The New York Clipper (July 1913)

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July 5 THE NEW YORK CLIPPER. 9 THE) NB , W YORK OXTY THEATRES UNION SQUARE (■. F. HO0BB3, MOB.) A doien electric fans, placed on the walls CONTINU ED ATTR ACTIONS. DIlAMATIO AMD MUSICAL. A d<)len electric ~fan87~p!aCTa'oa Oie w»ll» A fairly good llTed aWlc'nc'e, who were *-, Sw, "« mgr.l—Huslnexa lias improved of AVPOR.—"Quo VadlBl" «i motion, pictures, and front* of the balcony of the theatre, very liberal in applause, not withstanding the gJM"S^»g. fg** 3*F&^*£*5jP* ftp * eleventh week. _, huge exhaust fans In the dome, and palm- hot weather, was in attendance here Monday , W 5SK-,» T ii?,„t aslcst Way - wltU Tuc Mn " fiA«M>—"The Purple Road," tMrd week leaf fans placed at the disposal of every matinee. Uon ** follow. at this house. , . . patron, make It possible, even during the thcr- Tho house Is one of the coolest In New nnrTTMBIA. "The Kissing Mali,' Oftit mometer's highest altitude, to enjoy com- " LUL.UMU fortably the excellent performances now /vrntf—Laurette Taylor, In "Peg o* My being given at this old-time but popular C Heart" twcnty-eUrbth. week. theatre. -- —=*• —"^-SBCOND STRHErr.— For this week the premier position of the bill Is Justly accorded to the Manon Or- chestra of seventeen musicians, the vocal- ists being John Lnren. and. Frances Lloyd, story of two brothers, one being on the wrong the former a well known operatic tenor, path. Was Weir, who plays the wife of the while Mlns Lloyd Is very favorably known good brother, gave a very convlndngpcrform- as a member of the Atom companies. John ance, and one that stamps her to be an Bradford la the conductor, and the title of actress or the first water. She Is the author- ity new production is ''A Night at the ess and producer of tho sketch. She has "■"/*,™ ?'» , "?? B > "»"•■" " , i»i>"»' fiS^S" Opera." (See New Acts this Issue.) hSidled each Situation cleverly, even to the »****"▼'»*. S&E* E&P^SS %2?'iS A new one act dramatic playlet, entitled smallest detail, and In consequence the audi, "f 9 - Jyaonondo. »»"He Smith awl tlio Jug- "A Close Call/' received its first presentation enco, who thoroughly enjoyed tho perform- ' u Z*x"*™\ m „,„.^, ♦„„„-. „j„ t„ »„„,_» here 80, by John de Persia and a capable ance, gave her and the company auroral cut- ,S?t fc 5 m 8 cloied ' to onea •*"* ln Al| B u »t little company of Ave people. (See New tain calls. Of her support, William Chambers, W, 2L •Ji 80 "?' for~tne first half of last weens diu nere. Acts, this Issue.) who plsys a dual role, was easily the best, inii not satisfied to live up to the prominent Armstrong and Ford, as "The English and gave a meritorious performance. billing Manager Matthews had given Johnny and the Cop," provided unlimited fun As far as the audience is concerned William —J. n ". .'.? " n , d P |ct " rc8 „ h?r way sh? "stopped the show" at the In tbclr cross-flre dialogue. «H material be- Blsto. the Italian AWrlean. cin coma back . Yorkvllle (Lawrence Bratus, mgr.l— Hill Vm»Omj^ ►rty.fourth wee rBW FIbEdS' FORTY-SBCOND 8TEBBT LBW ROW GABDBN.-r'All Aboard," fifth «HW AMSTBBDAM.—Wegfeld's "Follies of w 1018," third week. PRINCESS.—Four one act plays. PROCTOR'S FIFTH AVENUE. (ous mccu.nb, uon.) fork, being cooled by a patent apparatus that makes a difference of nearly twenty de- grees from the street. Talented Jean Weir and her excellent com- pany presented one of the most Interesting sketches that has ever been Been at this honse. It Is called "Ills Last Offense," and tells the mgr.)—This house closed Saturday evening, Juno 2H. Keith's Harlem Opera lloasc (Harry Krlth'i Bronx—Rc-opencd with "Tile Battle of Gettysburg" pictures, at ten, twenty and thirty cents, on Monday, .'to. Tremont (J. Wells, mgr.)—Pictures only. Prospect (Frank Gcrstea. mgr.)—"The Woman" la the offering of the week of tho Stock company. Sponner Theatre (Louis Fosse, mgr.)- For a fow weeks this houso will present tho Paul J. Kalney African hunt pictures. National (Harry Lowe tngr.)