Exhibitors Herald (Dec 1921 - Mar 1922)

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Ruth Roland White Eagle One opinion, all sections From the East "I consider 'White Eagle' even better than 'Hurricane Hutch,' which is going some." Frank Valli, East End Theatre, N. Y. " "White Eagle' should go over big in all serial theatres. Rutn Roland always draws business my theatre. Expect to do extia business 'White Eagle' because of unique cliff dweller sets and Western atmosphere. Clean, filled with action, yet censorproof." Charles Rollins, Star Theatre, Boston. From the Middle West From the Far West " 'White Eagle' even better than 'Hands Up.' " A. K. Beusad, Woild in Motion Theatre, Kansas City. " 'White Eagle,' a world beater. Daring performance of Ruth Roland unexcelled. Photography 100 per cent., settings magnificent. Would do credit to feature product. Evei y exhibitor should book it to fortify himself against a long winter." F. E. Wolcott, Majestic Theatre, Racine, Wis. "Have used every Pathe serial, and there have been some mighty good ones, but 'White Eagle' looks like the best in a long time. We always figuie on a knockout when Ruth Roland is the star." W. E. Shipley, Empire Theatre, Salt Lake. '"White Eagle,' Ruth Roland's best serial. ' Contains the things fans want, a good story, Indians, cowboys and plenty of outdoor action." S. B. Steck, Cozy, Lyceum and Rex Theatres, Ogden, Utah. These are just a few, boys. The mails are ja m m e a1 with praise of "White Eagle:" hfheseriaL