The New York Clipper (July 1912)

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THE NEW YORK CLIPPER. July 6 Thnnbouser. "Dcwie'* Debut" (NlciMd June 30). — The Edison. The Close of the American Revolution"(re* ■No great poem has been written wSawincBsSfS! SSiWii SSIS5SII BH«3 Hm MIX-CP w the mnuiL Universal Film Mfg. Co. - ••'iheirinnt and negatives., etc., a* the New On Thursday evcu'ng. June 27,. a J**tTJ* »„d"!,S™ 1 Eft,.,.,? no. were the property lie wi« DeaH>$ in to Profe ssion ... Thursday evcu'ng. June «>.■ f '.•» .JT York Motion Picture Co. were the property ... .„dtopo^ofhto F.^2 the lire. of such men as Thomas Jefferson, men ttom tte TJnlvem! Co. arrlted *t tt« J^^Xcrai 1 l'Hm Manufacturing Co LaASTinSirSbf IfcUSS Patrick Henry snd Lee. Cornwall!. oVterTafced to offlcc , 0 f tbe New York Motion Flcture Co. F "^^i, tale an Inventory at the fac- ie and Be? from tie bouse Lock came strike a strong blow to the cause of the Colonists ^ wer , donlcd admittance, whereupon tie* i^^wh^li »t 251 West Nineteenth Street, pooaicj an «" irem ,fZ_"I _,..„..!..,. i,. ^™n», rvj. T.riton ««l ht> men to daab on to .'.".i^ lt . tol following which business of tg-T',2™ 1 ".".** .Tm.ers were prevented by «arb rtbwn be saw poster* adver- by aetKllng Ool. Tarlu* and bt» inen to dash on to f 0 „ed the dooi, following which business of J^'^".^-:* J^ers were prevented snaV^real OouvInSu that bis C»arJotte*vllle. and eaplurc tlje B.a.e Legl^nre, i'^ttlerojal.' lasting until the arrival of the £•*•*£« $•<*« a89oda &, t be decided to apply for an engage- and but for the wonderful ride of Jack Jouett It « »"■",,„ 'reserves. That It waa "gome" Mr Ii Mlnale May Thompson. — Thi Charles Moreland we have Just rcceivii .P following: Minnie May Thompson (in £,,■ life Mra. Arthur Don) died tn Los TjlSSS* March 26, after long lltoea."^ is. She was weU and favorabiV kaS* vaudevUle performer. having helV i.ek tae police "reserves. That it waj . sobk_ -',:,":iiry- n , made for a temporary 1 boot many can testify to, as some of the new | _ 1 *g t ^5Vs55l the use of these nega- white hopes were seen MTeral days later «!■■■ '" Vumann and otters, wearing eyes, ears, etc., In bandages. It to "S^riwsain injunction was granted, not ou? purpose to go Into the detail of tht* ne £™P££7 ft MaDU facturTng Co performanceV We would like to tell our _ „. i-*,— OH, March 26, aftar long l¥n'W s ' n * :lw ' diabetes ' the profession since a child. She was nized as one of the best dressed and nlar2£ performers on the vaudeville stage iZ made her first appearance at Ecunctt's »,./ emy of Music. Chicago, under the manatl* ment of Nick Norton, and continued to S as a child performer for many years. s£ perfomaTncer^We "would like to tell our '™k U e ^release SSSTSBSS then formed a sister team, known a, £ lenderfc what the outcome of the recent and ^^wtaos, of lie Universal Film Mann- Thompson Sisters. She worked with thS present disturbances In the ranks of the In- .™ e * Q £' ncB ^l pricedwithout lnterrup- different partners under that title. In u£ K _"".". ., .i.ii.u. manufacturers factoring CO. will jin*-t\-<» "• j.n„»»i> ch» married Charles Mnroland >^ «... A 00 * Sresent aiaiuruuucre m uu* '"_" „,.'7„,„. fArrurlnc ependmt motion __plcture_manuf.c, ur ers facturing Is*— thr laWZ ft ill J II July. 3)—In a „*7, T oeal , Bi DUt truthfully we cannot_ do so. ''™-. h '^ to £Vom wcoFto week. 'It Is the desire of p- to have It known that senta- thejnattcrs In dispute. n Sroeram will be de Wered she married Charles Moreland and tic tVa. tlon. and the.ful im _ w iL l u was known as Moreland and Thompson (t- They then formed a trio ■mul , now deceased; then with j" whom they worked us as? tate. WO w,;™ 10 ""™,," i™ M thrrnlvcrsal Film Co. many years. They then formed a trieTw t! no light. 'It Is the des re ol the Un, J rt r,a ^, llm ; C V a c Irwin T. Busch, now deceased ; then with t fork Mo- to have It knowj}^"' tne cour " wm "^ Roberts, with whom they worked aaaS J^t ****** V« ' »»vi»uu as also covers Itala land, Thompson and Roberts for eight ycar : 1«6 to"get into the bouae. atid fearful for the Ethel la the ai.«el jrbo bought nesce and happl *" K rr * r i *.. w ."!.,_ ^T-l-_.i«-.— Tlu» f.Mit n» K a tn 1-, u l\nn^iol,!. onrt rrutlp nurrM Ufa wortl way, for In Ualng an imlraai (n? n r*a D a l ^e b alli«'UM*Tre""lbeV Jeered at him, would have been crowned 'rlth ttMoeaa Sf bis trinSe* ended^Ucii the animal trainer Joottt planned to beat Col. Tarllon Mlk after SiLwl andVeatto the boy'a home, and waa mile ho nrged bla bone on by whip and spur ?SEfi.