The New York Clipper (July 1912)

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t^*-- July & TH:E3 NEW YORK CLIPPER. I/OCAlv OSMTS^RI^TO^ OI^ THE WE}B>K: ■JL9 *H» VAUDBVII^I/B AaVD DRAMATIC} HOUSBS PM(M(«| Fifth Avenue IQ. Z. Mc- fnne m«r.)—A program fcrlmful of good comedy. excellent Binding and several cork- In* eood dramatic sketches )« being present- ed* hers tbli week. Monday nttUnee, July 1, found the house very well filled, the aud - ence being most liberal In applause, each act getting a fine reception. The headline attract.on announced Is Thos. A. Wise and his clever little company, in an Interesting one act comedy, entitled ■'>*d and Mother," presented for the first time la New Vork. It scored a decided hit. (See New Aots.) . Frank Mayne ,snd compa-.y were seen In his playlet, tmtltfrd "Tie Third Degree," and was well lied. The *k*teh li very dramatic, and held the attention of the large audience from start to flnlsS. Carl Schuetze, solo harpist, of the hew York Philharmonic Society, and Hettle neumm prima donna soprano, rendered ser- oral selected pieces yith ranch success. (Bee " "mjrnham and Greenwood, programmed as lojou* eceentriqwe, and giving a budget of songs and patter, certainly put over a solid The young woman at the piano li a fin- ished pianist, and gave several solos that brought her In many returns. Tne other U the comedienne, sod she made the audi- ence sit op and tike notice with her orlgla- altles. She does a standing swing kick that liad the audience roaring; with laughter. Both have fine singing voices, and rendered several songs with good results. Dcwltt Mott and Mary Mazfleld presented a new act, called "The Salesman and the Manicurist.". (See New Acts). As laugh producers Welch, Mealy andl Montrose surely deliver the goods. The act they gave Is tne same as they bnve been giving for pome time. Scream Welch's com- edy and the acrobatic feats of Mealy and Montrose all met with hearty approval. Ben Beyer and Bros., In their clever cy- rllng novelly, scored heavily. The work of both boys Is very meritorious, the tricks they perform stamping them experts In this line. The comedy, which is supplied by Beyers, as a black face messenger boy. got many laughs. Dave Lane and Chss. O'Djnnell, the luna- tic bumpers, was a knockout, the audience remaining seated until the finish of tbelr ex- cellent performance. >■ " ■ " Lincoln sqnare (Chas. Ferguson, mar.) —Thursday, June 27, at the matinee here, found one of tbe largest audiences that the theatre has held during the present month. Even the cool and comforting weather of the streets did not prevent tue regular pa- trons from occupying their accustomed seats, with a desire to ascertain If the new vaude- ville bill of Thursday would prove to be en- tertalnlng and op to the standard. The opening number gave tbe show a good start, tbe act being tbe pretty and graceful Darling Slaters, In songs, dances and acro- batic stunts for their closing. Starting with "The Baboon Baby Rag," and appearing In pretty costumes, they displayed some neat dancing which won applause. Their acro- batic work, however, seemed to be too great a tax npon their physical strength. Brown and Farlardeau came next in songs and comedy dialogue. They eecured some laughs right off the reel, and the former pulled some work with a lighted cigarette that was really clever. Miss Farlardeau then rendered "Good-t>ye, Johnny Jones," very plenulngly, and they closed w'tb a song, and comedy on the bass drum, by Brown. A Utile more snap and quicker action would Im- prove tbelr act. The stage cards announced Robert and ltooert as number three, bat as the act was composed of a young man and a dog, the latter, It la presumed, was one of tbe Huberts. He was a fine looking fellow, of the ball breed, and did his work intelligently and well. Tbe act was along novel lines, and the climax found the dog bowing with his master during tbe rise and tall of the curtain, which went up and down five times. The Illustrated song number came at this point of the show, The young woman was not strong In vocal