The New York Clipper (July 1912)

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July 6 THE ZSTEW YORK CLIPPER. -THE HOUSE OF. SELIG r h July 15- EXTRA SPECIAL 7EATURI THE PENNANT PUZZLE An orlglnil baseball comedy In which over COO members of tbe National Press Association took part. Tbe plot Is immense. The situations are excruciating. In short. It it one long hearty laugh. See yonr home city editor play his part. UNO ft. DONT PAIL TO BOOK THI8. JmiT "the girl and the cowboy A real drama of the real West, Picturing the pathetic romance of a Western cowman who was stricken blind while lost In the middle of a desert. Very dra- matic and exceptionally well acted. About 1,000 ft j«ir". THE POLO SUBSTITUTE Another great Sellg single reel feature. Showing the exciting game of polo as It Is played at the international matches. The real game was photographed, and three well known English lords played In It. Aboat l,oo» ft. July 19. A DAY OFF Two deceitful hubbies take a day off, and their experiences are most comical. Their wires tarn the tables on them however, and toe result of their truancy Is especially amusing. A reel fall of real laugh. About 1,000 ft "THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO" Selig's Spectacular Melodramatic Masterpiece—In three reels "KINGS OF THE FOREST" Selig's Wild Animal Masterpiece 6*/>e Selig Polyscope Co. 20 EAST RANDOLPH ST. CHICAGO, ILL. Mis of me Film, IB a reel and np; 36,000 ft. of nne stock, no worn ontfllm, 2o. and np, SOO 8ets fciMgldii tl» set and np. A Power No. 6 Machine, $100; Edison Exhibition Machine, $80; Model sli^Oalolnil Maoklne, $». I also b«7 Film, Slides aad machines, If food. B uairaum swouu. Q ^ QA11VOT 70 ChHsrta»hw Str—t. N. T. City. SCENARIOS Good prices paid for high class ituff. SOI-AX COMPANY FLTJBHINO, N._Y. ESSAiMY NOTES. Thi Essaxat Co. announces seventeen great releases lor the month of July. Seven arc world's greatest Western dramas, fea- turing Q. M. Anderson, the photoplay star of two hemispheres; six are captivating comedies, presenting those famous Esuanay comedians, and foor arc wonderfully good dramas from the Chicago studio. The ever Increasing .popularity of the "Broncho Billy Western series' has eaused Mr. Anderson to almost double his. output, and his millions of admirers are getting' Just twice the number of these feature- Alms now than ever before. The Essanay Co. are now issuing three-sheet posters of tbelr Saturday Western releases, featuring Mr. .Anderson in. his world famous characterisations. -The posters are beauti- fully lithographed in four full colors, and may be ordered direct from the exchanges or from the Morgan Lithograph Co., Cleveland. These, in addition to the regular one-sheet posters issued with releases, make splendid lobby dis- plays for the "Essanay nights." featured by exhibitors throughout the country. Fbancis X. Bushman, the popular leading man of the Essanay Eastern Stock Co., ex- perienced an amusing- yet rather disagree- able experience recently during tbe filming of "White Roses," a gripping dramatic sub- ject released July 4. Mr. Bushman was play- ing the role of a convict and was ctandlng, manacled, between two guards on a railroad station platform while the camera operator was loading his camera preliminary to faking the scene. Mr. Bushman Is an ortlst at "make-up," nnd his disguise ns the hang-dog ronvlct was perfect. Suddenly an old lady, evidently from the country, chanced to pais with her son, some fifteen years of age. At the sight of Bushman she stopped, stern of face and steely of eye. For a moment she eyed him up and down, then turned to her boy. "There.' John," she said, "let that aw- ful creature there be a lesson to you and don't never touch strong liquor. It always leads to a prison cell 1" And with an angry flirt of her head she swept on down the platform, dragging the gaping boy by the hand. For a moment Bushman and the others stared after tier, then all broke Into roars of laughter. Bushman declares lie has had many varied experiences In bis life, but this one takes the prue. Tm Kssanat Co.'h release for July 5, "The Butterfly Net," is a delicious Summer Idyl, Invo'ving International complications most charming. The exterior Bcenes, taken near one of Michigan's famous Summer re- sorts, sre marvels of scenic beauty, and the production Is marited throughout by the most excellent photography. The plot affords Francis X. Bushman and Beverly Bayne splendid roles. - s LIFE OF BUFFALO BUI FILM CONTROVERSY. BUFFALO BILL APPEALS. 