—BUI for this weak Kcegan and Henley, Spirit I'alnt- Ings, Mate and Itllcy, Bruce, DuffYtt and com- pany, the Htantons, Three Pnppas, Schrock PROCTOR'S TWENTY-THIRD ST. (WILLIAM A. MATTHEWS, MOB.) Lillian Bradley was a very proper hcadllner i ttie con ,r the first half of last week's bill here. Acts, this Family (J." Carr, mgr.)—PlcturVs only. Elahtr-slstl. Street (It. McGco, mgr.) her, why ' 'sda tie "'appr->cta5ve"'8pecch to her"audience Wednesday (Jane 25) evening performance, ami was found capable of making a neat and and satisfying their wishes with another number. Hlsl Bradley has begun her stage career with a hound, and if she 1 ves up to the adage that Frank Campbell told us about, ns to women and wine Improving with «m what a future tile voice gifted girl has. iDg of a good order, and their work gave evi- dence of a sincere desire to please. Gordon and Blca, ln a cycling specialty, and Lorenzo and Gallagher, a new duo of ec- centric comedians, were new here, Monday, 30, marking then* first appearances here. (See N'ew Acts, thin issue.) Miss Marine and her company of six sing- ers put over their songs and dances ln good Blsto, the Italian American, can come back here any tlmo ho pleases. The reception ac- corded him was a glorious one. He has a fairly good voice and puts over several songs with good results. His talk Is bright and up-to-date, and went over with a bang. Conroy and Le Mai re. In their latest skit for this week: Katharine Ktare, Dolly Mor- rls.ey. Ithoder and Cromptin, Kurnan and Walters. Rouble 81ms, Fred St. Ongo com- pany, liarrett and Stanton, Glean Rllion, Livingstone Trio, Vassar Girls and Tony Gar- nctto. Riverside (Barman Goldman, mgr.)— SCENERY THEATRE8 AND PRODUCTIONS, VAUDEVILLE ACTS EQUIPPED Weir and Second Iland Scenery la Stock MURRAY HILL SCENIC STUDIO MURRAY HILL TIIKATRR, N. t. WAtVTSBK MAKR Y.Mgr. Tel. MSaMnr. Hill. T OD'S TI PS. Juan Wiib, tho charming Scottish come- dienne, and her company arc presenting "The Last Offense" at 1'roctor's Fifth Ave- nue Theatre, this week. I eased It to you not long ago that Miss Weir was working the wrong "time." Frank McCune took a slant at It at the Twenty-third Street house. KcHiilt—Now on the time she belongs. Mir.o BSI.DON Ami CoMrvNV are "deceiv- ing sister'* at tho Temple, Detroit, this week. Miss Miller is the particular pretty girl who does tho "sister" rulo to perfection. ItlANCHN, ono it the "winsome.! of tho winsome" singing comediennes, melo> died out another lmrmonlnus hit at the New "lrlghton, down at tho beach, lust week, '1 n»: Four Society Girls, a new singlns Brighton, down at tho tx-ach, last week, Tun Kour Society Girls, a new singing enmblnutlon, npenei) on the Sullivan-Const- of glee, called "Tho New Phrstelan," had as> M L .*g5g 1 "". '," e 1 f5! , little, trouble here as they do at other New V, S*!"Jri /riJS*. Sii- m« York houses, ln making the audience laugh. »'«•"* <C'*««»o Tally, mgr.)—Music and 'it was the first time we had seen one iof rtyle. their whirlwind finish winning big While they held the stage the crowd was In V^SSL //.k.. ar Th«™««». »„i am mmmf m»m «>>P»Wy m m* »Wl «PPj?«»e j B ,_ M , Mxa a couvulelou of laughter over thei way vaudoWMe and nl'ctares n»gr.)— Mount Morris (I. Mldicls, mgr.)—Pic- tures only. Washington (.Louis Cohen, mgr.)— ov a single or sny other act, and so we muat Mildred Grover, in songs and sayings, ddd funny situations. The present act Is eaiily give Miss Bradley full credit for what she nicely with her songs, though she sang one the best they have ever been teen In. compllslHd here last Wednesday night. too many, and should hare retired on her <rh e Modern Srengall, assisted by Elsie Major Doyle, Belle and Jones, e'ngers and third song. Her storiea were too long, which Terry, gave their mystery, and at Its conclu- I a ceo; Mil talkers!