The New York Clipper (July 1913)

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10 THE NEW YORK CLIPPER. July 5 THE NEW YORK CLIPPER NEW VAUDEVILLE MAGNATE* Founded In 18118, the frank QUEE^puH.i8HiNQC0.(iimi«.d) W j_tek MORRISON, A RICH CANADIAN, TO ENTER MANAGERIAL FIELD* raoraisxoas. ALBERT J. HOME Editorial ario Uosinxbs M»kui NEW YORK, JDLY 6, 1913. Entered June 24, 1879, at the Post OOet at New York, N. Y., as second elm matter, under the «ct m March 3, 1870, RATES. Advertisements—12.80 per Inch, single column. Advertisements let with bonier, 10 (tret, extra. SUBSCRIPTION. One year, Is atlTance, t*; six months, (2; three BODtba, (1. Canada and foreign postage extra. Single copies will be tent, postpaid, en receipt of 10 cents. _, . Oor Termi are Cash From Winnipeg, MM-, comes a story to operated on lines similar to tiose followed !____, s m____ __»_«_. * ____«. g SKfsaSs £ strong vaudeville acts and offer moving pic- Mr! Morrison la unfamiliar with theatrical affaire, but he propoees to surround himself with a staff of theatrical men who know the game from A to ft the effect that a Walter Morrison, ft million- aire mine owner (who makes hie? home la that city), has decided to become a vaude- ville magnate, and with that end In view la going to organize nity-two vaudeville shows and secure control of fifty-two theatres In aa many cities. These shows will play a circuit < i » LEE SHUBERT RETURNS. LAST FIFTH AVENUE TRY-OUTS. FfliDAi, June 27. A beautiful warm mom was slipped to as for the final try-oats (until after tbe hot weather) last Friday, and there was quite a gathering of nobles out front to enjoy what TUB CLIPPER I. Issued ever, WEDNESDAY. WILL COPYRIGHT HIS PR0DUC- H_m W |_lr_ a_d d the "resf of The Forma Closing? Promptly Tuesday, at 10 A. Kf, Please remit by express money order, check, P. 0. order or registered letter. All cash enclosed with letter Is at tlik of tender. Address All Communications to TUB NEW YORK CLIPPER, 47 West 2(ith Street, New York. Tel. 2274-Madlaon. Rtgitttrtt Oalilt Address, "Adtdobiti." ___B WESTERN BUREAU of Tin OLipraa la located at Itooni SOS, Ashland TIONS.IN FUTURE-SECURES MANY PL AYS. Lee Bhubert, who, although tinder forty years of age, is one of the leading theatrical managers of America, arrived .from ^Euroge tbe Plymouth Club were tip brighter and earlier than ever to welcome or mourn (?) tbe last bill of trials, and even Frank MoCunc came la on the hop before eleven bells wiping the remains of an Ebret omelet from view with a silk handker- chief marked H. V. Ous McCone blew the whistle on the tick of eleven, and Anderson and "Vance, a man and a woman, eased their way on In a "walk- ing" song, but both appeared very shy of making their voices beard further out than J. Then the woman danced a Spanish num- ber with tbe castanets, and was followed by on the JfaurcionWa on Friday. June 27. Be looked tbe picture °* health. He waa met on tbe pier bv the theatre reporters. He sold that tbe theatres of London, Paris, Berlin ... - end Vienna offered very little In the matter ,, Block, Chicago, Warren A. Patrick, manager and 0 f plays, and that American ragtime was In the rnaD> w j, 0 0 | d two different character spe- corretpondeut. great vogue over there. Indeed, many of the cialtlea, a tramp and a rube. The tramp was Bits in tbe revues were taken from the New away 0 g ^Mt the rube bit was good and was York Winter Garden productions. helped along by noises, made with his mouth, "Of course," said