The New York Clipper (July 1912)

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6 THE NEW YOEK CLIPPER. July n THE NEW YORK CLIPPER THE FRANK QUEEN PUBLISHING CO.(UnlUd) ... ALBERT J. HOME ■wimiii urt> boswbsi MucAom ' NEW 10BK, JULY 13, 1912 ■nteced Tom M. 1870. it the Post OfBce at New Yori. N. Z.. as second eUu matter, under me act of Mueb 8, 1878. PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL SUMMARY FOR W£EK EflDING JULY 6. 1912- 8T W. II. BANKIN. RATES. Adtattllcaaaiita—18.80 per Inch, itigle column. Advertisements set wllb border, 10 par at eitra, SUBSCRIPTION., Odi year, la «ilf»r,«. |4; alx combs, $2; three sooth* II. Oasada and foreign postage extra. BlaOa copies will t* teat, postpaid, on receipt of 10 cents. Oar Tama are Caab. THB CLIPPER la bKOed every WTOrlMDAY morning. The orst and lut four pitta 00 TO PRsia oa EBJDAY, ud the other pages on MONDAY. The Forma Closing Promptly OB MONDAY. It 8 F. N. Plaaaa remit by express aoney order. check. P. O. order or registered letter. All east encloeed with letter la it rUk of ender. Addren All o.mmnnlcntlons to THB NEW YORK CHPPBB, 4T Waat BSth Street, Sew York. Tel. 2274-Madlson. Rerttttrei Catlt Adirci, "ADTHoarw." THB WMH BUREAU of Thi Clippmb la located at Boon SOS, Ashland Block, Cbleago, Wirren A. Pitclck, manager and eorteapoident. THE LONDON BUBBATJ Located at 14 Leicester Street, Leicester Bqnire, London, w. 0.; Henry Georte Hlbbert, manager and cornapondent. Tun Curraa our la obtiihbd wholisaij Attn emit, it oar agents. Brentino'i newi depot, 87 Avenue do ■'Opera. Peril, France; Diamond News Co.. 126 Prado, B»»ana; Manlls, Book end Sta- tionery Oo., 128 P -olta, llutli, P. I. THB NEW VURK CLIPPER pabtubee only one edition, and Itm. li dated from New York. ANSWERS T O CORRE SPONDENTS, DRAMATIC. N. M., New York.—Addms Wflgenhals. & Kemper, Aator Theatre, New York. N. B. C, Chicago.—1. Brandon Thomas. 2. Addreti Charles Frohman, care of the Em- pire Theatre Building, New York City. BASEBALL. J. R. T.—Mr, Heydler. lecretary of the National League, baa decided the matter as follows: Ames. Tesreau was relieved <a J>e seventh after three runs had been scored. He quit with a runner on second and one out; this run scored, and Ames took op practically • tie game, ( MISCELLANEOUS. E. A. M., Springfield. —"Bllver Dollar" ■Smith's aaloon waa located on Essex Street, between Broome and Grand, New York. The floor was Inlaid with silver dollars. The original owner 1* dead. - C. R., Bt Louis.—The wafer cannot be decided yet. He may get the nomination for the new party. J. A. T., Syracuse.—The location of "Flvs Points" was at the Intersection of Worth, Baxter and Park streets. Paradise Park now occupies this spot PLAYS AND PLAYWR1TERS. JOHN A. HIMMELEIN FOR RBPBRTOIRB-Clever HEAVY MAN, WOMAN for Leada and Heavies,.good sized CHAR- ACTER MAN, ONION PROPERTY MAN to play responsible Parts.. People all lines write. _n« It Is announced that David Belasco wlU relegate to the wastehaskct all unsolicited plays that are tent to him by authors. This has caused considerable unfavorable com- ment from the press, and at first thought It appears to be arbitrary ruling It must he remembered, however, that It Is a laborious task to read and consider all of the plays which are sent to a man like Mr. Belasco, who Is known the world over. Every author of a play considers himself a genius, and his play the best that ever was, so