* and" the Three Lublna, dancers, ran caused'them to lack Interest. neck and neck for place money. (See New The Musical Alvlnos have a fair act, open- Acts for last two acts.) log with banjo duets by the man and woman The Major, though as diminutive In statue who compose the act. These were foUowed as ever, Is growing fast ln his ability to en- by piano and banjo numbers, and they fln- tcrtaln. He sang a few songs and talked a igbed with the banjos and imitations. heap on a scarcity and style of woman's Thos. Potter Dunn, as a humorist, vocal- clothes to-day, and he kept the house In con- 1st and Imitator of different nationalities, tinuous laughter throughout his bright mono- iced tako a back seat for no one In present logue day vaudeville. His child Imitation, the Herbert and Wlllln, Mask face comedians, yodllng song and the tipsy young woman on the clever dancer of the team as a wench, tho car were quite perfect. Old Timer. are as speedy os they ever were In delivering their funny chsttor, and they went oyer with their usual success. Ed. C. Jordan and company, ln a comedy drunk aot, entitled "Tom Katz's Night Ot t." end the Four Brass Men, completed a avud iVILJ. gBYU IUCU IHJ.TIVIJ, Will m* •(. W,.W.«- ^ , V slon had the audience guessing. The act PJ 2 ur * , li ° 1 B 'I' ,„ , , „„> v ..„ was played some tune ago at an uptown "■"J" 0 " 1 < a AuUI < ">««■•)—Vaudeville house and met with fairly good results. Its end Pictures. presentation here was the best It has received so far. John Cardo and Frltsl Noll. In selections of operatic gems, was a M« 'feature. The ■ n i. p ' ctu r 0 ,", Audubon Harry Thorns, mgr.)—Vaude- ville and pictures. Lafayette (B. Nelbur, mgr.)—tVaudcvlllo evening of good entertainment, and both are also more fully reviewed on our New Act -page. Flossie Le Vere and her boys and Jack Strnusse shared first honors on the incoming hill of Thursday, June 20. MIbs Le Vere Is sure enough a hard worklug cirlle. She is a "little blonde bunch of motion" from the min- ute die maUcs her first entrance until tbo Inst bow is taken. The two young men work- ing with her are clever wooden shoe dancers, flinging of both numbers waa very much en- Joyed. "I'm Falling In Love With You" was a big feature, and showed what a aplendld voice Mr. Cardo possesses, The offering Is refined In every sense of the word. McMahon, Diamond and Clemence in their classy singing and dancing specialty, have played almost every vaudeville house ln New York, and are so well known thnt com- Whlln tho nliow at this cool resort on rnent Is unnecessary. Safe to say that they ■MmTda, 9 n^fMled'toprXce^ythlSg dupUeated Uie .ucews here that has attended out of the ordinary, It enabled one to spend their efforts at each house. AMERICAN MUSIC HALL (CHABLSS S. POTSDAM, HOB.) a hot evening in a pleasant and comfortable manner. John Zlmmcr, a Juggler, opened the show. He missed bis tricks frequently and did not leave a good Impression. Tile Newsboys Sextette arc billed as "popu- lar singers of popular songn," and this fully describes their act. All of tnem hnvo good voices, and they work as If their lives dc- The Two Roses, in their musical specialty, are also well known In New York. Their Tfeano (Jack Lowers, mgr.)— Pictures nnd good vaudeville, One Hundred nnd Sixteenth Street (D. Johnson, mgr.)—Vauderillo nnd pic- tures. Lowe's Fifth Avenue (A. Lowe, mgr.) —Pictures, to fair business. Locw's Seventh Avenue (C. Howards, mgr.)—For this week: A'lrlenne, Murphy and Foley. Chas. Bachtnsnn and company, Mr. and Mrs. W. DeWnlf, tho Dainancos. Thornton and Onrlow, "Cupid's Syndicate," Baity Sisters, and l^iwton, Weston nnd Lee. Proetor'a «Jnc llnndrrd nml Twenty- SSrET IsUaTeiali •>! laWaaTfallsTto «««• street (C. O. Allen, rngM-Kor 80- Flier fVnhirp litiwit-mo avfjvweja mm. Vmie Gardner roller-skated himself Into RUIta. ft"SK^liS™^-*S^^^ffi: rS , B v 0 r. He demonstrated manv fancy Lillian tarter. O^onne.l l^her^and Mme. ret, Jess. Lasky's "In 10l»fi," Frederick An but the boys should pay a bit more attention pended upon it. to "making up." Tack Strausse had little. piirkln's dogs and monkeys please! the trouble winning his way with that singing children. The do K9 onMondny night, did voice of his anft a good Italian characterlza- not work with their accustomed case, due. Jinn •» — -— — ■ no ,j 0 „bt to the hent. Ono of tho docs does a tlon. much favor. He demonstrated many fancy nnd difficult Btuots on skates, and at the con- clusion of his worthy performance received several encores. Valveno and La More, ln acrobatic fentn, opened the show nnd proved that this spot Is no handicap. Ruby Lusby and Girls, In songs, were seen drew's Magic Kettle, Ileulcy and Duuwnlt, Mnttdo Ornfton and company, tbo Bo Anos Brown and Frnzlor. l<'aunt and Faust, and Kldridge, tho San-Man. Brooklyn, N. Y.