Exhibitors Herald (Dec 1921 - Mar 1922)

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38 EXHIBITORS HERALD March 25, 1922 Eastman Announces Two-Color Process for Closeups Special Film and Camera Used — Double-coated Positive Required in Making Prints A TWO-COLOR process, especially recommended by its manufacturer for use in closeups, has just been announced by Eastman Kodak Company. The process is known as the Kodak Process for Color Motion Pictures. This process results from countless experiments made by the company over a period of several years. A LTHOUGH the process at its present stage of development is recommended for use in closeups, the Eastman company is confident that added experiments will open a wider field for it. * * * Briefly, the Kodak Process for Color Motion Pictures depends upon the taking of two successive negatives, one through a red filter, the other through a green, and the printing of these two negatives simultaneously on opposite sides of a double-coated positive film. Negatives must be made upon special film with a special camera and by a system of lighting which has been worked out. The Eastman company announces that it now has a small supply of twocolor cameras to rent for short periods. Operators will be instructed in their use and in the lighting arrangements required without charge. In the near future the Kodak company will establish a laboratory in Los Angeles to hypersensitize and develop negative film. All color printing will be done in Rochester. * * * A private showing of the color film was given at the Chicago theatre. Chicago, last week by J. E. Brulatour. The film, showing closeups of Hope Hampton, was said to be remarkable in the softness and beauty of the colors. "Exhibitors Forum" Is Published in Missouri KANSAS CITY, MO., March 14.— The M. P. T. O. of Missouri is publishing the "Exhibitors' Forum," a bulletin in magazine form which will be circulated free among the 000 exhibitors of the state. The publication is an organ through which exhibitors will be kept in close contact with each other and the activities of the state organization. As an opening feature, Lawrence E. Goldman, counsel and secretary of the M. P. T. O. M., who is editing the "Forum," has offered to print the names of all exchanges pledging themselves to refrain from renting film to non-theatrical institutions. The blue laws, the deposit law, revenues and the music tax question ' will be analyzed in the "Blue Law" number, which will be published next week. The "Forum," although a semi-monthly publication at present, probably will be publihsed weekly in the near future. Equity Pictures Moves To Larger Quarters to Accommodate Growth (Special to Exhibitors Herald) NEW YORK, March 14— Owing to increased business Equity Pictures Corporation has been forced to move into larger quarters to efficiently care for the expansion. The move is also made in preparation of the future growth of the concern. The new headquarters are located on the twelfth floor of the Robertson-Cole building, 723 Seventh avenue. One of the features of the new office will be an upto-date projection room embodying latest equipment and facilities. The company is now distributing "Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight?" Star Joins Goldwyn (Special to Exhibitors Herald) LOS ANGELES, March 14.— Mae Busch, who stars in "Foolish Wives," has >igned with Goldwyn. Despicable Charges Condemned in Press Resignation of Reformer Is Demanded by Newspaper In St. Louis (Special to Exhibitors Herald) ST. LOUIS, MO., March 14.— In the unjustifiable charges of Victor Miller, president of the Board of Police Commissioners, that a love cult exists among the girl students of the St. Louis high schools is seen further evidence that reformers will stoop to any means in bidding for cheap publicity. Miller, who likewise has attacked motion pictures as a great source of moral corruption, is denounced in an editorial published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. His resignation as a city offiicial is demanded. If he refuses to do this, the paper requests Governor Hyde to oust him. A letter has been forwarded to each newspaper in the city by the St. Louis F. I. L. M. Club protesting against the Miller statements published recently. In its editorial the Post-Dispatch says: "The whole tenor and substance of Mr. Miller's utterances about the schools and the boys and girls of the schools, society in the West End, the movies and the business men were intemperate, unprincipled and demagogic. It was unprecedented defamation of his own city." Made Exploitation Chief At Universal Exchange (Special to Exhibitors Herald) LOS ANGELES, March 14.— H. L. Massie, former manager of the Symphony theatre, is the new exploitation chief at the Universal Exchange, succeeding H. H. Hurley, who has been made manager of the Superba theatre. Geraghty on Coast (Special to Exhibitors Herald) LOS ANGELES, March 14.— Tom Geraghty, formerly supervising editor at the London studios of Famous Players, has arrived in Los Angeles with Director and Mrs. George Fitzmaurice (Ouida Bergcre) and will augment Frank E. Wood's staff in a chief editorial capacity. Mr. Fitzmaurice will start shortly on his first production in the West. It will be J. Hartley Manners' stage play. "Happiness." May McAvoy will be featured. C scenes about the Miami Studios, Inc., at Miami, Fla., which will be opened March 17. It is expected 1200 guests will attend and Arthur Pryor's Band has been engaged for the occasion. Left is an interior view of the immense studio. Centre — One of the Diesel engines installed for power. Right — General view of the studio, with E. G. Sewell and Bevis Hays standing in the foreground.