The Exhibitor (1952)

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a ay 2 < * JUNE Carton City R. Scott, R. Massey, L. Norman (WarnerColor) 3 For Bedroom C G. Swanson, J. Warren J. Perreau (Natural Color) The Winning Team R. Reagan, D. Day, P. Lovejoy High Sierra , H. Bogart, 1. Lupino | (Re-release) To Have And Have Not H. Bogart, L. Bacall, (Re-release) JULY She's Working Her Way Through College V. Mayo, R. Reagan, G. Nelson, P. Wymore (Technicolor) The Story Of Will Rogers W. Rogers, Jr. J. Wyman (Technicolor) h t /> 3 o < h t/t 3 O 3 < Big Jim McLain J. Wayne, N. Olson, J. Arness Where's Charley? R. Bolger, A. McLerie, H. Cooper (Made in England) (Technicolor) U.-INT. JUNE Scarlet Angel Y. De Carlo, R. Hudson, R. Denning (Technicolor) Jutt Acrott The Street A. Sheridan, J. Lund, H. Lem beck Ivory Hunter A. Steel, D. Sheridan, H. Warrender (Technicolor) (English-made) JULY Francis Goes To West Point D. O'Connor, L. Nelson, A. Kelley Has Anybody Seen My Gal C. Coburn, P. Laurie, R. Hudson, G. Perreau (Technicolor) Sally and Saint Anne A. Blyth, E. Gwenn, J. McIntyre Island Rescue D. Niven, G. Johns (English-made) The World In His Arms G. Peck, A. Blyth, A. Quinn (Technicolor) The Duel At Silver Creek A. Murphy, F. Domergue, S. McNally (Technicolor) Lost In Alaska B. Abbott, L. Costello, M. Green V) ► P at < a Ul £ 2 3 JUNE Outcast Of The Islands R. Richardson, T. Howard, W. Hiller (English-made) (Lopert) Confidence Girl T. Conway, H. Brooke (Stone) Tulsa S. Hayward, R. Preston (Technicolor) (Wanger) (Reissue) Red River J. Wayne, M, Clift, J. Dru (Monterey) (Reissue) JULY High Noon G. Cooper, G. Kelly, T. Mitchell (Kramer) Actors And Sin E. G. Robinson, M. Hunt, E. Albert (Kuller) The Lady Vanishes M. Redgrave, M. Lockwood, P, Lukas (English-made) (Hitchcock) (Reissue) AUGUST Cry, The Beloved Country C. Lee, C. Carson, S. Poitier (Made in Africa) (Lopert) Island Of Desire L. Darnell, D. Grey, T. Hunter (Made in Jamaica, B.W.I.) (Technicolor) (Rose) Park Raw G. Evans, M. Welch (Fuller) X o u. t JUNE Kangaroa P. Lawford, M. O'Hara, (Technicolor) (Made in Australia) Lydia Bailey D. Robertson, A. Francis (Technicolor) Lady In The Iron Mask L. Hayward, P. Medina, (Natural Color) Leave Her To Heaven G. Tierney, C. Wilde (Technicolor) (Reissue) The Rains Came T. Power, M. Loy (Reissue) JULY Wait 'Til The Sun Shines Nellie J. Peters, D. Wayne, (Technicolor) Diplomatic Courier T. Power, P. Neal, (Partly made in Europe) We're Not Married D. Wayne, G. Rogers, The Black Swan T. Power, M. O'Hara (Technicolor) (Reissue) To The Shores Of Tripoli J. Payne, M. O'Hara (Technicolor) (Reissue) AUGUST Dream Boat C. Webb, A. Francis, G. Rogers Don't Bother To Knock M. Monroe, R. Widmark Let Miserable* M. Rennie, D. Paget, R, Newton What Price Glory J. Cagney, C, Calvet, D. Dailey (Technicolor) REPUBLIC Ul Z 3 — > Is** s' £ csj11°3 a o i — 00 JULY Woman In The Wilderness R. Cameron, R. Hussey, G. Storm (Trucolor) Thundering Caravans, W