The New York Clipper (July 1912)

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t> #*■ 2 i ! ! Pi h •S ■ft-jf II : i! '-». S.f M 12 THE NEW YORK CLIPPER. July 13 , I-Read Carefully BEN WELCH IS? BURLESQUERS CHOBUS-Tl»«».., Jaly 18, U A. M. PMTCIMIWta,, July »*, U A. M. MAENNKCHOR HALL, »03 BAST MtU ST., HEW YORK WANTBD fl MEDIUM! AMI No half salaries. AU wardrobe famished. PONIBi J. J. LIBERMAN. 404 Col. Theatre Bldg., NewYork. FOR BURLESQUE OR MUSICAL COMEDY JACOBS and BERTRAND OBRMAS-Oomcdlans-nEBREW. The American Laugh Broker*. Both play responsible parts. Pro- due. B^^^^TOffiMMMJ^'jfcjJJ*^ ATTENTION!--WANTED 250 CHORUS GIRLS PONIES, SHOW OXRL8 AND MEDIUMS flood salary. Long season. Call any day bstween 11 and H o'clock, up to July 15. DAS D0D¥, ColBmbia Theatre Bldg., B'way and 47th St., Sew York City _m- - — — Hm^ m LAD1KH AND OENVbEHEN ^__P _/^ B m W m J KdOAUEU for I FORRESTER AMERICAN BEAUTIES «-«»•» Tnlrd Ate., New York City, oil THUHIBAI, jvu* is, »i iu a. m. WANTED--SHOW CIRL8, MEDIUM and PONIES «-«• ">* c " l4 & fe&gggjj* utn'^y '""" ,|P ''' ' Ladles and Gentlemen signed with AL. RICH'S JOLLY FOLLIES CO. BA8 «l> WANTED, A PEW MORE CIRLS Kindly acknowled ge thl» call to AL. 1HCH, Oaiety Theatre Bldg., loth Street and Broadway, , BDIUSMI II CIIKWO. TIE SIXTH FLOOR. CLUB. Thk. Chicago burlesque theatiea are plan- Ding for their openings. Hilly Watson, in ••The Heef Trnst,* will be the first attraction ol the mason at the Empire, opening Aug. .J; the Felly, another Western wheel house, opens Aug. 4; Midnight Maidens arc to be tmmmsm latest from Chicago 2SS?Sb? msi M'-lvfn Vnnlnmn. Mclvhi Vnnlman, the. aeronaut, who loat his life at Atlantic City, N. J.. July •*, when bis mammoth dirigible balloon, Akron, ex- ploded when t,0(K) feet In the sir, wis born Id 180b. lie began his career as a music Unther, but his ambition wan to become a (Special to Tub CLirir.a.) JvLt 8. Merry whirl closes. The Summer engagement of the Merry Whirl, nt the Columbia, came to an end Baturday night. July 0. The house will re- Arkansas Canada... . California Oolondo. >., Connecticut,,...«,., Delaware • District of Columbia Illinois, 8 Minnesota ,„ 0, 1] Maine ' iiew jorn ii ,, Ohio o ii' .'; Oklahoma..::."'. 11 ' 1 v Pennr/lvanls. d, la ij! rftiK VKL2 r n ?n ?i,7dtataEdlMO! ili will open with Prank Finney and the Troea- Kentucky « Virginia.....:;:.";- i« ^S^^SSi^^SSS^UmMt dero Burlesquers. Km. .......... MBfifclZ* "u 0, 18 company he Joined a repertoire dramatic company which stranded In Honolulu. With- oht ihe'means to return to the United States, he looked srotmd for something to do; he became Interested In photography and bor- rowed a camera from a photographer In that city. - ... Later he built a camera of his own design, nnd took such pictures with It Hint the Pacific Mill Slenim-lilp Co. engaged him to go over their routes nnd take views of their Oriental ports. About this time lie was mar- ried to a young Western woman, who journeyed to Honolulu to become his Wife. Ills work for the Pacific Mull Steamship Co. took him to New Zealand, and it was In a harbor In that country that marked the be- ginning of Vanlman's specialty of captive bal- loon photography rnd hts career as an Aero- naut. From a captive balloon he took pic- This will be the last week of "The Quaker Girl." at the Illinois. "Beady Money" w close at the Cort Saturday night, when It Will lench Its 148th perf ormance . E. B. Mackay. of the Wlnterbury Print Co.. refurnca^tn Chicago to-diy, after attending the Jobnson-Flynn light at Las Vegas. The company which will play the new Hongh Doaghey Jerome production At the Ln Salle will beg in rehearsa ls July 22. nnns Herbert has been engaged for "The Military Girl" c ompany. The new BIJou Theatre, at Port tluron, ItossacIinseUs 0, Is, til Wisconsin.. MlchhtAa........ 