The Exhibitor (1952)

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Servlsection 2 THB CHICK-tfP OUTLAW WOMEN— CD— Maria Windsor, Richard Rober, Allan Nixon, Carla Balenda— Action antry ha* tha angle*— 76m.— see Apr. 23 Issue — Leg.: B— (Cinecolor) -(5105). STOLEN FACE— MD— Paul Henreid, Llzabeth Scott, Andrew Moreli— Name strength should help mild import— 73m. see June 4 issue — (English-made) Leg.: B — (5109). STRONGHOLD-D— Veronica Lake, Zachary Scott, Artura De Cordova— Drama of the Mexican revolution will fit into the duallers— 73m.— see Mar. 12 issue— (Mad# in Mexico)— (5107). TALES OF ROBIN HOOD AD Robert Clarke, Mary Hatcher, Paul Covanagh— For the lower half — 60m.— see Jan. 16 issue — (5008). UNKNOWN WORLD— FANMD— Victor Killan, Bruce Kel¬ logg, Marilyn Nash— Fantastic melodrama will fit Info the duallers— 73m.— see Nov. 7 issue— (5101). VALLY OF THE EAGLES— MD-Jack Warner, Nadia Gray, John McCollum— Highly Interesting impart-82m.see Mar. 26 lesue— (English-made)— (Filmed in Sweden, Norway, and Lapland)— (51 14). WINGS OF DANGER-MD-Zachary Scott, Robert Beatty, Kay Kendall— Average import for the lower half— 72m.— see Apr. 9 issue— (English-made)— (5106). TO BE REVIEWED OR IN PRODUCTION GAMBLER AND THE LADY— Dane Clark— (English-made). HELLGATE— Sterling Hayden, Joan Leslie, Ward Bond— (5113). I'LL GET YOU— George Raft— (English-made)— (5118). JOHNNY AND THE GIANT— Animation feature— (51 16). PIRATE SUBMARINE-Special cast-(Made in France)(51 10)— 69m. PRESENT ARMS— William Trocy, Joe Sawyer. SCOTLAND YARD INSPECTOR-Cesar Romero, Lois Max¬ well— (English-mode)— (51 17). SECRET PEOPLE — Valentina Cortesa, Sidney Hepburn, Serge Reggiani— (English-made)— (51 19). TIGER MAN—Special east— (Made In Europe). Metro (1950-51 releases from 101 1951-52 releases from 201) BELLE OF NEW YORK, THE— CMU— Fred Astaire, VeraEllen, Marjorie Main— Nam# draw will make the difference— 80m.— see Feb. 27 issue— (Technicolor)— (223). CARBINE WILLIAMS— D— James Stewart, Jean Hagen, Wendell Corey— Well-made prison drama has the names to help— 93m.— see Apr. 23 Issue— (231). FEARLESS FAGAN— C-Janet Leigh, Carleton Carpenter, Keenan Wynn— For the lower half— 79m.— see July 16 issue. . GIRL IN WHITE, THE— D— June Aflyson, Arthur Kennedy, Gary Merrill— Name values should help well-made women's show— 92m.— see Mar. 26 issue— (232). GLORY ALLEY— D— Leslie Caron, Ralph Meeker, Kurt Kasxnar— For the lower half— 79m.— see June 4 issue— Leg.: B-(234). HOLIDAY FOR SINNERS— D-Gig Young, Keenan Wynn, Janice Rule— For the lower half— 72m.— see July 2 issue— (239). INVITATION— D-Dorothy McGuire, Van Johnson, Louis Calhern, Ruth Roman— Good program— 85m.— see Jan. 30 issue— (220). IVANHOE — COSMD — Robert Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Fontaine, George Sanders — High rating adven¬ ture entry— 106m.