The New York Clipper (July 1913)

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r ^ Copyright 1918, by the Frtnk -Queen Publishing Conpzny (Limited) . Founded by FRANK QUEEN, 1853. NEW YORK, JULY 5, 1913. VOLUME LXI-No. 21. Price, 10 Cent*. OLD TIME BURNT CORK FAVORITE DIES. 25 YEARS AGO. NEW WESTERN MANAGERS' ASSOCIATION- GEORGE THATCHE R SUCCU MBS TO CANCER. George Thatcher, one of the veterans of (lie course of Ills career he had proved him- minstrelsy, and for years one of the most self to be equally capable in humor or patho*. popular of our burnt cork stars, died June He had appeared la minstrelsy, vaudeville, 25, at the borne of his nephew In Kust farce comedy, comic opera and drama, and It Ornng?, N. J., from cancer. would be difficult to state 1n which ho was The dlscaso from which he died made Its most proficient He could bring tears with rppenrnnce several montihs ago, but he kept In harness until last March, when he was forced to leave "The Littlest itebel" Co.. with witch he had played the old negro ser- vant. Few of the black face players of our stage were as versatile as Mr. Thatcher, and In the same facility as he could cause smiles and laughter. His performance of the old slave,- In "Tho LlttleBt Ilcbol," drew forth Uio highest encomiums from dramatic writers all over the country, some even going so far as to state It was the best work of the kind ever seen on the American stage. DOINGS IN vvi in :\ ni.i:. Eva Tancioat Is "resting." At.. has some fine offers. Tire Great Raymond was divorced. Td.m Waters has his own company. Jkss Dandy Is rehearsing a new act. . Daisy lUncoiniT goes to -South Africa. John and Winnie Hennincm "flopped" East. At.. It. Whits and Bessie Dh Voir will do an net. B. D. IIopson originated "split weeks" In vaudeville. Lew Cantor's new show is railed "Along the Pike." Brut SiiKPnBRn will return to America In September. Walter Q. Kkllv plays the London Hip- podrome this Fall. Amy recovered valuable Jewels Inst a year ngo. Harry Van Fossrn goes with the Nell O'llrlen Minstrels. Conroy and I,k Maire will be with "The Tasslng Show of 1013." I.i'.dn Krroll is n shining star in "The Follies." 'Kdwin Stevens ami Tina Marshall arc working on a new offering. K.UILH 8. DKWRY AND M.UII.K. KllliKHS will lie seen in n tabloid next season. Jack Trainur will hnvo Halton rnwcll's role in "Henpecked Henry" next season. 1CXCRI.A and Franks arc playing Sullivan & Consldlnu houses in the Middle West country. Charles La Vionb and Emma Lanunkr have taken tho Doutrlck Vnudovlllo Agency In Chicago. ■Hal Johnson will bo seen next season In "The Arrival of Kitty," a Halton Powell tabloid. La Sallk and arc a "revelation In rngtlino" nt tho Orphcum Theatre, St. Joe, Mo. Anna E. Inman, who has been flfty-tbree roars on tho stage, recently made her debut In vaudeville with an act from her own pen. Johnny Mohan and company. In "The Training Camp," a new vaudeville act, com- bine drama and sporting exhibit very cleverly. Menu) E. Mooiie will have a vaudeville musical comedy with tho tltlo "Aladdin's Wonderful Lamp," which will carry a ton mill n half of scenery. L. F. Allart Is routing up a number of tabloids for the Allart Circuit next season. 'Hamilton Coleman has written a vaude- ville act. entitled "The Bachelor's Dream, which will be produced In the Fall by Mcnlo E. Moore. It will have an elaborate produc- Frank Q. Doylb bos introduced o hlppo- dromo style Into vaudeville In Chicago, alter- nating pictures and acts, and making the shows ''go" under a policy long thought to be Bulcldal. . ., Frederick Ireland has quarters in tno Grand Opera House Annex, Chicago, where ho prepares chorus girls for the stage, re- hearsing and drilling them so they can iiass Inspection from the stage managers. Alfred IIamhuuobr. the Chicago theat- rical magnate, has Just acquired another big minting establishment, which fully divides Ills tlmo between hlR show affulrs and DU printing business. Hamburger is building two more houses '.a Chicago. iMiNNin