8, 0 West Virginia.' Ii Missouri",.,, 11 new jersey... « New York HI d Pennsylvania, d, in *nrl« "Bom uroneab. Mich., commences booking with Frank Q. tlon. and he turned his efforts ln that direc- tion: Mr. D.-.?!e Is la receipt to-day of communl- Wlth this Idea foremost In his mind, he cation from David King, Louisville, Ky., and his wife settled in a little house on the stating citizens of that city are very en- outsklrts of 1'nrls nnd he began the con- thiislnstlc over the National Hippodrome, now structlon of a gas bag that could be con- In process of construction there, nnd many trolled had Med nppllratlons for stock. The ma- While nt work there he met F. S. LAhm, Jority of the stock hns been taken up In and through him learned that Walter Well- Chicago nnd Detroit. Doyle is now hooking mnn had advertised In Borne French pnpers, features for Ht. Louis Hippodrome. HOI* asking for designs for a dirigible balloon to ccntly returned from a tour of Investlnntlon be used In nn attempt to reach the North In various parts of the country, and reports Pole from Spitsbergen. Vanltnan answered conditions and prospects excellent. the advertisement, nnd thus began his flsso- clntlon with WYlluinu. John Rlngltng najtaA through Clilcnco sun- Wellman, with Vnnlman as his chief en- <r jy, f ro m New York, t» route to White Sul- plnecr, made two attempts to reach the North p nu r Springs. Moot., tor a week's test from Pole, but neither was successful. The first, business cares. NEW VAUDEVILLE i. ACT S OfiVtto. Van Dn-h. li.isi.MtusTBiN'B, Monday Matikeb, July s, This young woman, who began to attract attention by rendering songs at Broadway nnd Forty-second Street, while astride a bronCho pony, on July 8, 11 mada one of the features of the bill here this -week. Miss Via Dyck has been known in vaude- membcr of too Van Dyck Trio, but her debut here as a "single." appeared In the costume of n Western girl, and pot over a capital song In a good voice. She followed this with four other numbers, making appropriate changes of costume for each song, Her third soug, Introducing two voices (soprano nnd con- tralto) ) was her best effort. A rag number was well done, but ln at- tempting a dance, Miss Van Dyck was bam- I pered by her hobble skirt and nearly cttmc to grief by n fall. llic audience was very kindly disposed. Her act was applauded and she took several bows af the finish. Han Gij'iiukmieim has been elected a mem- ber of the club, and was Immediately ap- pointed liquidation offlcrr. Bto letter received from South Fallsbarg, N. V.. from Charlie Baker, reports the gang, Hob bemlng, Oeorge Hcolt, Joe Burton, Harry Keen"nt"h"^'s"tar'nn1i'uivte7"AugT"2tt,"and the Kceler and Lew Abrams. having a doe time. Em Make„ urir to Inaugurate their road Wilub Mack hopped In for several- days tour at tho Columbia Theatre on the same Fkw companies are to be organised In CM- ! cngo this season, nnd most of the opening attractions will come from New York with a complete cast. I. U. Herjt Is the only pro- , diicer who will assemble his organizations In I this oily, at the Umpire. Hilton and Luwis arc to be members or the I'iice Makers company Inst week. Oiahlkx Daniels Jii. was elected a mem- ber July 3. Frank Mbtzokr, another new member. l.'n Talbot, the Hilitlng member, back from the Water Gap. LtiW Giraiio and a couplo of members spent the Fourth at Bye, N. Y. "Nothing ln the name." Hihkkii from the ranks—the Silver Kings, which was made late ln the Bummer of 190T, In the America, was an utter fiasco. Through the failure of the campnss to act their bear- ings were lost, and they realized their non- success In time to safely land with the America. In lilOf) they made their second nttempt. This likewise filled. It was In this rebuilt by Vnnlmnn. nnd four as- sail from At- lantic City for n trip across the Atlantic, In the air. On the failure of this experiment Vanlmon at once set to work to Improve on the America, nnd tho Akron was the result. The first trial was made Nov. 4. 