The Edison phonograph monthly (Jan-Dec 1912)

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English Version Edison Phonograph Monthly, May, 19 11 Edison Records by Billy Williams Below we give a complete list of Amberol and Standard Records made by Billy Williams. Dealers should keep this list before them and keep it up to date bv adding the New Selections on Amberol and Standard Records which will appear in the June and succeeding supplements. Like so many other front rank artistes, Bill}' Williams achieved fame via the Edison Phonograph, and only on the Edison Phonograph can he be heard to perfection. The present boom in Bill} Williams' Records is still another instance of the prescience of the Edison Company who were the first to realise his remarkable possibilities. AMBEROL RECORDS— Price Is. 6d. each. 12056 I Must Go Home To-Niglit (Hargreaves). 12066 Little Willie's Woodbines {Weston and Barnes). 12107 Come Into the Garden, John (Qodfrey). 12127 A Tale of Paris (Qodfrey and D' '^Albert). 12139 We Don't Want More Daylight (Murphy and Lipton). 12149 We're All Waiting for a Girl {Murray and Godfrey). 12153 My Girl from London Town {Williams and Qodfrey). 12169 The Colliers (Castling and Godfrey). 12180 My Old Arm Chair {Scott and Williams). STANDARD RECORDS-Price Is. each. 13539 John, Go and Put Your Trousers On (Williams). 13548 I Wouldn't Leave My Little Wooden Hut for You (Parody). 13561 Where, Oh Where (Murphy aud Lip:on). 13579 Bamboo Bungalow (Parody) {Williams). 13587 I've Got a Lover Up in Scotland (Hyde and Williams). 13600 Boys and Girls Come Out to Play (Willard and Williams). 13606 The Taximeter Car (Hyde and Heath). 13619 Poor Old England (Castling and Godfrey). 13631 Jean from Aberdeen (Murphy and Lipton). 13641 The Hobnail Boots that My Father Wore ("Barnes and Weston). 13653 Has Anyone Seen My Poodle Dog ? (Clifford). 13656 As Good as Money in the Bank (Knox). 13672 When There Isn't a Girl About (Parody) (Murphy and Lipton). 13693 There's a Girl Wanted There (Parody). 13696 Tickle Me, Timothy ("Barnes and Weston). 13717 I Wish I Were You (Parody). 13729 Walking Home with Angeline (Parody) (Mmpby, Lipton and Mellor). 13739 It Jolly Well Serves You Right {"Barnes and Weston). 13755 Put a Bit of Powder On It, Father (Castling and Godfrey). 13763 The Girls of Gottenberg (Castling and ' Qodfrey). 13780 There's a Picture for a Postcard (Hargreaves). 13796 All Coons Look Alike to Me {Hogan and Williams). 13805 "If I Could Only Find a Key" (%/f). 13867 Save a Little One for Me (Godfrey). 13877 I'll Meet You Some Dark Night. 13917 I Must Go Home To-Night (Hargreaves). 13930 Since Father Joined the Territorials (Hyde and Heath). 13938 It's a Wonder What Little Things Lead To (Scott and "Bur ley). 13949 Settle Up— Settle' Down (Scott). 13958 The Old Grey Coat {Hyson). 13969 The Land Where the Women Wear the Trousers (Godfrey). LATEST ISSUE— NOW READY. 12310 When Father Papered the Parlour ('Barnes and Weston) (Amberol;. 14060 I've Found Kelly (Hargreaves) (Standard). We wish to add to our musical critic's review of the Symphony Orchestra's recent concert that the libretto, the tonal quality, the finesse, the allegretto, the pulsating rendition, the poignant melody, the tschaikowsky, and the embonpoint all struck our artistic temperament as being the real thing. We were particularly pleased with the finale. — Ohio State Journal.