ahd:his family of wooden heads, and l!rixle,- snake eharincr. Two big -stage i*om- panics Include: .Tack and Oida Cannon. Violet Uleason.r'tlie Tuscanos, Tom Meadows, 'Com Uatcotun, Veiin. BcloscO, Charles Jack, Arthur Mains, Mickey Finn. 'Win Hayes. Mnndy Bradford and advanced moving pictures. ' • 'W.AbxpB'H Mi;ubuji (h. B. Walker, mana- ger) .—fupt. Sidney . Hlniaan and his life saying dogs, Chas. V.-fcce. maaiclrin; Prof. UKtl inurlonntteR, and Carl. Bush,' strong raon. ,nro in eurio ball 1Mb week. In the Jlientre..are r May Collins' T-tctty Pink Bur* l«H(uers.- Introducing: Three Andetsou 81^ lfiw..'Mattl*-Andrews', Carols Hscar, Babe Baity. 'Annie Martin, Lulu BuMefi; and Il- lustrated songs.. .. :■£■■■: NicKBiADKdN fW. H. Wolffe. manager).— In curlo-hall .(second Week): Wyoming Jack vaudeville, orate stage aotiiugs. Mr. McOoVera nad a BOotl chance to display'Ms ability In the title role, and deserved the iipplftilse received. Kthel Kldel-. Chns. A. CUt-k, Edltn Bowers and Lynn OsbOrue, the latter tho new heavy man, gave. excellent support. Biialncss last week was phenomena). This week, "Through the Brenkcrs." . . HatUaw.vy. (John I. Shchnon, resident manager):—Last week, Malwl McKinley head- ed an eieellcnt. bill. Miss McKJnley s own eohlposltions met wifli Wg approval. Bual- hess to the usu'ul S. B. 0. This week: Char- lotte .Parry and compnny, Byron and, Lang- uon, /.luell-Vernon Troupe, Kennedy and Jlooney, Worden and Taylor, De Haven and Sldrtry,' Mr. and Mrs. llacim, and Hntlm- DCoWe. . BosTos (Wl)ilain i-\ Lyons, resident tnana- Bcrj.-r-Thr Sliver Stars Burlesque Co.. head- ed by tjhlly Clifford, gave a good entortaln- nutnt last week, to big business. CnfFcry and Uhtrtt. With their boxing and bag punching act, proved a big nuaibcr In'the oUii, Wreaf- llng draws capacity Thursday evenings, as does amateur night. Friday. This week, Nellie Ilartfotd's Tyrolean lliirlesqncrs. ■' . MBKttoK.- — Theatre Voyons (Bunker k Hcunessy, managers) continues to. please 8. R. 0.: ifaa the" Alhumbra n. Sachs, mana- ger) and the Bdlsonla (John 0. Rose, man- ager). The latest In motion pictures and illustrated songs are offered ttlcbard Thornton Is playing Louis- XV, King of France, with Mrs. Leslie Carter's company: Mf. Thornton made many friends while lead- ing man at the Academy of Music here..... Ckrielln, the slaSk Wire performer, Is home visiting friends, after n tour of Rlirope. for about live years Geo. 1L Warren, last several seasons with " 'Way Down East," as the Constable, Is resting at Ills Home In Wo~ b'urn. Moss.' J. B. Walker, proprietor of the Walker circuit of burlesque companies and theatres, made his annual visit to his old home In Rockland, Maine, last week, 'where lie Owns a large farm.. . ■ i ■ - , i ■ " Sprtiiftfleld. — Thanksgiving, saw every house packed at both- performances. COOnT BqI'aee (D. 0. Gilmort, manager). —Mrs. Patrick Campbell played "The Sec- ond Mrs. Tnuquerny," matluce Nov. 23, to n crowded, house, and "Madga" In the eveniDg. lo a :sllghtl\ 1 'smaller one. The star created a most pier-dug Imiiresslon. Dan Stilly, 113. hid a good following, In "The noicVn ■Rule." Ben Ureet and his company presented "Mac both." "Julius Ctesar and "Romeo and Juliet," 20, 2T, all of which were liberally patronized. Raymond Hitchcock presented "The Yankee Tourist" 28. to .two dlebeca. :.. "The Bead to Yestetdny"; 20, 50. Mhrv Mannerlng Dec. 4, Wilton Lackaye 0-7, '.'Mary's Lanib" 10, POLt's (Uordon Wrlghter, manager).— Booked for Dec. 2 nnd week: Will M. Crdssy aud Blanche Dnyne, In "Tho Village LaW- rer.:','. Waterbiiry Bros", and TCudv, Elsie Faye. assisted hy Blsset land Millof: Speh- o*c.Kelly, and'Frederick Bose,..lilla Snydet nnd compatly, Le Dent, Young Bros,, and clectrograph. ..:' Netsoj) (Chas. H. Davis, manager).