The New York Clipper (July 1912)

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in ; JULY 13 THE NEW YORK CLIPPER. 9 mrr OF TOWN HEWS ...j Mnm». Poll's (B. J. Ereen, S -«» JSgrSjrtS! LelU Pari. "rt «f »»» »*g' w as exeedent. "Mrs. Wigs* »'" 1 t j;- p J CaK"V < i h s' 8 aDd "T Dllkbback, mgr.J-Btll for 8- ■ Boot and Whit*, sua .. Pitch" S|*nVl"tIirift" w««k otJh l»w,g' Wli^rfm.^fchi* Field* ■Dll the mollon f^Smr- CiVrk;-«a .he nlclar*.. ■"Si*? idnldsteln Bros., mgrs.)—Bill for 810 1 V".i«r TrioWUluml H. ConkT and Madias 1 i l,i this city 16 James C. Manning. » i wi" rtnreea wltb causing the death of Ku- 1 J Howran • »t«w? hand, at Poll's, win dls- T£.4,i " ™"r 5."... .Ted Lorraine, of Vslessn .r^*rt«^>*j^^jBj«?*f%. He the act la aoon to be taken abroad, naff, tho Foor Flndlar Cbllili i llnwir, f« the part of Chris, and Augusta Dor- L for the role of Mrs. Elchorn Mr. ami M,i will Creasy, known "> »atwI*ylU« Nflmn ■ml Dane. Btonpeit over In tbls city week of 1. ! ,|, e |f way bilck for a vacation, aa attest* of Uaiiv Ure-wler. nt her Summer place In VHml- ue VI ....Word was recelreil here 4 of the miirrlaar nt Hudson, M. Y.. 8. «t Aoiea Moore and Clean Whlttaker. upon the staffe of the Alrdome Tliei tr» Tlie eonrd* hate been appearing In a riuiieiillt sketch together for aooe time. Tbelr Louie Is ln PittsOeld. Mas*. Full Hirer. HaiM>—Academy (L. M. Boas. „,lt i hill for July 8-10: May and Lilly Burns. Ile-iler «ud Adsins, Fisher and Green, and Lam- In rt P«m Bill for 11-13: Flying Went*. Loretta be Ray. and Clarence Oliver. Pjikmito (J-. M. Boaa. mir.)—BUI for 8-10: Juliette, and Short and Miller. Bill for 11-1 J: Clsretla. and He Alma and Mae. Pauci (A- H- Ashley, mir.)—Motion picture* Illustrated sonis. tamo (Ed. Doberty, BUT.)—Uotlon pictures nnil Illustrated songs. Nickklodbon (Walter Blgelow, mgr.)—Motion nlctiires mid Illustrated serosa. Star (F.. Mlchelfelder, mgr.)—Motion pictures anil illustrated sons*. , , . Basic (H. K. Archer, mar.)—Motion pictures. Nil ford, Mosm. —Lake Nlpnrac (Dan J. Knriiinie, mar.) motion plctorea and vaudeville. Itlll week of July 8: Lanra Ordway. Barnes and It.ilihMin. Plnard anil Hall, 8adle Rodgers. the (irent De Frntlo, Eddie Rowley, and McKmitley 3 Slrwlng Orchestra. The added attraction Is the Wnliliam Brass Band, with John M Flockton, con- Xiw lnBAt (Pesbnm ft Hodeo, mgr*.)—Motlnn pictures and songs. ...... Lyceum (Lnby Bros., mgrs.)—Motion pic- tine* ord songs. Sotks.— The town la billed for Downle * Wheeler's Clrcna for 11 The old timer, Dan Haley, the minstrel man, made a hit with every- twdy at Lake Nlpmue week of I. and Is re-engaged lo play a return here before the Summer Is over. Tnconiu, WMb.—t?antagea' <W. J. Tlm- mon», nigr.) "A Nlgbt at tbe Eldiewelsa" was tlie liemlllae altraction week of July J., and S. R. O. nearly every night. The hill Included: Carl Itoslue and company, the Romano Bros., Doleseb and Zlllliauer, Bond Morae. and the Pantnaesciipe. F.iiparnB (Oeorge B. Trumbull, m«r.)—The Arahlnn ncrobata top the bill week of 8, whleh Incluilea: Herbert Brook*, John Mnrray, the Kraut Trio of enolllbrlsta, Anna Heritage and Allln Dlneheatt, in "The Two Rubles;" Irene und Bobby. Smith, and aa an added attraction the latest current eventa by the Underwood Photo ivervlre. "The Moutaniora Freato March," com- nosed hy a local musician, is featured by the orchestra. Pla.vcEss (C. L. Rlcbarda, mgr.)—The Prin- cess Stock Co., in "The Wolf." with dally nwtl- i:ce» for Feato week. Tacoma (0. H. Herild, nigr.)—Tburlow Bar- gen. In "Old Heidelberg," 5, 0; Margaret Illlng- ten. In "Kindling," 10, 11. Diikau (Myer Colien. mgr.)—Moving pictures. Ilunu (Vf. 8. McNIab, mgr.)—Moving pictures, l.rnifi (Sam Andrews, prop.)—Moving pictures. Fine ivislness. Scbkio (W. Sault, mgr.)