1011, nnd tho second was on the dny that the Inventor of the big gns hag and his associates met their death. Hb wife survives him. ntieinpi. illis lisewisu iniiru. same dirigible balloon, rebuilt In which Wellman, Vanlmnn slstnnts. on Oct. Hi. MHO, set nmmri Koun have been engnged for the Jack and Teddy. Answer—Vacation tlmo for i Hinom StHTr.ns go with Tom Sulllrnn's Monte t'nrlo Girls next seanon. Harrison and Hohk will be Identified with one of the Western wheel shows next Fnll. Mab Fbnnkhy, of the theatrical firm. Ml- •ver & Kcnnesy. nnd wife of John lennesv, mnnnacr of the Follv Theatre. Chlcngo, is booking many acts for the coming burlesque the Atlantic City boardwalk L«,.«,,n Lew Wat.som is wearing out the whltc-linircd boys. Ki>. Kalky remains at his desk these hot days. Dave Quran, new member of the club. .Uke i.ijiiin, a dally visitor. Hni Williams, the fifth floor member of the Sixth Floor Club. Harry Htuousi and Wash M.uitix, killing THE V. RSrtlli WHEEL. As Tun Cliwbr goes to prcis It la an- nounced thnt the route for the Western wheel bliowH, which will show material changes rrom nreviOUl seasons, would be forthcoming soon, os Jas. E. Fennessy. with the ratified sched- ule, would arrive in New York on Monday right. Several points were yet to be ar- ranged concerning agreements with tne ICustern wheel, consequently nil was expecta- tlui nnd spoculatlon on tbe sixth floor on July 0. 1 mileage ticket to Paterson, N. J. There's a reason. Frank Auatin bopped in on the boys from Seymour. Conn., July 7. 1KB Wall moated In the Sixth Floor July 0. 8m Williams has many bargains to offer, at cut prices. Anything from a drum to nn entire show. t ■ Mr*. J"..-i.ii t.i it.-ii. Mrs. Joseph Lit tell died nt the Edwin For- rest Home, llollWlayslMii-K. l'n., evening of July 4, iinii was Interred 0. She bad been a guest of the home since June 7, 180». Mrs. Llttell was born In New York Jan. 0, 18J0, nnd mode her first appearance on the stage ln September, J835, nt the Old Bowery Theatre, this eltv, ns a dancer, In "Normnn Leslie." The first word she spoke was ln "Rob Roy," with Charlotte Cimhman as lead. 183(1. As the theatre was destroyed by Are Sept. 22 18.1(1, the company went to the Richmond Hill Theatre, this city, where she remained a brief time. She then went to Albany, N. Y., to the Greene Street Theatre, under Rufui Blake's direction. Returned to New xovk with It-.ifus Blake nnd opened at the Olympic Theatre (nfterwards Miltchells Olympic*, under Ujp management of Blake and Henry Wlllsrd, Sept. 18, 1837. She was there one Benson, nnd on Jan. 1. 1838. played the I'rlnce of Wnles. to Chns. Eaton's Rlrtinrd W. W. Cochran? has severed connections Vvlth Y'oung lluff.-ilo Wild West Show, anl uow making headquarters here at Auditorium Annex. Vernon C. Beaver, president Young Buf- falo Wild West. 'In Chicago to-day, reports big business. He will rejoin show Wednes- day. Among prominent showmen here yester- day were Louis K. Cooke. Edward Arlington, George C. Alkoo, Lon W. Williams. R. M. Harvey, (icorxe Deguon, Al. Campbell, Les- ter Murroy, Tom W. Allen, W. II. Ulee. Harry W. Wright. Boh Simons. II. C. Adams, l> J. Lawrence, Tom Fanning, and Frank O'Don- nell. Two Rills show billing heavily for Chicago engagement, Albert Lvnch, a well known comedian, died July .1, after n two weeks' Illness, at the Astor Snnltaiiiiiii. 