Palmer, Chclogo's only lady pro- ducer, Is taking a fortnight's vacation nt St. Joseph, Mo., following a strenuous season and preceding whxt she expects to be another slrcnuouo season, as she lias promised ttic Western Vaudeville Managers' Association to produce fifteen tabloids next season. *—¥ JOSEPHINE COHAN'S UK II HV When she stepped from the Twentieth Century Limited In New York June ii, Josephine Cohan completed a twelvo thou- • rand mile Journey begun at Sydney, N. S. W., in May 81. Tho water journey was mndo aboard the South Pacific Btenmsblp Ventura, which reached San Francisco at 1 r, M. on Thursday, Juno 10. Three hours later Minn Cohan and her companion, Bonnie Watt, M Sydney, started across the continent on tne Overland Limited, nnd, connecting with the Twentieth C'ontury Limited on Sunday. June 22, in Chicago, reached New York tho follow- ing morning—a record for the distance. Josephine Cohnn and her husband, I red. Nlblo, went to Australia moro than n year ago under a six months' contract with the J. C. Williamson Company, Ltd. This hav- ing been extended to two ycara. Miss Cohan will visit her father nnd mother, Mr. and Mrn. Jerry 3. Cohnn, at Sunnycroft, Monroe, Ornngo County, N. Y, during July and August, and In September will return to Australia In time to appear with her hus- band at Her Majesty's Theatre, Svdnov, In George M. Cohan's comedy, "Ilroadwny Jones." the Australian and New Zealand rights of which have been leaned by the WII1- tnmson Producing Syndicate of tho Antipodes. ♦♦■• woods' rutsr. . "Potash and rerlmutter" will be the first * of A. H. Woods' productions for the coring, season. It Is to open the Cohan TLe.itrc curly In August with Barney Itcrnnrd. Alexander Carr. Lee Kohlmnr, Louise Dresser, Joseph Kllgour. Albert Parker nnd Ellta Proctor Otis In the cast. Ciiablbs H. Ci.aiik, of the team of Clark and Murphy, and May, late of Colby and May, have Joined hands, and will bo known hereafter as Clark and May. niCHARD HYDE'S vvII.I,. The late Richard Hyde, of Hyde & Dehmnn, who died Dec. 14, 1012, left a gross estate of ?1.283,410.(10, which was reduced by various obligations to $1,245,487.21. The share of Mrs. Mary Hyde, the widow. Is appraised at $181,1100.85. Tho four children. William J. Hyde, Mrs. Lulu H. Ilubbell. James It. Hyde a nil Lillian B. Hyde, receive $2.17,038.50 each. James Hyde, n brother, receives $20,000, nnd $20,000 is divided equally among two nieces and two nephews. The Actors' Fund of America receives $25,000, ami there arc other small bequests. Under this heading wo will publish each week Important and Interesting amusement events occurring In tho corresponding week a quarter of a century ago. June 30,1888.—Wm. Austin sold his Interest in Austin Sc Stone's Museum, Boston, Mass., to Charles A', Shaw. On the same date Mr. Stone acquired nn In- terest , in the Westminster Musee, Trovldonco, it. I. July 1.—Vicksburg, Miss., Lodge n. P. O. Elks Instituted. July 2.—"The Keepsake " Clinton Stewart's adaptation of "Antoinette Itlgaud," orlglnnll acted at the Madison Square Theatre, New York City, by E(Bo Ellslor and company. July 2.—i"A Boy Hero" first acted in New York at Poole's Theatre, in It Martin Hnyden mode his Metropolitan stellar debut. July 2.—La Cucnca, Spanish dancer, made ber Metropolitan debut at Koster & Dials. July 3.—"Irene," by Charles B. Clifford, REPRESENTATIVE MANAGERS OF MIDDLE WEST CONVENE AT HOTEL LA SALLE, IN CHICAGO, TO FORM "THEATRE AND PRODUCING MANAGERS' PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION"-WILL BE AFFILIATED WITH EASTERN MANAGERS' ASSOCIATION. (Hpedal to Tub New YORK Clipper.) Chicago, Saturday, Juno 28. Fifty Middle Western theatre managers, representing ail ot tho circuits, Including Sullivan A Consldluc, Alfred Hamburger, tho Allnrdts. F. ft II. Amusement Co., Ilutlerfield Circuit, Inter-State, Jones, Llnlck A Hchaefer, gathered together nt tho lintel La Halle, In Chicago, last Wednesday (.Tune 25K and formed n new organization, to bo known as "The Theatre and Producing Managers' Pro- tective Association." Tho organisation was perfected as com- pletely ns possible considering this being the first meeting, and the following officers originally'acted at the Madison Square were elected : W. S. BnttOffo&JnriNtant: Theatre, New York City, ot a special BogJB WoqMoU^ ViCO-mysidep.t: ptft Osrtol- July NOniNE COFFEY, The singing girl from Broadway, nt Planters' Hold Cabaret, Chicago, featuring Theodore Morse's big song lilt, "liobhln' Up and Down." STANLEY WAl.roi.l-; Will I HELIANCK). Stanley Walpolc, the well known aclor, who arrived from Australia with IiIn wife about three months ngo, after six years In dramatics "over there," was a recent Ci.irrMii caller. Mr. Walpolb has been engaged by the Bc- llxncc Motion Picture Stock Company for .loadB, while tho Kalcm Company were fortu- nate enough to secure Mrs. Walpole's services for leading roles In their productions. matinee. July 8.—Weldner's Opera House and Garden Building, Dayton, 0., burned. 3.—"A Noblo ltogue,' by Steele Mac- knyc, first acted under that title at the drnnd Opera House, Chicago, III. As "Through the Dark" It was pre- sented March 10, 1870, at the Fifth Avenue Theatre. ■ July 3.—Peck's Opera House, Coolldgc, Kan., opened. July 4.—Coliseum Theatre, Helena, Mont., opened. July 4.—'Diiluth, Minn., Theatre opened ns People's Theatre. _____ ___ DURINO TUB WEEK. _ The Itellly & Woods Show wore tea railroad smash up. Tub Lucler Family Show was touring Maine. M. II. Leavitt signed Pols' Lady Fencers and Vienna Song Birds. Rrorrr Thatcher sailed for England. The (Jiiv Bros.' Minstrels closed their season. 1'iiank l'. Stone bought half of the West- minster Musee, Providence. Ella Wesner, the Big Pour, Illchmond and Ulenroy, Larry Toolcy, Lillian Granger nnd John Hart were at Vacca's Went End Casino, Coney Island, N. Y. Tun Inman Sisters wcro at Uuvcmutor's Pavilion, Atlantic City. ]•:. I 1 '.. NlCKEIlSON was cornet soloist nt shiuiiier'H, Atlantic City. CAi'T. Booarduh was with tno Sells Bros.' Show. Geo. K. Fortescue signed with "Tho Cor- sair." Sai.lir Cohen signed with "Two Old Cronies." HmiF.iiT Wilke announced his starring tour. W. J. Le Moynb and Sara Cowcll were mar- ried. A iiaiiy boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Clark. Pawnee Bill and Comanche Bill combined their shows. Bkrtie Cole joined the W. L. Main Show. I-'.. J. Buckley signed to star in "Forgiven." P. F. Baker closed his season in "Chris, and Lena." Jkit. I>n Anoblib was resting at Pleasure Bay, N. J. Johnson A Slavin'h Minstrels wcro called for rehearsal. Minnie Dunne was singing T. B. Kelly's songs. Tub Edna illusion was offered by Wood, tho wizard. Walter Stanton was with the Ilarnum & Bailey Show. Tonina and Lily Adams, tho talented child artists, announced themselves nt liberty, A. 8. Stern, president of the Cincinnati Ilnscball Club, advertised for outside attractions for tho baseball park. — ♦»» UUNEDINS FOIl AIM I IIAI.IA. The Duncdlu Troupe are booked by Hugh D. Mcintosh to open In Australia In Novem- ber, 1014, They will piny the Orpheum tour the coming season. you, secretary, and Alfred Hamburger, trea- surer. The new offices will be located In FAVEBSIIAM vs. KEICNAN. Wlltlam Faversbnm, who 1ms been sued for breach ot contract by Frank Keennn, who »«» Chicago, nt a plnco determined inter, and tho organization will meet once a month to extend its operations. Tho purpose of tho newly formed body is to give protection to managers along alt lines pertaining to tho tlientrlcnl business, In this respect It will bo affiliated with tbu l^istern Managers Association, and tho two will co-operato so far ns tho protootlvo fea- ture Is concerned. A committee of thrco met Chns, Bird, representative of tho liastorn Managers Association, upon his arrival In Chicago nnd conferred with him regarding the situation in tho Middle West. All managers of theatres, road shows, or anyone who holds a managerial position In n concern pertaining to theatricals In which