New York Clipper (Jul 1915)

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July 3 THE NEW YORK CLIPPER TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO. "Faix of Babtu>n" -vas produced vlth Uie Dar- num & Balle}" Shoi7, at Oulcland tiardeu, Uvston. JxY BiAL opened the Uruod Upera Uouse, iian Francisco. Webeb akv Fields played at tbe Bella Union and tbe Cremonie, Francisco. I<OTUBOP's MubBuu, at Provldeice, was b^ing remodeled. HtsNBT fi. DiXET revived "Adonis" at Chicago. 'L'uii Pabk, Brooklyir, was being reconatmotcd. "A Spbio o' Gbegn" -was produced at Plttstmrsb. •Thu minority stodrboldcra of the Casino, Kirw York, called a meeting to cet Oie management out uf the hntids of Rudolph Aronson. Geobge Dixon defeated Wallace, of Blnnlngbani, Eng., In London, Eog. SbxvATOB beat Tcnny in a match race at Shcep.s- bead Bay. JOUN Cdbt, John iMorrlBsey and Oias. Meyer an- nounced tbe Wigwam and Cart drcnlt. jKSBiR BoNSTEx-LE Kiutounced her production of •Thistledown." Aiit Leu announced lier new musical comedy, "Thtf Clipper." TAB.\RIX GIULS NOTES. DV JACK LOBD. We recently flnlshiid Feven months o^ consecu- tive work on tbe Arcenwccd time, with the most pleasant (agagement of oil in a week at East l£sd rark, Mtmphls, Tenn. From there we opened on the Son time. Juno i'l, at TiOzlngtoi^ Ky.. for a two weeks' stand. We will soon round out a year of Mild work. Who suld it was a bad season? Mr. Newman, our genial "boss-man," bad a couple of "off" week* n-cintly, and the doctors kept hliu as busy as he kept them. He was In a generally run-down condition, due to tbe beat ai^d overwork—Ijut is l)Ctter new. Just received word tbat Ruth Arlington, of (he sister team of AiHugTon and Bemla, and formerly of I/Ord' and ArUn^on, is spenAlns a few weejcii with ifrtends in New Vork atate rn route to Maim.-, Tvbere she -will Summer umnnfc the pines. Rcgafls to Keza^ Falls, Bnth! A tip to those who hav.m't tried it: If you think jou'rc funny pilay Memphis on a Monday nigbt • Society" will change our mind. Those who hav« tried It knmv. Aitbuug.!! the temperature was rJnetv degrees, the •'" was positively "frigtd." Minna Calvert, our little Hebrew comeditnuio, l.fught 11 new set of b.-iriiec-s in Birmingham iiiuc would "knock your eye out"—black and stripes, and lU th>it. •Best T\-lshes to u0->rge U. Greenwood, Joe Sri''.- celburg and tbe office. Hope we meet next sea^i^m. Also congratulations to Louie Cohen and .wife on Ihc new member of the fumliy. ' CAFE UO.VACO OPKN9. Dave Montgomery. Dorothy Jaxdln, Edward Mf.d- den A. Toxin Worm, Wilna Wyim, Nell Morgan, "Diamond Jim" Brad, I'i«d E. Stone, WIllLun Worcester. Walter 3. Kings'ey, Alma Hanlon, D. K. Martinez, WiiUam ICoymond SiU. and scorc« of other Broadway oelobriMes and flrst-nlghtuis Tvere among those who attended the opening i>f tbe new Caxe Monaco, in tbe Winter Garden bul'd- ing on Tuesday night, June 22. This place, .formerly knoim as Chez Maur.'.e snd then l>alace Do Uajuc. as Joan Rawyer con- ducted It. and the new directors, Anthony 8ca;s- zinl, formerly assistant maoHger of the Coie Mai-- tin, and Kuaolf Dounoua, have given New YorkcrK • and tbe vast number of vacationists now thronc>ng the city, a ponalar prl>:ed dlslng and dance palsrc that is a rendezvous of l>eauty eind smartnejis. VARIETY AT DUSirVnCK. Tbe current week's list of Keith aitertalnera st the Buabnirk, Brooklyn, makes up one of the most diverting bills that hou^a has nad tills season. Sitars of drama, comedy, muste and dandns have bten pla^:ed un the program, and consequently, the "all-star chow" policy Is being carried out nicrly. The bill Incluaes: Blanche Walsh, aa headllner, ."n her Cramatle war sketch "The Spdls of War," •nhlle for the laughs Bert FItzgibbon la "in again," with Harry Uobnas and company ruimins close with a laughable farce, tolled 'Udam ELlilJoy. ' Other