—liar- dceu, Josephluc Coh^tt and company, Fred Nlujc. Bailey, Crouuei' and Bailey, Leslie and Qiiinn: Clayton and Drew, .At wood- and ITefry, gtilmated pictures. ,' .,.. .^CttMitSK, (I*. I'V Shea, nianagei').—Boh Maneheiter's Cracker Jocks, Nov.. 2B-27j had Its itBuill ■ busmea* Ruby LeOnt lioa a good sedse of humor and Lillian vodder is viva- cious. .Bob Van Osteti funny as evor. "The Ctrl ,of I5agle Ranch," 28-W, attracted good houses And proved -Interesting enough to lipid. IrWHats Majesties Dec'. 2-4, "Humiu Hearts" D>7» Bowery. BurlesquerB O-IJ.. ■ ''. .' H xhb' Fovjjb. —^eWg was received here last Week that Mrs.' .Tod Slotth. foruteriy .Julia. Sandewlon. Was quite ill WJUI .typhoid fever., understudy. was jilnyllig her rale. In "TJjo Dairymaids.:' Urv.raothejvMrs, Albert, Sockelt, of. this city, went ■ to !>'cW York' at once..,', i.itary, Garden;-'A -former Cblcupec' young lady, is scoring, a,.big hit With file Manhattan-Opera Co.. ,.,. The latest addition to-the moving'picture, houses hero la- tho mite, ut the corner of..Main Knd Auburn Streets . .Gordon Wrlghter,. resi- dent manager of-Poll's .Theatre,'-was .made a member of the Sprhigtleltl LOdgo of Klks Inst Tuesday evening Kutberlnc- Kinmct, who has been the leudlng.woman of the Geoi-ge Ewtmtt Stock. Co., of Bammore, has signed wltli BCUsco In a similar oapaulty. for his stock company in Los,Angeles, C«l. •' ' i -1 ■ '• '" > l,yi»»r.'—At'the Lynn (F. G. Harrison, man- ager) the Clara Turner Cq^ played to tine business week of Nov."25. Tho Nannette Club, rt ; local organization. In "Bunshlne of Mon- tana," Dee. i). Kthol May Shorey, the nathor, Is a inertiber of the club. "The Train Rob- bers" T. . '.••'. . AcunbniOf (Hart7 Kalzcs, manager).— Bill this week: The Operator, the Musical Cralgs,' Banks and S'ewton, Josephine Alnsley,' the L'ahers, the Big City Four, tho MelfosC .'to, t-nneeliyi. os did "Dorothy Vernon of llud- don Hall." hooked for pec. U, Ben Greet and his players, la "TUo Merchant of Venlce.'VO, EiWlBJB (T. F. Siat*iy' »«»a«r).—"The Oltl of Edelo Rnneh 1 ' Kov. iiri-27. and the Boston Belles. 2R-80. attracted tlrst class- husltiess. "Since Nellie Went Away" 1V"C. 2'4, Blue llibbon Rurlosqners r>-7, "Happy Hooligan" 11-11, tltr Lid Lifters 12-t-l. . ...i n ' - | ■ i ■ ii F»« nivei-.—At tho Bavoy.t ft'm. 1). Iteed. resident mstinKcr) the Knlckerhocker Stock Co.. featuring tlin McConnell Slaters. Nov. m> ill),; gave natiHfnotlnii. .Mrs. Leslie Carter Dec. 2, iMWinatt Trnullrn Co. d-14. except IS, when liattle WUliains will apjienr. AcAPCMV or Mvaic (Win. P. Rood, resi- dent manager).—"The Train ItnbberH." Nov. 25-27, pleased. "Happy Hooligan's Trip Around the World" amused pood slr.od audi- ences 28-aO. "Sis In NpW York'' Dec. 2-4, "Deadwood Dick's Last Shot" 5-7. emxmrs (Chas. K. Conk, manager).—Bill week of 2 : Juggling Banuans. Clarence Sla- ters, Bttellc Wordettc and company. Ryan and White, Steillng And Revellc, Fourteen Black Hussars, Lester and company, and camertgraph. NicKKLobRON (Jas. F. Mason, manager).— Bill week n* 2: Bvans Trio. Hattte Dlxey, Rose- Freeman, Mason and Doran, and optl- aeopc. _ . . PBEMim: (Eugene L. Perry, manager).— New pictures and Illustrated.songs by J. B. Daley And Will Davlos., Business is good. Scenic (Lewis M. BobJh, manager i .—Mov- ing pictures and Illustrated songs by Sadie (Jrilunin. Business Is reported grind. Wiirci'ntcr.— At thin Worcester (X, Y. Burke, resident manager) Lillian Moiiliucr, in "Bunco In Arizona?' Dec. 2-4: Noll Bur- gesli. In "The Counly Fair." B-7. Mrs. Leslie (Jortor. in "Du Barry." ThanksKlvlmr Day. drew crowded houses. The Ben Greet Players. In Shakespearean produetlons, di-cw good sixed and appreciative audiences Nov. 20, (10. Fkanklik (A'm. Morris Amusement Co., managers).