1USTRAUM B. P. SHOWS. «• »• ^ m «?.M™I™ _ Col. Wm. Cody (Buffalo Bill) and Major Gordon W. LUlfe (Pawnee Bill) have ap- pealed to the Appellate Division of the Su- preme Court from an order made by Judge Gerard, denying them an Injunction pending the trial of their action against Buffalo Bill * Pawnee Bill Film Co. ■ They announce that the case wll! be fought to the bitter end and taken to the highest court. They are anxious to have the matter disposed of as speedily as possible, so that present or Intending pur- chasers of the rights to these films may have no complications. • ~ » Contuacts will be swarded next week for the re-construction of the market house, at Thirty-sixth Street and Haverford Avenue, Philadelphia, Into a theatre for William F. Boogar. '... Maniocs E, Oblschlaobb, of the Plato. Philadelphia, expects to begin work In the remodeling of his house next week. When completed the seating capacity will be In- creased frpm 1,600 to 3,000, GEORGE KLEINE'S RELEASES. The Cln-ea for Tuesday, July 0. Is a split reel, containing two highly amusing farces, "Tbe Gay Deceivers" and "Leah Learns to Dance." George Gambardelll. in the role of Tony Stout, apparently a sedate married rr'cn. end bis son In-law, Fritz, have a high old time flirting with two coquettish young milliners unknown to each other, and are mightily surprised when they chance to meet at the home of the girls. Under the cir- cumstances they sre obliged to overlook their digressions ana swear to stick to each other through thick and thin. It soon develops that their mutsul loyalty Is stretched to the utmost when, on tbe following day, the charming young milliners on calling at the house to deliver hate to tbe wives of the gay Lotharios, find their recreant sweethearts there, and on discovering that they are mar- ried men there Is a general scene of excite- ment, and a battle royal takes place. Tbe fun Is fast and furious, and the picture will get many laughs. The second comedy on tbe reel, "Leah Learns to Dance," Is one In which the ever popular Clues comedienne, Leah, Is shown as a novice at tbe terpslcho- rean art, and nfter engaging lessons with a lactones dancing-master, becomes so enthused nnd develops such tireless energy that at a bal' which she attends she sets such a pace that those partners unfortunate enough to aantt with her arc completely done up. Thin subject Is one big laugh from start to finish. The Eclipse release of Wednesday, July 10, Is one of those powerful dramas for which this splendid and talented organiza- tion Is noted. A number of actors of the highest class are seen In this picture, tbe title of which Is "A Mysterious Case. 1 ' A poor Inventor calls on his brother In nn en- deavor to borrow money to carry on his ex- periments, but Is refused. After he leaves the house his brother, In some mysterious manner. Is seriously Injured. Of course, tie Inventor, having been seen leaving the house, Is suspected and arrested. The story and action from this point Is very Intense, and tbe Interest cannot fall to be sustained In following the development of the plot to find out in what manner the brother became In- jured ; how the Inventor's daughter, In her official position as telegraph operator, is obliged to convey the message ordering her father's arrest, and finally, how the mystery Is xolved. The plot of the story Is well sus- tained, and tbe acting consistent throughout. The Cln-es players will be seen Saturday, July 13, In a nlghly Interesting light drama, entitled "For Her Father's Sake." Dorothy Ferrari, as the daughter of the marquise, plays the leading role In a very convincing manner, while Lorenzo Lupl enacts the father with dignity and reserve. The daughter, for her father's sake, expresses her willingness to sacrifice herself and marry the son of her father's creditor, on the condition that ' the note held against her father, and which he Is unable to pay. Is