The New York Clipper (July 1913)

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JULY 26 THE NEW YQBK CLIPPER. 21 NOTICE TO ALL FASTEST TIME TO PHILADELPHIA 15 New Jersey Central Dm Uov Fifty Mlnatss IJb«rty8t.,»A.Ji.tB6P. M. Te ■ Hlm«t•• ef U»» Hoar proa MA Sk, • JK> A. It. to 5.50 P. M. OTBKR TKMK8 TJ», B.W, ».1M>. U.M P. a. CcbmII P. W. HEROY, E. P. Agt. 1440 BROADWAY, HEW TOKK. ROUTE LIST VftUDEVILLE NOXICIl""«u", the week ot July 31-20 U represented. Abeles, Edward. * CO., Keith'* Boston, 18- "A*t*B«autlful. The." Union So.. N. X. 0. Adams, BUJf * Edith. Sobmet Pule Montreal, CRD Adair, Belle, Keith's. Phlla.. 28-Aog. 2. Adooli, New Brighton, lirlgbton Beach, N. Y.. 28-Aog. 2. Alfred! (J). Mosle Hall. Brighton Beach. N. 1. Allen & Francis, Lexington Park, Boston. Allen. Mr. A Mrs. Frederick. Majestic, Chicago. Anthony A Bon, 5th Are., N. 1. C, 28-Ang. 2. Anderson * Ooioea. Orand, Albany. „ Arlington, Billy, A Co., Keith's, Bolton; New Brighton, Brighton Beach, N. I., »H-A«g. 2. Armstrong A Ford, New Brighton, Brighton Beach, H. V. Araaod Bros.. Shea's, Buffalo. "Aretdis." Henredson's, Coney Island, N. X., 28- Aug. 2. Arthurs (3). Jacksonville, l'la., 28-Aog. 2. Aab, Sam, Hartford, Hartford, Conn Austin, Bob & Elsie, Orpbenm, Schenectady, N. T., 24-28; Hipp., Utics, N. Y.. 28-30. Anger Oeo., A Co., Forsjtbe, Atlanta; Jackson- Tllle. Fla., 28-Auf. 2. Aron Comedy Fonr, Ilamona. Orand Itaplds, Mich. llarnr-jr, Marlon, A Co., Oth Ait., N. Y. 0; Kelth'a, Phlla.. 28-Aug. 2. Ball, Bay Ellnore, Hammersteln's. N. Y. 0. | Shea's, Baffalo. 28-Aug. 2. Barnes A West, Empress, Denver, 20-Aog. 1. Bullet OlaBslque, Keith's, Boston. Barnes & Crawford, Keith's, l'litlu.; Union Bfl... N. Y. 0., 28-Aug. 3. Baker, Belle, Music Hall, Brighton Beach, N. Y. Barnes, Gertrude. Majestic, Chicago. Baladcn, Union Bq., N. Y. 0.. 28-Aog. 2. Bultus (3), Temple, Detroit, 28-Aug. 2. Bedlnl & Arthur. Hainmerstelu's. M. Y. 0. Ik'nnay A Dayton, Hcndersonvlllc, N. 0. Bernard & Weston, 5th Ave.. N. Y. C. Bell & Carson-, Forsythe, Atlanta; Jacksonville, I'll., 28-Aug. 2. liner, Ben, & Bro., Morrison's. Rockaway Beach, N. Y.; Henderson's, Coney Island, N. Y.. 28- Aug. 2. Bernard, Jos. E., & Co., Pnntnges', San Fran., Cal. lkr.dlx, Theodore, Players, Orr.lieum, San Fran., Oil. B<'nt ft Grey, Mer'k Sq., Lowell, Mass. Bernard, Dick, ft Co., St. James, Boston. Beeson, Mme., ft Co., Shea's, Toronto, Can., 28- Aog. 2. fell, Helen, ft Qulnn Bros., Keith's, Phlla., 28- Aog. 2. Beaumont, Horry, & Co.. Sth Ave., N. Y. O., 28- Aug. 2. Be-gere, Valerie, ft Co., Music Hall, Brighton Bench, N. Y., 28-Aog. 2. terra, Mabel, New Brighton, Brighton Beach, N. Y„ 28-Aog. 2. Bcsnos, The, Jacksonville, Fla., 28-Aug. 2. Binon City (4), Morrison's, Rockaway Beach, K. Y. Rlgrlow, Campbell ft Raydoo, St. James, Boton, Blotcbarrt. Al„ Temple, Detroit. Bowers, Walters, ft Crooker, Touring England, In- definite. Bolses (4), Touting Europe, Indefinite. Kohnnlana, The Three, Keith's, Phlla. Holnnd ft Holts, Orpheum, San Fran., Oat. Bonner ft Meek, Olobe, Boston. Bowman. Elaine, Ludlow Lagoon, Cincinnati. Hognnny, Joe. Troupe, Great Northern, Chicago. Bounettl, Great Northern, Chicago. Brooks. Franklin A., Clinton, Rochester, N. Y„ Imlcllnlte. Brcoks, Wallle, Woolfolk'a "Hiram ut the Caba- ret.'