The New York Clipper (July 1912)

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THE NEW YORK CLIPPER. Jul* 6 MOTION PICTURE NEWS OCCO&SQCCQCQOCOOCCOGQOQOOOOOOCOOi PENMLVANU M. P. COPEMON. (The first convention of tJic newly formed Pennsylvania State Branch, No. 3, of the Mo- tion Picture Exhibitors' League of America, was held In Pittsburgh, Pa., June 24 and 25, with headquarters at the Mor.ongahcla Houae. Over two hundred representatives were pres- ent from all parts of the 8tate. The first meeting was brought to order on Monday morning, 24. and business In general was taken up, after which several new mfety ap- paratuses, Invented by a local Arm, were In- spected and passed upon. The mala object of this meeting was for public safety, and several members of the or- ganization gave valuable points on this Issue. Now and valuable puts of the moving pic- ture machine were then taken up, and a series of films were run for the benefit of those Interested. In the afternoon nearly all the members took automobile and ear rides to places of Interest within the city, and all were greatly pleased by the reception accord- ed them at the large plant of the H. J. Helnt Co., where they were served various table delicacies, and afterwards were taken to the big auditorium and entertained with a mov- ing picture display of their various plants and gardens. The entire afternoon was taken up with this, and was greatly enjoyed On Monday evening a banquet was held at the slonongshela House, after which speeches were made by various persons commenting on the work of the association. Tuesday officers for the coming year were elected as follows: Dr. Walter Sturmpdg, Philadelphia, presi- dent. Cresson E Smith, Pittsburgh, vice presi- dent Gilbert C Miller. Plymouth, second vice president. ' Geo. L. Roth, Philadelphia, secretary. R Harbin, Pittsburgh, State treas- urer. Delegates to the national convention, to be held In Chicago, III., during August, were elected as follows- Harry E. Relff. Harry McGowan, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Gilbert C. Miller, Plymouth. Pa. RE LEAS ES. d INDEPENDENT FILMS. Comet. July 1—"Jenks and His Motor Boat 1 ' (Com.) On same reel, "Now York Catholic Protectory" (Ed.) July 8.—"A Heroine of Pioneer Days" (Dr.) July 8.—"The Intcr-Colleglate Regatta at roughkeopole" (Scenic.) Reliance. -"A Man's Duty" (Dr.) -"Rip Van Winkle" (two reels). -"Qrandpa"(Dr.) -"The Toy Phone" .(Dr.) July 8. July 6. July JO. July 13. July 17. July 20. (Dr.) (Dr.) July July (Dr.) (Dr.), on two July 9.—' Jnly 11. July 10. July 18.' July 28. July 25. July 30.—' Aug. 1 June 80 Jnly 2.- July July B.—' July 2 — Jnly O.- July 15. July 1. July 3. July 6.- At Cripple Creek' "Love Me, Love My Gaumonr. "A Lion's Revenge" "Written In Blood" reels. That Troublesome Bird." On same reel with "A Tenacious Hubby" (Com.) "Love's Floral Tribute" (Dr.) "Love's Surest Proof" (Dr.) "A Mid-Channel Romance" (Dr.) "The 8llent Castle" (Colored). "Detective Fuzzle's Triumphs" (Com.) On same reel with "A Modem Hercules" (Com.) ■The Prison on the Cliff" (Dr.) On same reel with "The Isle of Msrkcn." —"Androclus and the Lion" (Col- ored). Thnnhonser. —"Doggie's Debut" —"Out of the Dark." "Ma and Dad" (Com.-Dr.) Under Two Flags" (Dr.) Republic. "Evil Be to Illm Who Evil Thinks" < Dr -> . ~ . "The Girl In the Auto" (Dr.) "The All-Seeing Eye" (Dr.) Nestor. "When Hearts Are Tramps" (Dr.) "Hard Luck BUI" (Com.) "Young Wild West on the Border" (Dr.) Scene from Goanny'i Revelation In Rural Comedy, '•DOWN JAYVILLE WAY," Released July 12. The afternoon of Tuesday was also spent In Bight seeing and visiting several of the up- to-date nickelodeons In this city, from which several Ideas of Interest were obtained. Visits to the various parks, Carnegie Library, the Hlland Zoo and lakes were Included In the afternoon Jaunt crowding many things in a small space of time, as It was necessary for all to be back In time to get supper and get awny for the closing entertainment, which was in the form of a boat excursion down the Monongahcla and Ohio rivers. All the dele- gates and their many friends were on hand for an enjoyable evening on the cool waters. Dancing, music and various forms of amuse- ment were enjoyed by all present, and the entire convention was voted a great success from both a business and pleasure standpoint. Moving pictures were taken on the boat dur- ing the evening. It was decided to hold the next conven- tion In Philadelphia, late In June, 1013. LICENSED FILMS, ■ell*. July 1.