canceled. The cred- itor's BOn, who truly loves the girl, on learn- ing that she Is willing to marry him only as a bargain, refuses the offer and reproaches his father for making such an arrangement. A little later, however. It develops that the girl finds she really has a liking for the young man and misses hlB former attentions. In a way that only lovers know, tbe young people get together and make a little bar- gain all their own. The story Is amusing as well as Interesting, and Bplendldly acted In scenes of beautiful settings for which this company Is becoming well known. ■ ■ SELIG PICTURES GREAT POLO MATCH. On July 18 the Sellg Polyscope Co. will re- lease a one thousand foot feature, entitled "Tbe Polo Substitute." The story of the pic- ture revolves around the great International polo match, recently held at Pasadena, Cal., In which the social ellfe of two hemispheres were concerned. A very Intense and exciting feature of this reel Is the actual gams be- tween England and California. Many thrill- ing plays were recorded by the Sellg cam- eras, and three well known English lords ap- pear In close-up scenes. Hobart Bosworth. himself a crack polo player probably has the distinction of being the only moving picture croducer In the world who hae had three real English lords working for him at one time as supers. Lord Tweedmouth Lord Alsstalr Gdwer (son of the Duke of Suther- land) and Lord Inncs-Kerr, who was with Cent Beesley. of the Horse Guards, all sre seen in this game. Dr. Mallaby and the great Canadian playeT, W. Stevens, also take part In the breakneck sport. Colin Campbell pro- duced the picture, and Hobart-. Boaworth wrote the scenario and played tbe leading role. (ntOK OCX OWN COBBBSPO.VDENT.) Stdkit, Jnne 1. Dubiho the past week at the J. D. Will- Urns, Ltd., Lyric Theatre Is a historical sub- ject containing some of tbe most thrilling scenes and gorgeous settings yet presented In film drama, entitled "In the Days of Ancient Rome." The producers havo evidently taken particular palm to Insure historical accuracy In every detail. Tbe other remarkable pic- tures are "Timber Logging'' (educational and scenic), "Ktndhearted Dupln" (comedy), "Problem In Reduction" (dramatic), Pathea "European Gazette" and "Engagement Ring" (comic). Business big. J. D. Williams, Ltd.. Colonial Theatre, No. 1. has the following chief attraction* for the week: "Prospector's Legacy," "Love Finds a Way" and "Iola'a Promise," "A Friendly Act 1 ' and "A Present from Her Husband" (huraoroua), and tbe Gaumont "London Graphic." J. D. Williams. Ltd., Colonial Thbatbb No. 2 has screened the following daring the week to big business: "A Timely Rescue," "Rome and the Tiber" (scenic), "Indian Romeo and Juliet" (a romantic drama), "Bobby Acts As Mediator" (comedy), "For His Country" (dramatic), Pathe's "Au- stralian Gaiette" and "Spanish Dilemma" (comic). At Wbst's PiCTUnss, Ltd., Princess Thea- tre, George Street, West, and the Olympia, Oxford Street, a new and exclusive film drama of peculiar construction and high In- terest was screened. The story Illustrated concerns Herbert Turtel, a celebrated profes- sor of chemistry; his wife, Mabel; Robert Osran, a medical student, and the complica- tions surrounding tbe stealing of a small bottle containing a liquid, the discovery of tbe professor, which will be of the greatest Importance to the scientific world, ft lends Itself admirably to moving picture treatment. Its action Is swift, with powerful and sharp- ly contrasted dramatic episodes and big climaxes. Real humau types, a genuinely Dickon- son Ian atmosphere, correct settings and cos- tumes—these are tbe features of Spencer's, Ltd., Lyceum Theatre, special series of "Nicholas Nlckleby," presented for the first time In Australia. The unfolding of Charles Dickens' charming story wss followed by rept attention by capacity houses during the week. This Is not the Thanhouscr Co.'s first attempt at "potted Dickens," for only re- cently tbe Spencer management screened their film version of "David Copperfleld," and were handsomely rewarded at the box cfflce. Light comedy relief was provided In "A Detective for a Day," "Freezing Auntie," "Alkali Ike's Love Affair" and "The Mystic Ring." At the Victoria Palace the films shown during the week were: "The Eleventh Hour," "Jack Tar Among His Friends," 'The Witch's Necklace." 