20th Century-Fox Dynamo (August 5, 1939)

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STUDIO SPECIAL 15A PICTORIAL NEWS FROM MOVIETONE CITY ELSA MAXWELL, who this week made an auspicious screen debut in the Cosmopolitan pro- duction, “Hotel for Women,” which presented a new star, Linda Darnell. A GREAT, HEART-TUGGING SCENE is this one. It is from “Here I Am a Stranger.” Above appear Richard Dix and Gladys George. This is early in this extraordinary story of two people, very much in love, who, fearing the future, decide to separate with startling developments resulting when their boy grows into manhood. Roy Del Ruth has been directing this Zanuck special in which also appear Richard Greene, as the boy; Brenda Joyce, who makes her debut in “The Rains Came”; Roland Young, Russell Gleason and many others. This is a greater story than “Sorrel and Son.” It was to have been completed this week-end. REWARDED — For his fine work in “Frontier Marshal,” Randolph Scott was this week signed for the leading male role in “20,000 Men a Year,” which starts on Aug. 14. ALICE FAYE, having com- pleted her co-starring vehicle, “Hollywood Cavalcade,” with Don Ameche, is preparing for rehearsals for her next assign- ment, “Little Old New York.” With her in the latter produc- tion will be co-starred Fred Mac- Murray, borrowed from Para- w CLAUDETTE COLBERT, who is co-starred with Henry Fonda in the Technicolor super special, “Drums Along the Mohawk.” TWO “HEAVIES” appear with Sidney Toler in the above scene from the second of the “Chan” 1939-40 series, “Charlie Chan in a City in Darkness.” They are, Harold Huber (left), and Carol Naish (right). Her- bert Leeds finished “shooting” on this one this week. “CHARLIE CHAN IN A CITY IN DARKNESS”—Home Office attaches who this week viewed the first of the 1939-40 series, “Charlie Chan on Treasure Island,” can not conceive how that mys- tery can be topped. They believe it is the best of the series to date. But the studio insists it will top it with the second release, “A City in Darkness.” Above are four of the principals. Left to right, they are: Harold Huber, Sidney Toler, Lynn Bari and Richard Clark. Toler’s characterization of the Oriental detective is rapidly making him one of the screen’s outstanding personalities. mount, and Richard Greene. Andy Devine, too, has been added to the cast of “Little Old New York” that Henry King will direct. Irving Cummings, di- rected Miss Faye in the season’s first Technicolor super-special, “Hollywood Cavalcade.” “STANLEY AND LIVINGSTONE”—From the Coast and other parts of the country this week to the Home Office came unusual praise for this stupendous spectacle. It came by letter, by wire and by telephone, from exhibitors, from newspaper critics, from other producing heads and from the field. Ed Sullivan, a syndicate writer, led the critics in nominating Spencer Tracy for the year’s best acting honors for his characterization of Henry M. Stanley. Above Spencer Tracy is pictured with another Academy award winner, Walter Brennan (at the right), who plays his “buddy,” and Richard Greene who, with Nancy Kelly, shares the romantic interest. “DRUMS ALONG THE MOHAWK”—An early scene in another Zanuck Technicolor super special. Among those pictured is Claud- ette Colbert, who is co-starred with Henry Fonda. Edna May Oliver has a major role in this $2,500,000 production. After three weeks of outdoor “shooting” at the Cedar City, Utah, location, Director John Ford Sunday returned to the studio with his com- pany. Some six more weeks of camera work will be required before the picture is ready for the cutting department. Within a few weeks another company will be sent to Cedar City. This one will make “Brigham Young,” the screenplay for which Louis Brom- field has completed, according to latest information from the studio.