< Lirfrf Mi child The younirater became tmUl at laat be reaches the door of the home of SS LaaJrtaVaV and Se happy HtTS hoy found Tboma, Jeffert*n. called forth the warnlngthst fkaa Kere "Ik %T statloiia In life worse than the British were coming, and off to t»arlottewrllle, gg g*f* JgJi Tii y where be aonwnced that tbe Brltiah were on "Ont 5? life Dark" (released Jely 2)-—*■ Jonng their wny, nrxl wben Tarlion and his men reached li*<*r teeetW wor.1 that a packet of Jewels, Chsrloumvllle their prey had flown «7.£d aTKOWClias been shlppe.1 to blm from 'Tartners for Life" (r*lea»ed L. . Eow to be'behi fur a cllet.1. He receives the little - f - JJ l ll jJ at_MoUy nail Tommy begin their Kv4rvone BC( , m8 to be In a chaotlc i state, valuables an.' - has forgottea SurdaT 1 ^'"Sesaengcr baa bceii tralle.1 by a na a course of i celebraled crook, who followa tbe lawyer, and misery, and sbe decides Uteli the evening tbe lawyer receives a tele- frlerd Ethel Mayborn. > vbonc measige that bis father Is seriously 111 and counsels olherwlje. The hurries off to see blm, snd learulug be has been for herself. So -Molly adopU SsWwr^'rtfe^tfiaV"^ she T d^ds on^V'^Tonlrn^w rSlfi^tbr, ^'TulV: ^ " hv >JgwBPagg,gtaS.?«g SFSJTuS forced to retire from the sUge-on Vecou, Many professionals and outside friends at tended the funeral. Her mother, Mrs. c 11 Thompson and her husband, Arthur lW survive her. ' Hans Nenert, one of the best known of tbe German peasant actor, Is dead In Munich. at the age of seventy-four, fie was a n». tive of Munich, but first acted his peasant characters In a smaal traveling com pair Later he appeared In the Bavarian ESL settling In Munich in 1872, where be rt^ malncd for seven years. Later his fame ltd him to one German capital after another Later he came back to the OacrtniT l'laii Theatre, In Munich, and celebrated there his fortieth anniversary as an actor. He had re- ceived many decorations. Lagene J. Howran, thirty-three yean old, who was a stage hand at Poll's Theatre Springfield, Mass., died at the Springfield Hosl pltal, June 24, from injuries received from la assault made upon him 23. Mr. Howna was at one time employed at the Qllmore ii.c hi Mri Into the bonne and rearrui tor uc liiuei ia mi: au^ri wuv wwisui j«.-«^ »«« u«i.p,- "Owina: to Tne ncaHtii- ntmu« i«»^.. -». ** -—*,.»,,„„_ e *, w ii n iecaritylf tt jewels ^veatigates. Tbe front ne«s to his household, and made married life worth ctJTo. Baumsum. president of the Unlver- or the Bison studio, ftoora UK Sssf panels, and _.s the woman while. Instead o na,IjeUag h • w '. *- »ow M1 , „,„ Mntlllfac turlng Company towards M stays at home and lends every assistance In tbe performance of her household duties. "Tbo Workman's Lesson" (released July 6).— Old Wensel, like many other of tbe old workmen. Is contemptuous of the "newfangled" safety de- vices. Weuzei lives In a cottage with his daugh- ter, Llscheu. A. young Italian, Bokko, out of work, Btops to pluck a flower. Llschen appear-* watcbea one of thetu fallB Inward, and a hand appears aud feels for the knob. She rushes In to the «nfe. taken tbo packet, and bides it In a crev- ice at tbe top of the mantelpiece. Tbe hurulnr enters, and there Is a strogirte, which fortunately brings help. The criminal Is captured, but luc shock has driven the womau mad. She remcin- hrra nothlmr it is clear to the police thai the bura-lar hs« been successful, for the Jewels have to protest, and the two become acquainted. Bokko ranlaheil rbe lawyer Is held responsible for tbe conies again, and secures a Job In the shop. He losi, which cripples blm flnanclaliy. While look- is Interested In the isfety device, though old lna- over some nnuers In his safe one night he Is Wensel snorts with for IL The acquain- called to the 'phone. Ills maniac wife watches tante between Bokko and Llschen ripens to low. him, cwl a troubled frown comes over her face. Her nerplejlty deepens a« he goes out, and sbe starts nrmtalrs to bed. Again she awakes, again slie sicols down stairs, snd gases with terror as the pane of class Is broken, and a bond Is stealth- ily stretched throujUi the opening. She remem- bers tbe Jewels, and going into the library sbe quickly decides upon a plsn to cure the old man opens tbe safe, takes out a package of Tapers, and hides thera where the other bundle Is. Then, as Hie light* are turned on, sbe falls fainting Into kef himband'a arms, her mind and bis honor restored Tlie hand of Providence caused him to fornet iiIh keys, anil he had to break In the door, and the sight restored the memory to his wife. "Ma ■Sri Dad" (released July 5).