ability, but tbe slides were gorgeous In color, and tbe song, "When I Waltz with You," had a catchy swing that appealed to those who generally "Join In the chorus. "The Boys in Bine," fourteen la number, was the "big act" of the new bill. They drilled finely In formations and musket exer- cises, aud there was quite an effective nigbt camp scene. The magailne guns gave an added warlike realism, and the attack and wall scaling would compare very favorably with acts of its kind Laurie Ordway pot over her character eongi in the successful manner that is usual with this capable comedienne, her opening song, with the baby carriage "business," giv- ng her a fine start. Tils was her best num- ber, and would be even stronger as a closing rumber than the suffragette character Bhe Is now using for a finish. Great Johnson showed some of the best contortion work seen about here lately. His set la nicely arranged, and the work on tbe pedestal and trapeze was not only showy, [■tit made the performer appear as lr actually boneless. In the list of motion pictures shown Thurs- day, there were several almost perfect speci- mens of photographic art. Two In particular, the presentation of n pnrse and medals to uipt Bostron, on board the Carpathla, and the rescue of a chl'd from the cab of a run- away locomotive aroused the enthusiasm of the audience. Keith's I olon Square (Elmer F. Rogers, mgr.)—Although there was a serious handi- cap to overcome Monday afternoon, July 1, namely the absence of an orchestra, the various musical acts did well. The piano player who officiated In place of the orches- tra did very well. Lew Hoffman, a Juggling comedian, opened the show. lie Is not a world beater either as a comedian or a Juggler, nevertheless be is rather clever In both ways. Muriel and Frances fitted very well In sec- ond position. They ore both very attractive young women. They sang their several songs in a lively and pleasing manner, and from tbe applause tendered them by the "full souse, everybody liked tbem. Master Gabriel and company. In "Little Kick," have been seen, around New York re- cently Master Oabrlel has a capital Idea of a Parisian beau, and, as usual, scored. He was ably assisted by Vide Perrla. That Madge Maltland sings her songs in a manner nil her own was again attested, but a selection of sons* more suited to ber would be of material aid to her. Appearing in a pretty costume, consisting of white skirt, with red trimmings, and a red coat, she of- fered several Irish and English selections. When tbe letter F appeared there was a hush throughout tbe bouse. At last Ma Belle, "The Most Beautiful Woman in the World," was about to appear. Her pictures in the lobby undoubtedly drew many patrons Her act appears under New Aots In this Issue. Jarrow, besides doing several most mysti- fying tricks, such as taking eleven dollars out of a lemon and having a, large portion of tobacco poured into his left baud shows it In his right band without sny noticeable movement of his hands, offered some comedy that warf liked Daniel Frohman's presentation of Perclval Knight's one act farce, "Detective Keen," Is reviewed nnder New Acts. Wc were glad to see the names of Clark and Hamilton on tbe hill, but sorry tbe act was not played to a finish. We understand wmt the absence of a full orchestra mearu, but at the tamo time Ctork and Hamilton were not the only ones to feel Its loss. Proctor's Twenty-third Street (F. F. Proctor, mgr.)—At the matinee, Thursday, June 27, the bouse was fair for this season of the year. Laura Dsvls, dressed prettily In a gypsy ccstnmo of red, black and yellow, offered sev- eral old time songs in good voice. Peter Btrrk and company Included a young man who Is a clever slack wire performer, and a young woman who hands him the dif- ferent vehicles used In his work. His best stunt Is the riding of a tandem bicycle on the roar wheel. John and Jessie Powers, appearing In one, offered a talking and singing specialty, clos- taf? with Mr. Powers playing on an accordion «S Miss Powers sang. The Cox Family, composed of a man, who Plays a