'The Detective's Dog" and "The Sign of the Three Labels," a comedy film of much merit. The Bhoadwat Theater, Ltd., has shown «'urlng the week a highly stirring Btory, en- tiled ''Won at the Post," the opening scenes of which at our own Rsndwlck race conjr*\ The film Is 3,000 feet, snd the lecturer, Gil- bert Emery; a dramatic elocutionist of some note. ,f rhe Mystery of tbe Souls," a power- fully illustrated drama, la advertised for Sat- urday night. Thiblk's, Ltd., Balmaln, report that their first release subjects drew crowded houees during the week. To-night's program for next week Is headed by the Australian Photoplays' production "The Cheat," and "The Monarehs of tbe Prairie." The musical program Is carried out by the Rozelle Champion Band. Thb Empire Pictubb Co., Ltd., Is going pretty strong from 11 a. m. till 11 p. m. ''The Conquest of the role." "Broncho BUI," "Hard to Beat," "The Lost Child" and "The Smuggler's Daughter.* MELDOl'RVE. Immense audiences have been attracted to West's pictures during tbe week. Splendid films representing the great loss of the Ti- tanic having proved the great attraction. Other films, a special Danish picture Is being shown, "A Ghost of the Past." and "Play- mates." Picturesque scenery Is viewed amid "The Australian Alps," and the Australian editions of "Pathe's Animated Gazette" con- tain the latest events. Sr-BNCEk's, Ltd., at the Olympia, a flno dramatic story Is screened, entitled "Blazing the Trail." The Thanhouser firm are again represented In a special picture, "For 8ale— A Life." "Lieutenant Daring. B. N.," and "Tbe Ship's Mascot," are other pictures which prove favorites with those fond of adventure. Divers at work In deep seas Is seen under the title of "Deep Sea Diving," and the film proves a most Instructive one. Mklba Theater. J. D. Williams, Ltd.— The continuous photoplays at the Melba this week have been of a most popular cbaraoter, another cplendld subject being "The Lion's Gratitude." A most laughable comedy was "Umbrellas to Mend," and for novelty "Me- chanical Cooking" was a good educational subject. To-night a new programme will bo shown and will Include: "The Three Grena- diers," "The Traitress of Parton's Court," "A Mexican Courtship" and "A Voice from the Deep." The Britannia Tiibatup. Is Hearing com- pletion, and Is expected to be opened In tw* weeks' time. It will be run on modern methods with most up-to-date appointments Altogether something very special may be expected In J. D. Williams' new venture. St. Kilda TnEATBK screens "Du Barry's Flirtation." and the Bcenlc study shows "The Beantles of Portugal." Rotal Pictcbb Co., Ltd. —The principal filmed screened here Is an emotional drnmn, called "A Dangerous Play." "Playmates" Is another picture which appeals to all. Toe usual scenic sad comedy Items are Included. To-night the grind opera production will 05 "The Barber of 8evllh." Lyric Theatre Co., Ltd. —At this theatrn the star production Is Homer's beautiful epic, "The Odyssey." This photoplay to said to be one of the best productions yet screened. The lecturer, Upton Brown, will relate the story. Bmith's Hall reports brisk business with vaudeville and a picture show. The rarlety artists, male and female, number eight, and they give a very good entertainment, at pop ular prices, six cents and twelve cents. Cincinnati, June 29. On tbelr way homo from New York, Mr. Naff and party stopped at Philadelphia, and met the local organisation there. They had a splendid meeting, and from there they went to Pittsburgh, whero they had an enthusi- astic meeting, and eroryone worked la per- fect harmony. Tbe committee that bad charge of the Pittsburgh convention can not be too highly praised for the efficient man- ned In which they bandied the convention and the hospitality extended to the visitors. Henry Poke, whose congenial, pleasant per- sonality had much to do with the success of tbe Pittsburgh convention, seemed to be at tbe right place all the time, and doing things for someone to make It pleasant for them. K. 4 C. Local Branch. No. 2. of Kentucky, held a meeting In