—"The Lake of Dreams" (Dr.) July 2.—"The Cat and the Canary' (Com.- Dr.) July 4.—'The Last Dance" (Dr.) AMERICAN FILM CO. NOTES. "An Hour of Terror" Is the title of the drat American release on Its new Wednesday schedule. It la an Indian tale, replete with thoae features demanded In Western stories. Away oft* on the frontier the lonesome rail- road agent pointed out a direction to the prospectors and went Inside. Two Indians promptly cut the wire with tomahawks and later killed one of the prospectors. An In- dian uprising closely followed, and a great ranch was given over to the flames and ma- rauders. Two women and two ranchers reached the shelter of the railroad station only to find the wire cut There Is a battle, savages lire the little station, and. with cart- ridges nearly gone, the ranchers held the re- mnlnliig two for the women. But the news hnd carried and. while the women stood with bared breasts tor the merciful bullet, help rnmc, eliding that awful hour. W. D Emerson Is one of the American Company's new producers. Mr. Emerson completed "An Hour of Terror," and will hereafter handle the third Western for this company each week. Mr. Emerson was for- mcr'y of the Sollg Polyscope Co. LUBIN NOTES. A gnmc of baseball was played Saturday. June 22. between the Pathe Krcrc term and the Lubln team at the Pblladeluhla Ball Park, the Pathcs winning 3 to 1. A return game will be played at Jersey City in the near future. The Lubln boys arc anxious lo meet any moving picture company team, anj negotiations to be addressed to "Bcnnlc," Lubln Company, Philadelphia, Pa. PHILADELPHIA'S LATEST. The big market house at the Northwest corner of Twenty-seventh Street and Glrard Avenue, Philadelphia, has been purchased by a syndicate represented by Louis II. Co- han. The sum of $60,000 will be expended In Its reconstruction Into a vaudeville and moving picture thentre. The market house occupies a lot 101 by 118 feet, and w«s purchased for $50,000. CLARA WILLIAMS. Clara Williams Is Uic crnck female rough rider of tbe Lubln Company. Miss Williams does not affect the dress or mannerisms of the cowboy girl; on the contrary, from her personality none would take her for a rider, but see her In u photoplay picture and sai- ls a whirlwind. In a recent release, "It Happened In the Hills," the picture Bhows some riding that Is terrific. A half dozen of the Lubln cowboys are after her, but It is evident that she Is outpacing them all. In mounting, her horse Is off as soon as her foot touches Che stirrup, and la several paces sherd before tbe rider Is settled In the saddle. Miss Williams, who plays the heroine of the Btory, has plenty to no in the picture, and will be well remembered by those who see It for her handsome horsemanship. INDISPUTABLE ORIGINATORS "'COWBOY FlLMSl (POPULARLY KNOWN AS BRONCHO BILLY ) IN THRILLING ST ■productions in mis paper m July 27.- JulyHO- July 8.—' July 10- July 17.- July 24.- July 31.- July 2.— July B.—"Baby Betty" (Dr.) July 8.—"Under Suspicion" (Dr.) Jnly O^-'The Vow of Ysobel" (Dr.) Jnly 11.—"His Masterpiece" (Dr.) July 12.—"A Mall Order Hypnotist" (Com.) On same reel with "Los Angeles' Police Dcp't" (Ed.) Etsanay. July 2.—"On the Cactus Trail" (Dr.) Jnly 4—"White Boses" (Dr.) July f3.—"The Butterfly Net" (Com.) Jnly C.—"Broncho Billy's Narrow Baca (Dr.) Jnlr 9.—"Signal Lights" (Dr.) Jnlv 11.—"Pa Tmbefi's Troubles" (Com.) Jnly 12.—"Down Jayvtlle Way" (Com.) Jnly 13.—"A 8tory of Montana" (Dr.) Cln-es. (O. Kleine.) July 2.—"A Violin and a Pipe" (Com.) On same reel, "Jenkins' Sneezes" (Com.) July 0—"In Wrong" (Com.) Jnly 9.—"The Gay Deceivers" (Com.) On nme reel, "Leah Learns to Dance" (Com.) July 18.—"For Her Father's Sake" (Dr.) Jnly 16.—"DUowned" (Dr.) Jnly 20.