piano; a young man with a good voice, and three young women, gave a very interesting performance. Tbe singing of the three girls and the young fellow was very good But during tbe act there )s too much talking by the man. Del-a-phonc Is a young man, who appears '"evening dress, and gives imitations of flirrerent people and animals. He Injected some good comedy In his work, and left the mirtlenre lu a happy mood. Three yonng women billed as the Fascl- rtuing Trio, offered several songs, which J'ore well liked. If they add a little dancing, "e act should do very well. Charles L. Gill and company appeared In an Interesting dramatic sketch. The story tells of an intoxicated man who dreams of two shows he has seen—one of evil and one V r rood. Ino good one makes the strongest impression on him. The sketch was well act- ed Bill for July 1-8: Asakl. Helen Lease, AntWann and Davis. King Musical Trio, Bose juu Bates. Mattte Boorum and company, and flaw's anlmsls. Bill for 4-0: Robin. Grace i^onard 81 >d company, John A, Butler and company, and Nelson's Iluhe Minstrels. City (Ben Leo, xegT.)-—The bill for June 27-29 was Interesting. Finn and Ford, In black face, entertained With songs, dances, and funny words and notions. One of the team Is in full dress: the other in grotesque. "Buckwheat Cakes" and " 'Way Down in Alabama" were among their vocal numbers, and went strong. Tbe Cora Youngblood Corson Sextette, six clever musicians, were especially strong In brass. Miss Corson played the big born. "The Vacant Chair,'' "The Bell Boy," a pa- triotic medley and a Scotch song were among their offerings. The Almeda Four, a lady vocalist another lady vocalist and pianist, and two men In full dress, had a mixture of comedy and musical selections, a skating dance by one of tbe men, and a howling swell impersonation by the other man. The tambourine finish made a big bit Maude Parker and company presented a sketch, wherein the wife overhears her hus- band prating about one at his former girls, n lively member, who danced, drunk, smoked, etc., comparing her with the wife of quiet disposition. She then pretends to mtike love to her husband's friend, drinks wine, dances, smokes and actli disreputably In general. He then wakes up, proving the fact that "we ndralre In other women that 'dash' which we would not tolerate from our wives." 'Mack and Earl enter through <he audi- torium, following each other, singing, down the olsle. They sit on the edge of tne stage for their first song, s spotlight number. Miss Barl then In a pretty cont puts over an operatic number, and they finish with "The Bogeyman Rag/' with all the "scare busi- ness so much In vogue. Londls and Knowles hove a good sister act, with one of the girls making several changes as a "boy." They sing "Turn Off Your Light. Mr. Moon/* "'Way Down South In Dixie Land" and "Tbe Ragtime Jockey," all of them with fair success. Marcella Marlon opened In a white "Bus- ter" suit and sang "How Do I Do It" Some school boy story then, including the one about the two pins. Then a discourse on suf- fragettes. "I Just Saw the Girl" was an- other In her repertoire. Yokes and Westoa are two comedians. "My Business to Know Them AH" started things, then a little business argument, followed by "I'm Going to Join the Minstrel Band" and "All Is Well.' Charles J. Nielsen came on In a long frock coat and resurrected "She'd Never Been There Before" with fair success. A lodging- house parody on "The Bell Buoy" followed, but be mode a getaway hit with a one- stringed fiddle on which bo had a repertoire ranging from "Cavallerla Rustlcana" to "Oh, You Beautiful Doll," The pictures were: "An Indian Idyl" (Pntbe), "A Woman's Way" (Melles), "The Adopted Son" (Sellg) and "Billy and tbe Butler" (Essanay). ■ ■ New Brighton (David Boblnson, mgr.)— The bill for week beginning Monday, July 1, includes : "The Antique Girl," 8. Miller Kent and company, Fanny Brlce, Geo. B. Reno and company, Six Brown Bros., Jungman Troupe, Robert and Lawrence Ward, Minnie Allen, and the Demacos. l'laia. (David Benjamin, mgr.)