Exhibitors Herald (Apr-Jun 1922)

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26 EXHIBITORS HERALD May 6, 192.' " Norma jTalmadge's Best Picture Is the Best Picture of the Year!" That's what the Weekly Film WEEKLY FILM REVIEW Review says — and That's what they J ~oRllA^ all say I SAfftjJV TuT* "Smilin' Through" /gg/ ^ — ^ 0ID. ■ Kenneth u*ref" f "«>-.1« , .V'.r.,,,, ~ , T, • , •( I , . I Cto, S / Wyn* I his beautiful photo-drama I ^j,,?* ' """Mm stan(jln made such a sensational I L"«e MaTy £ s"prisoi, j?^ hit on Broadway that R / o„c . ' °°'w'6en's ^ A~ >>• Fra„cis Managing Director I ~*^iSS Joseph Plunkett has held I *?, « «. fe"' °f %T " «• it over in the big New J S.York Strand for a second / o» i^/f "if *V ^ week's run. / ^J-Sf. X ^ e^ ^ X' And not on y Broadway I «t S"** -^r*^ « -it is creating a sensa / .'""M eve„ °,ca',°»s posses.""1' e»mpie „?*„* Ium tion in every city from ' /i^&*X-5A^^^>£S coast to coast. / «arrison fr , rhr°ugh a nd adm/raM Ending a/„ 00 / to? ■i?*s4r %r aractS ^ Presented by Joseph M. Schenck; / The p* So^> and of /oJe-that 0f r fi"est 'eadin,, adapted by James Ashmore Creel / *ith 3re w"felv w en"eth tyavn der^iah ff "-en 0n man and Sidney A. Franklin from / abie as tCT"' Akc B*1'* and Mr » the »ode£e' '? <he Allen Langdon Martin's play. / fect/y SUlv .d^0' frienrf ' Francis fs F°rd pl rtl ^sode. Directed by Sidney A. Franklin; / Za? d to the ro7 °f J°h" CaL °eedinSly f£ ^ bo^ Charles Rosher; technical direc / to*, j^fg* Siijl* ^ C^f0"nd 2* ' * **• W.llar 1 M. Reineckjand / so beaut??,* h*s she . j i,fce a rare d;" bea°ty and » « I heignt . sounds . J sH'bn' y of tar h ' never A First National L °st «*«t fo;werr:a^ed befor^^a is Attraction ' . Proba% not It's All the Screen Can Give! Hherell be a Franchise every i where