—Jlorlng pictures. Circuit (John Selfert, mgr.)—Moving pictures. A Brush runabout was given away at thla thea- tre June 27. to the bolder of a numbered coupon. Palace (Sam Andrew*, prop)—Moving pic- tures, VAttnBTTE (B. Bertelson, mgr.) reports in- creased business. Idle Hour (b, r. Drntach, mgr.) Is enjoying a hue patronage. Rosa (L. J. Prnnko, mgr.)—Playing to ca- pacity with pictures. Both. (E. p. Dunbar, mgr.)—Moving pictures to coal business. SiiEia, (i. Davis, mgr.)—Good business «on- imn's nt this moving picture house. Niitks. —Clifford Thompson, playing lends at lie Pi limese Theatre, hns purchased an auto and lias been Joy-rldlng his many friends ever alnce. Frlia Robeson, late of the princess Com- Pnnr, lios joined the Ayleswortb Co.. playing In unrouvcr, B. 0 Margaret Ullngton hna «l*at Hie greater part of week of 1 at her home h»re. She played Seattle week of 1, and will appear iu this city 10, 11. St. John, Cain.—Opera House (F. 0. Spen- wr, mRr .) Margaret Anglln, in "Oreen Btock- "'■». July 1-3, to good business. Prices were Mvaneeil for thla engagement, and at each per- ■oramiice Miss Anglln received prolonged applause I r ' nl| V In tlie audience being old school friends of "" The Gay Mnalclan," booked for week of »■ was canceled, and the King-Lynch Players Oil tlie dnte. * In covcrwi two children with scarcely a stitch of clolhes. took them to a clothing store, ami when tl'ey left each had a comiilete new outfit, as well as some cash Week of S Is "Old Home Week" here. Among tlie attractions is Ferrari's United Showa Hamilton, Can.—Temple (J. O. Appleton, mgr.) "The Prince Chan" week of July 1. "Arl- acna" week of 8, "Charley's Aunt" week of 10. Mi.t.KTiiN (O. H. Summers, mgr.)—"Are Too a Mason?" was presented 1 and week. "The Traveling Salesman" week of 8. Richmond), Va,-Colonial (E. P. Lyons, mgr.l bill for week of July 8: Ray Dooley nnd tier Metropolitan Minstrels. Brltt Wood, Ranks- Drrttal Duo. Chas. Ledgegar, Spencer anil Will- lams, and the pictures. I.trnm (Mr. Knight, mgr. 1—BUI week of 8: Suzanne Carter and lier Minstrel Maids. Bob Stanley. Desmond and Humphries, Lew Dean, ami the plctnres. KMrrriK (Louts Myers, mgr.)—Rill week of 9: Pernio. Carnn and Far- Fannle Fondeller, and the plctnres. Bijott (Harry McNlven, mgr.)—Bill Week of 8: nobby Heath. Bernard and Scnrth. Gordon and Wurren, Lester Bros., and the pictures. Rr.X. Victor ash Vihoima, moving picture tomes, are all doing well. Hoi Surinam. Ark.—Whlttlngton Park- Over n.OOO people celebrated Independence Day at this resort. Among the Attractions was a baseball game between the Little Rock Lodge of Elks nnd the local lodge, the home lodge winning. All the concessions did a lantl-oRlce business, and the day closed with a fine dlsnlay of fireworks civil loll, oiises are doing fine will re-open week of Besscy Co. for a two ocas' engagement. llarlliiKlim, la. — Orand (R. P. Holmes, mgr. I Is closed. c amuck Thos. Oreen, temporary mgr.)—Packed booses greeted the local company, who n».i on Paul l'rawley's original skit, July 2-5. I'.Liia (W. H. Taylor, mgr.)—'Moving pictures. 1' a IL. P. Blank, mtrr.)—'Moving pictures. I.Tiim (W. H. Ewlng, mgr.)—<>fnvlng pictures. Cornet (J. A. Potts, mgr. (—.Moving plctorea. Nauo (Alexander & Co., mgrs.)—Moving pic- tures. JfOTES.—.nagenbeek-Witllnce Sliows will anpear here 2» Myrtle Fonck is visiting ln-r parMila in this city. Pes Moines, la.—IngersoII Park (H. B. Rurton. < bill week of July 7: Cal Stewart. Cliarters-Hallldnr company, tarralne. Dudley and company, Manelln's birds, Holmes and Buchanan. and the moving pictures. Air.noMB (Chas. Nanner. mgr.)—"Tlie Em- killer" 7-9, "The Pulse of New Tork" 10-14. Una, O.