• Indefinite. Brewster, Nellie, Broadway, Detroit, Brown, Geo. N., ft Co., Bowdoln Sq., Boston. Brown ft Foster, Great Northern, Chicago. Brncks (7). Empress, St. Paul. Knee, Fannie, Temple. Detroit, 28-Aug. 2. Brogn Bros. (0). Hipp., Pittsburgh; Keith's, l~n., 28-Aog. 2. Burton Sinters, Miles, Detroit. lltiiltla, Aerial. Bijou. .Brooklyn, N. Y., 24-26. Bush ft Shapiro. Colonial, Chicago, 24-20. Iluckner, The Great, Colonial, Chicago, 24-28. Burress, William, Majestic, Chicago. Burton ft Co., Princess, St. Paul. Busley. Jessie, ft Co., New Brighton, Brighton Beach, N. Y., 28-Ang. 2. Cabaret Trio, Hsmmorsteln'e, ST. Y. 0. Carter, Suiaun, Cory. Honston, Tex., Indefinite. Oilfield A Ashley, Keith's, Boston; Temple, De- troit, 28-Ang. 2. Ci.rr, Billy, Mer'k Sq., Lowell. Mass. Csrllslee, The, Cosmos, Washington. Cameron. Daisy. Cheater Park, Cincinnati. Capitol City (4), Keith's. Cincinnati. Caslllllans, The, Union Sq., N. Y. O., 28-Ang. J. Cliunns (4). Touring Europe, lndeflnlte. Chaloner, Kathcrlne, ft Co., Temple, Detroit, 28- Ang. 2. Chung Hwa Comedy Four. Union So.. N. T. a ©hcrtret, Hollldoy, ft Co., Keith's, Cincinnati. Cl-.rlstenscn. Aeel, Colonial, Chicago, 24-20. City Quartette, Colonial, Clilcano. 24-20. Clarke ft Owen, Sydney, Anstralls, Indefinite. Clark ft Terdl. Jacksonville, Fla. Clarke, Wilfred, ft Co., Met. 0. H.. Phlla., 24-26. CJsrton ft Drew. Broadway, Detroit, Claire, Blllle, Majestic. ELalra. N. Y. Corson. Cora Youngblood, Sextette, Pantages', Los Angeles, On], Coombs ft Aldwell, Orpheum, Los Angeles, Oil., 21-Aug. 8. Cotton, Lolo, San Diego. Oal., lndeflnlte. Co born, Jennie, Billy, "Swede" Hall Co. OolleKlans (8), Temple, Detroit. Conroy ft Models, Foray the, Atlanta; Keith's, Birmingham, 28-Aug. 2. Conroy ft Le Malre. Shea's, Buffalo. Connaelly, Geo., ft Co., Gordon's Olyniph, Boston, ^ooper, Dennml ft Co., Orpheum, Boston. "Confound It." 5th Ave., N. Y. O., 28-Aug. 2. Or«lg A Williams. Crystal. Milwaukee. Wis.; Miles, Minneapolis. 28-Aug. 8. Creasy ft Daync, Manila, P. 1.; Hone Kong, China. 28-Aug. 12. Cremwells, The, Keith's, Boston. Cunningham ft Marlon, Keith's, Phlla. j Forsythe, „ Atlanta, Ga., 28-Ang. 2. Cotton Sisters. Ramonn, Grand Rapids, Mich. Cunningham, Cecil, ft Girls, Oth Ave., N. Y. a, 28-Aog. 2. D Arvllie, Jeanette, Montreal, Can., Indefinite. Dale ft Boyle, Hammerateln's, N. Y. a Dsvles Family. Sotuner Park, Montreal, Can, Dara, Jane, ft Co.. Miles. Detroit. Davis, nil, Orpheum, Ssn Fran.. Col. Daly's, Josh, Minstrels, Gordon's Olympls, Cotton. Daly Bros., Globe, Boston. Do Gasoogne Cadets, Hammersteln's. N. Y. 0. Do Groote ft Langtry, Casino, Charlotte, N. 0. STOP—LOOK-LISTEN WBW IN NEW YOBS. STOP A* Hotel VanCortlandt 142 to 146 W. 49tk St, neir Broadvar URGE, LIGHT, AIRY ROOMS I'HOFESSIONAL BATES: 100 Rooms—Near Bath, 11.00 per Day andnj Room and Hath, 12.00 per bay and up Parlor, Bedroom and Bath, fsiOO per Day and up Excellent Itestanrant Good Maslo _ Club Breakfast, 25 Cents op. Special 75 cent TmMa d'Hote Dinner. DO YOU COMPOSE Songs or Instrumental Muster If so, be SURE to hive same arranged tiy an EXPERT I An artistic arrangement means SUCCESS! I h&vo done UUN DRSD8 of BIO HITSl Write or call afternoons 3-6, EUGKSK PLATZMANN Cure Shapiro, 1*10 Broadway, "». Y. O Johnson, Bounding, Coney Island. Cincinnati; County Fair, Madlsonvllle. Ky. 27-Aus 2. Kaufman, Rehn ft Ines, Touring