Mr. Saubcrt, "It waa our 0 f farmyard inhabitants, trolley cars, animals fault for not having our productions, songs, an(I tne cranking 0 f a limousine. He finished and music copyrighted over there. The man- ■ agers admitted that they had now to look to America for their successes, but they did not credit us with it on their bills or programs. The Empire and AJbambra revues have a number of sonjp and musical numbers from the Winter Garden, and the revue, 'Come Over Here,' at tbe London Opera House, which Is a great success, was taken bodily from the 'Passing fihow of 1012,' and the 'Honeymoon Express.' Thb Currxa oiw aa obt.inid wnoLisiu AMD a—an., at our agents, ttrentano'a news depot. ST Avenue de ropera, Paris, France; Diamond News Co., >20 Prado. Havana; Manila Book and Sla- ttontry Co., 128 Kacolta, Manila, P. I.; Gordon A Oateb, 128 Pitt -treat, Brduer. N. B. W., Aaatralla. ________________________ __■__————_——■_ ANSWERS TO CORRESPONDENTS* this wltb a song, and was Joined by his well formed partner to dance it out In a neat DRAMATIC. M. W., Kansag City.—There are ft number of dancers who appear on tbe stage with bore feet J. G.. New York.—Charles Hoyt wrote "A Parlor Match.'" knee length pink dress. They have some Idea of what Is wanted, but were not ready to show to best advantage. The Burg company was tbe next to show. It Included ten hard working girls, and very much reminded us of tbe Rooney Sisters' "Woodland Nymphs" net. Two of the girls, doing kid parts, are shown asleep in the woods. They sleep through the opening song, went on to say, r as we shall protect our selves in tho future. This la the first time A. M. 11., Oabkosb.—He 1b with the Sella- { Dat the European managers have hid to com* Floto Circus. to America for their revues and vaudeville A Rsadkr. —1, We do not know bis present attractions In such a large way, and aa the wbcreaboutB. Address him in care of this puD ]i c have taken such a liking to American "It will not happen again,* Mr. Bhubert led D , a „ 00 j soprano-voiced maiden, but are * awakened at tbe close of the second song, led by two girls In wblte costumes, assisted by the chorus. Then the "babes" went to work and led the other elgbt girlies In military uniforms. Tbe last number found the chorus In another change, blazer Jackets, white flan ofllce and wo will advertise letter in Clifmw , p \ ayv ana gone,, they will have to continue ne i DantB Btn £ nata a nd canes,' and led by letter list. 2. Thei Progressive Circuit^offlcea f 0 comp |y with the demand. Tho successes the % oy .t ana two or the "Njmphlets." The are in The New Yurk nmci Building, New j n London at the theatres -were nearly all ... _ ' flne ,, C08t umed and - York Oity. CARDS. K. G. M., Philadelphia.—Aa he did not touch tbe cards and called the dealer's atten- tion to the fact timt he only wanted two American plays. The reason of that Is the demand for good plays and acts of all kinds, as well aa songs and music, is far greaer bere (ban in Europe, and the composers know that this la the best market In the world to-day. American managers pay Srt'ii'h.rk'.'nd reVurnTt^'ttedeck^^•"•>•"««»•*"»» Productions, and pay better * A*?. iMSe^T g££fantcroa.e «I«H« tt.n to Europe w they get the R. I... Snvannab.—. American managers p_m »•""«'=» " V„ ,„\?