R. Lane, E. Waller, M. Knox Old Oklahoma Plains, W R. Allen, E. Edwards, S. Pickens AUGUST The Toughest Man In Arizona V, Monroe, J. Leslie, V. Jory (Trucolor) RICO JUNE Desert Passage, W. T. Holt, R. Martin Clash By Night B. Stanwyck, P. Douglas, R. Ryan, M. Monroe JULY The Wild Heart J. Jones, C. Cusak, D. Farrar (Partly made in England) (Technicolor) (Selznick) The Story Of Robin Hood R. Todd, J. Rice, J. Hayter (Made in England) (Technicolor) (Disney) AUGUST ■ AUGUST 1 AUGUST The Big Sky K. Douglas, D. Martin, E. Threatt Sudden Fear J. Crawford, J, Palance, G. Grahame One Minute To Zero R. Mitchum, A. Blyth, C. McGrow PARAMOUNT JUNE The Atomic City G. Barry, L. Clarke Denver A Rio Grande E. O'Brien, S. Hayden, L. Elliott (Technicolor) JULY The Greatest Show On Earth B. Hutton, C. Wilde, C. Heston, D. Lamour J. Stewart, G. Grahame (Technicolor) (Popular priced release) Encore G. Johns, N. Patrick, K. Walsh (English-made) Jumping Jacks D. Martin, J. Lewis, M. Freeman Carrie L. Olivier, J. Jones, M. Hopkins Son Of Paleface B. Hope, J. Russell, R. Rogers (Technicolor) MONOGRAM JUNE Geld Fever J. Calvert, R. Morgan, A. Cornell Here Come The Marines Bowery Boys JULY Dead Man's Trail, W J. M. Brown, J. Ellison, B. Allen Wagons West R. Cameron, P. Castle, M, Chapin (Cinecolor) Yukon Gold K. Grant, Chinook Sea Tigor J. Archer, M. Chapman, L. Talbot Montana Incident, W W. Wilson, N. Neill, P. Stewart METRO JUNE Glory Alley L. Caron, R. Meeker, G. Roland Scaramouche S. Granger, J. Leigh, E. Parker, M. Ferrer (Technicolor) Pat and Mike S. Tracy, K. Hepburn, A. Ray JULY Lovely To Look At K. Grayson, R. Skelton, H. Keel G. and M. Champion, A. Miller (Technicolor) Washington Story V. Johnson, P. Neal, L. Calhern Holiday For Sinners G. Young, J. Rule, K. Wynn AUGUST You For Me J. Greer, P. Lawford, G. Young Fearless Fagan J. Leigh, C. Carpenter, K. Wynn Ivanhoe R. Taylor, E. Taylor, J. Fontaine, G. Sanders (Made in England) (Technicolor) LIPPERT JUNE Stolen Face P. Henreid, L. Scott (English-made) JULY The Jungle R. Cameron, C. Romero, M. Windsor (Made in India) AUGUST Hellgate S. Hayden, J. Leslie, W. Bond Pirate Submarine (Made in France) COLUMBIA JUNE Paula L. Young, K. Smith, A. Knox Brave Warrior J. Hall, C. Larsen, J. Silverheels (Technicolor) Walk East On Beacon G. Murphy, F. Currie, V. Gilmore Montana Territory L. McCallister, W. Hendrix, P. Foster (Technicolor) The Rough, Tough West, W C. Starrett, S. Burnette, J. Mahoney JULY California Conquest C. Wilde, T. Wright (Technicolor) Cripple Creek G. Montgomery (Technicolor) The Brigand A. Dexter (Technicolor) Storm Over Tibet R. Reason (Partly made in Tibet) Barbed Wire G. Autry Red Snow G. Madison, C. Matthews Junction City, W C. Starrett AUGUST Captain Pirate L. Hayward, P. Medina, J. Sutton (Technicolor) Last Train From Bombay J. Hall, L. Ferraday, C. Larson The Clouded Yellow J. Simmons, T. Howard, B. Jones (English-made) The Kid From Proken Gun, W C. Starrett, S. Burnette