France, indefinite. Kelly ft Mack, tVutnry, Los Angeles, C'al, lndefl- nlte. Kii'iwdy ft Kramer, Colonial, Lancaster, Pa., 24- 26; Fronklyo, Cbaiubersburg Pa., ?l-Aug. 2. Kentoo. Dorothy, Keith's, Phlla.; Keith's, Boston, 28-Ang. 2, Roddy, Cos, Temple, Detroit Rsoney ft Best, Orpbeora, 8m Fran., Ca!. Rccamors, 8asanne, rnnrytbe. Atlanta, 28 Any. 1 RuseU's Minstrels, Uiulo HsU, Brighton IScacb, N. T. Dantell, The Great, Touring England, tndrnlte. Saxons, Three Musical, Star, Chippie Creel, Colo.; Princeas.Leadvllle. Colo., 28-31. Sambo ft wells, Raat Rod, Memphis, Ttnn ScUalet, Michael. Ludlow l-srocn, Unclnnutl. eVebacsis. Tie, Keith's. Phils. Semrm. CDs*. P., New Brighton, Brlghlon Beach, Seldon'a Venus, East End, Mensnhls, Ttnn. Seymour Duo, Great Northern, Chicseo. Slielvey Bros. (8), Jacksonville, l'la. Bkrtner ft Richards, Forsythe, Atlants; Jackson- ville, Kin. 28-Aog. 2. Slunny, Lillian. Mer'k Sq, Lowell, Mats. Elmon. Oterman ft Co., Orpbeuiu. Los Angelrn, CU. KENNEDY ami KRAMER william sisto TO ALBANY The Economical Way. Htcai>. I cm rTatik Jones and Knatc i -kill leavePtcr 4A,North lllvci i limit of W. loth St.). at A.30 p. si. West lS2d St. at 6 p. m. dallv Hound Trip Tickets good till season. DlnlngServlce. UAl'l I TAI, CITY LINK Pier 46, N. It. CENTS ROUNDTRIP$l°-° rhono, Sprlnp; 6077. Delro. Forsythe. Atlanta. Dclavoye ft Frits, Ecapress, Dulntb, Mian.; Strand, WInnepeg, Oaa, 28-Aug. 3. Derkla's Aalmals, NUox>. Phlla. De Co*. Harry, Ramona, Grind Oaplds, Mich.) Temple, Detroit, 28-Aog. 2. Deadota, Gordon's, Olympla, Boston. De Michelle Bros., Cosmos, Washington. De Lax Singers, Great Northern. Chicago. Demareat ft Chabot, Princess, St. Paul Dlka, Juliette, Hommertela'i, N. Y. a Don (Talking Dog), New Brighton, Brighton Dotson ft Gordon, Met. 0. H., Phlla., 24-26. Dodge, Billy, Pantages', San Krou., Oil. Dolton, Freese Co., G.-eat Northern. Chicago, Duffy A Lorense, Keith's, Phils',, 28-Ang. 2. Duncan, Dan H.. Crystal Alrdome, Texas City, Tea., lndeflnlte. Do Bois, Nixon, Phlla. Dupre, Jeanette, Ooloalal, Chicag o, 28-Aug. 2. JAY B. DYLLYN " Arrnh A Chest" Owing to the bad conditions In the New York police force, Florenz Zlegfeld baa had Ujilvn appointed to restrict all dlHturbances on 42nd Street. E. TOY, Captain of Precinct. Fund swelling from f 18 to 120,o:o weekly. Early ft Byall. Empreas. St. Panl. Edlnger ft Cook, Wm. Todd Show, Indefinite. Edwards, Tom, Touring BnglanrI, . Edna ft Albert, Olean, N. Y.. Indefinite. Kdmonds, Grace, Shea's, Buffalo. Ellas, Hairy, Stetson's "U. T. C," Eastern Co. EL REY SISTERS THOSE UNIQUE SKATERS Kmroerson'n (3), Orpheum, Boston Knnrett, Prof., ft Co., Ortiheuiu, lloston. Enimett, Eugene, ft Co., Gordon's Olympli, Bos- ton, Knitllah ft JohiiBoo, Temple, Detroit. Iltjullll Bros., Shen's, Buffalo: Shea's, Toronto, Can., 28-Aug. 2. Ernests (3), Touring Englan'l, Indefinite. Eugene, Carl, Troupe, New Brighton. Brighton Beach. N. Y.; nth, Ave., N, Y. 0., 28-Aog. 2. Eugene Trio, Kelth'a, Cincinnati. Exposition (4), Eiuprexs, San Fran, Cnl. Fay ft Miller, Columbia. Bath, Me., 24-20; Con- tocook Park, Penncook, N. II., 28-30. Farley ft Kelly, Gordon's Olympla, Boston. Felix. Itljon, Ilrooklyn, N. Y.. 24-20. Fetterer. Harry, Princess, St. Paul. Fish, U'Rell ft Cruinlt. Temple, Detroit Fltxslmmons. Mrs. Dob, & Co., Pontngea', San Fran., Cal. Fiddler & Slieltoii, Spokane, Wash; Seattle, 2T- Anj. 2. Fields ft Hanson. Lexington Park, Boston. F'lnn ft Ford, Globe, Boston. Fltzglbbon. Bert, Music Hall, Brighton Beach, N. Y„ 28-Aug. 2. l'lor.i. Prince, Ilaminerstelu's, N. Y. 0.; Keith's. Boston, 28Aug. 2. Florette. Henderson's, Coney Island, V. T„ 28- Aug. 2. rooster ft Lovett, Union Sq., N. Y. C. Foo, Chlng Ling, Hammersteln's, N. Y. 0., 21- Ang. 2. Fox ft Dolly, Morrison's, Rockaway Beach, IT. Y. French ft Els, Uanunerstelu's, N. Y. C, 31- Aug. 2. Friendly, Dsn, "Bel! Hop" Co., Indefinite. Fred ft Alfred, Henderson's, Coney Island, N, Y. Franklin ft Greene, Orpbeum, Ran Fran., Oal. Garson. Marlon, nth Ave., N. Y. 0. Galvlu, Johnnie ft Ella, "Little Misa Mix-Up" Co., lndeflnlte. Gaylor ft Herron, Grand, Albany. Glllen, Edildle, Panama Canal Show, White Olty, Chicago, lndeflnlte. Gilbert ft Braiuulck, Auilltorlum, Riverside, Cal., 24-27, "Girl from Chicago," East End, .Memphis, Tenn. Gillette's Animals, New Brighton, Brightoa Beach, Glt'Ser, Lulu, ft Co., New Brighton, Brighton Leach. N. Y. Cetr. Helen. Keith's, Phlla; filh Ave., N. Y. 0.. 2S-Aug. 2. GoMen ft De Winters, Music!, Brighton lleacb, N. Y. Gclden, Claude, Shea's, Buffalo; Shea's, Toronto, Can., 28-Aug. 2. Glccker, Clias. ft Anna, SoUmer Park. Montreal, Can., 28-Aug. 2. Cmnvllle, Bernard, Temnle, Detroit; Shea's. Buf- falo, 28-Ang. 2. Cruet, Al. A Jack, Broadway, Detroit. Grey, Johnnie, Merk. Sq., Lowell, Mass, Grey Trio, Chester Park, Cincinnati. Green, Msy, Grcely's, I'orAuml, Me. Harden, Borden ft Hayden, Hnmmersteln'f, N. Y. C. Hanlon ft Hanlon. Union Sq. N Y. 0, Halploo, Enrico, Oth Ave., N. Y. 0. Hart Bros,, Barnum ft Bailey Shows, Indefinite. Hall. Billy ft EITle, Aubura. Me., Indefinite. Hanlman, Joe, Family, Detroit, Mich. Huyword, Harry, ft Co., Grand, Knoxvllle, Tenn. I Victoria. Charleaton, 8. 0., 28-Ang, 2. Hale ft Francis, Temple, Detroit. Hanlon ft Hanlon. Met. 0. H., Phlla., 24-26. Harris, Vol., Orpheum, Ssn Fran., Cal. llarklns, Jim, Cosmos, Washington. Hurrah, The Grcst, A Co., Chester Park, Cincin- nati. "Happy Hooligan'a Trip." Great Northern, Chi- cago. Ilanden A Mllliss, Majestic. Chicago. Hazzard, Jack, Keith's, lloston. 28-Aug. 2. Ileuman Trio, Keith's, Phlla.;-Hipp., Pittsburgh, 28-Aug. 2. Iledders (3), Keith's, Boston. Herron, Tom. Bowdoln Bq., Boston. Herman ft Shirley, Union Sq., N. X. 0., 28- Ang. 2. Henry ft Frincls. BfU Ave., N. Y. O.; Music Hall, Brighton Bench, 28-Aug. 2. Hlnes ft Fenton, Empress, Tscoma, Wash; Em- press, Portland. Ore.. 28-Ang. 2. nibbeler, Ray, Auto Inn, Chicago, Indefinite. Hill ft Ackerman, Moss Tour, England, lndeflnlte. Hlckvllle Minstrels. Orpheum. Boston. nines ft Fox, Henderson's, Coney Island, N. Y., 28-Aug. 2. Howard Bros., Touring England, lndeflnlte. Houston, Henry. Nankin, China, 21-30; Shanghai, China, Aug. 1-31. Dolman, Harry, ft Co., Savoy, San Diego, Col.; Pantages', Denver. Colo., Aug. 3-10. Howard ft Ryan, Gordon's Olynipla, Boston. Howard, Eddie, Chester Park, Cincinnati. Holt, Alf.. Great Northern, Chicago. Howard ft Itutcllir, Oth Ave., N. Y. 0., 28-Ang. 2. Banter ft Boss. Opera House, Warren, 0.; Waldo- meer Park. Erie. Pa., 27-Aug. 3. Hunting ft Frances, Music Hall, Brighton Beach, N. Y. Bushel ft Handler, Union Bq., N. Y. 0., 28-Ang. 9. Manias (0), Keith's, Boston, 28-Aog. 2. Inu ft