—Loew vaudeville and motion pictures. Proctor's Fifty-eighth Street (F. F. Proctor, mgr.)—Motion- pictures and vaude- ville. Bill for July 1-3: Pearl Dawson. Heyn Bros., John and Jessie Powers, Walter Per- clval and company, Dcl-a-phonc, and the Cox Family. Bill for 4-0: Manny and Falco, Helen Lease, Gene Muller Trio, All Rajah and company. Fascinating Trio, and Tom Fempsev and company. Brighton Bench Blnsfo Hall (Chas. S. Breed, mgr.)—Tho bill for week of July 1 Includes: Lillian Slmw. Elinore and Will- lame, Fields and Lewis, Clifford and Morley, Wilson and WHsoj. Clark and Bergman, Bert Fltzglbbons, Onettl Sisters, and Wentworth, Vesta and Teddy. Grand Street (Harry Beekman, mgr.)— Vaudeville and motion pictures, Herald Sqoare.— Motloa pictures and photoplays are tbe offerings. Comedy (Albert Kaufman, mgr.)—Motion pictures and Illustrated songs. Greeley Square (Julias Bernstein, mgr.) —The bill for July 1-3 includes: Jas. Ronnie and company. Doyle nnd Dixon, Juliette, Slg. and Edith Franz, the Hartehr, Billy Evans, Bunth lid Rndd. and Belle Dixon. Manhattan (Wm. Gane, mgr.)—Vaude- ville and motion pictures. Loevr'n Delaneey Street (Bernard Frank, mgr.)— Vaudeville and motion pictures. Bill announced for July 1-3: Stalne's Comedy Circus, Marlon Munson and company. Brown and Harris. Williams and Weston, and others. Columbia (J. Herbert Mack, mgr.)— The Merry-Qo-Ronnders Is In its fourth week. Circle (Edward Strauss, mgr.)—Motion pictures and vaudeville. Keener•» Third Avenae (Ed. J. Mc- Mahon, mgr.)r—Vaudeville and new motion plrturcs. . Winter Garden (Winter Garden Co., mere.)—This house will bo dark until July 11! whea "The Passing Show of 11)12" and "The Ballet of 1830" will be put on. Madison Square Hoof Garden.—This roof garden, with a three ring cabaret allow and dancing, began the fourth week July 1. Hautmerateln'a (William Hammcrsteln, mgr.)—The new Summer season here, though but a few weoks have passed since as Inception, is now successfully launched, and there Is every indication of an added season of prosperity to the many that have gone before. White the long bills of fifteen to seventeen acts which are given here from week to week may be necessary for the roof shows at night, they are entirely too long for the matinee patron* In the theatre prop- er, as the house Is barely one-third full when tbe until sets go on from 0 to 0,30 o'clock. Grace llelane and Eddie Rosactt continue to delight the roof patrons with tbelr ex- pert ice skating, and the bevy of pretty girls on skatea form an agreeable feature of tbe stage Intermissions. Houdinl, the man who defies all attempts and method's to restrain him of bis liberty, is topping tbis week's bill. Even though we are very sure that lloudlni has r.o super natural aid in his performances, tbey never- theless are interesting from the fact that ws do not know how he doss them—at least not all of us. Creators'* Band Is on* of the two holdover attraction* from, last week, though In the case of Ui* accomplished band leader, be came In with the opening week of the Sum- mer season, and will remain for a good part of the Summer. Tbe Texas Tommy Dancers, four couples of male and female dancers, scored such a well deserved success last week that a continua- tion of their engagement was predicted. Tbelr dancing is not only a novelty and devoid of the least effusiveness, but the method of Its Introduction, in the way of a contest for prises between the different couples, and with the audiences as the Judges, seems to havo lust tbe right appeal, and tbe act, and the Idea of Its premutation, scores a strong hit. McKay and Cantwell are back here this week for a quick return visit, in tbelr mu- sical comedy and dancing act, wblcb has the merit of being out of the ordinary in con- ception, besides giving extreme pleasure In the work of two very capable comedians. Joe Jackson, the comedy cyclist, 1* "In again," but one never tires of his delightful pantomimic comedy, and, as usual, but act was the "big laugh of the entire program. Arthur Deagon, in comedy talk, and with bis fine singing voice In excellent