Covington Tuesday, Jnne 23, and they are certainly a live wire. An ordinance was passed this week, In Coving- ton, Ky., that all one night stands and places of amusement shall be charged a license of $25.00 per night. Cincinnati Local Branch No. 2, of the Mo- tion Picture Exhibitors' League of America, held a meeting in Parlor F, Slnton Hotel, Frldty, June 28. The new slldo, which Is a fcc-ttmUe of the certificate of membership, was shown and fifty of them ordered. Mr. Kltt, tbe chairman of the committee, was Instructed to have all of the slides ready at tbe next meeting. Clem Kerr and Mr. Bey- berg, of Dayton Local No. 5. of tbe M. P. E. L. of America, attended the meeting, and were given' the glad hand. Mr. Kerr Is State organizer for the Motion Picture Exhibitors' League of Ohio and Is an efficient worker, and Is at all times ready to work to advance the Interest of the league. M. A. Neff, national president, and C. M. Cbrlslenson, national secretary, and William Sweeney, of Chicago, were In St Louis on Sunday, June 30. looking after the interests of .the Motion Picture Exhibitors' League of America. Cincinnati Local Branch No. 2, of the Mo- tion Picture Exhibitors' League of America, at their meeting, Friday, read over the new ordinance which is being drawn up and passes upon it section by section. It will he pre- sented to the council st their next meeting, for their consideration. The Waldorf Amusement Co. of Cincinnati opened a new theatre at Eighth and Depot Rtrecta, last Thursday night. They are hav- ing a contest, and tbe name has not been given the theatre as vet They gave three shows, and several hundred were turned away. Henry Levy reports big business from the Liberty Theatre, and he also reports that they will open their new Colonial Theatre, which will seat 100 people. This Is one of Cincinnati's finest show picture houses. M. A. Neff attended the Kentucky State convention, held at Lexington, Ky., July 2. to ker, Her father greets the rich Mexican, for- getting his daughter, and Joanlta hastens to ber fever. Don Nedro suggests that Juanlta ami be get married Immediately, and offers Don Pedro golil la return, which tbe old man readily ac- cepts. Hastening to tbe garden, they find Juanlta •ad Jooe. and be tells her >be most-* marry Don Nedro at osce. and seoda for'a priest,- Joss'sad Ooa Nedro quarrel, and Don . bjedro' -is kaMar) down. Joanlta and Jon elope, and, after, a c nd l. • Joes la felled by a blow from Don Nedro. Tbry arrange for the ceremony, when Joee appear* on Beneback, and, snatching Jsanita ia bis ansa, ride* away. That evening tbe old man sit*, tktaklag he will never see Ber again, when aides:. comes the happy couple, married, aad he (ltd!/ give* them hi* ble**lng. "Hard-Lack Bill" (released July 3)—An old settler's daughter, Je»*I», la the belle of Syca- more Dale. A* she comes from the boose Frank whistle* for ber from one tide, sod Jim from the otner, both having been warned by father. Jo- ale confide* to them that the one who reachr* the tree first ahall have tec hand. She pall* Jim'* alecre a* be t* getting ready, and together tbry ran off, leaving Frank to meet the old settler. The old man soon finds the lovers and marches Jessie Into the house, putting the hired man. Tod, to guard her. Jessie manages to set s sot* off. telling Jim to meet her on tbe bridge that afternoon. Father gets the note, but allow* it to be delivered. Tom. tells Jim of tbe set- tler's intentions, so Jim send* tbe note to his rival, who promptly appears with horse and buggy at the appointed time, and Jim and Jessie rlile away In his boggy to tbe minister'*, while be li caught by father. They follow the eloping couple, and while they enter the front entrance of the house, toe rulnlater, Jim and Jessie bnrry out of the back door Into tbe automobile, and there the minister finishes tbe ceremony. "i'our.g Wild West on the Border" (released Joly 5).