The Exhibitor (October 15, 1920)

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6 "THE EXHIBITOR,” OCTOBER 15, 1920 An Unsolicited Testimonial ■ Crandall Theatres WASHINGTON, D. C. EXECUTIVE OFFICES 932-936 F STREET Sept. 27th/20, Mr. Herbert C. Wales, Mgr., The Universal Film Exchange., Washington, D. C. Dear Mr. Wales Althou^i I am not in the habit of writing let ters or sending wires axtoling any pictures, I do feel that I owe it to your company to let you know the wonderful business we have done at the Metropolitan Theatre on our week's run of "THE DEVIL'S BISS KEY". Not only has this picture broken all records for this time of the year, but it has bean a wonderful success from the standpoint of pleasing our patrons. The oomments have all been wbnderful and everybody seems to have thoroughly enjoyed the performance. I wish you would extend my congratulations to Mr. Erich von Stroheim on this, his masterpiece and be assured that I am waiting patiently for more pictures ofthis calibre. a THE DEVIL'S PASS-KEY" ERIC VON STROHEIM’S MASTERPIECE OPENS IN PHILADELPHIA SOON— WATCH FOR DATE Fairmount Feature Film Exchange 1304 VINE STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. H In Answering Advertisements Please Mention "THE EXHIBITOR”