ho has money Invested la eligible to member- ship In tho new body. Waiiiihn A. Patrick, i TO EXCHANGE SINGEIIS. A cubic- received at the Century Opera Mouse. June 20, from Milton A born, who is played Casslus In Fnvr-rshnm's product Inn of now In Huropc engaging nrtlsta, states tbat ''Julius Cesnr," Died on answer Juno 24, nl- ho has arranged to exchnngo principals at leglng that he had a right to terminate Mr, Keenan's contract with two weeks' nollco If ho did not observe tho rules of the company. He alleged that Keennn failed to nbldo by these rules. Mr. Fnvcrohnm <nys he did all he was re- quired lo do by giving Keenrn two weeks notice nnd full pay, and also a ticket from Omnhn to New York. atsonon scott, Featuring "Yon Made Me love You," published by Broadway Corp. NEW HOUSE FOIl TF.IUIE HAUTE. As n result of tho purchase from T. W. linrhviit Jr., of the Huefllcr holdings In tho Varieties Theatre, In Torre Haute, Iml., and the lot at Eighth and Ohio Streets, by vaudeville managers who control thirty houses, Torre Haute will enjoy all tho advan- tages of strong adulations. The gentlemen who becomo Mr. Borhydts partners In the Varieties as result of their purchase of the Interests held, until very re- lently, by Mr. Jlocfllcr are; Messrs. Ilelnuin, of Chicago, and W. S. Ilutterllcld, of Battle Creek, Mich. Between them they operate u chain of thirty vaudeville houses. While the Varieties will bo made part of tho circuit the, old arrangement of booking through tho Went- ern Vnuaevlllo Managers Association will continue. Tho W. V. M. A. afiHtntos with tho United Booking Offices of America and tho Orpheum Circuit. Mr. Buttcrflcld operates houses In Kala- mazoo, lint tic Crock, Jackson, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Bay City, Snglnnw, Flint, Fort 11"- ron, Pontine. Owosso and Muskegon. Midi., whllo Mr. Heiinan operates theatres In Kvonsvlllc, Ind., South Bond, Gary, Michi- gan City; Springfield. III., Bloomlngton, Champaign, Urbann; Madison, Wis., nnd Messrs. Ilelman and Huttcrflold together vnrlniiB times in tin season with the Boston ppm House, nn arrangement to this effect having been recently mndo with Henry Bus- noil, who Is now In London. Tho only In- dividual announced III tlila connection Is Kllcnhctli Amsdon, one of tho prima donna sniirnnos of tho Boston Opera Company, who will appear nt tho Century during tho first few weeks of tho senson. -Tho Messrs. Aborn have also completed ar- rangements with Lois Hwell, soprano; Wal- ter Whentlcy, tenor; Thomas Chalmers, bari- tone, nnd Ivy Scott, soprano, all of whom will ho In tho permanent forces of tho Cen- tury comnnny for tho coming season. Miss Mwcll Is n Brooklyn girl, who grad- uated from comic opera to grand opern, and sang for scvoral seasons with different Ameri- can organizations presenting tho latter art form In Kngllsh. During tho past year sho has been studying lii Ituropo and appearing III special engagements In several opera lionu's there. Mr. Whenllcy Is a young American tenor who mnde his comic opera debut a few years ago in Allco Nlclson's company, and later snug tho tltlo rolo In "Tho Highwayman" and similar offerings, Ho has been singing In grand oporu for sovural seasons, anil re- cently appeared nt Covent Garden. London, Mr. Chalmers Is n young American bnrl- lono who mndn his debut In this country ns Hiince, In Henry W. Havngo's production of Puccini's "Tho Girl of tho Oolden West," bo- foro which ho sang for several years In I1n- ropcan opera houses, acquiring a repcrtolro Of twenty-(Wo operas. • Miss Bcott Is r.n Australian, and wna brought to this country by Mr, Snvsgo for one of his "Merry Widow" companies and sM MM mado her grand opera debut fn his production of "Tho Girl of tho Golden West." In which sho had tho title part. ««♦ MAIIEIiLH 1'AHKICII BNOAQUn. Mabcllo Parker, recently divorced from Karl Schwartz, musical director, has an- nounced her engagement to Alfred 19. Boron- sen, a prominent botol man of tho West Miss Parker, who la well known