203 West Seventieth Street, New York City. Mr. Leach was born In Maryland, forty-three years ago, ran awuy from home when but ten years old, nnd Joined a theatrical troupe, nnd was connected with the stage from then until his death. For the last six years he had been under the man- agement of Lew Fields, and played Important roles In "Tbe Never Homes nnd "The Jolly Bachelors." Prior to thnt ho appeared In vaudeville, where he scored great success with a musical skit, billed as Al. Leach and tbe Three Hosebuds. Mr. Leach played In vaudeville for more than ten years, and at one time starred nnder his own management ln "Glrla Will Be Girls." Mr. Leach's death T>iis the result of overwork and anxiety over his Invention, "The Tclhnrnionlitm," nn ap- pliance whereby persons In their homes could Dolly MurrlHN)'. National Tueatbc, July 3. If ever a tingle singing act made a bigger lilt than Dolly Morrlssy, the first time out, It is not on record. Her act from start to finish was the bit kind, and at the conclu- sion of her act eight bows were necessary before they would let her go. Miss Morrlssy, ln a beautiful creation of pink, opened her net with "Waiting for tho Robert E. Lee," which sho put across In fine fashion, and Im- mediately won over her audience. Song No, 2, "Lend Mc to That Beaatlful Band," was another winner. Her third song, "When Rngtlme ltosle Hags the Rosiry," was n fine offering. Dressed In a crentlon of black she sung "New Moon Luck Moon," with a dainty dnncing finish, which was tbe big applause winner. Miss Morrlssy was a real feature en the bill. ONLY A DREAM. Then she went to tbe old Baltimore Mu- seum In Baltimore sho opened a dancing school and retired for a time from the pro- ^ S»J^5!»J«tZjkfi -a ■SS in n Bi?.SS-Wtt5 THK DANDY GIRLS (Western). Chns. F. Cromwell Is the manager. The show Includes: Bedlnl and Arthur, Victoria Four, Sol. Ward, Eddli Swartz, Marlon Henrlques, Georgia Cunningham, Annie Yale, Margaret McBrlde, Sheeley and Froetor. II.iMMcnsTKiN's, Monday Matinee, July 8. Opening the bill here at the Monday mati- nee this act, composed of two males and a young woman, scored quite a nice little hit. They opened with a eong and dance, the men being In grotesque costume. The young woman sang two solos with a fnlr voice, and the men ailed out the act with comedy changes of costume, getting by IlT'Bln'ke wBs'the'Biteklnghnm.Tcrry Sierry- ColHaccdln'to1epnoTilc°connVc\Von* v «ritn what nm ' l J r *' ltn the,r o«'ncing. field the Batcllffc, and Mrs. Jones as Duchess | s going on in theatres. For tbe last month They appeared as a trio for their closing he was constantly nt work on It, and his lie Is I dreamt last night that Penzance" were "The Pirates of „ plotting a game to capture jCMrmnm's Baby Boy" from Lew Dock- etjider, when James T. Powers came a ong with his "Two Little Brides," and gave them •',A Straight Tip" that "Itoblnhood" was , "Hought nnd Va\<l For." llunty got funny, nnd In pulling the strings let out "The But- ! terllv on the Wheel." Then came the Merry- I Go-Bounders, who wore trying to Ulrt with ! "The Rose Mmld," 'but "The Winsome V\ Idow ' got Jealous, nnd told Bva. Tunguuy she wal not nil the Whirl of Society, and then Ma- bel Hlle came along with her clowns and thev nil went Into Oho Lyric Theatre to see Paul J. ltnlney'a African Hunt. Coming out they were mot by "OIBeer 000," who ar- rested the whole bunch, nnd took them be- fore "The Mikado," who told them he was "Master of the House." nnd that If they didn't go up to the Wlntergarten to cool off he would ship tJhcm on board "H, M. S. Una- Jones, carpenter. Wardrobe by Orange Mfg. Co.; properties by the Progress Mfg. Co.; scenery by Murray Hill Studio Co. ' ■ BESSIE UNDERSTUDIES I.EONA. Bessie Carrot to, one of the pretty chorus Riii;* In the MciTy-Goelloundcrs Company, piny In it at the Columbia Ttoatre, New York City, played the soutn-ctte