Exhibitors Herald (Dec 1921 - Mar 1922)

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30 EXHIBITORS HERALD March 25, 1922 owl vWHAT A MOVIE A Glance at the Newspaper Headlines is Enough — it will/ -n "*"" in i r^Tfc *^evh"nrrl „nA Che»~-~Z~ r A PICTURE THAT WI! ?SS^lS^I n,"*°^~»^W lET=WWLeVo From Their 4 Over With a BanglwF THE GRIDDl Fi THRins' COMBINE t — ^ Filled With Mo Laughs and Thrill Than You Are Ukel] to Get at Any <3ther Current Pictu/^5^ QEE-JHE MB1NE fc^ ... ^MCorking Comedy ^ That Would Get Laugh from Sphinx "Red *ot 0*e , 0,n«flce" Patrons Will Give Three Cheers for This One. to Cost One MilhW JsF, *« Word Under f vPn,y 't ■ rvv* Tf ... ^ fiof A 'jmny with a Cap. o* A\e*c \ '* Different. oven T< A-.'Ogtther*. •aush«/ ot *r Q*e.x\ John Emerson and Anita Loos present their own production Man^ement of Joseph M. SchencK RED HOT ROMANCE A FIRST NATIONAL ATTRACTION