—First, there was the manicure girl. Anyone who saw her at work In the scrnraplnous hotel knew that she ate onlr at cabaret restaurants, and had bushel boskets of dlumoiHls. The fact wos that she and her mother lived happily on a little chicken farm. Second, there was the boy, the regular Bah Bah type, and persons frequently pointed biro out as a gridiron star, the fact was that two weeks was his longest stay In college. Third, there was "Dad," father of the hoy,, who had boodles of money, but a ssd face. Fourthly, there was "Ma." who lived hi Us* country, and no one ever suspected that sbe vtnn the mother of a manicure girl. The girl polislieil the boy's noils, and be told her she had won IiIh henrt, proposed, nnd was acre-pled, but he wai afraid to tell dad, so the couple ran away, niul sent dnd a note, which conveyed the statement that the girl's mother was a ,, Oount- T>ad, however, didn't give a boot about ripens and they become betrothed. One day, Iq the shop, Bokko, Influenced by Wenzel's contempt, leaves the safety device ot*n. There la an acci- dent, and bla arm Is badly mangled. Old Wenael blames himself. While visiting Bokko at the bos pltal, tbe foreman sees Weasel coming, and s tbe old of bis contempt for precautionary measures. He covers Bokko's nJun-J arm with the bed clothing, and tells blm thnt Bokko will lose his arm. The old man's grief Is pathetic, and be leaves. Upon Bokko's discbarge from the hospital, be goes to the home of his sweetheart, and while greeting her, old Werael gees tbe empty sleeve hanging st Bokko's side and breaks down. Bokko at last realizes what the trouble Is and, throwing bis coat lmck, discloses to bis delightful sweetheart and her father bis bandaged arm. "How the Boys Fowbt tbo IndlsnB" (released July 0.)—Wild-Eyed Bill, the terror of tbe prai- ries, Is the hero of Johnny and Tommy Bell. Mr. Belt, having fallen heir to a ranch, decides to start for the West, much to the delight of Tommy nnd Johnny, who plot aud plan nnd persnadc their father to present them with Indian suits and air- rifles, nnd he does At their destination they are Installed In a country hotel near which Is an In- dian curup. They Ion tlu-lr Indian suits, and tak- ing their alr-rlfles sally forth to exterminate (lie red skins They nrc surrounded by the In- tensed ml slclns, hut Blue Hawk sees the humor of the situation, ui-d dispatches a messenger to the boya' father. The boys ore put through a course of sprouts are frightened to a frazzle, and NOTES FROM ATLANTIC CITY. Barnum k Bailey Is the big draw Wednes- '■At the Savoy this week's bill Includes: Amelia .Stone and Armnnd Kallsz, to "Mon , iurc „ ^S™,-™ J^ mo ,? and ,^ SLiftifS *mne Theatre, leaving there 'to become master , bard, Mute Lore. < e » nd * er *^' ful vSgSe «»chWc with Al. Wilson's "Met Z In tie drying tTf^l TJncl^'-Sjick'. uncle has always dog. Hugh Hubert ««*«"****■ *$"%': Alps" Co, with whom he remained focr k£? too lndutoent. and so Dirk has been wild. Rico, "r^t "a^ ™* "^.-i°? or July 8 r*" 8 - For the past three years he had be« Uncle, howeve* grows tired of Dick's rwkJess- Mlilerehlp Sisters The underline for July O gr^j^y^j ^ Pol f^ He leil , es thrw , s!ste ^ a map of the location of the gold. The boy and Slrl start out and are made to reallae the itrug- glci gold induces. "One-Round O'Brien" (released July iL— O'Brien and Duffy ore up against It, and as the eats" are coming at long Intervals, they hit npon an Idea. Interviewing ■ theatre manager. O'Brien ln.1»c«t him to bet thnt be. O'Brien, will knock noes and. giving blm a roll of money, tells him to p> nnd make a niun of himself. Dick, thrown on his own resources, goes to another city, rets a ■Job snil marries a poor girl. He proves capable or taking care of himself, but desiring to impress uncle, he plans too big a ocbeme, and nearly loses out. Is Nat Wills. At the Apollo, May Robson Is presenting "A Sight Out" and "The Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary" "lioom 40." the new Cohan & Harris pro- duction, will practically start off the new theatrical season, week of July 8. The Ladles' Kennel Association, of New Jersey, will hold a dog show at Young's Mid- die title, but was glad his son had settled down, upon promise that they will never Tend such trash lonocent suffering, Imprisonment and retribution, attractions. Ganmont. "Written In Blood" (released July 4).