— see July 2 Issue— (Technicolor)— (English-made). JUST THIS ONCE— C— Janet Leigh, Peter Lawford, Lewis Stone— Pleasing comedy— 90m.— see Jan. 30 issue— LON E^STAR-OMD— Clark Gable, Ave Gardner, Broderick Crawford— Star draw will help this ride into the better money— 94m. — see Jan. 2 issue— (222). LOVE IS BETTER THAN EVER-C-Larry Parks, Elizabeth Taylor, Josephine Hutchinson— Pleasing comedy— 81m. -see Feb. 13 tssue-(225). LOVELY TO LOOK AT— MUC— Kathryn Grayson, Red Skel¬ ton, Howard Keel— Entertaining musical has much to offer— 102m.— see June 4 issue— (Technicolor)— (237). MERRY WIDOW, THE — MCD — Lana Turner, Fernando Lamas, Una Merkel— Musical should waltz into the better grosses— 105m.— see July 16 issue— (Techni¬ color). PAT AND MIKE— C— Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, Aldo Ray— Name value* should help pleasing comedy —94m.— see May 21 issue— (235). SCARAMOUCHE— MD— Stewart Granger, Eleanor Parker, Janet Leigh, Mel Ferrer— Good swashbuckling meller 115m.— see May 21 issue— (Technicolor)— (236). SINGIN' IN THB RAIN— CMU— Gene Kelly, Donald O'Con¬ nor, Debbie Reynolds, Jean Hagen— High rating— 103m.— see Mar. 26 issue— Leg.: B— Technicolor— (227). SKIRTS AHOY— CMU— Esther Williams, Joan Evans, Vivian Blaine, Barry Sullivan— High rating— 109ra.— see Apr. 23 issue— (Technicolor)— (233). TALK ABOUT A STRANGER— D— George Murphy, Nancy Davis, Billy Gray— For the lower half— 65m.— see Mar. 12 Issue — (228' WASHINGTON STORY— D— Van Johnson, Patricia Neal, Louis Calhern— Fair programmer— 81m.— see July 2 issue— (238). WHEN IN ROME— CD— Van Johnson, Paul Douglas, Joseph Calleia— Programmer will draw best in Catholic areas —78m.— (Made in Italy)— see Mar. 12 issue— (229). WILD NORTH, THE-MD— Stewart Granger, Wendell Corey. Cyd Charisse — Well-made outdoor show should register in the better grosses— 97m.— see Jan. 30 issue — fAnscocolor) — (226). YOUNG MAN WITH IDEAS— CD— Glenn Ford, Ruth Roman, Denise Da reel— Pleasing programmer— 84m.— see Mar. 12 Issue— (230). TO BE REVIEWED OR IN PRODUCTION ABOVE AND BEYOND— Robert Taylor, Eleanor Parker, James Whitmore. APACHE TRAIL— Gilbert Roland, Robert Horton, Barbara Rtrtck. BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, THE-Lana Turner, Kirk Doug¬ las, Walter Pidgeon. BECAUSE YOU'RE MINE— Mario Lanza, Doretta Morrow, James Whitmore — (Technicotor). DESPERATE SEARCH, THE-Howard Keel, Jane Greer, Patricia Medina. DEVIL MAKES THREE, THE-Gene Kelly. Pier Angeii, Rich¬ ard Rober— (Made in Germany)— 96m. EVERYTHING I HAVE IS YOURS-Marge and Gower Champion, Monica Lewis, Dean Miller, Dennis O'Keefe— (Technicolor). HOUR OF THIRTEEN, THE-Peter Lawford, Dawn Addams— (Made in England)— 79m. I LOVE MELVIN— Donald O'Connor, Debbie Reynolds, Dean Miller— (Technicolor). LI LI— Leslie Caron, Mel Ferrer, Jean Pierre Aumont — (Tech¬ nicolor). MY MAN AND I— Shelley Winters, Ricardo Montalban, Claire Trevor. MY MOTHER AND MR. McCHESNEY-Greer Garson, Wal¬ ter Pidgeon, Donna