part allotted to I.eonn Stephens nt n moment's notice Satur- day matinee, July 0. ii ■ 1912 BEATS lull. Fourth of July week's business with the Mcrry-Gu-Itounders. nt the Columbia, this year, bent the receipts played to during tbe corresponding week list year by a. consid- erable sum. i tion D wns"at"t"be"bld Richmond, Va.. TboAtro. under John Sefton's rnanAgcment. In 18ol she appeared at the Eaglo Theatre,.Boston. Joseph Llttell was a member of the com- pany, and on Aug. 23, 1852, she yvs» married to Llttell. He was once married to Ma - vlna Bray (afterwards Mrs. W. J. Florence). She was divorced from Mr. lAltell and he died Oct. IB, 1856. She returned to the stage season of 1867, at the Old Bowery Theatre, under Eddy's management. Her last appearance on the stage wne the season of 1888-80, at New Haven, Conn., with a traveling company. Her last appearance be- fore the public was as a reader. BEN WELCH IN TOWN. Den Welch Is still hustling on the Dag- ,,.,.,-,; a mm in* a| ers for next season. Ben goes to Buffalo, &wn Bramlw^wTth $ta ®J$»3 P= & * few day. .this week, and will who was going to rehearse the Whirl of Mirth, one of the big hits Of the Western wheel tills senMiin. . Fuank Walsh, Whirl of Mirth Co. — s ' TUB BOHEMIANS (Western). Boater: Amly Gardner, Ida Mrolal, Flossie M. Gnylor, Hug-hie Bernhsrd, Sam Greene, Frnnk Austin, Ilolly Sweet, C. A. Storm, Sam I,cwls nnd the Great Charmlon. Chorus: Mono Diaz. Babe Brunucll, Kitty Southard, Emily Simpson, Mabel Sloan, Dinky Southard. Buddy Irving, Mazte Irving, I'earl U'ster, Vera De La Tour. I.oretu De l.a Tour, OUIo De lA Tour, Marie Revere, Holly Karl, Louise Weston, Anna Lyons, Iteini Howard, Lillian Diamond, F.velyn Werner, Fnnny Adams, Ethel Wilson, Jenny Smith. Staff: Al. Lubln, mnnnavr; Jack Farly, tnuBlc director; Dan Gallagher, car- Sifter: Claud A. Stewart, electrician; Emily .ipnon. wardrobe. s ROCKAWAY NOTES. Among tho visitors at Chns. Robinson's "Roblnsonln" Cottago the past week wero Sum Howe, Vera Desmond. Harry Hills, Ida Ihnei'son, May Bernhardt, Irene Hownrd, Harry Link, Philip Dalton and Ed. Howell. Mr. Robinson Intends to 'enlarge his present luingalow, nnd will build two more bungalows on the same lot Blnec acquiring two fine corner lots on tho Albany Bond, nt Van Cort- land Park, Charlie thinks there Is no better place to Invest In real estnte than "South Albany." •HJsY MAN DAN DODY. Dan Dody Is now the big commuter from Atlant le City every t'sv. Dan makes the trip. On July 1r> Dan will stnrt rehearsing the DaffytlHIl (Western wheel) nnd on the 20th Starts on Jacobs & Jermon s live shows. Till; WIIIIRL OF MIRTH (Western). Hen W. Harris has .completed the music „fbi- Dnnlels' Whirl of Mirth, and tho show Will sinrt rehcnrsnls this months return for tbe early rehearsal!. s JAMES IIEAltNE WITH CROMWELL. .in mes Ilearne, who hns been with Whalea & Martell for a number of seasons, goes with) C. F. Cromwell's the Dandy Olrle (Western wheel) as agent. — ■ ROGER IMHOFF IN TOWN. Roger Imhoff Is bark In town after a short vacation, nnd says he Is ready for the East- ern wheel gun to be fired for rehearsals. LOUIS ODERWORTH IN TOWN. Ix/iile Oberworth took a one day trip to New York from Averlll Park, N. T. s Job PlllLi.irs AND Cuah. JANSBN write thnt some nf the folks that celebrated the Fourth at So. Fallsburg, N. X., with ye old time minstrel performance at the CaslDO, were Chas. .Tansen, Joe Phillips, Harry Ko- ler, Harry Bcntley, Klara Hcndrlx, Meyer Harris, Oeo. Scott. Bob Demkng. Benny Krnus and Chas. Baker. The show was a big success, and the hoys split a neat num. Rillt (UiiiniNAt.) Bhkp Trust Watson openB Aug. 3 at the Empire Theatre, Chi- cago, Hi.: 11, Milwaukee; 18. Minneapolis ; 25, St. Paul. He starts rehearsals on (he 15th. Tin