—A war ji on iiojiaj 1'lcr, Friday, Aug. 2. story which deals with a chapter from the awful Nicholas Soyer, chef to the king, will lec- hlslory that garbs the Bluugbterous battle of lur „ oa tn0 art of coo klng In the Hlppo- Vanchump during the period when Prussia, Aus- ,•_.„,. on jiiuion Dollar Pier, Thursday af- trla, Bufisla and England were carrying their „ Jul ., 4 campaign against the dauntless Napoleon withlu lc Wu 0D A r o ].' o / the boundaries of France. Tbe story unfolds n T „, " , J^iit, , ^i,] nroh«Ktrn and "other OT *■•" "'«e»a. ataricu u«» i» "■» rmom. plot of treachery, of infidelity, of usurpation^ of *Jjj£ 1 ^j / J w .* u - a s P ccla * orchestra ana ower A{ r)cnver ie cont racted typhoidjmeumonla Mrs. Jerry Sullivan, of New York, and Mrs. Minnie Beardon and Mrs. Annie Krauser, of Springfield, Mass. Tke funeral was held fron the latter's home, June 27. The deceased wis a member of Local No. 53, International Al- liance) of Theatrical Employes. George T. Keane, a tenor singer and musician, died June 18, at St. Joseph's Hos- rJtal, Denver, Col., age thirty years. Mr. Keane was well known In. all the Faclfc Coast cities, and had lust completed a toir of the Orpheum Circuit with B. A. Rolh's vaudeville production, "The Courtiers." He Sroat 1 In New York City, and In spite ,., i _ ne s *P° V? Y^iLSS? »3S^5a" l 5C: of hU Ulncas, started back to San taS Wlilk* tte young eonple were on their wedding trlii, Dad went out on an auto tour, ran over and killed a chicken, and offered the owner, an elderly woman, money to pay for It. She finally ac- cepted on condition that he take the victim. There was more or less arguments, and anally the wom- an agreed to cook the chicken for blm. The chicken tasted good to Dad. and then the postman arrived with a card from the woman's daughter, who was on her honeymoon. Proudly she showed It to her visitor, and he recognised tbe pictures of UIh win n:.d the aoa's bride. Al»o he realized that the comfortable old countrywoman before him was tbe girl's mother. Dad decided tbst It was atom time to settle- down, too. There was a rapid Sre courtship, and when the youag people re- turned tbey found that Ma and Dad were married. itgaln they are returned to their father, Vltaarraph. "After Many Years" (released July 1).—Ar- retted as an outlaw, Maledo la brought by the sheriff to his father's and his sister's home. Told On two reels. s CINEMATOGRAPH FILMS AKK HELD TO BE DUTIABLE AS PIIOTOGB.APHS. The claim made by Wells Fargo A Co. before tbe Board of Onited States General and was taken to St. Joseph's Qi)?nital In that city. The body wbb sent to Sab Fran- cisco for Interment from his home. 743 San Jose Avenue, that city. Ills widow, Mrs. Alatha Keane; his mother and a brother survive him. Henry R. Stanfleld, a tenor known is SljcTior Del Fantls In European opera circles, 'ist week at the National Soldiers' Hnmptou, Va. lie was a graduate of ' Idren's carnival and Ice cream * ., to make the pier lively. Atlantic Garden will open July 2, L. New- Vandevllle and photoplays continue at the City Square Theatre. "The Durbar" continues a big attraction at Young's Ocean Tier. The acts at the Hippodrome on the Million Dollar Pier this week arc: Valleclta and her leopards, the Barlows, Charles and Anna cuous. Maledo es- *"^*^**-*f»***™ ••* *■■■ '"-^j -■•"■—r — . _ ,: uitiui-es, <— his sister to meet moving picture machines, and return tor Kan , e s l children's carnival and Ice and wben he sees duty was made at 65 cents) a pound, and 25 par ty help Biaanay. "On tbe Oactns Trail" (released July 2).— Dan Clryton a young Easterner, Is engaged to pretty Vednh Powers, and desirous of making his fortune, be goes West and become* a prosiwctor. After six months he has almost forgotten Vednh, his let- ters sre few, and Vedah's heart la almost break- ing. Dan takes to drinking, meets a Mexican girl and marries her. lie writes Vedah that he has met with an accident, and oaks her to send meat. Her husband boa never met Maledo, and becomes suspicious of her actions. Maledo ea capes, and sends n note to ' him. Her husband follows, m them era-brace, he Is Jealous, and deserts her, per cent, ad valorem, under the provlslonsof makes his way into tbe mountains, and becomes a 1'aragraph 17 of the Tariff act of 1897. The baker, manager; Wm. Lang, business man' prospector. Yean afterward, he makes a rich Importer contended Uiat the duty should C g er . pametta and Lyman, Wate Sisters, strike and determines to go back to his wife and have been assessed at 25 per cent under gheck and Lafferty, tbe Sheldon Trio are child. Marie remains hopeful thnt her husband Paragraph 404, as photographs, whereas booked. The burlesque stock Includes: Ruth may return Her daughter baa married and sbe p ar agTai>h. 403 should bave been nnmed to!and. Hoff and Rex, Davis and Davis, t».