LoreUa, Temple, Detroit. Ioleen Sisters. Keith's, Phlla., 28-Aug. a. lamed, New Brighton, Brighton Beach, N. T. Jscqoettea, Lexington Park, Boston. Direction JAMES PLUKKETT Kent, Marjorio 0., Knoxboro, N. Y. Kemps. Too, Henderson's, Coney Island, N. X.. 28-Aug. X Klnro, 5th Ave,. N. Y. U. 28-Aog. 2. King, Mule, ft Co., 8th Ave.. N. Y. O., 28-Aug. 2. Kintlng'a Animals, Majestic, Chicago. Kramer ft Morton, Kelth'a, Phla., Shea's, To- rolo. Can., 28-Aog. 2. Krlasetl, Eleanor. Lndlow Lagoon, ClnelnnaU. Lamb's Manikins. 5th Ave.. N. Y. C. Lang ft May, Bljon. N. Adams, Mass., 24-20. Lawrone, The, Met O. H„ Phlla., 24-26. Lawrence, Walter, Players. Nixon, Phlla. Lambert!, Orheura, San Fran,, Cat. La Delias (4). Grand, Albrny. Lamlford, Harry, Ramona, Grand Rapids, Mteb. Lscslugs, T!ie, l/exlimiou Park, Boiton. Lawreoce Trio, Kelth'a. Cincinnati. Lawrence ft Edwards, Bljon, Brooklyn, N. X., M> 20. "Lawn Party, The," Union 84., N. X. a Lane A O'Donnell, Majestic, Chdcago. Latham, Chan,, ft Ada, Keith's, PhlTi., 28-Ang. 2. Lea Moat fords. 6th Ave., N. Y. 0. Lewis. Jack M., "Seminary Girl" Co., lndeflnlte. Ielgh ft La Grace, Empresa, Kanaas City. Mo. Le Clair, John, Sobmer Park, Montreal, Can. Lester, Great, Forsythe, Atlanta, Ga. Ieaslk, Anita, ft Co., Lndlow Lagoon, Cincinnati. Lean, Cecil, ft Co., Shes's. Bnrlalo; New Brigh- ton. Brighton Beach, N. Y.. 28-Aug. 2. Leone ft Dale, Colonial, Chicago. 24-2U. Le Slnir A Vance, Colonial, Chicago, 84-28. Lee Bros., Empress, St. Paul. Lewis, Caprice. Princess, St. Paul. Llttlejohn. Frank ft Clara, Lake Side Park. Akron, O.; Meyer's Lake Park, Canton, O., 2T-Aug.3. Lille, Carrie, Keith's, Cincinnati. A laugh, scream, riot-At Llbetir. I43fl Boyd Ave, Woodtiavcn,N. Y. Phone lvm W Richmond Hilt Eldney ft Townley, Mmk Hall. Brighton Beach,. N. X. Smiths. Aerial, Tcurlag England, lndeflnlte, Piulth, Orwk ft Biandon, Forsythe. Atlanta, Ga. Smith, Yolk A Cronln. Nixon, Phlli. Smith, Jack A Ed.. (Irand, Albany. Snyder ft Dean, Hammerstela's. N. Y. O. Society Girls (4), F.rm.rfs, Winnipeg, Man, •rag Review, Mnsle Hall, Brtg!ilon Beach. N. X.; Morrison's, Rockaway Reich, N. Y . 2s-Ang. 2. Starrett, Howard 8.. Zlrgfeld's Follies, lndeflnlte. Bteger, Jellus, A On., Henderson's, Coney Island. N. X, Stlpps, The, Keith's, Cincinnati. "Stick-Up Man, The," Bijou, Brooklyn, N. Y„ 24-38. Styles, Maud, Hartford, Hartford. Conn. Stewarts, Musical, Great Northern, Chicago. Stanley, Stan Trio, Mosle Hall, Brighton Bead), N. Y„ 28-Aug. 2. Statser. Carl, Jacksonville. Fla., 28-Ang. 2. Button, Larry, Lyndon's Big Show. Sutton. Mclntyro A Button, Majestic, Elmlta, N. X. Sallys (B). Mnsle Hall, Brighton Beach, N. X. Sweeney ft Rooney, Csiester Park, Cincinnati. Swan ft Bombard, Hartford, Hartford, Cnnn. Swor ft Mack, New Brighton, Brighton Beads, N. Y.. 28-Aug. 2. Sylvester ft Vance. I'nntages. San Fran., Cnl. Tambo ft Tamou, Touring England. Indefinite. Tanbert Sisters ft Bro.. Shes's, Buffalo; Shes's, Toronto. Con., 28-Ang, 2. Tec-how's Cats. Hsniniersteln's. N. X. 0. Teal, Raymond, Empress. San Fran., Oal. Tbonrton, James, Henderson's, Coney Island, N. X.. 28-Aug. 2 J. AMIIIB II KATIIAB1INB TRUE ECONOMY In the beginning — It's buy lug the thing that is cheapest In the trunk that Is ctiei. to CHEAPEST TO KEEP. Buy tho lightest, to lessen your excess baggage1 expense; the strongest, to ' It's bound to get: and tho most scrTlceablc-. to Insure uiany years ot . 