—Week of Deo. 2: Marie Waln- wrlgbl nnd Eminel King, In "Our Baby:" Eunice Oilman, the Doric Quartette. Kenney and Hollls, In "The Two StudentK:" Warren and Brock way. Charlie. Stlni; and OHie Kvaiis, in "Wonted—A Divorce:" the Aerial Shaws. the Boldens. and the vltngraph. Business Is Improving constantly. I'om'h (J. C. Crltfdle. resident manager).— W«k of 2: Jobniile Stanley, with litis Ed- wards' Blonde Typewriters, In "A Picnic for One :'* Capt. George Auger and company, In "Jack, the Giant Killer:" rat Hooney nnd Morion Bent, in "The Busy Bell Boy:'' Wil- son Bros., Carter. Taylor und company, In "At Camp Rest:" Miles Stavortlale Quintette. Mareena, Nevaro mid Mnreeha, and the clec- trograph. Business Is constant S. R. 0. ■«■ i « i ■ ■ Ne-«r Hedford.—At tho New Bedford (W. B, Cross, manager) the Bennett-.Moulton Stock Co., week Of Nov. 25, drew large houses. The saic of seats for Mrs. Leslie Carter. 2D, Was very largo. "'Way Down East" Dec. 2. Daniel Byan Htoek Co. :l-7. Hatkawat's (T. B. Baylies, manager).— Week of 2: De Vole Trio. Mnrtln Bros., Hairy CorSon Clarke, Scott and Whalley. Benjamin Chupln. Village Choir* Kerrell Bros., nnd the pictures. . . Savoy (W. BT. SUInc. manager).—Continu- ous moving pictures, with vaudeville ———<l ■ II—M————| AN IMPOSTOR. A i>«rsoit rilling hlinnelf H»ri y M■>'varttin Is I upreiemtIng 111m- ««lf as b*lng connect" il with tho KBW VOHK CLrPPEH. Mt DlBttagei-H and others arc warned against,htm, a*, lie Is uot, Ih any ostpaelly, coanaetad with the il.irPEH. He was In Clilungo last iv«l, Troupe, and the vitiigraph pictures. Gkm ((!hus. AV. Sneafe, inanngei'i.—mu.v Bean and his running dog were the headlilicrs and Prairie Nell, sharpshooters: Victor Basil, 'egetable klhg, and Mordells. ode man band, rhe stnoc Bhtnv Is furnished by the Beaut* Height Burlosqr.ers. Pictures and illustrated soiicrs arc also presented. ' 'Novas.—"Mark Hambourg will give a piano recital In. Jordan Hall, Tnasday afternoon, s; • >.,.. The Boston Star Course of entertain' meats win b C gu, fn Tremont Temple. Monday evening, 1.0.. Mrs, Patrick Campbell nro- ieiitod"Hedda Gahlor" and "Mngda' 1 at three M'oclai, performances In Symphony Ball. last week),to large oudlencpB. iTowcll Hansel will appear at Castle. Souarr Thektto Krldnir I'tcmoon.i 6. In "Captain Swift."....;; The new marbU. arid mirror tunnel, which cou» jaetsthe Washington Street lobby of the Baa- ton iThtntte with Mason Street, wa« openea on ThahksglVlni;. The employee* of B. I; ii , " tn "njoyed tbelr Thnnksglrlne dhiner rLt B 5i tq I?. trt 1* Wit* of Mr. Keith .77*31 ywight^ Etaendorf will, talk on "Grand Cnnoh,"*t n Tremont Temple,• 0,.7.......Col. here last Week. The uct is ii bicycle rocci Which Is a novel affaiiv and the dbg shows ■great running powers. This week: Kelloy and Hall. Whitticrjuid Bell, the Stanleys, Fred drlscOli,* May Welch. miQ Hie I>!bscopr. Kmpme,' Salem (Daniel Landry, manager). —Tho Gage Stock Co. did pood business last Week. ■ .Times Kennedy Co. 2-7.' ■ Saxbm. Salem (Daniel Landry, mnndget)i —This hobsd, playing advanced vaudeville, did excellent business week of Nov, 25. ' Sr\im. —Clara Turner's pouted nnd Teddy Bears atlracted milch attention on the streets bere list wedlt. The company Is playing a week's engagement In Gloucester.'>IaSs., open- ing 2......ThC Alhninbra Pilnce, Manager Goldberg, dberted its doors 23.' Moving pic- tures nnd Illustrated songs arc given. All t other mOVlng picture bdusca report sood busi- ness.- • • ■ . —i " I * ■< - ' ■ ■ ■■ ■ • JlHford.—At the Music Ball (If. E. Mor- ganrmnnagerl movihg pictures and advanced vaudeville; Nev. ^8-:i0. with the following: Helen . Melvjlle, Mlltoh nnd', 'Frank, Mil Jnyne.'