Exhibitors Herald (Apr-Jun 1922)

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44 EXHIBITORS HERALD April 15, 1922 LADY DIANA MANNERS (in black dress) as "Lady Beatrice Fair" in a scene from "The Glorious Adventure," a Blackton-Prizma picture, made by J. Stuart Blackton in England, which comes to the Capitol theatre, New York, April 23. It is the first natural color feature drama in the history of the screen. Capitol Showing to Introduce Non-f ringing" Color Film Blackton Feature Produced With New Prizma Camera Will Open in New York on April 23 WHEN the American premiere of "The Glorious Adventure" is held at the Capitol theatre in New York on April 23, there will be introduced in this country what is said to be the first product of a "nonfringing" color camera. The feature was produced in England by J. Stuart Blackton with Lady Diana Manners in the starring role. Prizma, Inc.'s recently improved color camera was used throughout the filming of the picture. TT IS claimed for this camera, which was made by William Van Doren Kelley, that scenes of closeup rapid action can be produced in natural colors without incurring the destructive blurring of colors owing to imperfect registration of the component images of the two color process. * » * In the new camera the two colors record simultaneously, instead of successively, thus making the red-orange and the green-blue images of any phase of the action identical. Many of the reviewers in London, where the picture has had a successful presentation, hold that there is a vast pain in realism through the use of color in the feature. There are those in the industry who believe that there will be violent opposition and propaganda against the picture for reactionary reasons. At present, the production of dramas by the Prizma process casts not less than twice as much as production in black and white, it is said. Although negative costs arc about the same, the cost of prints is said to be about eight times as much per linear foot. The picture will be handled in Canada and the United States by The Glorious Adventure. Inc., in which M. L. Malevinsky of O'Brien, Malevinsky & Driscoll. attorneys representing Mr. Blackton, is interested. Prizma also is an interested party to the distribution negotiations. It may be that the film will be roadshowed through the key cities with an independent distribution in the smaller cities later. * * » S. L. Rothafel will present the picture at the Capitol in seven reels. It was brought to this country in eight, but Katherine Hilliker and Captain Harry Caldwell are engaged in re-editing and retitling it. It is expected that they will give it a treatment more after the American manner. Photographically the picture is said to reach its high point in the fire of London scenes in which melting lead pouring down from the roofs of St. Paul's floods a basement chamber where the villain and the kidnapped lady have taken refuge from the flames. Natural color comes in for its own there, picturing the creeping tide of molten metal with its edge of licking flames, the fair heroine surrounded by the volcanic flood. But just before the gallery calls the fire department she is rescued. Pre View for Film (Special to Exhibitors Herald) NEW YORK, April 4.— A pre-view on the Owen Moore special "Reported Missing" will be held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel April 7, under the direction of Myron Sclznick. Schulberg to Share Studios With Mayer B. P. Schulberg, producer of Katherine MacDonald pictures, will give up his present studios and will take space in the Louis B. Mayer studios at Los Angeles, according to official announcement from the coast. The move has caused a number of contradictory reports. The first announcement from Preferred Pictures, Mr. Schulberg's organization, declared that Schulberg and Mayer would merge their interests. This was denied by Paul Mooney, eastern representative of Mayer. Later! Preferred Pictures withdrew its original announcement and stated that a second announcement would be forthcoming. Pacific Film Installs Partial Payment Plan (Special to Exhibitors Herald) CULVER CITY, CAL., April 4.— To assist independent exchanges in maintaining what he calls "financial equilibrium," John J. Hayes, president of Pacific Film Company, producers and distributors, has placed in effect a new sales policy known as the "partial payment plan." This plan differs widely from other "easy payment" schemes, states Mr.. Hayes, in that it is not involved, nor is it to be confounded with what is known as the "percentage" plan of selling features. Battle With Robbers Ends on Theatre Roof (Special to Exhibitors Herald) INDIANAPOLIS, IND., April 4. — A chase by policemen after two men who had made unsuccessful attempts to cash an American Express company check stolen with other loot in a recent bank robbery at Henryville, Ind., resulted in a running gun battle that ended on the roof of the Circle theatre. The two men sought to escape by fleeing up fire escapes and over building roofs in Monument Circle. A bullet from a policeman's gun felled William rianson, of Terre Haute, one of the men, on the edge of the theatre roof. Sunday Shows Lose In Two Iowa Cities (Special to Exhibitors Herald) DES MOINES, IA.. April 4.— Sunday motion pictures went down to defeat by a small majority at Ames and New Sharon, Iowa, in a recent election held. Activities of women in the political affairs of Iowa towns is believed to have been instrumental in the election of two of their number as mayors in different cities, as well as the election of candidates they indorsed. Lesser and Rosenberg Taking Larger Offices I Special to Exhibitors Herald) LOS ANGELES, April 4.— Irving M. Lesser and Mike Rosenberg of Western Pictures Exploitation Company announce that the company is now occupying the entire second floor of the new Paramount theatre at 5528 Santa Monica boulevard. "Increasing business" and the need for "greater facilities" made the move necessary.