Corcoran— (Technicolor). NAKED SPUR, THE-James Stewart, Robert Ryan, Janet Leigh— (Technicolor). NEVER LET ME GO-Clark Gable, Gene Tierney, Richard Haydn— (English-made). MILLION DOLLAR MERMAID Esther Williams, Victor Mature, Walter Pidgeon— (Technicolor). PRISONER OF ZENDA, THE-Stewart Granger, Deborah Kerr, James Mason— (Technicolor). PLYMOUTH ADVENTURE— Spencer Tracy, Gene Tierney Van Johnson — (Technicolor). ROGUES' MARCH— Peter Lawford, Janice Rule, Richard Greene. SKY FULL OF MOON— Jan Sterling, Carleton Carpenter, Keenan Wynn. SMALL TOWN ©IRL— Jane Powell, Farley Granger, Ann Miller— (Technicolor). SOMBRERO — Pier Angeii, Ricard Montalban, Yvdnne De Carlo— (Technicolor)— (Mexican-made). STORY OF THREE LOVES-leslie Caron, Farley Granger, Ethel Barrymore— (Technicolor). TIME BOMB— Glenn Ford, Anne Vernon, Victor Maddern -(English-mode). YOU FOR ME— Peter lawford, Jane Greer, Gig Young. Monogram (1950-51 releases from 5001 1951-52 releases from 5100) AFRICAN TREASURE— AD— Johhny Sheffield, laurette Luex, Leonard Mudi# — Standard "Bomba" series entry— 70m. see May 21 issue— (5207). DESERT PURSUIT OD Wayne Morris, Virginia Grey, George Tobias— Outdoor drama has the angles— 72m. —see May 7 issue— (5209) . FORT OSAGE — W — Rod Cameron, Jane Nigh, Morris Ankrum— Okeh outdoor shew— 72m.— see Feb. 27 issue — (Cinecolor) — (5102). GOLD FEVER — OD — John Calvert, Ralph Morgan, Ann Cornell— For the lower half— 63m.— see June 4 issue -(5220). GUNMAN, THE— W— Whip Wilson, Fuzzy Knight, Phyllis Coates— Okeh series entry— 52m.— see July 2 issue— (5252). HERE COME THE MARINES-C-Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, Myrna Dell— Average "Bowery Boys" entry— 66m.— see May 21 issue— (5212). HOLD THAT LINE — C— Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, Mona Knox —"Bowery Boys" entry will fit into the duallers— 64m.— see Mar. 12 issue — (5211). JET JOB— D— Stanley Clements, Elena Verdugo, John Litel —Okeh for the duafiers— 63m.— see Apr. 23 issue— (5215). JOE PALOOKA IN THE SQUARED CIRCLE-CMD-Joe Kirk¬ wood, Jr., James Gleason, Lois Hall— Okeh series entry— 63m.— see Nov. 22 issue— (5) 17). KANSAS TERRITORY— W— Wild Bill Elliott, Peggy Stewart Lane Bradford— Okeh western— 64m.— see May / issue — (5225). LAWLESS COWBOYS W Whip Wilson, Fuzzy Knight, Pamela Duncan— Okeh series entry— 58m.— see Jan. 16 issue — (5155). MAN FROM BLACK HILLS— W— Johnny Mack Brown, James Ellison, Florence Lake— Series average— 58m.— see May 21 issue — (5242). NIGHT RAIDERS— W— Whip Wilson, Fuzzy Knight, Lois Hall— Average western— 52m.— see June 4 Issue— (5251). NORTHWEST TERRITORY OD Kirby Grant, Chlnoox, Gloria Saunders— Okeh for tha lower half— 61m.— see Jan. 2 issue — (5124). OVER THE BORDER — W — Johnny Mack Brown, Wendy Waldron, Myron Healey— Good teries entry— 57V2m —see May 24 issue — (4952). RODEO— OD— Jane Nigh, John Archer, Wallace FordRefreshing action show will fit nicely into the duallers —71m. — see Mar. 12 Issue — (Cinecolor) — (5104). STAGE TO BLUE RIVER-W-Whip Wilson, Phyllis Coates, Fuzzy Knight— Routine series entry— 55m.