-.VIOlet McCubB, Sndle Rodcers aad John Francis. "81s In Now -York" Dec. 12.' - -LtCcuM (P. B, Stiller. managCrl.—This Peek's people: Cnpt. S/dney Hluman and bis life saving dogs, Nlbio and Spencer, iftuma Eerov. I/ce's tnaflotiettes. Budd and Franks. Flofanee Zelltr. C'Bss. Lackey, Wol- tnr Boothmnn. «nd moving -plctureti. RBVsotn'a VivDr.vxti.L-.—same old story-^ full all the tlqje. NoTB.-ttTbo Mllford Lodge of Ulks will hold Diotttorlal seivlcos at 8 v. v.. In Music Hall. Sunday, Da;, i A, theatre party of one-miBdrod clti»»ns of this town will trolley lo WoonsOrkat Dee. 4. to. see ",'Way' Down Eakt^atthe-Wrmnsoettft Olih-a'BOuie. ' Hol^oke.—At W Opera Hditso (J. H. O'Coonell. manager J "Illiman Tfearts,' Nov. *8; cauM to goM busItiMi. Ratnraiid Hileln- cock. In "A Yankee Tourist.", 29, .played to tb* capacity,! .BrdndWay King* ^iM-qi(e«ns, - Tla-rt-rehcc—At the Opera House (Julius Cahn, manager) Jame» Kennedy pleased Nov. 25-30. Woek of Dec. 2.. Knickerbocker Stock CO.. with'-a repertory of high Class plays. Colonial 1.1. Fred Lees, manager).—Bill wCck of 2 : Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Drew and company,. In." "Billy's ToinDktpnes;" Lew Sully,- Foil telle and' Carr, the Great Torcat, Delia Clark and- cohlpany.' AlarviilouB Kar- telll, Lc Brtin Grand Opera Trio, and pictures. . ' ■ ''' i " ' ianntiin.—Al tin- Taiintun ThcatrC (Cahn &'Cross, managei's.) VOutncy Adii'ms Sawyer." week of Nov. IJB.-did itoo'd business at regular prices. The KenbCrK Stock Co; week of Dec. 3. .Scenic- (W. e. Maiming,'manager).^-Tbis hudsc Hiid big returns week ut 2it. !m 1'ortc. and Norainn, Rirlli Elliott, Mart-Ion and Man-Ion. Tcrrlll and Andy Oukgrovc are booked for week of Dec. 2. Cwnwts. a>i> TaMPBiiAKCE llAt.i.s (Cur- lier Bros., managers).—Moving pictures und Illustrated songs week of Dec. 2. ' i" ' «'■ > ' ' ■ ' • ORKGWN. Portland.—At ule.HolJte (W. T. Tangle, aiinagcr) "Tlic College Widow" bad a very 8ood opening liousc Nov, 'ii. "The Alaskan" Id very good btlsliless 17-20. and so did "The Royal Chef" 21-23.. "The Rollicking Girl" 211, 27. Maude Fcaly 28-UO, lu "The Stronger Sex";" Miirle Co'illl DPc 1-4, Calvo C, Sarah Truax 0-8, Frltul Seheff O-Jl. M.viiqi.-aji .Obasu (B. Morton Cobn, moiin- ger).-^-Murray nhd Jlnek turmirt peoplo uway from "The Sunny Hide of Broadway." 24. The San Francisco Opera Co. did sutlsractory IniilnesH week of 17, lu "When Johnny Guinea Marchinjr Home." . Tlio company will return week of Dec. I. presenting "Said I'ashu." 1'rlmrosQ Mlnstcrls week of S, "Quiucy Adams Sawyer" 13. .- . : ,. ■ iMKiiii (Geo. L. Baker, manager).—The Bilker Thentro Co. had two very good houses Nov. 2-i, to witness "The llnslgu-" "The Pit" was productive of llnC business week of 17. "Tbe Daughters of Mcu" on Dec. 1 and "The Dav After" 8. Kmi'Ikb (Milton W. Seaman, manager).— "Tilly Olson"'bad t*o Capuclty'liuuses Nov. 24. "A Wife's. Secret" did good business week of 17. "Von Vonson" Dee. 1. "Tlio Holy City" 8, "Why Girls Leave HtAne" IS, , Lyme (Keating' & Murphy, inunagerg).— The Allen Stock Co. Is again Instuljeof at this theatre, opening Nov, 25, with "Before tho Gt'logoet came/' -, Star (J. II. Krrlckion, manager).—Bill for. Nov. 24 and. week is "From Rags, to niches." by the B. K. Frencb Stock Co. Giund (J. ,H. lirrlckson. manager).—Bill for Nov. 2,1 and week: Wllber Amos, Uoii- frey and Henderson. Joe Thompson, Trbteda nnd RObinsbn, W«fst and Van Slcklun, and tho Nelson-Fariiuaj Troupe.. I'.isTACLs' (Joliu A. Johnson, manager).— Bill for 25-and week: Cbieman und Mexls, Gllllbnn and Brot-ee. Clarence Smltb. Bare- noss .Marie .von Zlober, Davis and Walker, tho Riutlcniia Trio, und the blograph. I'liijzi'rt .(Joe J. West, manager) will re- open Dec. 'J. r.VLIV'ORMA. Los Anaries.