—Fanrot (I,. H. Cunningham, mgr.) the Nat Goodwin pictures drew tremendous crowds, at advance prices, Jane 24, week. Busi- ness I* splendid. Lrnio (C. C. Deardourff, mgr.)—The Lyr'« Musical Comedy Co. closed a Tery successful en- frngement here 0, nnd open at Delroar Garden, ln St. I^iuls. 8, for a ten weeks' engagement. Royal. Star. Dreaulamd. Lima and Empire, moving picture houses, report fine business. NoTB. — I In rn i mi & Bail'y's Circus exhibits here 22. Battle Creek, Mich.—Post (E. R. Smith, mgr.) Is closed, Btjou (Will Marshall, mgr.)— Bill Jnly 710: Four Hercnlanos Sisters, HnRunl nnd Chain. J. Irfe Klare and company, and Lockliart Sisters. For 11-18: Black and McCnne. Davis and Wal- ker, the Three Dreamers, and Prof. Haney and company. GOOD MUSICAL PLAYS FOR STOCK TUB CANDY SHOP THE FAIR CO-ED THE HOYDEN THE ECHO SERGEANT BRITE CONTROLLED EXCLUSIVELY BY Tho JOHN W. ISSSSSSESsSB 'RDMSLY P1AY COMPANY 1S2 W«st 46th St. TilophoriB, 550 Brytflt NEW YORK cm WAN TIP, FOR May Bell Mark's Stock Company Leading Man, character Woman, Union CarMnter that can act, General Iluslnem Man to FiHudle props. Othar people, write. Prefer those doing »ii entitles. One week stands. Behearse two weeks before. Those that Have written, wiite nirain. Address R. W. MARKS, aUhager, Marks Bius.' Co.. Perth, Ont. "HELL HATH Iff) FtllY." "Iiell Hntli Xo Fury." niilay In three acts, by Cecil Owen and I'luirles V? Hell, was originally prodnrcd July I, at the Prospect 'I'hentrc, New York, by tltc stock coinpnny of Hint house. The story tells of the trouble evented by tt woman In love wllli .another, woman's hus- bnntl. There Is bIro a "vll'.nln" In love with thla snme husband's true and lovlig wife. It seems for a tltne thnl thi-re will lie ccvcrnl trips to Reno, tnt fortunnntely Zeln flnlc, the woman who starts It all. gets religion, of somethlnif akin to It, and everything ends happily The i cast: Ml STOCK NEWS WHAT 80KB STOCKS ARE PLAVI5G THIS WEEK. (Summed by Larcv * Watford.) AitiAxr.— Harmanos, "The Commnters." IfosToir.—Majestic. '•Fires of St. John." UciDOKPonx.—Poll a. BtrrrALA—Stsr, "Cameo Ktrby," CoLt'MBOS.—Hartmsn, "When We Were Tvrenty-one." tlLBVELAN-o.—Colonial, "The Easiest way." Davtos. —>Kalrrlcw, "Peaceful Valley." Dktboit. —Garrlck, "The Deep Purple." Drnver. —Elltch's, "Seven Sisters." Indianapolis. —Murat, "The Easiest Way." Kansas Citt.— Willis Wood, "The Ty- phoon.' 1 Lancaster. —Family, "Paid In Pull." I,onq Island.— Hill s, "Camllle." Lincoln. —Oliver, "Freedom of Suzanne." ITEMS W MiTOT YOU MAY HAVE MISSED. A rpecial committee of the New York Board of Aldermen recommends that the speed of automobiles ln New York City limits 1»' regulated- at fifteen miles per hour, ex- cept that a speed of eighteen miles an hour may be maintained on Broadway and Am- sterdam Avenue, North of Seventy-second Street; Coney Island Boulevard and Eastern Parkway, and that n speed of twenty-five miles an hour may be maintained, but not exceeded, on public highways that pass through the country sections undeveloped nnd sparsely settled. The provision against reckless or negligent drvlng la to hold good In all sec- tions. A moving platform will be built under Ihlrty-fonrth Street, Xew York, from Third Avenne to a point between Eighth and Ninth urenuca. CoNcnnns hits voled a gold medal to Capt. Rostron for his rescue of the Titanic sur- vivors. Tub Democratic ticket: For president, Woodrow Wilson, of New Jersey; for vice president. Thomas It. Marshall. Kin McCoy recently announced his mar- riage, which occurred July .1. 1011, at Gas- cogne. 