The Exhibitor (Jun-Oct 1939)

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7 WEEK END NEWS HIGHLIGHTS IN THE INDUSTRY NY Special Session Looms Albany, New York — Possibility of a special session for the New York State legislature loomed after the adjournment last weekend. The Desmond-Moffit housing bill, authorizing a cent tax on theatre admis¬ sions of 5 0 cents and a graduated tax on higher admissions, was passed during the closing hours of the legislature and sent to the governor for signature. The Martin sales tax bill was de¬ feated, with several film men on the job opposing its passage. Monogram Non-Theatricals Ready New York City — Monogram an¬ nounces the establishment of a non-the¬ atrical division, operating under the supervision of Joseph A. Kehoe. Each of Monogram’s branches in the United States has similarly set up a non-the¬ atrical department to handle the release of films for engagements not in com¬ petition with regular motion picture ex¬ hibition. Eastern Regional Postponed New York City — Meeting of eastern regional Allied heads, to have been held here this week along with the New York Allied meeting, was postponed until after the Minneapolis national conven¬ tion because of the inability of leaders of several units to attend both sessions. Allen with Edington New York City — Alfred Reginald Allen, formerly manager of the Phila¬ delphia Orchestra, is resigning his post to join Harry Edington, of Famous Produc¬ tions, the company recently organized by Edington which will release in 193940 through Universal. Arbitration Provisions Soon New York City — Week-end word here was that the arbitration provisions of the industry pact should be ready for exhibitors’ attention this week. May 24, 19)9 Frank Succeeds Secor New York City — James Frank, Jr., succeeds C. H. Secor, resigned, as New York branch manager for National The¬ atre Supply Company. Kuykendall Refuses Invite New York City — Ed Kuykendall, MPTOA president, announced last week that he had sent a letter to W. A1 Steffes, chairman of the Allied 10 th annual convention in Minneapolis, de¬ clining an invitation to be present at that session. Kuykendall said that his or¬ ganization and Allied did not see eye-toeye and that Allied’s board would prob¬ ably speak as in the past and that no benefit would be gained from his pres¬ ence at the meeting. Anti-Trust Developments New York City — Week-end anti¬ trust developments found the govern¬ ment ordered to name its witnesses in its suit against the majors not later than 30 days before the trial. In Washington, the House Appropriations Committee pro¬ vided a $5 19,940 increase for the anti¬ trust division’s work. Among the cases for which this money is needed are 10 film suits, it is said. Para to Make Own Trailers New York City — Paramount has an¬ nounced that beginning in January, 1940, it will make and distribute its own trailers. Two types will be available for the first run deluxer, and for subse¬ quent and smaller houses. Local reports declare that one more major will soon adopt its own trailer¬ making policy. False Arrest Suit Filed Salisbury, Maryland — Follow-up to the recent attempt of the Hoppes to recover the Wicomico took a serious turn when George L. and Forrest L. Hoppes filed $5 0,000 suits against Marsh Gollner charging false arrests. THE EXHIBITOR Main Stem Grosses Still Off New York City — Grosses continued off all along the Main Stem this weekend, with "Only Angels Have Wings” at the Radio City Music Hall, "Goodbye, Mr. Chips” at the Astor, and "Wuthering Heights” at the Rivoli the brighter spots. Complete reports, as submitted to The Exhibitor, follow: "ALGIERS” (United Artists) — At the Cen¬ tral, opened a "revival” engagement May 20, did $1,3 00 on Saturday and Sunday. "BLIND ALLEY” (Columbia) — At the Globe, opened May 20, did $3,800 on Saturday and Sunday. "CONFESSIONS OF A NAZI SPY” (War¬ ners) — At the Strand, opened April 28, with Fred Waring and His Pennsylvanians, and asso¬ ciated artists, on the stage, did $28,000 on the third week. GOODBYE, MR. CHIPS” (Metro-GoldwynMayer) — At the Astor, opened May 16 (follow¬ ing nearly six months of "Pygmalion”), doing somewhat better business than its predecessor. "IT’S A WONDERFUL WORLD” (MetroGoldwyn-Mayer) — At the Capitol, opened May 18, estimated to take $15,000 on the first week. JUAREZ” (Warners) — At the Hollywood, opened a road-show engagement April 2 5, did $4,000 on the third week, with $1,200 no the first five days of the fourth. "THE KID FROM KOKOMO” (Warners) — At the Strand, opened May 19, with Ruby Newman, Bert Frohman, the Adrian Rollini Trio, the Three Wiere Brothers on the stage, did $14,000 on Friday, Saturday, Sunday. "ONLY ANGELS FIAVE WINGS” (Colum¬ bia) — At the Radio City Music Flail, opened May 11, with "Curiosity Shop,” with Viola Philo Ray and Geraldine, Brengk’s Golden Horse, Marion Raber, the Rockettes, corps de ballet, Glee Club, on the stage, did $53,000 on Thurs¬ day, Friday, Saturday, Sunday of the second week. "ROSE OF WASHINGTON SQUARE” (20th Century-Fox) — At the Roxy, opened May 5, with stage show headed by Buster Shaver, Olive and George Cardini, did $21,000 on Friday, Sat¬ urday, Sunday of the third week. "UNION PACIFIC” (Paramount) — At the Paramount, opened May 10, with Richard Hum¬ ber and Orchestra, Stuart Allen, Calgary Broth¬ ers, the Merry Macs on the stage, is headed for an estimated $3 7,000 on the second week. "WUTHERING HEIGHTS” (United Art¬ ists) — At the Rivoli, opened April 13, did $1 8,000 on the fifth week and is headed for an estimated $17,000 on the sixth. Balto. Golf Tourney Progressing Baltimore, Maryland — Plans went forward this week for the second annual golf tournament of Variety Club, Tent No. 19, to be held June 16 at the Roll¬ ing Road Country Club, with the affair certain to be the biggest ever. Mayer Honored Twice Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada — Louis B. Mayer, who started here as a poor boy, was honored twice here last week. Saint John conferred the freedom of the city on him a few days after he had received the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws from the University of New Brunswick. quad.