la dramatic stock and musical comody circles, will also surprise her many friends by tho nnnouncu- nii-iit of hor intended first appcaranco In vaudeville, In September, In an act In which Miss Parker will bo fcaturod, and which Is a product from her own pon. It la full of comedy and pathos, f opportunity for hor comedy nnd pathos, thus giving an excellent opportunity for hor to display " tlonnl ability. Jlsplny her excop- At tho close of tho season sho will retlro to prlvato Ufa and duvoto ber future to writing magazine stories, vaudovlllo sketches and moving picture, scenarios, as woll as finishing a hook which sho now bis well tinder way. Her first year of rotlroment will he spent In travel abroad. *> » DETItOIT'fl NEW TIIHATHB. A new $2,000,000 iheatro Is to be creeled nt Washington Boulevard and Grand lllvnr Avenue, Detroit. Mich., directly opposlto the now Washington Theatre, which will open Its floors next month. Tho site Is 120 by 180 supplemcnted'thc official state- Avenue, Detroit, Mich., directly opposite tho i the assurance that tho pros- h'g'llmuto drama. Tho building will be ten operate houses In Green Hav, Wis,. Oshkoih ; Itockford, 111.; Waterloo, la., ond Davenport stage carpenter nnd Hugh lleynolds, is on tho roid with "Milestones" Init Mr. Barhydt ment that with .., ent Btalt at tbo Varieties will be retained. Boss Garver and Bert Farmer will contlnuo lo mannge the house In front. Mr. Bryant will direct the orchestra, Cnrl Itrentllnger will be wtlO WflB L season, will bo" tW property clerk In plicu of "Plncknot" Wlljy. who hnsi gone to Cali- fornia. The shows booked at tho Varieties for the week end l^glnnlng Tbn/sdnys will go to Tcrro Hauto direct from Kvnnsvlllo, so that all of tho performers- who need an orchestra rehearsal will arrlvo together In ample tlmo. The mows for lha first half of tho week will crnno from one of the other houses In tho circuit, + »» Ki-AW A BIU.ANGI9R SUED. George Mooser, of San Francisco, has brought suit against Abraham L. Hrlnngor nnd Marc Klaw for <»0,700 for alleged breach of contract. Mooser alleges In his complaint tbat he contracted with tho de- fendants on Dec. 20. 1012, for tho employ- ment of Chlng Ling Fon, his wife and daugh- ter, dice Toy, ana four other Orientals for folly seven weeks nt fl,4fiO n week. He further stateu Hint on May HI Klaw k Hrlungcr refused to employ I be Chinese per- formers or Leon Mooser, of Shanghai, tfielr mnnager. nnd as ShMf luid no opportunity to make other contracts, George Mooser loit money. ««♦ JACK HEIVDEIISON AND NBNA BLAKE. At Proctor's Fifth Avenue, New York, next week. William Fiiiikt will wrlto the Incidental music for "Uvangcllne," which Arthur Hop- n-nm kins will produce at the Park Theatre Sept. will head a second company of that play, 20. which will be sent on tho road. stories In height, tho upper portion being given over to offices. Tho names of tho owners ore not mado public. «»♦ AUSTIN'S AIIIDOMH OPICNS. • ' , i"\",S! l . A,r<,om ?/ . ,n Austin, Tex., situ- nted nt Ninth und Colorado Streels, Is opoii und doing good bu-dness. It Is the only one In Austin, Tins a coating capacity of iOOO, and Is openited by tho City Alrdomo Com- pany. Only approved high clnas motion pic- lures aro shown. *-»-AV WHEIIH IS IIMr .mJL *• l'." r H,9 r ' 0WIW)r ot M|N Theatre, at Hlnton, W. Vn., wants to know tho where iiboiits of Prof. Do Vronde, who, ho claims, left Hlnton suddenly without paying rent or salaries. Any Information reKiirillng him wlf be thankfully received by Mr. Parker. HELEN WARE. Helen Ware tins, for several years, enjoyed tho distinction of being one ot our most popular footllght fnvmltes, and hns appeared In ninny notable successes under the manage- incut of some of New York's leading mana- gers. At tho present time she Is appearing nt the Kit Inge Then t re ns Mary Turner, In "Within the I,aw," taking tho place of Jsno Cowl, while that lady Is enjoying a vacation abroad. When Miss Cowl returns she will resume ber plnce In that play and Miss Waro