condition, was one of the best members of the long bill. His popularity will tint diminish in the toast in the showing of his present act. The Herr'.ns, In their clever musical act, sprang a surprise wben they first appeared here, and even now many In the audience are startled by the deception whtci, has been maintained so well by one of the boys up to the finish of tbelr act. The Victoria Four appeared in an excellent vocal act, and received well merited applause. Bert Melrose, In acrobatic comedy, was well liked, and he worked In a manner which proved his appreciation of a responsive au- dience. The Three Ernests put over their novelty wire act in fine style. They work with a confidence and grace thnt is commendable, while many of their feats seem next to im- possible. Adonis and, of course, his cute and pudgy canine "assistant," began a quick return visit here Monday, but It Is hardly necessary to state here that Adonis' act, with Its beau- tiful setting, the splendid posturing by blm- sc'f, and net forgetting tbe Intelligent work of the ptirtgv dog, was entirely welcome. Lew Brlce and Lillian Gonne appeared for tho first time here July 1 as a singing and dancing duo. (See New Acts, this Issue.) The Smith Bros, opened the show In n neat slugtng and dancing act, and Adair nnd Dnlin brought It to a close with tbelr novelty wire act. As the patrons were ushered to their scats at the Monday matinee, they no do'ibt were surprised to see every one of tho chairs which had been occupied by (he veteran lead- er, George May, and bis musicians for many years, draped with palms—tbe orchestra had left the theatre afur the night <0iow of Sunday, June 80, at the behest of the Mu- sical Union. Mr. Itammeratcln had prepared himself for this enteigency, and with Max Vincent! presiding at the grand piano on the left of the stage, the show started off promptly on time. Some of tbe music publishing firms sent pianists to play for nets using the publish- er's music. These Included Jack Glogan, Arthur Lang and Harry Armstrong. Leon Flatow ployed for the Texas Tommy Dancers. I American (Charles S. Potsdam, mgr.)— Bills that catch the fancy of "the members of tills clut" are always on tap at Charlie Potsdam's popular corner, and the Incoming bi-weekly change of bill, occurring Thursday matinee, June 27, wee another winner. Wilson and Bleb, black faced comedians, dancers and singers, slipped their material over with excellent results. "Mellow Melody" was one of their big numbers, well sung. Loretta Le Roy, one of the liveliest lassies seen here for some time, scored finely with her many singing numbers. Loretta's "life" helped come more In making her a warm favorite, and sbe looked "at home" In all of her costumes. She acted "Honey Man" as well as It was sung. James Bonnie and company presented a lr.ugbuble sketch, entitled "I Died," and scored heavily. The audience didn't fancy the supposed "dead one" when tbe curtain nent up, but when James came to he had them laughing thereafter. Williams and Weston, two men, one doing a Gorman comedy role, went Immensely ihelr stuff Is all novel, and tbe "funny" guy Is a charter member of tho laugh producers. A small cyclone all the way. Romeo, the First, 1b tbe way a species of the monkey kingdom Is billed, and this "al- most human" animal did everything but talk. Its work on the bicycle and roller skates entertained the audience greatly. Only those who weigh the patience and time of teaching fully realize what this animal accomplishes, wonderful! "Beautiful Xh-eam" was the Illustrated song number, by a young woman, and sboj was compelled to repeat three times, Rcdway and Lawrence, a man and a woman, the "lone and the Short of it" couple, breezed along In a bright singing, dnncrng and chatter act that scored heavily. They sing well together, and the man of toe tesm showed some rent live dancing. "La Petite Hcvuc," a miniature musical comedy act, Including six people, was well placed, and scored nicely. Clarence Oliver, In a "Flnnlgan" mono- logue, got his stuff over smoothly, nnd al- though some of It was a little "deep" for 'em, tbey "got" enough to know that they liked him. Others who found favor wore the Crom- wells, Frank Benson, and Murphy and Rob- erts. The bill announced for the first half of (he week, commencing Monday, July 1, In- cludes : Chas. K. Wllulsh and company, An- derson and Golncs, "The Love Specialist," Dugan and Raymond. Two neddcrs, Car- lctfn, Two Quaker Girls, Felix, Rollins Banjo Kour, and Olbbs and company. ■ i a Unique (E. 1.. Weill, mgr.) — Vaudovlllo and motion ^pictures. Savoy (Rosenberg Bros., mgrs.)