#»» «N.«»»^a»3r««i hktway beck. I. way- coyer such provision. On the authority of Sham and; Wood. Say Mcuoun. Clare the c^bln^ls wife "^d altliouTbe'" ?Ltt "^l decisions of the board and the courts. nx0Ui Muglcal TremaUies. Ethel Baraoleg, 1 however, the protests were held to be suffl- rjevoy and Arto. Norman Bros., JoeDokas, Civil War. old. Mra. Alexander Leonard died June 12 In Chicago. The remains were Interred ra St. Michael's Cemetery, that city, nnder the auspices of the Actors' Fnnd f*(7onfinucd on page 11.) and changed, ahe recognises him. "The Church Across the Way" (released July 2).—Broken-hearted by the loss of bis wife and child, Jchn Mason, contemplating snlclde, Is sud- denly confronted by his old mother. Ashamed of clent to reverse the collector s derision. Another protest has been sustained by tbe board In the case of J. J. Buchey Jr. Co. and George Borgefeldt A Co., In regard to Hesson Sisters, Edna Hunter and others. On the Steel Pier, the attractions for the week are: Concerts, morning and night, by Vesse'la's Italian Band ; concerts afternoon some money. Vednh arrives lu tbe little Western his Intentions, be dismisses her with n kiss and Alms for toy moving picture machines and and night by Martini's Pymphony Orchestra; ■ town, and hoard* the stage. Dan. in a ipmrrel. walks to the window, gating nt tbo little church glasB slides for toy magic lanterns. Doty wnB children's Carnival Tuesday and Thursday Elks, went to Bedford, i-ity June m, a. Ill,, a . ,,.^ n . „ r.A m nknc kin Aannna TTia ahos*. nr>m«a trin was Cfsnln^ i-.t mnatn ami ska. wntnaa »«,,.-.-».. .J -._ aWk._ dla.. _a. 14/ »««».■ n f An » aim) • • . • . * a .a ■_ a -l j-laav'a \- 'ol t kills a puncher, and makes bis escape. Tbe sber Iff Is notified, and starts In pursuit of Dun. The stage stops. Vedah alights, and tbe stage drives off and leaves her. Frightened, sbe Is hurrying after it when the sheriff finds her, and supplies her wltb a blanket. locates a spot for her to sleep, when Dan, recognising the sherllt, Borings out and holds blm up. Dnu's meeting with Vedah now proves treacherous, as the sheriff ilUnrnis hhu and takes blm prisoner, and tells Vedah of Dan's crime, and the outraged girl returns his ring. With a newly awukened love for the sheriff Vednh watches Dau led awuy. "While Hoses" (released July -l).—Mary Ful her sweetheart lu the city asking her to come and meet him, and marry, and Mary leaves with a lxm<iuet of white roses In tier baud. A stop la made for lunch. Mury walks down the platform, aud cornea upon a convict, handcuffed to hlB guards. Mary's heart goes out In pity, and, aa the train Is nbont to start, she presses the whlto roses lu his bands, anil whispers for him to keep them for hone. Years later, Mary, now a widow, Uvea In a tenement with her sick child, and her rent Is doe. Mr. I.orlnp:. the owner, orders all tenants ejected who cannot pay. Mary goes to Lorlng, and does not recognise him as the convict of tbe past years. mid Is astonished when he takes from his wallet a faded white rose, and reveals his Identity. Luring picsH'b her hand, and back In the tenement learns ahe may Hla.r lu her rooms as long as sbe cares to without |m\lng rent. She Is kneeling by across the way. Strains of music and the voices of the choir greet bis ears, and mother Joins him. assessed on tbe films at l % cents a foot, and on the glass slides at 45 per cent ad valorem. nights, motion pictures nightly, informal dunces every night, and cakewalks Monday, 2!^, .,^ ,, v^ he5 vJ lstei '- i.?* 0 ! ' ,l \ iwI »'' lUt l e The""board"agrees" with"the" contenHon'of the Wetocsd^riind'^turdav'nTzhts'." Murphy's orphaned Dottle Drcen, with her dog. Jean, 1b ,„„t 0 „t„ r t Q ? h «e «.» «wi« In niiestion sre x« "J;„irrLi"" .t,rT-Vii.