—ftrnnd (Louis Barr, •The Goldlc Boys, dancers; Harry _ and company, ln a comedy family wrangle. Been on the stage. "A Matrimonial Blizzard;" Bollinger and Corcoran _nnd Lloyd Reynolds, wire artists; Staynmn and Hay- ten, comedy musicians, and Vera Bcttiim, singing comedienne, made up a bill that was not equal to the one that opened the week, but an unusually good program of pictures helped out the weak spots very well. Bill for first half of the current week in- cludes : Charles J. NellBon, Jane Knowles the same stock company no doubt to the hent. Ono of the dosa docs a »««y ^' t lmiln ticyrXork (See New mgr.) the Grand Opera House has closed for Hotter fall that is one of the funniest thlngB ever ?g »• «"« tim * lD New xon - "•■ " ew tl ," e Summer, but will re-open Aug. 1!3 with are two voung men Tli4 Pnulham Team, who play basketball ' ..i™ Tholr "cbfttter" wn »» riding bicycles, proved a big novelty, who know now to dance, incir cnaxier ,„..., ., rJCZ _v__v JT_j k.i,in°a,i«m« they could, wcl^ dispense with, for not only Joot, ■For and company, ln "What Henrietta 1'id; Edythe Gibbons, the Stroud Trio, the Three O'Connor Sisters, and Toledo nnd Burton. For the last half, beginning Thursday: Fran- cis Wood. Lawrence Gordon and company, ln "Who's Boss:" Rube WllllB nnd Three Types, Altaian and McFarland, "Tho Goddess Nico- tine," and BIk Jim. Tod. s ' HAMMERSTEm'S. (W1C HtlTMraMTlK, MOB.) Sophie Tucker, after a long absence from New York, made her appearance at tbo house Is It old, biit it is" unfunny. It was only when they danced that the audience appeared interested lu their act. The act of Dick Bernard Is reviewed la our New Acts column. The Tony Cornotto Trio 19 composed of two men and a mere mlto of a girl, Just why Tony is the featured one of the act Is a question, for his assistants divided the honors. The aot Is preiented ln one, and la full of knockabout stuff. The Eight Vassar Girls Is a big "flniih act with nno electrical effects. It makes a pretty stage picture, and this lets it out. Tho dancing is nothing remarkable, nnd the bi'Biiwick (Frctf'k whUbock, mgr.) They" SSSgfifiSSi and'Kid tho" audience «eek of Juno S-) the HP Keith, Popular jcated until tho conclusion of their perform- ^fgVErtlSSjSriSS^ big unce. NEW BRIGHTON THEATRE. (sau'l mckbb, uon.) Kly ilrte vaudevlllo ucts nnd the latest photoplay Sitmir.uT (Wm. Shcehy, mgr.)—Loew's vaudeville continues to big houses. Tho pro- grnm Is changed twlco weekly. BKoronD (Men. K«hn, mgr.)—Continuous There Is a fine comedy bill holding forth vaudeville and the Intent photoplays. The ' rs nnd Tour dally CnBHCBNT. — "V at tho handsome seaside theatre, presided program Is changed Mondays over by Sam McKee, for/ the current week or and pictures dally. dine Circuit recently, and '.ove heen sort o* cleaning things up ever «lncc. Tho girlies arc: Melanle Miller, soprano: Bessie Frank- lin, nlto: Kleanor Klllot, mexzo, nnd GcrinKla Alter, lontrallo. lu "Chi." this week. Zt the Bmprcss, ldmA ami Ink/ K.u kman, chaperoned by Jlumu Ktiufmau, will snll for Europe for the stwntii tlmo July 5, to nil contracts that will keen tbem busy abroad until late In 11)10. Ihese girls are without a doubt ono of the fow classy sister acts In tbo business on cither side of "the pond," They recently finished another "big" tour over the Or- S lieum time, and inndeil in New York Juno 1. And now I hoy blow right away ugalu. A couple of sweet girls, but what else could they be when ono stops to consider Mother Kiiufmnii. Wlutt