Exhibitors Herald (Dec 1921 - Mar 1922)

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March 25. 1922 EXHIBITORS HERALD "Irish Week" Observed (Special to Exhibitors Herald) NEW YORK, March 14.— This is "Irish Week" at the Capitol theatre, observed in deference to the birthday of Ireland's patron saint. The program is "as green and fresh as a shamrock," dedicated by S. L. Rothafel to the "fighting sixtyninth" regiment. Featured on the program is Goldwyn's latest Rupert Hughes comedy, "Come On Over," which has a vein of infectuous Irish wit running through it. Colleen Moore and Ralph Graves are the featured players. God sol Replaces Goldwyn as Head of Producing Company Former Chief Will Remain as Member of Board of Directors — Rumor First National to Handle Product of Goldwyn Company (Special to Exhibitors Herald) NEW YORK. March 14. — Quite a surprise was sprung on motion picture circles last week when the stockholders of Goldwyn Pictures displaced Samuel Goldwyn as head of the organization, and elected Frank J Godsol in his stead. Rumors have been current for some time of changes in the Goldwyn organization, but it was not expected that any change would be made in the presidency. The action was taken at the annual meeting last Friday when officers and a board of directors were elected for the ensuing year. Mr. Godsol has been chairman of the board for the past year and will continue in that position as well as assuming Mr. Goldwyn's duties as president. Will Have Little to Do With Production Xo statement is forthcoming from the Goldwyn offices or from Mr. Goldwyn as^to his future plans or as to his status with the corporation, beyond the fact that he still remains a member of the board of directors. It is said that from now on he will have little or nothing to do with production. Pantages Investing Millions on Coast (Special to Exhibitors Herald) LOS ANGELES. March 14— Alexander Pantages, theatre magnate, will invest millions of dollars in sites and theatre buildings in cities of Southern California adjoining Los Angeles. That was his announcement this week. Pantages further states that his decision to add to his already vast holdings in the Southland is inspired by sincere faith in the prosperity which the future holds for this section of the country. Both vaudeville and pictures will be featured. Charles R. Rogers Leaving on Tour of All R-C Exchanges (Special to Exhibitors Herald) NEW YORK, March 14.— Charles R. Rogers, general manager of distribution of R-C Pictures Corporation, is about to leave on a trip to the South and the Coast for conferences with branch managers over the ambitious plans his organization has for the near future. His tour is understood to be a part of a program of general expansion on the part of the company, made necessary by a marked increase in volume of business. The recent report that Mr. Rogers was leaving the R-C organization brought a smile when he was asked to comment on it. "It is too bad that all the energy put into starting rumors at the Astor cannot be utilized in some useful work.*' he said. Two New Houses in Los Angeles Opened (Special to Exhibitors Herald) LOS ANGELES. March 14.— Los Angeles is celebrating the opening of two new residence theatres, the new Tivoli at Forty-third and Central owned by Michael Gore and wife, and the new Larchmont theatre, in a new fashionable residential district. Rothacker on Coast Watterson R. Rothacker, president of the Rothacker Film Manufacturing company, has left on a business trip to the west coast. He will spend several weeks there. Following is the official announcement sent out from the Goldwyn offices: "At the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Goldwyn Pictures Corporation, held today in the Goldwyn offices at 469 Fifth avenue, a board of directors was elected to serve for the ensuing year. Remains Board Chairman "Frank J. Godsol. who has been chairman of the board for the past year, was elected president to succeed Samuel Goldwyn. Mr. Godsol will continue as chairman of the board, and in addition, he will serve actively as president. "Francis A. Gudger was elected first vice president. Those elected to the board of directors are: "'Eli H. Bernheim. George P. Bissell, Edward Bowes, William Braden, H. F. DuPont. Frank J. Godsol, Samuel Goldwyn, Francis A. Gudger, P. W. Haberman, Gabriel L. Hess, Moritz Hilder. Duncan A. Holmes, Henry Ittleson, Messmore Kendall, Abraham Lehr, Lee Shubert, Albert N. Wittenberg. Frank H. Hitchcock." Rumor Big Deal On the heels of the announcement of Mr. Goldwyn's retirement as head of the company bearing his name, a story is current of a big deal whereby First National will take over the entire distribution of the Goldwyn product. The deal under way, but not yet completed, provides for Copies of the Box Of f ice Record are now on sale at all offices of Exhibitors Herald Price $1.00 Chicago office: 41" S. Dearborn St. 1 j New York office: 1476 Broadway. ' Los Angeles office: 453 S. Spring St. j One copy mailed without charge to | all subscribers upon application. a contract covering a period of ten years, beginning next September, the Goldwyn company to produce eighteen pictures a year for First National distribution. No verification could be had from either the Goldwyn or the First National officials. "NonPolitical" Policy Announced in Missouri (Special to Exhibitors Herald) KANSAS CITY, MO., March 14.— The following statement has been issued by the M. P. T. O. of Missouri: "The M. P. T. O. M. is not in politics. It has no desire to participate. It asks fair play from all parties. Should the screen be forced into politics, it will be because an emergency of the utmost importance has arisen, forcing us to defend our integrity and independence. Then our weapon will be the greatest medium of publicity ever known to mankind. Even then we will be guided by the deliberation of men who are independent of political thought and place the welfare of our screen above party lines. "Remember your audiences resent political propaganda in or about your theatre. They will patronize you — both Republicans and Democrats, especially the great mass of independent voters — because you furnish them clean, healthy recreation. Then, again, don't run the risk of antagonizing any set of men — it's poor business." Warners Transferring Their Activities West (Special to Exhibitors Herald) LOS ANGELES, March 14.— Warner Brothers, who have in the past maintained headquarters in the East, have recently announced through Jack and S. L. Warner their plans for transferring the bulk of the operation of their organization to their West Coast Studios in Hollywood. Some time ago Warner Brothers closed arrangements with Marshall Neilan for the use of Wesley Barry for three pictures. Upon the completion of the first of these pictures in the East, namely "School Days," it was decided to make the other two features ;n California.