1. »,...» -—.,?.,».. «h.. loss, tnr ten or more Tram' use. Does not mean buying tho thing that Is cheapest in the beginning — It's buying tho thing that Is cheapest In the end. Don't boy the theatrical trunk that Is cheapest to buy—buy the one that stand the rough uso (and abuse) I "Tvlce. What yon need la the tr. In short—BB Y A BAL. FIBRE! THINK. uorvlcc. What you need la the trunk that costs vou the least for ten or more years' use. 101 WILLIAM BAL, Inc. liiaclcTrojiiCo., 102 S.'lIalnSt, Memphis,Tenn. 46 W. 45th STREET, 1 rol •! NEW YORK CITY | Victor Trunk Co., 74 Bills St., San Francisco. i rj-ji : LIBBEY and TRAYER MORRISON HOTEL, CHICAGO, ILL. Linden & Buckley, Grivly, Portland. Me. Lorch Finally, Touring HngHnd, Indefinite. 1/oughlln's Dog, Hnnunerstctn's, N. Y. O.; Shea's, Toronto, Can,, 28-Aug. 2. Loro ft Payuv, Shea's, Buffalo; Sbcs's, Toronto, Can., 28-Aug. 2. Lovo ft Hslght, Bijou. Brooklyn, N. Y., 24-20. Lono ft De Mnrle, Great Nnrthem, Chicago. "Love In tlie Suburbs," Henderson's, Coney Island, N. Y., 28-Aug. 2. Lorraine ft Burke, Henderson's, Coney Island, ?.'. Y., 28-Aug. 2. Lonilou, Louis, Henderson's, Coney Island, N. X„ 28-Aug. 2. I.unds ir>), Musical, Dpi). Pittsburgh, 28-Aug. 2. Lynns ft Yosco, Music Hull, Brighton Beuch, ST. Y., 26-Aug. 2. Ljrcb ft Zeller, .Music Hull, Brrgbton Beach, N. Y., 28-Aug. 2. Mtitln A Fabrlnl, Union Sq„ N. X. 0. Mang ft Snyder, Keith's. Boston. Marcou, Llghtner ft Goidon, Empress, San Fran., Cal. Mara Duo. Pontages', San Fran., Cal. -Maynnrd ft White, Lexington Park, Boston. Menlnl, ft Picks, Keith's, Boston. Mason ft Doutell, Hartford, Hartford, Conn. Mason ft Hollldoy, Union Sq., N. X. 0., 28- Aug. 2. Marie, Dainty, Hammersteln's. N. X. 0.. 28- Aug. 2. Msrtlnettl ft Sylvester, Music Hill, Brighton Beach. N. Y., 28-Ang. 2. McDenootr, Billy. Hammersteln's, N. Y. 0. McAvoy, Dan F„ Uagenbeck-Wallace Circus, In- definite. McDerltt, Kelly ft Lucy, Heuilerson's, Coney Island, N. Y.; Keith's, Boston, 28-Aug. 2. McKlnley. Nell, Met. 0. II., Phils.. 24-20. MeOiiuiell, Harry v.. Miles, Detroit. MeMiilan, Walter, ft Co., O. 1L, Teaque, Tex., 24-20; Vcndoine, Temple, Tex., 28-Aug. 31. MeCullough, Carl, Majestic Chicago. MrCay, Wlasor, Huuimorstfln's, N, Y. 0.. 28- Aug. 2. . McMahon, Dlsmond ft Clentence, New Brighton. Brighton Bench. N. Y., 28-Aug. 2. Mcltao ft Clcgg, Morrlson.'s, Rockaway Beicb. M, Y., 28-Aug. 2. Meier, Hyman, Temple, Detroit. Melville ft Hlgglns, Music Hall, Brighton Beach, N. Y., 28-Aug. 2. • Mirth ft Knott, Hilmmcrateln's. N. Y. O. Miles. Marlnl ft Ilroiiskl, Keith's, Boston. Mooree, Jllto, Palm Garden, Parngonr Park, Nan- tusket Beach, Moss. Morris, Wm., ft Co., Union Sq.. N. Y. 0. Morris, Elldo, ft Co.. Keith's, Boston. Moore ft Elliott Keith's. Boston. Mowatts (5), Hipp., Pittsburgh; Hammersteln's, N. Y. O., 28-Aug. 2. . Morris, Nina, ft Co., Nets Brighton, Brighton Beach, N. Y. Morrlssey ft Hanlon, Miles, Detroit. Morton ft Jewell Co., Cosmos, Washington. "Mother Goose" Co., Cosmos, Washington. Morrlssey, Jack, Great Northern, Chicago. Moutambo ft Wells, Shea's, Buffalo, 28-Ang. 2. Moore ft Young, Union Hq., N. Y. C, 28-Aug. 2. Monkey Hippodrome. Kclfh's, Phlla., 28-Ang. 2. Mosher. Hsyes ft Mosher, Hinunerstehi's, N. Y. 0., 28-Aug. 2. Mullaue, Frank, Ctb Ave.. N. X. a Musketeers. The Three, Nixon, Phlli. Mullen ft Coogsn, Sfnjestlc, Chicago. Murray, Elizabeth, Hammersteln's, N. X. 0.. 