—At the Mason Opura Houso (II. C. Wintt, mandatr) "TW. Major of Tt'klo"- wa» preimted to good W*ln(h« week ending Nov.'211. '"TM Lion nnd the Mouse" opened a week's engagement 25. ArnlTnnivM (Sparks M. Berry, mnnagtr). —"The Marriage Of Wm. Aahe." by the stock i'i>mi>no,v, drew well week ending 2S. "Tlio l.lghinln* Condrtctor," by thd stock company, 25 and week, with special ",'lianksalvlng mntl- nee. RrxAsito (John If. Blackwood, manager). —The Mock comtmnv presented "When We Were Tweniy-onv, to go-nl huslnens 18 and week. "Mr Fr-Hid from India" had good hltalnesa 25 and week. IWC. 2 and week, "In SlUsonrl." JliiimMrfi's Hi iitiANic (Oliver Moroscn,mali- nger).—The revival of 'Camllle." by the etoMt compniiy. droW capacity business woek ending Nov. 2S. "The Cowboy and the Lady' 7 24 and *tviii. UnloHirod. "Sunday." Liitr AX'iRt.ns (Cort ti Helllg. tuanagerl. —Ralph Brain; m "Str.ingbenrt." closed a week's engagement Nov. 23. "Under South- ern Skies"' plenaed 25 and week. Dec. 2 and week, "A Messsgu from MAN," OliAM) Opitn* Hoitsn iCIaranee Drown, manager).—"Thorns and Otnngc Blossoms" drew well week ending Nov. 23. "Arluonn," ^t -nil] week, imd gooit biislvcsa. "A Texas HnngeC" l>ee. 2 and week. " OnPlmtrti (Martin Beck, general manager). —Peatnres 2 nnd week: Tho Baggosons, the Orcnt Qunrtoite. Mnvmo Remington, Lil- lian It it rk 11 ml. In "The Lady Hlul the Brace- let," nud Manilas O'Connor. Pkiii'I-h'm (Al. G. Fiournoy, manager).— Features Nov. 25 nnd Week Included new nets In vaudeville olio, now songs nhd dnnceti, nnd comedy sketch by James I". Iaic's slock company. tlxign: nicntz & Znllee, proprietors).-- Features 2,i ami week: Tracy McDerniott, hi "Tho Boston Mun:" J. Uaffney Brown, new song and douce number: Antonio Van Goftv, rentrllmpilst and balancing entvr- tnlner, assisted bv Emma Colrelll. Juggler j Mnxle Mltcbell, comcdlcnune, lu lllustrnteii sonas: the Fnliiue comedy eninpany, in "Mar- ried 111 HAHle." nnd tlio nnlqne-o-seope. liMfttiK (Bltly Banks, resilient manager*. . —Fcutures 23 and week luclnded new Il- lustrated songs, vaudeville acts, aud sketch by Kmplre stock company. - Tile cinemato- graph concluded tbe bill. VtHCttKlt'M (Al. H. Fischer, manngerl.— "A Bit of Lneo'' was the new musical coniedy of tilts house 2-1 and week- NeW vuiidevllle acts and motion pictures completed the hill- Notks. —M. Meyerfcld Jr.. during n recent visit to Los AngelcH, staled that It hnd been decided to erect n new Orphenni Tlientre In this city, and that tho Idea would lie carried out within the next year or so inclined Walter Tully, the playwright, is again In Southern California, and (linking headquar- ters-tn this city Work tin the new Ham- burger Theatre Is progressing rapidly...... Francis Ifaggcrty la the now manager of the People's Theatre, Cort * t.'onsldlne's local bean,.... .A Society Vaudeville, given Nov. 18, at Mason Opera liousc, under the auspices Of tlic Assistance League, n charitable organi- sation, was very sucecitsfiillv stagttd by-Edgar Tempi". Mr. De Gruff, -aiirnncn representa- tive for Henry B. Harris, very generously donated ?2ft for a gallery si:nt. Thu Ci.tri'iut corresjiondent acted as general manager of the affair, tbe net receipts (nun which ninount to f 5,501) Manager John It. Blnekwood. of the Belasco Tlientre, Is expected home from n hurried Eastern trip about Nov. ,'M>. The Gentry I'ony Show did good busi- ness Nov. 18-20. 1 ' > Oakland, — At - the - Macdonougb, Chas. i'. Hall, manager) S. Millar Kent, In "Bar- nes," bad 'heavy bnslncis .Nov. 10-21. Krltsti Sclieff, In "Mile. Modiste," drew three ea- puelly houses 22i 28. "Von Yonson" drew excellent ntteudaurc. two performances, 84. lunbel Irving, in "The (Jlrl Wbn Has livery- tliliijf," 2B-ao: "The Alaskan" Dec. 1-1, "Thn Lloil and tbe Mouse" 6-7, • "The Collego Widow' 8-M. ; Lijipnty (H. W. Bishop. iL'.'iniigcr).