The Exhibitor (1952)

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EXHIBITOR 21 Miscellaneous In the Newsreels In All Five: Los Angeles: Olympic track team. In Addition to the Above: Movietone News (Vol. 35, No. 54) Ger¬ many: Youth trained by Reds. Koje Island: POW’s rescreened. Denver: Colo¬ rado governor greets film stars at “Ike” rally. Long Beach, Cal.: Finland beauty crowned “Miss Universe”. England, Ger¬ many: Acheson visits London-Berlin. Chicago: Jockey Arcaro wins 3,000th race. News of the Day (Vol. XXIII, No. 288) Golden, Colo.: Harriman, Kefauver, and Russell at Democratic convention. Illinois: Governor Stevenson may be available for Democratic nomination. Koje Island: POW’s rescreened. Japan; Communists riot. Long Beach, Cal.: Finland beauty crowned “Miss Universe”. New York: New tax chiefs sworn in. New York: Water skiing school. Paramount News (No. 91) California: New jet interceptor, “Starfire”, unveiled. Paducah, Ky.: Vice-president’s step¬ daughter weds. Japan: Communists riot in Tokyo. Germany: Acheson in Berlin. Universal-International Newsreel (Vol. 25, No. 574) California: New jet intercep¬ tor, “Starfire”, unveiled. New York: New tax chiefs sworn in. Long Beach, Cal.: Finland beauty crowned “Miss Universe”. New York: Weight lifters. New York: Minneapolis Choral-aires off to Interna¬ tional Musical Festival in Wales (Minne¬ apolis and Chicago only) . Warner Pathe News (Vol. 23, No. 93) Brooklyn, N. Y.: Fire. Chicago: Battle for Texas delegates. France: Vets in pilgrim¬ age to Lourdes. Germany: Acheson in Berlin. Belgium: First jet car. England: Soap box derby. Claremore, Okla.: Home town hails Will Rogers’ Highway. Telenews Digest (Vol. VI, No. 27-A) Los Angeles: Olympic track team. Wash¬ ington: U. S. resources group reports. Korea: Attempted Rhee assassination. Houston, Tex.: Polio epidemic. Long Beach, Cal.: Finland beauty crowned “Miss Universe”. Brooklyn, N. Y.: Scotch¬ man r(h)oots for Dodgers. Movietone News (Vol. 35, No. 53) New York: Movietone talks to public on politics. France: Louis Braille honored. Italy: Walking towers fete in Nola. Augusta, Ga.: Trailer city for H-bomb workers. Long Beach, Cal.: Finalists in “Miss Universe” contest. Japan: Swim¬ mers at Tokyo. New York and Houston, Tex.: Diving stars. News of the Day (Vol. XXIII, No. 287) Chicago: Amphitheatre readied. Denver: Eisenhower maps out last minute strategy. Washington: Candidate Taft meets the press. Long Beach, Cal.: Finalists in “Miss Universe” contest. India: Religious festival. England: Queen Elizabeth at horse show. Cypress Gardens, Fla.: “Mer¬ maids” aboard sea-going “flying saucers”. Spain: Bull fight in Madrid. Paramount News (No. 90) Canada: Forest conservation project in New Brunswick. France: Louis Braille hon¬ ored. Germany: General Ridgway reviews troops. England: Acheson gets Oxford degree. Washington: “Young American” awards presented. Houston, Tex.: Diving stars. The first demonstration in New York of 20thFox's new Eidophor large-screen color television system last week found Earl Sponable, left, re¬ search director of the company, and President Spyros P. Skouras checking the equipment used in the home office screenings for press represen¬ tatives, exhibitors, scientists, film, radio, and TV executives in over 20 special presentations. Universal-International Newsreel (Vol. 25, No. 573) Germany: Reds form buffer zone. France: Louis Braille honored. Cali¬ fornia: Colonel Gabreski home. Michigan: “Otter” makes debut. Arkansas: Silver strike jubilee (Kansas City only). Aus¬ tria: Bicycle polo. Cypress Gardens, Fla.: “Mermaids” aboard sea-going “flying saucers.” Long Beach, Cal.: Finalists in “Miss Universe” contest. Warner Pathe News (Vol. 23, No. 92) USA: Democrats battle for delegates. Korea: Ammo dump explodes. England: Acheson gets Oxford degree. Germany: General Ridgway reviews troops. France: Louis Braille honored. Missouri-Kansas: Route 66 becomes “Will Rogers Highway.” France: Evening fashions by Dior. Cy¬ press Gardens, Fla.: “Mermaids” aboard sea-going “flying saucers.” Telenews Digest (Vol. VI, No. 26-B) USA: Atomic energy head, Gordon Dean, reports. England: London debate on Yalu bombings. Korea: Scottish Black Watch Regiment to the front. Austin, Nevada: Crickets invade town. Arkansas River: Man against surging rapids. Japan: Swimmers at Tokyo. NATIONAL LEGION OF DECENCY July 3, 1952 Unobjectionable for General Patron¬ age: “African Treasure” (Mono.) ; “Gold Fever” (Mono.); “Island Rescue” (U-I); “Sally And Saint Anne” (U-I); “Wagons West” (Mono.); “Where’s Charley?” (WB) ; Unobjectionable for Adults: “The Big Sky” (RKO); “The Happy Time” (Col.); “Park Row” (UA); Objection¬ able in Part: “Affair In Trinidad” (Col.) ; “Don’t Bother To Knock” (20th-Fox); “Nightmare In Red China” (Lloyd Fredgem) ; “The Sky Is Red” (Italian-made) (Realart) ; Condemned: “Behind Closed Shutters” (Italian-made) (Lux). 20th-Fox Divorcement Delayed New York — A ruling from the Treasury Department which would permit the dis¬ tribution of stock of National Theatres, Inc., to 20th-Fox stockholders on a taxfree basis last fortnight held up the di¬ vorcement of 20th-Fox, according to a letter sent by President Spyros P. Skouras to stockholders. THE SCORE BOARD ( Complete reviews oj pictures mentioned will appear in The Pink Section. — Ed.) COLUMBIA “Barbed Wire” — Usual Autry. Para. Reveals Plan For L. A. Releasing Los Angeles — Paramount last week an¬ nounced the details of its experimental plan for subsequent run exhibition in the area following the expanded first-run ex¬ hibition in seven districts. A total of 21 runs will be offered in competitive negotiations on three pic¬ tures. The first subsequent runs will be served on an availability of 28 days after the first-run opening date Para¬ mount has designated. Each of the first runs on three pictures will play a mini¬ mum of two weeks. On other pictures, which may be offered on this plan, the availability will be determined by the minimum length of the first run. In negotiating these runs, the area has been divided into eight districts. These districts, and the number of runs to be offered in each, are: Areas 1 and 2 combined, constituting urban Los Angeles and Hollywood, and also including Belvedere Gardens, Monte¬ bello, Eagle Rock, Highland Park, and Whittier, eight runs; area 3, including Beverly Hills, Westwood, Santa Monica, Ocean Park, Venice, Culver City, and Pacific Palisades, three runs; area 4, in¬ cluding Inglewood, Westchester Village, the area South of Torrance, El Segundo, Hawthorne, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Redondo, three runs; area 5, including Huntington Park, Maywood, Bell, Southgate, Lynwood, Compton, and the Florence Avenue area, one run; area 6, including Pasadena, South Pasadena, Alhambra, and all of the theatres in the San Gabriel Valley, two runs; area 7, including Glendale, one run, and area 8, including Burbank and all the theatres in the San Fernando Valley area west to, and including, Canoga Park, three runs. Availability dates for the commence¬ ment of the 28-day runs will be as fol¬ lows: “The Greatest Show On Earth”, Aug. 6, and “Jumping Jacks”, Aug. 20. These runs will have 14 days to play and clear prior to commencement of the next runs in each area, which will be licensed on an availability of 42 days after the first-run opening date availability designated by Paramount. All subsequent run availabilities, being keyed off first-run opening instead of closing as in the past, will be automati¬ cally determined by first-run bows. TV Payments Due Soon Hollywood — Monogram announced last week that first payments to actors as added fees for television sale of theatrical sales made by the company after Aug. 1, 1948, will be made in several weeks. The remittances will cover initial block of 70 pictures which Monogram is making avail¬ able to television, and are in accordance with terms of the special agreement reached by the company and SAG. July 9, 1952