Exhibitors Herald (Apr-Jun 1922)

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Mav 6. 1922 EXHIBITORS HERALD 25 "Chaplin as Fans Like Him Best!" — Motion Picture News. All the trade experts agree that this is one of his topnotchers. Read 'em and book it ! '"Pay Day' is Chaplin as the Chaplin fans like him best. Twenty-five minutes of excellent entertainment. It is Chaplin from beginning to end and the fans will welcome it with delight." — Motion Picture News. "You're going to fight to get this one. Replete with roof-lifting laughs from start to finish. The pinnacle of comedy achievement. The public will laugh itself weak." — Moving Picture World. '"Twenty-five minutes of rollicking fun and rapid action. It keeps the audience rocking in a continual gale of laughter. It's a money maker for exhibitors evenwhere." — Exhibitors Trade Review. "Once more Chaplin proves himself the king of comedians in a two-reeler that has all the drawing power of a feature and 'then some,' as far as the box office is concerned. ' Pay Day' is in a class with 'Shoulder Arms' and "The Kid.' If you have been feeling downhearted, if the coffers are empty and the box office looks blue — cheer up. Here's another Chaplin picture that will swell the receipts and make everybody happy." — The Film Daily. Charles Chaplin in "PAY DA Y" Written and directed by Charles Chaplin V. FIRST NATIONAL ATTRACTION