™;'. . X™ •*"•■*' making iter way towards the borne of her maiden aunt, with a note slating that ber mother baa died. The aunt welcomes the child grudgingly, but objects to the presence of the big dog, aud de- cides to get rid of It, announcing its sale by plac- ing a sign outside the house. Dot paints a alga herself, stating thnt etc is for sale aa well as her dog, then putn on her little hat, snd wanders out into the woods. Masou discovers Dot and her protestants that the goods In question are tovs and arc dutiable at 35 per cent, ad fdlorem. Minstrels give their popular show. a ■» O. P. P. at S. CO.'S LATEST. From the General Film Publicity & Sales Co. cornea the announcement of an expedition of forty people, headed by the well known dog there, "with "the~sbni" fastened'on"a""tree' above soldier nnd hunter, Copt Krltz Duquesne, to ■ wtiue kosoh" (reioasou July -J).—alary utii- oog mere, with the sum fastened on a tree move sojuiur nuu unnier, vupi. friu i/uijuctlic, m neucrmaus. inis piece, wiiu inc original a party from erooKiyn mws^ *•- —n ler, a pretty country girl, receives a letter from them, takes both to his home, and makes them the wilds of South America to take a series Johann Strauss music and lyrics by Arthur j v \y § for the Portland, Ore., convention, bi 10 o'clock, from Jersey City, over the hehia Valley as far as Buffalo. They will takeMB the city nnd go from there on the Lake^Shore Michigan Southern to St Paul for another stop. The lnst part of the trip wlllte over the St Paul and Milwaukee to Portkml After the session of the Grand Lodge the part of his family. Christmas comes, and all are gathered around the Christinas tree, and all hearts are happy. "Lincoln's Oettysbnrg Address" (released July 3).—On the battlefield of Gettysburg, Pennsylva- nia, on Nov. 10, 1603, Abraham Lincoln dedi- cated the ground upon which was fought July 1, 3 and 3, 180?, the bloodiest battle of the Civil War. This picture allows the great battle scene of 1770 and that of Gettysburg, a very touching and patriotic Blm* that will Interest everyone. Reliance. "Man's Duty" (released July 3).—When war between the North and tbe South was declared It caused great consternation In the home of John Wilson, for while he was Southern by birth, bis of motion pictures portraying human and anlmnl lite In this little known territory. The pictures of animal life In Africa and Alaska now being shown have proved won- derfully interesting and Instructive, so wo look forward with much interest to Capt- Duquesae's return and the distribution of the film, by the General Film Publicity A Sales Co. i PICTURE HOUSE COLLAPSES. The Iris, moving picture hcuse, situated In the Midway district on University Avenue, St. Paul, Minn., collapsed June 24, but luckily happened during the Intermission, and no one was Injured. The building In- E LI SEW S. LYNCHBX'RG LODGE VISITS HOME. A special train with over a hundred mem- bers of Lynchburg Lodge No. 321, B. P. 0. Elks, went to Bedford City June 18, for i day's visit. ._, The special train was met upon Its «"" jai at Bedford City by a welcoming committee composed of John Meyer, chairman; D. A Ilodgett and Wm. 0. Dodd. After sssemblv In the large hall Mr. Mosoj "NIGHT DIRDS" FOR CASINO. r «d th" »ddress of welcome prepared bf The Casino Theatre, which closed Saturday Major John E. Burk, of New York Loup night, June 20. with the Gilbert ac Sullivan No. 1. Opera Co., will re-open about Aug 1 with t the first New York presentation of "The „,„«* ,.,.\vi-vtih\ Night Birds," Gladys Ungcrs version of "Dcr OFF FOR THE 1M■■■■■»■. Pledcrmaus." This piece, with the original A party from Brooklyn Lodge -. s music and lyrics by Arthur j n - Anderson, run for a long period at the Lyric Theatre, London, last season. The company to nppear In New York will be composed of American and English players, and the staging will be done by Michael Farraday, the English manager, who presented the piece In London. When Mr. Farraday comes t u * i«** » - to New York he will be accompanied by party wlli return East, making a stop oi set- Maurice Farkoa, Thomas Shale, Claud Flem- eral days at Yellowstone Park. ing, A. -W. Baskcombc and Mabel Bumlge. — «*- The American players will Include Jose Col- lins, Forrest Huff, Fritzl von Busing and Martin Brown. a.a. Republic. "Evil be to Htm who Evil Thinks" (released July 2).