8. C, to Edna Valentine, of New York. jack Johnson easily disposed of Jim Flynn ait Las Vegas, N, ft.. July 4, the police stopping the slaughter ln the ninth round. Woloaht got the decision In the bout with Joe Rivers at Los Angeles, Cal., Jnly 4. Tim Vanderbllt Cup Race for automobiles Is scheduled for Mllwankee, Wis., next Sep- tember, under the auspices of the American Automobile Association, and will be conduct- ed by the Milwaukee Automobile Dealers' Association. .. , Wonic will be started thla week on the Im- provements to the Manhattan Terminal of the Brooklyn Bridge, which will cost over $■100,000. ... , Thirteen American aorlnters nunllflod July « by winning their trial spins for the Olympic dames at Stockholm. J. E. HinitDRH, tf. 8. A., broke the 800 metre record at Stockholm, running the dis- tance, lm. S2VaS. Thb management of the cvlatlon meet, at ' Boston, which ended July 0. will have to meet a large deficit. Harriet Qnlmby and W. A. Wlfiard, the chief promoter, were killed during the meet Thb New Pabiy, ln their call for conven- tion signed by Roosevelt, named -Aug. 5, at Chicago. Forty States are represented. Nickiu— Bill San Sonet and Clear Ooffln, *»nw. snd the movlni plctarea. i.vbio.— Vaudeville and moving pictures. llNiOTE.—Moving plctnres. JV'"'—Moving pictures. '»:«.—Songs nnd moving pictures. A'lTrw—Tho members of r 'ln the Lnmt of the nihil* Oo. arrived ln town 8, practically Mrniirteil. without the managers. Three of the ,n?, " II,nnt *ra of tho company managed to TCt EK/S5** ,0 **• th * n to New "'*' *" hma? i le """Pany are trying to arrant* for a •■ A°^,vl W ^5fii 0 .!E l rK & Wlison-s MOiei, wnicu wa* comp.eie,, ««• fc^ k ac:ife see «rb a us. fl nesnutt mp, ?t^rrhe'Kt fire In the history of the city. «« ♦ NORTH ADAMS THEATRE FIRE. Fire destroyed the sreater part of the busi- ness district of North Adams. Mass., early Tuesday morning, Jnly 2, resulting In a loss estimated at JSOO.ono. Tlie Are started In Wilson's Hotel, which was_complctely de- vil Lii -* ^ turueu wver hf nicnaru a. wrei- L- ,. L ,lw I 1 *™ hoo* shares of stock, to- ZmL r wttb ! he hWMIng m front of the opera ri ii . f r rn ^ rlr owned br the late John F. Dock- ' brother of R. F. Dlckrlll. Mr. Skinner lm >L fS. "*ar«» of stock In the opera house, nl"nt i n!S mb f r - no *' "Mil hy Mr. Dockrlll Is ki „„„l'? 00 °»t of.the total nrnnber of S.OOO. Mr. fin r ,iil ,a bwn «wfned to his home for the past "'" weeks suffering from a nervous breakdown. r.r'li',1,,',, r i n8 htT vl8| t here. Sllss AncMn waa the I'm ,n.« % n " lch "O 01 " 1 attention. The Woman's In ,Un?.r„ . ob Presented her with *n address and a , ,,'"" '"uanjt of roseB. Bhe railed on friends. ,, «i»o visited her old home In which Hhe r<- '■ii'ler IG?5 ." oWI °- H * r performanee, 2. was »«■ iI^m"" 8 of tb e Lieutenant Clovernor of ""•I iWii' wlH> w «rmly congratulated her. I.iil.l A » T 2?™*' B »n« serennTed her nfber Ml..' s.g&JW'l WTO HWM urchins are clad of coMPAKr strahded. The twenty-live members of "In the Land of the Thistle" Co. arrived In Bt. John. Can., July 8, practically stranded, as Slanager O. Herbert Perry skipped ont with nil the re- ceipts July 2. A benefit performance was ar- ranged by the male members ln order to bring the stranded ones to New York. w»> ' ■ " • "like's shop Window." This drama, sold to be a realistic reproduc- tion of things that exist. Is booked over the Stnlr-Havlln Circuit, by Cliff Gordon, to open Aug. 24. MlLWAl'KER "Minneapolis. Montreal. — Orphcum, "Gentleman of Leisure." Mt. Vebnos. — Crescent, "The Lottery Man." New York Citi.— <Fox, "The Prince Chap." New Yobk Clir. — West End, "Three Weeks." New York City. —Metropolis, "Rip Van Winkle" and "A Girl in Pawn." NEWAnKj—Orphi'iim, "Belle of Blchmond." New Orleans. —Dauphine, "Under Arizona Skies." Oklahoma. — Fair Park, "The Melting Pot." Ocean VlBW. — Casino, "Belle of Rich- mond." Philadelphia. — Chcstnnt Street, "No- body's Widow." " FtTTSBUKon.