Exhibitor's Trade Review (Jun-Aug 1923)

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June 9, 1923 EXHIBITORS TRADE REVIEW 67 SCHEDULE OF FEATURES LISTED Each Production Produced By A Well Knoivn Director New York — Goldwyn-Cosmopolitan will deliver 44 productions next season. Each production will be a big picture produced by a director whose name has been associated with an important achievement. Of the 44 pictures that they will release 12 are Cosmopolitan Productions, 8 are Distinctive Pictures, 22 are Goldwyn pictures and Jesse D. Hampton and Achievement Films will provide one each. It is estimated that the 44 Goldwyn-Cosmopolitan productions for the coming year will be as follows: From Goldwyn Pictures Corporation. — "The Eternal Three," written and directed by Marshall Neilan. ' ' Greed, ' ' adapted from Frank Norris ' novel, ' ' McTeague, ' ' and directed by Erich von Stroheim. "Three Wise Fools," directed by King Vidor, who also adapted the picture from Austin Strong's play. "The Master of Man," adapted from Sir Hall Caine 's novel by Paul Bern and directed by Victor Seastrom. "In the Palace of the King," adapted from F. Marion Crawford's novel by June Mathis and directed by Emmett J. Flynn. ' ' The Eendezvous, ' ' by Madeleine Buthven, directed by Marshall Neilan and Frank TJrson. "Six Days," adapted by Ouida Bergere from Elinor Glyn's story, and directed by Charles J. Brabin. "Three Weeks," from Elinor Glyn's world-famous romance of a royal intrigue. "The Day of Faith," adapted by June Mathis from Arthur Somers Boehe's novel, and directed by Tod Browning. "The Merry Widow," from the most famous light opera of the century. Erich von Stroheim will direct the picture version. "Tess of the D'Urbervilles," from Thomas Hardy's novel, co-directed by Marshall Neilan and Frank TJrson. "Wild Oranges," from Joseph Hergesheimer's novel, directed by King Vidor. "Eed Lights," from Edward E. Rose's mystery play, directed by Clarence G. Badger. A new picture written and directed by Eupert Hughes. "Ben-Hur," from Gen. Lew Wallace's novel and play. Other productions will be announced later. From Cosmopolitan Productions. — "Enemies of Women," adapted from Vicente Blasco Ibanez's novel, and directed bv Alan Grosland. "Little Old New York," starring Marion Davies, adapted by Luther Seed from Eida Johnson Young's drama, directed by Sidnfcy Olcott. "The Daughter of Mother McGinn," from one of Jack Bovle's "Boston Blackie" stories, adapted by Frances Marion and George Hill. "Unseeing Eyes," from #an Arthur Stringer novel. The scenario was made by Bavard Veiller. E. H. Griffith is directing. "Under the Eed Eobe," from Stanley J. Weyman 's romance, directed by Alan Crosland. "Yolanda," adapted bv Luther Eeed from the novel by Charles Major. "The Flaming Forest," from a James Oliver Curwood story. "Alias the Lone Wolf," by Louis Joseph Vance. "The Temptress" from the Vicente Blasco Ibanez story. Bayard Veiller is writing the scenario. "The Country Beyond," by James Oliver Curwood. "A Gentleman of France," from Stanley Weyman 's romance. "Alice of Old Vincennes, " by Maurice Thompson. From Distinctive Picture Corporation. — "The Green Goddess," adapted by Forrest Halsey from William Archer's stage success in which George Arliss has starred for three seasons. Sidney Olcott is directing it. "The Weavers," adapted by John Lynch from Sir Gilbert Parker's Egyptian novel. Harmon Weight will direct it. "A Salome of the Tenements," adapted by John Lynch from Anzia Yezierska's novel, directed by Sidney Olcott. "Life and the Lady," adapted by Philip Lonergan from I. A. E. Wylie 's novel. Harmon Weight will direct. "Two Can Play," by Gerald Mygatt. Directed by Harmon Weight. "The Steadfast Heart," adapted by Philip Lonergan from Clarence Budington Kelland's story, directed by Sheridan Hall. From Achievement Films. — "The Magic Skin," adapted by Charles Whitaker from Balzac's novel and directed by George D. Baker. From Jesse D. Hampton. — ' ' The Spoilers, ' ' adapted