„„,i „„„ .iwiVi production of "Drcadnaugbt." with Arthur SVAfn^ n& eDC i? «.,«,.? to SenSilio Collins, Cecil Raleigh anl rfenry Hamilton. :S^ne^op^ra%o"Jl.hrt B o P ene^nd » wiu'ta produced at the Manhattan Opera this penalty, which, aa a rule, Is twice the Opera House. Mr. Bhubert said that one of tbe most ambltloustfiroductlona for next reason would be the staging of "Pauthea," a drama of minimal character by Monckton Hoffe. It la Haiti to be a success In London, where It la now playing at tbe Ambassador's Theatre. In London Mr. Sbubert arranged for tho ~~~~* farewell American tour of Sir Johnston ft\t v rrr* nrTimuc TA it nntnuTAM Forbns-Roborteon and Gertrude Elliott, In LUL14J-K KJClUJKftj i\) fJKUHlTLAJl Rhakesnearcan ploys and standard successes. Sir Johnston, aa be Is known since he waa original ante, must be put In the succeeding pot and played for by all the players, I'olicrman. —When a hand Is called It must be placed on the table, face up, bo that all the players can gee It. It whs reported last week on good au- thority that William Collier would return to tho management of Charles Frolininn. Tbla will bo the drat time that Mr. Frohman baa permitted a star, who baa voluntarily left his management, to return. Mr. Collier will have tho choice of two plays. One of them la by Richard Harding Davis, which the comedian likes very much, and which be will undoubtedly choose as his vehicle. The reason that Mr, Collier la leaving; Lew Fields' management la duo Bolely to tho fact that Mr. Molds has no available play for him, This change of management will, of course, remove the name of William Collier from tho Comedy Theatre, as tho Bhu- bcrts wero interested with Mr. Fields In tho Collier engagement Mr. Collier's play of last season, Never Bay Die." will be sont out knighted recently, will open tbe Bam 8. Shu- bert Theatre In West Forty-fourth Street, now nearlng completion. Mr. Shubcrt boa obtained the rights for England to the Viennese operetta, "The fiypsy Leader," which he will present at ft West End theatre. Henry W. Savage haa the American rlghta. Mr. Shubert also ar- ranged to prouco at the Royalty Theatre in London "Romance," by Kdwnrd Sheldon. Doris Kenno and Dennis Raille will have the principal rolei in the London production. Mr. Bhubert had a conference with Granville Barker and arranged for the production of another Bernard Bbaw play In now York In October. Among tho performers that Mr. Bhubert engaged abroad for 'the coming season In Mile. Lydla Kyaah, a Russian donBeuse, who act was finely costumed and gave evidence of being possible to make It a real "go" When differently arranged and drilled. It was presented by Fred E. Btegltch, formerly stage manager of the Chicago Grand Opera Co. The Pruette Quartette, announced as "the perfect quartette," c»"ie along In the next position. We found \. m. Pruette, of Frltzl Bcheff'a "Mile. Modiste" and "My Little Friend" companies, baritone; Boydon Keith Woodland" company, first tenor. Bob Klser, erstwhile leader of the Oak Hotel's Sym- phony Orchestra, and now wltb Shapiro A Bernstein's Music Co., did his part very well by accompanying the boys at the piano. Tbey were all In good voice with tbe exception of Franklyn Wallace, tbe tenor. He was ill when he arrived and could not give a proper account of his vocal ability. However, they warbled enough to show they could do some big time work and get away easily wltb It. Cella Ternon, a little Jewish girl singer, did that little stunt quite a while and made a fair impression in only one number, her last, a raggy one. Celia is not ready to cause any sensation Just yet Lotta Virginia Plcard, a soprano singer, sent down by Phil Nash, sang a few numbers In a aweet