he rushes It off to the most celebrated play producer. Mr. Belasco might save himself this labor by employing somebody to read the plays for him, but this would not relieve him of an annoyance far more serious than the read- ing of the plays. Mr. Belasco Is a play- writer as well is producer, and be lias been frequently annoyed by authors claiming that he appropriated their Ideas and Interpolated them In his own plays. Assertions of this kind arc difficult to disprove, especially If he Is supposed to have read the authors' plays, and the only way be can protect him- self against these accusations Is to refuso to read all plays, unless they im> solicited by him. This may prove a hardship to some authors who may write really good plays, but the difficulty may be overcome by writing a letter giving a brief description of the chnrnu. r of the ploy, without going Into the details of It, then if the producer needed a play of that kind he would request the utithor to submit it. This would obviatu the necessity of reading a large mass of worth- less plays and atlll give the author of merit the opportunity for a hearing. «■» a "ROOM 44." At Nixon's Apollo Theatre, Atlantic City,. N. J., Monday, July R. was presented for the first time on any stage, Cohan A Harris' "Room 44," a farce. In four acts, by Prances Nordstrom. The cast was as follows: Pusscy n-i.-i. Kmlly Wakcman; Mrs. Wnlnwrlght, Hattle Russell; Theodore Manning, William Begat! Eleanor Manning, Edna Hancr; Ches- ter Love, Lincoln l'lummer; Pats, Ernest Truer; Mils Al\ln. Mrs. Stuart 'totaon ;. Mr. Tinkle, Andrew Buckley; Mr. Chnttcrton, Horace James; Mrs. Clintterton, Ada GU- rain : Madison Atwood, Henry K Dlxey; A Minister, Louis Le Bey ; A Chauffeur, George Spelvln. STNorsis. Act 1.—Eleanor's Boudoir, Washington, D. C. Act 2.—Office of Silver Springs Hotel, Vir- ginia. Two weeks later. Act S.—Eleanor's Apartment at Hotel. Eame day. Act 4.—Front Porch of Hotel. Morning after. o ■ » "FINE FEATHERS." "Fine Feathers" will be produced Aug. 10, at the Cort, Chicago, with Wilton Lackaye. Robert Rdeion, Max Fig-man and Ross Cogh- lan In the Cast The want of ipace compels us to curtail our work to a snmmary of the games played during the week ending July 6,1012. National Leaocr. Per P. O. P. 0. ' Cloth. Won. Zoit. Cent. Gained. Loit New York . 0 2 .812 — 8 Chicago 5 2 .510 15 — Pittsburgh 4 3 .588 t— 2 Cincinnati....;. .8 8 .514 — 1 Philadelphia 8 2 .484 41 — Brooklyn 8 0 .881 — 8 St Louis 1 5 .878 — 0 Boston 1 6 .288 — 15 AsanucAN lbaooe. • Per P.O. P.O. Curos. Won. Lett. Cent. Gained. Lott Boston.. 5 8 .680 — 7 Washington..;.. 7 1 .682 88 — Philadelphia 8 S .577 — 26 Chicago 5 4 .675 — 8 Cleveland 4 5 .600 •—> 8 Detroit 8 4 .487 17 — St. Louis 8 B .286 12 — New York 1 7 .275 — 20 4 I » BESSIE ABOTT BN6AOBD. When "Robin Hood returns to New York for an Autumn engagement at the Knicker- bocker Theatre, early In September Bessie Abott, the young American grand opera prima donna, will be seen In the role f Maid, Marian, Negotiations between the singer and Daniel V. Arthur, manager for Reginald De Koven, were closed by George C. Tyler for Mr. Arthur July 5. All the principals who ap- peared in the operetta at the New Amster- dam Theatre have been re-engaged, with the exception of lime. Bella Alten, whom Miss Abott will succeed. Miss Abott was engaged two years ago by the Llebler Co. for the title role In Pletro Mascagnt's opera, "Ysobcl," which was to have been produced by toe Llebler Co., but the Arm and the composer subsequently became Involved In a dispute. It has been announced that Miss Abott's law- sut against the Llebler Co. has been discon- tinued. ♦ »» . 