leading va'aderUle turns are the Bell h'amlly of musUlana, RatlllT and Anthony, Leo Beers, ^^'blte uid Clayton, Dolg^r Brothers, and Leo J^cx- soo and Mae. ♦ ■ » GOPDON AND 'WILSON TOQRTHER. Kitty Gordon and JacK Wilson said farewc'i to vaudeville at tbe New Brighton Theatre. Brighton Ittacb, last week. Frederick McKay plans to star them Jomtly In a sew irvue to be produced latn In Septomher. for wMdi Mr. Wilson will relinquish bl3 black fore make-up. Miss Gordon purchased a magnlflcent home at 145 Fahnoiitb Street, dn BnxHtlyn, last week, which Is out on the Maidiattan Beach eslHtes. Miss Gonlon bos cabled her mother and little daughter In London and they wlU Immediately take up their residence in Brooklyn, at the new home, which Is said to have cost Kitty $22,000. 4 » » HANN>8 NEW SKETOH. Sam Mann baa purchased from Samuel Sblpman, the playwright, a new sketch called "Our Little Ones," In which tbe comedian -will play tbe role of a high class German. Besides Mr. Mann, there will oe three other players In tbe caat, one char- octer being a "widow." IRENE FRANKLIN EiNGAGED. Irene Franklin has been engaged to go with "nnnds Dp," and will begin rehearsals Imme- diately, "lae piece will open abont tbe middle uf July. WHITE RAT KI BBLES^ BT TICTOB T. TAfla. Bryant Sno, Dn> TOO KKow that Just about one year ago. when our lilg chief took hold, life mamberahip com- prl8«Ml some thirty-one, aud It took the organlxa- tlon some fifteen years to carroU Qnse few. Now Mr. Fogarty has swelled the list to amount below. Count thorn i Note soma of the names, not that they are any better fellows than you or I. but 'tis the confidence they respectively have for tbe present relgn- uig board of directors. LIFH: MBMBDRS: Tbe following are life members of the White Ratfi: Armstrong, Wm,; . „ „ Arnold, Gladys; Ball, Bm- cat R.: Bergman, Beniy; Black, Be»; Bransen, Jelt; Brown, Alex: Brown, Tom; CarroU Earl; Castano. Edward; Claxk. Edward; Cohan, will H. • OolanAn. Harry; Conwar, Jack: Cooke, Will J.; Corbett, Jas. J.; CoreUI,. E>ddle; Corson Cora Youngblopd; Coyne. Joaeidi; Curtis, Samuel J.: DaUey. Robert L.; DefanoreMJeo. : De Trlckey, Coy ; Diamond, Marc: Dick, William; Dickey, Paul; Dixon, Harland: Dobson. Frank; Dolair. Jas. F.: Doyle, Patsy ; Eldrld, Gordon U.; Eltlnge, Julian : Elmmett, Cecil; Ehnmett, Leon; Kvans, Frank; Pagan, Noodles; Fiarreil, Chas. H.; Khy, Frank; gay. Qua; FltigeraW, Bddle; Fogarty, Frank; Ford. A. A.; B'oyer, Badle: Gardner, Happy Jack; Gapvie. Edward ; Gaylor, Bobby ; Gibson J. Grant; ■*i.''.l.<?™Jj Mary; Green, Bnrt: GrllBn, Gorald; Griffith. J. P.; Orovea, Hal; Ilallldav, WllUom A.; IWall, Loa; Herbert. Cbauh- cey; Herman, JJr. Oarl; UlggliH, . Hobt. J.; Bnghes, J. J.; Hi:me, Dick; Inza. Boliela; Jess, Johnny; Jolson, Al.; Eeenan, Frank: Kelly, Harry; Kdly, Lew; KeUy, Walter C.: KeougS, Ed.; Ketler, Jos.; King, Cbas. J.; Klut^ Ing, Ernest; LaMont. Bitl; Lancojrter,^ John; Iji. Rue. Grate; Lee. Jules W.; I.eMaire. ijeo.: Lew, Bert: Lewis. Tom; Lloy.t, Alice; lx*se, B«lph; LoreUa, CoUe; Latoy, Joo; lx>rette, Horace M.; Lynch, Dick: MacartT Wm. H.; Mace, BVed; Mack, -OS. P.; McCree, Jonie; MiDr-naid, Clua. M.; Mt- Muhon, Tim; McNaughton, Tom; McNeill, Lillian; McPhee, Chaai; Melrose, Ben; Monroe. Geo. W.; Montgomery, Dave; Morton, SDm ; MuBen, Geo. K.; Murray, snizaboth M.: Nawn, TTom; Nlblo, Fred.; No^an, Jack; Notaii, Billy ; North Frank: Pattl Greg; Payton, Corse, PrIno», Arlbtir: Provol. N.; Babe. Harry; Be^vea. Blllii;: Reid, Jack: Rogers. WJil; Rooney. Pat; Ross, Eddie; RnsscH, iZar.e A.; BuascU, Thoa J.: Thos. J.; Sanfonl. V/alter: Sawyer, Joan; SIdman. Sam; ShmnoQS. Don; Smith Tom; Stafford. Frank; Stone, Fi-ed. A.. Stone, George; 3ulzmann. Jacob; Tan, DUij IS.; Vaugban, Dorothy ; War'1, Hap.; Waters, J<«. K.; Weber, Johnnie: Welch, Tbos.; Wlllard, C- E.; Williams. Sam