Orientals opens Aug. 11 nt St Louis; IS. Cincinnati; 23, I,oui»vlllo. Ky. The Herman Baiions have signed with Louts Roble's Knickerbockers (Eastern wheel) for the coming season, Flt'OHMA.N SECURES "PLAIN BROWN." Charles Krohraan hns secured for produc- tion nt the Gnrrlck Theatre, ln New York City, In September. "Plain Brown." a new comedy from the pen of Cosmo Hamilton. • - . .. a a »» . . - ■ • "THE SCRAPE OF A PEN." This new drama by Graham Moffat, author of 'llunty Pulls the Strings," will open Weber's Theatre, Kow York, Sept 20. Joseph Well, professionally known as Joe West, nnd for several years connected with Hnverly's Minstrels, died July 2, from tuberculosis, nt his home. No. 118 Norta Ninth Street, Darby, Pa., a suburb of Phila- delphia. He wns In bis forty-fifth yenr, and Is survived by his widow, whose stage name Is Ida Lewis. Following his engagement with Hnverly's MlnRtrels, ho became a member of the Emma Abbot Opera Co.. and subsequently oppeared for several seasons In vaudeville with his wife. Five years ago he nbnndooed the bIiow business and entered into commer- cial life. The funeral took place July 5. with Interment in Femwood Cemetery, Phlladel- Oeorge T. Ford, age fifty-eight years, died from a complication of diseases Friday night, July r>. at his home. 214 Hawthorne Road, Boland Park, Baltimore. Md. Mr Ford was associated In tbe theatrical busl noss with his brothers, Charles E., John T. nnd Harry M. Ford, nnd was for many years treasurer of Ford's Opera House, In Itnltl- more. He Is survived by his widow and live children, and six sisters. Ralph Tnlboll An unsigned communi- cation announces the death on Jane 23, at Des Moines, In., of Ralph Taluott. Accotd- ing to our advices Mr. Talboh wns killed by nn Inter-llrtan car. He was forty-one years of age, and was an acrobat and aerial per- former. Ills engagements had principally been with circuses and carnivals. Last sea- son he was with Mcrrlam's Merry Makers. He leaves a mother nod two sisters. Mile. Roma Cerlta (Mrs. Walter B. Hel- len), aged seventy-tbree, who wan for many years aanseitse In the leading theatres in America and other countries, died after a long Illness, Jnly 8, nt her home. 435 East One Hundred nnd Thirty ilfth Street. New York City. She la survived by a liuiband nnd two ions, Elmer Grandin, an actor, and Edward S. Qrandln. Nick llugltea, whose death we recorded ln enr last issue, was suddenly taken 111 and removed to King's College Hospital, 1-on- don. where he died Sunday, June 0. after much siiffcrlngfrom valvular heart disease and dropsy, too remains were Interred at Niinhctuf Cemetery, where a monument Is being placed over his grove by hts widow nerves eventually broke down. He Is sur vlvcd by his widow, who resides at 701 West One Hundred and Seventy-ninth Street, New York City: a daughter nnd n grnnd-dnugntcr. Hnrrlet Uuliuby, the avlatrlce, was killed July 1 by being dashed to earth In her monoplane At Boiton Light. Mils Qu'mby it.ii tbe first American woman to receive a pilot's air license, and was nlso the first woman to fly across the English Channel. The remains were brought to New York and the funeral services were held July 4 In the funeral parlors of Frank E. Campbell, in West Twenty-third Street. Interment was In Woodlawn Cemetery 5. Clmrles winirnte.