—Vaude-. Title and pictures. nenderson'a Mnslo Hall (Frank M. rubor, mar.)—A fair *lz*d crowd attended the opening performance Monday matinee, Jnly 1, at this popular vaudeville house by tho sea, nnd a fine bill was presented. The Castellans Bros, opened with an ex- ceptionally good acrobatic bicycle act The boys perform a number of tricks that are new t(. tho vaudeville patrens. and thvy work With pleasing dash and skill. "Three. Little Kids from School" was the next offering. The net consists of two boys end a girl. The boys play Jew and Italian character rolci, and are very clever. They hare good voices and know how to get their laughs over. The little girl is very pretty and pnts over her songs well, and was well liked Tbelr* Is a very good offering. Tho Texas Tommy Dancers, four In num- ber, danced the latest New York sensation. "The Texas Tommy." Thoy dance well, ana thslr rotitliio Is Ju»t a little dlffereat front what others do, but It is tho wmo old "Texas Tommy." Veils Adler slipped over a lot of good stuff, and then switched Into-a little up-to- date chatter. "Tbe Haunting Melody' was a pienjtng offering, nicely sung in fine voice. The veutrlloqulal finish wss very funny, Ad- ler working with a fat man a* a dummy. was a novelty, and ho scored a tremendous hit. Maurto Hall Macy and company, present- ing "The Magpie and tbe Jay," gave the same star performance, and tbe act. though a little old, was entertaining, and held the attention of the audience. Maude If nil Macy, Carlton Macy ani Bessie Cnrlton made up the cast, and It It needless to say that they scored. Ethel Green, tbe dainty and sweet voiced charade* singer, was a roni feature on the bill. Miss Green sang three songs, which were beautifully rendered. The last number. In which Miss Green sings several popiitai' old bndladt, was a great bit, nnd she was compelled- to tako eight bows before the au- dience would let her leave the stage. Helena Frederick, supported by an excel- lent company, presented her vaudeville ver- sion of "Cavallerla Rustlcana." The act was beautifully staged. Kadi and every one of the company Is an artist and the possessor of a good voice. Miss Frederick, In the leading role, looked charming, and sang her- self Into the hearts of the audience. Wini- fred Gibson has a line voice, and played her role well. John L. Jess gave a fine portrayal of the lover, and sang beautifully. Kdtner De Dreux, as the flirt, demonstrated her ability as an actress and singer of talent. Francis Carrier as the teamster, gave n fine portrayal, and his voice was of fine quality. Too act was a teal feature. Charles And Fanny Van. In their novel skit, entitled "A ('use of Emergency," was the langhlng portion of tho bill, and got a laugh a minute, Bedlnl and Arthur, assisted by Eddie Can- tor, closed the bill with their well known and mirth-provoking Juggling act, and It fs needless to sny they were a riot. ■ Fourteenth Street (J. Wculey Itosen- nuest, mgr.)—Motion pictures and vaude- ville. Fox's (Samuel F. Kingston, mgr.)— The ChrMlan Is this week's attraction by the stock company. Flnyhouse (William A. Brady, mgr.)— "Bought and Paid For" Is In Its forty-first week. Glnbv (Harry Kline, mgr.),—"The Rose Maid" Is In Its eleventh week. Lyceum (Daniel Frobmnn, mgr.)—Motion pictures of Paul J. Italncy'g African hunt began the twelfth wock July 1. Tuesday matinees are given. Moulin Rouite (Harry Harris, mgr.)— "A Winsome Widow" Is In its thirteenth week. Gaiety (J. Fred Zimmerman Jr., mgr.)