—Grand 0. H.. "Captain Sw'ft." „ „ Portn„AND, O.—Bilker, "Are You a Mason T KociiESTEU. — Temple, "Girl of Golden Bociibster. —Baker, "Cowboy and the Squaw." HocnESTKR.—Lyceum, "Hello Bill 1" 8t. Louis. —West End, "Thrlma." Salt Lakb.— Orphcum. "Tbe Deep Purple." Stbacusb —Wletlnr, ''Billy." Schemectadv.— Van Curler, "Talk of New York " Toronto.— Grand 0. H., "Is Marriage a a TRKNT0i*.—Broad Street, "The Great Di- vide." Washington. —Columbia, "Zlra." Washinoton. —Poll's. "The Commuters." Wii.keh-Bardb.— Poll's, "Seven Days." Wateroi'rt.— Jacnues, "Three Twins." WriEELiNO.—Court, "Light That Failed." Rmr Brunswick. — Orphcum, "Goldnelds of Nevada." ■ i WINIFRED ST. CLAIIIE CO. NOTB9. Earl D. Slpe announces the third senson of Winifred St. Claire and her own, company. This company, though practically only two vcare old now, holds the distinction, among managers ami theatregoers of the middle West of being the foremost traveling stock organization playing that territory. Wini- fred St. Claire, who is the star of the com- pany, is a diminutive little lady jnst out of her teens but by her cleverness she has won the recognition of some of tbe most Important managers. Tlie company bis been chris- tened "the record breaker," and that It de- serves the title Is proved by the fact that it has broken eighty per cent of the house re- cords In the Middle States. The latest reports show that we have broken records In the month of June for ovsr J400 each, and broke our own record In Dan- ville and Champaign, III., too gross receipts for last month being t7,02a.4(). The com- pany will start on fair dates In two weeku. These arc return engagements, for we hold records In every fair date wo will play this year. At tbe beginning of th<> regular season Manager Slpe will Invade the Eastern ter- ritory with Miss St Claire and her com- Knny. A now and up-to-date repertoire of Igh class royalty plays has been selected, and two carloads of special scenic effects will bo carried to correctly mount each pro- duction. Mr. Rlpe's novel advertising Ideas arc making hla show a byword with all tho big managers. Last week he sent ont all over the united States handsome felt pen- nants over four foot In length tearing the name of his company. The pennant* are handsome, and any manager would feel prond to have one In bis office or theatre lobby. The roster of the company will remain the game with a few additions. In support of Winifred St. Claire are: Frederick Lyle, director; Horace Llnncr, Harry Cansdale, Harold Kltcr. Fred Ells- worth, Clyde Holmes, James Shaw Jr., Raleigh Cogswlll, Sam Carlton and Jacx Elliot, LiU'lla Pulton. Bertha Allen, Miss Tyler Kent, and "Nanny" Orennan. Earl D. Slpe, proprietor end manager. John Avery Paul McAllister Franklin Adair Cecil Owen Wlllard Gale Ijenrv Crosby Powell FJbeM rtonson Heled Avefy.. Irene Tlmmons fcets Gale Besale Lee MarJoHe Ewart .Madolyn Delmar Paul McAllister onit Irene Tlmmons, is (he Mr. and Mrs. Avery, respectively, the nearly wronged husband and wife, gave very credit- able performances. Cecil Owen, as tbe "vil- lain." was also good. Madolyn Dolmnr, ns a frivolous voung woman with a very limber tongue, was inclined to over act. Others Iu Ihc cost were good. The play Itself belongs lo that conventional class of melodrama with which the pnbllr Is familiar, and il how rarely seen ^nlslde of sloe* thefttres. !»