EMIiiore. Thi: old timers who know Essie Graham, known some years ago as "Tbe Graham" Slaters, later as "Pocket E^dttion of Mangle CHne," sbould pen her, as she Is In needy circumstances, with a baby and three otber Children. ^lusbond passed away a short time' ago. Address 1784 Dean Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Job BtlBTOX, do you know him, does Irish, and does it: Johnny Ray thinks ao, anyway he Is all fiustered no over time of tala life in Sullivan County, Yulun, N. Y., 'wherever that Is. Has a box numl)er, too, 'tla 26—town should be near water front as Joe Invcstd many Iron dollars it^t an attachable motor. 3ure llncel la visiting, and Joe expects his son and mother up shortlv. Habut D'Macs i>aid clubhouse a visit last Thuraday. Understand he had a prosperous sea- son, and Is spending his vacation at work. More power to yon and tbe bank roll, 'Harry, Is my slncercst wishes. MvEOABET H. Kino, who never falls to make an audience sit up and take notice, made Manager Fred Algier, Hrooklyn'a popular theatrical man, admit sDe was a genuine ballad singer, for he played the little lady hack. Nbws FBOif THE Fbont: Willie Weston Is now a movie actor; got It from good authority (Mm- s- tf), as he was about to Journey to some beach to hare an exterior taken. Had no chance to ask what line he was posing for, but my knowledge of his work take It for granted 'tis characters. If Fanny Bbice. Eveltn Nesbit Thaw. Jack . Clivpobo and Robebt Bdeson would kindly send me their address, will mall them initiation blanks as per their request. Will F. Comlby, dab's Chicago representative, wblle here visited bis dad, who is now in his eightieth year. He has been ailing, but Is now In good health. A PABODY on "Honse Upon tbe Hill," by Brothers Joe Whitehead and Tommle Ward,—let's go— remembering 'tis only in fun: I feel so lonesome to-night, I feel eo blue, I got closed In Galesbury once, And twice in Waterloo. I can see my pictures coming back, I was whistling whiperwill, The manager cnme back, tbe dirty sneak. I was closed for playing tbe Palace last week. CH0BU8. There's a lot of acts that can't get booking. There's a lay-olT standing on tbe curb. There's a flop I know works for Marcus I^w. I saw the act In England and it got the "bird;" For there's only one agent. And he works for Moss & Brill, He always keeps the act a-worklng If they play that Sunday night In Union Hill. Potts Bbor. are back in town with much new talk, which Is quite Interesting—>E)mest Carr la- one of his best llateoers. Bovn J. GiLUOHB, Harry Botter, Walter F. Kelly. Fred Nolisn and Joe Bimea, with Katherlne La Tour of the A. \. Aa. and Bill Kcnney, rep- resentative at lane-', and others, wlobpd our genial and efficient Cblmgu Uvprvsuutatlve of tbe white Rata a God spewl and uluasant Journey back to ^ca20, after spending hU vacation at home. here. He left on tbe West Shore at 7.16 p. u., June 21, 7.46 i>. M. AT 11.30 p. u. Bill Ilceloy. W^. Cummins. Jack Aohby,. Joe Blmes. and otherx mw Jim Marco and bis son, James Jr.. leave tor tbu 'West and North- west, on their Sumoier vai-atloa. Jack Asbby ac- companied them as far as Kochester, N. Y., whero be win remain for a few wtn-ks' fishing. Roth Jims Bromlsed to fatten up wlitu- owny. tJood luck, Thbeb cueebm for tho's red. whlt^- snd biuo for Dro. Herbert Lloyd, who's Just back from Europe. This Is a grand country, and ileiliert know*. The "STA.NTONd" open un ilie Orpbeum time next i^ptember. They were ro-jSed by t>ookers Hotw and Curtis. v'osBPH McGbuiy. our suilllng bartender, left Juu- 24, and la now In siuat cnpoiclty at Cllfli'n House, Patchogue, L. I. 