— see Jan. 30 issue— (5156). > STEEL FIST, THE-MD-Roddy McDowall, Kristine Miller, Harry Lauter— Underground meller will fit into the duafiers— 73m.— see Feb. 13 issue— (5217). TEXAS CITY— W— Johnny Mack Brown, Jimmy Ellison, Lois Hall— Series average— 54m.— see Mar. 26 Issue -(5241). TEXAS LAWMEN-W-Johnny Mack Brown, Jimmy Elli¬ son, Stanford Jolley— Better than average teries en¬ try— 54m.— see Jan. 20 issue— (5146). WACO-W-Wild Bill Elliott, Pamela Blake, Stanford Jolley— Better than average western— 68m.— see Mar. 26 issue— (5224). WAGONS WEST— W— Rod Cameron, Peggie Castle, Michael Chapin— Standard outdoor show— 72m.— see June 18 issue— (Cinecolor)— (5203). WILD STALLION — OD — Ben Johnson, Edgar Buchanan, Martha Hyer— Okeh horse entry has the angles— 71m. —see May 7 issue— (Cinecolor)— (5205). TO BE REVIEWED OR IN PRODUCTION ARCTIC FLIGHT-Wayne Morris, Lola Albright, Alan Hale, Jr.— (5210). ARMY BOUND— Stanley Clements, Karen Sharpe, Steve Brodie. BRONC RUDER — Whip Wilton, Fuzzy Knight, Pomelo Duncan. DEAD MAN'S TRAIL— Johnny Mock Brown, Jimmy Ellison, Barbara Allen — (5243). FARGO— Wild Bill Elliott, Phyllis Coates, Myron Healey— (5226). FEUDIN' FOOLS— Bowery Boys-(5213). FLAT TOP— Sterling Hayden, Richard Carlson, Phyllis Coates— (Cinecolor). GUNS ALONG THE BORDER-Johnny Mack Brown, Phyllis Coates, Dennis Moore. HIAWATHA— Vincent Edwards, Yvette Dugay, Stephen Chase— (Cinecolor). HIRED GUNS— Whip Wilson, Phyllis Coates, Tommy Far¬ rell, Stanford Jolley. MAVERICK, THE-Wild Bill Elliott, Phyllis Coates, Myron Healey. MONTANA INCIDENT— Whip Wilson, Neal Neill, Peggy Stewart— (5253). ROSE BOWL STORY, THE-Marshall Thompson, Vera Miles, Richard Rober— (Cinecolor)— (5204). SEA TIGER— John Archer, Marguerite Chapman, Harry Lauter, Lyle Talbot— (5218). STRANGLEHOLD-Bowery Boys. YUKON GOLD— Kirby Grant, Martha Hyer, Chinook— (5221). Paramount • (1950-51 releases from 5001 1951-52 releases from 5101; AARON SLICK FROM PUNKIN CRICK-C-Alan lounq. Dinah Shore, Robert Merrill— Satire will probably pull best in small towns, neighborhoods— 95m. see Feb. 27 issue— (Technicolor)— (51 19). ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN— CD— Jose Ferrer, Kim Hunter, Kurt Kasznei^Amusing programmer— 107m.— see Mar 12 Issue— (51 17). ATOMIC CITY, THE— MD— Gene Barry, Lydia Clarke, lee Aaker— Suspenseful meller will fit into the duallers —85m.— see Apr. 23 Issue— (5120). CARRIE — D — Laurence Olivier, Jennifer Jones, Miriam Hopkins— Pictvrization of Theodore Drieser novel should be strongest In class spots— 120m.— see June 18 issue — (5123). DENVER & RIO GRANDE-MD-Edmond O'Brien, Sterling Hayden, Laura Elliott— Okeh programmer of early railreading— 88m. — see Apr. 9 issue — (Technicolor)— (5115). ENCORE— CD — Glynis Johns, Nigel Patrick, Kay WalshStrong art and class house offering has the angles— 89m.