■ ■ ■■ ■ " - FRANKLIN STOCK NEWS. Edwin Wrc-ver. leading man of the Frank- lin Stuck Co.. nt Ilruntford, Ont., sends tho following: t . "Excitement reigned on the stage of the Colonial Theatre just before the rise of tho curtain on the Franklin Stock Co, production of 'East Lynne.' Pan Fendvlt. who plays tho role of Levlson in the bill, has occasion to use a shotgun with n hlank shell during the uctlon of the play, and while trying the pun out before tho rise of the curtain. It went off and the wadding ln the hlank shell hit I.oren Sterling, blowing his hat off and Inflicted a bad flesh wound. The minute the gun exploded Mr, Sterling fell to the floor, and there was a few moments of Intense excitement. The physician who attended Mr. Sterllnjr states that although pot seriously Injured, be Is unable tu tell what further complications may occur. "Iloater of the company : Ella Collins, J. linger Howard. l/>ren Sterling. Franklin Fox, Dun FcihIoII, Ella J. Fox. Louisa Browning, Kdwln Weever. Marlon L. Franklin. Hem- stead Frinee. Thora Ilrnl and Jack Dupree." ■ " HIMMELEIN ASSOCIATE} PLAYERS ROTES. Chas. A. Kurts, advance man for John A. Hlmnu-lein's Associate Players, writes: "After spending a month's vacation In my home town, Altoona, Pa., very pleasantly with my parents and friends, I will Join mir company at Sandusky, O., on the 22d of this month, where the company meets for n two weeks' rehearsal, opening the season at Mnncle, Ind.. en Aug. S. We will carry sixteen peoplp and n 8U ft. baggage car of all new and special scenery, making each play ln our repertoire of royalty plays a complete production. Ilcssle Dainty, our little leading lady, la eminently fitted for the plays selected. She has (■stub England- UaS kj6Dl US many good thing* but b*>«t of Bill Pear*, the soap o< .•*' quality and parity — there'* 1H» years at reputation behind- Pears 9 SOAP "Thrro Men and tllep, "Yil;ikeo "The Oreat SvnacrsB, N. Y., Valby, a Girl" 8-13. Kl.iilBA. N. Y, llorli'k's Consul" 3-13. Thenton, N, J., Broad Street, Divide" 8-ia. Tacoma. Wash.. 1'rlnci'ss, "Tim Wol"' "-I". ijniANApijr.iH, Ind., Murat, "TShf Ki* •*'■ Way" 8-13. Hamilton, Can., Temple. "Arl- '»'■." Hamilton, Can.. Mountain, "Th.> i jvcI- Ing Hileaman" 8-13, Portland, Me., Cape, Cape Cottage, "Seven PniiTt.ANn. Sic, Ocm, "The Charming Portland, Mc, Keith's, "1'relty Peggy" Prick & BuTi.Rn will open their season the latter part of August, with a new repertoire of plays nnd nlf new special swwfy nntl paper. Thev are spondrng tbe Hum months nt Orand Itaplds. Mich. Fred W. Both has been engnged for one of the principal parts of the new production. "The Shepherd of the Hills," Season opens In August, near Chi- cago. "Tim Canpv Snor-" was produced last week, at Olympic Park, Newark, N. J., with Win. Itock. Stella Tracy. Peggy Wond Lu- cille Salimlers, John U. Kearney. Edna Tem- ple. Ann Tasker and Frank Woods In tho enst. This week's bill Is "The Time, the Plice nnd the Girl." Morton L. Htkvess, Fred Henrn. Jean Cnlliralth, and David Landnit are the princi- pal members of the Poll Worcester Stock Co., presenting "A Gentleman of Leisure," this week. Tub Boao to Makdalat" will he produced for the first time by the I'ayton Stock Co., July IS. at the West End. New York. Uiiht. Kanb's Musical Comkpv Co. opened July 8, at Electric Park, Albany. X. Y.. for a two wenks' engagement, with other Mnlvlllo parks to follow, IlRNBIETTA HA0LBY has slgni'il with tho King Lynch Plavers, Worcester, Mass. Tmk Cecil Sihhinkb Stock Co., rt the Me- tropolis, New York, will close the season Julr 13. W. W. ItiniAidis, an agent, who his been li'entlflcd with Winn- of the best stock com- panies, Is open for the coming senson. Vr.'« -"**= =?-- nTT.rjri. —«, Utted for tnc plays selected, Bile lias csuin- ___ . _ — -.- -MalesMc, "Oreen Stock ncs. n 8hl . d for herself and company an enviable 7I|Afls1 Af PI^UtM 4 ^. 77™hen*m' "7?wiJrsa r rl of repuUtlon. Thy Hlnimcleln' Associate Pin,- iM VI IU V* riaYwl*. SIAJKSTIC HK-OPES*. After darknes* of one week, Manager Lind- say Morlson. of the Majestic Theatre. Boston, re-opened that house July 8, With .Nance O'Ncll aa stock star, to head hlK own stock company. "Tho Fires Of St John" Is the opening bill. 