—Young Wild West and hi* party ap- proach the Mexican border, and believing them- selves mile* *w*y from any town, atop at a de- serted house, and there celebrate tbe Fourth of July. Pedro, tbe owner of tbe property. Imme- diately goes to dislodge them, wild West pays the Mexican, and orders him away. Leaving the Chinese cook In charge of the house. Wild Went and hi* follower* go to town. Entering a dance hall, they notice the stars and stripe* beneath the Jleilcsn flag. Wild quickly changes the position of the flag*, and a big rumpus follows, and tbe Mexicans are defeated. Pedro and bis men awear to be revenged, and they swoop down upon tbe deserted bouse to rob the Americans. Wild West arrlTe* In time to save the Chinaman, while Pedro manages to slip away, redro abducts Young W1M West's sweetheart, who, after many thrilling In- clittr.ta, I* restored to her friends, while Pedro end bis gang are railroaded. THE TALKING PICTURES. C. H. Wilson, general manager for Thou. A. Edison. Inc., has announced that the new Edison talking pictures are nearly perfected, end a performance for the press will shortly be given. Mr. Wilson states that he could not see wherein the new device would hurt tbe the- atre. He says that Caruso Is beard on thou- sands of phonographs, but that there is no falling off In the attendance at the opera. Tbe Caruso records are mostly heard In house- holds, but the new machines will be too large for the home. * NEW CORPORATIONS. Mokte Cbisto Film Co., New fork: Jaa. O'Neill, Dan Frohman and Harry Harris, directors. Vbsuviak Film Co., New Tork. Psoobess Moviho PicTCRn Co., Brooklyn, N. Y. * ■ Habbt Mato, of the TlUgranb forces, be- came the father of a new boy June 24, All well. MOVING PICTURES IN FIGHT FOR HEALTH. The Health Department of New York will t-m'ploy moving pictures lu lis light against tuberculosis, teaching the people bow to guard against the disease. During the month of July tbe exhibitions will he given In Manhattan parka, and in August they will be shown In Brooklyn. The following Is the schedule of tho Brook- lyn parks: Aug. 1, Linden Park, Dumont Avenoe and Bradford Street: S. Playground, Riverside Avenue and Christopher Street; 0, Buahwlck Park, Knickerbocker Avenue and Starr Street; 7, Grcenpoint Park. Drlggs Avenue and Twelfth Street; 8, Wlnthrop Park, Drlggs Avenue and Monitor Street, Brooklyn ; 12 Sunset Park, Fifth Avenue and Forty- third Street. Lectures will begin at 9 o'clock. * Ne w TENtt aaamm Lnbln. "The Prise Essay" (released July 3).—Mar- garet Blake a country girl, 1* ambitious for an education, but Uor parents are unable to provide. A rich aunt sends her to a fashionable school, and her countrified drew and apiwarance is a ills- nilvantage to her. Henrietta worthlngton Is a handnome brunette, and Margaret becomes her rival. Henrietta becomes jealous, and when a prise la offered for the be«t es»ay. Henrietta sett a cbaace to regain ber former prestige. Mar- garet receives a letter from home, K|ieu«lng of tbe need of money, and she feels that abe must win this prise In order-to help her family. She falls aaleep In her cbalr. Henrietta enters, and steal* the essay, and decides to use It as her own. As she reada. 'Margaret's letter drop* from be- tween the pages, and, after reading It, Is touched with remorse. She hurries to replace tin- papers, but as she ib closing tbe door, she hears Mar- garet atlr. and she returns and confenspR. A reconciliation takes place, ami Margaret's essay wins the nrlae. ... "A Ohlld'a Prayer" (relensed July 4).—John Devcraux and his little motherless girl are at tho grave of bis ilcad wife. A similar scene la taking place miles away, where Burt King. Ills arm around the shoulders of hi* mothcrloK buy, kneels In alleiit prayer beside tbe fresh grave. Devcraux engages a govern*** to attend hU little flrl. and the child gradually lenrns to lore her. lick Morris, a foreman of Deveraux's ranch, comes across King, and warns bira that be 1* upon ground belonging to Deveraux, but King re- loses to vacate. Enraged, Deveraux starts In person to evict blm. He leads his meu to tbe squatter'* camp, and as they are about to enter be Is atopiied by the sound of w childish voice re- peating the Lord's Priyer. Ula aympatliie* aroused by thoughts of his own motherles* little, one, Deveraux calls King outside tbe teat, sad presents blm with tbe land be claimed "Ju»t Pretending" (released July 5).