— 'i'liii Liberty Stock Co., In "Ziizti," di-eiv excellent hotii-ei week ending Nor. 21. Bishop's com- nany of players, In "At the White Horso Taverii," 2S-D0C. 1: "The Motb and tim Flame" underlined. .C'alvc, mi c<i'ice ,, t, Dee. 11. Bmiiu I'.intc OrenA Uouon (H. W. Bishop, munuger),—Sybil l'ngi.'.and.thu Idurn Opera Co). In "The Idol s (Svo," cecoud week, pleased well filled hoiw.'K week ending Nov. IjJ. "Tho Isle of Chnlnpngne" 25-Dcc. 8, "The JIiiscol" follows. Cot.itMiWA (Keating A Flood, ninnuucrH).— The original bleltires of '"I'lin 1'assloh I'liiy" drew heavy business woek ending Nov. 24. Same bill 'Jii-Dec. 1. ■ ., Onnirr.uM (TJUo, Kbcy. resident inaruigur).— Features Nov. 24-30: N'unce ,0'Killl and cinn- pany, lu a scene fconi "Mucheth :'" Bay L. Il'oyre, Mnynyi Uemlngtitn and net plckti- dlOH. Henri "Tbe Night ttc, new Or- iihriiin motion pictures. Business was heavy lunt week. Buf.i, (ICd. Ilouiuu, manager). —Attrac- tions 2.*> und.week : Ilnn-y First und company, presenting 'The Marriage Fee:" Bit-hard J. Jose, the Mascugnls. Don Carlos and com- pany ktid bis (rained dogs. Ilnxamnn Trio, Miii-ie Bnlfsnn und motion pictures, Itushiuss to cupnclty las-i week. Noveliv (Guy C. Smith, manager).—Bill nil week I " ii ;.....-,,.-.',■ IlnVA. .- l)e» Moines.—At Foster's Opern House (Win. .Foilor, .uianiiRcr) Florence Koberls, In "Ztra," plensirtt a Well 11 lied bonne Nov. 27 "under Bout hem Skies" showed to good busi- ness '-'11- Otis Sklnniir, in "The Honor of tie- Fnmllv," atttneted a. fair slxird atullenie W nnd gfsiitly pienacd. .lumes T. Bowers. In "The Blue Moon." pleased h packed house 3.7. "Tho MM of Spin'" drew the usiinl large Tlinnksclvtiig Day erriwd 28. "Tim Man of the Hour" 2D, 80, "Little .Tolinuy .Imies" Dee. 7. Ai iiitoiiii >t (Wm. Foster, mnnnger).— T«ii vruwiled liouse« areeled einue« K. Ilnck- ett. lu "John oia.vde's Honor," Nov. 28. HiiANP Oprua llotisr. (Win. Foster, mnno- jtev).—"In tlav New York" showed to biff business Nov, il-2:i. Three well 111 led houses Were pleased with "The Merry Sinkers" 24, 2f>. "As Told In th* Illlhi" attracted good attcd nitdlencep 20, 27. "Jnst Out of Col- lege" 28-HO. "Buater Brown" Dec. 1-4, "Aul- tn. tho SlnglUK' Girl," ii-7. M.i.irsTK' tl'red Buclttinnn. manager).— •Tbs biwlneiw for the past week was excel- lent,'big crowds nl all performances, Bill week of Dee. 1: Herrmann, the Great: Gn«. Wilson. Iiellelnlre Bras., Daisy Dimioiil. the Cowboy ynarti'tle. ,nnd others. IlMi'im: Ol. .1. Knrger, mnnngor).—Jewell-: mnnlklns proved a decided hit week: of Nov. 25. and full houses prevailed; Bill week or Dec Si t iirlyle's ponies and dogs, Corwlh and Murrny. J lata Bonner Farley. Lonnx nnd Lnpuz. Bohlnson Grunt, MurgarOt Ley (ten. nnd Foutnni' and Fontune. Nkkiji.opkon (Ci'lchell & lilbevt, niunn- gi'rs).—This house ba« engaged a stock coin - panr to produce one net plays In conjunction with inovlnu iilctures. "friendship" Is being presented this week. I OsUaloosn.—At thu Grand Opera Houso (A. 1'. Owens, assistant- malinger) Jotlenli M. Howard nud Mabel Itnrvlson. In "Thn Flower or the Hutieli." <"nine to 11 Isrge nud appMclo- UVe auilleticc tit iidvnriced prices. Tim I'llutH. I'lvntuitlsti. 25-3(1, opened lo big business. Bnvmond wetis Co. l>ee. n-7, the Kiunblors 12. OaniNT (Carl C. Struhle. ninhager.)—•The orlgliiHl Oberammcrgnii I'lissluu I'luy plciurei iipemid Saturday evening to enormous busl- ue»s. Ai.caz.m: (l'rirkec & llouso. mnnagers).