'putatlon. crs is recognized ns one of the leading popu- lar-priced organizations. We closed a suc- cessful season of forty-six weeks on Juno 22, and are optimistic In regards to the coming season. Ira E. Baric will again be tho : ?an who pays the salaries. Of course, we all read The Xkw York. CLiprnn." S ' FBOM NORTH BllOsV STOCK. This is our fifteenth week at Muskogee. P.uslness has been phenomenal, being a turn- away at almost every performance, ttuth Robinson Is featured, having In aupport the following well known people: Chas. Cu nine, Francis Sayles, Bert Ilussol, "Hi" Harper, Roy Milliard, director; Tat Cassidy, VYm. Hull, Louis Pln.ikl, Jack Roscoc, James Do I.nnoe, Florence Woodward, Hattle Johnson, Hazel McNutt. Emma Kldd and fiuth Itobln- son. ' s ' AMERICAN STOCK BNGAOBMBNTS. Orace Huff and Jack Chagnon have been engaged as the leads wltb the stock at tho American Theatre. Philadelphia, for neit sea- son. Howard Mitchell will also ho retained as stock manager with the company. a ■■■ " - ON USSR VACATION. Virginia Howell, of the Orphcum stock, at the Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, leaves next week far an extended vacation. She will re- sume her duties with tho stuck early la Sep- tember. i i s ■ - OBRECHT STUCK CO. The Obrccht Stock Co. Is at the Majosttc Theatre, La Crosse, AVls., for the Summer. Manager Obrccht lias a cast of fourteen people and the Obrccht Ladles' Concert liana and Orchestra. i. * ■ "OCR WIVES." "Our Wives" was presented July 1, at Par- son's Theatre, Hartford, Conn., by the Hunter- Ilradford Players. The play was written by Frank Maadcl and Helen Kraft. i Durino the week of July 1, Julia Diane, of the Columbia Theatre Stock Co., Wash- ington, D. C. was taken III, arid Miss Thatch- er, of that company, was called upon at short notice to fill the vacancy. Miss Thatcher did capital work. She Is one of the most useful stock actresHet on tht> stage to-day, Violet Hkmino, of the Columbia Players, Washington, D. C, has bcei engaged for tho "Oliver Twist" revival n :it season, lo play (lie role of Rose, Lowbll, Mass., Canobfo Lake Park, "Seven Hours ln New York," 8-18. IlARi-roiiD, Conn., Poll's, "The House Nest Door" 8-18. "Three Twins" week of IB. WrLMlxoTON, Del., Brondywlne Springs, "In the Summer Days." 8-13. Lrs.v, Mass., Floating Bridge Park, "The Missing Miss," 8-13. Whcelino, W. Vs., Court, "Tho Light That Failed," 8-13. Montreal, Can., Prince**), "Chimes of Nor- mandy," 8-18. UurrALo, N. Y., Teck, "Tbe Wolf 8-HJ, Season doses. St. Louis, Mo., Delmar Garden, "The Western QtrP T-13. Hcbantoh, Pa, Poll's, "The narrier" 8-13. Cleveland, 0., Colonial, "The Deep Pur- ple'" 8-18. Naw 0BI.IAN8, La., Spanish Fort, "Oli- vette" 7-13. Si'RiNuriKLD, Mark., Poll's, "Mrs. Wlggs of the Cabbage Patch" 8-18 "Tbe Spend- thrift" 15-20. Ft. DoixtH, la., Princess, "The Saltan's Daughter," 8-1,1. Dknveii, Colo., Lakeside Casino, "The Oreat Divide," 7-13. Los Anoeleh, Cal,, Majestic, "Tht Poli- ticians," Indefinite. Los Anoblbs, Cal., Lyceum, "Tho Yankee Prince," Indefinite. Los AnuBlkm, Cal., Bolasco, "On the Quiet," indefinite, Los Anornbh, Cal.. Adolpbus, "Miss Lib- erty of U. 8. A.," Indefinite. Newark, N. J„ Olympic Park, "The Time, the Place and the Girl," HviiActisE, N, Y„ ICmpIre, "Facing the Mu- sic"' 8-13. Svbacusb, N. ¥., WlcUng-, "Billy" 8-13. IIrna Powell met with a serious accident whlls on her vacation at (lagentown. Mil., and Is now at tbe Washington County Hos- pital In that town. , fliiRT Jaiivis writes: "I closed with Jnek Ilnskln's Western company neir Chicago, nnd had the misfortune of having my trunk robbed. Fortunately the stolen articles