—Little Albert Mill* reada the account* of the abductleu of children, and ho conceive* the Idea to play tbe game on hi* little sister, Henrietta. He writes a note which reads: "I have your chil- dren, pat four thousand dollars under tbe stone on front porch and I will bring them back." A young fellow come* along in au auto, the children plead for a ride, and are carried away to tbe Eark. Mrs. Mills finds the note, and gathering s >t of neighbors and a polleemaa, give chase to the auto. Many accidents and Incident* occur in tbe chase, but finally the kiddle* are caught. On tbe same reel with "A Pair of Boola."—Two mis- chievous boya, finding the coachman'* boot*, de- cide to have *cme fun, and place them back of the portieres la Annabelle'* room, and amid great excitement the constable, townafolk and everybody with enough courage to help capture tbe Intru- der, are asked to Join In the i>o*se. After sev- eral trying episode* tho po*«e enter the room armed to the teeth, and discover the Joke played upon all concerned. . „ "Tbe Back Window" (released July 8).—Harry snd May McCloskey. a young married couple, visit frlenda. Tbelr friend* »re the happy parents of a lovely baby, and they i*t and fondle the bahy until It become* tiresome to tbe young peo- ple. Three year* later they are unhappy, but don't know wby. In tbe back yard, adjoin- ing their own. they *ee an Italian couple. and they neeni to be lery happy. One day they miss the couple ind later see some tiny gar- ment* hanging on the line. Harry and May, un- known to each other, decide to buy something for the baby of tbe Italians. ' Harry returns first, unwraps his package, lay* It on tbe table, and goes out. His wife return*, snd lay* ber present on tbe table. 8he open* ber husband's door, and sees tbe rattle on tbe table. Harry tries to coma In. bat finding bis door locked, goes through her room, and discover* the little dress. They meet, snt tbe wife bold* tbe rattle behind her. while he has the drem behind htm. They realise the longing In each other'* eyes, ss be take* ber la LI* arms. Nestor. "When Hearts are Trumps" (released July 1). Don Pedro, a wealthy Mexican, bas a beautiful daasbter. Juanlt*. who loves Jose, a poor boy, but her Utber prefer* that she marry Don Nedro. When Jttantta atarta on her way to meet ber lorer. Don Nedro appears, and endeavors to make lore Sells;. 'The Lake of Dreama" (released July 1)—Man- fieri nud, whose rich parent* IIveil oa ad- joining estate*, grow up side by shit*. Their favorite trystlng place was the old rowboat oa a pretty lake, and they called It their dream boat. Here they planned tbelr future*, etch for tbe other, and always together. Manfred waa sent out Into the world to make his living, while Rlolsc remained sole guardian of tho llttlo lake of dream*. Tbe man failed the woman, and snnk lower and lower Into temptation and dissipation. The woman prajed and waited and dreamed on. and one day tho man returned to tbe old trystlng place. Here ■tie found him, huddled close to the rotting hulk of the eld boat. And here It was that she for- gav* and forgot. 'Tbe Cat and tbe Canary" (released July sh- in a quaint, little village of New Hampshire. Siatllda Hcagglns, an old spinster, snd Hiram Tarnaby, bachelor, lived as neighbor* In two ad- joining cottage* for many years. Tbey come suddenly to tbe parting of the ways, on account of tbelr two pet*, a canary and a est. Matilda'* cat has been stolen by boys, and tbe same day Hiram's canary escapes. Hiram accuse* Matilda's cat of havlog devoured bis pet. Tbe cat escapes from the youthful tormentor*, but suiter* a broken foot. Hiram fluda the cat. and Is on the verge of revenging himself when he notice* the cat's lo- Jared foot. Ilia aympatbetlc heart get* tbe beat of bis anger, and bo carefully bandages the broken member, and returns tbe animal to Matilda. That night the canary returna to Its cage, and once more lltrim snd Matilda resume their neighborly rela- tion. "The Last Dance" (released July 4).