'TIs much rvgrrtted tbnt Joe ileft our rstabllshmciic, as b? had eadcar<.Hi himself to all by hla courteous, ways. LbONABD Kanf and Emii.y Nice Joined bands for life. June 2<1. IJiru. Bert l.onv wns best man. Get Charlie Buckley to tell how Eddie Tanner, Billy Swan and Charlie Sharp finished a pinochle game. It will band you a laugh—for Is a thorough- ly tale. Hazel Nelson and many other members of toe Behmcn Show enjoyed every macMmt of last "scamper night," and If you will come around you win not wonder. Yea, one can secure an In- vite from mem1)er In good standing. Fbidat, June 25, the house committee was called to order at 4.1.% p. x. by Chairman Edward Cas- taao. Minutes of previous meeting read by Secre- tary Jack Bancroft. Those present: Arthur Will- iams, Bert liOvey, Victor V. Vass, Gordon Whyte, Max Reynolds, Andy McCloud and Harn Botter. Lights are now over tables used for earn players. JImmie Gallagher's resignation on committee ac- cepted. He was thanked for many kind deeds whilst nn active memtwr. Suggested by Bro. Jack BODcroft that Joe Bimes take care -of billiard room, scamper night. This suggestion will be en- acted. Meeting oojourned at 6 f. u. Bl' JOB Wl{;rKUE.\P. I'VE traveled this w^rid over, I've nail.-Td a laugh or two, I have a friend in every burg. And right here have a iTv. I've led tne very simple life, 1 owe no man a aime; I put the ten ceni piece above To make Ibis poor ihlng rhyme. The poLat I wish tu make Is this- I'm out of work, aln> ! Bat work, or play, this ranch I'll say: "Ii's the panic, Victor Vase."' A. P. Bbnway, known among the boys as "The Happy MInsitrel.'' wants to bo remembered to 'loe La Toy. "Hap." l8 doing some catting op with Wm. 'Todd Vaudeville Show. Bbo. Jobn Kebnan, after having been confln(.'<I to tbe Polyelhile Hospital since April 15, where, he underwent two operations, left the Institution June 24, and le now convalescing at his home in Brooklyn. Thi condition of Bro. John Canfield remaloH un- changed, and la serlons. ^'TWO IS COMPAHY/' The above Is the title of a new magical pjav shortly to be produced by Adolph Phillip, the well known Oeimon actor-autnor. # » » SINGER'S WILI. CONTESTED. &(me. Lillian Nordica, the prima donna, was sene «'hen ^e signed her Inst will during her final Illness In the hospital at Tburadiy Island, In tbs South Seas, according to tkstlmony of the witnesses to the Instrument. Vhi* teftlrooiy was placed on lilc In tbe Snrrogates' Oourt, June 22, taken by a commission and forwarded here. The elnger's widower, ;li-orge W. Young, who was mentioned In tbe will only to the extent of bis having been ndvaoced $400,000. contends that his wife was anduly lnfliion':cd by E. E. Simmons Into doing same. Tbe latter receives S30,0OU tinder tlie wlU, while th<! residuary estale, est:* mated at more ttian $l,t>00,00o. is bequeathed !n equal shares to the op^ra singer's, sisters. Mm- Imogene Ccstfllo. of Los Ang'oa, and Mrs. Aunle Baldwin and Mrs. lone Walker, of Boston, Mass. Mr. Young has filed In Monmouth County, N. J., where he resides, a will drawn up by his wife in lUlO, and which bequeatb'.'a the entire estate to lilm. Tbe report Is to be offorod at tho contest of tbe second will, to be tried un July L'-J. before Burro- gate Cobalan. MIDGET.t IIKMAIN. The management of Korent I'ark Htgtalanids. Bt. I.oulB, Mo., sncceeded In urrangln* to retain Sing- er's MIdgcta at that pork for a third conaecutlve •week, beginning June 27. New tonga and dances were put In. In English. German and French, and ouch newly costumed. wLlle the menagerie and i>0Dy SLts were elatiorate'l on for the extended engagement. « I > TITLE CHANGED. The title of tho now -Montagne Glass comedy, which A. H. Woods -win presoit next aeason. has been changed to "Potash and Pcrtannttcr Incor- porated." It was originally oaU'-d "Potash and Perlmirtter in Borlety." FATAIXY INJURED. James Campbell, nineteen years old. of Okla- homa aty, Okla., Willie givfag a hirfi trapes* per- formance at El Reno, Jane 177 fell fifty feet to the sidewalk and 'oms fatally Injnred.