The Exhibitor (Nov 1941-May 1942)

Record Details:

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THIS BECAUSE OF THIS! MONEY TALK! “Hits the box-office butlseye . . . Another romp for the sure-fire Mickey Rooney.” —HOLLYWOOD REPORTER “Another sure-fire box-office success. Audience howled with delight.” —DAILY VARIETY “Chock full of wide audience appeal . . . All elements which have made series popular en¬ tertainment are included.” —FILM DAILY “Great audience picture, ranks with the best of its predecessors. Mickey Rooney, Number One star turns in fine portrayal.” —SHOWMEN’S TRADE REVIEW “Best of the series released in "THE COURTSHIP OF ANDY HARDY Lewis STONE • Mickey ROON EY Cecilia PARKER • Fay HOLDEN two years . . . Strong box-office attraction to spread happiness.” —VARIETY “A sure winner at the ticket window.” — BOXOFFICE Ann RUTHERFORD * Sara HADEN and Donna REED Screen Play by Agnes Christine Johnston • A Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Picture Directed by GEORGE B. SEITZ