Exhibitors Herald (Dec 1921 - Mar 1922)

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42 EXHIBITORS HERALD March 25, 1922 Who said hard times? Dawes theatre erected at Bridgeport, Conn., by Peter Dawe, one of the organizers of the M. P. T. O. of the state and a member of the executive committee, is evidence of bigger and better houses being built. Scene from "Gas, Oil and Water," starring Charles Ray for distribution by First National. Marion Davies, Cosmopolitan star, wearing replica of Princess Mary's wedding gown for International News. Viola Dana, Metro star, feted at Atlanta, Ga. Upper picture, left to right: S. Maclntyre and T. J. Connors, Metro officials; Sig Samuels, Metropolitan theatre; Charles Kessnich, Metro official. Below: Willard C. Patterson, Metropolitan, and E. A. Schiller, Loew's, Inc. J. Robert Rubin (right), general counsel and treasurer of Louis B. Mayer's companies, visits California to confer with producer deft). Early day Paramount group at Lasky studio. Left to right, standing: Oscar Apfel, Max Figman, Charles Richman, Wilfred Buckland, Theodore Roberts, Robert Edeson, Edward Abeles, Cecil B. DcMille. Seated, left to right: Lolita Robertson, Jesse L. Lasky and Bessie Barriscale.