'THE -»*TOW OP A CARD." An net by Euwln F. Rellly and Ralph Kob'.ne m. was announced to open July 8, at the Di Kalb, Brooklyn, N. Y., with Minna Phllllna and Louis Ha:: 12. the leading roles. The playlet turns about the visit of a burglar to the home of a society woman. She awakens and requests that the burglar leave several prized trinkets. The burglar Is a sport and offers »o jloy o game of cards 'or the articles. The woman wins the game. The act: was played during iui Winter at Payton's, a) i» DETROIT'S VAUDEVILLE ClIUOIT. A circuit of five vaudeville theatres for Detroit, Mich., is being planned by J. M. Ward, formerly manager of the Gayety The- atre In that city. Mr. Ward resigned from the Gayety forces July 1 to give bis entire attention to this new venture. It Is pro- posed to have a main downtown house with a seating capacity of 3,000, and from 600 to 1,000 as seating capacity In the four branch houses. The New United Theatre Co. is the title of the new concern. 4 ■» FORBES ROBERTSON'S FAREWELL TOUR. Forbes Robertson, together with Gertrude Elliott, announced last week his intention of making n farewell tour of the English prov- inces next season. In a repertoire which will Include "Caesar and Cleopatra," "Hamlet," "The Merchant of Venice," "The Passing of the Third Floor Back," "Othello," "The Light That Failed" and "Mice and Men." 4 '» "TEXAS TOMMY" SUIT. Leo Newman and Max Goldsmith, owners of the "Texas Tommy Dancers," began In- junction proceedings last week In Philadel- phia against Phil Frcase and others to re- strain them from giving the dance In other houses In Philadelphia without their consent, as they claim the exclusive ownership of that dance. The matter will be argued before the courts In the course of a few cnyB. OUT OF TOWN NEWS. Detroit, Mich. — Detroit (B. C. Whitney, moT.) the Sheetian Opera Co. played to good busi- ness week of July 1. The same company week of 8. Gabmck (R. H. Lawrence, ragr.)—The Bon- "telle Stock Co., In "Nobody's Widow," pleased big crowds week of 1. "The Deep Purple" week of 8. Avbndi (Drew A Campbell, mgrs.)—The Colon- ial Belles, with Matt Kennedy, entertained filr- sited licuses week ending 0. "The Orientals" week of 7. Tbmpu (J. H. Moore, mgr.)—Bill for week of 8 Includes: Sim Mann and company, Adele Os- wald, James Francis Donley and Oorinne Saylee, Harry Richards, and Iieesle Kyle, Maxinl Brothers and Bobby, the Schillings, Kennedy and Melrose, El Cleve, and the Mooreoscope. Buwlness fine. Miles (O. W. Porter, ingr.)—Bill week of 8: Anthony Andre, the Bounding Gordons, the Great Herbert, Powell and Ferguson, Mabel Harper, Feathers and Trule, and the Mllescope. Noras, — A local circuit of five vaudeville bouers, the largest to be down town, ami the otbers In outlying sections, Is being planned by J. M. Ward, for four years manager of the Oay- ety, and who resigned that position July 1, to take up tills new venture. It is proposed to have a down town house of 3,000 capacity, and to have a searing capacity of from (100 to 1,000 In the branch houses. New United Theatres will be the name of the company. Knlniimioa. Mtcli.