Exhibitors Herald (Jun-Dec 1917)

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Gertrude McCoy in William Desmond in "MADAME SHERRY" Authors Film Corporation; five parts; published August 14 As a whole Exceedingly amusing Story From a musical comedy Star Winsome Support _ Carefully selected Settings _ Elaborate Photography Clear "Madame Sherry," so well known and popular with msical comedy patrons, has been picturized without losig a bit of its original charm, which is a broad statement, lasmuch as this was one of the musical comedy hits of ;veral seasons from Broadway to Market street, San rancisco. A SCENE FROM "MA DAM E SHERRY," STARRING GERTRUDE M'COY (Authors Film Co.) As one may surmise, the story is deleted to make room for comedy and the five reels of the highest class comedy. The framework of the photodrama edition tells of a wealthy uncle who dotes on a nephew, to whom he offer.-, all sorts of financial inducements to carry out the Rooscveltian theory of anti-race suicide. The nephew has ideas of his own on this particular subject and prefers the life of the Broadway bachelor. However, in order to get the money from Uncle, who lives elsewhere, he sends frequent reports of additions to his imaginary family, after each one of which Uncle sends the nephew more money. The inevitable day comes, as it must, when Uncle goes to see the flourishing family and before going takes his pretty niece from a convent. When Uncle arrives the nephew has difficulties in his efforts to get a family of sufficient proportions to balance the bank book. The play ends well with the nephew getting married. The acting of the entire cast is delightful, especially that of dainty Gertrude McCoy, as Yvonne Sherry, niece of old Thcophilis. Frank L. A. O'Connor, as the nephew, did some excellent acting. The balance of the cast, all good, are Lucy Carter, Aphie James,' Jack M. Mundy, Alfred Decry, Jean Stuart, H. J. Quealy and Robert Homans. The picture will be distributed by M. H. Hoffman, Inc. "STAR DUST" IS NEW ESSANAY FILM Marguerite Clayton, Essanay star, has just completed the filming of a Black Cat feature, "Star Dust." "MASTER OF HIS HOME" Triangle drama; five parts; published August 12 As a whole Strong Story _ Appealing Star _ Excellent Support Very good Settings In keeping Photography Clear The efforts of a crude westerner to break down the barriers of snobbery of the effete east is told in interesting fashion in "Master of His Home," William Desmond's latest Triangle film. The role of Carson Stewart, as played by Mr. Desmond, has a certain appeal and this sterling actor wins new laurels for himself in the part of the man fond of children married to a frivolous society belle. Alma Reuben is excellent as Millicent Drake, the cold, haughty social butterfly, and the balance of the cast is made up of Joseph Dowling as Boggs, Eleanor Hancock as Mrs. Drak?, Robert McKim as Van Tyle and Will Bray as Mr. Drake. The story was written for the screen by R. Cecil Smith and while jumpy in places presents a forceful drama. The picture was carefully directed by Walter Edwards. A SCEXF. FROM "MASTER OF HIS HOME," WITH WILLIAM DESMOND AND ALMA REUBEN" (Triangle) The story: Stewart and Boggs are the owners of tinrich "Ready Bullion Mine." The Drakes, as guests of Van Tyle, pay a visit to the mine and while inspecting it Stewart saves Millicent from death. Friendship ripens into love and Stewart marries Millicent. He does not fit into Millicent's scheme of life, however. He is fond of children and his wife prefers the company of Van Tyle. Disgusted with the east and its society, he goes back to the mine, whence a little while later Millicent follows with a "little partner" and his happiness is complete. CHANGES IN NEW GEORGE WALSH CAST Owing to changes which were imperative in George Walsh's forthcoming picture, "The Yankee Way," several additions have been made to the star's supporting company. The new cast will consist of Mr. Walsh, Enid Markey, Joseph Dowling, Charles Edler, James O'Shea, Edward Sedgwick, Edward Cecil and Tom Wilson.