— see Apr. 9 Issue— (English-made)— (5122). GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH, THE D Betty HuMoo, Cornel Wilde, Charlton Heston, Dorothy Lamour, James Stewart, Gloria Graham#— High rating— 151m. —see Jan. 2 issue— Leg.: B— (Technicolor)— (5130). JUMPING JACKS— F— Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis. Mona Freeman— Martin and Lewis force will ride into the better money— 96m.— see June 18 issue— (5121). MY SON JOHN— D— Helen Hayes, Robert Walker, Van Heflin— Topical drama will need plenty of push— 122m.— see Mar. -26 Issue — (5116). SOMETHING TO LIVE FOR — O— Joan Fontaine, Ray Milland, Teresa Wright — Offbeat drama will need plenty of sellina— 89m — s»e Jon 30 issue — (51051. SON OF PALEFACE — C — Bob Hope, Jane Russell, Roy Rogers— Should ride into the beHer money— 95m.— see July 16 issue— (Technicolor)— (5124). TO BE REVIEWED OR IN PRODUCTION BLAZING FOREST, THE— John Payne, Susan Morrow, Wil¬ liam Demarest— (Technicolor). BOTANY BAY— Alan Ladd, James Mason, Patricia Medina —(Technicolor). CARIBBEAN— John Payne, Arlene Dahl, Sir Cedric Hardwicke— (Technicolor). COME BACK, LITTLE SHEBA-Burt Lancaster, Shirley Booth, Terry Moore. HURRICANE SMITH— Yvonne DeCarlo, John Ireland, For¬ rest Tucker— (Technicolor). JUST FOR YOU — Bing Crosby, Jane Wyman, Ethel Barry¬ more — (Technicolor). MILITARY POLICEMAN, THE-Bob Hope, Mickey Rooney, Marilyn Maxwell, Eddie Mayehoff. PLEASURE ISLAND-Don Taylor, Audrey Dalton, Elsa Lanchester, Leo Genn— (Technicolor). PONY EXPRESS— Charlton Heston, Wendall Corey, Rhonda Fleming, Jan Sterling— (Technicolor). ROAD TO BALI— Bing Crosby, Bop Hope, Dorothy Lamour —(Technicolor). ROMAN HOLIDAY— Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn, Eddie Albert— (Made in Italy). SAVAGE, THE — Charlton Heston, Peter Hanson, Joan Taylor, Susan Morrow— (Technicolor). SCARED STIFF— Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Carmen Mir¬ anda. IHANE— Alan Ladd, Jean Arthur, Vgn Heflin — (Technicolor). SOMEBODY LOVES ME Betty Hutton, Ralph Meeker, Adele Jergens— (Technicolor). STALAG 17— William Holden, Don Taylor, Otto Preminger. STARS ARE SINGING, THE— Anna Maria Alberglwtti, Rose¬ mary Clooney, Lauritz Melchoir, Tom Morton, Fred Ciark, John Archer, Lloyd Corrigan, Bob Williams and Red Dust— (Technicolor). STOOGE, THE— Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Polly Bergen, Eddie Mayehoff. THUNDER IN THE EAST-Charlet Boyer, Alan Ladd, De¬ borah Kerr, Corinne Calvet. THUNDERBOLT— John Payne, Arlene Dahl, Lyle Bettge' —(Technicolor). TROPIC ZONE— Ronald Reagan, Rhonda Fleming, Istellta —(Technicolor). TURNING POINT, THE-Williom Holden, Alexis Smith, Ed¬ mond O'Brien. WAR OF THE WORLDS, THE-Gene Barry, Ann Robinson, Lee T remay ne — (Technicolor). EXHIBITOR JULY 23, 1952