were returned to me In a couple of days." Emma Cabmmotox, who wns taken sud- denly 111 while playing with the Chumplin Stock Co. at Hudson, N. Y„ hnn fully re- covered and hns been winning favor with tho company at Keystone Park, Wavorly, N. Y. Her husband, Arthur Griffin, is glvtnr eiccl- lent satisfaction with hts comedy work. Lorraine Kbbnb and Asioc'.atc Players re- port meeting with great success over the Iiell, Olendorf & jtnllnrd nlrdome circuit. Their two feature bills, "Tho tliiine" and "In Wyoming," are considered the liest plays seen on thn circuit. Miss Keene has established herself as a popular favorite, nnd her sup- porting company Includes: Lester Calvin, James T. West, CstI Stickler, Arthur rlonmlsb, Harry Lewis, Anna Thornton, Mabel Oordon and Mettn Wright. Edward W. Rowland, of the theatrical producing Arm, Rowland A Clifford, left Chi- cago for New York. He shipped his motor car via freight to Iltiffiilo, proceeding by rsll to that point, then motorlnif from Buffalo Eastward. Mr. Rowland Is busily engaged in contracting with people for "The Fortune Hunter" and "Tho Divorce Question," and will return to Chicago the middle of July. Zenita Nkvili, Is playing trombone with the Rose Olrls' Lady Orchestra, nt Waukesha Beach Hotel. IVniink, Wis. Richard F. Oktcaui.t. the etrtwlst. will nppear at the Henry II. Harris minimi benefit, to be given at the Arvemo Pier Theatre, Ar- verne, L. I., on Sunday, July 21, for the Hebrew Orphan Asylum. Kohtrr ok Company No. 1, Mn rutin II * An- derson Musical Comedy Co. : Itllllc Marshall. Clyde Anderson, owners snd managers; Clyde Anderson, manager; Tom Alton, agent; Fred 'lute, second man; Illlllu Marslinll, stnge man- agor; Chas, Brown, stage eiirpenter: Jim Collins, "prop" man; (leu. Doyle, electrician; Ous Nugent, Hlllle Mnrsluill, Mitiiiaret Kill- son, Bob Kester, Jack Hainpsoii, led AiIiuiih, Dorothy Le Uro, Nellie Hlucliilr. Belle Ol'eiti. Helen Keflter, Annlu Kelley. BiiIh- Woods, Josle Ln Rue, Florence Fletcher. Nellie llni'- rls. Pearl Hall, Mary Kline, Kininn Wlilte, Edna Hallowny, Helen Sinclair. Vivian Ma- dorn, Maud Van Tassell. wardrobe mistress. This show opens early In August wltb Dew scenery, wardrobe and oluctrlcnl effects, EnoiiAHii Thoiit Is spending his Summer vacation with Alonsto Heard Thorajpson, of Denver, Colo., nt bis cottage at Lily Dale, N, Y. Mr. Trout will open bis season as musical director about Aug. in, Ciias. Brandon, agent for the past two seasons for "Tho Cow and Moon" company, Is at White City, Chicago, for the Hummer. He bis signed for next mason with Augustus Pltou aa advertising agent (or ths Fluke O'Hara Co. Job Viov has engaged 'My Holland for "JTic Yankee Prince." Titos, B. StiBA will open his roml tour at Erie, Pa., Aug. 1, in his usual repertoire. Alicb Lloyd will go to Europe, after the Sifts Fla-it," at the Tn- 13. Tlie nelt seitHon's September, at Provl- closing of "Little mont, Boston, July la tour will open early In dence. Flora Zaukllk sailed for Europe July 0, with her father. Raymond Hitchcock, accom- panied hy his lawver, Haw them off. Dkhikino Kelly returned July 2. nfter a Visit to Wiesbaden. Oormnny, for lier health. Laura Neuuin Hall und Violot Hand re- turned from Eurono last week. Pbihrosr riKNHn.v Is now in her tenth week doing soubrette rohw with the V. C. Schmclz'a Drnmntlc Co. There ore fifty-two p<M>lr> with the company. Including a female linscholl team nnd n brass band anil orchestra. Wo travel In our own eurs nnd have been meeting with success through Illinois, In- dlntin nnd Michigan. ALL STAR OAST FOR "HHflK MAID." On July m "Thi» Rose Mattl" will have Its one hundredth performance nt the Globe, and many leading theatrical people will play minor roles for tUo occasion.