u three act they would make '■ Ui.ihh Mt'iinAY and dm- bWAYNB have add- ed two swell numbers to their recently launched singing and ilnnclng net. Ellse Is on a par with any nf her sex when It comes to warbling or itnuctng. whllo Ouy oat* plnuoi for breakfiiBt, lunch and dinner, and sleeps In a pulr of ilnnelng shoes. J. C. I'cobles Is the bloke who quickly decided to handle this clever pair. Ma and Mim. Fukd. Tkomah are still mourning the loss of little "Mnookutns," their fussy little poodle, who was killed by a street car In Now York ithout n week ago. Out at their home nt Bnyiihorc, L, I., now, Ous UcCitnh saw tho Twonty-thlrd Stroot show "stopped" Wednesday evening, June 1!B| and who dopo "that little thing" •but Mlllan Urndlcy, tho prima donnn soprano, who not so long ago did not fully realize what a bcnutlful voice wns being hidden nwny from the public's appreciation 'way down ilcop ln that "swanny" throat of hers. Rho was urged to drop down to a Fifth Avvuuo try-out one Friday morn, slio wns. And over since then Lillian has been tlin song treat of evory bill she. has graced, sho hiis. And now "wlss i'tiy" Gus Is going to slip her Into the Fifth Avenue Theatre, lie is. And site will clean up Just the same, she will. •MAyiiKi.i.n ltoTiiRii, of Bother and An- thony, Is another inhabitant of Huvshore, I* I., every Hummer, and sho Is enjoying that Invigorating atuioHphoro and farming along with Fred and May Thomas, her near- by neighbors, "idlerost'' Is tho handle to Mtiybclle's bungalow, while tho Thomases have christened theirs "Ourdollght." Homo Onlngs planned for "tho grand old Summer- time-" out thorn ln that llttlo Heavenly villa. ursdnys, Hahut IUit'b Three Kldlets act, whleli June 80. Cbbscbnt. — "Battle of OoMysburg" pic Zeds and Hoot, contortionists, were the tures opened a week's engagement hero miu< openers, and fared exceedingly well la the day, 2V, to a packed house. number one position. Innes and Ityan were second, a little early for them. They were Just themselves, a playing of Instruments proves conclusively « ma rt and classy singlns; and talking com- that the girls will never gain fame as binatlon. musicians. Brown and West (man and woman) havo a classy patter act that would have no trouble In getting over big on tho big time. Julia Nash and company presented a com- edy playlot, entitled "Her First CaBe." The ■ketch Is a trifle talky. hut Miss Nash makes on the ''Corner" the current week, and Uoth of'thorn .posses. perspoalltlM and can proved to K the Bamo big drawing hit that dance skillfully. ^' ''""'"* .'i *SS she has linen In »h» nasi and it contains many lines that only proics- Qutan and Qu « oponed the show with a slonal people comprehend. To Ue layiaaa clever singing and dancing turn that pleased, some ol tfiese lines arc Owl, but to tne f r om r , , asn e c!k tl,e ° U Ca^t00nlBt, ^ ° Ver Sh H W an , ro , n 8 a lt ni 8 H < n7.o t n Un nre gymnasts of a Hanlon andI Clifton played a return engage- high order, and their stunts compel applnuse ment with their stalwart band-to-band not. and amazement. ineludes- Bedford and Winchester entertained with . Thejdll for the rest of the, week "iciuaes. their up-to-date comedy Juggling act Frozlnl, the accordion virtuoso, was an- other hold-over. Grace Van Studdlford sang herself Into the hearts of the audience with a repertoire of songs, and scored a tremendous hit. Nick's Holler 31:ntlng Girls, a sextette of stunners, held the oudlenca all attention with their wonderful evolutions on tho rollers, tho dancing numbers were well exe- cuted, and tho act scored. — , Heibert and Goldsmith presented their dancing classic, "The Swan,' which scored several wcekB ago at the sonic house Do week. Ben Welch, the Hebrew comic, never Dena Cooper and compnny, flcrney and Sah- bott Dick Bernard and company, Cowboy Minstrels. Billy Barlow, Brown nnd West, Frankle Drew. Three Gcrts, Emmet nnd Hai- rnet. Kelcet/. JARDIN DE DANSE. Under the personal direction of Carter De Haven, the New York Roof has been handsomely re-decorated In gay colors and appearance re-named the Jardln de Dansc. Beneath, arbors of wisteria, upon a beautiful ballroom floor, and to the melodious strains of a the best of rather limited opportunities, and and vaudeville, secures tho coveted laughs mainly through her clever acting nnd intelligent rending. Marcler P. Leslie and Henry Chesterfield capably assist the star. —^ Two men, titled as Sharp and Flutt, ec- centric German comodlnns, who played cornet end trombone as a. finishing bit, were accorded a fine reception. This Is evidently not the old black face musical act of the some name. The PInaforo Klddlci a company of clever Juveniles, offered a tabloid version of "I'lnn- fore." The honors wero easily carried off by Max Hudnlck, Jerome Tobin and Master Nelson. When It comes to comedy, who can handle the old school stuff better than Ward and Curran? They wero in great shape Monday night. Curran sang "Tho Old Stage Door" which brought back memories of other days. "Fop" Ward Is getting younger at each re- FtiLTON (A. M. Llghton, mgr.)—High class vaudeville, changed twlco .weekly, is drawing capacity houses. Jonks (M. T. Jones, mgr.)— Vaudovllle and pictures. Firrii AvBBtm (41. H. Hnxe, mgr.)—^Mo- tion pictures ond vaudeville. Rotai. (Marcus Loow, mgr.)—rholoplnys Fot.r.v (Wm. For, mgr.)—Pictures and vaudeville. Comisiiy (Wm. Fox, ragr.)— Pictures and vaudeville. Columbia (A. Hlchel, mgr.)—Six vaude- vllle nets nnd motion pictured. Olympic (Hermsn waste, mgr.)—Photo- plays and vaudeville. Lindhn (A. 11. Schwartz, mgr.)—Tho latest photoplay« are irtiown here. Hai.hky [ill; II. Haxo, mgr.)—Miniature musical comedies, together with vaudevlllo and the latest photoplays »r3 shown here. Bijou (Geo. Schenck, mgr.)—Loew's vaudeville, changed twice weekly, also latest photoplays. __ Oxvono (Cyrus Gale, mgr.)—The latest photoplays ore shown here, T/Ibbbty (Edw. Strauss, mgr.)—Tho latest photoplays and vaudovllle, Marie MeFarlond and Madame? two excel- lent singers, with trained and cultured voices, were a big hit. Their selections, of hit % VSOk SUSJ? ... •~„»Itt. ¥ hert e^r*_aoowB taJMow York. _ Carter De Haven has Installed a restau- rant service, nnd tho wet goods to be had are of the standard or the best hotel, ln New York. The opening night, June 24,{be "400" was well represented. Lawrence Waterbury. act, "The Misery of a Hansom Cab/' wero a W. K. Vouderbllt and a number of well welcome addition to a strong bin. They Another act that is a repeater at this house Is John F. Conroy, with bis diving girls. This is a great tank act. Don, the talking dog, obliged with a fow remarks In German. ^t^iLXnZriVZ^f^om known' ,ocreF'p'»>plo>ll _ therj.rdln, de iiiwS airSj "comedy, and'It Field, nad be marked down al «malto tho best ln their Dan.c a visit, and If the management lives them roi ling off tho seats, as usual. Particular iw up to ltB present standard of excellence, this Tho Four Harveys, an excellent wire act, Sophie Tucker received a wonderful ova- new De Haven and Morris enterprise seems was the closing number, tlon, this being her first appearance In this assured of success, A VISIT WITH DICKEY <fc TBRRY'B COMPANY. 'eorla. III., hud the a performance of ArfhuTDunn and Catherine noyes. offered S n |"» * Jerrys '^"^oToVs Cabin" Com- g£5S ffusf-cr"o n w d d wi Tho p cor S«£SfflkeSS Parhlon betwen tie size C 0 f Arthur andCatU- W* "*£_§ gLMS "ffl? 1 *^ Brine Is good for a few hundred laughs alone, their opcnlrlg dato, Apr1 ■K ta ^* ■">>£; FloiAd Lewis._ln„thelr_conversatlonai ™&*\& &^Td mo^ow" fea'ture. travo been added. The company number, fifty people, nod the roster remains tho samv as when opened: W. O Dickey and E. D. Terry, proprietors and managers', A. C. West, business mana- ger ; Orlcn Lewis, stage director; E. C. Jones, Band leader; Frank Loltenberger, orchestra uon, iniB Deing ner ursc nppeuraueo m iujo mo™™ «» ...—-.-—. . n*«i» iit„h e«» Mia ■— house ln four years. 8he 1b tho same Sophie Pj» p rjOM aw JMB.a) ll t«a «g Bg JW bjij-Bsj (jc. I* Weill, mtT.)—Motion pie- leader: Guy Long, Nllcs G. Nelson, J. D. Tucker, with the same great voice and the regular Broadway sple cr but we better ^," m, * , "' » B - ■" " el "' "■•»» " w ™ *"■ Wal | V;, g Wilson, F. S. Blmpson A. fl. rag order, and the audience didn't seem to get enough of her, as she had to sing seven pongs before she could bow ofT. Frank West- filial accompanied her on the plnno. "Float- ng Down the Blvcr" was a fine opener. "Moonlight on the Mississippi" was another standard. "Somebody's Coming to My Home, "Swing, Swing. Swing." Irving Berlin's med U^J&JS^m^mm,^ ^.aCTflrt AT..B. (Ed. J. lb. mcZ n ^^ U W. I 3 rC rVlckcy! , °Ml C s B ^ ^^^&SSmffSTi&R MS mV.)-Vaudev...e and Uuon pic Con $£ ^^orlnn^ »^ N^Ue^arneU. rlnc? HIcrirlnB. Hires. 5~_* ' «,._„..'_ ». l..-. .....i A „...■». r,.. n clng Hlgglns. Acndcmy of Hnslc (Tlobcrt FJ. Irwin, mgr.)—The stock Is presenting "The Do- - sertera" this week. The part originally Thi >Vom ■ AthletaV and Bedlnl and Arthur opnortunlty to plcaso ber admirers while Mr, closed the Low Olio. Frlebus has the opposite role. Julian Noe. Marie Curtis and Angola McCanll havo James J. nyan plays bis mgr.)—Vaudeville ond motion pictures. Grand Vaudevlllo City (Samuel and pictures. Lincoln Sqnare (Ctina Ferguson mgr.) —Vaudevlllo and pictures. Jefferson.—Vaudeville and pictures. Lotn'ilkinmryHtrcet (Bernard Frank, ■ign recently put on the front of this house gives Manager Buck's theatre a greatly Im- proved appearance. The two bills on i>,,,.,.,...•. i-w,^- ,.i,ri,ti, street (John prominent parts. James J. UyOL plays bis ■JrlRhton Bench Mosle Hall (C. S. Breed, mgr.)—The bill for this week In- cludes : Virile Daly, Cblng Ling Foo and com- pany Billy Gould nnd Belle Ashlyn, Sophye Barnard, Lou Anger nnd company, J/>hn and Mao Hnrke. ThoBe French Girls, Ben Beyer nnd Brother, nnd Joe Welch. Henderson's (Carlton tfoagland, mgr.) This week's 1>1H Includes t Harry; Fox and Clark Conway, F. L. Coup, John McBvert, Joe Hnrsliman, Harry Armstrong, Kobe Parker and Corlnno Snyder; Ed. Hale, candy butcher: Charles Thompson, boss canvas- man; Dick Thompson, boss bustler', Phillip " Ardmlro Broadway—Motion pictures. ai **Zr "? a V. c 1. of P'operllcB: J. C. , Fourteenth Street (J. Wesley Rosen- ond Fred. Ilottensfein. advance men. boards for tho current week hove an extra- ordinary touch of class to them, and tho regular patrons find this "laugh brewery coolest on tho hottest nights. The. bill for the first half Includes: The Goldlc Boys, Conboy and company, In "The Claim Agent; Dllks and Wade, f 'Tho Goddess Nicotine.' quest, mgr.)—Vaudeville and pictures. Plasa (F. P. Wiley, mgr.)-—Vaudovllle and motion pictures. Yorkvllle (Lawrence Ceatus, mgr.)— Vaudeville and pictures. Loew'a Avonne B (S. N. Kiihn, mgr.)— Vaudeville and motion pictures. Clrcler—iVaiidcvllIn and pictures. Comedy (Albert Kaufman, mgr.)—Motion The show Is playing the larger ono night stands In Illinois, and the wens and public have praised the show all along the route. C. F. Ackerman, of Martin's "Uncle Tom" company, visited the show at Keokuk, la. Chas. Terry and son are at present tho guests of his brother, 13, D. Terry. 10. C. Jones has leased tho show for the Winter season. It Is Mr. Jones' intentions to have ono of the largest "Undo Tom" shows on tlio road. «■» uitre wiii Decenaries j. nitrpfvu, «■...,».«. jj- -| -_-- --- , MmIo _ —p Jrat run motion pictures aro shown hero. Blanche Bates and her company Rave a pyso, Ed. Jordan pad company, Stroud Trio, Al S_ t ^ n nn ^ qn , B ^; C7 hoof Gnraea.—The Snvoy (Rosenberg Bros, mgrs.)—Motion performance of "The Witness for tho Dc- ffl^^JS* 1 " CrbCrt ' Wondcrfu" Clilnenc Wishing Tree continues pictures In which leading stars appear Is the fense." at Sault Htc. Marie, Mich., recently, and Albert Donnelly. . „ ^.^ . ^ il „ rnvored attracUon here. On Monday attraction at this bonsc. ln the r ord nary street clothes. The railroad Manhattan Opern Honse (Comstoch A to h e a lavorea atcracti °^*; r ^^™ a ° T l " Lyrlc^Captaln Scott motion pictures company foiled' to get their Imggago-car addiKl to tiie regular performance. Dancing continue nt tills house. placed for unloading In tlmo and tho ward- In tho moonllrht and dlnlnc under tie lmlms Grand Opera lloose (R, J. MaddeD, robe trunks didn't reach tho thcatro until arc features V.ebes-'a—Motlou pictures. tho performance was near y over. SETT. K. u , " au , e, T>i i V! , _""i^',°»i.»";nJf Jennie Dolly. "Tho Purple Lady," with Ralph pictures and Illustrated songs.. Gcst, mgrs.)—For this week the stock com- pany presents "Paid ln Full," with F-thel Orey Terry. Clifford Bruce, William Riley Hatch and Bernard J, ilcOwen In the cast. had a try-out at the Fifth Avenue Fi-ldny, June 20. were announced for tlio regular hill at that house this week, but were replaced by Ruby I.usby and her girls at tho Inst minute because a permit was not forthcoming. Hvbi.yn Wauk, one of our fow real good "singles." came, within tho radio. Of our orbs ono evening; last week, and she looked Just ns charming ss over. lOvelyn hopped over to 1'hllly Monday, along with Loons Stephen*, after being continually haunted with offers to heap some of her talent upon the pntrons of tho varieties over there. Uii.bkn IIiihmi, who very properly filled principal roles with HIHy Allen's musical conu.'dy nrodiictlons lust season, slips me nn earful of what big things tbo Rosar Family arc adding to their classy musical act for next seaMin, The folks are tnjoylng thess days at their eottagn at Tottenvllle, Stnten Island, and Kllrr-n should worry about get- ting nil Hinhiiriit. Tub Flflli Avonuo try-outs have been dis- continued for tho hot spell, Ous McCune In thoroughly satlsllod with what fruit he has plucked from these weekly gatherings, and they will be resumed on the name day of each week beginning tho latter part of August. wiiy Adolph Olose, father of Augusta Olose, Is not nelng seen yet is a mystery to those who saw the performance no gave nt a try-cut Way back on May 3. WhyT So say we nil of ns. .Tub iiKiiiiiMtr and Lillian Oolosmith are •till doing tho big thing with "Tho Danea of the Siren." At Ous McCuno's corner week of July 14. Pliny Htm.Bnnn and Jhannb -Pickbrino ksn company, Including Hurley H. Ollmorn, opened on the Vroctor Circuit Moudny. Juno all. In their rural comedy sketch) "A Fatted Calf." Haiiuv WAicnr.r.L, late utidorstudy for Al. Jolson at the Winter Onrdon, will slip over on Impression of that popular burnt cork comedian ot Proctor's Twonty-thlrd Street Theatre, July 10-12. Violuttk, who played the role of the District Attorney In T 'Court Uy Girls," the suffragotteri, who played at Proctor's Fifth Avenuo week of Juno 10, Is hard at work rehearsing "somo" act with Lena 1'lnatnl, who gracefully kicked herself Into dally lilt* os tho witness for tho defense, llt'Tii Wiieki.eii, who not long ago signed a contract "for life" with Harvey Maxwell, recently shot mo with the Information that Jirctzels were good bait for catching bow- egged German eels. Naomi, the other half of tlio Wheeler Sisters, dropped me n card and told me different, and said tho "grass grow, green" all around their homo ln Pbllly, and as long as Harvey holds out with the mower nnd tlio hedge clippers they will con- tinue to sprinkle the lawn with hair oil. Cook up another pill, James. Jimmib Kennbdv ank Maiiiib KJiAHra will wooden shoo It at the Fifth Avenue next week, This wns predicted throo weekH ago as their sentence. *'■ ' SIDNEY AND TOWI.MY BAST. Sidney and Towley have signed under the manaKcment of Floyd Htokes, nnd are back tn New York after a fli icwsful W estern trip. A WABbant of attachment ngnln.t Harold Thompson, manager of the Ornnd Opera House, Pulradeiiilila. ap/illod for last week by Bernard lUnmeuthnl, In a suit tor 91,077.00, wWch tha plniutlff says tho man- oger hna owed him for more Hinn two years. Justice aiegcrlcli signed tho warrant. Max RAniNopK 1 , according to o decision of Supremo Court .Tusticn Gerard, will bp oblltied to submit to nn examination, pend- ing tho trlnJl of n suit egolnst llablnoff by Ben Atwell for nn accounting and dissolu- tion of partnership,