—James Norton becomes Infatuated with Mlgnon. a cUhsIc dancing girl, and Onda her different from those she Is associated with. She desire* rednement and culture, and appreciates Norton's friendship, but will not marry him. Hue Is subject lo attack* ef weak heart. One night she fall* In a faint n|»u the stage. The doctor Insists that she go to the country to recuperate. Mho grow* to lore tbe country and Ita people. John Harlow, a young minister, falls In love with her, and she, realising that. *be accent* him. Tbey are happy, plan- ning for the future, when Norton appears, anil Mlgron tells Norton why she cannot marry him. Harlow nnds a raagaslne picture of Mlgnon, and krams of ber connection wltk tbe stage, aad de- nounees her ss an adventure**. In order to prove lo blm that her dancing Is' not vulgar, sin- dances as she never did before, faster and faater. nntil Harlow begin* to relent. Sue completes the dance, trd drops limply to the ground, dead. "Baby Betty" (released July 5).—Col. John lU'leris, returning to hi* Virginia home to assume command. And* Hint the Yankee* have appro- printed, for their own use, everything eatable on tho plantation, and tbat his wife, baliy girl, ami colored mold arc facing starvation. Mr* Roll- er!*, weak from per, become* III, and the doctor prescribes "good, wholesome food." Rob- erts la called away, aud the prescription fall* to the ground unnoticed "Baby Betty," the child, picks up the paper and, with a Confederate flag over her''shoulder, atarta for the Yankee'a head- quarters, and make* her way through the North- ern llnea. Col. Howard read* tbe prescription, and order* one of hi* men to carry iirovlalona to Betty'* home. The following day both armies are lined up for too battle, when their attention I* drawn toward* a little figure sleeping In the centre of tbe battlefield. A truce b called, and the two commander* Investigate, and find tbat tho sleeping child Is "Baby Betty." Realising that there can be no righting that day, each retire* amid cheers for the Utile rebel. I'nthe. "Wild Birds st Home" (0. 0. P. 0., relea.e.1 July 2).—A beautiful aerie* of bird life, showing wild ducks of various norts llvlug In peaceful communities among tbe reeds. A coot, -the wildest of tbe duck family; Mallard dock* building tbelr nests, and the wild awanB searching for food, and cunningly hidden la the Ivy of an old wall tbe molest wren. Tbe aeilge warbler sesrche* for food while his mate tend* tbelr young, and the chaffinch feeding It* hungry little ones. On tbe same reel. "Tbe Hoose of Mystery" (O. O. P. O.I—A clever trick picture which will bold young snd old spellbound. "Where Jealousy Lend*" (released July 3). —A charming drama played In a typical country vll- lage where the grocer and tbe blacksmith are tho two principal men. Tbe blacksmith and tbe gro- cer's wife used to be sweetbearta, aod tbe black- smith Is very courteous and gallant to tbe wife, to the grocer'* displeasure, A great event In the bhcksmlth'a house necessitates the presence of an- other woman, and the grocer's wife respond*. Tbe grocer follows, watches through a window, snd what he see* excite* hla Jeilousy, and be la about to shoot them both, when be Bnna that tbey are bending over a tiny little bundle of humanity that has Just arrived. On the same reel. "Win- ter Landscape* In flnland" (O 0. P. C.)—Many beautiful scenes of mow-clad mountain*, trees, and village*. "Greed of Gold" (released July 4).—A drama based on tbe grasping greed of * pro*peclor, and unable to strike pay dirt, he rob* a man be finds stricken with fever lo the desert Justice, how- ever, follows, and he paya the penalty. •Tbe Woald-be Hunter's Nightmare" (0. (i. P. G, released July 6).—Ima Booebead I* crgigc-i to a delightful young lady, and desiring to lm- presa her with hi* prowess as a hunter, boya a lot of born*, skin*,-etc.. snd spread* them around bla bouse, and invite* ber to call. Hla bluff la suc- rraaful, but on reluming that night his trophies rise up and ralae thunder with blm. On tbe same reel, ''lUlrdresalng of Other Daya" fO. G P. C.) —Sliowa bow women hare endeavored to Increase tbelr beauty by varloas style* of wearing their hair. "The Wooing of White Fawn" (released July 6).—Two Indian brother* are In love with White Fawn, and think too much of each other to take advantage. In a desperate encounter the y o un ger la badly mutilated by tbe foe*, ami loses toe sight of one eye. White Fawn prefera tho elder brother after this event until bs finally dies of a amak- tlte, aniline asrrtea the blind one,