— This now moving picture tbcatru enjoys sur- prising business. Noted. —Fninkel Morris joined "Sis tn Now York" In this city, taking tho place of Clm». Lnue. Helen Lcbio, of the Ktime compnny, Joined at Marshalltown 24, taking the place of Gertrude Holland, playing "Sin." Chas. L. Illllcr, bite of Kilties Baud, Is visit- ing parents In this city. Ho bns entered vaudeville Carl C. Struhle. ninnnlrer of Orient Theatre, opened new electric tlieiiire nt Htixton uilulug camp Nov. 2-1, and enter- tained over twenty-live hundred people at tho opening porfnnmmro. ' I Duvfiiport.—At fho Bnrtla Opera House (dliTctlon Clininhnrlln. Kindt: k Co.) "Gn.v New Vork" came to good business Nov. II'. "Tho Blue Moon" played tn parked lit)dau* 2). llurrv Chiv Ulntioy. lu "The Boy Dotucllvc." hud good houses 22, 23. Stetson's "Uncle 'turn's Cabin" 24. H, M. Holland 27, "Faint- ing the Town" 28. ' Kt.n-n t direction Chim. Berkt'lll— Tlio fol- lowing for 23 and Week: Arthur DeanxuN nnd compniiy. Cleo Teurl nlld Sell, Itulilnuoii nnd Grant, Loiiez and Lopeit, Four Galley Dniichig Girls, Hum Hood, Moduna nud cntji- pany, Lnr.Mril Bros., Lcnn Kline and plolurev I'AMtt-V (dli'eCllOll MuiirtHt ,V OefkiirN).— lor 25 nnu week ; Dur.cnn nnd lloffmsn, Unl- ir.unt and Ilrciniau, Del Datigh nnd Myor« (lilroy, llnynea nnd Montgpinery, Fields ami lluusou, . Do i.'ouins, Kohler and Victoria, Elcnoru Mullen, nnd liiOVItlg pictures, iiiiyvc, .^ju^nie iiciningion itau nei ninnies, the Three Meers, Two Lomtto French, Tom Nawn unci comuuny, "TI Before Flection:"' r,n Scala Rcxtetti'. 4 ■ a ■! 1 Witt Ctsetii, or Will and May Casper, write*.; "Wo wore formerly known as Cas- par mad Clark,, but under the above names tJiio, 11. uuuuerson, tiiutiiiKeii ■inpio is»r," Nov.. 22. gave 11 good show. "Tlin mire Tramp, Til. iniil hlg buslusNK, T. I'tiwcrw, in '"I'lie Ulne Moon," 2.V Troiinc, JiKr- Brnwiis, and week : JlOrton Jewell glers: Kaufman Bros,, the Three Burt I'age. I.hIioi-iI and ItycrHun. Flo May ThnnnlM, and'tbe projuetnscopc. Business was Very satlnfartory wi'ek Hiding 24, Ksii'iRK CE. M. Carlson, nintmger).—Mls1 i;eo I,n Suite und company, In "A Man of Hid I'sople." drew successfully week ending 24, Miss I.n Sttlle und Kmplrn block Co,, lu "Tracy, the Outlnw," 2fl and week. NftrKH.—Th» Bex and BIJim Dniilm, with motion tilctni'cs mid Illustrated songs, con- tinuous performances, ate doing it booming business Chas. P. Hull and Wife re- turned from 11 seven weeks' visit tu New York Nov. IT. Mini IJJi-icu.— At the Garrlck (Clan. IX liiieoin-. iniiiiuger) Itnlph Stuai't, In "Strong- bearl." Nov. 27. 28;, "A Message From Mow" Dec. 7, "The Mnh iilid fhe Mouse" M, "AWaona" n, "Under Southern Skies" It), 11, "'Way Down Kant" 12, "Baffles" Ilk I'iCKWiCK (Palmar Bros.; managera).—■ Thfl regular slock did splendid business In "The Henrietta" week ending Nov. '14. Same company of players In "Shall We For- give Her?" !iO-Dcc. 1. "My Purdnor" fol- lows. , ., HMl'tttt: (H. If; Iloaley. niniiiigei-).—Good moving picture show. Crowded bouses all performances. RUentMX.—Latest moving pictures to 6. It- 0. . — 1 »■ a tTAH. Sail take City.—U the Salt Lake (Geo. D. I'yiior. .mnnagnr) "Checkers" played to Ci'owdco IiOukoS Nov. 23-28, with Thauks- glvlug oiutlnee. Florence IlobCits Dec. 2-4. '(hirntiM (W. L. Jonninas, resident man- agcr).-^Week of Dee. 2: Cllft'o Berzac, Jainc* Ana Midlc '. Leonard and company. Raima Frnnels and Arabs, Geo. AUstlu Moore, Tl» toll Omirtcttc, and Allen Wlghtmao, r.iuNt) (A. M. Cox, tnallngnrL—Tbeodnrrt we will present our net, 'H\ Perklos' visit to I■ rch. in, "The L'nwrltk-n Law" and "The Now York," after thojiolldays. carrying our llgn. Of rtte Kqnr," did cnod l>iu|ne«« Weelt own swicliil ilrop. Wa b»ve Just (lnlshed of Not. 24. Week.of IMo. 2, "TBO Cow Ptiaehir;" niehard fcl'rliialc'n Mlnstfels 1-4. .LTBi(*,(Bert C. Dopnollan. manager).