—Hlrnni tvrklus, a young farmer, has married a beautiful country Kirl, and after the novelty of the honeymoon hail wom off be be- come idliwl to bis wife's charms, aud his vnnln object lu life was money, and decided to take In Summer boarders. Dick Kavetiwond and his mother wi-re the llrst to come, and Dick becomes chanced with Mrs. Perkins. Perkins misunder- stood them attentions, and did not hesitate to unjustly accuse bla wife of unfaithfulness. Mrs. Perkins was greatly relieved when, upon her younger sister's arrival Dick concentrated bis at- tentions upon her. Dick quickly won the heart of the young sister, Nellie. Kelllo would sot name the day until Dick bad spoken to ber sis- ter. Dick sends a note, ankliiit Mrs. Perkins to moot him. Tula note falls Into the hands of I'cr- kins. Perkins follows, and seeing Dick alone in a canoe, ares nt him, and Dick talis Into the water. Mrs Perkins hears tbe shot, and sees Dick slowly sinking. Sue leaps Into the river and res- cues blm. and Perkins Is finally made to reallie his mistake, and to appreciate his wife wheu Dirk marries Nellie. "(lie fllrl in the Auto" (released July 0).— An International marriage, the desire of a fond aud title-loving mother, would have tuned Into a tranedy bad it not been averted by Willie's love of a pretty face, a glanipae of which be bad caught during an auto trip. During a visit to the linml- grullon office, lie becomes Interceded In the caso of an Italian woman who Is seekiiur her husband, of wbnin ahe hat a photograph. After leaving be makes n trip to tbe seashore, and to bla surprise and pleasure be meets ttie girl whose face had haunted him. Willie and tbe girl become fast friends, and Willie plans to visit her home. A count is introduced, and Will la immediately itrr.ek with the remarkable rencmblsooe of the count to the |dsitoBTa|di that he saw tt the Imnil- grant office. Willie communicates with the au- thnrltles, the wife Is brought to the seashore, nnd he proves the count to be the husband of tbe Italian iiensant, and both the daughter and Will wen* very plcjaed at tbe outcome. under hla father's cominnud. At Union head- and If any arc found not up to the renuLre- quaiters there wns a call for a spy. and Dick ments of the building code, they Will be volunteered. General Lee was warned, nnd they closed. search the woods for him. Dick, In tbe mean- time, had overpowered a Confederate soldier, and token his uniform. The scouting party come upon hhu, and thought him one of them until John recognises bis brother, and he Is captured and sent! need to be shot at sunrise. The father's heart Is breaking, but It Ib duty. The brother makes an appeal to General Lee, but Is refused. Dick Is led out next morning, but I*e has ex- perienced n change of henrt, nnd he dispatches n reprieve, which arrives Just In time to save the boy's life. "Rili Von Winkle" (released July ft).—Tills re- vival In motion pictures of the old favorite was made lu tho heart of the Ontskill mountnlns. Rip's story is too well known to need repetition. IIow he came home drunk during a terrible storm and was driven away by his wife, Gretchen, and how be wiindercd up Into the mountains and met Ilen- drlrk Hudson and his demons, who urged him to drink with them. IIow he fell taleep after drink- lug nnd slept for twenty years, awakening dually to And himself sn old man, etc. The pretty love story between Rip's daughter, Morale, and young Ileiiirlch Vedder, carries tho same interest that It always did. "Is Swift Waters," the first Victor re- lease, In which Florence Lawrence Is starred, Is said to bo a wonder. Released July 12, through the Universal Film Manufactumg Co. The hew moving picture and vaudeville theatre which Mrs. Jennie ICffiugcr Is build- ing at Fort.v.first Street and Lancaster Ave- nue, Philadelphia, will be ready early In nnnd Gottschulk September. as Olive Oliver, Elaine Innescout, Joseph W. Herbert Eva Vincent, Lily Cahill, Charles Lane, Albert Dantzer, Mabel Inslee, Wllda Mart Moore, Vaughan Trevor and Daniel Jarrett Jr. Walter N. Lawrence will be Mr. Haekctt's general manager. "The Grain of Dust" will be tho first production at the Co- lumbia Theatre. Others to follow will bo Booth Tarklngton's new play. "The Man on Horseback," a new piece by Brandon Tvnan, a sequel to "The Squaw Man," by Milton Roylc. and "The Game of Masks," by F^rdl- P. B. n, Edward hSfSSXSS^ ed with a life memoerBhlp card abnby i,raw piano and a gem studded gold watch, iw the regular meeting, 23. Mr. Shelvey » te™ expired laat April. wiir-m Thb New *Catabact Tiusatbe, Jgfc Falls, N. Y., was opened June 24, »™'.