—"The Part the Servant Played" (Com.) July 28.—''A Daughter's Diplomacy" (Com.- Dr.) "Too Many Sweethearts" (Com.) "The Inventor's Secret" (Dr.-Col- ored). Eclipse. __ (G. Kleine). . _ "The Wsx Model" (Dr.) On same reel, "Scenes in Somerset Eng." (Travel). "A Mysterious Case" (Dr.) "The Grandmother" (Dr.) "BIlly'B Nightmare" (Com.) On same reel with ' French Army In Action" (Military). "The Trials of a Playwright" (Com.-Dr.) Edisom. "The Close of the American Revo- lution" (Hist) July 3.—"Partners for Life" (Com.-Dr.) July 5.—"The Workmsn's Lesson" (Dr.) July 6.—"How the Boys Fought the In- dians" (Com.) July fl.—"An Intelligent Camera" (Com.) July fi.—"After Many Days" (Dr.) July 10.—"The Artist's Joke" (Com.) July 12.—"For Valor" (Dr.) July 13.—"Picturesque Darjeellng, India" (Scenic). July 13.—"Madame de Mode" (Com.) July 16.—"Nerves and the Man" (Dr.) Lnbln. July 1.—"The Spoiled Child" (Dr.) July 8.—"Tbe Prize Essay" (Dr.) July 4.—"A Child's Prayer" (Dr.) July 5.—"Just Pretendlng"(Com.) On same reel, "A Pair of Boots" (Com.) July 6.—"The Back Window" (Com.-Dr.) Jnly 8.—"The Halfbreed's Treachery" (Dr ) July 10.—"The Stolen Ring" (Dr.) July 11.—"The Sheriff's Daughter" (Dr.) July 12.—"Over the Hills to the Poorhouse" (Com.) On same reel, "The Hvpno- tlst" (Com.) July 13.—'The Stranded Actors" (Com.) July 16.—"Honor Thy Father" (Dr.) July 17.—"The Senorita's Remorse" (Dr.) July 18.—"Together" (Dr.[ July 19.—"Buster's Dream" (Com.) On same reel. "The Uninvited Guest"(Com.) July 20.—"A Western Courtship" (Dr.) Vltnprnpli. "After Many Tears" (Dr.) "The Church Across the Way" (Dr.) "Lincoln's Gettysburg Address'' (Patriotic). "On the Pupil of His Eye" (Dr.) "The Troublesome Stepdaughters" (Com.) 'Her Old Sweetheart" (Com.) On same reel with "Fate's awful Jest" (Dr.) July 9.—"The Curse of the Lake" (Dr.) July 10.—"A Bunch of Violets" (Dr.) July 12.—"The Foster Child" (Dr.) July 13.—"Aunty's Romance" (Dr.) July IB.—"Conscience: or, The Chamber of Horrors" (Dr.) Pathe. Ju'y 1—"Parhe's Weekly, No. 27." July 2— "Wild Birds at Home" (Ed.) On same reel, "The House of Mystery" (Trick). July 8.—"Where Jealousy Leads" (Com.-Dr.) On some reel, "Winter Landscape In Finland" (Travel). -"The Greed of Gold" (Dr.) -"The Would-Be Hunter's Night- mare" (Com.) On same reel, "Halrdresslng of Other Days" (Col- ored). -"The Wooing of White Fawn" (Dr.) -'TaUie's Weekly, No. 28." -"The Adopted Child" (Dr.-Speclal). -"The Geisha's Love Story* (Dr.- Colored). -"On the Brink of the Chasm" (Dr.) -"His Wife's Old Sweetheart" (Dr.) -"Max Takes Tonics" (Cora.) -"The Unwilling Bride" (Dr.) niojrrnph. -"Man's Lust for Gold" (Dr.) -"One Round O'Brien" (Com.) tame reel, "Trying to Fool Uncle (Com.) July 1.- July 2- Jnly 8.- July B.- July 6- July 8.— July 4.- July 6. July fi.- July 8.- July &- July 9.- Jnly 10.- July 11.- Jnly 1 S.- July 13.- Jnly 1.- 4.- On CINCINNATI'S PICTURE! HOUSES. Two New Enterprises to Be Incorporated. Chkstrh Pauk offers for a card free-photo- playa. Many of the Summer gardens try to cor ral the festive nickels for refreshments by presenting picture Bhows free of charge. Enmn Dhvry la now singing at the Qayety. The Victobia Theatre Co. has asked for a charter granting the privilege to run a pic- ture show and issue $35,000 capital stock in $100 shares. The Cincinnati East End Amusement Co. Is figuring on a new charter—$10,000 capital stock and $100 shares. Application lias been made. Oscar A. Hlddendorf. Frank Wlllenborg and Edward Woodward are the organizers. Films of the training camps of Jack John- son and Jim Flynn were shown at the Em- press. A "Fob Rbnt" sign Is on the door of the nojal at Norwood, where the big open air Stadium and the Plaza put the smaller house out of business. THE PATHE BASEBALL TEAM. Top Row, left to right—Larkln, Kammerlein, Palmer, Kohl, Taylor, Ford. Centre Row—Hscher, Gasnier, Handworth, Sanger. Bottom Row—Miller, Mascot McCann, only one who can handle the Pathe goat: Wrl'ht Some from Cln-ea Film, "I\ WRONG," Released July 6, by George Kleine. • :•:*•« i •'•••i«u. -...„. — , v .,. ^..^iisicwciiJ Sells; Popular Flayers, No. 4, HERBERT RAWLINSON. MAKE-UP GUARANTEE!