—Ito'.it. Wlngatc sends us the following: "Charley Wlngate, aged fourteen years, died June 28, ' meningitis, at tho Buttcrworth Hospital, Grand Itnplds. Mich., after an Illness of seven weeks. Interment was ln Oak Hill Cemetery, thnt city. July 1." Dnvid Henry Brandt, twenty-four years old, <x plnnlst, died from heart failure Thurs- day, July 4, at the Jewish Hospital, Brook- lyn, N. Y. He recently accompanied Lydln Barry In vaudeville, lie Is survived by his parents, two brothers nnd n sister. Archie W, Stnnler died ln Chicago, May 11, from pneumonia. Burled ln Chicago. Stanley nnd Scnnlon were well known ns nn old time musical team. Mamie Nennlon died April 28, from rlieu- mntlsm of the heart, In Indianapolis, Ind., and was burled ln the same city. number. In a song and dance. With a little, re-arranging the act will be a winner. Renato Tralsl. PROCTOn'S l'imi Avenue, Monday Matinee, July 8. When a singing act can take six or more encores with tho temperature up in the 00s, and be compelled to sing several extra songs. it surely is making good. That Is exnctly what Itenato Trolsl did at the Mondny mati- nee here, no makes his first appearance In from spinal this coupntry, coming direct from Lo Scalu, Milan. Ho renders five songs, all ln Italian, nnd proves nil thnt has been said of hhn In the advance notices. Ho has a voice of great range and power, and uses It delightfully. The act runs about twelve minutes, in one. TRAPEZE PERFORMER INJURED. During the evening performance of the Higonheek-Wnllnce Circus, at Battle Creek, Mich., July B, Helen Tacoma fell a distance July C. at his home. 214 Hawthorne of about twenty-five feet from a trapeze and was badly Injured, The cause of the accident was attributed to the Intense hent nnd the dust arising from An equestrian act preceding Miss Tocoma's appearance. She left with the show, but It was feared she would bo laid up for some time, 4i » CARLTON aUINTETTE FOR VAUDEVILLE. Under the management of R. W. Alexan- der, the Carlton Quintette (nil men), will enter vaudeville on July 29, nnd will appenr nt Proctor's Fifth Avenue. These singers have for some time appeared before the diners In the better class of restaurants nlnng Broadway, but have been Induced by Mr. Alexander to enter the two-s-days. •-•»♦» TAB GREAT RAYMOND. Lea Copeland. Keitu'h Union Square, Matinee, July 8. This young man has lately been with Dock- atnder's Minstrels, and now makes a dash in vaudeville. He appears In tuxedo «*v tumo and accompanies himself on the plane, singing several songs about colored folks. Holding the stage for fifteen minutes, he renders the following songs in A manner peculiar to himself: "Luxury," "Cnn't (let Rid of Thnt Plaitcr," "Next Week, Some Time," and a specialty piano selection. 8ELWYN TO STAGE PLAY. ar Selwyn has been engaged by EdgAr Selwyn hea been cngnged by t e American Plar Co., as advisory expert In Jin Htaging of Ilnynrd Veiller's play, Within tho Law," which will open the new Eltlngc Theatre, early In September. ♦ »> — WEDDED ON STAGE. Agnes Moore and Cleon Whlttnkcr, a vaudeville team, were married opon the stage of the Alrdome Theatre, at Hudson. "•..*" July 3. They will wnko thoir home In Pitts- Held, Mass. ♦ «» TALBOT'S IIIPPODROHH. Headline features, sensational nets, Buro- Ihe Great Raymond 1s playing this week penn ind American novelties sro now being at Ihe Opera House, Honolulu, 11. i„ rn route booked by Frnnk Q. Doyle for Talbot s Ilip- podromo, St Louis, Mo., which Will open the second season on Aug. 10. <■> Tiir Melhohb Comedy Poob, after ft con- tinuous season of utmost three years, closen for San Fronclseo, where he will finish his tour around the world, and will open at the Savoy Theatre San. Francisco, Aug. 11, for two'weeks. With a tour of the entire Cort circuit to follow, arranged for him hy his American representative, Richard I'ltro't. *tf NOTES FROM ATLANTIC CITY. At the Savoy this week nre: Nat M. Wills. Max^s Burlesque Circus. Keno and Green: their Summer bookings nt the Rex Theatre. Hnnnlbnl, Mo., July 8, and left for their vnrloui homes to rake n six weeks' vacation. J. A. Cbehsvillb, the cornotlit, on tne occasion of his fifty-ninth anniversary, favors The CMPPKn with a few notes of rem.i-