soprano voice, but did not come up to necessary qualifications. Marvin, Kahn and Nugent, ft rathskeller trio of young men, were the main up-to-date treat of the morning. Two of the boys, one possessing an exceptionally fine tenor voice, handled the big share of the songs, while the piano party equalled his partners' fine work on the keys. Tbey have all the proper ideas and good stago business to go to work imme- diately. Another quartette of singers also made ?ood. They were the Rlalto Comedy Four Messrs. Cameron,May, Raymond and Blake). Tbe boys sang nicely together, and tbe tenor ■■■ i — D ™* BU "' . ™.". "'. ."m, """ " -«—-. «-«• rune, i.yuia nyueii, « jiubhibu uuiibcuhv, wuu rn. a t, Avn Bfln , t.i™1v ,nn>llwr nnd by Fields and Bhubert wtb another come- for four years has been a leading, artist at JA 6 ." °?1 %"StSredl vodffig nuitw ft". ATl^EOT»L*m*^JjlffiH «>« W«. la London. _ Bho wlft bring to eh 0 ? tVotw^h'o 0 snowed wen role.' As Collier Is co-author with William H. Post, of "Never Say Die," ho will receive his royalties. TO PORCH LICENSE). A test case has been started by Louis B. Mayer the new lessee of tho Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia and an order to show cause why a license should not be Issued haa been granted by the court, Tho argumeat on the proposition will be beard July 2. The case is of Importance to all managers and lessees In Philadelphia, as tbe proposed changes In construction, to meet the new re- quirements' would cause great expense. The managers during tbe last session of the Pennsylvania Legislature won with a bill which provided that tho new building lawa and requirements could not bo retroactlvo America her cntlro eorpt de ballet, scenery and music. She haa a repertoire of ten ballets. Sylvester Schaffer, who Mr. Shubcrt re- gards as one of the leading musical enter, talners ho saw abroad, was engaged for the Winter Garden. Mr. Shubert said his firm will produce "The Surprises of Hell," by C. B. Fernold, and "Simon Street. No. 10," by • well known English playwright, nt the Princess Theatre. He engaged many novelties for the opening of the Hippodrome. One of the early productions at tho New Theatre, In London, arranged by Mr. Bhubert, will bo Clyde Frtcn's comedy, "Girls." A farce, called r, Oh, I Say!" which Is being played by James Welch at the Cri- terion Theatre, London, will ho an early pro- HEW YORK TBBATRBS, COLUMBIA THEATRE IlIiOA.WWAY.4XiU gTBKBTJI. Y, This weefc, THB KlgglaTO MAID. 4IIV, IJVMUUU, TT■*! ft/u ftllt IBl IJ imv— .,,.„..,_ ductlon by the Shubcrts In Now York, Mr. snd to refer to theatres erected properly Shubcrt also Ms tho American rights to the within tho requirements, at the time of tho melodrama, "Cheer, Boys, Cheer." It may building. In Pennsylvania, both a State and city license Is required for theatres. The Philadelphia authorities bold that tho act of the Legislature does not hind them. MANAGER DROWNED!. Edward Bailey, manager of a vaudeville theatre at Asbury Park, wuh drowned in Mountain Lake, near Qlovcrsvllle, N. Y., on Saturday, June 28, Ho was canoeing with a young woman when tho boat capBticd. She was saved. be produced at tho Manhattan Optra House the coming season. a i > COLLIBR PLATS HOST. On July 4 William Collier will entertain at his Bummer homo, lit Bt, James, L. I., • few personal friends. They are: Jean C. Haves, Fred Block, Irving Meyers, Den Holder and Jack (Reason. «I > CL1VE ENGAGED. Cllve, a. well known English actor, B. B. Of the others who