The New York Clipper (July 1913)

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JULYS THE NEW YORK CLIPPEE. \ WANTED, PEOPLE IN ALL LINES. MAIL TO CHAMPAIGN, ILLS. E UQEME J. MURPHY'S KNICKERBOCKER PIKES PEAK CARNIVAL ANNUAL. INDIAN SHAN KIVE At Colorado Springs, Colo. Population 40,000, and 10,000 visitor*. Oats, SEPTEMBER a, 3 and sft Managers of big outdoor acta and concessions write to PRANK A. PERKINS, llurn. Theatre, ..... COLORADO SPRINGS ^kb if If To an Insistent public demand IS | W m for now ldcus and new fun, III ■ •*■ »nd provldo yourself with a Hl-rn cony of JfABIHOS'S IlKrII BUDGET No. 14. Con- nblaW tents lncludo U monologues, 9 acts for 2 males, 6 sketches for male and female, 82 parodies, a great min- strel first part, a one act farce, besides sketches for two females, for male quar- tettes: also hundreds of newgairs and "side walk patter" Jokes. PKICE of MAM- BOM'S BUDGET No. 14, Is ONE DOLLAR. Back Issues out of print. ALSO ACTS TO ORDER JAMES MADISON writes for Joe Welch, u jolson, Ben Welch, Jack Jforworth, Howard ana Howard, Rooneu ana Bent, vat Oarr. Bunting ana Francis, etc., elc. AT LIBERTY EDWIN B. RODGERS Characters and Character Comedy; also Direct.' Have some good Scripts. ANNA L. MARVIN Character and Henries. Long Rep. and Stock: experience. Address EDW. B. RODGERS, Cumber- land Hotel, Atlanta, Ga. SKETCH TEAM WANTED That can change often and work la acta. One most play organ and both do singles. Also good •Ingle performers that can play organ. Experi- enced people In all lines write. State salary, when you can join, and all you do. DR. WIUTEMOOrV, Mgr., Nat are'i Remedy Co., South Amboy, N.J. WANTED Biz Novelty Indoor Circus Acts for company to play first-class theatres. Tour commences Aug. 36 for entire season's engagement. Write full description of acts, terms, etc., for next two weeks. Ho agents. Address NOVELTY, care of CLIPPER . Trio. Uncle Tom's Cabin Co. WANTS PEOPLE Address per rooter. F08TERIA, MICH , July I) MAYVILLE.8:BILVERWOOD, 4; CLIFFORD, 5; HORTHBRANOH J, MICHIGAN. GEO. II. PITT, Manager AT LIBERTY FRANK CALLAHAN General Business Characters. Heavies. Director with Scripts. Ago 84, 6 ft. 10 In.; Weight 148. HAY CALLAHAN, Juvenile Soubrctte. (fun- eral Business. Age 28, A ft. 4 Id.; Weight lie. Experienced, sober and reliable. Frank Oalla- han, laOft Canal St., W«w Orleans, La. WANTED Lady bareback rider, oomedy aoro- batlo aot with diagoLtnge wiro act Novelty trapeze and dog pony and bucking mule aot. No agents. Address Acrobatic, care of CLIPPER WANTED, SCENIC ARTIST Address LEON WASHBVTBN, Gire"Waehbura'a Thearto, Cheater, Pa. WANTED, A PARTNER COMEDIAN For musical act by a reputable man. Experience not necessary. Address _ J. At. A., . . . Care of CLIPPER WANTED. QUICK Medicine Performers of all kinds that can stand prosperity. Opera Boose show. Work year around. F. A. AKBN, PoolvUle, N. Y. SONGS,ODES arranged, composed T (""for Piano and Orchestra. Aslo Brand and Oomio Operas. Terms reasonable. Call or write, 117 E. eand Street, Now Torfc City. OUT OF TOWN HEWS Portland, Mc—■dcffe.iun (Julius Crhn, mgr.) the Jefferson Stock Co. presents "The Traveling Salesman" week ot June SO. Louis Albion, stage director of the company, assumes the leading com- edy rolo (or this production. Adelaide Kelm and the entire company appear, excepting Franklyn Munuell, who la on a three weeks' vacation. Kbitu'b Hippodrome (I. M. Mosber, mgr.)— The Keith Stock CO. present "Excuse Me" week of 80, for the first time shown in stock, a souvenir gold bracelet Is thrown, from the "Pullman" dur- ing the "hold-up" scene, into the audience, at each performance, as a gift. Naw Portland (Jos. A. McConvllle, nigr.)— Munlcal comedy, sa presented by the J. W. Gor- man company, Is featured here for the Summer months, with Ktncmacolor pictures as an added attraction. "The Refining of Father" Is tbo offer- ing for week of SO. Obeblt's (James W. Grecly, mgr.)—Vaudeville and motion ptetsrea. BUI 30 and week: The Car- reno Trio, Inez dough, ICIuiboll and Donovan. Raymond, Lelgnton and Morse, Thcreso Rose and motion pictures. Oabco (M. C. Blumenbertr, mgr.)—Motion pic- tures, to good business. Bra Nickel (Wm. E. Reeves, mgr.)