— "Officer bW' l» in Its twenty-third week. Win. Collier'* Comedy (Ham S. k Lee Shubert, Inc., mgrs,) — "Bunty Pulls tbe Strings" Is In Its thirty-ninth week. Morrison'*, Hucksway Beach.—The bill for July l-fl Includes: Mabel Taliaferro and company, Reed Sisters, Belle Storey, Mor- ton nud Moore, Karl Emmy's pets, Weston, Fields and Carroll, and Charles Abeam Troupe. West End (J. K. Cookson, mgr.)—"St. Elmo" Is the offering of the stock company for the holiday week, beginning July 1. For week of 8 "Throe Weeks will be presented, Dara and company, Empire State Four, Markee Bros., Franklc SclgcL Ramsey Sis- ters, Collins and Kent, Hanson and Swun, Towers Bros., and Darrow. Proctor's One Hundred nnd Twen- ty-fifth Street (J. Hoi stein, mgr. )— Excel- lent business continues here. Bill for 1-3: Mildred Holland and company, Grace Leon- ard and company, Nelson s Itubo Minstrels, the Oriole Trio. Bobert Emmott Keane, and Itoblns. For 4-0: Asakl. Ross and Bates, King Musical Trio, Anderson and Davis, Dorothy Mouther, Mottle Boorum and com- pany, and Shaw's Animals. Loevr's Seventh Avenue (C. Sewnrds, mgr.)—Unusual business. For this week tbe bill Includes: Mayarto, Dick Ferguson, Spcro and Lovens, Lottie Williams and company, Skipper, Kennedy and Reeves, Bon Air Trio, Marlon and Clemens, Sherrcr and Dillon, Brown and Small, and "Hedders." Hurtlar >fc Senmon's Music Hull (Sam Hurtlg, mgr.)—Motion pictures, to good busi- ness. Gotham (Lcp. Solomon, mgr.) — This week's bill Includes: Halatead ana company, tho Sulfonls, Campbell and Parker, Cuia- mlncs and Gladden, Smith and Knight, BUI Campbell, nnd others. Riverside (Herman Goldman, mgr.)— A record business continues here, r'or this week: Koblan Mack nnd company, Kolo and Smith. Roberts and Bertra, Dollle Mahoney and others. Nemo (Jack Lowers, mgr.)—Tho house re-ports favorable business with vaudeville and pictures. Star (Jack Leo, mgr.)—Vaudeville and the latest motion pictures continue to attract good sized houses. The bill for tho week In- cludes : Minnie Palmer and company, McOee and Kerry, tbe Alvons, Pauline Verdnync, May Reynolds, and others. VoTliriUa (Eugene Meyers, mgr.)—The bill for this week: Field and Barnes, Red- way and Lawrence, Bob Warren, Edaaar Allen and company, Ornee Demae, and Adam and Eve. Metropolis (Carl W. Hunt, mgr.)—A* yet tbe announcement of the name of tho play presented here last week bas not been made. For this week, "Tempest and Sun- shine." Next week, "The Girl from My Town." Brooklyn, N, V. — Broadway (Leo C. Teller, mgr.) eight vaudeville acts and photo- v x HiinmniT (I/. J. Rodriguez, mgr.)—Loew's vaudeville. Program changed Mondays and Thursdays. Oxroan (Cyrus Gale, mgr.)—Photoplays and vaudeville. Liiieuty (Edward Strauss, mgr.)—Vaude- ville nnd motion pictures. Bill for July 1-3: AI. Sherman. Cycling Brunettes, Until Beck- er, Darling Sisters, and others. Ji inks' (M. T. Jones, mgr.)—Vaudeville and photoplays. Ful/roH (A. M. Lighten, mgr.)—Six vaudo- Till* acts and motion pictures. SCENERY THEATRES ANO PRODUCTIONS, VAUDEVILLE ACT8 EQUIPPED New and Seeoadl Hand Veaaary In Stock MURRAY HILL SCENIC STUDIO UURIUY HILL TIIKATRB, N. V. WALTsBR IUAXKY, Mgr. Tel. W&S Mnr. Hill Finn AviNua (M. H. Saxe, mgr.)—Vaude- ville and pictures. Hoiai. (Marcus Loew, mgr.)—The latest photoplays. Folia (Wm. Fox, mgr.)—Vaudeville and pictures. Bijou (Qeorgs achenck, mgr.)—Vaudeville nnd pictures. ))lil for July 1-3: Shcrer and lillworth, the Stantons, Loretta Le Hoy, John lliggtnSi and others, Ol.iNFlc (Herman Waeke, mgr.)—Vaude- ville and pictures. Columbia (A. SlolieL mgr.)—Vaudeville and pictures. Bill for July 1-3: Geo. lienne and company, McBrlde and Oavanangh, tbe sirtnnlds Hylands and Farmer, and others. Dm ui (Leon T. Carpenter, mgr.)— High class vaudeville nnd pictures. CnMSor (Wm. Fo», mgr.)^V»udevlllc and pictures. Linnstw (A. II. Schwarts, mgr.)