showed were Iaabelle Balle, a pianist; Marion Shirley, a pretty young woman who has heaps of ambition and can hit high "C" in piccolo style, but who lacks jproper stago movement. This was Mlsa Shirley's aecond appearance at the trials, but wo regret to report she showed but little Improvement with a voice that ap- pears to have possibilities still hidden In ft. Georgia McNelce, assisted at the piano by her slater, surprised us a bit with the easy manner she showed and the unfluttered way she sang two or three raggy mclodlCB. Miss McNelce would do quite well for tbe small time with but little rehearsal. These trials have reaped quite ft few prom- ising acts since they were Inaugurated by Manager Gus McCune, and they will be con- tinued the latter part of August. Tot. < i » SUBS THB LOEW AGENCY. Ida May Fuller has entered suit against tbe Marcus Loew Booking Agency. On Oct. 31, 1018, declares Miss Fuller in her complaint, the Loew enterprises, know- ing the reputation of her act, engaged her to present the fantastical spectacle over their circuit for ft period of ten weeks at a solnry of $500 a week. From this gross sum was to be deducted five per cent, for booking com- missions. The act opened for the week of Nov. 16, •t Loew's Yorkvlllc Theatre, but closed the name week, although for tho following week the B. F. KEITH'S UNION SQ. THEATRE, B'way A 14th St., Phone 3400 Etnyvcsant. Matinee Dally 26c.; Nights, 7tc. to $1.00. "A NIGHT AT Til E OPEflA," Mildred Grovcr; Miss Maxlne and Whirlwind ricks; LOR- ENZE A GALLAGHER; Thomas Potter Dunn; GOR- DON A RIOKA: Armstrong 4 Ford; Musical Alvlnos. A new and original Dramatic playlet, "A CLOSE CALL." ODCrt'tlon^anMndlc 0 ^^ has been Engaged'bJWtothrop Ames for'aii Ml.s" KuTle'r is auw sho" was" booked for 3h killed to a wreck on a troHcy lino to Important rolo In ^'Tho Great Adventure." Lincoln-Squft.-o and other Loew^ houses, &Stt\^™\j&&m lM»«U*i^a»! i 8 !»^, „%.h«^.^„«W h y^K2S, Theatre, In Sydney, Australia, on May 80, snd scored an emphatic hit. All the Amcri- vllle. Mr. Joso will play the leading role can players In the cast scored personal sue- .1 u ln »... «t.1,.,l i.-i. *V>»..,. >^lA..,.B.n _»^ «■. * Paduiu li'n(ra»niTirin, 1— 4*m* , I ,<i, a- m*aI» Robert, resides to New York City, and a sister, Mrs. Henry Lamms, in Qloversvllle. a» » TO PRODUCE "LITTLE MAX." Edouard Jose will shortly produce Jean C. Hayes's latest act, "Llttlo Max," In vaudc- and will be aided by thrco players, ono of them a woman. Tho piece Is, in reality, ft comedy scene with a touch of heart Interest Tho act will go Into rehearsal early nest week. Si I A NEW TEAM. Solly Brown and Felccla Bprague hare formed a stage partnership and will shortly open on the u. B. O, tlmo In an aot which la full of smart songs and sayings, Mlsa In West Forty-fourth. Street, on Oct 0. lier to play the remainder of the tlmo damaged Miss Fuller's reputation and pocketbook to "Within — h— Liwii isr irwnmi the extent of $4,275, she declares, and de- W ™n^, .v , 7, I . ., ^Jr manda Judgment for this amount. "Within tho Law" opened at Her Majesty's aa » cesses. Engagement Is for eight weeks ST. CLAIR JUDGMENT 8BT ASIDE. Supreme Court Justice doff, on June 27. set aside the Judgment of (22,800 of Edith Sinclair against Klaw tt Brlonger. A new trial has been ordered. I«» BROAD STREET THEATRE CLOSED. Messrs. Hlrchfcld & Wahn, leasees of the State and Broad Street Theatres, Trenton, N. J,, have given up their lease on the latter. The owners, Messrs, Glllnsky