—Motion pictures. Oafb Truth OAra OoTTxaa.—Motion pic- tures ere being shown here. Qui, Peak's Island (J. B. Bishop, mgr.)— Motion pictures featured. Bivsston Ptaa: (D. B. Smith, mgr.)—The musical comedy, "The Broadway Girls," week of 80. dene Barnes Is a prominent member of this company. Nona.—Large crowds were attracted bete 28 •and 80, when this city had two circuses. The Toung Buffalo Wild West-Col. Cummins' Far Bast filled its date here acceptably 28 and were fol- lowed SO, by Miller Bros, and Arlington's 101 Banch Wild West State branch of the Mo- tion Blcture Exhibitors' League of America was organHed here 23, with the following officers: Moxley Hlumenberg, president, of Portland; Hiram Abrams, national vice-president, from Maine; Joseph Fortln, first vice-president, Lisbon Falls; Joseph A. McConvllle, second vice-presi- dent, Portland; James W. Oreely, treasurer, Portland; J. A, Emery, secretary. Bar Harbor 1 A. Pi Bibber, sergcant-at-arma, Lewlaton. Messrs. Abrams and Oreely are among the delegates to attend the National Convention at the Orand Central Palace, New York, week of T. I. M. Mosber, Portland, la one of the alternates to the National Convention. Branawlclc, Mr.—Pastime (W. 0. Gould, mgr.) vaudeville and photoplays. . Cohberland (E. A. Crawford ft Son, mars.)—■ Vaudeville and photoplays. Yovno BumLo Wild Wist la billed to appear here July S. Buffalo, N. Y. —Star (Dr. P. 0. Cornell, mgr.) the Northampton Players, In "Mrs. Bump- stead-Leigh" week of Jane 30, with "The Gam- blers" to follow. Si iba's <'M. shea, mgr.)—Bill week of 80: H. T. McDonnell and company, Edgar Atchlnson-Ely and company, Hermlne Messier, Gliding O'Hearss, Ina Claire, Bafiyettcs' dogs, Bernard and Weston, and John and Winnie Hcnniiujs. Majebtio (J. Ltughllu, mgr.)—Kalcm's "From the Manger to the Cross" features the motion pic- ture productions week of 30. Keith's Columbia (Charles Bowe, mgr.)—The picture feature for the holiday week is ''Mary, Queen of Scots." Lyric (A. L. Sherry, mgr.)—BUI week of SO: Llttlo Marie and bears, De Anno, Watson and Flyiin, Harry Qlbbs anil company, Scbreck and Perclval. and Charle9 Olbbs ' Daiimval Court (H. 0. Johnson, mgr.)—Pick- ard's sea lions are the park feature. The motion 1 picture theatre Is drawing big crowds. E. L.' Buckey is meeting wltb fine success with the L. A. Thompson Scenic Hallway. Notch.— Klngllinr. Bros.' Circus will show here July z. with the Hugenbeck-Wallaoe Shows billed to follow 10-12 Crystal Beach and Erie Beach, on the Canadian shore, are reaping great success. Allitiny. N. X*.—Harmanus Bleecker Hall (Ed- ward M. Hart, mgr.) Lytell-Vaughan Stock Co. S resent for week of June 80. "Little Johnny once." "The Greyhound" next. Grand (Oh«s. L. Robinson, mgr.)—Vaudeville, to capacity. Bill for week of 30: Boeder and Lester. Jack IlaB« and Dorl. Welti, Lo Wana Trio, Harry Glbbs and company, Watson and Flynn, the Three Musketeers, and the Solitaires. Colonial (Stacy A Perriu, mgrs.)—The Mor- ton Oomedy Opera Co. present "The Girl In the Clouds" week of 80. Pboctob'b (Howard Graham, mgr.) — Bills for 30 and week Include: The Money Girls, Broncho Four, Harry Hotter and company, Albert Don- nelly, Gertrude Dudley and company, Mark Sul- livan and Joule Fanton. Buoaiiwat. —Photoplays. Clinton Square. —Photoplays. Majehtio (Emll Delcbcs, mgr.)—Vaudeville and moving pictures. Orpheux. —Moving pictures, Mai-lb Beach Park (J. J. Oarlln, mgr.)—Sat- isfactory attendance rules at this resort. Electric park (W. J. Chandler, mgr.)—At the Rustic Theatre the FTanklin-Bargott StockCo. pre- sent "Rip Van Winkle" 30-July 8 and "Girls" 3-0. Notcs.— Hagenbeck-Wallace Shows will give two performances here July 8 101 Ranch Wild West will appear In this city 7. Syracnae. IV. Y.—Empire (Frederick Gage, mgr.) "The Man Who Owns Broadway" week of June 80. "Mn. Temple's Telegram" next week. Good business continues. Wietino (Francis P. Martin, mgr.)—"Mary Jane's Pa" week of 30. Vallet (Philip Honold, mgr.)—"The Belle of New York" week of 30. "The Time, the Place, and the Girl" next week. Noted. —Singling Brothers' Circus showed hero 30 Hagenbeck-Wallacei Shows will appear in the city July T. and Miller Bros, and Arlington's 101 Ranch WUd West 9. Genevas, IV. Y. — Smith (B. B. Outstadt, mgr.) motion pictures. tbmi'lx (F, 0. Pierce, mgr.)