The Exhibitor (1952)

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22 EXHIBITOR The Tip-Off On Business (The Tip-Off on business is a record of how pictures are grossing in various parts of the country. The rating given the pictures (see key) is a cross section of reports received from the field, and presents a summary of various types of runs. Inasmuch as the rating given cannot constitute the business of each individual engagement, an attempt is made to present a general average. By studying the ratings, which are constantly kept up-to-date in accordance with newer information, exhibitors will be able to guide themselves in buying and booking. — Ed.) KEY TO "THE LITTLE MEN" RATINGS: (JULY 9, 1952) Swell, topnotsh, record-breaking orl doe# to it in all type# of hoot#* 1 Good, although not breaking the] wall* down, but solid return*. 2 An, SaAa 1 Just fair, nothing out of the #r*[ K dinary, r#tum* about avorago 1 lAJ i Disappointing, way b#low fhal overage expected, decidedly off 1 Si The Week's Newcomers KANGAROO (84m.) (20th-Fox) BAA HAS ANYBODY SEEN MY GAL (89m.) (U-l) Baa LOVELY TO LOOK AT (102m.) (MGM) Baaa MONTANA TERRITORY (64m.) (Columbia) Baa LYDIA BAILEY (89m.) (20th-Fox) Baaa THE STORY OF ROBIN HOOD (83m.) (RKO) BAAA MY SON JOHN (122m.) (Paramount) Baa THE WINNING TEAM (98m.) (WB) Baa OKINAWA (68m.) (Columbia) Baa WASHINGTON STORY (81m.) (MGM) §AA OUTCASTS OF POKER FLAT (81m.) (20th-Fox) Baa WHERE'S CHARLEY? (97m.) (WB) Baaa OUTCAST OF THE ISLANDS (92m.) (UA) Baa Continuing PAT AND MIKE (94m.) (MGM) Baaa ABOUT FACE (94m.) (WB) Baa PAULA (81m.) I (Columb'a) l Baa BELLES ON THEIR TOES (89m.) (20th-Fox) Baa RED MOUNTAIN (34m.) 1 (Paramount) Baa BRONCO BUSTER (30m.) (U-l) Baa SCARAMOUCHE (113m.) f (MGM) BaaT CALIFORNIA CONQUEST (79m.)[T3 e * (Columbia) SCARLET ANGEL (81m.) f (U-l) L Baa CARSON CITY (87m.) (WB) Baa SKIRTS AHOY (109m.) f (MGM) L Baaa CLASH BY NIGHT (104m.) (RKO) Baaa THE ATOMIC CITY (85m.) f (Paramount) L Baa DENVER & RIO GRANDE (88m.) (Paramount) Baa THE CAPTIVE CITY (91m.) f (UA) Baa DIPLOMATIC COURIER (97m.) (20th-Fox) Baa THE HALF-BREED (81m.) [ (RKO) L Baa THE WILD HEART (81m.) (RKO) Baa THE RED BALL EXPRESS (83m.) f (U-l) ^ Baaa GLORY ALLEY (79m.) (MGM) Baa 3 FOR BEDROOM C (74m.) f (WB) L Baa 1 DREAM OF JEANIE (93m.) (Republic) Baa VALLEY OF THE EAGLES (82m.) f (Lippert) k Baa JUST ACROSS THE STREET (79m.) (U-l) Baa WAIT 'TIL THE SUN SHINES, NELLIE (110m.) (20th-Fox) L Baa International Scene (Continued from page 18) the company is registered in Japan. When a foreign picture is handled by a Japanese company, the domestic firm must turn over 20 per cent of the purchase price, where rights were sold on a flat rate basis. living A. Mass, former vice-president and general manager, MPEA, and now an executive on the MPAA staff in New York, has been appointed permanent representative of the association here. He will headquarter in Tokyo. Colonel Rich¬ ard T. McDonnell, MPAA Washington office, is here on a special mission con¬ cerned with the de-freezing of American film earnings. A list ria When the MPEA ceases operation here as of Sept. 1, Warners and Paramount will be jointly handled by Warners and Paramount Films Austria, an arrangement similar to that previously reached by MGM, 20th-Fox, and Movietone News. U-I pioduct has been taken on by Inter¬ national Films of Vienna. RKO has entered into a deal with Sascha Film, which will also handle Walt Disney, Samuel Goldwyn, and Sol Lesser product. Approxi¬ mately 197 United States features will be released here during 1952-53, most of them dubbed in Germany, and brought in from that country. italy Charles Einfeld, vice-president, 20th Century-Fox, concluded a highly suc¬ cessful series of merchandising meetings in Naples, Genoa, and Rome on plans for the merchandising of forthcoming com¬ pany pictures, as well as preliminary talks setting up the global premiere of Darryl F. Zanuck’s “The Snows Of Kilimanjaro” in November. Einfeld conducted the dis¬ cussions aided by Fritz Micucci, manager for Italy, during which distribution per¬ sonnel of the company’s Italian organ¬ ization and leading exhibitors took part. A list m lia With the Australian premiere of “Singin’ In The Rain” in five MGM the¬ atres in Sydney, the Metro-Bondi, form¬ erly known as the Regal, was promoted to a first-run policy. Wallman Appointed By RKO New York— Carl-Gerhard Wallman has been appointed RKO general sales man¬ ager for Europe and the Near East, and has assumed his duties, according to word received last week by Phil Reisman, vicepresident in charge of foreign distribution, from Joseph Bellfort, general manager of the division. Wallman, who succeeds Elias Lapinere, has been general manager for Scandinavia. Headquarters of the Europe Near East Division are in Paris. Altschuler Upped By Republic New York— Richard W. Altschuler, president, Republic Pictures International Corporation, last week announced the ap¬ pointment of Reginald Armour as man¬ ager of continental Europe and the Near East. July 9, 1952