^ auspices of the locaF lodge of Elks, •-"■■. *£ nolle of New York." A. C. Dayman is n« " aRh patriotic danc held Ju" "^ No. 1, the following performers t* ,c :J' a ™ „ t Mae Lockwood, itfss Carroll. M*g« Krauss and Frank J. Coointa ■ **™a. him ™m.-.nii»r' to the 11 o'clock toas^ PLASIES. W»i. Fox has bought Hyde's houseboat; me "Stop Awhile," and has moo- t-he Colonial Yacfct ClrA^anchorage^..-,,^ the "Stop Awhile,'; »)?""■*££.•£: in the the Colonial Yacht fltA «nchoraaw >n _ Hudson River. He has rc-nomed ncr a«» OPEN AIR CONCERT. Tho Public Ledger will give a free open air concert in Philadelphia, Wednesday after Mona Belle." tl „ t |,kler Four persons were hurt on the » coaster, at Coney Island, Sunday night, .u« 30 ■ , . _,„.,„ ^eh week Seven concerts will oet^ven each we» noon, July 3*. for the benefit of those" who cvcnlnV^wr'ts wch n&ht «"ept *g3m may not be able to attend the Suengcrfcst ,S Into Od Saturday and Sunday being held in that, city, and those who may *? t l T ,^° r Trnatlnee perforinanc-es will be «• "Man's Lost Gold la tbe need of avarice, theft, murder and most of tbe evil of tbe world. This picture shows the father of a little family killed by a claim Jumper, who tries to take possession of bla claim. Tbe claim Jumper discovers the rich Skeleton Mine guarded by ■ grim sentinel, tbe skeleton of Its first victim. Dags of gold lay by, and the elalxu Jumper lags two off. Out of wnter. nti.l fatigued, he buries the gold. Intending to come hack for It Inter. Hla strength falls lilni. and be falls exhausted. In this plight he Is »-neoun- terod by tbe son of the miner, tint the hoy'n feeling* towards him are softened by his condi- tion, tand before the claim Jumper dies he draws FRANK JUNKS DEAD. Frank Jenks, city editor of The Pittiburah Onsettc-Times, died at his home in Pitts- burgh, Pa., Sunday, June 80. He was stricken with paralysis while at his desk, four being held In that city, and those who may a » te moon8 matinee performances ---- weeks ago. Kor thirty yenrs Mr. Jenks had never have heard the best operatic voices. Jjerod. Kaltcnborn's and Zkaltc s orcliesu been one of the best known newspaper men , Tn e concert will take place on the North ^n -aiteranto. , ,„ mji at In Pittsburgh, and had held responsible po- plaza of City Hall, and will be in the naturo ^no Kobniq, a German aviator. di«i sltlons with several of the Pittsburgh papers, of a serenade to Mayor Plankenburg. Mme, Aitona Germany, July 1. txaa. the n'^,, He spent several years working on news- Marie Rttppold. of the Metropolitan Opera of i 0 t' ur ie» sustained papers In New York, being associated with go""'. >ow York, will be the soloist Mayor wIth h i 8 ui nue . Three - his brother, Oeorgc C. JenkB, a well known Blankcnhurg and a company of Invited guests injured at the same meet, writer, now living In Auburn. N. Y. Mr will occupy_ places in tho windows of the J jGne"30. by ■ jg other aviators w«r* Blofrrapb. foT Gold" (released July 1).— Jcniis'was"born"in "iiOndon,""Eng!, fifty-six suite of offices overlooking thc'nU**." »nd yenrs ago, PARASOLS AS SOUVENIRS. Six little "MddleB" of "The Rose Maid" Co., plnylng nt the Globe Theatre In New York City, banded out parasols as souvenirs after the mntlnce of Saturday, June 29, and the directors and heads of departments will otteud. Mme. Rappold will sing from the band platform. ■*)»» TO RE-NAME THEATRE. J. \V. Greeley, former man-ager of the new Portland Theatre, In Portland, Me., and D. D. ORCHESTRION AT THE ""Tt!* Commencing Monday night. Ju'> ^ siS regular orchestra of the Gaiety *™^ be F io- repiaced by a muslcaj device, called 'ne nollszt Vldltna. a self pi*-*** "^^ vlollr.f inont. consisting of n n"^^ diJictiU which nre said to interpret, the most o. several women forgot all terrors of super- leader have taken over the Congress Theatre cx>nrposlllons In a remnrkable manner, y^ui stltlon by raising them. However, the prcsB In that clly. The house will close July 10 The installation of the P B< J?°^rJ -riic-atr.; representative explained tlint as the roof of tffld, after a thorough overhauling, will re- In the orchestra pit of ft .^WLaaaaaafl . ,..v .. ..i,.v.. t i.pi.iuioi 1..WI an me »wi v.* wui »»vw u uiuiuuui vvciuauuua, will ITT- IQ IUC urLUCBUB jfii. ^» ^- , k . the Globe Theatre 1b removed in hot weather, open early In the Fall under a new name, marks the first time that ta> 5 the lioodoo did not hold good. not as yet decided upon. has even been put to & use «,».