—Pictures and high cla.s musical teams afternoons and evenings, to satisfactory business. "Woterhnry, Conn.—Poll's (Ray S. Aver- Ill, mgr.) bill June 30-July 2: J. Da Bols, Flo and Ollle Waters, Bod and Claire, D'Arcy and Williams, Mme. Oonnelllus and photoplays. For 3-5: Paul La Croix, Musical Leslie., Long and Cotton, Sanbcrg and Lee, International Polo Team, and latest Aims. Garment (Cortlandt Barker, mgr.)—"Quo Va- dlsl" features this week's photoplays, shown evening of July 1, I'rincchs ((J. B. Cobb, mgr.)—Motion plctare*. Laetewood Park (J. J. O'Nell, mgr.)—Balloon ascensions, Three Blondlns, band concerts, carni- val and feature nights and dancing and cabaret continue to draw well. Lakh QuABSArANO (M. O'Connell. mgr.)—Con- certs and picnics. Water regatta July 4. Aliiamiwa. Ltbio, Scsnic, BnoADwAr and Co- lonial, motion pictures. Note. —William Fox and wife, accompanied by Mr. Zanf t, Mr. Fox's repreoentatlve,. reglsterede at the Elton Hotel, here, June 27. They la. spected J. 3. O'Nell's new theatre, of which Mr. Fox ha. control. This •iindsomo playhouse' la rapidly nearlng construction, and will bo opened the drat Sunday before Labor Day. If the build- ing Inspector permits. Already there Is much argument, pro and con, concerning the question of exits, Mr. O'Nell asserting that Mr. Ohsttteld. local building Inspector, has no control of any theatre where moving pictures are displayed, and claiming he will got his license from Chief Egan, of the State Police Ben Hansdorf will open his new theatre on Baldwin Street. It baa been named Shamrock. Hartford, Conn.—Parsons' (H. 0. Parsons mgr.) Hunter Bradford Players present "Old Heidelberg" week of June 80, with Dledre Doyle and A. B. Anson In the leading roles. pom's (W. D. Ascough, mgrl)—"The Woman," by the Poll Players. 80 and week, Edmond Elton, Maud Gilbert and Philip Dunning are featured in the cast. Frank Monroe, will' leave the company July 6, to re-join "Beady Money." George a, Lask will remain throughout the Summer. "The Country Boy" next, followed by "The Boss." HAjjTTORn (Fred. 1'. Dean, mgr.)—Bill 30- July 2: Stewart and Doniliucr.Tarnl, Art Adair, Vaughn, Klllfldge and company, De Vole Trio. Last half: Bush Brothers, Thomas and Thomas, Dixie Norton, Mlna Harrison and company, Bud Williamson and the Paths Weekly. Princess, Haiti Bona, and Eutibs, moving' plcturss. Indianapolis, Ind.—Marat- (Fred J. Datley, mgr.) the Murat Players, In "Arms and the Man," week of June 80. "The dbnax," with Florence Webber, next week. English's (Bingham, Cohen, mgrs.)— Bill week ot 30: Gene Mullcr Trio, Oehsn. Cali- ban and Oehsn, Louis J. Selnb and company, Newell ond Most, and photoplays. KRrrn's (Ned 8. Hastings, mgr.)—Bill week of SO: Frank .Palmer, Joyce and Donnelly, The Vinos. Oeorge Yeomans, and Millard Bros. Mo- tion pictures of local scenes are shown as an added attraction. _.„ Ltbio (Olarn ft Barton, mgrs.)—Bill week of 80: Btunson-snd Taylor, Ohnrles Forbes, Denton and Guides. Mullanl Sisters, Miller and Cleveland, Maurice Samuels and company* Empress Quar- tette, Hamanda Troupe, ,Bcott Sisters, and Bala- laika' Orchestra. Logranaport, Ind.—Broadway (E. E. Cun- ningham, mgr.) vaudeville' ond photoplays, changed triweekly, to big bouses. Ask, grand, Tokio and Cost, motion pic- tares. Nons.—The traction company have contracted with X Cbntl, of New Castle, Pa„ to furnish an elaborate exhibit of fireworks st Spencer Park, July 4 A Chautauqua will be held In this city Jul; IMS, talent famished try toe Bed- path 0». Among the attractions to he offered are: Redpeth Grand Opera Co.. Florentine Trio. Ben Orevt Players, Marx Trio, llobmnlr Kryl and bis band, Motart Concert Co., Barnard Orchestra. St. John, Can.—Opera House (F. G. Spen- cer, mgr.) Annla Abbott, tho Georgia Magnet, was hero Juno 20-28. Nickel. —Adcle Homey, a local girl, In songs; Emmett and Etnmott, and moving pictures. am.—Jack Morrlssey, In songs, and tho mov- ing picture*. UMKJDB.—Moving pictures. Star, —Moving picture.. EMrsxss.—(Moving picture). Lyric. —Vaudeville and moving pictures. Notes, —The Opera House will probably re- main dark D. U. McDonald, who has been resident mansger ot tbo Opera House here for the past eighteen months, resigned his position June is, and left for Sydney, N. S„ to assume tho management of a theatre that is being opened there by L. R. Acker, of Acker's Theatre, Halifax. While in this city Mr. McDonill was very popular both with the companies and the patrons • Klernaa Kelly former mansger of Mr. Spencer's Amherst, N, 8., theatre, assumed the management of the Opera House here, 80. Among the at- tractions booked at this house during August and September are "Brewster's Millions," Aug. 7-0, "The Pink Lady" 11-10, "The Chocolate Soldier" 21-23, and "The Newlyweds" Sept. 1. 2. Hot Spring*. Ark.—Airdome (Frank nead, mgr.) Joe Williams Stock Co.. advertised for week June 23. failed to fill their engagement, and this resort was closed for that week. The Tiger Lilies Musical Oomedy Co. opened a week's engagement 30. Whittinotok Park.— Large crowds always. Instrumental and musical concerts are given free In the Caslao, by the Vapor City Entertainers, a new local musical organisation, and all the con- cessions revcelve a full share ot patronage. Niw Roial, Ltcsoac and Central, motion pic- tures. Nons.—At the Central's day and night showa the largest audiences that ever assembled here witnessed the live reel production of the "Battle of Gettysburg." during the sfteruoon one hun- dred Q. A. R. veterans, st the Army and Navy Hospital, witnessed the film. Old guns and relics of the war were shown In the lobby Prin- cess vaudeville theatre has closed for the season. , Arrangements for re-opening the new, band- some Lyrlo Theatre are In progress. Eaneavllle, O.—Hippodrome (Helen Morri- son-Lewis, mgr.) good business with motion pic- tures.- Features for week of June 80 are: "The White Slave," "Rival Engineers" and "When Flit8 D*£CFG£fl " Quimbt's (W. 0. Qulmby, mgr.)—-Motion pic- tures. During tbo production of "Cleopatra," 25, the crowds were ao great that the police were called upon to preserve order. American (James Collins, mgr.)—Motion pic- tures. Grand. —Motion pictures of "Pilgrim's Pro- gress" was presented here 24, to big business. Notcs.— The Orpheum closed 21.... Howard Chandler Christy, the famous srtlst. Joined Zanci- vllle Lodge, No, 114, B. P. O. Elks, 20 Moisbala Park Is attracting throngs of people during the present hot weather and business is reporied great. Portsmouth, O.—Orand (Tyses ft T.ylor, mgrs.) regular Fall season will open Aug. 18, with Vogel's Minstrels, "Little Women" hooked for an early date In September. 8dm (Fltihush Lee, mgr.)—This vaudeville house has cloied. It will remain dark till Aug. 25. Ltbio, Oohjmdia, Soznio, Temple, Obfheuu, ExmniT and Arcana, moving pictures. Notes. —The Metropolitan Carnival Company closed a successful week'a carnival here 28 The Scioto County Annual Fair will be held Aug. 12-10, at the race track. "Colamtina, O.—Hartman (Lee M. Bods, mgr.) "Sapbo" week of June 30. OLBNTANOT Park (W. J. Dusenbury, mgr.)— "Hawthorne ot the U. S. A" week of 80. Keith's (W. W. Prosser. mgr.)—Bill week of 80: Stevens end Howard. Francis and De Mar, Frank and Bice and Billy Evans and pictures. . St. PanI, Minn.—Metropolitan (L. N. Scott, mgr.) Wright Huntington Players present "The Greyhound'' for June 20 and July 8-5. Msnds Adsuis, In "Peter Pan," June 30-July LI Siidi.sdt (William Oull-ri, mgr.)—Dramatis Stock Co. presenta "The Talker" week of June 20. Empress (Qua 8. Greening, mgr.)—'BUI for week of 20: "The Girls and the Jockey," Klein Bros., Clark and McOullough, the Kennedys, snd "His Nerve." Ma;»stio (D. S. Courtney, mgr.)—Business Is good. Princess (Bert Goldman, mgr.) —Continued good business. Stabland (0. F. Rose, mgr.)—Good houses role. HnroDnoiM (Jacob Barnett, mgr.)—Business Is good. Shreweport, La.—Grand (Ebrlicb Bros., mgrs.) Is dark. ■Majestic (Khrllch Bros., mgrs.)—mil Jons 20- 28 Included :*Drlnkmsn and Steelo Slater., Johnson and Bunnell. Alexander Bros., and Oil* Mitchell, picture, and Prof. Collier', orchestra., Sacnueb (B. V. Richards Jr., mgr.)—Motion pictures* QVMK (E. V. Richard. Jr., mgr.)—Motion pic- tures. Palaob (B. V. Richards Jr., mgr.)—Motion pictures. Mush (0. A. Demerls, mgr.)—Motion pictures. Deeamland (0. A Demerls, mgr.)—Motion pic- tures. . _ Notes.— The Palace Theatre waa re-opened 21, with a free admission to all The Hippodrome will bo completed soon snd promises to he some- thing novel In plcturedom. BfcAIester, Oklsu—Airdome (Archie B. Wllklns, mgr.) Bnd snd Henry Maslcsl Oomedy Co. June 80 snd week. Bpooner Dramatic Co. week of 7. Lax a Paik Abikiiib (Archie B. Wllklns, mgr.) —Bowman-Martin Stock Co. week of 29. Yaub-Majsstio (D. A. McDonald, Mgr.)—Pic tares In which the leading stars appear are shown here. Victoi (Will Tlpplt, mgr.)—Motion pictures to splendid baslnes*. _ ..... .. Libbbtt (John A. Stelnson, mgr.)—Motion pie- tores to good business. ^_^._ «. Note;— The Hutchinson Musical Oomedy Co. cancelled their engagement at the Star Airdome for SO and week. ESnld, Ohrla.—LVlmar Airdome (Stebblns ft Bolton, mars.) Mortimer Players June 20 snd week, followed by Hutchinson Musical Oomedy kijasTio (B. W. Wirt, mgr.)—Moving pie- torn. Botal (B. W. Wirt, mgr.)—Moving pictures. Wonderland (Stebblns Bros., mgrs.)—Moving pictures. . .. .' Orpueuh (King a Bolton, mgrs.)—Moving pic- tures. Nons.—B. W. Parker, of this city, character actor, Joined the Franklin Block Co., at Wichita Falls, Tex., 21, as stage manager "Chau- tauqur." will be bere for seven days commencing July J 6. Battle Creek, Hleh^-Post (E. R. Smith, mar.) closed for repairs and re-decoratlng. Bltou (Harry Lorcb, mgr.)—Bill June 80-July 2: Howard Longford, Melt and Demon t, Smiletta Slaters, Stranb Sisters, Buckley's Animal Circus. For Ti 5: Rondos Trio. Alexander Sisters. Dyer and Dyer, Jock Burdette, and Patrlcola and Myers. Notss.— The Smith Greater Shows exhibit here 80 and week, under tne auspices of the Elks, and the Greater Rutherford Shows are also under the management of the Moose Us mum ft Ballefl Circus Is billed bere for July 14. Bar tHty, Mich.—Grotto (Foster B. Close, mgr.) moving pictures. Wstncnau (B. P. Leahy, mgr.)—Motion plc- turei.. Staji (Thatcher ft Son, mgrs,) —Moving pic- tures. Wknona Beach OAsmo (L. H. Newcomb, mar.) —Bill week of June 20: Schulls Trio, John Vin- cent, Mendel and Nogel, Woodward, aid the Oa slnoacope. Grand Rnplds, Mich.—Rsmotrs (Lew De Lamater, mgr.) bill for week of June 80: Acme Fou£ Five Juggling Mowntts. La Gracloso, Smith and Pullman, Trschow's cats, Tftree Bickey Bros. and the Three Lorettas. Kerne, V. H.—Majestic (D. P. Aider, mgr.) vaudeville and motion pictures. Jane 80 and week Lorn Blwrn Stock Ob. Dbrajiland (B. A. Worsey, mgr.)—Motlou pic- tures, to s. a, o. GREAT P ATTERSO N SHOWS. One of the World's Host Perfectly Equipped A mttsement Enterprises. On ptge 23 of this Issue Is presented a compoelts picture lsyout covering the Great Patterson Shows, a carnival organisation which enjoys an envlsbls position la tho world of tented amuse- ments. Jameo Patterson his built up a splendid following whereon hi. .hows have exhibited, and he Is accounted as being one ot the moat s.tute of America's carnival promoters. Ths Great Patterson Shows ire pliylng to big business all •long the route. Following I. the roster: Jss. Patterson, general manager; Jas. Patter- son Jr., assistant manager; O. N. Patterson, sec* retory ind treasurer: II. S. N'oyes, general agent! Raymond a Hlder, special agent; L. P. Caldwell, promoter; Doc. Handle, press representative; U. T. Brslncrd, electrician, with Hve asslatanlai Prof. De Palms, bandmaster; G. D. Elder, checker; W. H. Harris, trainmaster; L. B. Har- ris, boss carpenter: Frank Senilis, lot superin- tendent, II. Osmond, steward. Among the attractions are tbo following: Patterson's Trained Wild Animal SAow.—Ju. Patterson, owner; Doc. Handle lecturer and an- nouncer; Fred King, ticket box No. 1; Harry Doe, ticket box No, 2. This atiow consists of Slgnor Sebastian and bis military drill of trained ponies; Cecelia Sebastian, menage set; Mme. Horner, lion tssnerj Mile. Mabelle, irapexe and flying ladder; Slg. Sirciatan, group ot trained elephants; per- forming goats, Princess Vellalre; trick mule. Ma- jor Dumond: Cuba, high school pony, Mile. Odell; monkey and pony act, Oipt. Snyder; riding dog set. Major Raasel. Geo. Kitchen, boss canvaa man; Oscar McClellsn, teamster; Chsrles Hughes, ring stock msstcr; L. G. Gray, pony man; Slgnor Sebastian, equestrian director. Assistants: Fred Baker. Wilt Grin, John Kohl, Geo. Be unci, L. II. Church, Dave Hanley snd N. A. Powel. Anncz—}. J. Bejano, manager; Eddie Harts, assistant manager; Doc. Hllderbran, talker; Kl Kl Bills, original Haba Hibi man; Major Lewis, human pincushion; Prof. A. L. Morrel, Yankee whit tier; Geo, Townaend, Little George; La Bell. Amelia, fat girl; Paul Desmuke, armless wonder; Prof. McMillan, Pink eyed Albino musician; Handsome Harry, fat man and crayon artist; Arratoo. two beaded wonder; Herb. Smart, lec- turer; Geo. Monro, superintendent canvas; Jesse Smith, lecturer. "Bout Beto' do Woh" —Doc. Grsliam, manager; Claud Woods, talker; Bert. Gwlnn, ticket boa No. 1; Doc. Hlggina. ticket box No. 2; Gordon Col- lins, stage manager; Fred. Mayes and Billy God- low, comedians; Fred. Lewis, Dudley Lisle, Pat Wstson, Obas. Wilkin*. Ethel Rucker, Loralns Booker ind Ophelia Godlow, singers and dancers. Ed. Rucker, bmdmniber; Chick Hellers. Clyde Branson, Dave Stephens, Harry Knox, Sam Cash, band and orcbestra; Dick Moore, supt. canvas. Jungle Land —J, P. Everett, manager; It. H. Bralnerd, aialstint manager; Jack NIckols, talker: Harry 0 Pay, boss animal mnn: Lester Stoops ana Bert Atklnion, ticket boxes; Joe Harvey, lecturer) Jas. Mihoney. csavsiman. _ , Deep Boa Divert —J. 0. Kelloy, manager; Oil Atkinson, talker; Geo. Squires, ticket box; Opal Mitcbel, lecturer. _ Crystal Palace —Will 7,. Soiltb, proprietor; Doc. Barnett, talker; Orln Newborn and Obas. Holmes, ticket box; Christy Meyers, Lester Divine and Gene Devlne, glas* blowers; Ed. Tripp, superin- tendent canvas. Donoimn's Blvition —J. J. Porter, owner and manager; John Welsh, electrician: Geo. Weit- lake, tickets; Jo Ooonely, props; Chief Deerfoote and family, full blooded Choctaw Indiana; Frank Squires, superintendent canvaa. Devil't Boucer-pJ. W. Cofalan and A. T. Bralnerd, owners; J. W. Oogblan, maaager; Mrs. A. T. Bralnerd and Mrs J. W. Oogblan, tickets t the Thrilling El Blauo, Cannon Bill Bell, Dire Itovll Lark-ins, Devlllo Henry. Swede Anderson, Jsy Welch, Internstlonsl rsce rider.. The Squeeier— Roger Patterson, manager; Wm. Doff, talker; Dick Oar. ticket box. llaid o/ the Kill—Geo. F. Bailey, manager I H. A. Bailey, talker; Ilsrry Mataia), ticket beg I Tom Jeiguaon, Inside man. Panamo Cissl Kshibtion—V. 0 Meed, mana- St and lecturer; Tom Rysn. talker; Mrs. B. O. eid, ticket box; Geo. Boone, superintendent canvas. Corrvuiel —,Aimer Kline, manager; Virginia Brilne.-d, checker: Tom Tremble, engineer; BUI Devon, ticket seller; Ajbos Smith and Lee Col- kin., ticket tak-.-s. revrli Wheel —Cheater Mlssler, manager; Jo T. Hall, engineer; B. G. Freeman, ticket seller. Bonia HAoio.—J. H. Johnson, proprietor and manager: Oorda 'lell, violinist; Wm, Harris, cor- netlst; Tom Dunn, muilcil director: Girland Tarborough, trap drama; L. B. McCsleb, idvinoe sqrnt; Arthur Jackson, stralgbt man; Tom Ben- nett assistant electrician; Rd. Moore, assistant oinater and oornettst; Robert Greer, comedian; J. W. Berry, talker; Charles Laughter, stage manager; H, B. Jackson chief electrician; R. W, OonsTdon, pianist; B, McCoy, comedian; Marie Bar- nett, fancy boxing and lead.; Bessie Harris, leadl snd chorus; Zllda Damcron, specialty; Violet Al- len, leads and chorus; Mary Westraan, choruei Nelllo McOlll, ohorua; Tlllle Johnson, specialties and producer; Loralno Berry, child wonder; Mabls Allen, leads and chorus; Rose Lsnghter, character change, and chorus; Nellie Burros, leads and chorus:; Irene Rem, sneclsltks and chorus; Banal Langford, lady comedian and leada; Tboalo Bhlrley, leads and chorus; Lilian Lablancb. too dancer and ipeclnllty. Coneeniime— John 0. Aughe, nine concessions; T. 0. Foster four concessions! H. B. Osssond, conrmlaasry depsrttnrut; Onsen Louise, palmist | Esione, palmist; O. L. Nogle. ofllclsl photog- rapher; A. B, Darks, professloaal play ball ma- chine; the old reliable Dick Mitchell, Juice; Frank Holmes, Hamburger; Maurice Crow, shoot- ing gallery; Fred Ireland, twenty-eight foot knife rack; F. O. Blegle, novelties. Arcade—Al. Dsvls, manager; Jeane Helfisb, cashier; Ed. Neason, machinist. THE HUNTER SHOWS. BI OUT If. OBBONE. Th* neuter Shows, which are now on their ninth week, are now whipped Into excellent ahape. and Is one of ths largest carnival attraction* traveling. The business, so far, oa ths baa been most gritlrylng and aatls(actory to both the management and all people concerned wltb the ahow. Tho following Is a complete list of all tho abows, concessions and general staff for Mr. Hunter: Col. Greene's Wild West, with eight head of stock, slK Indians, eight cowboys and cowgirls and a ten nleoe hand. Chen's Circus, with ten performers. _ 8ulna's Dog and Pony Show, idllns Brothers' trained horses, King and Queen. Jollle Jessie, the fst girl, Jim HoiIkcs' Hnake Show. Downa' Ten In One. Fletcher Flowers' Wild Animal Show. Zanto'a Midget City. Miller's Oriental Show. Oarr's Chill Twins. ,. Grig's New Ell Ferris wheel. Snoyden's Merry-go-round, a new $20,000) ma- chine. 2nine's Pony Track. mong the concessionaries are; AL Plnder, with three stores: Moo Miller, wltb three; Chen's China snd Vase Wheel, Htrstton and Bheppl, with seven stores; Jennie Allen, with Ave. When the outfit sets op we have slxty-flve concessions on the midway. Clark's Rand of twenty men, dpi. Garrlty wltb bis Fire Dive, Kmlth's Dogs and Amy's Leopards are the free sets. Bock with the show Mr. Hanter'a stiff Is as follows: Hairy Hunter, general director; Tho** Nally treasurer: Tom Smith, trainmaster; Ed. Murphy, electrician, wltb one oailatmt, Oeorge Moore,, In charge of concessions. With the advance are: Cloy M. Oresne, general agent; Arthur Wlndlidi, advertising agent; Sol. Levy, press agent; Obas. Lindoo, with hi. wife, doing ibe street rubes, snd Butler's Lsdy Band. Tie Oftkttk it Outen » great, tod a big weak te assured. The abows ploy a special week for the fhtraen at McKey. Rocks, Pa., week of July 7. and over 11,500 hss already been sold on pro- gram "ads.," and special excursions with special railroad service promise a wonderful week'a Dull- ness tor the show. GREAT SOUTlS SHOWS. Tno Great Southern Shows, which was taken over by Harrington ft Dodson, in Pensocols, Florida, last February, formerly under the moo* ogement of J O. Simpson, chsnged hands Jane 24. WUIIan) T. Harrington having pnrvbaoed the lnhsrest of Guy 0. ilodson, bis former partnHV The abows will now bo known as llarrlngtoa'a Great Southern Showa under the personal man- agement ot Wm. T. Harrington, indited by Ben H, Klein, secretary and treasurer, formerly of ths K. O. Harkoot and Great Empire Showa. Tbo Great Southern Shows, after their twenty weeks' sojourn la the South, covering Florida, Alabama. Mlselsslppl, (Icorgls, Tennessee, Vlr- glols, West Virginia anil Ohio, are now making their war Into Michigan, where they will play both tho lower ind upper Peninsulas, thence going into Canada, returning by way of the Oopivrr Country, est route South. Louia J. Berger, the congenial general repre- Motatlve of the shows, has been very aucceaafal In booking soma of the beat "spots" in Michigan, Including Muskegon, Manistee, Traverse City, Pe- toekey and Sault Sto. Marie, both ths American and Cansdlan aides. Mr. Berger ilao auccecdrd In landing the eon- tract for the exclusive shows rides and conees- 9St*iJ g ! $*. Wc * t MU'hlgsn State Fair, which will be bold In Grand llaptds, MIcb., Labor Day Since the organisation ot the abows under the present management tbe entire outfit boa been almost entirely re-equipped and to-day la on. of the neatest appearing and cleanest outfits on ths road. The show his been one of the most success- ful companies (hit has plsyed the South this Winter, which Is solely duo to the untiring ef- forts of ths present management and staff. There has been llttlo change In the lineup of ittrscttons and concessions since ths show left Pansscsla, bat now that Mr. Harrington baa pur. chased tbe show, he announces that within the E&iS "R to SW!™ new .hows, which he wlH build himself will be added. After the Michigan tour tbe shows will again journey South, playing aome ot the more Import- ant Southern fair dates, together with several return engagement. In cities which tbsy visited on the wsy North, Tho line-up of attractions follows: "Hollands' Dig Hippodrome or One Ring Cir- cus," featuring the "Flvo Hollands," lbs world's foremost darlnir bareback riders, la a sensational riding act. This attraction carries (en head of the finest ring stock In tbo country, and has boon tbe talk of the territory covered. Harrtngton'a "Big Musical Oomedy or Ad- vanced Vatidovllle," carrying eight very beautiful young ladle* In the chorus and two funny come dims, one of the strongest attractions on aha road. Harrington's "Old Plantation, or Dixieland Mln.treli," wltb sixteen of America's best colored performers, never fills to please the large audi- ences which It draws In every city. Joe Beauford's "Selena" allow, the strange* girl alive, gives an exhibition ot her wonderful control over poisonous and vanenious reptiles which Is innifng. "Oasey Jones," tbo armless wonder, entertains the maeses wltb his marvelous exhibition: doing everything with his feet that la imsslhls tor any human being to do wltb their bands. Nelson's Picturesque Wild Weil depicts the life of the Western Plain* showing tbe customs and paailmee of the Indiana and Oowhoya. Phillips' "Voliana," or "The Human Dynamo," la an attraction that Is truly mirveloui and never fall* to please It* many iuIrons, D* Vor's "Bleotrlo Show" I. another of tbe atellar attraction* with the ahow. Patcben A Smith'* big carousel and Gooding's Ell Ferris wheel ore tb. riding devloes carried. The following line-up ot ooncenlons are carried: Aston*. Bros? electric candy wheel. Teddy Heir wheel and noveltlea and confetti; "Dad" Milter. cook-house, glasa wheel and long range .booting Iallery; Stevens' log store. Madam Moiaelle, pilm- •try; Jos. La Roux, gloss spindle and art vss* wheel; Miller's Country Store, Msdam Cors, palm- ist: Ooodsteln's Jewelry storo, Klein's hoop-la and lee cream cones, Ouaato Bcauford'o ten pint, H.r- ?.•' sisis.wheel snd vsse wheel; Anderson's Striker, McDonnell's Pins-Pong: Llttlo Mollle's keg game, ind Oohenls doll wheel. Prof. 0. Psnserl's Royal Italian Band of twelve pieces furnlibea the music, and gained tbe adtolra- Hon of ths peoplo In every city where they hive been. "Little Motile." the world's champion bead foremost Iidy high diver baa been the feature free attraction wltb tbe ahow ever since Hi or- ganisation, snd continues to smsse the psopls with her daring and sensational act. The official staff of tbe Grsst Southern Shows ll SS follows! Wm. T. Harrington, sole owner and manager; Ben H. Klein secretary and treaa- nreri Louis J. Berger, general representative! Frank W, Lloyd and Ed. A. Wilson, promoters; Wm. 0. aibboni, mister of trsnsportstlon | Ray Hessamore, preis sgent; v.. Manning, superin- tendent of grounds; Wm. Gibbons, chief elec- trician, and Geo. Foss, Militant electrician, s Harit Helms snd his Mystery Show Is ploying the Northwest, snd reports surreal. Tbe company Includes: Harry Helms, magician snd Illusionist, ssslsted by Mrs, Helms and Lucille Helms: Nona, "Tbe Lady In Black," la somnolency and ipirlt cab- inet work: lAirena, comedy Juggler: Mile. La Belle, musical ict and rag pictures! Prof, tave, Are and magic kettlo act: Roloff'a trained dogs, monkeys tod posies; the a rest Bornardo, handcuff king and escape srtlst, and the Three Merino Bros., acrobats. Harry Helms Is proprietor snd mansger. Tbe route extends to tbe Pacific (Joist. . OLAsrmoa Atjbkinos hss been engaged by Jones ft Crsne'i Wolf Co. as agent. He la at present with Christy's Big Tent Show. CARRY UO ALE lp|l!lr|L,or. ; i'.Mirirn On tnachine earned IIB.SBO In 28 w1is.,}804 One machine earned 117,048 In 20 wks., IMS One machine earned I lt),6D2 In 20 wks., 1000 One machine earned 18,017 in 27 wks., 1007 One machine earned 12.802 In 27 wks., 1008 One machine earned 110,842 In 20 wks., 1000 One machine earned ,18,521 In 28 wks., 1010 One nuchtng earned $20,188 In 02 wks., 1011 "Above figures Will be verified to customers." O. W. PAilKBR. Leawenwoetb. K—. FLASH WATCHES and SILVERWARE Suitable for Prises, also Stage Jewelry, Orease Paints, Oold Cream, Burnt Cork, etc., best In the market. Send '»' •^•l 0 *!?' Address tho old rellablo II. «. UstMt* CO., 131 Mo. Wabash Ave.. Chicago, III. Chicago's mm wtw shop mnm is this lihk. ^v\ 9VAL.ITY, ftUANTITY, HBSWftrTB-ajc. he Homo «r nil Hnlek Ptoo^tee^pljy CXUAK THEATRIOaU. PHOTOB ■/ w! '.: f