A Hovenson, turned this into a five and ten cent moving picture theatre prior to Messrs. Hlrschfeld A Wahn taking tho lease, but nothing suc- ceeded in It ■0*-4» HBILMAN FROM-MB DEAD. Herman From me, a well known lawyer. i, Es_*]fl9 mny theatrical clients, died oi , ANOTHER FOR MEMPHIS. A new theatre Is to be built In Memphis. Tens., by James I. Barnea. It will be located on Third Street, opposite the Broadway The- vllte. -a»»- VAUDBVILLB AT THE EIGHTH AVENUE. A report current around the neighborhood of Miner's Eighth Avenue is that the old house will bo devoted to vaudeville and pie- Iures. The top price will be 26 cents. It s also reported that tib.9 Ikhw offlco will furnish tut act*, MAUDB ADAMS CLOSES SEASON. Maude Adams will close an unusually long Mason, at Clinton, la., on July 12. «■» Wnx H. DoitiiN has jrone to his country home, at Kalamazoo, Mich., to spend the Summer. He haa been engaged by Rowland A Clifford to support William V. Mong, la his new play, aext leaton. new Barnes Hotel, and will have a seating capacity of about 1,000. Tho bouse will be devoted to vaudeville and pictures. ««» FOX COMING HOME. Will H. Fox, In an attractive poster sent to his friends In America, announces that he will arrive In tbla country about December, 1018. He Is booked to return to England. S^'M "iJP? Palace, Douflas, Isle of Han, June 14, lfcUi, F.F. Proctor's 6th Ave. B'way ASStb Bt. Dally Mat., 260. Eves. 260 toll. 2 CONCERTS Sun.. 2.16 48.16 All-Star Bills THB MODERN SVBNGAXI The World's Greatest Mystery. Conroy A I Paulham I The Three LeHalro I Team Kidlets William Blsto, The Two Roses, Willie Gardner. Lombard! A Knoll, Jane Weir 4 Co., M'Mahon, Dia- mond A CTemence, Vaiveno A Lamore. . CLIPPER BUSINESS INDEX Advertisement* not exceeding one line hi lennn. will be pobllahed, properly classified. In tbla in,"™ at the rate of $10 for out year (G2 IsBuea). a copy of Thb Nsw Yo»k Cuppas will be s«,t fn» to each advertiser while the advertisement is run. alng. ' ASBESTOS CURTAINS AND PICTURE BOOTH Ba 0. W. Trainer Mfg. Co., TO Mas*. Bryant, Sat. 2.16, Phone 8420 Evg.8.16. Mats. Wed. and ed. Mat. Popular. Jnst W. of Broadway, Mi 'opt- - ■THE AMERICAN PLAY COMPANY CQRT THEATRE Direction < ELTINGE 42d St. Theatre Announces WITHIN THE LAW &™ NOTABLE OAST OF WELL KNOWN PLAYERS. 41th St Just E. of B'way. Telephone Bryant 4ft. [fecubn of John Cort. Eves. 8,1 J. Mats. Wed. and SoL 2.18. OLIVER MOROSCO PRESENTS LAURETTETAYLOR In the Comedy of Youth, PEG O' MY HEART. By J. HARTLEY MANNERS. 42d St.. near B'way. Eves., 8.16. Mats.,Wed. A Sat,2.14 KXAW A ERLANGER, Managers Coolest Theatre In the World-THG ONE BIG SUMMER SHOW ZIECFELD FOLLIES (Series of 1818.) Staged by Julian Mitchell Remarkable Caat-rDEAL Z1E0FELD CHORUS 100 LEW FIELDS' 44th ST. ROOF GARDEN Just West of Broadway. 'Phone 7202 Bryant. Every Evening at 6,16 (except Sunday) In "ALL ABOARD" With GEORGE W. MONROE-CARTER DE HAVEN CASINO Evenings. 8.16. Matlm rt S* A ——, rt »< »■ Vri.« »W BT d Broadway and soth St. •Phono 8846 Greeley. . Matinees, Wed, 4 Sat., 2.16. SOLB SURVIVING MUSICAL HIT HPURPLEROAD SUMMER PRICES-ENTIRE OROB., $2. ENTIRE 1st BALO., (1. ENTIRE 2d BALC, 600 WANTED— For Saatelle's Circus, Mast- clans on all Instruments to enlarge Band (low pitch.) Wire or write lowest. E. B. FLANAGAN, Marlboro, Moss,, Jul; 2; Mlllford, 8; Concord, 4; Attleboro, 6. JUGGLING ACT FOR BAJLK-A complete Vaudeville Act, Including new, original, novelty and comedy tricks easily learned, wltb many valuable pointers