from Eex Beach's novel directed for Jesse D. Hampton bv Lambert Hillver. BIG SENSATION PLANNED BY DOUG Production of the Thief of Bagdad is Well Under Way Los Angeles. — Douglas Fairbanks again has set for himself the task of producing the photoplay sensation of the year, and according to reports from the studio, is well on the way to succeeding with "The Thief of Bagdad," plans for the production of which are well under way. "Where 'Eobin Hood' left off, 'The Thief of Bagdad' will begin." That is the slogan being pasted in the hats of those who are to be associated closely with this feature. On the Piekford-Fairbanks studio property large sets are under way. The usual processses for the erection of picture structures of this kind has been reversed in preparing for the construction work in connection with this new film. As a rule drawings are made from which models are built, after which the sets are put up. In this instance, however, models were first made, then the drawings and finally the sets, thus making possible greater freedom and latitude in all construction work. William Cameron Mexses and Irvin J. Martin specially engaged by Mr. Fairbanks to create something wholly new and different in the way of setting, have produced what it is believed will bring forth an innovation in motion picture edifices. START PRODUCTION ON VALLEY OF CONTENT UNKNOWN PURPLE New York.— "The Unknown Purple" which is now being made on the coast by the A. Carlos Productions for the Truart has a subject which will be rich with advertising and exploitation possibilities for the exhibitor. The story deals with the activities of a man who discovered a secret chemical formula which when applied to his body makes it invisible. The Truart Exploitation staff is now engaged in compiling a long list exploitation hook ups and stunts to fit the needs of all exhibitors. The cast was completed last week and the work started under the direction of Eoland West. Gloria Swanson Starts Zaza New York. — Gloria Swanson started work in the title role of "Zaza" at Paramount 's Long Island studio. This is the first picture Miss Swanson has made in the East. It is being produced by Allan Dwan. BRIGHT SAYING 8645 Ford Sterling is a funny man off the screen as well as on it, but he met his match recently when, during filming of "The Spoilers," he passed some jesting remarks with a freckled faced boy, Johnny Nickowitz. of Calabasas, California. Whatever Ford said to the boy, he didn't like it, for when Director Lambert Hillyer called the actor, Johnny cried out. "Say, who is that wise cracker from the biscuit factory? What is his name? BARKER PRODUCTION Los Angeles. — Blanche Upright's "The Valley of Content," the. screen rights for which were purchased by Mr. Mayer some time ago, will be a Eeginald Barker production for Louis B. Mayer for Metro release but it will be distributed under a different name not yet decided upon. No starting date for production on this has been announced as Mr. Barker has left for the Canadian Northwest to film further exterior scenes for his forthcoming picture, ' ' The Master of Woman ' ' which is fast ncaring completion. Among Picture Makers E. K. Lincoln, motion picture star is in New York, having left Los Angeles early last Sunday morning. Mr. Lincoln has just completed "The Right of the Strongest," produced by the Zenith Pictures Corporation. Bert Lytell, who has just completed the leading male role in "The Meanest Man in the World" will join George Fitzmaurice in Europe to take the leading role in "The Eternal City." Edward A. Bertram technical secretary of the Chicago Rothacker laboratory has received word of his election to membership in the Society of Motion Picture Engineers. George Gibson, superintendent of the Chicago Rothbacker laboratory, has been transferred to the Rothbacker-Aller plant Los Angeles, for several months. STYLE 41 PHOTO PLAYER for sale. Excellent condition. Apply Room 1203, 1540 Broadway, N. Y. C, for special price and liberal terms.