28- Aug. 2. "Newly weds and Their Baby," Nommbega Park, Boston. "New Song Dlrds, The." Majestic, Chicago. Nestcr ft Bergman, Keith's, Phlla,, 28-Aug. 2. Nick's Skating Girls. Hipp., Plttiburgb; Temple, Dclrolt. 28-Aug. 2. ' Nlckols. Nellie v., Mosle Hall, Brighton Beach, Nonette,' Music Hull. Brighton Beach, N. X., 28- Aug. 2. O'Mcarns. Gliding, Hammersteln's, N. Y. 0. O'Furrells. Tbe, Rlugllng Bros.' Circus. O'Day, Billy, Majestic, Chattanooga, Tenn.; BIJou, Knoxvllle. Tenn., 20-Aug. 3. O'Brien ft Lear, Broadway, Detroit. O'Day, Ida. Orpheum. San Fran., Cal. O'Brien, Hovel ft Co., Forsythe, Atlanta, 28- Aug. 2. Oliver, Clarence, Breadwoy, Detroit Orletta ft Taylor, New Brighton, Brighton Beach, Orford's, Mile., Elephants, Orpheum, San Fran., Cal. Ott. Sadie, Bljon, Brooklyn, N. Y., 24-20. Panllnettl ft Plquo, Sohmer Park, Montreal, Can. Patrlcolo, Shea's, Buffalo; Shea's, Toronto, Can,, 28-Aug. 2. Tars, The, Carnival Court, Buffalo. Purlrlan Dancers, Hartford, Hartford, Conn. Peers, Tbe, Hipp., Pittsburgh. Pinafore Kiddies. Tbe, Keith's, Phils. I'lsanu, Gen,, ft Co., Sobmer Park, Montreal, Can. Flroscoffls (B), Temple, Detroit; Shea's, Buffalo, 28-Aug. 2. I'lccbaloJ Troupe, New Brighton, Brighton Beicb. Pollard,' Grand, Albany. Powers, Bros., Orent Northern, Chicago. Prlngle, Allen ft Co., Empres, St. PauL Rajab. All. Majestic. Blmlro, N. X. Beded ft Hilton, Colonial Beach, Va. Rellly, Johnnie. California, St. Louis. Me. Bedford ft Winchester, Morrison's, Rockawtf Beach. N. Y., 28-Aug. 2. R!ce, Elmer ft Tom, Touring England, Indefinite. Itlo Bros. (4), Touring England. Richmond. Dorothy. Keith's, Phlla.; 6th Ave., V. Y. O., 28-Ang. 2. Richmond ft Martin, Met. O. IX, Phlla., 24-30. ftvi.sow Midgets, 5th Ave., N. X. O.; Uanuner- stelu's, N. Y. O., 28-Aug. 2, Ronalr ft Ward, Union Sq.. N. X. 0. sogers ft Dorman, nth Ave., N. X. O. Rolando Bros., Henderson's, Coney Is land, V, X, ECCENTUIC COMEDIANS. UN Hill K tOJIBEY ACT. Those Fonr fllrls, Union Sq., N. X. 0. Tlmbcrg, Ueriunn. Henderson's, Coney Islnrjd, N. Y. Tokhi laps. Miles. Detroit. "Trainer, The," Kinpreis, San Fran, Oal. Tucker. Sophie. Music Hall, Bilghton Beach, N. Y.. 28-Aug. 2. Types <i>, Ifantinersteln'a, N. Y. 0., 21-Ang. 2. Venn, Verona, ft On., Nixon. Phlla, Vivian A Alton, Illchatd'a C4rcolt, Auatralln. ln- deflnlte. Vision D'Art. Hraderaon'a, Coney Island, N. Y. VIollnaky. Keith's, Boiton; Keith's, Phlla.. 28- Aug. 3. _ Vlctorlna A Zolar. Temple. Detroit. 28-Ang. 2. Wallace, Bruce, Plau, West Brlghlon, S. 1., N. Y., 21-31. Washer Bros., Touring England. Indefinite. Walker, Musical, Rlugllng Bros., Indefinite. Warren ft Blanchard, Temple. Detroit. Ward ft Ourrau, Morrlson'a, Rockaway Beach, N. Y. Warren, Fred, Temple, Detroit. Walih. Lynch ft Co., Grind, Albany. Waring. Nelson, Orand. Albany. Wiketleld, Willi Holt, Ratnona, Grand Rapids, Mich. Ward. Elss. Forsythe. Atlanta. »8-Attg. 2. Weston A Bernard, Bib Ave., N. Y. 0. Welly ft Ten Eyck, Mew Brighton, Brighton Beach, N Y Well's A Fisher, Oreely, Portland. Me. Welch. Joe, Forsythe. Atlanta, 28-Aug. 9. West. Mae, Morrison's, Rockaway Bench, N. Y„ 28-Aug 2 Whitney's Operatic Dolls, Electric Park, Albany, 24-20. _ , Whitman. Frank. Orpheum. Boston. White, John. Empress, Han Fran., Oal. Whiteside. Ethel. A Picks, BIJott, Brooklyn, N. Y.. 24-211. Wilson ft IMxcll. Sbelblna, Mo. Wllwm ft Wilson, East End, Memphis. Tenn. Wlllnrd ft Vnln. East End, Memphis, Tenn. Willis Meters, Keith's, Ibiston. Will ft Kemp. Hipp., PlttHburgh, 2M-Aug. 2. Wuodnard. V. P.. L'lllotl Pnrk, Dubiir|iie, In. Wood ft Wyde, Keith's, Huston, SH Aug. 3. Yates, Frauds, Keith's, Boston, 28<Aug. 2. Large, Cool, Airy Rehearsal Rooms FINE DANCING FLOORS, all Sizes. New Grand Central Palace Lexington Ave., 46th to 47th Sts. 'Phone 6990 Murray Hill CHA8. E. 8PRATT, Manager THE LEHMANN HEBERT COMPANY WANTS SOBER, RELIABLE PEOPLE, TO FILL OUT COMPANY FOR THE BALANCE OF THE SUMMER SEASON, AND FOR THIS FALL Heavy Man, Light Comedian, flcncral Business and Oliaractor Mini, to handle stAgo; Property Man for bits, General Business and (Jlmnieter Woman, l'lano Flayer. Preference shown thoso tltut do special- ties. Mum liuvo wardriilie. experience. Hblllty, uinl niiikn good. JiicoiDpotcuts, llitboolles and Imuzcrs closed without notice. Address, with full purllculars, O. L. 11IIKA, Mgr., enru »f Dixie Tlieutrlriil Kxchangs, Dallas, Texas. MAID AND THE MINISTER (Eastern) LADY AND GENTLEMAN FOR JUVENILE LEAD YOUNG MAN TO HANDLE STAGE AND PLAY TWO BITS. Rehearsals July SO. Open Aug. 4. Must liuvo now modern society wardrobe. Bend ohoto. N. S. MiJOVIl.l.l-:, ORAM* fOHKo, N. I). ROY SUTHERLAND, ffgSSU Height. 6 ft. Weight, 185 lbs. Address, 306 East 8th Street. ERIE, PA. WANTED—Location for Organized Stock Company For Regnlar Season. Producing Royally Plays only. Now playing; Bummer engagement In at. Joseph, Mo. to big sneecss. can place lending lady at oaco. People, in all lines please write POULTER & WEL8H Lyceum Theatre, 8t. Joseph, Mo. STETSON'S UNCLE TOM'S CABIN CO. People in all lines or the bn.lneas, both wlillo mid colored: Woman with little girl for Kvn, Union MusIcIuiih and L'tilun Httige Cm piutei: I'lntio I'lnyer In (Inillilit liruss. Uonilluny Will opctl Aug. SO at Chester, Pa. Address i.f.on \v Aniuilhn, Chester, Pa. THE BROOKS STOCK GO. Orchestra. Leader; Violin, to doable Trombone, Cornet or Clarinet! tirefer Triimlione. Other Musicians write. Want to keep In Uiuclt Willi OOOU ltKI'KllTfflUK PEOPLE. Send permanent address. Ynu must dress purls, bo reliable and sober. JAOK BPcOOKS, Sabula, lowo. 8-MINUTE—S KE Tt" CHE J3—8-MINUTE I'or Wnlte or Blackface Team, Dutch Team, Bister Team, Comedian and Boubrette, Blackface and Houbrclte. straight Jm. or f.) and Tramp and Btralght and Uebraw. Also KlOHT-MINuTK MONO- UltiUEH for Robe, Blackface, Tramp, irtab,Billy Kid, llebroir and Old Maid. K very act un OHIO IN Al., UP-TO-DATB SOItEAM. (Wo. eacbor any four for 11.60. Cash or M. 0. No stampal oilier material, Send for catalogue aud enthusiastic testimonials. EXCLUHIVB MATERIA!, ot every descrip- tion written to order under the Wrongest possible goarautcol Price on anything and A No. 1 references ~ tpnolutrnent ONLY. Always write or 'phone before calling. Mm MARY K. P. TUAYKIt, il«0 BROAD ST., PllOVIUENOK, K. I. for the asking. Interviews by appointment ( WANTED, FOR THE LENOIIE ALLEN STOCK CO. People 1st all lines for Permanent gtoek. Those who wrote before, write again. Address HBliBOH A. JLAWHENCE, care Moose Vheatre, Moose Jt*w, Mask., Canada.