and full Instructions to quickly learn the act and about 26 pieces of assorted ap- paratus. No time for correspondence. Tho first one sending $6.00 takes It. Satisfaction guaran- teed. Address CARL MAItTELL, 8822 McDonald Ave., Bt. Louis, Mo. WANTED—Souttrette, with Al specialties; General Business Man, Cornet, Bari- tone, Drummer. Other Musicians and People, write. This Is three night and week stands, nnder canvas. Opera bouses In winter. Work year 'round. State lowest; pay own. Address Man- ager EASTERN THEATRE CO., Bradford, HIT, June 30 to July 8.; Wyoming, 111., 4-6; 1'rlnce- vlllc, 111., 7-0; Chllllcothe, III,, 10-12. WANTED—Hcrklmor Co. All 'round Come- dian Magician; other useful Med. Performers that change Ifor week and work in acta. Must Join on wire. GIBSON'S VAUDEVILUANS, Gray, Herkl- mer Co., N. Y. WANTED—Comedian, Irish, Dutch or black- face : Boubretto and Sister Team ; Musical act, novelty act; also Musicians for band and or- chestra. Two weeks' stands under canvas. State what you want In first letter. Long's Medicine Show Summit, Bill, Pa. AT LIBERTY. JULY 5 I (PIANO) Member A. P. of M. Sober and reliable. Address K. F. KEL8BY, eare "A Western Girl" Co., Clinton, Me., July 5; after that. Gen. Del., Portland, Me. WANTED, IMMEDIATELY FOR RBPBRTOIRB PIANO PLAYER to do bite. CHARACTER WOMAN who can and will do Negro Mammy. AGKNT who can and will hustlo for salary and percentage. Name lowest salary for Hum- rnor and Regular Season. All particulars, first letter. Address LAWIUDNCB R. TRUMBULL, Farnalngton, Me. WANTED The best 8. and D. Med. Comedian In the business. Put onactsand make them go. Also an Al Song and Dance Sketch Team. Winter and Buminor Work. Money sure, lillllu B. Duller, where are your Address HARRY KERSHAW,eare Sharp- ■teen Comedy Co., White Pigeon, Mich. Lady with small capi- tal for partner In . Dramatio Business. Prefer one capablo of playing some leads. Send photo. Address Mgr. DRAMATIC CO., Niagara Hotel, Toledo, Ohio WANTED Mediclno Porformors of »J1 kinds forstroctchango j_____ga^^^g^^ Btand^Best of treatment, stop at hotels. Address ARTHUR OARDIN, Mgr., MUlctte's Famous Snow. Morgansfleld, Ky., week of June 80. ' WANTED, MED. COMEDIAN DR. A. B. PAKE, Havana, HI NEW POLO A. A., Park Avq. and 129th St., N. T. Books now open for rehearsals, meetings, etc. Two halls, TEL. 64 HARLEM. Rehearsals lor aejobaUo acta, companies, etc Alto or Tenor Saxaphono (low pitch). Must be a bargain. Describe fully. EDi SI^ILL, 460* X*go ATfc, Chicago, iSr "wiuiii* am Pearl St., Boston, ■CYCLE ft GYMNASTIC APPARATUS Hart ilfg. Co., 862 Atlantic Ave., Boston, Mass CHIMBS, BELLS ft SPECIALTIES R. H. Mayland A Son, 64 WUIoogbby St., Brook, lyn, N. Y. CONFBOTIONS. Baeckhelm Bros. 4 Eckstein, 245 Bo. Peoria 3r_ Chlcago. ^ FORTUNE (INVISIBLE) WRITERS, S. Bower, 117 Barman fit, Brooklyn, N. Y. MUSICAL BELLS AND NOVELTIES. Edwin R. Street, 28 Brook St, Hartford, Conn. MUSICAL GLASSES. A Braunelss, 1012 Grant Ave., Richmond H11L N. I. ^ MUSICAL SPECIALTIES. J. C. Deagon, 8800 N. Clark St, Chicago, HI. OPERA CHAIRS AND AUDITORIUM SEATING. H. J. Harwood's Sona, 68 Pearl St, Boston, Man. POPCORN MANUFACTURERS, Roeckhelm Bros. A Eckstein, 246 Bo. Peoria St. Chicago. SCENERY AND SCENIC PAINTERS. 