—Foar vaadrvlll* acta and the latest photoplays. Program changed twice weekly. NEW YORK THEATRE*. """. PLAYHOUSE BRADY Ergs. 8.10. Mats. Wed., Sat. and Jn «'h Street. East of Broadway. Tol..5«B Bryant. ily4,at2.10. Bought and Paid For Dlrcotlon WILLIAM A. BRADT. Ltd. ES. Comedy 41st Kast of B' way. Tel., (194 Bryant. Ktg. 8.11. Mats- Tne*., Than. 4 Sat., S.U. Bunty Pulls The Strings f dl U ' TV 4«'.h STRKRTand B'WAT. unlCial Eves..8.11. Mats. Wed, A Sat. COHAN 4 HARMS present OFFICER 666 A Melodramatlo Faros by Angustln Msollugii. W Kh CIEuHuE NASH in* WHUCE EOPlWOEft ZIKGFELD MOULIN ROUGE %g£& Mats. Wed. A Sat. 2.16. Smoking Permitted. A 2IEOFELI) EKTERTA1NMBHT M Staged by Julian "A WINSOME WIDOW T» A WONDERFUL CHORUS TS Mitchell B. F. KKITH'S UNION SO. THEATRE. B'wuy* mil St. riioue 1020 Stoyvesnnt. Matinee Dally i»c; .Nights. 2Bo. to S1.00 BACK TO THE OLD POLICY OF HIGH CLASS VAUDEVILLE STARS CULLED FROM ALL PARTS OF TUB WORLD PROCTOR'S 5th AVE. B'WAV AND 28th ST. Dally Mat »o. 2 CONCERTS SUNDAY. MR. THOS. A. WISE, Carl Scbuetze, Hettle Deumi, BEN BEYER and 1IP.0., Molt and Maxlleid, Bitrntiam and Oreun. wood, Lano nnd ()'Donne I. Welch Mealy and Montrose, FRANK MAYNE and CO. Keith's Harlem Opera Moose (F. Sell- man, mgr.)—Excellent business. Bill for week of 1: The Dcmutbs, Orottn Mack.^ane COLUMBIA THEATRE BROADWAY, 47th STREET, 1*. Y, Tbls wssh, The Merry Go Houndrra. J9A1V FRANCISCO. (tjpeciuldibpaiohto The Nbw York C'Lin-as.) Attractions tor week beginning Sunday, June HO: C'or.CMiiu. — Opening SO, Sfr. end Mrs. E<Iw. II. Kemp, In travel talk and motion pictures of the I'anamn Canal. Uoalnntng July 4 Harney liernard and Sophie Tucker, In "Louisiana Lou." Coar.—The Faul J. Hnlney animal plctnres open July 1. Savoy. — Carnegie AlaKka-Blberla motion pictures open June 30. Am-azak. —A dramatization of 0. Henry's "Cabbages and Kings" will be the offering by the stock hero beginning July 1, ond It Is glvea, under Its orfglnnl title. It wns Intend- ed to call the play "No Kxtradltton," and It was announced, for production last week, bat on nceount of extra rcihearmls "l'lerre of the l'lalivs" was substituted. Oaraanar.—Opening Sunday, SO : George "Honey Boy" Evans, the Elliott Snvonas, Crulmtn Moffat's Company of Scottish l'Uy- cftt, tho rive Plroicoflia, Frank Kuenan and convpany, Princess Itnjnh, Kd, Wynn nnd Bo- at und HusHon, Tom Waters, and daylight motion pictures. Empkehh. —Opcrtlnig 30: The Dollar Troupe, the Five Musltnl Kama, L'no Bradley, the Three Dixie Girls, Illdmrd Wally, (/renter and Lu I'lma, nnd twilight pictures. Pa.nt.Vjkh'. —Queuing : Tollman, Bel Cnuto Trio, Gordon Highlanders, Charles Hasty, the Three Slnclnlrx, I'lsbol and Cunning, the Five Columbians, and sunlight picture*. a i » "THIS MIKADO" WELL SVJiQ. Tho revival of "The Mikado," as sung at the Casino Theatre, In Now York, Saturday nmtliice, June 2D, ha* never been surpassed. Do Wi,lf Hopper, as Koko, again demon- strated what a really art'stlc comedian he Is. Kate Condon was excellent as Katlsna, both vocally and dramatically. Blanche Daflleld was a graceful and sweet voiced Yum Yam. Others who pavo good Individual perform- ances were Alice Brady, Mr. Aldrfch, Mr. Cunnlngnam, Mr, Cowles, Mr. MePnrlafie and Miss llarthel. After the performance, Saturday night, the audience remnlned and repeatedly called tho performers, finally Insisting upon a speech from Mr. Hopper, who referred feelingly to the prospective visit of the company to such Isolated centres as "Rock Spring*, Wyoming," and an absence from this city which will Inst until next April. The late Mr, Gilbert, ho added, though a transcendental genius, wrote the "tongnest" lines to memorise that ever fell to a comedian's lot. After ropeat- !n« tho Tit-Willow chorus many times, Mr. Hopper created great amusement by crawling down to tbe footlights and begging to Is* excused. ■ ■ »«» MANAGER KEMEMDBBED. Upon the retirement of J, W, Greeley an manner of the new Portland Theatre, In I'ortliinil, Me., June 20. tie was presented with a suitably inscribed silver loving cup by tbe attaches of the theatre. The presentation wns followed by a buffet lunch, served com- plimentary to Mr. Greeley's departure, and dining those attending were: Mr. and Mr*. J. W. Greeley. Mr, and Mrs. I, M. Mosher. II. D. Abrams, Prof. V. A, Itcmlck, Wm. Burt and company and the Arloa Four.