The New York Clipper (July 1912)

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July 13 THE NEW YORK CLIPPER. SCENARIOS TAT ANTED Good pr>«*» Jf**'*2«* JEMS SOUAX COMPANY & FLUSHING, N.Y. motion Picture Hews. IXeTlWaIfwsT The Motion Picture Exhibitors' League of R-.nturkv mat at the Phoenix Hotel, Lcxlng- •g?TK. July 2, and held on enthusiastic. Sf"etlnK. Delegates and alternates were elect- isi to represent Kentucky at the national con- rentlon to be held at Chicago In August, ronlsfllle Local Branch No. 1 es represented hV L J Dlttnnr and others. K. C. Branch No 2 was represented by Orene Parker, of Covington, ana others. • U A Neff addressed the meeting And re- sorted that a large number ' of States are coming into the league, and urged the dele- intes to attend the national meeting to be ke!d In Chicago. Several new members were taken Into the league, and arrangements made to send an. organizer to visit every exhibitor In the State of Kentucky. L. H. Ramsey en- tertained all .of the visitors present with an sleeant dinner. Speeches were made and 111 eniovod themselves to the limit. The nut meeting Is to be held la Louisville, Kv on Oct." 5, 11)12, at the Sealback Hotel. Ail'of the exhibitors In Kentucky are en- thusiastic over the good work accomplished bv the league, and confidentially expect to have every exhibitor Join the league before the next meeting. .'.*.. Ihe new theatre opened In Cincinnati by the Waldorf Company is doing a very large business, Mr. Plnglestedt, of Norwood, Is doing n fine business with his big new air- dome. Mr. Dlnglestcdt Is a real hustler and Is always on the Job. ill A. Neff returned July 1 from St. Louis, where he met Mr. Chrlstenson, national sec- retary of Cleveland, and other members of the league.' An Inter-Insurance Is being arranged for, whereby all of the members of the Motion Picture Exhibitors' League of Amerlea can secure a safe insurance. Only members of 'the league, will be insured In this company, and through the Inter-Insur- ance Company, of St. Louis, It Is" stated about one-half of the prices now paid bo saved to Che members of the league. The Toledo convention Is attracting attention of exhibitors all over the country. One of the most Important subjects to be dis- cussed nt the convention will be the Sunday Opening. Hon. Jas. M. Cox, gubernatorial candidate of Ohio, wilt be there to address the convention on the opening; day. Head- quarters will be established at the Wayne Hotel. Big preparations are being made to entertain the delegates. A motion picture of the convention will be taken, a boat ride on the lake and a splendid entertainment, es- pecially for the ladles. The convention will be called to order at 10 o'clock a. it., July 10. and will close the night of 17. The Wisconsin State Convention will be held In Milwaukee. Headquarters will be nt the Plankton Hotel. The meeting will bo called to order at 10 a. m., Friday. July 19, and will close Saturday night with a big banquet. Every exhibitor In the State of Wisconsin i9 Invited to attend this grand convention, where they will be- royally enter- tained. State officers will be elected and delegates elected to attend the Chicago con- vention. On Monday. July 22, and Tuesday, July 23. the Motion Picture Exhibitors of the State of Indiana will hold their convention at In- dianapolis, Ind. Every effort Is- being made to secure the attendance of every member of the league In the State, and also to secure all the new members possible. Every exhibitor, Whether he be a member or not of the State of Indiana, is not only Invited to attend the convention, but Is urged to attend. "Matters pertaining and affecting the business of every exhibitor of the State of Indiana will come before the convention. Tin new developments In the motion pic- ture business demand that every exhibitor of Indiana nttend this convention. Delegates Will be pirated to attend the Chicago conven- tion and a general good time Is expected, la addition to the largo amount of business that Will come before the convention. office of the National League of Cincinnati la kept very busy. Two hundred and twenty letters were sent to Michigan on Saturday, four hundred and fifty to exhibitors in the State of Ohio on Monday. The growth of the league Is very rapid, and requires one stenographer «u the time and two part of the lime. The big meeting to be held at Toledo July 10 and 17 Is expected to be a record breaker. Will C. Bettls Is working overtime making arrangements to entertain the visitors. Hon. Jaa. W. Cox, who is candidate for governor of Ohio, will speak on the 10tb. also Judge Dillon, of Columbus, is expected to address the convention on the 17th. The Ohio ex- hibitors are very anxious to hear what they have to say along certain lines pertaining to motion picture business. Cleveland local is very enthusiastic over the coming Toledo convention, and a large crowd is expected to attend. The boys In Cleveland arc always doing things, They are planning another big picnic. " ii i ii A SELIO FEATlTtE. would file out quickly. The audience quickly left the theatre, many ot them not even sus- pecting the cause. In the mean time the at- taches of the house extinguished the flames before the arrival of the fire engines. The fire loss was trifling. ■ RSj wBAS BS. LICENSED FILMS. K««»nay. Inly 0 "Signal Lights" (Dr.) July 11.—"Pa Trubell's Troubles" (Oom.) July 12 "Down Jayvllle Way" (Oom.) July 13.—"A Story ot Montana" (Dr.) July 111.—"The Smuggler's Daughter" (Dr.) July 18.—"Cupid's quartette" (Obm.) July lfl.--"Hearts of Men" (Dr.) July 20.—"A Wife- ot Ike IIIIls" (Dr.) Sell*. Inly 8.—"Under Suspicion" (Dr.) July ».—'.'The Vow of Ysobel" (Dr.) July 11.—"His'Masterpiece" (Dr.) ■• - July 12—"A Mall Order Hjrpnotiat" (Com.) On sane reel with "Los Angeles' Polios Don't" (Ed.) "The Pennant Puiile," an original baseball j M -ii L _ ar *iM a <>hi comedy, In which over five hundred editors jSJJi«l!.^2 offi inl tbetowber 1 "(Dr.) nnd mem .era of tha \-,tl m ,l P,... 1....I.. W»—.J? 0 "".' ™ V Vf?. "J!"!??-» * ■' and members of the National Press Assocla Hon take part. Written by K. D. Langley, produced by Chauncy D. Herbert The east: Casey, baseball fan John Lancaster Mrs. Casey, his wife Lylllan Leighton Judge Chauncy D. Herbert Sergeant of Police Walter McCollougb. Policeman Patrick Carson Court Clerk Julius Frankenburg Burglar Edgar Wynne Baseball Fans, Ball Players. Shoppers, Etc. Casey Is an ardent baseball fan. One day, while on a shopping tour with his domineer- ing wife, he sees a notice offering a thousand dollars to any one who can solve the "Great July 18—"The Polo Substitute" (Dr.) July yv.—"A Day Oft" (Ocm.) Cln-es. (0. Klelne.) July 8—"The Oay Deceivers" (Com.) On same reel, "U-ili Learns to Dance" (Com.) July 13.—"For Her Father's Sake" (Dr.) July 10.—"Disowned" (Dr.) July 20 "The Part the Corvant Played" (Obm.) July 23.—"A Daughter's Diplomacy" (Oom.-Dr.) July 27.—"Too Many Sweethearts'' (Com.) • July 80.—"The Inventor's Secret" (Dr.-Colored). Eclipse. (0. Klelne). July 10.—"A Mysterious Case" (Dr.) July 17.—"The Qrnndmother" (Dr.) July 2-1.— "Billy's Nightmare" (Oom.) On same reel with "French Army Action" (Mili- tary). July) ai.—'"The Trials ot a Playwright" Dr.) Edison. July 8 "After Many Days" (Dr.) July 10 "Tbe Artist's Joke" (Oom.) July 12.—"For Valor" (Dr.) July 13. — "Picturesque Darjeellng, (Scenic). Joly 13.—"Madame de Mode" (Oom.) July 10.—"Nerves and the Man" (Dr.) July 17.—"Revenge Is Sweet" (Oom.) On reel, "Maple Sugar Industry at Thomp- son, Pa." (Ind.) ■ July 19.—"The Necklace of Orusheu now Leaves," (Dr.) Jnly 20.—"The Little Artist of the Market" (Dr.) July 23.—"The Sketch with the Thumb Print" (Dr.) • July 24.—"Tho Grouch" (Qwn-Dr.) (Oom.- India" The fun begins when we see Casey, ob- livious to all else, working away at his puzzle on the crowded street, unconcernedly bumping Into shoppers and knocking their bundles right and left. Then we see him In his own home, so absorbed in the puzzle that he neglects his meals, forgets to sleep, and pays no attention to a burglar who enters the house in the small hours of the morning and "lifts" valuables from right under his nose. Mrs. Casey now takes a hand In the game and "assists her puzzle-mad husband out of the bouse through the window. Casey takes solace on a bench in the park, where, during a brief nap, be sees tbe puzzle work itself out In a dream. He wakes np and frantically tries to remember the solution. his actions finally arousing tbe suspicions of a park policeman, who takes him to the police station. CaBoy Is assigned to a cell, where he works awny on a makeshift puzzle, while the desk sergeant and the reserves become so absorbed in the confiscated puzzle that they pay no at- tention to their duties. Next morning Casey is taken before the judge and given a speedy trial. Tbe judge discharges him, then, having become Inter- ested In the puzzle, begins to mix Justice and baseball In an amusing way. Meanwhile Casey gets another puzzle and goes to a ball game. The players, managers and umpire finally get Interested In the solu- tion of the puzzle, with tbe result that the game Is postponed, greatly to the disgust of the audience, which Is composed largely of delegates of the National Press Association convention, then being held in the city. Pres- whlle the players of both ball teams (Dr.) Lnbln. Jnly 8.—"Tho Halfbreed'a Treachery July 10.—"The 8tolen Ring" (Dr.) July 11.—"The Sheriff's Daughter" (Dr.) July 12.—"Over the Hills to the I'oorhouse" (Oom.) On same reel, "The Hypno list" (Obm.) Joly 13 "The Stranded Actors" (Com.) July 16.—"Honor Thy Father" (Dr.) July 17.—"The Senorlta's Remorse" ((Dr.) July 18.—"Together" (Dr.) __ July 19.—"Duster's Dream" (Oom). On reel. "Tbe Uninvited Guest" (Com.) July20.—"A Western Courtship" (Dr.) July BB.—"The Han3er's Reward" (Dr.) July24.—"A Visit to Lively Town'' (Oom.) same reel, ' Tbe Talker" (Oom.) July 25 "The Shepherd's Flute" (Dr.) July20.—"His Vacation" (Com.) July-37.—"The Divine .Solution" (Dr.) July 29.—'fPuebto Indians, Albuquerque, N. reel, On K." "A Farmer's (Ed.) On same Son" (Oom.) July 81.—"The Derelict's Return" (Dr.) Aug. 1.—"Tbe Two Gun Sermon" (Dr.) 2.—"Houseclxintng" (Obm.) On same reel, "Man Wanted" (Com.) 3.—"The Detective's Conscience" (Dr.) Vltasjraph. 8 "Her Old Sweetheart" (Com.) On sime reel with "Fate's Awful Jest" (Dr.) 0.—"The Curse of the Lake" (Dr.) July 10.—"A Bunch of Violets" (Dr.) July 1*.—"The Foster Child" (Dr.) July 13.—"Aunty's Romance" (Dr.) July 15.—"Conscience', or, "The Chamber of Hor- rors" (Dr.) Pathe. Jnly 8.—"Pathe'a Weekly, No. 28." July 8.—"Tbe Adopted Child" (Dr.-Special). July 9.—"The Geisha's Love Story" (Dr.-Ool- ored). Aug. Aug. July Jnly KENTUCKY STATE the screen and all (Released July 15.) heave a sigh of relief. ■THE HOUSE OF- SELIG Jnl> ON THE TRAIL OF THE GERMS A seml-eduoattonal story, produced nnder the auaptcw of the Chicago Tuber- culosis Institute. Showing In Interesting story form the cause and core of the "great white plague." Approx. 1,000 ft. THE DOUBLE CROSS Jnly sta. An exciting story of a race across the continent in qneat of a mine map. Beautiful Colorado backgrounds make this story most enjoyable. About 1,000 ft. J<Uy,M THE MILLER OF BURGUNDY A picturesque drama of modern day French peasantry. By far one of the best single reel features of tho year. Costly settings, beautiful costumes, excel- lent action and appealing story. About 1,000 ft. DON'T MISS THIS FEATURE. jsii, m A WARTIME ROMANCE A dramatic Incident from onr civil war history. Replete with the atmosphere of war. Delightful la its simple human Interest story, and cleverly acted. On the same reel Vlth . . . _ __ IN MAORILAND An educational travel subject, showing scenes in the "Yellowstone ot Mew Zea- land." Combined length approx. 1,000 ft COMING FEATURES! "THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO" SeUg's Wonderful visualisation of the World's Host Powerful Bomantlo Melodrama— In three reels. "KINGS OF THE FOREST" Sellg's Greatest Wild Animal Pictures—Impossible to surpass— in two reels. ©6c i Polyscope Co. 20 EAST RANDOLPH ST. • CHICAGO, ILL.- ™ kmIi of tins Film. U a reel and up; 38,000 ft. of fine itook, no worn oat mm, ac. and np, »»« SlltUs 81™ i*, endup. A Power No. s Maoblne, 1100; Edison Exhibition Machine, mm aua»»»w"'"»(' _ ... «»,. -_,, «..hinu iv •«,«. 5"^5a?o"^atMMne?• , »! ,Q «'»I»"b«y_* l».Jl"«l»i d P! " l . i " * i .j* ■«•«! MO Bets 160; Model O F. OA1XOT TO Ohrtstsnoher Str—», H. T. Pity. •Ta Truboll's Troubles" (released July 11).— Ps Trubell objecta to William Mnwm's attentions to his pretty daughter, Mildred. Mason conducts a school ot dramatic art and has plenty ot nioiter. One morning Dick Trubell. a son, hstwr wj jMt from Meson to aid his father, who IsiM financial troubles. Mildred develops signs of dramatic art anil sends for Mason, who staits In lo give the lesions personally. Trubell becomes enraged and, r-TknoJfTnYMain has aided 1.1m with the money, orders him from the house. Mason disguises him- self and again proceeds to meae love to Mildred, until Trubell once more ejects blm awl demands that Mildred have > lady Instructor. The ready Mason, as a dashing female, wooes on until Trnhell again discovers the deception. Mason and Mildred plan to elope and take the baOfTMS tticlr confidence, hut the butler gives he acbemo away to old Trubell. who prepares to lay for Mason when be comes. But he fa Is asleep and th" young l>cople get away. Trubell la awakened by the noli■ of footsteps fn the hall and, thinking it Mason, he turns out the lights and Jural* upon the intruder, who hsppeus to he his son. *. glorious scrap ensues. Both hear more footsteps, tho lights are once moro eitlnga shed, and this line the returning butler " "»«'«*•.„«*,'?'..'"* from the parson, the elopers And jattlo of Wackj for help, and Joao answered. In order to make the Mexican sire Livingston's life, Ysohel was forced to procaine herself In mirrlagn to him. and Llrliucttum was rescued by Jose. In order to prove bow he had accomplished the rescue, he and a party returned to the spot ot Ike acci- dent, and while explaining, Jose was accidentally humped, and tin went over the precipice edge, and was killed. Livingston aoon recovered, and be and beautiful Ysobel were wedded. "Ilia Masterpiece" (released July 11).—Jalin Schmidt, first violinist la the orchestra ot - tbe opera house, reaches tho age when be la being gradually pushed mlde by youth. He Incurs tbe displeasure of the prima donna, who complains ana is discharge,], ami, being uiisuceeaaful In his search for work, he devotes all of Ma time to the composition of an nperu. When bis master. piece Is completed he Is at the end ot his Bnanelal resources, and he Muds himself without even s place to steep. Hugging bis life's work to his lireaat, he wanders In a daae through the streets, Is knocked down by an auto, loses bis manuscript, and Is carried unconscious to the hospital. Ills manuscript la found and later falls Into tbe bands of the conductor of Jalm'i old orchestra, who appropriates It as Ills owe and. under a new title, It If produced by tils company nnd Ita Brat per- en°*d ores and torni clothes, and Trubell Is alxwt formance takes place the nliht Jabn Is discharged .1"™.,%" M.«on™ hen Dick explains about the from the hosjpltal. He goes to the stage door, recognises Ids composition and, In a frensy. trie* Ko cntly. wlille tbe players or m nmm teams j , i 0 ._-on the Brink of tbe Chasm" (Dr.) and the umpire are frantically offering sug- Ja ,' i li _"uia wife's Old Sweetheart" (Dr.) gestlons to Casey, he hits upon the solution Jul l i2._"M«x Takes Tonics" (Com.) of the puzzle. He Jumps to his feet with a j„i y i3,_"The unwilling Bride" (Dr.) ■whoop of trlnmpn, and, followed by the mob, j n iy i5,_"Pathc's Woekly, Mo, 29." rushes off to tho court room to show the July 18.—"The. Mosquito" (Science). On same ialie reel, "Wanes Mourns His Twin" (Oom.) i&.'ffi.'of ts^gffi rig ass m Eas SBjggg ;&*» to murder Mason when Dick expls money, and that It was Mason who loaned It everything ends happily. , ... .„ T ._ "Down Jayvllle Way" (released *u{f ">■— r< "» and Jerry are In love with pretty Tilly King, a finDer'B daughter. Tilly cannot decide whom she loves! so takS the matter to her father. Fanner King agrees to let the best man have her. Tak- ing Toil and Jerry ho Inaugurates a tarect con- test, but both boys are equally good a shooting. A standing jump Is now tried, ami both ka*W ,ame distance. 'King Is atmuped, un II he thinks of having a race for the ™arrlaw license. The one who brings back a parson flrst gets Tilly. After a tough struggle both reach the parsoni at the aome moment. The parson l*come« unit en with her chsrms, snd takes tho family Into the adjoining room, and asks for ber hand. The old reople wndlly give their consent, and the young people leave by tho back way to procure the II- cen«> It Is not until Tom snd Jerry see them to assert bis clslui. Ue la ejected, but Invests lita last cent In a seat to the gallery, where he witnesses the success ot his masterpiece. "A Mall Order Hypnotist" (released July 12). —Mary Johnson Is tbe centre ot attraction In Bubevllle. and la sought after hy Jim Hudson ana Lucius Milker but Lucius has a bit the' best of It. Jim reads of n correspondence school which guarantees to teach hypnotism. Jim pictures to blmaelf the added advantage be would possess. and takes tbe course. Finally, feeling that bo has mastered tin subject, be stsrts out to sway his new found power over everyone he cornea In contact with, when be Anally meets and tries to hypnotise Mary, Lucius Interferes rather roughly, and Jim gives up all hone ot winning Mary an 1 turns to his chores on (he farm. On the aan.e reel with "Tbe Los Angeles Police Department." an Instructive and entertaining educational mil'- M. A. Neff, president of the Motion Picture Exhibitors' League of America, attended a State convention which was held nt Lexing- ton, Ky., Phoenix Hotel, July 2. The meet- ing was enthusiastic and transacted a large amount ot business, elected delegates and alternates to attend the national convention to be held In Chicago In August. Mr. Neff returned home on Wednesday and imme- diately left for Dayton, O., with Mr. Randall, one of Gnnmont's best camera men, where a picture was taken on the Fourth of July of the old soldiers and the home surroundings. This will be a feature picture, as it will ap- preciate In vailue os it grows older Instead of depreciating, Four thousand old soldiers as- sembled on tho campus after dinner, where Mr. Neff addressed them, and the picture should be preserved la the archives not only of the State of Ohio and the Home, but of tbe Uultcd States, as the old soldier Is fast passing away, and there are forty or more deniiis every month at the National Soldiers' Home at Dayton. In anticipation of the deaths, Ihero nro eight or ten graves always In readiness to receive the old soldier. The time of burial Is 10 a. m. Those unac- quainted with the Home.cannot understand how fast the old soldier is going. Only a Jew years and there will be no old soldiers to meet around the camp fire and mingle with his comrades and hear the tales of army life. A picture of the oldest soldier was taken: he la 102 years old, a colored soldier, oprn In Chllllcofhe, O. The picture of the Jldost white soldier and Governor White were taken together. This soldier Is of Irish dc- arent, ninety-six years of age, hale and hearty. A picture of the old soldiers coming irorn mess was taken, and the other plctui-es, which will be very attractive, especially to those who have relations or friends at the Unyton National 8oldlers' Home. Iv. C. Local, of Covington, Ky., held their r ?K"lar meeting nt the Colonial Theatre on jriimy, and elected delegates nnd alternates io the rational convention nt Chicago. Unyton Local, No. 5, held a meeting last Moiuiny and elected Clem Kerr and Mr. Itey- »u-n delegates to the national convention, to meet In Chicago. »„., , Waldorf Amusement Co., of Cincin- nati, lg doing a splendid business with their now theatre, lust opened at Depot and Eighth sireeta. This company will open another nno Ulc J?, tro ln * bou ' two weeks; It will scat Tho _Waldorf AtnuBcraent Company, MISSOURI STATE On July 80, 31, the Missouri State branch of the Motion Picture Exhibitors' League of America will hold Its first convention at tho Sexton Hotel, Kansas City, Mo. The object of the meeting Is to elect dele- fatcs to the national convention, also to ransaot a largo amount of Important busi- ness now pending. The Kansas City Loral No. 1 1b preparing to give all visiting ex- l'lhltors n fine time while ln the city. Tho State organizer, A. P. Drennan, Is hHvIng excellent success throughout the etato securing new members. We expect by tbe time of the convention that the majority of the exhibitors ln the State of Missouri will be members of the league. We hepe thnt every exhibitor In the State, whether member or not, will make a special effort to attend the convention, and we have invited the exhibitors from the States of KnnsaB and Oklahoma to attend and help boost things along. INDEPENDENT FILMS. Gnamont. July ».—"A Mid-Channel Romance" (Dr.) July 11.—"That Troublesome Bird," On same reel with "A Tenacious Hubby" (Oom.) Julv 10.—"Love's Surest Proof" (Dr.) July 23.—"The Silent Castle" (Dr.-Colorcd). July 25.—""Love's Floral Tribute" (Dr.) July 30.—"The Prison on the Cliff" (Dr.) On ssme reel with "Tbe Isle of Marker,." 1.—"The Bomance of the Palm Garden" (Dr.) 0.—''Androclus and the Lion" (Colored). ,. 8.—"A Pnsotom of tbe Night." Aug. 13.—"Dream Driven." Comet. July 8.—"The Inter-Oolleglate Regatta at Pough- keepsle" (Scenic). July 18.—"Lights and Shadows of Old Kentucky" drlrliiir off down the road that they realise they jee t) lowing tho police drills of the Coast City are badly stung snd bury ttelr snlmosltv for- ever. They meet their old girls, make up, and a double wedding looms brightly on the horizon. "A Story of Montana'" Aug. Aug. (Dr.) July IB.—''ileggle Breaks the (Com:) Reliance. Jnly 10.—"Grandpa" (Dr.) July 13 "The Toy Phone" (Dr.) July 17.—"At Cripple Creek" (Dr.) July 20.—"Love Me, Love My Dog" Thanhonser. July T "tinder Two Flags" (Dr.) Repnbllo, July fl.—"The Glrljn the_Aoto"_(Dr.) College Rules" Tnlcasod July 13). Old Clayton, a ranchman, has a pretty daughter, Sue, who Is loved by Dan Morris, a worth- less cattleman. Olayton tries to force Hue to marry Morris, but she refuses, and goes to meet her real sweetheart. Jim Burrows, a young cowboy, to whom alio gives a pair of hand-made gauntlets. Morris discovers tliem, tells Clayton, who orders Burrows off the rancn. Burrows declares If bo over applies such name" to blm again he will kill bin, and Is overheard by Sue, who calls her father Into the ranch- house, Later old Olayton la suddenly stricken with heart failure, and dies. Oomlng upon the- body, Morris conceives s Bcbeme, drops Burrows gauntlets beside the body, snd Ores two shots Into the dead man. The sheriff Investigates, and the crime Is fastened upon Burrows. At the trial Suo Is called to the witness stand, nnd (Dr.) At the fast meeting of the State executive July 16—"The All-Seeing Bye" (Dr.) >etlnr * local charter was granted to July 22—"The Octoroon T s Sacrifice" (Dr.) irlngneld, to be known as the Springfield July 20.--Evolution,of m .JtT (";>,, On ipnl No 2. we ' Housetop Romance." ri tf wii'vv In nresldent of the M. P. B. L. Lax. mcetlni Sprlngl_ G. H. wii'cT Is president of the M. P. B- L, of A., Missouri State branch. — s ' CHICAGO THEATRES DECLAIIED UNSAFE. Forty-nine five and ten cent theatres In Chicago and one downtown house of a higher grade arc placed on the unsafe list, and nine of thorn, which arc situated on the second or third floors, are named as especially dan- gerous by Building Commissioner Henry Frleson, In a report to the building committee of the City Council. • . . ._ In the case of the nine the commissioner reoommendpd a revocation of the licenses, and the others. In bis opinion, Immediately should be compelled to make their plnces of amusement conform with the city ordinances. On lame PANIC AVERTED. B. W. Hagner, manager of the Jumbo The- , «tre. Philadelphia, averted, a panic In his S n f« the efficient management of the presl- house on July 2, when one ot the recto of dent of ihe company, Otto Luedeklng, seems film caught Arc near the close of the after. to be doing a good business ' noon performance. When tbe smoke began . M. A. Neff leaves Mondav nloht Julv 8 to toaue from tbe machine booth, he rsn to speed, and are amued to see the signal reversed. for Muskegon, Mich 5C7LpSITmitSal a the stage and announced that the machine Arriving at the station,; Mrs. Drake discovers her &rsd^ n %StT»§»£ WeSeX «n5 H«3 MlS * -W W *■", ta '"* July 12,—"Selffkln's New Job" (Com.) On same reel, "Ponto's Little Joke" (Oom.) July 10—"Stone's that Behound" (Dr.) a JkTo- vv F+l xxxm, Eaaanar. "Signal Lights" (released July 0) Jim Drake la ststlon agent at wlnalow Junction. One noon- time his' wife and child bring hla lunch, and the baby becomes Interested In the chains that turn the signal light. That evening Drake receives a message Instructing that No. 0 la running as a "special" and will not stop at Wlnalow. Drake accidentally drops the message on tbe platform and It Is found by two tramps, who hold Drake up, bind snd gag him. and turn the signal light to red. Mrs. Drake Is called out to nurse a sick child, and- little Mary, rousing snd finding her mamma gone, determines to go to her father 'at the station. She enters tbe station office, but cannot find. him. Suddenly she sees the signal light chains, clambers up and turns back the danger light to the one giving tbe "speclsl" a clear track. Tbe two tramps are astonished when the train rushes through the station st high re Yltttf 1 1. 1 c he will attend a the stage and announced tnat tne mncmno Arriving at tne station, Wednesday and had broken down, but that all would be given husband, relessej him, rrtSgSf? The tickets for tho-evening performance If they the j heroot the hour. acknowledges having heard her aweetheart threaten from Joes face, discovers heirtVtnerVllfe, and the Jury return a verdict of Kl.lerj.ns to the rnlae to guilty. Morris Is mortslly wounded In a aaloon J» true, meets ledro.w brawl, and, on his death-bed. confesses the truth about Clayton's death, and Mrs Olayton gladly gives her consent to Sue's marriage to Burrows. I Sell*. "Under Suspicion" (released July 8). —"Dan- ny," an orphan, without home or frienda to se- cure work, anally faces stsrvatlon. He la forced to steal, and Is arrested, and brought before Judge Lnnahaw for sentence. Frank Weston, a lawyer, secures permission to adopt Danny. Mrs. Weston receives lilm with open arms, and the boy is made clean and comfortable, A love Is horn within Mm, and be reoolves to aome day show Ills appreciation. Mrs. Weston Is called to tbe phone, and having nothing elso at band, she places a ten dollar bill In the book to mark the plsce where she was reading. Later, she discov- ers Its lorn, and that afternoon loans the book to a Mrs. Rich. Mra. Rich loses ber pocketbook, which Is found by "Danny," and pleased with his honesty, Mrs. Rich gives him a ten dollar hill, Mrs. Weston thinks It Is hers... Mrs. Rich dis- covers tho lost bill Inside the book, and goes to return It, and arrives Just as the Weetons are about to denounce ''Danny" for a thief. I'.very. tiling Is righted by Iter explanation, and the shadow Is lifted from "Dsnny" for all time. "The Vow of Yeobel" (released July 0).—With Ihe advent of the Gringos, or white people, Into old Mexico, many picturesque and thrilling ro- mances took place. Ono ln particular that was long remembered on the Mexican bonier was that of Tsobel Juan and the young American doelor, Frank Livingston. Don Juan, Ysobel's father, had Brrnngeil for her to marry young Jose, tbe son of s rich nelgblnr. Ysobcl bad other views, so, when the handsome, young Dr. Livingston began to cast longing eyes toward ysohel, she fell head over heels In love with him. Jose's Jealousy found Its climax on the day tbst Ysohel snd Liv- ingston went horseback riding. Jose, unnoticed, all but. severed Livingston's ssddle girth anil ak they win passing over a particularly dangerous llrth gs" Lobln. "Tho Hulf-Ureed's Treachery" (released July 8). —James Spence, an aged miner, had worked hope- lesnly on a prospect, and Baaliy his health talked. and he dies, and leaves Klale, his daughter, aloue ln the world. Pedro, a drunken half-breed, en- ters tbe cabin to rob, but Is Interrupted by tbe entrance of Blsle, and a struggle ensues, Joe Bdwarda, a young prospector, comes, kicks the half-breed from me cabin, and Elsie tells) Kd- ward* sf hec poaltlon. Edwards offers to srlvft the prospector a whirl as her partner, and a clow friendship arises. Bdwarda' efforts are fruitless. One day, Pedro, nfler revenge, again wanders Into the neighborhood, and seeing Joe, he drew* his revolver and Ores, but his aim Is bad. and the lead hits a lug ot gun-cotton, which explodes, and Joe is burled under the debris. Ktsle hears the explosion and hastens to Joe's rescue, nn-l. summons s doctor, who, in removing pMtiC'M from Joe's face, discovers them to be pure gold. see If the good fortune bo kss sbw discovert"! the nuggets. By a ruse, Klale gets possvsalon ot Tedro's gun. ami forces bint to return with bee to the cabin, where the cowboyi take him In hand, and Jos and I'.lslo determine on a lifelong partnership. "The Stolen Ring" (released July 10).—Walter Brooks Is a hotel clerk, and among the guests are Mr. and Mra. Walling. After their departure ». chambermaid found a chamois Jewel bag, left Hi their room. The clerk and maid find a large sunt of money nnd a ring of odd design, nnd tbe bag Is placed in the safe. This has been witnessed by Will Taylor, sob of tbe proprietor, who, unable <> n-eet his debts, stesls the mosey snd ring and substitutes crumpled paper. Discovering their loss, Mr. and Mrs. Walling return and are handed the bag, and Taylor Sr. Is convinced that Brooks has atolen the contents. lie Is sent to prison ami writes a note to his sweetheart. Orace. telling her his story.- He is released on ball. ..Will Taylor, In the inesD time, has given the.ring to Blanche Dalx, his sweetheart, sua she, not knowing, wears It to the manicure simp where Orace Is employed. (Iraee sees tbe ring. Walter Is notified and fol- lows nianche. and communicates with h!s lswyer and the Walllnga. They call on Blanche, who tells them tbe ring was a gift. Taylor Jr. Is an. nounced and confesses tbe theft. spot, tbe girth gave war., and the young doctor to-4rrit-ber father. 1-a.ler,- he- sees ono who re- was hurled Into tag, tiasm,,below, tsobel called ismMsa ttic picture he hrJV and 'Cjuestloti iifi. Edison. "After Many Days" (released Joly, 0).;-**. story of an old musician and Ills little daughter, who play ond sing In the saloons togelber, and she finally accepts so offer In « big productioii. The old father cannot travel with her, snd she gives him some money to take care of him until the nrst salary day. lie Is followed by two meo, who attack, take the money and put him into a small boat, which la shoved off Info the stream. He loses bis memory ami all Idea of who he is. The singer employs s detective to trace hhn. Tears roll by, snd tbe daughter cornea for s vs. cation to Rest Haven, and la asked to alng at a benefit. The defective tells her that lu. baa failed to—flna • lo-r father. Later,- he awn ono who «bt4 yes)