—Majestic <H. W. Orull, mgr.) bill for July 8-10 Included: Prof. Haney and company, Three Dreamers, Dnvls and Walker, and Black and McCbne. For 11-1:1: Lockbnrt Girls, J, Lee Claire and coinnniiy. lturTord ond Clialu, and Four Herculean Sisters. Notb.— dluffalo Bill nnd l'uwuee mil Wild West Is billed to show here 17. Grand Rnplds, Mich.—Ramonn Park (Lew De Lamartcr, uigr.) bill for week of July 8: Grimm and Elliott, Hcm Sisters. Camllle Ober, Three Navarros, Bedford and Winchester, and (Schooler and IMcklnwn. Note.- Buffalo Bill's Show Is billed here for 10. Milwaukee. Win. — Majestic (J A. Hlg- ler, mgr.) the Davidson Stock Oo. did splendid work In "The Witching nour," week of July 1. "Green Stockings" 8 and week. "Mary Jane's Pa" week of 15. Crystal (Edw. Raymond, mgr.)—A flue vaude- ville bill, presented here week of 1, headed by the Beehler Players. The bill for week of 8 In- cludes: "Visions de Mllo." Carroll, Chatham and Keating, Newklrk and Werden, Olive Corew, and Garpos Droa. Peoria. Ill—-Princess (Beaver Amuse. 00., mgrs.) vaudeville and pictures. At, Piesco Pair (Beaver Amuse. Co., mgrs.)— Vaudeville, dancing, and outdoor amusements. ViaoiNia Bbaoh (Frank A. Helneke, mgr.)— Vaudeville and dancing. CxursBi's (Martin Dempaey, mgr.) — Stock burlesque, songs and pictures. . . Columbia, Da line Csssoknt, Kufskss. Il- linois, Lyceum uajissvi, . Lrnmtrr, ANn 3an- oaxio, picture .Mutes, are nil doing rood uuMness. Alton, 111.—Alrdome (W. U. ->nnvag», mgr.) bill for July 1-.1 Included: Three Nevrrrot the Belmour, wire. Oood habits and wardrobe Indispenslble. "Photos and ail in first. J^earials. July 2* Address SANDUSKY, OHIO. AIRDOME, RUTLAND, VT. Watits OOItJJBDIAIV Who can put oa acta and make them go. Mast be able to do Blsok Face, Irish, and Dutch, au«ana dance. Prefer one who can furnish wardrobe and direct musical nnmoeis. Steady work. Moat be EberandTeTlaMc".^^^^^ Repertoire and Musical Oomedy Companies. Will percentage or guarantee. Can use K _ E ^ K B r " I i^ i PBOPLE. All lines for stock engagement. State lowest, first letter, Join and wire, 0. M. Brown, Manager. CHARLES nRECKENRlDGE STOCK COMPANY WANTS IMMEDIATELY LEADING HAN with good wardrobe, Intelligence, and appoirance; prefer one who slni Bg A^r'es?"^ 6 ' E^™" " ^m^Irl'b'b 3 %£ffi8SS$£5ktftfflk. sings. JUVENILE ...fed. Write or wire Klrkvllle, Mo. WANTFI. Organized Musical Stock, also Dramatic Stock Cos. If nil I L U u For LYRIC THEATRE, LIMA, OHIO Most change twice weekly. Sept. 2, Labor Day. Percentage only, From two to four weeks for right companies. Season opening Monday, C. C. DEARDOVRFF, Lyric Theatre, Lima. O. Dohertri, and three reels of film. /•"«; *-7: Three Bannons, Resale Browning, and olctureS. Prikobhs (J. J,,Rellly, mgr.l — I'athe's Week- ly la a future here! , ' v The Drummer Girl of irg".waa the special feature 4. ly to a Vlcksbori Louisville, Ky. — Fontaine Ferry Park (Harry Bllger, mgr.) continues to draw big crowdi. Nutlello's Band and Boblnson Circus week of July 7. _ Fo'iiaikb FEBiT Pabx Theatbb (Harry Bllger, mgr.)—Bill for week of 7: Top o' th* World Dancers, Minklchl Troupe. B. A. G. Trio, Kaufman Sisters, and Calls Bros. Rivbbvibw Pabk (L. Simon, mgr)—Big crowds week 1. Don Philippines Band,,and Suzanne Leh- mnnn, tololst, are features week of 7. Rivcnviiw Pabk Thratbb (J. J. Garrlety. mgr.)—The Blvervlew Players were seen in "The Hats, week ending 6. Hippodbomb (Mai L. Slroon, mgr.)—"A Gypay Denrt" was the feature week ending 0. Bltoo Dieau (M. Switow, mgr.J—"Written In Blood" featured the films week of 1. Obtbtal (M, Switow, mgr.)—"The Cry of the Children" featured week of 1. _ , Casino (I. Simon, mgr.)—"A Woman'a Way" featured week of 1. „ NovEtTt (M Switow, mgr.) —"On the Board- ers" featured week of 1. Majestic (L. Dittmar, mgr.)—'True Love" featured week of 1. Avenue (O A. Shaw, mgr.)—"The Thirst of Gold" featured week of 1. ____ . Columbia (I. Simon, mgr.) —"The Medal of Honor" featured week of 1. _ Bioadwat. Cbowm, Globe. Moiuan, uotal, Pallacs, Burins, Obpueuia and Oltupio, pic- ture booses, continue to wod' business. Nona.—William Grove*, of Louisville, returned from Texas week of 1. after a most successful engagement with the McAlIster Stock Co., and vlll remain it home here until September, when he Joins Gene Powers In New York, where they will appear In viudavllle 0. T. Taylor, the popular manager of the Gayety Theatre, stopped off in this city en route from Hot Springs, Ark.. to New York City, to visit'friends John T. Mscaaley, of Maeauley's Theatre. left the city 8, to arrange for bookings for next .easoa An aviation meet was held at tha State Fair Grounds, 4-7, and Eugeno Heth, J. W. Meyers Oscar Brlndley tod Louis Mitchell gave exhibi- tions dally. Indianapolis, Ind—Murat (Leonard Blum- berg, mgr.) the Murnt Players, In "The Easiest Way," week of July 8. Enousu's (Bingham ft Cross, mgrs.)—Jones- Dunbar Players, and vaudeville and motion pic- tures week of 8 Keith's (James Wewl, mgr.)—Vaudeville, mo- tion pictures, Illustrated songs, and other features week of 8. Pabk (Anderson ft Zlegler. mgrs.)—The Carne- gie motion pictures of the Alaska-Siberia Expedi- tion week of 8. Notes. —Ned S. Hastings, manager of Keith's Theatre, left this city, 1, for a vacation at bis old home In Cleveland, O. James Weed, who was advertising agent for that house for several sea- sons, but who has been managing the Keith house at Louisville, will attend to the duties daring Mr. Hastings' absence Rain Interfered with the production of "Pioneer Days," nt the State Fair Grounds, and "The Battle of Manila Bay," at Riverside Batblng Beach, week of 1. Newark, W. .!.—Proctor's (B. 0. Stnart, mgr.) Is ciosedl Obphzuu (m. B. Rchlcsinger, mgr.)—Oorse Payton Stock Co., In "The Belle of Richmond," week of July 8. OLTiu'io Pabk (J. M. Bel din, mgr.)—The stock company, in "The Time, the Place and the Girl," week of 8. GAYBrr. (Leon Evans, mgr.)—Bill for 8-10 Included: Gates and Blate. the Coltons, Eth-1 Mitchell. For 11-18: Marlon and Deane, Flo and Al. Adams, and Henry Frey. Washington (O. B. Neu, mgr.)—closed. Lyrio (R. 0. Stuart, mgr.)—Bill for 8-10: Robin, Grace Leonard and company, Musical Stewarts. Dorothy Meuther, Smith nnd Campbell, and Mattle Booram and company. For 11-13: King Musical Trio. La Feydla, Robert Emmett Keanc, Marie Stoddard, Louis Bates and com- pany, and Hebrew Minstrels, Good business rules. St. Louis, Mo.— Delranr Garden (Conrad Heeker, mgr.) 'The Western Girl" week of July 7. West Eno Hbiohts (Harry Wallace, mgr.)— "Thelraa" 7 and week. Fobxst Pabk Hioiilanos (D, F. Russell, mgr.)—Bill fo.- week of 7: Melody Maids, Frank Siilssell and company, Reynolds and Donognit, the Paulbam Team, Oooganand Parks, and Richards and Kyle. Lottie Mayer Is giving exhibitions dally In the new swimming tank. Last week's police benefit proved an unusual success. Mannion'b Park. —BUI for week of 7: Este, Roth and Tlileson's Pets, Gardner and Hawley, Crenyon, nnd the Great Harrah Company. Coliseum Pabk lilt] week of 7: Dudak's Bears, Montgomery Duo, Dean and Stevens, and Brecgk'a Models. Scrnnton, Pu. — Poll (John II. Docking, mgr.) the Poll Stock Oo. In "The Barrier," week of July 8. "Seven Days'' drew good houses week of 1. Aoadbiit (H. R. Smith, mgr.)—Four photo- plays, changed dally. Luna Pabk (T. Of. Gibbons, mgr.)—Week of 8, big outdoor performances. Bijou Dbbamb, Wonderland, Wonders, Man- hattan, Victobia and HirronaoiiB all report good returns, presenting moving pictures. Note.— The Victoria, a new moving picture house, was opened to the public week of 1. It Is modern in every respect, properly ventilated throughout, and with its fine locality in the busi- ness section, should enjoy prosperity. ■ Lancaster, Pa. — Fulton (0. A. Yecker, mgr.) vaudeville and pictures. Colonial (Ohss. M. Howell, mgr,)—Vaudeville and oletures. Family. —Stock company. Hiffodbomb. —Pictures, to good business. Sosnic. —Pictures. Dbbamland. —Pictures. Reno.— Pictures. Note.— Birnum ft Bailey's Circus attracted fair attendance July 6. HeAleater, Okla. — Star Alrdome (R. H. Busby, mgr.) Great Western Stock Oo. pleased good bouses week of July 1. Yalb-Majestio (A. O. Brown, mgr.)—Morion pictures and vaudeville drew good business week ending 0, Fobcim (J. A. Stelnson, mgr.)—Moving pictures, to good buslnss, viotob (Will Tibbets, mgr.)—-Large crowds -Njntlnne to enjoy the moving pictures. "Imrlcston, 8. C—Victoria (Pastime Amuse- ment Co., mgrs.) bill week of July 8: Albert Donnelly, Howard and White, Jessie Bell, Mur- ray Hill, arid Melln and Dorys. ... .., WDNnBBLAND, Thxatobium, Lybio, and Cbes. cent, picture bouses, report goad business. Hampton Pabk Aibdomb (Obas A. Matthews, mgr.)—Carlstoa Sisters Stock Co. continues to good business. Hartford, Conn — Poll's i(S. O. :Edwards, mgr.) "The House Next Door," by the Poll Pay- ers, week of July 8. Uabtiobd (Fred P Dean, mgr.)—The bl I week of 8: Buster Brown and company, Chlcadees, John F. Clark, Puvltt, Root and White, Clinton nnd Russell, Ed. Winchester, Whittle, Cbas. H. Tucker, and the pictures. Happy Houa (BarrlBson Harris, mgr.)—ualiy change of pictures continue to draw well. Empire (P. L. McMahon, mgr.)—Good crowds continue to patronise this picture house. Note.— The Hunter-Bradford Players closed a most successful season at Parson's, 0, under tie management of Wm. F. Stevenson. Wheeling;, W. Vs—Court (Felnler ft Moore, mgrs.) ttie slock company presented In Mlrsourt" week ending July 0, and did well. •The Light that Failed" week of 8. Victobia (Goe. Shafee, mgr.)—Moving pictures held the boards for week ending 0, and bad good returns. , _„, Wjieixino Pabk (J. A. Moore, gen. mgr.)—Bill for week beginning 7 Is beaded by King ft Ma- son's Baseball Fiends Oo. ,. Nora.—Buffalo Bill and Pawnee Bill's Wild West gave two performances here 1, to big re- turns. W0TE5 FROM SO NGLARD. WILL ROSSITER GOSSIP. Unrv Qulvle and Paul McCarthy are at the Union' Square Theatre,-New York, with a com- plete repertoire of Will Rossltcr songs, featuring •'I'd Love to Live In Loveland With a Girl Like You." Edythe Llv'.igston is meeting with pronounced success with 'You Oan't Expect Kisses from Me" and "I'd Love- "i rjve in Loveland With a Girl Like You." Dorothy Vaughn 's creating much favorable comment throiurhont the West with her original rendition of "O-U-Circuc Day." Frederick V. Bower: and company still con- tinue to please their i 'dlrnces with the novelty song. "You Can't ExpcC Kisses from Me," and the fast and furious "O-U-Clrcus Day.!' Beulali Buck's Lady Quartette and "You'll Never Know the Good Fellow I've Been" .are noteworthy bits in Chicago's neighborhood thea- tres Just at present. "I'd Love to Live in Love- land With a Girl Like Yon" Is reported by Miss Buck as an excellent encore gatherer. Relnle Davles will .. the East with her new song, "When I Met You Last Night In Dreamland." "O-IJ-Clrcus Day" and "I'd Love to Live In Ix>veland With a Girl Like You" are showing ex- cellent results with Bcgart ond Nelson. Mae Curtis has joined hands with Ooldle Wright, and they will exploit exclusively the Will Itosslter prints, their present repertoire consisting of "O-U-Oircus Day," "Mammy's Shuffin' Dance," and "I'd Love to Live in Loveland with a Girl Like You," are behaving nicely for them The Farber Sisters open In the East shortly with "You Can't Expect Kisses From Me" end "Mammy's Sbuffllu' Dance," their two Western song successes. Oarlta Day finds "Mammy's Shufflln' Dance," "You Can't Expect Kisses From Me." and "You'll Never Know the Good Fellow I've Been" splendid hits with her wherever introduced. Blossom Sceley will shortly piny a return en- gagement nt Hammersrcln'8, again featuring her favorite. "O-U-Olrcus Day." MacFcrland, Weir and Leopold have a groat number for their particular requirements In "O-U-Olrcus Day" a NOTES FROM STERK & COMPANY. Billy Beard, at lbs Alamo Theatre, Atlanta, Ga., Introduced Ell Dawson and Gene nodgklns latest number, "Hear Those Chimes" ("I Was On the Road to Glory, but I Lost My Wny"), and our Summer sensation, "The Time for a Time is Summertime," with much success. Nelson, Oswald and Borger (Three of Us), com- edy trio, ploying Marcus Loew's rime, are fea- turing S. R. Henry and Ballard Macdonald's latest march ballad song, "Aii Revolr, Sweet Marie." Resale Knowles is successfully rendering "My, What a Funny Little World This Is" and "In the Gloaming" ("Was the Song She Sang to Me.") De Rue Bros.* Ideal Minstrels have Just se- lected for their company, "In the Gloaming" ("Was the Song She Sang to Me"), "I Like the lint, I Like the Drc3s" and "Au Revolr. Sweet Marie." Mr. De Rue stated that he would "push" our ballad, "In the Gloaming" ("Was the Song She Sang to Me"). .„ B ? n .. A ' r Trl ° nrc featuring "An Revolr, Sweet Marie, which Is bringing many encores. I A NEW PUBLISHER. Billy Trncey, who wrote "Play that Barber Shop Chord," "Gee, But It's Great to Meet a Friend from Your Home Town," "Oh I You Bear Cat Rag," "The Funny Bunny Hug," and several other big song successes during the two years he has been associated with the J. Fred Helf Music Publishing Co.. has decided to take a flyer Into the publishing business for himself, and has Sened offices under the name of the Wm. Tracer uele Publishing Co. _J?t Trac * y bus written several new numbers, which he is now publishing, and which he saya look very good to him. Some of the new songs are: "I'll Be Welcome In My Home TowoP' "Maybe You'll Change Your Mind," "Troublesome Bsia." "When You Have Nothing Else to Do," and "I've Found My Loving Man." Harry Jentes, one of the best pianists In the business, and formerly with F. A. Mills, Is tak- ing care of the professional department. a JEROME A SCHWARTZ NOTES. Attaway ond Green, in their act, "At the Cir- cus," are using "If It Wasn't for the Irish and the Jews" and "Everyone In Town Loves Mary." The songs are going great, as are all numbers which are published by the Jerome ft Schwarts Pub. Co. Even In mid-ocean Jerome ft Schwnrta's num- bers are sung. Emma Oarua, on her recent trip to London, sang "That Ooontown Quartette." to great applause, at a concert. Carroll Johnson, the well known minstrel, who sails for England the latter part of this month. has selected "In Bnnju Land" and "I Love to Hear an Irish Band" for his,feature numbers on the other side. He will also 'dance to a medley of Jerome ft Bchwarts's numbers. ' ;w CUPPER BUSINESS IND EX Advertisements not exceeding one line in i„„.«. will be published, properly classified h tSstafi at the rate of 810 for one year <B2 nBm£i HB ; copy of Tbb Niw Yobk Ou/rsB will tasel t'fti to each advertiser while the advertisement i. !!? nlng. ————— ' '■ rrav ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS AND I'l , v ,,. Botanical DecoraUng Co., 310 Fifth Are ChicM? ASBESTOS CURTAIMgAND PlCTlBB O. W. Trainer Mfg. Co., 78 Pearl St., Boston «.- AUTHORS AND PRODUCKHS Soarl Allen, 222 E. 14th St., NT Y C WOJ. A. Quick. 252 W. 80th St. New fork Clt? CHIMES, BELLS & SPECIALTIES. B. H. Mayland, 851 Adams St., Brooklyn N V CONFECTIONS. Boeekbelm Bros, ft Eckstein, 248 So. Peorli u Chicago. •™t« oc, COSTUMERI. Frank Hsyden, 140 W. 3«th St., N. 1. n Rldabock A Co., 140-151 W. 36th St.. N y rut* Robert Wirrlng, 872 70th St., Brooklyn M #* A. Foegor, 621 Walnut St., St. Louis, Mo ' ELECTRIC SIGNS RENTED AND SOIIV Electric Carriage. 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Percy Ewing Supply House, 715 N. Water St., De- catur. III. WANTED—A No. 1 Moving Picture Operator, Good Medicine Show Performer, to sell medicine, roust he A No. 1. A Piano Player who can rake mil read by sight. Long engagement. Booze lot cigarettes r No. no, no; h,n t write. State lowest salary and wait for a letr> r Address Uro, Henry, tbo Old Shaker, Oakes, 5 «y Co., Nonh Dakota. Wanted Quick Leading Woman Long season. State all and lowest. Will advanca ticket Must have aweU wardroo* and be able to play strong leads. Send photos and protrraiM- will return. - Address A.).'RAYMOND, week July 8, ?L Fairfield, Mo.; week July 15, Frederic- ton, N. li., Canada. WANTED CORNET and CLARINET for B. and O., REPERTOIRE PEOPLE IN ALL LINES Preference given those doing specialties. Stab) aU first letter. Address OHAS. W. MERCER, HgX, Guy Stock Co.. Hartford Olty, Ind., July 8 weel; Montpeller, jnly 16 week. \A/AIMTED For FRED ELZOR8' 8HOW8 To join at once. Musicians for No. 2 band. Performers who do two or more sets, stais loweBt first letter. Address Centervllle, Pa,,Julr «. California, Pa,, 18; Ellsworth, Pa., 16; Mariana, Pa., 10. Reliable management For traveling company. I Address WHITHI, 6*. Grand Opera Home. Chicago. _ AT LIBERTY-PrANlST W. S. ERWIN. Experienced in Vandovl» and Pictures. SendMckettoMadison, S.Das. WlU work for t».00 per. Agent at Liberty For coming season. Past two leaions with KeWi Stock. W. W. RICHARDS, 1800 JBFFBAS AVS., MARION, INDIANA. . Lady to Join recognized Comedian in Musical Act Moat play Brass or reed. " ^ „ Amateur desires a position to assist. I »?, 0 l'r Address Hiss Virginia Clare. 16 Nichols etre«>, Otic*, M. Y. In care Mrs. 0. M. McCarthy. 105 MAGIC TRICKS "&&£ IOI.O. KLEIN, 1108 Br*B»*w»T«** ■•