—The Moora Stoflt Co., In "A Vagobonrt's Wife," did 'gn^fl business- week? of Nor, 8£ ' Cellar Itnplils. —- Al Oreono'ti (ipmii lluuso (Jno, ii. Heuderion, inQiiugcr) "Cuphi nt Viissar," "' Mlllloimjro JtllUCfl 1, 1 „i,nF, lu ,i<r ui'n- .'I'/'.'u, m,', did good hushius*. "Painting I lie Town" 27. "Iltisler Brown," nwttliiue nud iilghf. 28, did big bn'clucHM. Jumes K. Haekutl. In ".lolui Giadyci's Honor," 211: Stuleou's "l/iicle Tom's Cabin" .10, the l'llufs week of Dee. I, Willi the exception of U, when Oils Skinner cornel lu "Xiic Honor of the Family." Pbopi.i:'h (Vic Hugo, inanager).—Bunlnem continues to be good. The ThtinkHglvltig iiitai- nesH. wus exceptionally, heavy, the 1 licit if-• being crowded ut lliiee perfoi'inniicca dullug the dny. Tile bill for week of Dec. 1 folloWh; Ifiu'bnrt nud Ilogera, I'rnf, W'Iko, tho Bayou Trio, Wright Hmulngtun and '■'onipiiiiy. Aile line, Bay W. Fay una.JcKsu Plillllps. atld thu citmui'dgra]ih, ' ■ ! ' » 11 Minino. •— At Arlos Opera Ilniian (Bon Wiley, nianngvi') "The Missouri Hoy" drew Well Nov. VS. "An Told In Die. rillts" plaVeil to a good house 2S. Mildred Holland, play- ing "A l'ai-udlKi! nf'Lles;" to packed bmlNo 21). "The Choir Singers" Dec. 4, Tho Nor- woods P. .,,..,-. ...-. No-rits.—Tho invvlUC iili-lnreu ami lllns- trut hi songs al Mm .Vein contlmio 10 draw gouil crowilu tiltrluly Munngnr Wiley, hi Ills plctili'O NtlOW, gave n very pleflftnn! surprlue lo his pati-oim by exhibiting n Inre-.i number of local ,'vlewa. such na liotipltnl, post iUIIoc, prmulnoni pciaonti, etc, which wus much appreciated. " ■ ' ■ ' ■■ it t ' 1 r 1 i. DiibiKiiie.—At till* Gntnil Opera Hnuso (Win. L: Bradley, mnuager) "Thu Bluu Jfooti," 22, dellgiitud a guod houne, Willie Cojiier, 2!l, pleaiiwl a large hotiso. "Quo Vu- tils." 24, by Ideals, hnd large iilicndanee. Mildred Holland S3, Walker Whiteside 2H, Olive, Mead Quartette, assisted by Bertha Lincoln HeiwilN, 21), under the uusplcca of tho Friday Mush: L'lub. 'iB.tni,'.—Jnke rto*.!iithul prcieiiti-d, Nor. '«'-'i and week: Al. Tlernoy, lu lilustralcd soiins; Klireiidiill Bros., Adu'uia Bros., Lu Atilu Girl, Kufliur- ii Haley mill fho hinodlumo, ■ *«• TlfiXAn. l-'«rl Wortlt.—AtGrtsiiwiiH'a Opera llonsn (Phil W. (IreeiiH-all. inanager) 'The, Clinia- •anil." Nov. 2i)-22» diu'vf lingo uuilli.-ncen at i-ni-li pvri'untiniM'C, 1 'Way Down I'fcisls" "'<, 2U, did good bunlilcxH. Cliau. B. Ilnul'oiii 48, "Bed Fvaibur" .211, lit). „ , .MAJKKTtv (T. W. Mullnly. niiiungi'r).— Week of Nov. »T,;- Krlw und laes Kitiifmnti, rreucelil mid Lewis, Four Duncliig HarrlwM, Anna Doheriy. Wm. A. fmnan mid comi'iiiiy. in their sketch, enlllleti •Ifecngnltlnti:" ib<l Aherm», llhistraiert nonifti nnd moving pic- tures. Uui-.lnesH,conl|nui>» heavy. , tiTANiMUD (Frank Du Benin', mnnnger).-- Bill week of -X>: "Tbe Hngliieer." Will 1). Vfledlnnde;'. Boy J.. Wood, Fifdcrlrk Lor- raine, Tom mm. Lcttle Colton, Ixittlo Cun- ningham J.- R N. I'bwei-M, John Powers. Jiilln Fox. Itosn ISIllott und Mtiyme Cooper. Biminciis Is good. plnyinf'tne tSpb Tlioatre;,Not-rlstown, Pa., and Pastime Theatre, South Botblcbeni. Pa.-, trader tne direction of N»flhilb Jeffries, of nillndelpblit." 1 v . . • ■ • ..-» . wWo.—At tbe Auditorium (Jake Our- (Inkle, manager) "The Devil's Auction" Nor, 18, plea led. "'Way Down Host." 21, plnyH to mudlum sized lioune,' "Itvd Feather," 2th highly pleased a lurso audience. Amelia Bingham 21), .draco Ceorge Dec. 1, Mmu. Scbutaann-IIelnk J. : • . , • Ma tt sin- (M. L. Ityara, manager),—Onnfl hnnlnoKS. Week of Nov. 20: The Uoxartla aud W. i. Mack ("Merry Mack.") - .1 . -. r -j 1 i . Lot - BAooga. write* from I^fnvetto Did.: navlng floson wlt|t powule's mtialcal fari-e comedy, I^nut standing a. WW fhrni In" La- fayotte. On Nov. IB nnd IT I visited mV wife (Marie Brook*) at Pcoiln, III., wllh fttetson's "T*. •'!'.C'- c'Anpnny: