The New York Clipper (July 1912)

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8 THE NEW YOEK CLIPPER. July 13 n Theatre Managers: Feature Films are, and will continue to be, the DRAWING FORCE. Watch how the attractive and well advertised pic- tures get the throng even at advanced admission prices. We can book your houses with the best money-getlere and can assure you of AMPLE ADVANCE ADVERTISING stuff, so essential to success. We have contracted with alt the leading feature owners for all open time. We can book you like a vaudeville circuit—WE CHARGE NO COMMISSION. Get In line, tell us what you can use, and we will show you what can be done, rental or percentage. FEATURE FILM OWNERS not yet registered wi h us, let MS hear from you. Feature Film Booking Offices 145 WEST 45th STREET, NEW YORK CITY i C0M.IN6 * COLLINS, Mgrs. ■*• tint (lie via wan cu tell lilm nothing, and concert the father 1b brought face to fo< with •pit at „ j.iiicert the father la orougut race 10 face 'with his. duugluer, bat lie la unable to place ber until slug* au old aong. Tben, of course, recopil- ,.ur. comes, Ilia mlml la reatored to bin, and IN (.iiucliter to IiIk arwi, 'The Artist's Joke" (released Jul/ 10).—4 wealthy srilst MtfJ WHb bla only spa, (MM who desires city life. A sketch club of beauties arrive to sketch tbe ruins of the old castle, anil .V«,l Trovers Inquires tbe direction Icom Obults. lit ucts as guide, and Charles becomea Infatuated u fill Nell. They gooff alone at luncheon, and tbe cauvescs ant left alone. Charles' father happens draws a caricature upon ea,ch' cspvaa, and. ilc,iarla. Tbe glrla return, accuae Nell, who la "Winning," as tbe culprit of (be Joke, and leave for bonie without her. Charles ofura to drive her liubic. ah,e meets father, find, seeing drawings uliout the house. inspects him as the joker. He admits It, and apologizes. Charles, up longer auxkmi foe city Utc, cscorta Nell off. •■Vor Valor" (released July 18).—The nlet re- volves around two men and, a \vomitn. She meet* btr two lovers, who prove to be "Tommy Atkins." if the British urni). and her jttectlous seem ,0 i.nvcr front one to the oilier, when, suddenly the i.'iiinu'iit In called to South Africa. Tlieu she la r jri'vil to decide, and ere tbey have departed she bus chosen. The rival lover, bidding tier good- bye, discovers this, but promises her that be will l:rlng her dunce home safe mid sound. Here fol- low* 11 series of stnrtllng military dramatic battle 1 ,renes, mid ill the mldat of the conflict the mnu who baa won tbe ulrl'n heart Is a coward. Never- HieleiiM tin rival lover proves faithful and brlnin liiui snfely out of danger, but both are wounded. The coward would abandon his savior, but is forced at the point of n pistol tp carry him inti the linen. 'Ibis la witnessed by the commanding otllerr who believes the coward has perforinec! an heroic action anil, not knowing the motive, nwiirds him a medal for bravery, ami Mis couirnile doc? not reveal the eecrel. Hut when 'hey meet the object of their love the truth Is disclosed, and, I'rlvate Hwanwlck conies luto his own. "I'lcliuvwiue Durjoellng, India" (release,! July Yl\. — VurJecUug is located In tbo lOMtafai Mtiiitiinlns. The scenic portion of this p|ctt|(e la 1 seoiitlonully bcautlrnl. "Madame do Moda • (released July 18).—"Ad- vice in the lovelorn, by Madame de Moilc." l» thu l-ei^ing of a column In a. dally newspaper.' « lu l Hurry' Kenton Is the young newspaper map who replies to all correspondence from the' lovelorn innlef that rj0111 de plume. Hurry,' pcruoui\lly. is I ocannrtl with women. He Is lu love \\ 1th Madsu F.vereit and sue returns his love! but Harry can't nciiulre courage ehnligh to nnipos,. Madge decides |o ieek. ailvlre H»d writes Madame da Modf. Efarry replica anil states she must sit Ck»f to him. fceep, her engagement Anger prominent, give Mm her photograph and fatpt In bla. arms. Madge deter wife, discharges hint. ternilneg ptin W'tlltt, Is. kept fit tPf llylng Heinrlcns' and plots fiEUfl WHBCOPE SEWS. Whom the National Convention of Ex- hililton meet* In Chicago In August tbey will be entertained by the Sellg Polyscope Co, In trite Scllg style, nans arc now being formu- lated to devote the major part of one whole day to a trip through tbe mammoth Scllg plant anil studios, at Irrlng I'ark Boulevard, Byron, WcBtern and Claremont streets, Chi- cago. The Sellg people plan to take tbe ex- hibitors out to The plant In special chartered can. Upon arriving at the plant they will straightway be Initiated into the myaterlea of motlnti picture production. They will lu all probability take part in some special aim written for the occasion. _ Some timk ago the Sellg Polyscope Co. conducted a contest among the members of the 1'resa Club, of Chicago. Money prizes) were offered for the fourteen best articles submitted on the subject of "Moving Pic- tures." This* theme was not confined to Bella's moving pictures, but traa intended in Its broader sense. The results of tbe contest were splendid and many excellent articles of this nature were seemed. The Sella Co. re- ceived so many request* for permission to reproduce these papers that they have com- piled them In a neat copyrighted booklet, and have given tbem out to the publications requesting them. W. N. Scllg has received a great deal or praise for his broad-minticd method of aiding the uplift of the picture game in this manner. Last week, the X-m Angeles branch of the Hefig Polyscope Co. received" two kangaroos which bad been sent all the way from Aus- tralia In care of a keeper. Some time ago, J. D. Williams, the well known photoplay mag- nate, of Australia, and general manager of •The International Pictures, inc.," wrote a letter tu W. N. Sellg, advising Mm that he -Was tending as a present two kangaroos. One Of tb,e«e Is jtn excellent wale specimen, and has become famous for Its unique, accomplish- ment of using the boxing gloves in contests with him. This animal and one other are the and the ticket taker d,e- }\e knows tbs.t the oouey '•' rwin of the vap of tpe plots to rob It.'' Joey dttrcts. lllchasl'S plot and tells Nellie, the elephant, to notch, the man's actions, and protect him. Mlobni-l that night opens the door of the van and, aeeorfs the money, but tbe ekrphant sees him and Mkfs him drop the money. Returning, Mlcbgel l«tu- rales the walls, of the van wltb petroleum aqd Ignltea'tbe oil. While tie Is doing this th« ele- phant olnses the door, the spring lock snaps, anil . Michael Is held a prisoner In his own trap. Be ber and another ba\e put on the glttvca w,|tli tries to bprst pnen' and Is ittaTocated. ' Joey "Boxer.'" Thomas Hanfschl, le«i|lng man, of aroiwcs his fftlhes an! mother, *m 'WW ijscape f| i)t e ^gitern cpm'nany. Is p,«rs(njt a black e>o enly known kangaroo! who have been able to learn this trick. "l|o*c.r," as Ui. Sellg'a new pet Is known, aeems to relish a glove tight -with the keenest Joy, god work at the h«a Angel'.* studio has been practically discon- tinued during tbe past week while one mem- snfety. "That Troublesome Jjitd" (relessed July 9).— The old maid of a lodging house has several pet canaries, fat the cruel landlord bos ordained tbut no Muis be housed In his precincts;. The old raalit pleads in vain, until pallnp, a,P eccentric fellpw boarder decides to defy tpe orders and help the helpless female bird admirer protect her feathered ' treasures. The landlord learns of this and Bfnits tot the quarters of (Jallno. But the wily Collno has outwitted him, and has a re- doubtable guard watching the wee little canaries. lu tbe outer room a huge Simian baboon lays In wait for the Intruder, and showera htm with crockery at his approach, lu lite luuer room, two great big hissing and roaring l|oue spring nt Elm the minute he. opens the door. These tinge jungle bensls pursue b|m out Of uU own house, where be finally makes bis escape. Needless to State, the laudlonl rescinded tie proclamation tbot caused the old raaUl such terror. llutby"—.%. and . sonic life. $\\e Insists on (he. \\'eatern camp; as a result' of bis flrst cncpuitl strepMO^ anlraol from tUe Aqit... country. Mr. Sellg Intends tp, use "Boicr' In au cftrly production and,, out of compli- VITAORAPH PBOPMI GOOD SPORT PHOUOTBRS. At tho motor boat races for the Atlantic trophy, Albert B. Smith's "Edith U" won nwrl/ all the events. J. 8. U**^"™»1 collided with Mr. Smith's yacht, "fcthcl May, and was badly damaged. The "Vita Jr., which won so handily at Bed Bank. July 4, could not get away, and wai^Ujdrtiwn 1 ^_ CIRCUS NEWS Fro* The Cilpu r, Bggiinl.g FtbmiT, 1861 1867.— Continued. •'Haijlit ft Chambers' Circus and Menagerie," suys a correspondent, "opened at Qvanaville, Ind., o» April in, to two ot the finest bouses I ever saw. The canvas on both occasions wag filled, and hundreds left, being unable to obtain admission. But at night there was nn oct performed that was not on the bills. Some erudite youth sought the cavernous hiding place of the water valve of the atciim- boat's boilers, and by a slight twist of the wrist let escape from the aforesaid boilers all the w»ter they contained. The result was that when the firemen nred up the boilers were literally burned up, Nothing daunted, tbe company pitched Its canvas again and, with a sufficient amount of dodgers to notify tbo clttsjana of Evanavllle of the fact, pre- pared to give another show. Finding the tollers Irreparable, the company was com- pelled to atny two days longer than It bad been advertised, and both days' business was bat 9 repetition ot the first day at that city. The manager a succeeded In procuring a tow, to Henderson, Ky., where they were not ad- vertised, but by the aid of more 'dodgers' succeeded In doing a fine business. On April 20 they showed at Owensborp. Ky., be? Ing advertised to show there °« 'be 17th, bUl notwithstanding they were three d,ayti behind, tliiu,' they found their two centssjiole can,v«,ae*i bM&ftata to the tMk tf ImMtr «U thm made application for adnihislop,, Al- ■THau JIOIT Particular People on Rant, Stage People. And tbs most 8accc*!f*i »S 3h<>- O.iCr SHOES, d5' are V"tX weddy and y(Wr J DO YOD KBALIZE that tbe Fashion Dei>kb», Btaitedom set the siyles for ail classes 3 SSi? KOJR Jadgmeut Is respected. 0-0 SotL «!?■ •pscttd. o-O onglnnllty is respected. Jm !».ft fJOkfB» back to TOO PKOPLE, the lat"~ -' iLI ' •»•« ahoe, £T' otcd. Vet IP 111 comes back to ruu PKOPLE. the ladle*unit.. 1 ' 1, tlemea of "tho profession of all profession' •? ISS DEOIU e tho atylea-we (o-aj sirnpiy mov iVe tb5 The fact that we do It so successfully i»'i ,„?""■ ot groat pride to ua, f v mn *> bVbRY TIME TOt PLAY OHICACO eome In or 'phone for our "best Baleapei »«„•> .„. soc If we're still setting the pace on both stviS! ■nd MONKY'8 WORTH I '" v ' vu uw " TlltS You'll find we AUR-nlwavs and foti-vpf a» S. Staue; stEfl'S • a 8. Clark and Z' s V.iJ Idenl Btore Service. ' h, »" (AU'phones, Harrison owe. Jot it downj fer with this, nrftlHtl bush in an early production and, put pi camp": Went ,o Vr. WJBsms, tV»,M» VjlU be of Mich a naturo as to appeal to Australian hudlcnces. i. F. putmi., personal representatiyo of W. N. Sellg, has left Chicago for a two months' trip through tbe West |ri the Inter- ests of Mr. Sells. llAmtY Coiin, of the Scllg Polyscope Co., ami an assistant and camera man arc at present In New Mexico, where they wont to t ecu re pictures of one Of the biggest of, the Western cattle round-ups. What rmisusnu t6 be ope of the most In- teresting and, (it t,he same time most effective though (hey hove been compelled \9 ntlss, stqn'ds,' j«\ the company has done a wonder- ful buktoeas, and, having procured a tow- |oat," will be enabled t6 bake nji of Its, stands until the' maehjnlata cpntDletv the work of placing two'hew bbilets |n tne s|e«m-, boat Coosa, when she will again ple.ji«ft the rasing waters of the Qblp. Hs,rry gtirdlvau Joined the party on April 20, baying engaged for tbo'tenting season with this company. lie la a profitable accession, being an A !\o. X acrobat. C. S, Hurrows also joined the porty in his new trapeze performance. T performance Is different froria any trs,) performance I ever saw, consisting jf" 22, and goo's 1 thence up the pblo. Chnrllu chah-8. etc., whll^ the trapeze Is swinging, an entirely new texture. V.,... A BMI i\n \ iii'l I miiifa to fellow the advice. Consequently when sitcb sorrow and himself On same reel, "A Tf l "> c l° u9 Oaditlttg lead, a shm . ffl displaying ber beauty to all fvllow pedestrians of Parts, while he begs that she rpinplu ut home and perfarnt the dnlles. Hnbby decides to follow her. This proven the proper solntton, for she finds her b.usWa.o' «, com- pany quite Irksome anil puiba.rroBS.lng, aru i | n the end she is, only too wming tn re«mn t« d.Hli' uI Wifehood. ' » ' ' ii.* ) ' »' sssss IKWlTlklltPvT WP1CUUL . Ji0 ?, WYi s '**9 Pv«nch of the gHmM* tura Bx,hlhitor» v l>e«gno of America hold Its election of omccri July V Thu |nltoyj|ng were elected foe the ensuing year; Hjtniuel H. Trigger, president: .Us. Samuels, vice ptcs|dent; Grant W. Anion, treasurer; Sidney A'Ptier. se v rewry'; *■ Hauernfreupd flonncllal «e«ota,ry; Rob,. C. Keapt-nt-arnw. The foil anting on ladders, trapeze Is swinging, _ The show appears at New Albany "on, 4prll 22. and goes 1 thence up the phlo. ChnV'le moving pictures yet weased wjlll b? Selbj's Seaman, lenper and Jig dancer, and Madame single reel subject of July 22. It Is entlUM 1 Mucarte Joined the show op AprU"W "On the Trail of the Germs," autl <#:$[* W np Interesting, simple way with the stent problem of tutoix'uVisIs, or. as It is commonly called, -.'The tirent White Plague." This film was produced, with tbe aid of ami uapor the auspices of the Chicago Tuberculosis instl gjjjgjjjk note$. Notes mm the Colonial MitPn—«-, opened our Summer season at Ifuur xm Park, Krle, Pt„ Monday. July 1. with ItaJS circuit of parks to follow, tf. Dwlgllt vtZ, mannger and owner, has spared no Liuenil to make the show a somewhat different kimi having a full circle, mostly of ladies. Busts*! llllly Burke and Happy Bcnway, pHnctaai comedians; Cuas. Van and Ravlc Troy trtt edition; Chas. Dunckley, Howard Picktei and Earl Hopkins, soloists; Pearl ii a , l0 „ Nclllq Anderson, Amy Ellis and Aurllla i/ltrk' lady soloists. Olio: Van and Clark acro^ batlc dancing and singing; Happy ltenwav monologue; Obelhne Musical Girls, and "A Night at Maxim's," a one act musical com- edy. Oar first part getting Is in Colonial style, Johx T. Hanson and MiYStx Dhiw are PlajiHB tttMfn dates on the Hodklns circuit In m "OUtfl. Miss Prow's haud-palmed gOBB| are the cause Of many complliuentiry W«.PI w kw certainly had the news- papers "'with them" during their engagement at toa Scenic Theatre.l'Hwtncket, I1 B C™k 5f M\L h . JM* nfltloes were simply fine. !!SH%Lft WSSSfr W0 0 "8oVicvactor. BWV^WH-.U .will wake Saqrninento my ll««M\WtteVs .for. tho Summer, giving m> ^«Wl«jp« e*wmBme«ta occns,lonall,v at the mpuntHB readrfg o| California—at Yosendte, t,afcfl T an « e - M«u^t Sttastit, etc. Will com- itj o.ccas,lonall.v at the res.drf,g oj California—at Yosemlte 00, Mflun,t MMta, etc. Will com. WWe'jay *¥«t>W Won.olog'uo tour In Sep- Will H. FitLpaj ot Fields and La A deli j, writes: "'We nn v « Just completed twenty of the pest weeks of tho dug Sun tlnn-. and in most of* tbe theatres. w,e were featured. Re will bo at our. home in Chicago for at least .U wecljs. We expect to open for Sullivan t Consldlne this raC.'" Kai>\ Clark ASo Dale IUveuk.vx. in "A Bit of Vliialcnl Comedy," jumped from tbe Itanrtjo this till I'mndfta'ttt subject" ln'"a' fech- nlcaily correct and a.bwhjngiy Interesting BHttal m Wftlt^n,, aer- VvWllw apd euro of tnborcul The piiist two pictures n e- dramnHc manner, apd I w ,pti euro or utnorc msT two pictures »i,.„ Co. In Colorado are to be released during the *£fc. JPI^IbOSsjIeJl q * Wi ' w ad,? by the Sellg Wled -.'Tfte nowl for telegse tt« i Is' The first one Is en- Cfogs,'' and la scheduled lowing board, of directors WW U situation, which culnjlnates In llnrrjr popping question. 1/he happy day is mined, arrives, ami u'moiis the vtcildlng presents ts one front the news- Sw» offlw tvtth the fnllowlne pole: '"po'Mr. and rs. 'Mnilnine' do stode." This leads Madge to senver Ihst' bashful Harry Is upne othfr than ''Hailo,me" lie Mode. eject- Va- last jwo_wcoJ(» of 4t\ly HWo Crc i m «■;; the White Ma'n'V Bui-den,' 1 an,d 'will lie t< felogss «n in\y 89- J«* second picture to be ktutwn a,s "The Pecntwr xature of wiiitA'i unf.i^n '■ md will he re- t,edman and Rl roles, »jith cNftbb. M. -ftJner. VMM*- "The Adopted Child" (releaaed July 81—This two reel subject deals with the life history of a Ilttle girl named .Minion, who Is adopted by soma dud heai'ieil rag pickers when ber mother dies. S(a|-|ou's fniher |s lu America trylug to make a fprtnt!.'. Yearn toll by and Morion grows to be it beautiful ivoumn, and a I'r. Vcrdler fulls lu lovu With her. Onp day Pr. yenller Is called tu treat a Mrs. Unrli'H, who la the second wife of .Morion's father, liiomili Hie physician does not know Hint Diirles Ih .M;ivIiui's father. The doctor and (Juries get Ipto an altercation and have u. duel by the light or a lantern'held by « rag. Picker named Smile)-. ■ ■ " ■ . Louis Hoswithal. Icncl. For one year : Robert MeNo,.., NoertiR, J. CoufnI. Wm- King, aJ.^Vernn*.. AftDV the election natters of importance woie taken, up for consideration, among which were the coming National Exhibitors' Con- vention at, Chicago, th,c establishing of locals throughout (he State and the coming legisla- tion alt Albany. NEW CWRATIOXS. t«b ANiMATgn I'ubltcitx anp Pi^thi 81 -' 1 - IMO Co., Now York. Napoleon AuuBLiinx-r and Novelty Co., Brooklyn. 1'ICTUaU THEAT8U EQVIi/UVKT Co-, New York. leased on July 80, ' Myrtle . William, Du«can play the prlnclpo.1 this branch ot the Hellg Co. Onb of the most beautiful single reel sub- jects ever made by the' Bellg Polyscope Co. Is. to be rclnnged on July 2(1. The picture is. called ''The Miller of Burgundy,'' and tells. In a simple, charming drama, a story ot modern day French peoaantry. ' Some of the tremendous settings, usee) lo this production cost over it thousand dollars, and upwards to one hundred people take part In the story. One of the most beautiful scenes Is that of an old Burgundy Sower mill on the banks of a river. In the distance can be seen tbe quaint old windmills, which ore so much a part of the old France. Some Ave hundred members of the National Press Association, upon their visit to the Sellg plant recently, watched the production of this masterpiece, nnd all were very enthusiastic over both the story and Its settings. The New York Circus, which closes the season lu this city op May 4. starts oijt on 0 for a traveling tour during the warm months. The chow commences, its Summer campajgn nt Stamford, Conn., on May 6 - The company travels by rail and includes the fallowing performers: Mile. Carlo'tts/Dc Berg, the dashing and Intrepid enucstvle'puv ; the. Kimnells Family, James Jl. Madjgao, <lie somvrsautt rider: james E. Cooke, the. ex- cellent MM and four horseback rider; the Levantine Bros.. Billy Dncrow, Joe Pent- land, John, Mudlc-nn, ,los. UazUtt, La Petite, Ducrow, S. P. afU'kpey and, others. AU \lie trained horses, panics, mules and buffalo go along, A now *aterproof pavilion haj^ oven made expressly for the copecru, and the trap- pings and appointments are pronounced; bt>l- llant. Tho organisation of trio company will be as follows: L. B. Lent. qirectoV: B. D. Co(vln, treasurer; C. Boswold, 'l«a.tlcr of the band: c. w. Fuller, contracting «gen*; 3otin co, mas The company e»eots to rc- .. er, contracting agen*; John H. Wloklln, advertising agent. 0kw Mows, and Wm/Wallaco, maa,tef of ^'iblj 1 Kjiilley reeiignltes the resembluniie' be .. j(r, Itiirte.* upd the photograph Marton, has, and Ibis brings annul the reunion of falhcr nni) dsdgliler- The ftejinuither, In '.he m'ehti tlnie. bus fallen Hi lore'villi 'Verdlcr. uiucn 16 the latter'a. lils'cnitifoi'l. and e.|ns0s untold (roof to He iwr ;i!lii., Tbe "ty? fMll? ever. In a whlnn Ind <>f excitement. ''"I'Jie (lelshn's Uvc Story" IC. 0. P. C re tMHsrlsn 0).— A Gblsha trlrl (s betrolheil lo a ypunj: JfllHiliese. jjne ls'loyeil'liy a stranger, who; tr all appeliraticen, Is a 'ucntleinau, hut who proves WaKlf ofliprwlst*. He hires aj*Niamsj pninllt lo curry the ylrt off |o his ei|ve |n (he i|ioint|alni, where he goes la win her hand. |n the menu time 'the Imiiillt hliiiself fulls' In loye with the iim Wfc flfe'bls til? low,_iy'lnnlug, re- lurnH llio lameiited pet to ber ■'On lie.- prlnU of the Qui fptTfJ^IJiO FEATURE FILMS BOOK- Iojfi (|FF|;pE« qHfiA!SI^pV Collins & Collins, feature Ulni promoters, have launched into a new business, and have opened the first apd only existing booking uhie iiiii Tuiaery ofllce for (fat'tire Dims, where they propose td Is haiiplly, how- Jpnn'age andcontfol the open time of every t. ' R qlm'on the mnfltet.' Their 1 scheme Is an fx> cqjlcrjf or»c hcrfenco \f\ In almost, all nrket. o with, vn,rlods ^t t nl th/Wc tics, 8t\4 oliJecfloB^ know' ftorn" "n wld« ex- Stftje Tight 'features , m tomBm mfei- lp tli? Jjondllrig ty the 0)- parents. Cliiism" (releasfil July ij, ore attacked deplft, "the lending roles Three BCjtlers, one a wountn, . One of ">e ilien Is )Iie accipicit and the oilier' Is'tJif- re- .. one a the Indians. One of the wtcfnVnift of'the girl, and MM nillvr. The latter helps' them escaiie, while he h (rupiifd within a hutiilng ciildn. lie ewliiM's, warn' the liullans leave to pursue tbe otlH'rjf. 'Hie lovers ore caught, t|ed to a stoke, and niioiit'tii lie bnraed to'death, when'on the crest Of n nearby hill, looms tip the figure of tbe iniin mi|i|«wed to have perished In (be cabin. Tie rides 'hwny, hotly vursucd lij' the Tndlhns, und, llnally. catching no Willi the fleeing' pale face, they llinl him standing'oil n projecting rock almve the rearing mountain strenm. and ftpiirhbi hand, iintigles ml Inillnl) child'. Warning the Indians that It they approach be will dash the child to (he' rot'kp 'be-low. he ' Dually sends llifhi buck to f*!rnrt>'hl* frlfn'ds. nnd the tmVly'nrrlval ot other tMden; 'saves'th> tjlo; •' - "Ilcr Old Stiee'thcnrr''(rilcnscil July §).— PrlsclUn Is nil llusteted when' she'recelVvs word Ihnt a' long lost lover' Is' comllig (o \Min her. TJme la iireolousi cllio ciiiuiof lose a chance unil ' ktensto acijulre n few lo«,Cbeil of yonlh. Dur- a bofglnf enters her home 'and Hjrlscllln ret' her lover.' embraces l|llh nnd are alive to tb,c liecessTty' of that pyoppf S ln<l of advance advertising, and-wnlle they &o not propose to handle u foot of film In their hew ofllces, they mean to have at hand evory de- tail la the way ot prOperly advertising tbo various shows -which "Incv will mahagf. ""^eY wIH"hct as a,' klni\' of brokerage firm hjet^ccn. ^c '^hcanrc lAan'ngcra 8jn<| tpo film n WV'l!#Vlng" the Rtvratip of inch, can bring thcrfl Into ready touch on the owners. vital points of business, For the theatre manager thoy will relievo him of nil trouble in booking the proper features and'of worry- ing about the proper advertising stuff, and fnt the film'man they wlllc'iit'out altogether the necessity for h'ri ndVnnce agent,'thus do- jnp; the wdrk b'ettrt 'and' cheaper thhtt' tbe present system calls for.' They look for a qnlcU TcsnouBe'from managers nnd film Own- ers to" tSffi afl'vcrtujpracnt, wulfch oprjears elsTeVi^crq |u thin Igs'tic. VAWV* WATTO" W ?,f tbiies. Stage favorites of Broadway as well as tlieatrital celebrities' of Europe, are to oe teen "oh' the motion picture gc'reenfe' In the near fuijre.' SOyernl ft tne most promlncit theatrical managers In 'Abierlcg, have banded tlicmselvcs together for'the purpose of'ore- sentlng feature films vyhlch yi\\\ woVYd*? grfAlfst artists 1 (nlhe W&MA ot plays tant naVe Bcvycfl to mage nlstoty for the legitimate stage. It Is announced that Daniel l<'rohntt\p is to be the mannslng dirfcetof" of tht "jieyr' cprboratlori,' "wbleti which will be knowp as. the Vamous, Play- ers Film" Cdmnahy. Alreh'^y oWliriKcments have been made with several of tbe most rtlhioiis'players' In America and Europe for their appearance before the' motion picture camera. But the" Mini's, cf those who arc at the hend of the; riew enterprise nro so closely n(|Ula,Ied 'jjjr|t^ nU t£nV hag fgiflg realization'dt the fAct Hint the notion'pic- ture no longer was nu institution to be sneer- hoas cH>t<a»wnu, and trsnanartntlon. The . turn to this c|ty early In Sentemner. Taken uiiogcthcr. the show ig one of the best in the country, and we trust that H will meet wjth success. Maglnley, Carroll A Ca.'s Circus was at Fonq du lac, Wis., pp April 27, utnl ttas to remain there three days. The show w«s tben to take the railroad for the West. Mario Carroll, Madame Carroll. Madame Tlukham, Miss La tire t, W. B. Carroll, James Tlnkliam. tho Holland Family, Belmont Bros., V. Fow- ler, Dan Shelby, a. J. Remington, J. Cum- mlnas, F. Bowers, Frank Richards, Billy F.rwln, T. Clutter and James Barzclt are la the company. Levi J. N'orlh Jr., better known as Kit North, son of Levi J. North, died of con- sumption at Columbus, Ind., on April IS. He inns a splendid rider, a good vaultcr, and was well known In the profession,. The members of Luke's Cirrus and Mr. uric] Mrs. Lake did nil they cpnld for hint during his sickness. 0.110 bund of the circus, turned out and es- corted his remains'to the depot. Ills mother Accompanied his body.' which was sent by express to Brooklyn. N. Y., for Interment, lie was well liked by everyone thin knew hi in. lie was pearly fourteen years of njge. Forepaugb's, Oli'cus Is doing a splendid business, we are tolfl, giving two perform- ances dally In ttie principal cities of New Jersey. Fqrenniiah'B Menagerie and Circus met with a cardial vfc - ' circuit, has gone n WlwKor Beach. N. Y., Madam iiuBSB and _ wlfE nil thnt- been best and. prbsvcsslvc In the field of t so-called legitimate stnnp that' little urgi was required "to" brlriS'The stnge folk to cd at and avoided for professional rcqsons, tli IICVnhn'idF:/Nat C. 066it.wln, BlEpcht With ■ort absence pp' take* mm tor ucr'"iove.r,- emuracea lillli oidera the maid'from- the room. • The fellow' tries hoMs/'tip'the' ntalit. "When "IVIfellla reliirira she mlsfnkes him Mr ■'"-"■>"»•«-' ..i-.i-.J-... ■.•".- — * to cscntu', but she. will not let blm go. Her old sweetheart arrives ami ninkt's himself known. I'rbicUla hcsltalcu. while tbe words. "Ilvw liuppv cnnul I be with either, wore t'other dear charmer avfay, past tbrougli her mind. The hiirgliir Wfits It. Ptlvclllu gets a strangle hold <m her njjtlved lover, and, aK«ur'e.i blm that It tyns all u l)f)Vr|l)l<' inlslukv. Oii ttie same reel v.ltli "Kate'H a drama of the circus, one ot for Mrs; declares rtlvcil lover, ijtiil Jest'.' /liiuay and the lu've ot a ticket taker fi 'Uflqn. the vtlff ot the |lronrle,lor;' lie iL but shviletysts lihu. and ber dielike Is "shared '- Utile bo}-,' Joey. The PS' "eleiibnul of the hflUe. Is a close friend of Joey's, and llc\(u|,'l strikes the bpy the fullliful beast eireiw. t""s not hesl . It has been announced that at the end of the Summer Bcasdn HnmnieratolVTs Ubof flni-- dcn. over the Victoria'and Rnpnbllc theatres. In New York City; will be rofriodcTcd, a stbnm lientlng plant Installed, and'will'become tbo rioi^uiSenthdni* ofth6 KWcmacdlor plc'ttiros. ThV' ofibnlnk Is flhuo;un?cti W Uw Day, Sc*t. '7.5114 the Um'plfRir^S sh,6wn' td be ttfMJ it Pipfessrfc I ox )Jclhtu?|lf^'Mlrtjtle" pi'tuVuctlon. Tie spectacle |s ndv W^B re- Mttsjl "bclotc' tho" Klni'iuucolor camera lu yleilua. fust as It wan done ot thc-IJIympln. In London. ' Tho prncofislonal BCene. which is a feature of'the'production. Is salt 1 t,0 be ^sprelilly effocflVe In'Klrie'mifCfilor. AU lirWoodll'ls prepnrli'ig to"pves,cnt movr Ing plttufps of ^IlldSlfc" MfltV'ofch^tra. ilrtottipnniml'nf'enily' thin ecMbn. life hak neen"lu DCgo'' tl^g Mctrvpol to presenting been nrrsnglhg to present the, picture tie flrgt time Un' August, nnd. If he, do 3u Win the Held.-slight to ahead « Walsh, James fl'Nclll. Mudamc Kcjane, and other well known actors' end' actresses al- ready In tbe motion picture" Held, It may readily lie understood that others of equal fume will follow lu their footsteps.. A- £u- I'oK; tretnjti'rer of the siJarHiJ Loew enter- I irises, Is president of the company, and offices invc been established In the Times Build- ing, New York City, and studios ore lo be established Ih'various parts'bf'fhe country nnd Kurope, "' * ulo ■•" tme Aim'market, tug picture' 61 hi foe distribution. I T: ■ .. 25a- ubilcity nnd b>g uanii) ti . the neAVfuture a' thrill- CW Vork'jlfc >I[H\ W t(?ady reception-at yatcrsou. JJ. j., on May 7, and, received a most liberal patrQna,gc, the canyas b.eln.g crowded, potn day and night. Qf late years, m fact,, so far back ttlat ^'yc memqry pf man runneth not to tbe contrary," I'utevson bus cnjby'e4 t\te unenviable rcpivtn- tlou of beipg a "rough town for snowmen." the "lioys'i generally nntlclpatlni! what Is styled In the classic language of the "cul- leys" a "cleaning maSe 0 '' 'The treajtment t|f. V'oi'epntiKh received was a modt gratify^ lag execntlon to the custom "more ; honored In the breach than In the observance. 1 ' The chief of police, dipt, Quackcnbosh. took,' at the Instance of Mannger f\ M. Ketsb, entire charge of the show, and, owing to h)s gentle- manly demeanor but Arm determination to execute th$ law. everything pns.sedi "off In de- cency and order, and the cltl^ontj rtnd their families bqd nn opportunity of enJoy\ng an entei'tainmcnt void' of 'the Intrusions and. annoyances ot rowdyism. Tbo receipts of the day and night, we are told, amounted to shout ?2,400, ftn4 when the cxhlbltdrs were about to leave' a number of tbe most In- Adcntlal people ot the city waited tftibh Mr. Fbrepn'UKh, congratulated him upon Ms'suc- cess;' and" complimented him'"upon" tao gen- eral eood bcbnVlot bf big company and tho intlsfaction the whole affair had? rendered tbi* people. •Phtg' cstabilslmedt will Wsl? lUushtlntf fa placeVhcre'Sbttwsilvo'liltherto been depmed "contra,'bahd''T'on May 15. Amljog'tbe riew animals'added to the 1 snov II Ht A ' 1^61'iro 'n no I r* r. f l1ii,,,i„l, • sWlaat M4|f ■BtrlguV Family Theatre, Detroit, Mich.,'to the Lyric, In Ft. Smith (9SQ miles), to open on tbe Hodklns time. .Votes from lUmnxoxos'a Mliltnv Makepis Co.—Claudl Goulet'a mother, from Huston, macle her a visit while the company was play- lug Lul.-ce, Me. Miss Goulct is pianist vita the company. 1'l'of. Harrington is manager. The company Is meeting With good success. l'rpf. Harrlngtop Is one of tbe old timers. There arc. but three of its left—Price Tetter, Al. Marts and Trot. Harrington. Jdisfviiu A. xVAVftUj, managing and dra- matic editor of T(i« Ass, f\pd Gladys Moore. dawMw °< Pf?* «• Mo Kim ^fh'^ som ofllclntlng. The couple are spending ijwtr b^eymoon, «n. Maple'Croft *"arm, New CuinTAi- Hull, monologue, singing and dan- cing cojnetUenne,'V rites :^'I recently iwaW svvvtnl very T m>cc»s|nl an<l pleasant week; tur fab Western ynnflevlUo Association, and oppn on July ajttt t*c Maiestic Theatre, paVfWft B. IX, ojr 8.1k 0. time. Am booked un until AtwusP* |<ojfiD anp WwMJJfi who. are now in theh- forty-eighth consecntlVB week, open July u, on tup i«ractoy circuit, for top nmnct says "Managers anft press speak highly uf OUt ant," Vf. 11. Patton. whft recently completed a lopg apd suceoseifM tour over the Orplietini - pis Summer borne at an takc Ontario, 'her troupe of toy ter- riers" loft N«W V'pr'k, working their w;.v towards Minneapolis, where they open on the S. k (J, time, July 21. Kua-ris' ItooBTEnB open pa the Inter-State time July 21, a, return date. 1'nijK Lajiont, ' of Lamont's Merry Mnkers, writes: "I'am'nov in my Hfih week lor Sam Mussell, Of Atlanta, Ga„ nnd have five weeks niore to follow, t rom present in- dications the act will remain In the soma throughout the Summer." Mav L Bsllp received handsome Oowtri from HI Tom Wflrd'S sisters and mother While ttlaylpg at tie Westminster llitatrc, Vi'ovldjence, wpek of July J. . ,,„.. Mb. anp Man. WtJ* H- Bouektb and their clcyer dsugfttprs, Jt|pe and Dorothy, are spending the Summer at their home, t-lifton suburb of Cincinnati, after a^ very awwoaW season of forty weeks |n vaudeville, nud aVN as their guest Master Darwin Andrews, w» of Manager Apflrews. Pf the Star lueatre, Hunelc, lnd„ apaV Wife, Mrs. liny An- Wb' wisp to corwet an erroneous M» ment made th.rough the substltuttou of "M»T fpr "not' 7 IfT last week's CbwpEit, thai^*f» Cnnoon, of'Jack and qilda Cannon, is now lyllh tho MerO-G^Raqndcrs, M ' TIiB' belated news of the death or mc «"> time musical tcam>Vcy #» , Sc,, " ,o:l ' ,p " r-ears In »nce,th» n the Profession. BELLB A8BLVN 4ND BlLLt ClOt ■ .11 V* bodked to open on tho Onwpum Circuit, Juiy ''TnBwntJiict for the pew Keith TTwagJ at New Brunswick, <C J-. has been ««M* Thb Thbee'Rubes ore roported to nave opened July*l, at Wt Erhplre, London, to a * Ihmcb Ann Weston Ba,l|ed J,uly 0, to open In Johannesburg, aoutlt Africa. h Wif.r-« and Bahiios arc at ttett ™Sin> Bloornlngtop, lit, fixing up thett ncw vaulK V 'fe 1i?'MA»s«aLi'hna biten recently added to ttMTo»c"^orc« of thfTSaa Masscll B»«W« Agency. Wth V mmUV$$g to B » slttsjcjt '■ manager.'" Itp'^to a T^WtA» (The Boj from BWjV, «g of ragtime, cdon and character awngs, awj ft. tWrwj** 8 ' enenVtenieht with tin- 8 . .he Hhow org ' a; ^tbra, a 'pair' of Cheetah ' Uuptlhri .'auldly iittiilnlug a big namo In thl" foa rK.tbe.'pell % strikes the bpy the fnlfhtul benst the flrgt time In August, nnd It-he The VlotorLa, a new mating picture at Scrahttin. Ta., wVl 6p*W« tpf «fe t ♦fee* of July ir ■ ft ft. WBLsfn'Vetvi ft-m leopards, a Spotteti lijcrin, a _ a fllridoosthn,' brsloth'bear, & very mc | n*oi this rare species'ol Bruin.' i*ore- paugh's establishment is traveling toward the East, mufa 'Its'Agents expect to be success- dlth^" Hartj's IntertalrjerR,' of C%lnnotl. 0., '_ 4galn 7 ln V tho Boufb; and will open,an, dclinlte" etfgagomdkjt at Stone's 1W Athens. Gn. 'Hc'ls liandilcd by Be ll\e ajea mftmt*.-iCimm m M So „iha»iP- ^•swiW