0. L. Story Scenic Co., Somervlllc Station, Bol- ton, Masa. Set—an A Landls Co., 417 8. Clinton St., Cblctro. Tcemey 4 Volland, 2312 Market St., St. Louis. Shell's Scenic Studios, 581 So. High St., Oolam- bas, Ohio. New York Saodlo, 1001 Times Bldg., N. Y. a SHOW AND. POSTER PRINTERS AND LITHOGRAPHERS. Planet Show Print A Eng. House, Chatham, Ont STEAMSHIP AND IIAII/ROAI) TICKETS. Paul Tauslg A Son, 104 E. 14th 8t, N. X. O. THWTH Kuukely Tent A Awning Co., 103 South St, N. X< THEATRICAL GOODS. Boston Regalia Co., 887 Wash. St, Boston, Man. THEATRICAL PROPERTIES. E. Walker. 309 W. 89th St., New York. Show Look at these prices for cash with order. No ship- ments made C. O. D. Union workmen, Union Label. MM 8x8 to-nighta, a ohanges. i side, no oasts, $10.60 80M 4x12 to-nlghts, iside.aohangee.nocaats, 12.00 sou tii2 to-nlghts, with cost and synopsis, • ia.60 MM 4x12 to-nlghts, printed both sides, • it.00 10M axxtK card heralds. .... 10.00 10M 8x24 heralds, both sides (or TxH) 10M12H8 hsralds, 4 pp. (or »x24. both sides) 16.00 10M 14x21 heralds,4pp.(orlOXx2S,botb.sides) is.w MM ladles free or coupon tickets, - • • 10.60 MO holt gheeta, from type, black on yellow, 4.M 1000 half sheets, block on yeUow, - - . TJO MO one sheets, from type, black on yellow, too 1000 one sheets, black on yellow, • ■ • 11.00 1000 tack cards, 11x14, one color, ■ • 8.00 We carry no stock paper. Above prices are for special forms from your own copy and out*. Good ahlpplng facilities. Oatalogof stock outs. Pottos . pondenco invited. GAZETTE 8B0W FRJNTHKI COMPANY, MATTOON, ILL, U. 8. A. WANTED For Permanent Tabloid Stock (3d season), good General Business Mau and Women, ong and Dance Comedian, Scenic Artist that cau play parts. Rep. people pre- ferred. State YOUR LOWEST, photos, etc., first letter. MUST JOIN ON WIRE. Rehearsals July 24. Open July 28. Two bills per week. Ono show a night. Michi- gan all Bummer. W. V. M. A. time this Winter. Walter Sunford and wife, write; also Elizabeth Montgomery. One year's work to people that will DO AS DIRECTOR tolls them. All mall answered. Spcolalty jorlo preferred. Address MANAGER 1L0ID STOOK, Escnnaba, Mich. WANTED Al Amateur Cornetlst desires position IS Orchestra or Band, Can do somo Solo work. Plasterer by trade, and used to foreman's posi- tion. Best of reference In both lines. Member O. P. I. A 23 yearn old. Wishes to seonre good paying position. None but those having same, need waste stamps. MUSICIAN, caro of North- western Conservatory of Music, HOST North 17«h Bt., Philadelphia, Peon. Musical Blaokfaoe Comedian Also song and dance sketch team that are up In acts and can change for one week. Steady work winter and summer. Salary, single, $16 and all; double, 120 and all. It you can and will deliver the goods write or wire at once. Tickets If I knowyou. Address GREAT MYSTO TENT SHOW, Shannonv111.., Ontario. Booz ers save stamps. Don't answer. WANTED. IMMEDIATELY For a season of five to ten weeks, STOCK MUSICAL C0HED¥ CO. About26 people, for Summer Park,on guaranteo or shares. Also A GOOD STOCK CO. About ton people. Address H. F. WILSON, care of Llbble Show Print, 242 Dover Street, Boston, Mass. liKBT YOU FORGET JSJHft ^t,<aaa_ft WE SAY la' YET IPHUSo LETER HEADS Contracts, Tickets, Envelopes, Free Samples, etc STAGS MONEY, lsc. Book of Herald data, 260. CROSS ASUrn-st CHICAGO BURT G. WILSON NEW YORK'S POPULAR VAUDEVILLE AUTHOR IS IN 'FRISCO Now yon Western performers, It you want a new act written, It's up to yon for the real big tinw goods, 1601 California St, San Francisco, Col. EL B. BONNER Manigar Dramatic Dapirtmant BlbELEfS T1E.TIIEIL ftKENGT Booking Reliable People (tor Reliable Managers Bnlte MO to 8M, It No. LaBallo St. CHICAGO, ILL. VELVET DROP FOR SALE tlrecntown, tod. .....