20th Century-Fox Dynamo (August 5, 1939)

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NEW DYNAMO Clyde Eckhardt’s Chicagoans have copped a first in another 52-week K-6 delivery effort. Press-time statistics compiled for New Dynamo showed Chicago had won first place in the $2,000 Movietone-Terrytoon short subjects delivery race! No dollar delivery race associated with K-6 activity was closer than that which was waged by some dozen branches for participation in the five lickliardt s Chicagoans, K-6 Total Delivery And Short Subjects Revenue Champions cash prizes available for outstanding revenue on the Movietone-Terrytoon short subject output. In fact, Chicago nosed out Phil Longdon’s Charlotte for first place by the narrow margin of four-tenths of a point. Chicago thus earns $750. To Charlotte manager, salesmen and bookers will go $500. Third prize, or $350, goes to Charles Clark’s Oklahomans who finished seven-tenths of NEWS DELIVERY ——— — 51 Weeks _o —<>—■—■—<—-—1 Following is the standing of every branch, district and division on accumu- lated 51 weeks’ Movietone News delivery against quota for that period, as of July 22nd: BRANCHES July 22nd Branch (Manager) 1 Cincinnati (Grady) Dallas (Beiersdorf) . . Washington (Wheeler) Oklahoma City (Clark) Indianapolis (Landis) Philadelphia (Gross) . Charlotte (Longdon) Pittsburgh (Cohn) Minneapolis (Podoloff) Salt Lake City (Walker) Atlanta (Wilson) .... Los Angeles (Dillon) . Des Moines (Mayer) . Kansas City (Fuller) St. Louis (Reingold) Winnipeg (Huber) . . . Cleveland (Schmertz) Vancouver (Patterson) San Francisco (Ballentine) 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 July 15 th 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 20 19 July July 22nd Branch (Manager) 15th 20 Milwaukee (Lorentz) 18 21 New York (Buxbaum) 21 22 Omaha (Scott) 22 23 Montreal (English) 23 24 Detroit (Sturm) 24 25 Chicago (Eckhardt) 25 26 Portland (Powers) 26 27 Boston (Callahan) 27 28 Denver (Morrison) 28 29 Memphis (Young) 29 30 Seattle (Edmond) 30 31 New Haven (Simon) 31 32 Albany (Grassgreen) 32 33 New Orleans (Landaiche) .... 33 34 Buffalo (Samson) 34 35 St. John (March) 35 36 Toronto (Bailey) 36 37 Calgary (Skorey) 37 July 22nd District (Manager) 1 Atlantic (Moss) 2 South (Ballance) .... 3 Prairie (Levy) 3 4 Mid-East (Roberts) 4 5 Midwest (Scott) 5 DISTRICTS July 15th . . . 1 July 22nd District (Manager) 6 Great Lakes (—) . . 7 Coast (—) 8 Northeast (Bailey) 9 Canada (O’Loghlin) July 15th a mark to the rear of Charlotte. Grassgreen’s Albanians fin- ished fourth and is entitled to $250. Fifth prize, worth $150, goes to Huber’s Winnipeg. Both Chicago and Winnipeg also shared in the prize money for 52-week’s total delivery. Of the five winners in the 1938-39 season’s short subjects delivery contest only Clark’s Oklahomans finished in the money in the same department during the 1938 Kent Drive. On that occasion the Oilers finished first, topping Seattle, Minne- apolis and Des Moines. Chicago, Charlotte and Okla- homa City each wound up the K-6 season with an accumulated 52-week’s short subjects deliv- ery in excess of quota for that period. Chicago, in the final week, de- livered five times its quota! At the end of the 51st week the Chi- cagoans ranked fifth, Oklahoma City first, Charlotte second, Win- nipeg third and Albany fourth. Sell Right! SHORTS DELIVERY 5 i Weeks— * Following is the standing of every branch, district and division on accumu- lated 51 weeks’ short subjects delivery based on 51 weeks’ quota, as of July 22: BRANCHES